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Five Canes invited to the NFL Combine: QB Morris, OG Linder, OT Henderson, WR Hurns & P O'Donnell

Five Hurricanes were invited to the NFL Combine next month in Indianapolis. Here's the release we just received from UM.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Five Miami Hurricanes have accepted invitations to participate at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine, while will be held Feb. 22-25 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The four-day combine will be televised live on NFL Network.

 QB Stephen Morris, OG Brandon Linder, OT Seantrel Henderson, WR Allen Hurns and P Pat O’Donnell will be among the more than 300 prospects evaluated by all 32 NFL teams. Linder, Henderson and O’Donnell will work out on Feb. 22, while Morris and Hurns will work outFeb. 23.

 Morris, a two-year starter under center and a 2013 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team member, finished his career ranked third in Miami history with 7,896 passing yards and 49 touchdowns. A 2013 All-ACC third-team selection, Morris is one of only two QBs in Miami history with multiple 3,000-yard passing seasons (Gino Torretta).

 Linder started all 13 games along the offensive line in 2013 and concluded his career with 37 consecutive starters. He was a second-team All-ACC selection and was named the team’s Offensive MVP at the end of the season. Henderson, a third-team All-ACC selection, played in 12 games along the offensive line, making eight starts at right tackle.

 Hurns enjoyed one of the greatest receiving seasons in program history in 2013. The second-team All-ACC receiver set a single-season school record with 1,162 receiving yards and finished with 62 receptions – the third-most in a single season. He finished his career ranked seventh in both receptions (121) and receiving yards (1,891).

 In his one season in Coral Gables, O’Donnell made a considerable impact, setting the school single-season record with a 47.1 yards-per-punt average. A first-team All-ACC choice and second-team All-America selection by USA TODAY, O’Donnell booted 23 punts of 50+ yards and downed 19 inside the opponent’s 20-yard line.

 Miami, in its third season under head coach Al Golden, finished 2013 with a 9-4 mark and an appearance in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.


Regarding Al Golden, still waiting for concrete news on Penn State. The coaches are on vacation this week, and it's a dead period recruiting wise.

Al has an afternoon news conference scheduled with the media on Monday. It was his regular end-of-the-year talk. We're all wondering if that will happen. 

Not confident it will at this point. 

We'll see.





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Shannon doesn't have to say it, thats not his style and he has never been even offered the forum to expose UM (even though he wouldn't take the offer)

YAHOO SPORTS, the NCAA and every other media outlet that covered the investigation in depth have unanimously reported and concluded that Shannon told the administration about Shapiro.

Why are we even discussing Shannon and the NCAA investigation, its obviously because dudes woke up racist this morning crying and feeling dejected like their daughters when dumped by grade school boyfriends.

They need a punching bag, so they come here to play the true "race card"--which is the institution of racism itself, that lives in their own chests.

And thus we are stuck with a 4 years removed Shannon conversation.

Too funny Worst Fans!

While having his boss attempt to receive money from a ponzi scheme thief and constantly undercut his authority.

Posted by: ChampCane | January 04, 2014 at 12:41 AM

:) c'mon man.
Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 04, 2014 at 08:33 AM


Not sure I agree or follow here. The main reason we were able to get the resolution we did was not because of anything Rand did, because as you can see Nevin was able to circumvent Randy and do whatever the h@ll he pleased anyway (not to discredit what Randy said and tried to do).
Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 04, 2014 at 10:17 AM

Why do U consistently go out of your way to find any semblance of props and reprieve for Golden, but stay confused to any regarding Shannon. It was reported by everyone that: Shannon was Nevin's chief nemesis, that he told and warned his bosses of him several times, and its OBVIOUS that if Shannon is saying one thing to the player, but the players continue to witness the BOTs and UM administrators partying with Nevin, accepting his money, and inviting him to galas--that the players deemed Shannon to be a just hater of Nevin (RS just didn't want them to have the fun everyone else was having) and chose to use the # Nevin gave them and go out with him to the hot spots on South Beach giving Nevin his chance to take their tab.

What kid wouldn't circumvent their supervisors for free money and fun with a millionaire that their supervisor's bosses were hanging out with themselves??

Thats THE definition of being undermined.

The NCAA, Yahoo Sports and SI all said that the situation would have been much worse without Shannon's incessant "hating" on Shapiro.

All this still has nothing to do with the fact that our hopefully soon to be gone coaches haven't developed any players, implemented an aggressive prevent and duped the superficial fan base with their 300 page binder as Calvin would say. What does sanctions have to do with putting green in one on one coverage with Tompkins in the flats? Sheer stupidity.

Provide a source for the ongoing assertion that Shannon warned the admin. Repeating the same assertion is not a source.

It's pretty clear that many on this blog post haven't played organized football, and for sure, haven't coached any level of organized football above junior high.

Al Golden has achieved having the program "survive" the terrible and debilitating NCAA farce investigation, and survived with a winning record. Any analysis of the situation makes it clear that we simply did not and do not have the talent, speed, strength, or intelligence on the current roster to compete with the top tier schools. We were and are for the most part, small, slow, and not too bright. After all, who else would still have played Henderson if they didn't have to. You really have to not understand how much damage the NCAA investigation did to blather on about how bad Golden is. We were, and are, still lucky to have him. In any case we are a few years away from legitimately competing with the top 15 - whoever is coaching - and, God forbid it be Schiano. I'm from Jersey, and Rutgers was so glad to see the back of him.

This isn't the 1980's or 90's - those days are long and gone - back to the future is a movie - this stuff here is real. It's 2014 and times have changed and we need to as well.

AG, please change the color on that 30" page trapper keeper to blue and white before you show it to the Penn St search folks...

Put the U signal in the so fla sky for Butch to come on back ASAP!

Actually Shannon warned his players and coaches to stay away from Shapiro. Shapiro would call the AD complaining that Shannon wouldn't talk to him (using racially inappropriate language) All the while the administration happily accepted checks from Shapiro.

One would think that the AD and Shannon had a conversation about why he wouldn't talk to a major booster, at which time Shannon explained why.


"Shannon's rejection of Shapiro was a touchy issue for former athletic director Kirby Hocutt and individuals responsible for fund raising because Shannon refused to even talk to Shapiro, who for some time could be counted on to write big checks to the department. "

Ur Season of acc Basketball Beatdowns begins ....


Franklin's still available for PSU, ergo, we're probably stuck with Alverage Grifter, but this thought experiment has been fun. Still hoping his meeting goes REALLY well. So, to continue..Not my order of preference necessarily...

From a Canes poster at reddit.com:

"I've been putting together this comprehensive list of candidates over in /r/MiamiHurricanes. It is ordered based on my preference."

Charlie Strong - Texas
Bobby Petrino
Rob Chudzinski
Greg Roman
Kirby Smart
Butch Davis
David Cutliffe
Norv Turner
Jim Schwartz
Sean McDermott
Gary Andersen
Kliff Kingsbury
James Franklin
Chad Morris
Lane Kiffin = [a.k.a. "SHITE MIDAS"(tm)]
Philip Montgomery
Jedd Fisch
Mike Leach
Rich Rodriguez
Pat Narduzzi
Mark Stoops
Greg Schiano
Tom O'Brien
Tommy Tuberville
Mike Stoops
Curtis Johnson
Mark Hudspeth
John Chavis
Tim DeRuyter
Doc Holiday
Craig Bohl
Ed Orgeron
Mario Cristobal
Winston Moss

I am not sold on SHITE MIDAS, or Mario Cristobal...

On the PSU blogs, the people are wanting Golden. It seems Franklin had trouble at Vandy, no fault of his though. But like UM would be, the next coach will be squeaky clean. The amazing part of an article, about Golden's staff, D'no is not expected to be the def cood. It says he may take a different role, but since they are such good friends, he could still be asst head coach. Now this is all hypothetical, but funny that others see what we have asked for. Just think, if Golden had made a change last after last year, like he should have, we might have seen a reason to want him here and coach that class he built. It could have been a much different season.

Ur Season of acc Basketball Beatdowns begins ....


Posted by: PenthoUse to OUthoUse U

Posts by a little kid begin now.

Saban will coach until he is 70. Moreover, the reason why he wins is because he is a micro manager and has his hands on everything,including holding his assistant coaches accountable. Furthermore, wisdom and experience goes a long way.

I will throw one right back at you. A 40 year old in 2014 is not as seasoned and experienced and wise the way a 40 year was when Jimmy coached. Call it immaturity, complacency, a product of a spoon fed middle class upbringing, etc. Golden just recently proved that. Most of your great, consistent coaches today are hitting their stride in their 50's.

I will take Butch's experience and wisdom at 62 any day over Golden at 43. If Golden goes to Penn State and Butch comes to Miami, Miami fairs better in three years than Penn State does. You can take that to the bank!!

If Butch is able to walk and talk, then he will always be able to successfully evaluate talent and coach up defensive players and formulate a game plan. His key will be getting good coordinators, the way he had with Schiano and Chudz in years past. Graduate assistants will take care of the rest of the minutia.

Don't sell him short either about local recruits knowing who he is. He can walk into any living room with three championship rings on his finger, and third party endorsements from Sports Illustrated and other credible periodicals, citing that he is responsible for the greatest college football team of all time.

Butch is a fighter. A cancer survivor no less. He deserves to coach the U based upon past accomplishments. He is a turnaround specialist. It is amazing the hope and whim people want to put into unproven hype, when the turnaround specialist is right in front of you. His name is Butch Davis!!

For the Worst Fans Poster...Ex players without coaching experience may not yet be qualified to coach at the U, but having Irvin, Reed, Dorsey, Lewis, Sapp and all the other great NFL Canes you mentioned, ON AN ADVISORY BOARD TO THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, would be impactful. Had something like that been in place already, where Golden and D'nofrio had to report to the Advisory Board once a quarter, you could rest assure our defenses would not have been so bad the past two year.

Butch haz Fyre, is that you Zook? I thought we were fighting over Lane Kiffin. It's okay I'll take on "Shite Midas" if they'll let me have it...

BD would be great, but the past "clouds", whether justified, and the previous passover of Mike Leach tells me that the BOT and Admin won't touch BD.

CHUD or Orgeron are my tops, but there are a sleeeew of great prospects.


Especially the conclusion:

Butch is a fighter. A cancer survivor no less. He deserves to coach the U based upon past accomplishments. He is a turnaround specialist. ****It is amazing the hope and whim people want to put into unproven hype, when the turnaround specialist is right in front of you. His name is Butch Davis!!****

For the Worst Fans Poster...Ex players without coaching experience may not yet be qualified to coach at the U, but having Irvin, Reed, Dorsey, Lewis, Sapp and all the other great NFL Canes you mentioned, ON AN ADVISORY BOARD TO THE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, would be impactful. Had something like that been in place already, where Golden and D'nofrio had to report to the Advisory Board once a quarter, you could rest assure our defenses would not have been so bad the past two year.

Beed I like your list of coaching candidates. As long as we move on from this present regime and get coaching that gets basic to hard work and basics.

The coaches you mentioned above would have our future teams MUCH BETTER PREPARED. The reason why we got whipped up by FSU is because the kids have not been coached up and coordinator coaching on both sides of the ball is TERRIBLE!! Morris can't even read a defense or pick up a blitz? If he is not capable, then he shouldn't have a scholarship. That all FALLS ON COACHING. Missed tackles on defense.... lack of preparation, practice time, and instruction on tackling. That all FALLS ON COACHING.

Jimmy and Butch use to spend the first hour of practice on fundamental drills and the second hour of practice on scrimmaging. Remember, the practices were harder than the the games. That's what we need to get back to. Then the missed tackles, etc. will go away.

Desmond Howard went live on the Joe Rose after the FSU game stating he wasn't surprised by the missed tackles by UM, because whenever he goes to watch practice at Spring Tree, UM IS NEVER DOING ANY TACKLING DRILLS! One again, THAT ALL FALLS ON COACHING. NOT TEACHING THE KIDS AND NOT PREPARING THEM!! It has nothing to do with talent.

Every one of Randy's classes was a top ranked recruiting class in the top 15 each year. Golden's classes have all been top ranked recruiting classes, in the top 15 each year.

The fact is, is that neither Shannon nor Golden have cultivated the talent that wants to come to UM to play. Hence, after four years, it was time for Randy to go and after three years, with no marked improvement, its also time for Golden to go. He can continue to get good recruiting classes, but if he does cultivate the talent we will be a mediocre 8 and 9 win team until his contract runs out (20200. By that time it will have been 19 years without a championship. Any real can fan would realize that is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

I don't think butch would come back. Chud is 50-50.

Thanks Butch, but I can't take credit for making it - I haven't Gallo-ed out yet. I lifted it from a guy on reddit's UM blog. Great site.

I don't think butch would come back. Chud is 50-50.
Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 04, 2014 at 02:54 PM

How many titles might Miami had won if Davis had stayed? Both he and Canes fans are curious.

And, yes, he says he regrets leaving Miami.

"Very much so. I would've loved to have stayed for 30 years at Miami," he said. "We couldn't get it worked out from a contractual standpoint and it had nothing to do with money, but that's a whole different story. They win it the next year. They played for it the year after that. Everything was going spectacularly after that. How many would we have won? I wish I had stayed another 10 years to find out how many."

Davis' explanation for what was behind his departure from UM: "Ten days before we played BC [Boston College] in the last game of the season, we had completed 97 percent of the contract. It had taken us three hours to agree to the money. That was done. I was probably one of the lowest-paid [I-A] head coaches when I took that job [in 1995] and then after seven years, they were paying me $1 million. The stumbling block we could never get over was, if they decided to do what North Carolina did [by just suddenly firing him] they were only going to pay me 20 percent of the money, but because [Miami] had been burned by Howard [Schnellenberger] leaving and Jimmy leaving and Dennis [Erickson] leaving, so if I had ever left I had to pay them 80 percent.

"I said, 'Guys that isn't fair. I can't pay you 80 and you're only gonna pay me 20. If you wake up and say, 'I don't like redhead coaches,' I'm gone. Let's either make it 80-80, 20-20 or 50-50.' We battled over 20-80 for almost two months. I turned the Cleveland Browns job down. I turned down two other jobs. Well, lo and behold, the last home visit I made I'm sitting in Antrel Rolle's living room and his mom and dad said, 'Coach, are you gonna be here?' I said, 'Antrel, I will be the head coach at the University of Miami,' and I believed in all my heart I was going to be. Then we go home and four or five days later we still can't get the contract done. [Cleveland president] Carmen Policy calls and says, 'Would you reconsider?'

"I talked it over with my wife. You live a little bit in fear. I thought, 'Well, today they love me, but in 1997 they were flying a plane over the stadium, 'Get Rid of Butch Davis!' It didn't take long to keep reminding yourself that this 80-20 stuff wasn't fair. We made one more stab and called [Miami AD] Paul Dee and he went to the trustees and asked them to make it fair. Finally, we made the change. I wished I hadn't have, but we did."

Butch Davis is 62 now. His role on the staff of his old former defensive coordinator, Schiano, is vague. A masterful talent evaluator, Davis helped Schiano and Bucs GM Mark Dominik write position-specific requirements for each position as part of Tampa Bay's scouting process. He evaluates the other team's quarterback and offers suggestions to the defensive staff. He also sits in on meetings, practices, OTAs and does "a little bit of everything except coach" for his old protege. On game days, he sits in the press box to ensure communication runs smoothly.

"It's been a great experience," Davis said. "If I'm fortunate enough to be a head coach again, I'm going to hire somebody to do the same job I did."

What he doesn't get to do is the actual coaching.

"I miss the adrenaline rushes and the interaction with the players," he said. "I miss getting on the chalkboard and working with the players and helping them develop."

Asked how tough it would be for him to never get another head coaching job, Davis paused for a few moments.

"I'd be very disappointed and saddened. I still feel like I can really do some great things as a coach for another six or seven years.

"I hope I get that chance."

Baddour hopes as well. He said he believes Thorp does too.

"I've called enough schools in support of Butch," Baddour said. "I talk about the positive characteristics and skills that he has, and his track record was strong and he does have a strong commitment to integrity and academic support. … I would love for him to get back into college football. He recruits in the right way and we had no suggestion of anything otherwise. Clearly John Blake caused significant issues.

"I do worry for him that it's taken this long. We've tried to help him and Holden Thorp has absolutely tried to help him last year. I know it for a fact."

Thorp is the guy that fired him (former UNC chancellor) and Baddour was the AD at the time of his dismissal. Both recommend him and have given full references on his behalf. Baddour disagreed with the firing then and now.

The "cloud" over Butch is unwarranted here and at UNC.


I like Bobby Petrino, Chud, Davis and Rich-Rod.

Strong would have been great...

Munchak was just fired by the Titans, he is also a target for PSU. This may make it easier?

Oof. Was counting on him staying at Titans...

Never heard of Slater before:

"Source: Al Golden to inform team today that he is leaving to Penn State"


I'd love to hear what Golden has to say after all of that Stand with the U crap he's been preaching.

Beed I've had my beef with AG, but was willing to see how it would go after pulling in this upcoming stud class, but if he bolts to PSU, then all I can say is 'what a POS'. We're gonna have to scramble AGAIN, and will lose MAJOR recruits AGAIN, and current players have to learn a new system AGAIN. I mean PSU over Miami???? Yeah they have more $$$, but they'll NEVER get to the title game, and I know sooner or later we WILL. Unbelievable! Of course this is only if he goes, lol.

Jersey Canes - your points are logical, but try not to buy into what the UM Administration and Golden want us fans to believe..... that it is a five year process to implement the coaching plan. Urban Meyer won after two years with the UF, after Zook. Saban won after three years with Bama, after Shula.

If you gave four coaches five years to implement their plan, we could go two decades (20 years)without a championship. We are already at year 13. This drought is unacceptable. We need someone proven to come in to turn it around. And by the way, they should only get three years, to get to a Major Bowl game, otherwise they need to be on the hot seat. Accountability and results. Not patience and process.

You can't give every coach five years to implement their plan. A good coach can come in and work with what he has and build on top of it. Something Randy nor Golden have not been able to do because they were in over their heads as head coaches. Randy... great DC, not a head coach. Golden ... good PR man, but not a Head Coach. At least not for what we need at the U.

Although, I would take Randy back in a heartbeat to coach the defense. Can't knock the George Steinbrenner style of Administrative Management. Just because he would fire someone as the head coach, didn't mean he let them go from the organization. Everyone knew about Billy Martin getting hired and fired, but no one really knows that after he fired Gene Michael as Manager in the late 80's, he put Michael in the front office. Michael eventually became GM and drafted Jeter, Williams, and Petitt,and rebuilt the Yankee dynasty.

Thus, the UM administration should not have left on bad terms with Randy. Hopefully, if Butch gets in there, we can get Randy to run the defense.

Butch, ur assuming the answer. We won't pay for a proven winner. We need to take a shot---like withh jj. Some work, some don't. Even the "proven" winners often fail.

2 million doesn't buy much. Strong reportedly gee\tting 25 over 5 @ tx

Zero chance you see a butch or randy return, much less both.


The only guarantee in all of this is no matter who we get Gallo/Calvin/72/ChampCane/whateverhisnameis will continue to complain about the next guy. They will also make up facts without any basis.

Btw, Miami is a private university and does not post how much it pays it's coaches. The numbers out there are an estimation and not facts. But that won't stop some posters from throwing out whatever numbers they want.

I mean PSU over Miami???? Yeah they have more $$$, but they'll NEVER get to the title game, and I know sooner or later we WILL. Unbelievable! Of course this is only if he goes, lol.

Posted by: Cola Cane | January 04, 2014 at 03:57 PM

You really are a conniving F-O-O-L, bUbba! And here I was sort of MESSING with you, fool.

Because Miami, Florida will NEVER win a A.C.C. title game with both YOUR boy's Goldie nd' Marky Mark hanging around Coral Gables. hUh

And believe it or not Cane FOOLS. It will be a grand BLESSING of the universal sort, if Thee Carpetbagger's decide to blot the Hurricanes... an UNIVERSAL blessing indeed! dUh

D so dumb he's now disagreeing with people (cola) who just agreed with him, ie, we will only win if golden goes. Duh

All kinds of dumb, but dumb d dumb d is some kinda special.

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING???? Does the University of Miami EVEN CARE ANYMORE if we have Division 1 teams in ANY sport?

It sure doesn't seem like it to me. Just totally half-###ed as an organization.

Are Thee Carpetbagger's gone yet. Or are Goldie and his INEPT good ol' boy buddy out of Coral Gables yet. hUh

I can imagine Butch walking into a living room of a 17 year old and saying, son, let me tell you about some things I did when you were 3 years old! Please watch this video tape, wait do you have a VCR? Once I hit Social Security age, we may have a shot at a National Title. Get real people. Move on.

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING???? Does the University of Miami EVEN CARE ANYMORE if we have Division 1 teams in ANY sport?

It sure doesn't seem like it to me. Just totally half-###ed as an organization.

Posted by: bbn | January 04, 2014 at 04:26 PM

It would seem that way. The hard ball team hasn't been to Omaha in DECADES!

And the mens basketball team had a LUCKY season in 2012-13. Because prior to that the Canes were average in hoops and what not.

What helps the athletic department is the revenue SHARING from the Bowl games and the N.C.A.A. Tournament. That's how the a.d stays afloat and remains in the black.

Dumb D, I suspect being in the black in sports and running a top notch academic institution might just possibly be the UM trustees highest priority. I guess they could switch that to football.

It would seem that way. The hard ball team hasn't been to Omaha in DECADES!

And the mens basketball team had a LUCKY season in 2012-13. Because prior to that the Canes were average in hoops and what not.

Posted by: D

Dumb post. Canes have the NCAA record for longest postseason streak and have been to Omaha in the past decade.
Canes basketball has one of the best coaches around. Despite losing EVERYONE from a very good 2012 team we were very close to upsetting the #2 on the road today. Canes also have a lot of talent coming to basketball next season.

bbn, that "organization"s mission has nothing to do with sports.

"It would seem that way. The hard ball team hasn't been to Omaha in DECADES!" -D

To prove how much of a troll "D" is... The Canes World Series appearances since the 2000's- 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008


Randy Shannon’s Contract: The 800 lbs. Ibis in the Room!
Sports Session April 15, 2010

Any time coaches sign a new contract goals are set forth, and either he has met the goals you want or not. At that point you need to make a decision and either fire the man, or give him an extension based off of his current body of work. I know that Kirby Hocutt was not the person that hired Shannon, but he has had time to lay out what his vision is for where the football program should be and go from this point.

The cruxes of the matter currently are a discussion over the new base salary per year, and buy out amount if he gets fired before the end of the contract. It seems that the administration is offering Shannon about $1.4 million in base salary and Shannon wants about $2 million a year which is a little bit over the ACC average of $1.75 million per year. Here is the table of coach’s pay in the ACC:

1. Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech. – $2.3 million ($3.33 million possible with bonuses)

2. Jim Grobe, Wake Forest – $2.17 million ($2.5 million)

3. Butch Davis, North Carolina – $2.15 million ($2.26 million)

4. Ralph Friedgen, Maryland – $2.03 million ($2.56 million)

5. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech – $2 million ($2.42 million)

6. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State – $1.8 million ($2.6 million)

7. Dabo Swinney, Clemson – $1.75 million ($2.63 million)

8. Mike London, Virginia – $1.7 million ($2.27 million)

9. Tom O’Brien, North Carolina State – $1.52 million ($2.63 million)

10. David Cutliffe, Duke – $1.5 milliion ($1.5 million)

11. Randy Shannon – $900,000 ($900,000)*

12. Frank Spaziani, Boston College – $900,000 ($900,000)

(Data provided by http://www.sun-sentinel.com)

What the administration at the University of Miami are saying to the fans publicly is Randy Shannon is our guy, and he is going to be our coach for a long time! Well the administration’s actions are saying we want to pay this guy the least amount we can, but put gigantic expectations on him to win and make sure the buyout is small enough so we can easily get rid of him.

$1.4 million is a slap in the face; they are saying that Randy has not done enough to be paid the median salary in the ACC? I have heard all these Shannon detractors talk about top flight coaches getting it done; well they get paid the salary and are given the resources to get it done.

In Shannon’s case he has not even cracked $1 million dollars per year yet, but Mike London who has not coached a game for UVA is almost at $2 million per. The new contract they are offering is still less than Jimbo Fisher, Mike London, Dabo Swinney, Tom O’Brien, and David Cutliffe all coaches that have been hired after Shannon.

I will leave you with this tidbit, when Miami played South Florida this past season(2009) Jim Leavitt was being paid about $1.3 million dollars per year. While Randy Shannon at a “better” program, in a tougher conference, and a better record than Leavitt’s team was making a paltry $900,000. Miami beat USF soundly 31 – 10, and not only that Shannon has out recruited Leavitt every year as well, but still makes less money?

Bowl Records

S.E.C. 7-2 ... The BEST

acc 4-6 ... - .500%

Champ... That article still estimated Randy's salary since Miami doesn't release those numbers. Why do we care how much Randy was paid? That was two AD's ago!

RS proved he couldn't do the job, so any salary was too much, in retrospect. He shouldn't have been hired as HC.

Waiting for "D" to admit he was wrong about our college world series appearances. Should I be surprised that new screennames are appearing?

Posted by: JaxCane | January 04, 2014 at 04:18 PM

It did not take long to find the details on an internet search. As pointed out by HTC, earlier, the desire to follow Al Golden is greater than actual facts.

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