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Five Canes invited to the NFL Combine: QB Morris, OG Linder, OT Henderson, WR Hurns & P O'Donnell

Five Hurricanes were invited to the NFL Combine next month in Indianapolis. Here's the release we just received from UM.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Five Miami Hurricanes have accepted invitations to participate at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine, while will be held Feb. 22-25 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The four-day combine will be televised live on NFL Network.

 QB Stephen Morris, OG Brandon Linder, OT Seantrel Henderson, WR Allen Hurns and P Pat O’Donnell will be among the more than 300 prospects evaluated by all 32 NFL teams. Linder, Henderson and O’Donnell will work out on Feb. 22, while Morris and Hurns will work outFeb. 23.

 Morris, a two-year starter under center and a 2013 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team member, finished his career ranked third in Miami history with 7,896 passing yards and 49 touchdowns. A 2013 All-ACC third-team selection, Morris is one of only two QBs in Miami history with multiple 3,000-yard passing seasons (Gino Torretta).

 Linder started all 13 games along the offensive line in 2013 and concluded his career with 37 consecutive starters. He was a second-team All-ACC selection and was named the team’s Offensive MVP at the end of the season. Henderson, a third-team All-ACC selection, played in 12 games along the offensive line, making eight starts at right tackle.

 Hurns enjoyed one of the greatest receiving seasons in program history in 2013. The second-team All-ACC receiver set a single-season school record with 1,162 receiving yards and finished with 62 receptions – the third-most in a single season. He finished his career ranked seventh in both receptions (121) and receiving yards (1,891).

 In his one season in Coral Gables, O’Donnell made a considerable impact, setting the school single-season record with a 47.1 yards-per-punt average. A first-team All-ACC choice and second-team All-America selection by USA TODAY, O’Donnell booted 23 punts of 50+ yards and downed 19 inside the opponent’s 20-yard line.

 Miami, in its third season under head coach Al Golden, finished 2013 with a 9-4 mark and an appearance in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.


Regarding Al Golden, still waiting for concrete news on Penn State. The coaches are on vacation this week, and it's a dead period recruiting wise.

Al has an afternoon news conference scheduled with the media on Monday. It was his regular end-of-the-year talk. We're all wondering if that will happen. 

Not confident it will at this point. 

We'll see.





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Heya Zook, I may try to beat you to taking Lane Kiffin as my typepad account name if this goes through...


It depends on who we get. We get Chud and it's on. There were already guys leaving this class after that bowl game.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 03, 2014 at 06:11 PM


Chud would be a good get, yet, at this late date I don't think it matters who we get as the 2014 recruiting class will almost certainly come apart at the seams, which I am sure is already happening due to Golden's silence. We needed one good recruiting class to bring back the energy and give the program a badly needed lift. If they don't get a big name, which is highly doubtful, it could signal the final blow to the program for years to come.

Zook: Gimme grand-ma-ma any day over this regime. Come on, man: 500-plus years a game on D? What institution seeks that?

A change would be a change for the better.

Zook are you going to depart as well?

Posted by: Tallycane | January 03, 2014 at 06:37 PM


No!! How about you??

Heya Zook, I may try to beat you to taking Lane Kiffin as my typepad account name if this goes through...

Posted by: beedharphong | January 03, 2014 at 06:44 PM


My new typepad screen name will be...If not now, when??

Here's a question for zook the gator, aka, mayhem. If Golden leaves, will he change his name to Muschamp.

Posted by: delandcane | January 02, 2014 at 05:51 PM

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll ... we're waiting ...

Bring in Franklin

Here's a question for zook the gator, aka, mayhem. If Golden leaves, will he change his name to Muschamp.

Posted by: delandcane | January 02, 2014 at 05:51 PM

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll ... we're waiting ...

Posted by: Will Zook ? | January 03, 2014 at 06:52 PM


What is hilarious is you don't see the irony in asking me that question when you don't have the courage to use just one screen name. You get that no one knows your identity...right? For the umpteenth time--try to screw up the courage to use just one screen name...LOL!!

This next hire will really signal what Miami is willing to do for the program. If they hire some dude no one has heard of then this whole thing is over.

If Miami closes Chud its a clear sign that we are ready to compete.

That's always your same answer to everyone who posts against the garbage you put out. Like a little girl. But the real question is? Are you Will, or Ron. Everyone wants to know, c'mon zook the gator, aka MAYHEM

Al Golden has beaten only one team with 8 wins.

I repeat, at Miami, Al Golden is 1-13 against teams who finished with 8 wins and NEVER beat a team that finished the season ranked. NOT ONE.

Golden is now 0-9 vs teams in ranked in the Final AP Poll. The average score in the 9 games is 40-20. Not ONE Win and only 1 was even close.

2011 - Lost to KSU
2011 - Lost to FSU
2011 - Lost to Virginia Tech
2012 - Lost to FSU
2012 - Lost to KSU
2012 - Lost to Notre Dame
2013 - Lost to FSU
2013 - Lost to Duke
2013 - Lost to Louisville

says it all ...

What's there to miss ? More of the same next year and the years after ?

Bashing Golden is not the answer. If he wants to go to PSU, then let him. It only means that his words mean nothing and the U will lose some recruits. Then maybe the U goes and brings Butch back..........LoL

Posted by: Miami 01 | January 03, 2014 at 04:28 PM



yo zook ... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that ...

U get that ?

I'm not at all happy with the last two years but if FSU had the same NCAA monkey on their back, I'm not sure they could have done better. Let's be realistic and imagine the recruiting nightmare and unresolved investigation brings. "Gee - the U is a good program but from what I've heard, they're getting the death penalty - I'd hate to see you waste your college years there....". It's almost too easy, just a little doubt and the prospect figures "why chance it." Whatever Golden does, I think it's unfair to judge him under the weight of that cloud.

Nevermind me changing my name to lk..I am going with Alverage Grifter (tm)....
Actually agree with you zook, on next hire. Gotta be a good one...
Please, please, please, cfb gods, this season has been so magical with alabummer going down and such good bowls...keep smiling upon us, cfb gods. Take Alverage Grifter, psu

Our recruiting class is going to freefall like a cannonball in the ocean and out of the Top-20. We have like 12 nice 4-star kids. Lucky if we hold onto maybe 2-3 of the local ones at best. Then what 10 other unranked n 2-star nobodies scubs do we scramble for to close? God this is going to turn into a freakin epic nitemare.

SHHHHHH, guys, Zook was right allll along, Alverage Grifter IS the greatest coach in cfb, we CAN'T lose him! No, don't do it, PSU.

Munchak to remain coach of Titans. I can't see Franklin taking the PSU job, and from a PR standpoint, is that really the best move after their coaches covered up decades of child rape? It's Golden's job to lose. It's great to be a Miami Hurricane! Butch, Chud, or Schano.

Just like Al.Golden claim that he was blind sided by Miami NCAA mes. Was Miami blind sided by his interest in the Penn State job. Understand Coaching is a job.Loyalty is to the highest bidder. Coaches say one thing and do another just like recruits do. Wish Al well as PSU. Short list of coaches Petrino, Kiffin, Leavitt,Schiano, Shula,Davis,Smart and Raheem Morris. Charlie Strong will probably be Texas head coach. if not give him the job.He already knows Florida style football.

You are exactly correct. And, if I was being completely honest, I would say it will be a huge catastrophe for UM football if Golden leaves. Some the names I see fans tossing out are just hilarious. Perhaps there is a better coach out there for UM, but it's not going to be a person who is also in contention for a job at UT or PSU. So UM fans can forget about Charlie Strong or James Franklin or Art Briles. I happen to live in Texas right now. Baylor for example is building a huge new stadium and I will assure you it will be packed every weekend they are playing there.

If Golden leaves it's going to take a miracle hire to salvage this years extremely talented recruiting class. This was the class that was going to start to turn it around for UM. Would it have happened next year? No, but it would in 2015. Again, UM fans who think this is Alabama or UT or I hate to say it FSU are nuts. I've been to Doak Campbell in the 80's. The current stadium situation and the maybe 25,000 who show up is just terrible. That will matter to a coach. Anyone who thinks head coach is just X's and O's doesn't work in Higher Ed. I do so I know what goes on. Golden has the publicity part down. I do think there is some issues on the staff along with a general lack of impact players that is impeding him. He's a young guy and what now amounts to an almost second tier program. He doesn't have the money to throw at coordinators that large State U's do. Of course according to our fans you just fire them and hire somebody else. Right....with whose money and those guys want to go where they can win so they can move up. UM is not that place right now.

Going into next year whoever ends up at UM will have to deal with a new QB, an offense that has one good RB who was injured, and a very shaky defense. This is a multiple year work in progress.

In all likelihood UM will win fewer games next year than they did this year. If Golden leaves I would bet my 401K on it.

Remember the really good coaches at this level wait for the right opportunity. See Chris Peterson at Boise State.

Personally, Golden would be an idiot to turn down the PSU job. I really hope he stays at UM, but I'm increasingly pessimistic about it.

In the end maybe it wasn't the greatest fit. I do think he's a bit of an old school power football coach. Maybe that isn't right for Miami. We certainly don't have those players right now. But then again Nick Saban is sort of an old school power football coach. And I remember going to a game in Arizona where an old school power football coach beat a really good UM team. Just sayin'

Posted by: James | January 02, 2014 at 09:50 PM

Great post... I'm hoping Golden uses this opportunity to leverage more resources for the team. He was able to hire Mario as an assistant head so i'm not sure he didn't have the key to the safe already. I expect he'll listen, but he better do []_[] a favor and put an end to the speculation one way or another.

I'm sure they'll throw a boatload of money at him, and he'll have run of the place with D'Onofrio. It's been a tough 3 years here in Miami and i'm sure things didn't go the way he planned coming in. If he truly is not committed to this program the way Jimmy was, then this is the right opportunity to expose that. My guess, he stays. Reaffirms his commitment to Miami.

If Al leaves. Go get Butch Davis who would kill to come back and convince him hire Mario as assistant, head coach in waiting. That would be a face-saving move. In fact, if I were the admin, I would be reaching out to Butch via backchannels now. Don't let this guy leaving destroy the recruiting season.

Forget Chud. I just don't see that guy coming back here. Shiano too. They already gave this []_[] a stiff-arm.

When Meyer left, was the Gators recruiting class destroyed? How about Oregon when Chip Kelly left? There may be some losses, but with the right hire the Canes will hold on to most of them and may even flip a few.

SHHHHHH, guys, Zook was right allll along, Alverage Grifter IS the greatest coach in cfb, we CAN'T lose him! No, don't do it, PSU.

Posted by: beedharphong | January 03, 2014 at 07:27 PM


Seriously, do you EVER stop to THINK before you post? Please tell me that you get that Penn State waltzed in and took our head coach away...simply because they wanted too!! Penn State has their pick of the litter and could have had most anyone they wanted (Strong, Franklin, et al), but chose Al Golden as their man. Again, please tell me you get that they believe he's the better coach than those you cats are hoping and praying will replace Big Al. Try to keep here!!

One website gives 5 names, Strong,Schiano,Cristobal,Kliff Kingsbury, and Doc Holliday. Of course these are just someones opinion, but we shall see. I hope not Schiano, Cristobal I'm not sure about, Strong(the gator) is doing a pretty good job at L'ville, The other 2 I am looking up, honestly don't know. After 3 bad hires, I hope this is what we all want.

Monday night we will be coach less and watching FSU win the national championship.

At least we have hope...Dino is gone!!!!

We can't afford Strong. I hope not Cristobal. I would love Franklin from Vandy. Butch would be great but that's a pipe dream. Chud isn't impossible. He would make a great coach but I question recruiting. It will get very interesting.

But I think what's best for Miami is Golden staying and D'No getting fired. (As well as some other position coaches)

If Golden was going to stay he would've said something already. why interview for the Penn St. job knowing that it will come back to him in recruiting.

We need to get him and Dino the hell out of here tonight.

if golden stays i would sure like to see him try and get mich. state def coordinator he does a lot with less talent than we have now imagine what he could do with our recruiting class coming in.i wouldnt mind seeing chud back running the show and he could probably keep the recruits coming on offense and get a good dc and might flip a few recruits on defense and possible a few offense back to us.

Chud is not impossible. It really comes down to the difference between being an NFL OC and a college head coach.

If he comes, he'll be here for 3 years tops.

No, Zook, I never think before I write.

Thank you for the insult. I won't insult you in kind, I will just rebut your point.

See it from their perspective:
They rented O'Brien with little or no illusion that he was a long term prospect. He showed that the storm could be weathered there, and the NCAA eased up. They're not out of the woods yet...

Franklin, the better of the two real candidates may be up for UT. No need to risk an offer that creates unnecessary negotiation variables not in their ultimate ffavor.

Franklin dreamt of PSU? I haven't caught wind oof that anywhere, you?

AG dreamt of PSU? been a concern from day one at UM.
No secret there, at all.

AG has demonstrated that he is a master of weathering a scandal and the aftermath with absolute class, is a heck of a recruiter, and will keep the kids they take in disciplined off the field. From an instituitonal standpoint, he is an administrative dream...As a coach? Whatever...if he wins some over the next two years, Bonus.

Actually competing in a lame duck couple of bowl ban seasons is not Priority Numero Uno; fixing the perception that PSU is tainted moving forward IS Priority Numero Uno.
AG IS the man for that.

He will not tolerate any shennanigans form players or support staff for the two years he has on a free pass.

None of us has any idea right now what their offer entails, other than it includes an obvious buy out.

Point being, any performance clauses are open to their benefit, for any duration he agrees to - An actual destination job that requires him to put up or shut up, at their discretion. Guarantee he won't be locked in until 2020, meritless.

He has earned this chance. He is the safest of bets for them, wherein if he doesn't deliver, but gets them through their storm, they can walk away and rent another winner like Obrien when it's okay to stick their heads up.

Double bonus!: Any recruiting benefit that AG manages to yield while mining our backyard a la Strong will be coopted by PSU if and when AG flames out.

Maybe he will do great at PSU, but he sue hasn't done much on the field here.

Whether we disagree on his merits, if he does go, this is a "Golden" Opportunity for UM to hire a coach without a looming NCAA investigation, with a still solid recruiting base, and with a slew of great candidates who may be equal or better than AG - without having made a long term, meritless commitment.

See, whoever we hire, we don't have to operate from a patently bad negotiating position anymore. UM knew the NCAA was coming when it hired GOlden and didn't even tell him until afterwards.

See, we used each other to get what we NEEDED at the time.

PSU can USE AG and AG can gt his shot at what he'd always wanted anyways.

Would you be less heart broken if AG had delivered us to the NC in tow years and left to PSU?

If we all knew or suspected that AG had used us as a stepping stone to PSU, who cares.

Better now than later.

I looked up Doc Holliday, born in Hurricane, WV. Coaching at Marshall now, lots of experience under many good coaches. Has been an asst. coach at a lot of positions, but I really don't know him. The K Kingsbury is coach at Texas Tech. 1 year only, very young, moved up the ranks quick. Offensive guy.
If Golden goes I hope the powers that control this will not make a 4th bad hire in a row.

I know ag won't fire coach no d so if he stays we always have a ceiling so I'm torn about whether I care or not if he goes... if we can keep this class in tact I really don't think I care... as far as a replacement I know ppl are screaming for butch or chud & that may be fine but butch is 62 & chud wud jump at the first nfl opportunity so I hope we go another route & if we can't get strong from Lou who I think wud be the best choice y not think outside the box & maybe chad Morris from Clemson or Kirby smart from ala... I'm just saying someone that is hungry for a hc job & maybe they fall in love with miami like we fans have & can have staying power... would love to hear from serious real cane fans on this

Kirby Smart is a good pick. What about lil bro Stoops?

Franklin would be a hell of a recruiter down here. Chud has the Cane championship pedigree and the NFL experience that's attractive to all top recruits. Chud would have the edge om the Xs and Os and a huge upgrade on what we have now as far as actual coaching. I' ll take either one.

Charlie Strong would be great but he's being paid 3.7 mill with a good situation in UL. I've heard that Miami can pay more than we have for a proven coach but I don't think we can get up to 4 mill.

I think Franklin has done a great job. It's not easy to win 8 games or more at Vandy. Chud would be great if he can keep Coley. Coley could keep recruiting high and Chud would bring a great offensive mind and X's and O's. Chad Morris would be good if he can get a proven DC. This coaching search will be exciting. (If there is a coaching search)

Jax, I know, I have already checked AG outta his room mentally....Please please please.

Miami has shown time after time that they will not and do not pay top dollar for anything. Whether it's coaches, facilities, staff, or whatever. The next coach has to be atop recruiter he can't be like Coker and recruit using websites. Lastly the coach needs to truly understand what it means to be a CANE. There's enough talent here already enrolled plus those new recruits coming to win coastal division and take are chances against fsu.

I'm asking the university to please help the next coach out by giving him what he needs to compete on a level playing field like most college football programs.

Golden should be sign sealed and delivered to PSU by Mon. Seriously Miami will be better off without Golden and staff.Remember the saying.You're only as good as last game. This is what recruits and fans remember. But a lot of us has seen this type of football play for 2 years running. You may loose some recruits and you may gain some as well. Football is played different in the south then anywhere else. Since 2000 the southern teams have dominated college football. If you are serious about coaches Bobby P, Butch D. People often get a second chance at something they love.Mike Shula. Comes from a football family well known in S. Flat.Greg S. Ego maniac good coach ego gets in the way.. Cristabal no go . Rod Chud ,Kirby S. and Raheem M. Good guys unproven at HC at college level.Doesn't mean they want be successful.

Before season started Golden asked for a bubble. The school came back by saying they're going to renovate practice fields. Come On that's not what he asked for. This is what the new coach has to be able to do with.

so, Zook,
Gotta response?

Meant: deal with

I agree Beed...I like Al Golden but all of this has made me turn the page. I've already started looking at the future.

The buy out could also help us get the coach we want.

Strong is not going to leave Louisville the coach here...simply absurd! Franklin is not going to leave Vanderbilt to coach here...simply absurd!

Both of those coaches have fan bases that love them and play in front of full stadiums for the most part.

Butch Davis has too much baggage and will not be brought back.

That leaves Chud and Schiano. Schiano turned the job down when he was at Rutgers. Chud has said numerous times that he wants to make his mark in the NFL. Might one or both change their minds? Possibly. But, if they do their tenure will be short as they look to upgrade.

Time will show that losing Al Golden was a terrible turning point in the history of Miami football. Anyone that is not desperately concerned about the future of the Canes football program is either blind or is a fan of another college team.

Why did he need a bubble? We luve in Florida not Wisconsin.

I read Miami mobilized the search last night

Vandy plays in front of 40-45k max.

Franklin is making around 3 mil

UM is going to have to get up to that amount for a legit hc.

AG could very well be trying to get more loot but he ain't worth 3mil...no way!!

I don't think Franklin leaving Vandy is absurd. Yes he has a fan base there and support. But he can become a much bigger name at Miami. He wouldn't be a long term coach but Miami isn't the type of program for long-term guys. It is a stepping stone and that's okay as long as it's successful.

Strong coming from UL is far fetched. They can win big unlike Vandy.

Losing Al Golden hurts but the timing of it makes it manageable. There is a lot of coaches with Miami ties available so it's not like we don't have options. It just has to be dealt with swiftly to keep the recruiting class intact. I think Miami is now a better job than it was a few years ago and we can thank Golden for that.

U can book this: Each of the players mentioned will be in the NFL. U do not have a problem attracting skill and talent. U do have a problem developing that skill and talent.

Translation: The coaches themselves could use some refresher courses in, well, coaching.

I can't say it enough: RS was on the right track, but in a very unconventional way. he was restricted by the administration from getting who he wanted to get. An example of this is Nix: That set the program back thousands of years, but, here again, RS did not have a choice.

So he relied on what he considered the truest of the truest recruiting pipelines. Enter NW: Bridgewater was a part of that and wanted to come to UM. Teddy is a program-changer. RS and his rinky-dink budget plus Bridgewater, plus some more NW superstars were ready to come to UM. But then they got rid of RS. For what? The last attempt to do something stellar was with Trestman. Then that failed.

Now U are in the same boat with the mediocre 'Goldy. For fairness sake, get rid of 'Goldy after next year. if U don't U are a hypocrite.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | January 03, 2014 at 05:38 PM

RS on the right track? Is that a joke? Nix wanted to run a spread offense and RS wanted to stick to a Pro style offense... difference in philosophies and not a good match. RS hand picked Whipple. Marc Trestman was never interviewed or even approached by RS in regards to being the OC at Miami. Trestman was the Head Coach of Montreal in the CFL the entire time RS was the Head Coach at Miami and making more money than UM was paying RS so if you're referring that RS tried to bring in Trestman then that is bull chit.

I agree 100% that this year is the make or break year for Golden (if he stays). He should have fired his Best Man after last year's defense stunk up all of College Football. The only truly good thing Golden did was repair relationships with local high schools (contrary to Kirkland and Tim Harris) and implement a nutritional and work out regimen. He doesn't do a good job adjusting on the fly or tweaking his schemes to fit his players strengths. Nor does he hold his coaching staff accountable or even remotely as accountable as he does with his players. If leaving for Penn State is the only way that we can get rid of D'Onofrio then I'm 100% for Golden taking the job and I'll thank him for handling the NCAA mess and representing Miami with class during his tenure.

The reality is that UM can not keep up with the big booster schools of College Football when it comes to coaches salaries. Regardless of what Gallo says about UM endowments. Go Google "University Endowments" and you'll see that Gallo doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to endowments and their restrictions.

That being said, I encourage every true Miami Hurricane fan to become a Hurricane Club member and support UM Athletics financially. A small private school of less than 15k students can't compete financially with a public school receiving tax payer funds to operate their university.

where did you read miami is already in search canes junkie?

It's because living in south Fl the lightning detectors go off very easily thus having to wait out lightning alarms.

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