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Five Canes invited to the NFL Combine: QB Morris, OG Linder, OT Henderson, WR Hurns & P O'Donnell

Five Hurricanes were invited to the NFL Combine next month in Indianapolis. Here's the release we just received from UM.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Five Miami Hurricanes have accepted invitations to participate at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine, while will be held Feb. 22-25 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The four-day combine will be televised live on NFL Network.

 QB Stephen Morris, OG Brandon Linder, OT Seantrel Henderson, WR Allen Hurns and P Pat O’Donnell will be among the more than 300 prospects evaluated by all 32 NFL teams. Linder, Henderson and O’Donnell will work out on Feb. 22, while Morris and Hurns will work outFeb. 23.

 Morris, a two-year starter under center and a 2013 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team member, finished his career ranked third in Miami history with 7,896 passing yards and 49 touchdowns. A 2013 All-ACC third-team selection, Morris is one of only two QBs in Miami history with multiple 3,000-yard passing seasons (Gino Torretta).

 Linder started all 13 games along the offensive line in 2013 and concluded his career with 37 consecutive starters. He was a second-team All-ACC selection and was named the team’s Offensive MVP at the end of the season. Henderson, a third-team All-ACC selection, played in 12 games along the offensive line, making eight starts at right tackle.

 Hurns enjoyed one of the greatest receiving seasons in program history in 2013. The second-team All-ACC receiver set a single-season school record with 1,162 receiving yards and finished with 62 receptions – the third-most in a single season. He finished his career ranked seventh in both receptions (121) and receiving yards (1,891).

 In his one season in Coral Gables, O’Donnell made a considerable impact, setting the school single-season record with a 47.1 yards-per-punt average. A first-team All-ACC choice and second-team All-America selection by USA TODAY, O’Donnell booted 23 punts of 50+ yards and downed 19 inside the opponent’s 20-yard line.

 Miami, in its third season under head coach Al Golden, finished 2013 with a 9-4 mark and an appearance in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.


Regarding Al Golden, still waiting for concrete news on Penn State. The coaches are on vacation this week, and it's a dead period recruiting wise.

Al has an afternoon news conference scheduled with the media on Monday. It was his regular end-of-the-year talk. We're all wondering if that will happen. 

Not confident it will at this point. 

We'll see.





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This entire saga has been a bit disappointing. Still AG has yet to remove his name from consideration and reinforce his commitment to []_[] Miami. For someone who claims to have followed the history of the []_[] and be responsible for upholding the legacy he is wetting the bed on this issue.

If there is a deal on the table, I would urge him to take it and go to Penn St. He's doing himself no favors here by making himself available for other jobs.

look it was 10 degrees at PSU.....he aint leaving warm coral gables for that...nope

if he leaves...I will leave with him, lol

he did not really make himself available...all he did as an alumni was meet on his turf as a courtesy.....

an outright rejection in the press would be too harsh plus better to always leave doors open....its all strategic...

al golden is UM coach for 2014

Gallo's entire world view is driven by his inability to deal with cold weather. here's a shocker, MOST Americans prefer 4 season weather, at least until they're old. Man up.

I tell what all AG is doing now is P-I-S-S-I-N-G everyone off, and that includes the current players and recruits.

well if you ever played football or coached it in the cold you would know that they all HATE it.....it totally sucks...

a p...sy like you would not last 5 mins today outside playing....and the winters are long and harsh.....he would be crazy to move his kids/wife up here.

he is entrenched in the coral gables lifestyle....beaches, he has his camps.....as much as I'd like to see him and his whole crew go....he is staying

he has not done anything....don't you get it...he has been totally silent.....mondays meeting will be that he is staying and reassuring his loyalty and commitment to UM's football program as a future powerhouse and national champion......

Louisville loss suddenly vanishes....and maybe some surprise staff changes....its perfect and quintessential al golden....the power/point genius...

Dudes still sending warm wishes to Golden (thanking him for staying employed at UM when he had nowhere else to go and knew that the only chance at the NFL was combining his low risk/can't truly coach talents/coaching style with our great recruiting region of talent) when its more than obvious now that he never cared about U. There's zero coincidence why the onus of accountability for performance remained solely on the players. Golden fans and the South Florida media turned on the players and actually bought that crap!

Continue to be a "class act" towards a person who always had U in mind as a stepping stone and only has intentions on using our kid's talents to boost his career. He is clearly an opportunist as the last few days prove. He stays wanting and expecting something for nothing. He feels the hustle is unraveling here so he is trying to move to a place who loves to be hustled by worshipping men and not results even more.

The 3 card molly routine needs a new corner to post up on. No coincidence that the new corner (PSU) is under sanctions and thus has no expectations for actual winning or on-field success. He'll be sainted for existing and ballyhooed as the greatest man ever just like St. Joe Pa.

Butch left an institution that didn't truly have intentions on supporting a winning football program, for another program that didn't have sincere intention on supporting a winning football program. UM to the Browns was a lateral move at the time when it comes to the incompetence of his bosses. And their true intentions and main priority to use both stellar, rabid, and loyal fan bases to make money while paying less.

I'm a life long Clevelander and I know for sure that our fan bases loyalty and infinite hope gets used against us by the owners of Cleveland franchises. Miami fans are going thru the same budgeting philosophy. Since Coker's auto-pilot NC its gotten even worse with Coker--Shannon--and now Golden.

Can't bring up Butch's record in Cleveland when it is the last time we've been to the playoffs and no coach has succeeded under that management. Bill Belechick sucked in Cleveland...it wasn't him. UNC was a rebuild project for Butch and a couple years in, they were a serious problem for Top 10 teams. He had them loaded and the game day coaching was on point.

And please stop with the "Narduzzi needed time to produce a dominant defense" comparison.

First...Narduzzi's can coach defense...D'No and Golden cannot...period.

Narduzzi's rebuild took time because of the talent base MSU is exposed to. MSU plays 4th or 5th fiddle to OSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, and PSU for the areas top recruits. A DC at UM is exposed to so much yearly talent that with any sound and aggressive scheme, he'll do well and fast. If D'No could coach in any capacity--we wouldn't 116th and 89th in defense the last two seasons.

Narduzzi's stats with lesser talent at his disposal--is far better than D'No's at any point in time.

harriet: the come back stories for football greats (butch - jimmy -marino etc) have a very low probability of success.....there has been too much space between butch and success....

robert deniro said his "leading man" days are long over....now his niche is support roles....I think coaching/butch is in the same category....

plus these kids have no idea who butch is anyways...just you and I do.....

absolutely..just look at the rivals recruit stats for defense:

UM has had both double the number of defensive recruits the last 3 years as well as more 4/3 star ratings than narduzzi....

that's why you cant discount him....PROVEN track record....very high probability of success if he came to UM....plus high school coaches and players know him.....

If you were a high school coach and had a special defensive kid with talent and ability...you would recommend that he learn the ropes from a guy like narduzzi...

Ok Gallo, I admit that your rationale is persuasive and makes sense. I just have a gut feeling about a Butch Davis return.

I don't want Schiano though and Cristobal isn't ready yet.

Schiano just lost his locker room in Tampa Bay. He seems like an entitled douche ala Golden. His disciplinarian methods seem egotistical and don't lend to any accountability on his behalf ala...Golden. His records is average....ala Golden.

I'm realizing more and more that a HC candidates ability to attract and hire great coordinators--DC's and OC's is integral to the hiring process.

We must hire a coach with connections, skill that other coaches respect and wouldn't mind being up under. We can't hire another CEO when our culture isn't about appearances and politics, but instead, it truly comes down to on-field results. We need a coach that is intelligent, can adjust (play chess) and scheme ON THE FIELD--NOT OFF OF IT LOL!

The Corporate Cane philosophy needs to be usurped.

Mistake by the lake toxic fumes must have warped tubos brain

they hate him at tampa bay.....the players tweet and the news article show schiano as a real prick....

you are totally right...he lost the tampa bay locker room plus his record at both there and Rutgers is awful......

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

You know, Golden is great. Golden is a bum. DNo sucks. Randy was great. Randy was the worst of all time.

So, return to your corners and start it over again.

Empty Suit Golden has played the whole town, the UM fans, and the UM administration like a violin. This was all a pump and dump PR scam, no different than what happens in the stock market, just so that he could get more money out of Donna and Blake. Hopefully, he makes could use of the extra money/resources to put a better product on the field.

The Dump that is still to come, will be mediocre seasons of 7, 8 and 9 wins until 2020. Forget about competing for National Championships any longer. On the contrary I hope Louisville signs Butch, and Butch wins it all in two to three years. At that time Donna and Blake will have moved on to prevent having to deal with the wrath of the fans. In the meantime, the fans, the ex players and UM tradition suffers.

Well, at least the heat is on HIGH in the kitchen now. He better stop bloating "process and patience", and start preaching URGENCY to his coaching staff, especially on defense. AND WIN. If not he will be run out of town inside of two years.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

You know, Golden is great. Golden is a bum. DNo sucks. Randy was great. Randy was the worst of all time.

So, return to your corners and start it over again.
Posted by: GatorKillerCane | January 05, 2014 at 04:21 PM

Coming from the coward who is solely responsible for Shannon constantly being brought up, EX: ^^this post. One day we hope U can finally get over the fact that his your own skin colors were/are different.

Didn't refute anything said, just lobbed stale insults. U stay in the corner on this blog, total court jester status. Your post was a total projection once again.

Chud is my guy, not Cristobal.


If Golden wants to tie himself to Dino it's fine with me. These guys will lose 3-4 games next season, easily. The longer Dino stays the closer we are to getting rid of Golden. Just don't expect pwople to buy tickets to watch the ineptness.

Dino is like a terrorist bomber, he's taken everyone with him.

Corporate Canes, I like it. All Golden neutered the program.

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