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Golden sticking by D'Onofrio, coaching staff for better or worse

No matter how loud Hurricanes fans might scream for change (or tweet for that matter), Al Golden doesn't appear to be a head coach ready to cut loose longtime friend and defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio.

The answer to Miami's defensive woes, Golden said during his press conference Monday, isn't blowing things up. It's keeping it status quo and letting Miami's young defensive players grow up and mature.

"Although we're not where we want to be there are so many little things I look at as the head coach that say the answer right now is not change. The answer is continuity," Golden said.

"The answer is continued progress with our young people, continued development. I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't excited about the talent we have coming back on defense. I am. I'm excited. We have a lot of play makers coming back. No. 2, we're adding 14 to 16 more recruits to that. I'm excited about that."

All the excitement Golden might have about his defense isn't going to change the fact that in D'Onofrio's three seasons here, Miami's defense has hardly resembled the Hurricanes of old.

With rival Florida State set to play in the national championship game tonight against Auburn, Miami fans are wondering how long they'll have to wait to see the Hurricanes have a national championship caliber defense to call their own.

Although the Hurricanes produced 12 more turnovers (27 total, 23rd most nationally) and six more sacks than they did in 2012 (29 total, 59th nationally), and they also cut down on the amount of points they allowed (30.5 per game in 2012; 26.8 in 2013), offenses continued to have their way with UM as 500-yard games became the norm down the stretch.

Golden, both on WQAM's morning show and again this afternoon, kept pointing to incremental growth and how the team "made more explosive plays" as signs of progress.

"We scored five touchdowns on defense. We blocked four kicks for the first time. Those to me are all positive trends," Golden said. "The other thing was we went from 31 penalties a year ago on defense to I think 10 playing all those young guys a year ago.

"Again, it's my decision, and my decision was that starting over for these young people is not the answer," he continued. "Continuity, continued progress, continue with the same position coaches and techniques and scheme was the better answer for me. I made that decision after careful evaluation.

"That doesn't mean we're not going to tweak our personnel or our uses of personnel and how we devise things, the quality control you go through in deciding what's best. A team is reborn every year. What was good for this past team may not be what's best for this team coming back. Whether its a different quarterback, a different running game. On defense we may have more -- especially with the kids coming in -- we may have more defensive backs than we've had in awhile. We can play more nickel for instance. Those are all things that go into consideration when you're making that decision."

Golden, who himself is a big part of the defensive game-planning, is banking on the turnaround he had at Temple once the Owls began to recruit better. When Golden and D'Onofrio arrived in 2006, the Owls ranked last in defense among FBS schools. By the time they left in 2010, Temple ranked 47th against the run, 14th in passing efficiency defense, 16th in total defense and 16th in scoring defense.

Will the same happen here?

Golden appears to be banking on it.


> Golden said eight will arrive early and compete in spring ball: running backs Joseph Yearby and Brandon Powell, offensive linemen Trevor Darling and Kc McDermott, JUCO defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou, linebackers Trent Harris and Juwon Young and receiver Braxton Berrios.

Missing from Golden's list of others who said they would sign with Miami early: JUCO defensive tackle Michael Wyche, linebacker Darrion Owens and defensive back Ryan Mayes.

Associate AD Chris Freet said Wyche signed a national letter of intent, but is not yet on the early enrollee list.

Canesport.com's Matt Shodell reported Monday Wyche is currently appealing an ACC rule that requires entering student-athletes to attend the same junior college for three semesters before transferring to a member school. Wyche has reportedly only spent two semester at his current junior college in Los Angeles.

> Golden said the reason receiver Rashawn Scott, quarterback Kevin Olsen and cornerback Ray Lewis III were suspended for the bowl game weren't at the bowl game was because they were suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. All three players remain on the roster, Golden said.

"Rashawn, that's a different situation," Golden said referring to previous suspensions by Scott. "Going into his senior year, it gets to a point where they have to be accountable to their teammates, family, themselves. In terms of Ray and Kevin, we really like both those young men. It was a violation of team rules. Both of them have moved forward, are excited to come back and we're excited to work with them."

Asked if any other players might be leaving the team, Golden said: "I don't foresee anybody leaving."


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Thirty four FSU football players all have the same major.. interdisciplinary social science? What a sham. I would expect that from an SEC school or a school like North Carolina that had a BS African American Studies course that nobody attended or completed any assignments for but still passed.

look at how ridiculous this major is. Thanks to Christy over at the Sun for bringing this up!


F you cool cat, calvin, and ll you niga a55es
Posted by: Calgallharriet leave this blog | January 06, 2014 at 10:40 PM

Wow, we sure do have a lot of racists ova here.

"Worst Cane fan" has become the new mountaincane: jump in with insults emptying the water gun, throw it at bloggers when empty, then skitdaddle off the blog until the next opportunity.

mahoney, U have zero example of any player developing under Golden aside from Gunter. And no examples of this team playing with swagger in any game in the last 3 years other than UF this season.

There's no evidence to support yet another "hope" post.

So this out of touch staff want to suspend players for attitudes detrimental to the team. This staff attitude has been detrimental to the team. Even after so called evaluation this staff remain the same.Paul Dee where are you ? This is the un becoming of a once proud national power.The football players can't questioned the process.If so suspension or off the team will follow. Mission of nowhere continues

How many years has Jimbo been there?

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 06, 2014 at 10:17 PM

Now you sound like the kid who is never happy with what he has and envies those around him. Jimbo was given the keys to the kingdom with no NCAA cloud, plenty of talent and he found a star in Winston which is pure luck. We hung with FSU and LVille but couldn't capitalize offensively. Give Golden an impact DT and LB along with a QB that doesn't throw the bomb every other down and we are competing. Period.

This entire board could be a case study on logical fallacies, concern trolling and how instant gratification ruins everything.

If Brent Musberger says SEC is big boy football one more time...I swear!!!

Amazing what a change in scheme can do for a defense. These are the same Auburn players who couldn't stop anyone all year. Now they are mixing up blitzes, disguising coverage, and playing aggressive and they look unbeatable.



Al Golden record:

49-49 lifetime record
0-2 in bowl games
0-9 vs ranked opponents
69 with D corch..

I'm going to have to start taking down all the names of the posters of the great information. Thanks all of you for keeping this blog totally honest.

Looks like the recruits will still make the University of Miami their homes. With fans like the fans of Miami Hurricanes' football behind them. They should have the best support a student athlete could ask for.

That record is misleading. He coached a temple team coming off 0 wins. They hadn't had a winning season in like 20 yrs. He went out went 1-11 his first year but got them to 9-4 and 8-4 his last 2 yrs. miami he came into a bad situation in ncaa mess with players suspended all over the place, He had to deal with ncaa mess for 3 yrs. He finally has a clean slate and despite that went 9-4 this past season. He didn't take over a team like fsu which had alot of talent when jimbo took over its much more like usc when pete carroll took over and they wanted him out after he went 9-5 his 5th year. Then he only went on to win 2 national titles now all those usc fans would gladly have himn back.

Mainecane you're exactly right. 26 losses in the first three years at Temple. Never been worse than .500 since.

100-yd ko return by a another Miami decommit!!!

"I don't worry about the ones that don't come, I worry about the ones that do"!!!

You need to worry a little more Coach G


At what point did we hang with Louisville?

This game is goi g to come down to the 2 points that idiot Freeman cost them.

FSU held the entire game, especially the last drive and against Auburn #30 DE Ford.

Refs refused to call it.

Fsu deserves it

Tub O sht the biggest racist on the blog. Sees it everywhere. Card wore out ages ago.

No D, wild ass assertions in the big CAPS are no more reliable than any other assertions. Go find a fact.

Facts posted the entire day that refuted every Golden out his mouth today. Its not our fault that U lack confidence, heart, and the integrity to formulate your own thoughts without Golden/Tebow guiding U to the promise land.

U "go find a fact" that supports ANYTHING U have ever said...ever.

Provide a racist post from me?

So calling someone a N word isn't racist? Thats considered "sees it everywhere"?

F you cool cat, calvin, and ll you niga a55es
Posted by: Calgallharriet leave this blog | January 06, 2014 at 10:40 PM

U go out of your way to support posts like these.

To bad the Grand Wizard SOUP kicked U out, now we have to deal with it here.

At what point did we hang with Louisville?

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 06, 2014 at 11:47 PM

We held them to 3 field goals early. Gave up a TD, then Morris fumbles on their 13. Drive over. D holds, forces punt, 3 and out from the O AGAIN. D on field AGAIN. Gives up another TD, game effectively over. You watch the game? We had ample opportunities.

There is no fact that Golden was or wasn't offered a job. Some blogger yapping somewhere is not a fact.

Every possession is an "opportunity". After the 1st quarter when were we ever in striking distance?

Insert fact here:


Bet it will be blank, in spite of the point that "facts" have been posted all day. Just need 1. Come on, tub, cat, gallo, other myth spreaders

Have someone read your answer to you so that you can understand how sad it is.
You sound like Al Golden trying to spin that massacre into something positive.

We had 18 yards rushing.

Yes, I watched the game. It was the most pathetic canes games I've seen since 49-0 at the ob.

Have you seen Wolf if Wall Street?

Yall are so smart and everyone else are such "idiots" and "moron", but can NEVER answer a single question.

Congratulations Florida State! Great game, tremendous season.

And to Auburn, from 3 - 8 to almost a winner in the BCS!

That's how it's done....Fisher and Malzhan and their staffs showed the way...The players got after it.

Glad to see the ACC (even if it is FSU) beat the vaunted SEC.

Where's the fact from the many posted during the day. Just 1.

That space isn't big enough LOL!!

For a fair and complete analysis, it is important to compare like to like. In his interview, Golden also brought up the 2011 team, pointing out how good it was by once again cherry picking metrics. But what about a complete analysis of Golden’s defense and the one that preceded his arrival under head coach Randy Shannon, comparing games in the conference so you are comparing apples to apples? Oh, we have you covered.

The statistics are from games against conference opponents only in each year. So it removes the good from the defense against Savannah State, etc… but it also removes the beatdowns from Notre Dame and Kansas State last year.

Essentially, this is about as fair a look, removing statistical noise and talent discrepancies, that you can take at a defense’s performance. And the results?

Conference Rankings

Total yards per game allowed

Dead last by 50 yards this year.
Next to last in 2012.
8th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Total yards per play allowed

13th this year.
11th (of 12) last year.
10th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Number of plays

Dead last this year.
Dead last last year.
5th in 2011.
4th in 2010.
Scoring defense in conference play

12th this year.
9th last year.
4th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Analysis: So the one year they slow down the game, the scoring defense looks good. But in reality, the Canes were still getting gashed at a ridiculous level. Since Al Golden arrived on campus, and right when he arrived on campus, the overall quality of the defense plummeted. Moving from one of the top in the ACC to the bottom.

Sacks in conference play

Tied for last this year.
11th last year.
8th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Analysis: Golden said they improved on sacks this year. This is only because they ran up numbers against the dregs like Savannah State. Once in conference play, they were tied for worst in the ACC.

Tackles for loss in conference play

Last this year.
11th last year.
7th in 2011.
1st in 2010.
Analysis: Basically, Miami doesn’t make plays behind the line of scrimmage against vaunted ACC O-Lines and Offenses. In 2010, the year prior to Golden’s arrival, they were the best in the conference at this.

Opponent 3rd down conversion % in conference

Last this year.
10th last year.
8th in 2011.
2nd in 2010.
Opponent 3rd down conversions in conference

13th this year.
8th last year.
4th in 2011.
4th in 2010.
Opponent 4th down conversion % in conference

Last (83% ALLOWED!).
5th last year.
5th in 2011.
1st in 2010.
Opponent 4th down conversions in conference

Tied for last this year.
Tied for 4th last year.
T-6 in 2011.
1st in 2010
Analysis: The team doesn’t get off the field on 3rd down. They don’t get off the field on 4th down. Again, in 2011 when they slowed down the game, the number of conversions went down, but they still converted them at a ridiculous rate.

Opponent redzone touchdown conversion % in conference

4th this year.
8th last year.
1st in 2011.
2nd in 2010.
Opponent redzone touchdown conversions

9th this year.
12th last year.
1st in 2011.
2nd in 2010.
Analysis: The good thing about the defense is that when the opponent gets to the redzone, they actually do a good job of keeping the opponent from scoring touchdowns. The bad news is that they let them in there more times than anyone in the conference, so they get scored on one way or another.

Opponent plays of greater than 10 yards in conference

last this year.
last last year.
10th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Opponent plays of greater than 20 yards in conference

11th this year.
9th last year.
1st in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Analysis: This is pretty remarkable. Not only is the defense not making plays behind the line of scrimmage, but other teams are converting big plays.

Turnovers forced conference play

tied for 6th this year.
tied for 2nd last year.
10th in 2011.
2nd in 2010.
Analysis: The Canes did a good job of forcing turnovers the last 2 years. Interestingly enough, even in this positive metric, it actually trended down this year.


The defensive “progress” and “upward trend” in performance Al Golden referenced in his Joe Rose Show interview are COMPLETELY attributable to the out of conference opponents being weaker. The defense has yet to improve in three years, and there is no statistical justification for continuing under the same defensive staff and/or scheme. We’ll close with this handy little chart showing the real lack of progress.

Thanks Nash for the link!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 06, 2014 at 01:15 PM

Where's the fact from the many posted during the day. Just 1.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | January 07, 2014 at 12:29 AM

Don't try to deflect from your defense of the usage of the N-word.

How about U repost a fact posted by yourself...ever...any day.

As mountaincane or GKC.

Harriet TUBMAN, the only stat that matters is, over the last 2 years, our defensive ranking average is:


Yet the moron goes public and tries to tell us how the defense is improving and nobody blast em. He's suppose to be a former defensive coordinator, if shannon was still the headcoach and the defense was this bad, they'd still be blaming shannon not the d-co, but everything that went wrong, they blamed shannon, now, everything that goes wrong, they blame the morons coordinators, not the main moron, i don't waste my time talking to these idiots, the penn disgrace morons will never be able to coach at the level of football we saw in these bowls games, we gotta get past duke first.


True enough. UM had speed, could run, pass, killer defense, fire and attack mentality...good memories.

But the Noles pull it out!

A great ball game.

Nice subject change tubo.

The question is whether Golden was offered a job or not. If yes, was it rejected or withdrawn.

I don't know. Pretty sure no one on here does either.

We had 18 yards rushing.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 07, 2014 at 12:24 AM

-58 yards in sacks will do that. You see, suddenly this has become a discussion about the LVille game, which before was a discussion on Jimbo Fisher, which sprung from a point I made about petulant children fans complaining. You hacks can't stay on any one topic, because once your ass is handed to you, the goal posts get moved, and a new topic starts so your garbage negativity is always "right". Again, logical fallacy 101.

And stop with the n stuff, a word I don't use. I said you are a racist, because you are. You clloud ur thinking with race. All personnel decisions are race related, like ur guy RS.

AG and D No; I hope that you guys watched tonight's game and witnessed Fisher and his position coaches making consistent adjustments during the game. After half time, more changes / adjustments were made; what adjustments do we "U" make during the game or after the half? Absolutely ZERO. We consistently get out coached and out schemed; get some upgrades as assistants or move on. Next year, if we suck as bad on D as this year or previous three years (giving up 400 yards passing), I will personally take up a collection and fly the banner overhead saying "Fire Al and crew." Putting on a white shirt and tie will only buy you so much time; put on a polo shirt w/out a tie and win some games for a change.

Ron Zook,

I appreciate your persistent positivity on here, and hope your projections are correct.

The problem is that there are so many signs of a Kiffinesque deal with Golden. Meaning nice style, little substance. Particularly as it pertains to coaching. And his DC is bad news, I fear.

These indicators are troubling. I would love to be 100% in support of our coach, but it is tough to ignore experience. And like a lot of posters here, I know a good bit about football from various perspectives. I love the college game, and the Canes in particular.

In any event, I know you take a lot of shots, but keep the positivity coming. It can be catchy and we need some good stuff on here at this juncture...

The only stat that matters is 6-6, 7-5 and 9-4. How you get there is irrelevant. That's called improvement.

I'm done on the merry go round of negativity. Enjoy posting the same crap all night, tomorrow and every day after. You're totally right, and everyone else is just crazy. I bet if you repeat it some more, we'll all see it.

I asked U to make a positive post about on-field accomplishments (about 12 hours ago) by Tebow Golden and U refused and went back to getting manhandled in your usual 30 minute intervals. Five Titles was able. So stop the self-righteous spill, U are here to antagonize--just look at your blog ID. See U in 30 mites--U aint going anywhere.


102.5 average defensive rank Cal??? For real....damn!

I provided a laundry list of facts like U asked....no response.

I asked U for one fact...no response lol!

I condemned a blogger for using the N-word...U respond with a post that says I'm a racist for doing so and that I "see it everywhere" when a dude clearly had just used the worst word associated with racism.

I asked U to repost anything that proves I'm racist...no response.

ROTF! Owned daily.

Tonight demonstrated that Coach Golden has the program much closer to championship football than many might think.

The Canes played the National Champion Noles to a 21-14 halftime score and received the second half kick-off. Unfortunately, Morris missed a wide open receiver on a deep route that would have tied the score early in the second half.

Then the lack of depth and talent along the Canes defense line coupled with Duke's season ending injury ended any hopes of a huge upset victory...in Tallahassee.

Those that know college football are fully aware that Miami dodged a massive bullet when Al Golden elected to remain with the Canes and not accept the Penn State job. He's a championship caliber coach and will soon have the Canes in the 4 team championship format.

PS: Al Golden has miraculously put together a great 2014 recruiting class despite the NCAA matter being decided only a few short weeks ago. And once he has a full year without the NCAA hanging over his head he will absolutely obliterate those that dare to recruit against him...most especially in the 305.

The only stat that matters is 6-6, 7-5 and 9-4. How you get there is irrelevant. That's called improvement.

I'm done on the merry go round of negativity. Enjoy posting the same crap all night, tomorrow and every day after. You're totally right, and everyone else is just crazy. I bet if you repeat it some more, we'll all see it.

Posted by: Worst Fans Ever | January 07, 2014 at 12:46 AM


Great post!!

Worst...what about Jimbo. He's got bling, so what.

So Golden came into a bad situation, so what. I know we aren't winning a nc. But he lost to duke and virgina tech in year 3. Not year 1, year 3. The honeymoon is over

Then that fool goes out and interviews for another job he would've taken if they had closed the offer yesterday. So now im supposed to feel grateful he's still, ss if we've made it to the acc championship game once.

And then, ad if that isnt enough, he holfdsa press conference to say he's not changing snything. As if all of this is ok. The moron dc of ours is useless. I csn design a more sophisticated defense on the back of a napkin.

How's that for on topic.

Two years ago FSU lost to UVA and were in the Russell Athletic Bowl.

Nothing wouldve made me happier than to see him blow up what might be the worst coaching staff in america, pack his house, and get the hell out here.

He doesn't want to be your coach, so im not sure why you're sticking up for him.

So Golden came into a bad situation, so what. I know we aren't winning a nc. But he lost to duke and virgina tech in year 3. Not year 1, year 3. The honeymoon is over

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 07, 2014 at 01:14 AM


Duke played in a respected Bowl Game and came within a whisker of beating the SEC's Texas A&M led by a Heisman Trophy winner, a player that Nick Saban says is the greatest competitor he's ever coached against.

Duke held a 21 point lead on A&M that saw Manziel rally his team for 21 4th quarter points to squeak past Duke by a couple of points.

Trying to say Duke did not have a damn good football team simply doesn't pass the smell test and is just not true.

The Canes played Duke very tough at their place and with a little more depth would have won...this with a Miami roster that has less talent and depth than Duke.

It's really hard to tell your friends goodbye. Just ask Coach Philbin over at Dolphins HQ. The noise only gets louder if Golden cannot get better results from the defensive side of the ball.
At least we know he reads the paper!
I vote we should move on from D'Onofrio. There are many qualified candidates who deserve the opportunity to fix our defense. However, Al Golden is the expert! He made his decision and I shall live with it, though I believe it's the wrong call. I noted the evaluation process Golden mentioned to reporters did not include a breakdown of the multiple 500 yard games given up on defense. I guess what I witnessed on TV has escaped UM's film room.

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