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Golden ends silence, reaffirms commitment to Hurricanes

Hurricanes head football coach Al Golden released a statement Sunday, reaffirming his commitment to the University of Miami: 

"There has been much speculation concerning my future at the University of Miami. While I am flattered that our progress at The U during an extremely difficult period of time is recognized, I am also appreciative of just what we have here at UM and I am not a candidate for another position. We are eager to welcome our student athletes back to campus next week and visit with prospective student-athletes and their families beginning January 15."


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ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like Golden, but I have to say. The thought of bringing Butch back was very intriguing.

Dream over back to reality.

Al Golden is a class act. He's fought through adversity and has set a foundation for a program that UM fans can feel proud to support. Now, one of the principal challenges is whether his commitment will be reciprocated by Canes fans in SoFla and beyond. Count me in!

Recruit: Why should I go to Miami coach?

Al Golden: Because we need you in order to run a scheme that isn't featured on a 2001 version of Madden.

Recruit: You going to be there for another 4 years.

Al Golden: Not if you're good and get me a better record than Randy Shannon.

Recruit: So you'll leave?

Al Golden: Hell yeah, son!

Well, that's that for this year.

I was excited about a prospective change.

I hope Golden up levels his game and
makes needed changes in the coaching staff.

Make us skeptics into believers, Coach!

Hope springs eternal...

Go Canes!

Yeah, way to keep it classy over the weekend by interviewing for another job.

I like what Golden has done during the NCAA mess. I don't like the progress on the field but we need more talent. People love to take shot at the D but look at Bama their D fell apart and Ohio State there D was nothing all season. We need to get it fixed. Would have liked Butch back if Golden left. Lets get moving forward for next year!! GO CANES!!

I thought he was a goner. We would had lost a couple of recruits, but it was intriguing to see "what if " with some talented coaching prospects out there. I bet his wife told him to take a look at the weather channel and look up Happy Valley. Then told him to step outside for a minute.

Everyone give GOLDEN some time with no NCAA BS - he will do it - 3 years we will be back for a National Championship - Class act - cares about players and good mentor and leader.


YES, bring butch back as d-coordinator...that's what this team needs

Recruit: Why should I go to Miami coach?

Al Golden: Because we need you in order to run a scheme that isn't featured on a 2001 version of Madden.

Recruit: You going to be there for another 4 years.

Al Golden: Not if you're good and get me a better record than Randy Shannon.

Recruit: So you'll leave?

Al Golden: Hell yeah, son!

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 05, 2014 at 04:22 PM


Al Golden did what any prudent husband and father would do for his family--he apparently listened to a proposal that would have increased his income by 50%.

Does that make him a bad guy or someone who isn't loyal? I think not!!

Based on all the bad information from Rivals.com and other sources we don't know exactly what occurred. If we learned anything it is not to trust the media as they have evolved into gossip mongers.

Im good with AG staying cool no problem but his defensive coaches are terrible the dline does not know how to get off blocks the db's do not get their heads around to see/defend the ball. FIRE defensive coordinator and defensive coaches become a more aggressive and confident team become da "U"

Glad he's staying, good person good coach and with better talent will have a better team. Once Duke and Dorsett went down our season was over, no depth to fill the void (Crawford does not impress me, too much east west running). Defensively we were slow no way to play man to man saw that against Louisville at times with more speed you can cut down on the zone coverage. Golden keep bringing in the recruits and remember speed kills.

Take you and your boy and get the hell out of Miami. People who want to be here don't interview for other jobs.

1988. That was a good 4 years.

well hope there is some coaching changes announced @ mondays press conf..starting with that worthless dc....please

Empty Suit Golden has played the whole town, the UM fans, and the UM administration like a violin. This was all a pump and dump PR scam, no different than what happens in the stock market, just so that he could get more money out of Donna and Blake. Hopefully, he makes could use of the extra money/resources to put a better product on the field.

The Dump that is still to come, will be mediocre seasons of 7, 8 and 9 wins until 2020. Forget about competing for National Championships any longer. On the contrary I hope Louisville signs Butch, and Butch wins it all in two to three years. At that time Donna and Blake will have moved on to prevent having to deal with the wrath of the fans. In the meantime, the fans, the ex players and UM tradition suffers

I bet his wife told him to take a look at the weather channel and look up Happy Valley. Then told him to step outside for a minute.

Posted by: RedCane | January 05, 2014 at 04:25 PM


He would have earned a minimum of $1.2 million more annually had he accepted the five months of the year weather challenged Penn State job...that's an additional $6 million over a five year period. Do you really believe it came down to the weather??

Let's make it 14 yrs and counting(mediocrity).

Does he care about players? What's the evidence?

Can he connect with kids?

Can he stop being intolerant and rigid with kids who may struggle? What's the evidence he is a good mentor?

Can he show flexible schemes that exploit the abilities of UM players? Can he be a flexible game coach and make adjustments?

Can he question his approach to defense? Why haven't there been substantial changes after the D gets beat down game after game?

Can he drop his friend or move him to a position coach?

Can he bring in new coordinators if needed? How much more to you need to see of the DC and OC?

Can he field a competitive team that stands tall in big games? Why is your team lacking fire and confidence? Can you tolerate in your face swag?

Can he field a relentless, aggressive and smart football team?

These and other questions linger...I hope predictions of big time success under Golden come true.

Go Canes! WTF!

It is truly great to be a Miami Hurricane!!

Thank you Al Golden!!

Championship football is now on the horizon!!

Al Golden is the best coach and recruiter in all of college football!!

Good deal for Miami.

Red Cane- Never, ever underestimate the family in these matters. Don't know if that's the case here, but it does matter.

For all the people who called him a traitor, ect- He interviewed for another job while he had one, have any of you ever done that?

Is he the answer to everyone's prayers- doubtful because the expectations are too high to meet the reality. If he did leave, the only coaches that might not have sent us straight back downhill for two years are beyond what UM can pay. However, if he stays and gets the program competitive, then if he leaves UM will be in a better position to next time it hires. If that happens, I fully expect everyone here to call him a traitor, ect.

UM needs another 2 solid years of good recruiting to compete at the level FSU is at now. We need a strong second RB to back up Duke Johnson, we need a Steve Walsh/Ken Dorsey caliber QB, and most of all we need a top flight DT, shut down corner, and head hunter safety. We may have a couple of those pieces to the puzzle in this year's recruiting class.

Golden will leave eventually. I'm betting it's for the NFL in about 3 years. Heck the Dolphins hire a new coach every year....maybe he stays in Miami. :-)

Miami should interview Schiano and Chud because there's no guarantee Golden stays.

Damn, I was praying this guy would head north, now we are stuck with him for the next 2 years.

May he didn't get the job.

We all had our list of better coaches.

Maybe he's not the best coach in all of college football?

Well, at least the heat is on HIGH in the kitchen now. He better stop bloating "process and patience", and start preaching URGENCY to his coaching staff, especially on defense. AND WIN. If not he will be run out of town inside of two years.

Noooooooooooooo. This just ruined my year.

Drama over. Now back to business with the 2014 recruting class!! Go Canes!!

I am glad he is staying. At least a little while longer. He is close to getting the program back to where we all want it. The U is going to have to give him more money though. They are just going to have to. 2.1 Million is just not enough .

Something to keep in mind if Al Golden stays at UM instead of going to Penn State: Even though several UM defensive players have praised coordinator Mark D’Onofrio publicly, some have expressed frustration privately because they want to play a more attacking style.

What’s more, several Board of Trustees members also have complained about D’Onofrio, and the administration is well aware of that.

A key UM oral commitment, cornerback Nigel Bethel, wants to see changes in the defensive approach and announced: “I want a new scheme.” He is now considering other schools, as well as UM.

D’Onofrio and Golden like to blitz some but prefer to rush four and not give up the big play. Some players would like to play more man-to-man and less zone. Make no mistake: Golden is very much involved in the schemes this defense plays. He and D'Onofrio share similar philosophies.

One UM football staffer privately expressed a concern that D’Onofrio’s system might be too complicated. But even before Penn State started pursuing Golden, the UM administration wasn't inclined to try to force him to make staff changes.

Barry Jackson

Posted by: DaU | January 05, 2014 at 12:11 PM

I had to repost this. Hope you don't mind DaU.

Congratulations FSU, VT and Duke. SO long as you keep your coaches, you are guaranteed at least one win per year.

SO relieved AG "decided" to stay...Can't wait to hear who beat him out of the PSU position.

DNO stays. Whew, thank Zookness.

Valentine: good luck to you wherever else you go, we don't need you. S.Henderon 2.0.

Go Canes!

Yeah ChampCane,

This kind of stuff is really concerning.

I can't bear to watch another season of being
humiliated on defense. Trust our younger DBs and
let them prevent the big play and have a shot at an
INT. They are fast and aggressive.

This under the surface stuff must be forced to resolution and the AD ought to get his nose into it.

A doubly sad day here in Louisville. Charlie Strong left and Al Golden stayed....

And congrats to Penn St for dodging a bullet.

I was hoping to see a game in person again, with a new coach.

Well, I have to hope Louisville will offer him the job.

Since obviously PSU did want him.

If not Butch---- I guess this does come as a surprise to you. Football is not Donna S's top priority. She isn'y moving on because of any competitor team winning a championship. Why would she?


Simple question--- does Golden have final legal say on his assistants?

Wanted him to leave. Bad coach.

This is the most disappointing news. Now Hurricane football will be forever mired in not even mediocrity, but losing football. Championships will be a thing of a long ago past that not even Ron Zook, aka Mayhem will remember. The recruiting class will still take a hit if those kids watched not only the bowl game, but some others as well.

Penn State Interviewer's First Question: Golden are you bringing Coach No D with you to Penn State if we give you the job?

Golden Answer: Of Course, we are attached at the hip.

Penn State Interviewer: Nice talking to you. Interview over. Someone fire up my jet back to Penn State quickly.

Anytime you can con an administration into giving you a without merit million dollar raise.

You have can make those same educated fools do anything you say. Who will be assistants as well.

ChampCane, why the hell would Louisville make a backward move and hire Golden?

Yes, Congrats to PSU for matrixing that bullet.
Looks like PSU read the blogs and thought better of it. We ruined our chance, lolol.

I don't blame AG for trying.
Looks like protocol 43; code-named "Double Windsor Knot"
was executed to perfection;
-No time! We have to execute process part 43, code-named "Double Windsor Knot"...do you hear me? Deener!

DNO: [furrows brow]
- Master Alverage, Does this....Does this mean, does this mean I don't get the window seat this time?

- Just get out the Binder, find the protocol, double click the Happy face picture on your laptop, when the security question asks "What to do on 3rd and 30?", type in these words exactly, I mean exactly...safeties and corners turn around and head for tunnel fast...and then call me back. CAN.YOU.DO.THIS!?

- As ALWAYS, Mater Al. As always.
- It must be done.

//Fade Scene

Scene 3: Sunday, 1//05/2014; 6:22 p.m. est:

Alverage Grifter puts his phone down, choking back a small sob.

AG to Kelly:
- It's done. You got your wish, dearest. Fetch me a mimosa?

AG smiles meekly and picks his phone back up, dials Deener....

- Yo, it werk? I didit ryght?

- It's done. You did good. You did real good, Deener.

End Scene

Two media types ended up with rotten egg on their faces:

1. Gary Ferman, Canesport
2. Manny Navarro, Miami Herald

ChampCane, why the hell would Louisville make a backward move and hire Golden?

Posted by: lannertcito | January 05, 2014 at 05:23 PM

Hell, a Pop Warner team, anybody to take that failure of a coach.

I need any silver of hope I can get! PSU turning him down was too, too, traumatic.

We Now Return To Our Regularly scheduled Programmimmg

Though I mentioned the weather as as in the category of lol, no one knows all the reasons that were weighed in his decision. But as James posted, family and quality of life does weigh in heavy. maybe not to Al cause he is consumed with football year round. Making 2M+ living in a Mansion in CGables,with a boat that you can use year round sounds pretty attractive to a wife and family. Depending on the individual, giving up that quality of life to make an extra million and live buried in snow for months, is not worth it.

The real story is golden wanted a deal by today and the ex Tennessee titans coach is interviewing today. Golden doesn't want to be here, he just knew that penny would not take him, an unproven coach, over a nfl coach. He demanded the deal to be signed today and it didn't happen. Now he's lying to us again about he never considered it. Stop lying golden boy. This was the best time to get a better coach also, with butch, chudzinski, shiano, and critobal searching for jobs and they said they were interested. But none of those will take a coordinator job here. Miami is doomed. We gone have good players with no guidence to getting better. The U has turned to the M. Mediocre .

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