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Golden ends silence, reaffirms commitment to Hurricanes

Hurricanes head football coach Al Golden released a statement Sunday, reaffirming his commitment to the University of Miami: 

"There has been much speculation concerning my future at the University of Miami. While I am flattered that our progress at The U during an extremely difficult period of time is recognized, I am also appreciative of just what we have here at UM and I am not a candidate for another position. We are eager to welcome our student athletes back to campus next week and visit with prospective student-athletes and their families beginning January 15."


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Not true, Golden is not a victim of D'No, he said so himself. He said this defense is his defense--thats not being held back.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane

That's because Golden is a classy dude and takes the blame. D'Nofrio is the DC and he is calling the defense. He needs to go. If Golden doesn't make the change this offseason then it's on him. He said he will evaluate it so leads me to think we will see a change.

Tubby put the pipe down, you are not the riddler. He is not real either.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 05, 2014 at 11:02 PM

U first. Put Golden's pipe down and stand up for your team and not one man.

And Golden isn't Batman--oh I get it, this is some sort of comic book hero vs. villain thing for U. Keep me out of it!

But it still means that your comment is not true, whether Golden is being "classy" or not. He is not taking any blame because he disagrees with U and has never said that the defensive play-calling is an issue or problem (if so please repost it).

Golden thinks the defensive calls are fine--the players are not. Again, these are his words...geez.

SJM, you are guessing as to what may or may not have happened. Who called who? Was an offer extended? Was it pulled? Rejected? I don't know and you don't either.

When a school announces a search committee, and makes you the first person they want to visit, and says it wants the decision in days, then yes, when they don't offer it to you within 24 hours, then yes, something happened. If I was at PSU and looked at game tape from this and last year, and I had a real popular defensive coach on my current staff, I would offer you the job but condition it on you making him the dc. That, in fact, is what happened when JJ was named coach. That leaves D'No out. Golden ain't gonna do that, not for Miami and not for PSU. I don't have proof, no one can really know. But stats don't lie, even with a liar interviewing for a job. Questions about the defensive performance at the U, even with Miami 3 and 4 star players, had to come up in the interview. Penn State recruits and develops two and three star guys. That Golden could not field a competent defense the past two years had to be a factor in PSU not even offering their first choice the job. Note, Al never said he declined any offer.

So Blake James made a statement of his belief that Golden would stay because Golden didn't receive and offer?

Either he got an offer and turned it down or he interviewed and didn't get an offer. Neither of those is the behavior of a head coach that I support.

James et al.

Good points.

However, we need a consistent QB and an effective defense. Williams could be a good ball control guy.

We can talk about offensive players coming in or those in the program. There is strength, no doubt.

The key issue is defense. Is it a matter of talent, coaching or a combo? I lean toward the latter as the problem.

Go Canes!

Oh well at least I have my fall Saturdays back. I won't be watching that garbage Golden puts on the field. I guess I can just go to Miami and hang with friends...dammit!

No tubby, your dumbass just talks in riddles that's all. And besides either you are not a real Cane fan or you are too dumb to be one to begin with. I'm not trying to win a popularity contest with U morons to begin with, I just know whats best for my team.

So we are supposed to believe that Canesport and Blue and White Illustrated had sources which reported Al Golden was forcing their hand for a job that he coveted? Hardly makes sense to do this and potentially sabotage any future considerations.

Their reporting leaves much to be desired.

Ok...I am not crazy...Glad to see Golden no leaving...The incoming Class is going to be good...

I think you will find that Williams will be a good QB next year...he knows the Offense...he is been basically watching for 2 years...he is going to be like a coach on the field...

I really liked what I saw in Kaaya tonight...Future is bright for UM QBs over the next few years...Looks like we will have some depth at RB over the next few years too...Would have loved to have kept Storm Johnson...

I am concerned about the OLine next year...that was supposed to have been our strength this year...and it was not...SMH on that one...I think UM should have cut Hendrson loose...I think trying to work him in give him some film for an NFL Team to look out was not in our best interest...

Someone posted something interesting and I can not recall where I read it...Maybe the DC's system is too comlicated...I don't really by it as I played for 16 years and see things from a different perspective...I would like to hear some feedback from some NFL Guys on this point...

I think that is the only way I buy any coaches comments about Talent...I am not blind and I recall very specific plays where I saw guys not where I thought they should have been...

I am not taking up for the DC...I still don't like what I have seen for the last two years...

I think we are stuck with the DC for another year...If the D shows up with another year of experianc and the new guys coming in then ok...I am not holding out hope on that right now...

I do not think what most of you folks do on this Blog is productive at all...I think you hurt the Program more than you know...the Kids (Local HS Players)read this stuff...do you realize that?

I am all for reading good posts and chatting about pertinant concerns...but you guy dont really know what your doing to influence the kids...how would you feel if you found out we lost a kid or two because the minority of vocal knowitalls turned the kid off?

Really think before you type...take a deep breath...and thing again...if your pissed about a post go do something else then comeback and compose your thoughts.

Most of us here really want this Program to get back to the Top! The rest of you start acting that way!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

James I could not agree more with U. Half these morons only look at what they either heard about the 2000 and 2001 teams. They don't want to recall the times he blew 4th quarter leads to Va Tech, the losses to ECU, the Syracuse debacle or the terrible showing at Washington when he let an option QB and a TE beat them. But Butch is the savior of the U. The truth is he was a terrible game day HC and one could say that if it weren't for Ken Dorsey finding Shockey in the endzone late in the fourth qtr of the 2000 game he wouldn't be held in such a high light. I agree without a doubt he built one of the greatest if the not the greatest teams in history in 2000 and 01, but hell he was in his fifth year at the time and when he went into the job at Miami he knew what the NCAA punishment would be, Golden did not. He had to deal with this mess for three years and now it is finally over with. No body knows how good of a coach Golden will be or is but what I do know is he is already better than anything we have had since Butch left.

Posted by: championships is all that matters



I remember all those games really well... :-)

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Butch Davis, but the game has changed since then.

I don't think the fans are giving Golden enough credit for dealing with the NCAA problems. The thing is the kids are a lot more informed on this stuff than they were back in the 90's. The fact that he has been able to get anyone to come here is sort of miraculous.

Actually given the fact that he got blindsided by the NCAA stuff you'd think the people would appreciate him more.

I just have to believe a lot of the people posting this negative stuff here weren't that old when Davis was coach. They just don't remember how upset people were with him. He inherited a team that went 11-2. Again, nothing against Davis, I just think some of the fans have unrealistic expectations given the U's situation, the current recruiting environment, and what we can pay for staff.

I'm not completely sold on the staff, but firing them isn't always the answer. Usually that just creates more problems than it solves. I think they will get one more year. I also think that as long as people are realistic they will be happy with the results. By realistic, I mean they have to understand this is not a 12-0 team.

They really have to get more consistent on offense next year and not have so many 3 and outs so the defense isn't put under so much stress. We don't have the depth for that yet.

Joe Rose lobbed Golden some softball questions on wqam. Al Golden is lucky Miamihas such soft media coverage that he doesn't have to answer for hall of his crap.

He dodged all of the questions, so it's pretty clear that he interviewed for the Penn St job.


No one in their right mind thinks its a 12-0 team. I think there's a couple of things that dont fly. Losing to Duke, running into the locker room when Louisville wants to fight, and being unprepared to play when we had 3 weeks to lead time are amongst the top.

Butch Davis has nothing to do with these things.

Listening to Golden's WQAM interview,Rick Scott and Charlie Crist have nothing on the Politician Golden. His tap dancing, salesman pitches, and talking out of both sides of his cheek, he should run for governor. However, he is an Empty Suit, spewing biased statistics, without the most important result: WINNING.

He sounds more like a Boiler Room Salesman reading a script that a coach who needs to have URGENCY in winning. Once again, he talks, process, patience, "we're not yet where we want to be".

He is a true salesman, throwing in tie downs like: "Make Sense", "Are you with me?". Just so he can sell people on his argument. Trying to get Joe off topic. This guy is an EMPTY SUIT SALESMAN. Get rid of this guy.

Those stats were hilarious. My favorite was his keeping continuity comment. So Dnofrio can stink but he stays beause he's already here!?

Next season will be a long one.

James U say the same 4 things in every post

1. Butch Davis is old now
2. Fans didn't like Butch Davis at one point
3. NCAA problems
4. NCAA stuff

Ok. Golden's is a great game day coach and developer of talent because Butch Davis was treated bad in the 90's and the NCAA investigated Us.

No tubby, your dumbass just talks in riddles that's all. And besides either you are not a real Cane fan or you are too dumb to be one to begin with. I'm not trying to win a popularity contest with U morons to begin with, I just know whats best for my team
Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 06, 2014 at 12:31

Maybe U just read in riddles (dyslexic), not my issue.

"And besides either you are not a real Cane fan or you are too dumb to be one to begin with."

^^Really, I'm too dumb to be one to begin with??? But I'm the riddler...right.

"popularity contest" I'm certainly not in the running for most popular blogger, and U don't see me co-signing any and every Golden crutch or slurp post...wink wink.

U just need a hug from Golden and heard he gave a new sermon on WQAM since he missed church services yesterday, that should liven U up.

I don't doubt Penn St passed on Golden. I think it's funny how he tries to say he turned them down.

Problem with this team hasn't had anything to do with recruiting, sanctions or whatever other talent excuse you can come up with. Since the loss to Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl in 2003 the University of Miami has consistently underachieved no matter who is on the football field! Golden has the same problem Shannon had who had the same problem Coker had and that is an inability to get kids to play up. This year George O'Leary was able to do it as well as David Cutcliffe. The list goes on and on each year of coaches who over achieve, you could even add Auburn to the list, but not for the University of Miami who you used to be able to count on. I like Golden but something else is wrong with this team that I'm sure he can fix with 10 top 5 recruiting classes. This team oozes losing from the walls of the Hecht and while I respect Golden for sticking with it I don't know what he can do from here. Maybe take the water off the field.

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