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From Miami to Los Angeles: 6-7, 327-pound lineman Malcolm Bunche leaves Miami Hurricanes for UCLA

So, the East Coast wasn't always great for Malcolm Bunche, whose playing time dwindled in 2013 for the Miami Hurricanes.

Now he's trying the West Coast.

Malcom is transferring to UCLA to play his final season at UCLA, his dad, Curtis Bunche, just told me.

Curtis Bunche said Malcolm will be playing tackle at UCLA, head coach Jim Mora and the other coaches told him, rather than guard. "Every single coach that contacted us lately said, ‘Are you kidding me, this kid with his measurables (6-7, 327 pounds) and his feet – he’s a tackle.'"

"I talked to Malcolm last night for quite a while and he was very impressed with his overall experience with the trip there to UCLA, the tour of the campus, his conversation with the head coach and offensive coordinator – and even more so his offensive line coach [Adrian Klemm]. He’s had several years of NFL experience as an O-lineman and has [three] Super Bowl rings [with the New England Patriots]."

 UCLA was 10-3 this past season and beat Virginia Tech in the Sun Bowl, 42-12.

"Malcolm talked about the overall concept under Jim Mora being basically an NFL concept, an NFL approach. He had some time with an academic advisor regarding his pursuit to get his Master’s degree. He was gone the entire weekend.

 "His trip prior to UCLA was to Texas Tech on Friday during the day. He flew out Saturday to Los Angeles."

 Curtis Bunche said Malcolm called the UCLA campus "breathtaking.''

 Curtis said "there was no problem with his release at UM. Obviously UM tried to get him to stay. They went as far as calling his high school coach to ask him to get him to stay. You have to respect that.''

  But in the end, Bunche obviously realized he played minimally in 2013, and with only one season of eligibility left, he felt he needed a better opportunity.

 UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley, a Heisman Trophy contender, completed 248 of 369 passes (67.2 percent) for 3,071 yards and 24 touchdowns, with 9 interceptions this past season.  But he was sacked 35 times.

 In contrast, the Hurricanes allowed 17 total sacks -- and that's including the four in the Russell Athletic Bowl.

  "They need an O-lineman to protect that Heisman Trophy candidate's blind side,'' said Curtis Bunche of his son.



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100/0 that Gallo is a complete moron. Hey Jim, when is Howard leaving like you said? Flowers? Duke?

It is almost impossible to get all predictions wrong, but somehow you manage

May be dumber than dumb d.

Welcome back d, way to come back and jump right back in!
We almost got saved only to have james franklin do to good at vanderbilt. Now these penn disgrace morons have more time, psu knew alfraud and his mac minions are not the answer. Even they are smart enuff to realize we should have a last place defense in no time in any year. While the talent may have been down some, it's not that down.

Tweet, Tweet ...

Tim Reynolds‏@ByTimReynolds2h

One of most overrated events tomorrow: Release of Miami's ACC football schedule. You already know teams and few of you go to games anyway.


u are u

Miami can't close late?

Stacy Coley stolen from Florida State last February
Tracy Howard yanked away from Florida, then intercepts Driskell in the ultimate "in your face" moment for Muschamp.
Jermaine Grace with Miami late.
Deon Bush closed with Miami late.
Tyriq McCord closed with Miami late.

Looks like the gatr is wrong again...

Posted by: Five Titles | January 21, 2014 at 12:18 PM

Woooowwwww, very impressive (who's Grace)... 4-5 in 3 years after 4 decommits (Kaaya-Thomas next), 4-5 more decommits and ZERO Flips to close this year... Overall, 7-8 4-stars, 18-20 once 2-stars/barely 3-stars with ZERO multiple Top-20 Program offers.

q[]_[]antity over q[]_[]uality no depths []_[].

FSU n UF between them have 8 MAJOR Flips combined, with another 4-5 coming at CLOSING TIME.

u looose again ye ol 5 titles from ancient times.

This is a multi-ethnic program from a multi-ethnic city. We've had Ken Dorsey, Ed reed, Ray Lewis and jeremy Shockey here. Joaquin Gonzalez, Eric Winston, Devin Hester and the Mad stork.

This blog is garbage. There hasnt been a good discussion here in years

Gallo- you a dumb a55 punk

Posted by: holmie | January 21, 2014 at 02:06 PM


8 former player names, All played over a Decade ago...

Feel free to join the 21st. Century sometime soon d[]_[]mbazzholmie ...

See you Saturday in the O'Dome Gator Nation ...

On the Court.





If Valentine does indeed pick LSU (he refused to re commit over this weekend when he stopped over for an unofficial visit to hang with Anthony Moten), do the Canes make a push for that Strong side DE/DT tweener from California? I think his name is Victor Vernon.. he's only 6'3" but he's 275 pounds of almost pure muscle. He looks more like Johnny Bravo then a college DT though. Lol.


that's the highlight video for Vernon who my buddy saw play in person and said he looks like a slightly smaller version of JJ Watt.

Oh to just go back in time to when UM beat the Gayturds and the insecure, psychopath went back into his mommies basement. Another great time on this blog was when we stole Tracy Howard from the 'Turds and they got none of the 58 5 stars that he said that were as he put it "Gator Locks", one of these was Stefon Diggs who was smart enough to choose Maryland over the 'Turds. This also sent numb nuts scurrying to not only mommies, but also grandma's basement for several months.

Was this loser anywhere to be found during the season? Where was he when the 'Turds got boat raced at home by Georgia Southern? Does he bring up that the 'Turds didn't even play in a bowl game, not due to sitting it out, but due to them being the laughinstock of college football at 4-8? Guy disappears all season due to the embarrassment that is that football team in Guttersville. Don't worry guys, all it will take is for the janitor and his boys to lose 1 game and the 'Turd worshiper will be gone like that cousin who comes around twice a year borrows 50 clams and is gone and doesn't answer any of your calls for another 6 months till he needs to hit you up again. You sir, are the perfect example of why birth control should be advocated worldwide.

All you idiots cant have it both ways , you either want the team to be the team of old or you want the rest of us to join the 21st century , very selective of you . Go Canes

Aye im just going by what my sources tell me. Im a Canes fan like all of you I didnt want to see Chad Thomas leave but hes gone. When these players go to other schools and see 70000 fans in the stadium as well as million dollar facilities. Lets not forget about the $$$$ boosters are giving them under the table. They cant help but decommit from a small private school.

If you were one of these hood broke kids youll go to Bama and LSU as well!

Dont shoot the messenger..

Talk about negative recruiting from the fans. The fans don't have to negative recruit. The Head coach who saw nothing wrong with his coaching staff. When teams are averaging a whomping 400 plus yards a game and 40 minutes of time of possession. Not to mention WWE refs for an administration. They didn't see a need for change either with this staff. So when the Administration start taking football seriously. That's when the hurricanes will become relevant again.

Few will recognize it today but this speaks volumes about the Program and is a direct reflection on Golden. A guy with his size and ability should not be leaving UM, period! Golden made a mistake here. Credit to Bunche because the kid knows he can play. If not here, then somewhere else!
I'm sure Golden has his excuse speech ready to regurgitate.

Dude don't wanna stay and fight then let him go... We need cats that wanna be here fighting for the Orange and Green. Hey Bunche...COMPETE!!! Scared, Call the Law! OR TRANSFER! Incoming Frosh will step up brah! Holla'''

Man! What Gator in the last 25 years including Tebow..AKA "The FACE of the University.. Is headed to Canton? Emmitt and who else? Canes don't just ball in college they TURN UP in the PRO'S Brah! Gators are camouflage brah'''
Putcha' Name On it...


A good OL canplay anywhere. Thats what the NFL requires of you often. So the excuse that he and Seantrel were moved around and THAt was the cause of their failure is GARBAGE. And the excuse is GARBAGE

Another article onthe Herald talks about Seantrel- Bunche's twin tower. Both 6-7 > 330 lbs. Imagine what could have been . THAT was theexpectation of this O line with these monsters. But they were both Randy Shannon recruiting FAILS! They both were entitled, and had poor work ethic. I applaud Seantrel for finally admitting what his problem was- which I suspect was and IS the problem with some on this team (which have been suspended for various reasons)- He admitted that he was PARTYING TOO MUCH AT TIMES AND HAD A PROBLEM WITH WEED. Ahaaaaaaaaaa! Seriously. The morons on this blog kept blaming Golden and Kehoe and on the defense keep blaming Donofrio- but what they wont admit is that many of these kids being recruited have not lived up to the hype- regardless of whether they were so fla kids or not. And many were undisciplined and stayed that way.

Get rid of garbage. Addition by subtraction. THAT will be the only way UM will return.

Randy Shannon- Thanks for not recruiting Devonta Freeman, who by the way recently admitted that he is still a cane fan.

Thank AG for not offering Amari Cooper because he didn't come to your camp.

Thanks for telling Ricardo Lewis he was a db not a wr, but he's catching td's for auburn!

Than for not offering the all sec freshman Ski Moore UNTIL SIGNING DAY!

Btw Burgess Jr dayum near decapitated Dallas Crawford twice in the bowl game!

Thanks for not closing the deal on Keith Brown also Al!!

Treon Harris and Travis Randolph say it too late now Goldie!!

Good for him! Good luck!

It is amazing how many trolls are on here. Most are gator trolls. Not matter how many months you stop reading this, you come back and the same window-lickers are repeating the same dribble.

Curse would at least make me laugh once in a while. Jim Gallo, you are the most boring troll on here. Give it up, nobody believes you are a Cane fan. Except for Calvin, maybe. Calvin is a horrible fan. He sees faults everywhere on the team but mostly these are isolated to the white devil.

This used to be an exciting time of the year but these kids and you crybabies make it miserable. You crybabies need to stop crying if a KID goes to another school. Who gives a F**k?.......just the trolls.

Yeah I agree, lol. If the Canes are so bad, have terrible coaches, facilities, fan base, recruits going elsewhere, then WHY even bother posting on here? I mean really, what is you people's OBSESSION with the Canes? Sounds to me like we STILL matter to a helluva lot of people and STILL get under peoples skin, and as long as that continues, then there is HOPE for the U.

Spikes on the way out at NE. More trash. Bet Bill B stays away from the cesspool from now on.

Gallo, still waiting for that date when Flowers and Howard are leaving?

Posted by: Rick 30 yrs
Yup, Rick, I agree with you completely.

On both offense and defense, the entire lines should
stay on the field when the Canes are on offense or defense with NO rotation. 6 big solid, in shape offensive linemen and 4 down defensive linemen and two interior linebackers. For that matter, even the backs and wide receivers should play the whole game except after a long pass or run and they need to catch their breath and get some water.

To keep constantly changing the defense or offense and players instead of getting the players in great shape is another sign of crappy coaching. And the players should never have to look to the sidelines like a bunch of morons waiting for the next play. Keep a four down defensive front, and man to man pass coversge, and they will play together and know what to do.

The offense should call a play and run it in up tempo and never look to the sidelines. Have an alternate play ready for an audible if there is a clear mismatch somewhere.

Looking to the sidelines for all that sideline crap is just that. ag and d'o have proven they do not know a damn thing about offense, defense, conditioning nor psychology of football.

Canefan72 ALL teams rotate players, college or pro level, one player may have a certain strength or technique a little better than another on certain plays, and also to give them a little breather, to be fresher towards the latter part of the game. You sure seem rather clueless sometimes, lol. Then you'll actually have something that makes sense like the o should keep up tempo instead of CONSTANTLY looking to the sidelines, I agree with that, it's stupid and lets the other teams D get set.

Canes fan, is the 72 1972 or 1872? Get with it, dude. No one plunks guys on the field and makes no changes, except in small bursts to keep the D from substituting. Stick your head up and look around a bit. People are now throwing the ball, the goal posts are back 10 yards and all kinds of changes.

So being a fan for 30 years mandates immediate credibility? The big Dick Cheney was in politics for well over 30 years, time to lay that horsey down..

Lets hope some of the wrinkles gets flattened out. I've heard big men say they get more tired running to and from the sidelines after a substitution, than staying in the game.

I've seen successful teams (auburn) look at the sidelines before each play. Hey, if it works whose complaining. It doesn't work for us.

I can guarantee if we had any semblance of a running game post-Duke injury, we would've finished strong. Nine wins in a down year is something we can work on. Schedule gets tougher next year, so we must do the same.

I agree with the two responses above and, in addition, this was Coley's first year. Familiarity all around plays a part in offensive tempo. Williams will be more uptempo.

Gatr Trash: Boast of mythical recruiting rankings; then get pounded in the regular season by ga southern. Lay an egg against Furman.

All in a day's work for the Trailertrash from Trailerville.

How's that recruiting class of '12 doing? Driskel was the #1 QB?

Well, that's what happens when you go to an NFL-career killing skewwwl.

Ask Jonathan Colon, Emmanuele Moody and Brantley.

BWWWHAAHAHAHA. #1 in Feb; last in Dec.

Typical. Gatr. Garbage.

# UM, which continues to explore adding a big-bodied running back, on Tuesday visited 6-3, 212-pound Solomon Hunter, according to Hunter. He's a two-star prospect who, according to rivals.com, has offers only from Sam Houston State and Houston Baptist but has drawn interest from several major schools.... UM also started recruiting another two-star prospect this week: Mississippi-based defensive end Darrius Liggins, a former Mississippi State oral commitment who had eight sacks last season. He told canesport.com that Miami asked him to visit late this month but Liggins isn't sure; he first wants to see how his visit to Louisiana-Lafeyette goes.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/01/determined-dion-jordan-formulates-plan-heat-hurricanes-marlins-chatter.html#storylink=cpy

When a 2 star recruit says that he's not sure if he wants to make a visit to UM until he sees how his trip to Louisiana-Lafeyette goes then something is VERY WRONG with this picture.

Furthermore, the look to the side is a defacto huddle. You no-huddle to the line to get the defense set, then take your time to call a play. Brady, Manning, they do the same except they are their own offensive coordinator.

When a 2 star recruit says that he's not sure if he wants to make a visit to UM until he sees how his trip to Louisiana-Lafeyette goes then something is VERY WRONG with this picture.

Posted by: Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger In All of College Football

Not EVERYONE wants to go to Miami or other schools as well. We're hitting him late in the game and he may want to stay closer to home, how many stars he has matters not. EVERY school looks at diamonds in the rough, and doesn't get them. So nothing is WRONG with the picture. What is WRONG is YOU trying to make something out of NOTHING.

well see.....the point is back in the day.....everyone graduated.....1983 an on.....but the bigger picture is no one wants to play for this coaching staff since deep in their own hearts (coaches)...they dont want to be here either.....

the DC tries to leave after just 1 year...the HC tries to leave after 3 yrs...legacy canes (mario) leave within 30 days.....

its a complete collapse of the whole program.....yelling and screaming about low hanging fruit (recruits).....like it would make a difference....

6-6 next year...

Yeah, nobody wants to play for him, as evidenced by the mass exodus of juniors jumping to the nfl. Wait, what? Pop the top on him Cola!
Plus here's a little pop quiz. What do these guys have in common? Romo, finnegan, colston, Mathis, fletcher, flacco, Jackson, Bradshaw, rice, McNair, Payton, long, Williams, Simms, reed, Warner and green. Pro bowl roster? Nfl hall of fame? Gallo casualty list? Try all played for the Louisiana Lafayette's of college football. WTFU!

its a complete collapse of the whole program.....yelling and screaming about low hanging fruit (recruits).....like it would make a difference....

6-6 next year...

Posted by: Jim Gallo

Yep we're done dude. It's catastrophic and we may as well just pack it up and board the windows and start rooting for another team, lol.

That last Gallo post convinced me. We're done guys. I agree Cola Cane, let's pack it up now. I'm going to start cheering for Stanford. Go Cardinal!

Gallo's 6-6 prediction has already been recorded numerous times. Right next to the Howard, Flowers and Duke are leaving now predictions. Will undoubtedly be equally inaccurate.

UM never had all these problems with recruits decommitting.....

"That decision speaks volumes. To his credit, Strong lets his squad play with the reckless abandon and swagger that once inspired Miami's inner-city boys to wear orange and green. up the program. And it's why Bridgewater mocked the U with a throat-slashing gesture after scoring a touchdown run in the fourth quarter." That's why Gaines talked smack to UM coaches on the sideline, telling them how they've screwed I hope Shalala is paying attention. She should offer Strong the head coaching job when Al Golden bolts for Penn State."

parents calling radio stations complaining......when has any of this ever happen at UM?......time to change it all with a impact name HC.....create the big time buzz in miami....take the wind out of the NBA Heat.....let UM be the talk of the town.....

UM Schedule released. It is very favorable in my opinion. Tough opener at Louisville, but they will be breaking in a new QB (so will the Canes) and Miami will have a chance for revenge. Next two cupcake games before traveling to Nebraska. Bye week before VA Tech and another bye week before FSU. No consecutive bowl games. Coldest game is at Virgina on Nov. 22 (which likely won't be that bad). Really could not ask for a better set up.

should be no consecutive ROAD games (not bowl)...

VA tech has a Thursday night game week before Miami game (where Miami has a bye), and FSU plays week before Miami game (where Miami has a bye). Thus Miami will have extra time to prepare for both games while their opponents do not. ACC has done Miami a huge favor with this schedule. Hope the Canes can take advantage.

6-6 next year...I stand by it with no QB....

golden at UM will be 28-21 with at least 3 conference losses.....it is a statistical impossibility for UM to advance to the final 4 playoff.....

so yes.....pack it up......

Also, Nebraska plays AT Fresno State the week before the Miami game. I have no idea why they agreed to that game.

suuny u r an idiot.....how did the acc do Um a favor?

fsu - loss
VT - loss
Louisville - loss
Cincinatti - loss
nebraska - loss
GT - loss

UM gets killed next year

Look at that moron talking statistics. Ummm, Gallo, your predictions based on nothing are not statistics. They are guesses.

As implausible as Miami being in the final 4 may be, there is a far greater chance of that than you getting laid.

He, he, green pea.

Arkansas State plays AT Tennessee the week before Miami. Seriously, I don't want to hear a single complaint about the schedule this year.

Gallo - no need for personal attacks. I've never called you an idiot...

The ACC did Miami a favor by the way it ARRANGED Miami's schedule. The opponents were already predetermined.

The ACC gave Miami a bye week before Va. Tech and FSU, and did not give byes to those teams.

Miami does not have to play consecutive road games.

Miami does not have to play in the cold.

When U constantly rotate the O line, U are looking at a lot of break downs and no stability, look at top programs and see if they constantly rotate the O line........THEY DO NOT....... ITS FOR THE D....ITS THE WORST COACHING I HAVE EVER SEEN AT THE U, oh yeah at the Bowl game in shot gun formation the guard would tap the center one time, we used that all year, that's why Louisville D line was up walking around as soon as they seen the hand raised for the tap..... THEY WERE GETTING A RUNNING START...... WANNA CHALLENGE ME SOME MORE BRING IT......... GOLDEN AND HIS STAFF ARE NOTHING BUT GOOD RECRUITERS, AND THAT IS STARTING TO FALL APART.....

That tapping B.S is cut from the same clothe as Tannehill's "Go-Go"

Too elementary for high level ball. Hopefully Golden is smart enough to make the necessary adjustments.

He hasn't on D...

what difference does any of that make? UM's conference record will be bad.....therefore it cant advance....

so what is the goal? NC is not even an issue....that leaves UM football as just another form of entertainment....if you can call it that......old time cane teams were the best entertainment ncaa could offer....so what is this team?

what is UM football's purpose?

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