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Five Canes invited to the NFL Combine: QB Morris, OG Linder, OT Henderson, WR Hurns & P O'Donnell

Five Hurricanes were invited to the NFL Combine next month in Indianapolis. Here's the release we just received from UM.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Five Miami Hurricanes have accepted invitations to participate at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine, while will be held Feb. 22-25 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The four-day combine will be televised live on NFL Network.

 QB Stephen Morris, OG Brandon Linder, OT Seantrel Henderson, WR Allen Hurns and P Pat O’Donnell will be among the more than 300 prospects evaluated by all 32 NFL teams. Linder, Henderson and O’Donnell will work out on Feb. 22, while Morris and Hurns will work outFeb. 23.

 Morris, a two-year starter under center and a 2013 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team member, finished his career ranked third in Miami history with 7,896 passing yards and 49 touchdowns. A 2013 All-ACC third-team selection, Morris is one of only two QBs in Miami history with multiple 3,000-yard passing seasons (Gino Torretta).

 Linder started all 13 games along the offensive line in 2013 and concluded his career with 37 consecutive starters. He was a second-team All-ACC selection and was named the team’s Offensive MVP at the end of the season. Henderson, a third-team All-ACC selection, played in 12 games along the offensive line, making eight starts at right tackle.

 Hurns enjoyed one of the greatest receiving seasons in program history in 2013. The second-team All-ACC receiver set a single-season school record with 1,162 receiving yards and finished with 62 receptions – the third-most in a single season. He finished his career ranked seventh in both receptions (121) and receiving yards (1,891).

 In his one season in Coral Gables, O’Donnell made a considerable impact, setting the school single-season record with a 47.1 yards-per-punt average. A first-team All-ACC choice and second-team All-America selection by USA TODAY, O’Donnell booted 23 punts of 50+ yards and downed 19 inside the opponent’s 20-yard line.

 Miami, in its third season under head coach Al Golden, finished 2013 with a 9-4 mark and an appearance in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.


Regarding Al Golden, still waiting for concrete news on Penn State. The coaches are on vacation this week, and it's a dead period recruiting wise.

Al has an afternoon news conference scheduled with the media on Monday. It was his regular end-of-the-year talk. We're all wondering if that will happen. 

Not confident it will at this point. 

We'll see.





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What does that have to do with Al Golden? Any website reporting the salary of a coach at Miami is doing so off of an estimation because the University of Miami is a private university and doesn't put out salary information.

Provide a source for the ongoing assertion that Shannon warned the admin. Repeating the same assertion is not a source.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | January 04, 2014 at 01:38 PM


"Shannon's rejection of Shapiro was a touchy issue for former athletic director Kirby Hocutt and individuals responsible for fund raising because Shannon refused to even talk to Shapiro, who for some time could be counted on to write big checks to the department. "

Posted by: Is it football season yet | January 04, 2014 at 02:02 PM

The original attempt to minimize an obvious fact. The fact is was obvious was that I read it on this blog, originally.

Thanks for posting it Football.

Word is that DT Valentine de-committed.

Depending on who gets hired here. Some recruits may chose to come to Miami to gain development, that has been greatly missed.

Waiting for "D" to admit he was wrong about our college world series appearances. Should I be surprised that new screennames are appearing?

Posted by: JaxCane | January 04, 2014 at 04:48 PM

You did worse, but expect someone to answer to you.

You and mountaincane are those negative posters you claim others are.

Expect to see players leave until we have a coach.

Thanks Al for the great jib during the bowl game. Ay least have the decency to announce you're leaving asap. Take that crap scheme and your dc with you.

AD Blake tweeting that AG staying....as AD's have a great track rcord of telling it like it is... This waiting is the worst.

Are Thee Carpetbagger's still in Coral Gables.

Valentine decommits due to Golden news...it's only the beginning boys and girls. Look for Kaaya to be next and then the floodgates will open.

You haters got your wish and now the downward spiral will ensue.

By the way, the college football experts around the country who don't have a dog in this fight all agree that Golden, despite all the headwinds, did a spectacular job at Miami and had the Canes on an upward trajectory, thus the intense interest from Penn State who pretty much can pick and choose who they want as their head coach...the Canes don't have that luxury!!

Best case scenario will be 5 years of 500 or worse seasons, but it will most probably last longer.



If AD Blake says Goldie nd' Marky Mark are staying. Then y'all Cane partisans will RECEIVE your collective COMEUPPANCE. huh

In other words, the more of the same on the field embarrassments and the more of the same LAME defensive schemes and ploys.

Oh, don't sweat it Hurricane loyalists. Thee Carpetbagger's will surely win. Too bad y'all will NEVER witness a A.C.C. championship!

Goldie met with the Penn. St. suits to get MORE MONEY from the GULLIBLE blake and Shalala. Otherwise, why would Goldie go to the trouble of stirring up DRAMA and what not.

Chit, all Goldie had to do was say thanks for the consideration, but I'm NOT GOING TO MEET y'all in South Florida on Saturday. dUh

You did worse, but expect someone to answer to you.

You and mountaincane are those negative posters you claim others are.

Posted by: ChampCane

Please inform me of how that is? I have supported the university and our current head coach and will continue to support the next one. What exactly was I wrong about?

Word is that DT Valentine de-committed.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 04, 2014 at 05:05 PM


U are absolutely correct, H.T.B.

WORD on the South Florida metro streets have whispered that DT Valentine AIN'T too giddy about playing for Marky Mark and what not. hUh

Look for at least TWO MORE current defensive verbal's to de-commit. Whether Goldie nd' Marky Mark stay on in Coral Gables.

If Golden is using Penn State as leverage for more money, I doubt it's for himself as he already has his extension. It's likely for the money for staff assistants. Which I am okay with if it means we get a higher quality DC.

Don't worry Zook,
He's probably staying and we can just spend our offseason bashing him, then suffer through some more bad losses...

Valentine was never that solid, but the exodus could get ugly if he does go.

No more ugly than the season we would be facing if he stays. If he goes, which I don't believe, a good coach will get more results from what we have and can get. It's best in the long run if he goes.

WORD on the South Florida metro streets have whispered that DT Valentine AIN'T too giddy about playing for Marky Mark and what not. hUh
Posted by: D |

Wrong again... @traveeey99 "Incase the U fans aint read things all the way , yes Im decommiting until this coaching situation is done until then sorry but im chillin!!"
That's what Valentine just said on twitter.
But that's to be expected from you D. That's two in the last hour. How many decades did you say it was since the Canes have been to the College World Series

Ditto that post, cfl.

"While having his boss attempt to receive money from a ponzi scheme thief and constantly undercut his authority."

Posted by: ChampCane | January 04, 2014 at 12:41 AM

:) c'mon man.
Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 04, 2014 at 08:33 AM

Not sure I agree or follow here. The main reason we were able to get the resolution we did was not because of anything Rand did, because as you can see Nevin was able to circumvent Randy and do whatever the h@ll he pleased anyway (not to discredit what Randy said and tried to do).
Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 04, 2014 at 10:17 AM

Why do U consistently go out of your way to find any semblance of props and reprieve for Golden, but stay confused to any regarding Shannon. It was reported by everyone that: Shannon was Nevin's chief nemesis, that he told and warned his bosses of him several times, and its OBVIOUS that if Shannon is saying one thing to the player, but the players continue to witness the BOTs and UM administrators partying with Nevin, accepting his money, and inviting him to galas--that the players deemed Shannon to be a just hater of Nevin (RS just didn't want them to have the fun everyone else was having) and chose to use the # Nevin gave them and go out with him to the hot spots on South Beach giving Nevin his chance to take their tab.

What kid wouldn't circumvent their supervisors for free money and fun with a millionaire that their supervisor's bosses were hanging out with themselves??

Thats THE definition of being undermined.

The NCAA, Yahoo Sports and SI all said that the situation would have been much worse without Shannon's incessant "hating" on Shapiro.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 04, 2014 at 01:23 PM

1. I don't go out of my way to do anything on this forum. When people misstate/misrepresent things, and there's plenty of that going on daily, I engage in fact-seeking discussions.

2. I think the original post infers D. Shalala decided Randy's salary unilaterally, and then knowingly took money from a "ponzi scheme thief", because of an impromptu appearance by the little man who gave a check during a general Hurricane fundraiser when the opportunistic picture was taken. RS salary and the ponzi schemer have nothing to do with each other and inferring there is a common denominator to Shalala's character is absolute sensationalism. Donna takes money personally and impersonally from hundreds of donors that have been vetted to the best of the University's ability. Nevin fooled smarter people than []_[]s (and that was taking people's money, not giving).

3 As far as undercutting Randy's authority? I don't even know what the h@ll that refers to and would like some clarification. I've seen the woman in action and she empowers her people. You can't micro-manage at her level and pedigree. Especially when it comes to Football.

4. It has also been stated and maybe you believe that RS was the main reason behind the outcome from the COI. Please provide context about what the NCAA, Yahoo ect said so we can have a real discussion as I will below. I know better than most the things Randy did as HC and am intimately aware he was a serious disciplinarian; that's not being disputed. But his known dis-like for the thief didn't stop all the interactions or allegations; and the overall impact RS had on the final COI decision? More important than self-imposed scholarship and post-season bans? More important than disclosure and cooperation? No way. RS helped more than that botched investigation? Don't think so dude.

Read the final report as to why they COI decided our self-imposed bans were adequate and you'll see it's because []_[] had an extraordinary level of cooperation and unprecedented self-imposed bans. All Donna dude. Please read below and visit the link, then tell me why you think i'm confused with support for your assertion.

I don't think that's going "out of my way" or being "confused". It's just what it is.

"Each case is unique. No doubt folks will have a difference of opinion on whether the penalties were too severe or too light," Banowsky said on a conference call. "We don't put cases against each other based on the unique nature of each case. In this case, we felt the institution's self-imposed penalties were significant and unprecedented. The level of cooperation in the case was commendable. Those were factors that weighed into the committee's thinking."


Please go!!!

It's a bloody FAIT ACCOMPLI... unfortunately both Thee Carpetbagger's will remain in plush Coral Gables.

Here's looking at a 7-5 or 8-4 regular season next season. Because y'all's Marky Mark will continue to field the same LAME, SOFT, INEPT defense!!!

Looking on Twitter, the truth looks like it's starting to emerge.

A bunch of rumors about offers - none made yet.

AG interviewed today,Franklin to interview tomorrow, and future interview for Munchak.

The sensationalism is expected. Could be a minute.

Seems the earlier prediction about him not getting the job and leveraging for even more meritless position here might pan out.

Now that we all know without a doubt that AG wanted to bolt, how do we feel about him moving forward?

We feel like he's a jerk for interviewing with psu. And we want his and c@cksucker dino out.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 04, 2014 at 05:52 PM

Your assumptions are throughout your post. Along with the quote from Banowsky, whoever he is.

Your post has diverged from the fact that Al Golden was paid significant funds to win less than the previous coach. The one and only reason for this factual point.

Don't worry Zook,
He's probably staying and we can just spend our offseason bashing him, then suffer through some more bad losses...

Valentine was never that solid, but the exodus could get ugly if he does go.

Posted by: beedharphong | January 04, 2014 at 05:45 PM


Your kind was bashing Golden when the team was undefeated @ 7 and 0, while ranked 7th in the country.

If you think you bashed Golden for some bad losses during the NCAA debacle then you and the other haters are going to be giddy with joy for the next decade as the program will be put on life-support the instant Golden resigns.

Had Golden stayed at least one more year and nailed down that #3 ranked recruiting class and continued on the yearly progress he was making that would have lessened that catastrophic damage that will soon come.

I suspect Coach Golden has agreed to give Blake some time before he announces his move to Penn state, which will allow Blake to make an instantaneous announcement as to who will become the next Canes head coach so that he can do what he can to save the current recruiting class...unfortunately, his efforts, whomever he is, will be mostly ineffective.

Of course what will make this all the worse is watching Al Golden resurrect Penn State football and soon have them playing in the new championship format.

After Howard moved on as well as Jimmy and Dennis I always knew that the next man up would produce a winning program. Sadly, and I say this being sick to my stomach, I truly don't believe the Canes will recover from this blow, which will mean that Emmert and his NCAA Nazi Gestapo's ended up accomplishing what they set out to do almost 3 years ago...and that was to destroy Miami football.

If he turned down his alma mater as the first interviewee to stay with []_[] then, hey, that's commitment, but I would have rather he distanced himself early.

I truly don't believe the Canes will recover from this blow, which will mean that Emmert and his NCAA Nazi Gestapo's ended up accomplishing what they set out to do almost 3 years ago...and that was to destroy Miami football.

Posted by: Ron Zook | January 04, 2014 at 06:19 PM

C'mon Zook. We'll be fine. Just get on with it; One way or the other.

I have not posted in a while cause most of you are some of the most neagative people behind a screen name!

Golden is tight for the Canes, but his DC is not agressive enough as a person. A DC and D Assistants need to be hardcore intense people...we have just a few of those type of folks...

Golden needs to be able to manage personalities which he can...he just has to get those intest personalities that can teach...

That starts with his passive DC...I give the OC a pass this year as it was his fist...he needs to evaluate his play calling as soon as possible so he can adjust to what he has.

The main reason I am not a big fan of the DC is that. he did not adapt his philosophy to the Talent he had...

I do not believe the Talent was so bad that he could not adjust.

I saw with my eyes that he continually called Blitzes that left gaps in coverage, and were predicatable...and stunted the DLine out of position with LB's no in possition to cover the stunts...

That is all philisophical from my trained eye...(Yes I played Pop Warner (on winning programs), High School (State Team), both in Miami, and played in College for 5 years)

Give it a chance (5yrs)...I have read a lot from a lot of you who want a new Coach and boast Butch, Chud, Ken, Greg, etc and some other guys...but the fact is Butch ran away...Mario ran away...I think Greg turned us down...only HC's who put great Assitants around them turn things around quickly...Gus, Cut, and a few others...

Golden will make this work as he will have no other choice if he stays with his BFF DC for next year...He will lose a lot of Coaching Cred if the Defense does not improve significantly with the class they are brining in as well as year 4 of the philosopy...


It's A Cane Thing...Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

Go Canes!

Good post Canes Thang.

turn down the apparent emotion, man.

We're going to be fine, either way.

I really hope AG makes a significant change at DC if he stays, but will suffer through another year of crud, regardless.

For me, that he tried to bolt confirms people like Zook's worst fears since days one; he'd leave us at first chance to PSU, coupled with his mediocre performance so far, only embitters me to him moving forward...but I will give him a chance to prove himself, but I will laugh loudly along the way and predict he won't.

I love my Canes.
This is certainly riveting any which way you slice it...

Your assumptions are throughout your post. Along with the quote from Banowsky, whoever he is.

Your post has diverged from the fact that Al Golden was paid significant funds to win less than the previous coach. The one and only reason for this factual point.

Posted by: ChampCane | January 04, 2014 at 06:16 PM

I'm not sure what your post means.. What assumptions? Be specific.

And our current coach had significant barriers to successful recruiting that Shannon did not have during his tenure, as well as a track record as HC before getting the Miami job. AG was more highly sought-after at the time he was hired than Randy ever was for a HC position. Randy was unproven as he went from coordinator to HC, Al did not. And also, Al won more over the first three years than Randy did...

RS 21-17 his first 3 years
AG 22-15 after year 3

What are you talking about?

So, Billy Corben (?) says Golden is leaving.

Anyone verify this?

If so, snag Strong now!

Beed...Thanks...especially since you dissed me when you first showed up a few months ago about the right to use It's A Cane Thing!

BTW, I go pretty far back along with personal realationships with Shenlly, Johnson, Shula (all 3), Buoniconti, Highsmith, Bratton, Moss, Stubs, Shake, etc...I got a good story for you all about a young Sapp before he was famous while on Vacation...

I do not think Golden will leave and I do not think Golden is looking to leave by talking to PSU...He would be rude if he did not talk with them...after all he is from up that way...is Alumni..and his wife is from there...that means family...not to mention more money...

If he ends up going...it is nothing Personal to UM, but would be Personal to him...you cant fault a guy for that!

I do agree with Beed...UM will be fine either way!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green, & White!

Strong isn't an option. We can't compete with Texas nor can we pay his 4.1 million dollar buyout

Golden staying and not going to psu is my worst fear. At least with someone new there will be a new sense of hope. Bc golden has proven that the only thing he's good at is getting out coached, blown out by every decent team, blaming his players but never his coaches, and his worst flaw trying to fundamentally change the way football is played at the u.

It's a fairy tail but a friend of mine who's a Texas alum told me strong hasn't signed yet bc he wants to see if golden goes to psu. I don't care if every one of our recruits decommits and strong has to recruit from scratch it would be a massive upgrade to get strong. At least he's proven he can coach up less heralded talent and win at every stop he's been.


Corben meant Golden was "leaving for dinner."

Sorry about that...

James seems to believe AG will stay.

Titans have canned Mike Munchak, PSU guy.

What are you talking about?

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 04, 2014 at 06:37 PM

You are going to keep an off the track subject going on for hours.

The number of wins are equal, one off is equal. But the talent, since 2011, has been better. But the pay was exponentially greater, on the staff and head coach.

That has always been the one and only point. The other things, you are talking about are irrelevant.

ChampCane... you don't think it was even a factor that Golden had to recruit while ESPN was predicting the death penalty for Miami? Or that every practice had a mob of media around with no other questions than about the future of the program? You don't think it affected anything when he tried to sell the program in front of parents? Randy didn't deal with anything like this and his talent level wasn't worse. Kyle Wright was incredibly talented but had four different OC's and Randy's management of him and Kirby Freeman was awful. Randy did the same thing with Jacory and Marve. Jacory only functioned as a good QB under Golden's staff. Give the credit to Jedd Fisch but it was Golden who was able to sway Fisch into coming.




Turn down the apparent emotion, man.

Posted by: beedharphong | January 04, 2014 at 06:32 PM


No emotion whatsoever, simply looking at this situation as a realist and as person with experience.

As I have warned all along, the loss of Al Golden at any point would be a massive loss, but the timing of his impending departure will have the impact that NCAA desired, but could not accomplish without a significant catalyst. Golden leaving is a significant catalyst.

The message that Penn State waltzing in and stealing our head football coach leaves the impression Miami's program is third rate will not be lost on recruits nationwide. That message will be especially profound to the local recruits and their coaches.

The Haters can continue with the clueless rants and absurd observations as they don't matter any longer (not that they ever did!), but the facts will soon be known as the Miami football program will in no time reflect the Charlie Tate years.

Canes thing, Me? Moi?
Diss anybody? NEVEERRRRRR - lolol.
Well, I really try not to get personal with anyone here, so if I did, bygones until we have something worth calling each other names over?

Randy didn't deal with anything like this and his talent level wasn't worse.

Posted by: JaxCane | January 04, 2014 at 06:57 PM

You are pointing out the same thing I am. The wins are one greater for Al Golden. His pay was much greater. NCAA investigation, or not.

More talent and more pay without more success is absolute failure.

Ron Zook since you're an ex player at um can't u use the connections that must entail to find out exactly what's going on with golden

Alright Zook,
Interesting perspective on the recruiting impact, but I still contend it was never a secret that AG always wanted to go home, so the assertion that PSU came in here and made us look third rate is a bit overstated.

My local AG supporter buddy and I were talking about this earlier and he made a point others here have too.

If AG leaves, no matter who we get, as a small school, we are always a stepping stone that gets results for those steppers if they play it right. That probably won't change.

UM athletic director Blake James texted The Herald’s Susan Miller Degnan and a couple of other UM beat writers saying he expects Golden to remain UM’s coach.

"I believe he will be our coach going forward," James said.

Golden and James have been in contact several times over the past two days, and UM was fully aware that Golden was considering overtures from Penn State. ESPN reported that Golden met with Penn State

officials today.

Still, Golden has not made any public comment. He is tentatively scheduled to hold a season-ending UM news conference on Monday.

Earlier today, WINZ’s Andy Slater reported that Golden planned to inform his team today that he was leaving for PennState. But multiple parents of UM players said no meeting has been called.

Even though Golden attended Penn State, his family loves living here, and that figures to be one of the factors he at least considers.

One of UM’s key oral commitments, defensive tackle Travonte Valentine, said he is de-committing from UM because the coaching situation is unresolved. He said he now leans toward LSU but won’t

decide until National Signing Day Feb. 5.

I told a Seminole fan on reddit/r/cfb/ that if AG stays, they're guaranteed at least one win a year through 2020...Apply that to Beamer and Cutcliffe too...

Charlie Stomg going to Texas but they're not letting him bring Hurtt. Whether it's Goldy or new coach we need him back. He's one of ours. He knows what it means to be a CANE. One mistake shouldn't define a man. We all saw how his D line played against us. He's probably the best recruiter in country as well.

Jax, man don't worry with people who no matter what reality is they are hell bent on believing their BS lie. The fact is Golden did more than anybody else could have done with this cast of characters he was left from Shannon. The man is doing what any realistic person would do should the school they played for would do and that is just listen to what they have to say out of respect. Now he may go but I just do not see why he would go being he can easily win a Title here much faster than he ever could at PSU.

So let me get this right, no other coach, absolutely no other coach can come to talent rich Miami and win? That defies logic, and history. Smh!

Ron Zook is in charge of mixing the Kool Ade. I am new to this site, and read some of these posts, but this dude is a doomsday lover. Too much negativity here. Miami fans should be thankful to Golden for sticking around. His coaching leaves a lot to be desired, but if he would get help it could turn around. Especially with the recruits coming in. Have a great new year

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