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Golden sticking by D'Onofrio, coaching staff for better or worse

No matter how loud Hurricanes fans might scream for change (or tweet for that matter), Al Golden doesn't appear to be a head coach ready to cut loose longtime friend and defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio.

The answer to Miami's defensive woes, Golden said during his press conference Monday, isn't blowing things up. It's keeping it status quo and letting Miami's young defensive players grow up and mature.

"Although we're not where we want to be there are so many little things I look at as the head coach that say the answer right now is not change. The answer is continuity," Golden said.

"The answer is continued progress with our young people, continued development. I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't excited about the talent we have coming back on defense. I am. I'm excited. We have a lot of play makers coming back. No. 2, we're adding 14 to 16 more recruits to that. I'm excited about that."

All the excitement Golden might have about his defense isn't going to change the fact that in D'Onofrio's three seasons here, Miami's defense has hardly resembled the Hurricanes of old.

With rival Florida State set to play in the national championship game tonight against Auburn, Miami fans are wondering how long they'll have to wait to see the Hurricanes have a national championship caliber defense to call their own.

Although the Hurricanes produced 12 more turnovers (27 total, 23rd most nationally) and six more sacks than they did in 2012 (29 total, 59th nationally), and they also cut down on the amount of points they allowed (30.5 per game in 2012; 26.8 in 2013), offenses continued to have their way with UM as 500-yard games became the norm down the stretch.

Golden, both on WQAM's morning show and again this afternoon, kept pointing to incremental growth and how the team "made more explosive plays" as signs of progress.

"We scored five touchdowns on defense. We blocked four kicks for the first time. Those to me are all positive trends," Golden said. "The other thing was we went from 31 penalties a year ago on defense to I think 10 playing all those young guys a year ago.

"Again, it's my decision, and my decision was that starting over for these young people is not the answer," he continued. "Continuity, continued progress, continue with the same position coaches and techniques and scheme was the better answer for me. I made that decision after careful evaluation.

"That doesn't mean we're not going to tweak our personnel or our uses of personnel and how we devise things, the quality control you go through in deciding what's best. A team is reborn every year. What was good for this past team may not be what's best for this team coming back. Whether its a different quarterback, a different running game. On defense we may have more -- especially with the kids coming in -- we may have more defensive backs than we've had in awhile. We can play more nickel for instance. Those are all things that go into consideration when you're making that decision."

Golden, who himself is a big part of the defensive game-planning, is banking on the turnaround he had at Temple once the Owls began to recruit better. When Golden and D'Onofrio arrived in 2006, the Owls ranked last in defense among FBS schools. By the time they left in 2010, Temple ranked 47th against the run, 14th in passing efficiency defense, 16th in total defense and 16th in scoring defense.

Will the same happen here?

Golden appears to be banking on it.


> Golden said eight will arrive early and compete in spring ball: running backs Joseph Yearby and Brandon Powell, offensive linemen Trevor Darling and Kc McDermott, JUCO defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou, linebackers Trent Harris and Juwon Young and receiver Braxton Berrios.

Missing from Golden's list of others who said they would sign with Miami early: JUCO defensive tackle Michael Wyche, linebacker Darrion Owens and defensive back Ryan Mayes.

Associate AD Chris Freet said Wyche signed a national letter of intent, but is not yet on the early enrollee list.

Canesport.com's Matt Shodell reported Monday Wyche is currently appealing an ACC rule that requires entering student-athletes to attend the same junior college for three semesters before transferring to a member school. Wyche has reportedly only spent two semester at his current junior college in Los Angeles.

> Golden said the reason receiver Rashawn Scott, quarterback Kevin Olsen and cornerback Ray Lewis III were suspended for the bowl game weren't at the bowl game was because they were suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. All three players remain on the roster, Golden said.

"Rashawn, that's a different situation," Golden said referring to previous suspensions by Scott. "Going into his senior year, it gets to a point where they have to be accountable to their teammates, family, themselves. In terms of Ray and Kevin, we really like both those young men. It was a violation of team rules. Both of them have moved forward, are excited to come back and we're excited to work with them."

Asked if any other players might be leaving the team, Golden said: "I don't foresee anybody leaving."


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No D in Coral Gables
Al Golden went on the Joe Rose Show today on WQAM in Miami, and after giving a completely implausible version of events of what transpired the last few days with Penn State, shifted to a discussion of the play on the field.
He immediately went into a full throated defense of his defense, citing progress and laundry listing statistics. There is a problem with the approach that Golden took, however. This improvement does not take into account the difference in quality of opponents from 1 year to the next. Golden listed out specific, cherry picked statistics where the defense marginally improved, but this ignores the fact that the 2012 Miami Hurricanes played 2 top teams out of conference (Notre Dame and Kansas State), while the 2013 Miami Hurricanes played one of the softest schedules in program history.
For a fair and complete analysis, it is important to compare like to like. In his interview, Golden also brought up the 2011 team, pointing out how good it was by once again cherry picking metrics. But what about a complete analysis of Golden’s defense and the one that preceded his arrival under head coach Randy Shannon, comparing games in the conference so you are comparing apples to apples? Oh, we have you covered.
The statistics are from games against conference opponents only in each year. So it removes the good from the defense against Savannah State, etc… but it also removes the beatdowns from Notre Dame and Kansas State last year.
Essentially, this is about as fair a look, removing statistical noise and talent discrepancies, that you can take at a defense’s performance. And the results?
Conference Rankings
Total yards per game allowed
Dead last by 50 yards this year.
Next to last in 2012.
8th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Total yards per play allowed
13th this year.
11th (of 12) last year.
10th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Number of plays
Dead last this year.
Dead last last year.
5th in 2011.
4th in 2010.
Scoring defense in conference play
12th this year.
9th last year.
4th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Analysis: So the one year they slow down the game, the scoring defense looks good. But in reality, the Canes were still getting gashed at a ridiculous level. Since Al Golden arrived on campus, and right when he arrived on campus, the overall quality of the defense plummeted. Moving from one of the top in the ACC to the bottom.
Sacks in conference play
Tied for last this year.
11th last year.
8th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Analysis: Golden said they improved on sacks this year. This is only because they ran up numbers against the dregs like Savannah State. Once in conference play, they were tied for worst in the ACC.
Tackles for loss in conference play
Last this year.
11th last year.
7th in 2011.
1st in 2010.
Analysis: Basically, Miami doesn’t make plays behind the line of scrimmage against vaunted ACC O-Lines and Offenses. In 2010, the year prior to Golden’s arrival, they were the best in the conference at this.
Opponent 3rd down conversion % in conference
Last this year.
10th last year.
8th in 2011.
2nd in 2010.
Opponent 3rd down conversions in conference
13th this year.
8th last year.
4th in 2011.
4th in 2010.
Opponent 4th down conversion % in conference
Last (83% ALLOWED!).
5th last year.
5th in 2011.
1st in 2010.
Opponent 4th down conversions in conference
Tied for last this year.
Tied for 4th last year.
T-6 in 2011.
1st in 2010
Analysis: The team doesn’t get off the field on 3rd down. They don’t get off the field on 4th down. Again, in 2011 when they slowed down the game, the number of conversions went down, but they still converted them at a ridiculous rate.
Opponent redzone touchdown conversion % in conference
4th this year.
8th last year.
1st in 2011.
2nd in 2010.
Opponent redzone touchdown conversions
9th this year.
12th last year.
1st in 2011.
2nd in 2010.
Analysis: The good thing about the defense is that when the opponent gets to the redzone, they actually do a good job of keeping the opponent from scoring touchdowns. The bad news is that they let them in there more times than anyone in the conference, so they get scored on one way or another.
Opponent plays of greater than 10 yards in conference
last this year.
last last year.
10th in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Opponent plays of greater than 20 yards in conference
11th this year.
9th last year.
1st in 2011.
5th in 2010.
Analysis: This is pretty remarkable. Not only is the defense not making plays behind the line of scrimmage, but other teams are converting big plays.
Turnovers forced conference play
tied for 6th this year.
tied for 2nd last year.
10th in 2011.
2nd in 2010.
Analysis: The Canes did a good job of forcing turnovers the last 2 years. Interestingly enough, even in this positive metric, it actually trended down this year.
The defensive “progress” and “upward trend” in performance Al Golden referenced in his Joe Rose Show interview are COMPLETELY attributable to the out of conference opponents being weaker. The defense has yet to improve in three years, and there is no statistical justification for continuing under the same defensive staff and/or scheme. We’ll close with this handy little chart showing the real lack of progress.
Posted by: Playthefreshmen | January 06, 2014 at 07:50 PM

Awesome job Playfreshmen

Meant: Playthefreshmen

it figures youre a yankee fan

you saw last night real play calling and strategy.....UM is totally done with golden/dnofrio.....

no way does UM get close to the brackets next year.....fsu was terrific....how can our players even stand a chance against them with golden.....

they don't deserve this.....

auburn decided to lose to fsu at the end of the game by using d'o and goldie's NO defense setup.

Auburn was ahead by several touchdowns by using four down def. linemen, attacking linebackers blitzing the fsu QB, man to man close coverage in the secondary.

but for some insane reason, auburn switched to 3 down linemen, no blitz and zone NO pass defense in the fourth quarter allowing the fsu qb to pick them apart and score two touchdowns.

gee, just like stupid morons d'o and goldie.
Get used to losing Cane fans. goldie ain't going no where no how.

I feel bad for our players because we aren't going to play a game like that with these coaches.

no...they stayed pretty much in a 4/3 with a guy on winston.....

the difference was the short routes and a quicker release by winston....that neutralized auburns TE's...it bears to mention that jimbo calls th shots...never coley as you saw.

but how in the world can UM even be a "noise" in the playoffs with this staff after what you saw last night..that's all I could think of...these guys don't have it....Um will just be a weak learning curve for golden and the expense of the players and fans....

auburn from 3-9 to 12-1....malzhan is terrific and jimbo as well.....

great defense from both teams.....like a chess game....the best entertainment anyone could ask for....I loved auburns spread offense.....UM should look and learn and change from pro-style which we don't really use as designed anyway.....

I hope miami OC heard Mike and Mike this morning or Nick Saban giving his post game analysis last night. Whenever you have a defensive team (Lousiville)jumping around the line of scrimmage attempting to confuse the QB and offensive linemen, that OC should go "no huddle" which will tire out the defense and stop all of that jumping around. I cant recall rather or not Miami did this, but I dont think they did. Please listne and learn Miami.

Fsu had great defensive adjustments in first half. It looked like Auburn was going toblow them out but they changed things up. Auburn would score 100 on Dino.

It was sad to watch that game knowing our staff could never coach like that. You could've turned either roster over to Golden and they would've lost by 27.

it was the fake punt....if that wasn't successful auburn is bcs champion....jimbo saw that also....at that point it really wasn't a gutsy call....there was no other choice.

exactly......how about the kid rhett lashlee(OC-auburn)....31 yrs old, terrific job...how does a kid with beef stew still in his pants run the spread like that?

jim coley should be ashamed....

It was a well coached game...almost wish I hadn't watched. It made me even more depressed about the state of the canes.

Golden isnt making progress, it is not the players its the coach and supporting cast. Another year is failure and Blake and Donna will have to replace all next year, Golden is a BS artist with a little law thrown in for jargon. Period his friend is a flunky and a poor coach, ask anybody in ACC or ESPN change is the only thing that will correct the problem.. Admin and Golden are throwing Miami Football under the bus so Golden can keep his friend employed, he couldnt work anywhere else, PSU knew this, Golden didnt get the job for this reason.

Golden says its the process, its BS these terms are legal not football, he has to make it happen this year or Donna and admin will force the hand, fire during the year will be the answer next year. Golden is a joke to alumni and fan base, the football world sees right through his mess. The facts defense stinks and will again OC hopefully will learn not to throw long in double coverage or when a man is 20 yards down field waiting for fly ball. Any excuse about to young or it can be fixed is stupid, Golden is to young with hardly no experience in this position, Temple is 2nd rate, dofornio is the reason we dont win games, defense will and can turn games around quickly, get a good coach. I dont think Miami has a shot to win anymore games than 6 and give up tons of yardage, ESPN laughs at our coaching, Golden is a farce no experience at this level at head coach job.

Olson aleady is trouble, Miami had similiar problem it wont work cut him from the team dont waste his or our time, use dual threat QB.

It appears Golden DID have an interview with Penn State but for whatever reason, the job was not offered to him. So I ask you all, my fellow CANES fans, why do we want this guy to continue here? Well, he seems to be a decent recruiter, and he is a good "face of the program" public relations type of guy. HOWEVER, as a FOOTBALL COACH, I'm sorry, he is constantly getting outcoached. Did you guys watch the National Championship game last night? BE HONEST! Do you really think that Al Golden and his coordinators could do as good a job as EITHER Jimbo or Malzahn? I'm sorry, my CANES fan brothers...I DO NOT. I do not see this cast of characters as being even in the same ballpark as the top college coaches. I'm not talking about recruiting; I'm talking about devising a game plan before a game, and about making IN-GAME ADJUSTMENTS during a game. These are the areas where the Al Golden staff gets a big D-minus grade.

Now he says he's keeping his pal Donoffrio. Well, that's a damn shame. Because Al Golden has exactly ONE MORE YEAR to get this turned around. This is THE U. Coaches don't get 8 years to turn a program around. Unless the 500 yards allowed on defense games completely STOP next year, and this team begins to look like a University of Miami football team starting this September, Al Golden will be history. I HOPE HE TURNS THINGS AROUND BECAUSE I AM A CANES FAN FIRST & FOREMOST. But I honestly have a hard time seeing it happening with this coaching staff, particularly with Mark Donoffrio as the DC.

Has any of the so called Media tiried to contact the Coaching Candidates (or agents) that would have been in line for the UM HC position if AG departed?
They would be able to confirm how far the process really went.

HarrietTubmanCane, YankeeCane, and many others here did some outstanding analysis and evaluation. Golden stated in his interview people would accuse him of making excuses. The stats listed by the faithful suggest Golden is doing exactly that!!!
Making Excuses!!!!!!
D'Onofrio should've have been shown the door!!
I guess Golden wants to wait until our voices scream out for change.

it was the fake punt....if that wasn't successful auburn is bcs champion....jimbo saw that also....at that point it really wasn't a gutsy call....there was no other choice. Posted by: Jim Gallo
True. Plus, the 100 yd FSU kickoff return because one moron auburn player did NOT stay in his coverage lane just like when moron d'o and goldie tell Cane players to stunt and they leave the barn door wide open for any QB to pick up first downs and then some.

golden is not smart enough to be a head coach. During Cane games he looks like a deer in the headlights all confused like 'what am I doing here?'
And moron d'o is even worse. No clue whatsoever. Even the vaunted OC now just throws flat passes and hail mary passes instead of a great 15-20 passing game.

You cant compare Temple to Miami two different levels of play, Golden will fail, the fans will turn on Miami Admin and the scene will be ugly. Leaving only one solution fire whole defense and if Goldie doesnt like it fire him, he is a BS artist with a little bit of law jargon thrown in to make it sound like he knows what he is doing, he doesnt know, full of excuses, so 6-6 here we come have fun Donna and Admin, we all no the answer to bad you guys dont.

Hope Golden and staff are home watching...and record...and taking notes.
Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 06, 2014 at 09:12 PM

On the Winston fumble, they had seven rushing the QB. I do not recall ever seeing seven rush the line on the Canes defense, outside of a FG attempt.

On the Auburn long TD, the Noles LBs bit on the run fake, and in a situation like that Auburn would have called that play again, and again, and again, except for the fact that FSU adjusted.

On the FSU fake punt, they brought the ball back to the weak side, using player talent to beat a larger, slower player for the first down.

This is the part that is disappointing to me. FSU made adjustments on offense to stop the Auburn defensive pressure from destroying Winston. Faster reads, shorter passes, and max protection. FSU made adjustments on defense to remove that pass play on defense, and withstood the extra running yards that Auburn gained in the process. FSU made adjustments in special teams that led to a first down, and a 100 yard KO return TD.

FSU made in-game adjustments, to aid their offense, defense, and special teams to win the game. I do not recall Miami doing so in those same situations this year.

Something that seems to be getting missed in all this discussion about Golden's comments.

People, like myself, that want Donofrio gone, were told that this is Golden's philosophy being implemented, and that he has his hands on each of these decisions.

Well, then, WHY is Donofrio there at all? Bring in someone with DIFFERENT ideas, listen to them, and perhaps get a better defense just by working in the best of both philosophies.

It is what is best for the team. Let Golden continue the part he does well, recruiting, working well with the media and parents and fans, and keeping the NCAA off our backs. But then get someone else to handle the areas he is weak in, like defensive schemes.

HTC, you claim FSU was holding all night. Well, I claim that Auburn was horsecollaring and facemasking all night. Holding happens every play, and gets missed many times. Facemasks and horsecollars, right out in open space, usually do not get missed.

Well fellow Caners, we've discussed, dissected, disseminated, dismembered, dissed, and not to mention yelled and screamed and cussed about what we wish would happen, or not happen, and this is what we've got. So all we can do for now is hope we can add to our already great class of 2014 and go from there. Come on Feb 8th.

State of Florida > State of Alabama

ACC - Another Completed Championship.
SEC - Supremely Embarrassing Chokers.

Biggest chokers in the BCS era? SEC Auburn Tigers.

Sales of toilet paper in Alabama are back to their normal levels, zero, but sales of tissues are up.

Cola Cane, speaking of this recruiting class, these early entrants count against last year, IIRC, and so we will not have to worry about them in our count of three reductions for the NCAA. Would you agree with that assessment?

no...they stayed pretty much in a 4/3 with a guy on winston.....

the difference was the short routes and a quicker release by winston....that neutralized auburns TE's...it bears to mention that jimbo calls th shots...never coley as you saw. Posted by: Jim Gallo
Yes, Auburn stayed mostly in a 4-3 for most of the game. But they went to mostly a 3-4 at the end of the game pulling a moron d'o and golden, prevent (the win) No defense.

BTW, it does NO good at all if any 4-3 defense stops the other team's offense for two downs. And then, like morons d'o and goldie, they switch to a 3-4 ZONE, no defense and the other team converts to a first and ten.

So, a team uses a 4-3 for 66% of the time, but the offense makes first and tens constantly 33% of the time.

Also, NO offense can neutralize the defense's DE (TE you said) In a four down lineman defense, the DE's job is to hit through the outside shoulder of the TE or tackle and go across the los one or two yards to shut down the end run or to rush the passer or to trail the play and watch for a reverse or QB turning away from a sack.

If you gave golden and this staff fsu talent you think they go 12-0 and beat auburn? Honestly I don't think so bc the adjustments, well timed screens were very well done. It's obvious why coley didnt call plays. And telvin smith would be on the bench bc he's not u tough enough aka bloated. And Dino would have Edwards drop in coverage. Even auburn who had 2 freshman on their oline and had more youth in their two deep than miami just played. You don't hear malzahn making excuses. This game just showed how second rate this whole staff is and it starts from the top

It's sad and pathetic times when fans cheer for your conf bc that's the only thing to cheer about as it relates to um. I don't recall ever doing that. That's what bottom feeder sec schools cheer for. But with golden here there's no hope

Yes 5 I agree with that sir.

speaking of garbage, who is going to be the QB next year??

834 yards of total offense in the BCS title game. FSU gave up 449 yards to Auburn. Without Winston and a TO return, they are blown out easily. FSU's defense was tired even with Winston giving them a break. FSU with Morris instead? That defense gives up over 500 yards and the FSU fans are calling for their DCs head.

So, if we can get a Heisman quality QB in here, like Morris was SUPPOSED to be, we might have a chance at doing similar results on the field.

And Auburn's defense? This was the best they had done in a long time, having given up 532 yards to Georgia, 495 to Alabama, and 534 to Missouri in their three miracle wins. Take away their miracle finishes the last two weeks, and that defense gives up over 500 yards and the Auburn fans are calling for their DCs head.

The difference? The Auburn and FSU offenses found a way to overcome that bad defense during their season, Miami's offense did not.

Give the Miami team a Cam Newton, a Jameis Winston, or even a Bernie/Vinnie/Gino/Craig type QB that can complete a short pass, and our team is in the bowl playoffs next year.

I have always been a cane fan and obviously I am not happy with our defense but for those of you who keep saying things like its not in our dna or that's not how we played in the old days you guys need to wake up from the 80s and get your heads out of you arses cuz one thing AG said is very true , every year a new team is born . I can guarantee one thing if we could improve our third down % on offense it would help our D a lot. All of you haters are so wrapped up in trying to discredit Our DC that you don't see the forrest for the trees . Common sense tells you that a couple more drives continue and we have more minutes on O and our D will give up less yardage , points etc. Go Canes

jsy, don't get me wrong, I wasn't cheering for my conference, especially since to my mind Miami was and always will be an independent that is just using the ACC for it's bowl ties, similar to how Notre Dame is now doing. I was cheering against the bottom feeder SEC fans that roost on this site, posting stuff about how well their conference was doing in bowl games (against teams with worse records) as if their bottom feeder no bowl school had anything to do with it.

Very true, Ga Cane, I was bringing up a similar point in the post just above yours.

typo...I meant DE. Did you notice that both offenses rarely looked at the sidelines like UM does....I have never seen a team do that constantly like UM does.....

morris always turning his head to coaches....wtf was that all about all the time

The dif is dno gives up those yards against UVA, vt, wake, unc, even freaking uf plus all the good teams.

We give up career days for a reason every time we play someone has a career day.

if, if ,if.....all BS. This staff su..ck just get over it....golden tried to snake UM....get over it.....

you can "deny till you die" all you want....Um is going nowhere.....even PSU doesn't want these 2.....wtf does that tell you?

Incredible game last night. Congrats to FSU. That was one of the best coached games I have seen on both sides. FSU clearly had more talent on both sides of the ball, but Malzhan and his coaching staff had an excellent game plan on both sides of the ball, but particularly on defense. FSU was flustered and bothered by the exotic blitz packages Auburn was throwing at them. Keep in mind these are the same players who got shredded week after week on defense. Auburn must have worked incredibly hard to come up with a great gameplan. FSU made huge adjustments at half time, using shotgun and RBs to pick up the blitz and completing quick passes on slants and outs to take the pressure off. They also never abandoned the running game. Making in-game adjustments is the hallmark of great coaching.

I hope Golden and crew took lots of notes! Those are what real coaching staffs look like. It was like a chess match the whole game. Wonderful to watch.

poor canehater, our QB next year will likely be Ryan Williams, The QB that won a state championship for Miramar a few years back and has been getting groomed for the job for three years. Unlike Morris, he can throw the short pass as well as the long pass, so Miami's offense will be even better than last year.

You know, a much better QB than your weak Driskell. Yep, Driskell, the same QB that made the Miami defense look good. Poor Driskell, with yet another OC, yet another set on nondescript WRs, and another year of struggling to get to .500.

I like our chances with Williams better than yours with Driskell, hater.

Ga came But the problem with what you say is that it's not like dno gives up more yards as the game goes on. It seems we rarely force 3 and outs so regardless if its the first possession or last teams just march away. The only way to make this is by totally playing at a tails pace and try to milk clock from the first play of the game in order to totally minimize the amount of time the defense plays. That's why golden is building his offense wrong. the only offense to compliment this defense would be one that literally runs every play like the old mid 90s psu offenses just run out the I and play action once in a while. But he's recruiting guys for a quick big play style offense which makes no sense

real Gallo, there were things I saw in bowls that I wish our coaches would pick up on.

1. The Louisville defense being in position, but not in a stance, confusing the OLine of their opponent. It worked, why not copy it. It definitely killed that "almost snap/look at the sideline/call the REAL play" stuff we were doing this year.

2. The Auburn offense in the short huddle stance, giving them a chance to line up and snap quickly, while the defense is still figuring out their positions. Still in fhurry up, but without the linemen being in the stance for thirty seconds.

3. The optional 2 point conversion if the opponent is sleeping on the extra point.

The Duke, Yearby, Gus da Bus, Powell, Crawford.

You win with running and defense. Running helps defense.

McCord. Muhammad. Kirby. Bush. Howard.

Don't you see.. we are lulling everyone to sleep with our mediocre play so we can sneak attack the ACC next year ninja style. Don't forget Ryan Williams aka The White Mamba, aka the Skinny Dorsey. He led all of Florida will pass completion percentage of 80+% on his way to the state championship game... 10-3 next year

With grumblings of failed chances and opportunities.. ahh tis life..

I think the QB situation will be fine next year. Williams is ready to take over and from what I've seen in his limited action this past year, he looks capable of leading the team. He is great on short passes and he looked pretty good with the deep ball too against FAU and USF. Assuming Olsen remains and Kaaya arrives, there is depth there to push Williams to improve even more. This will and should be a run first team next year with Duke, Dallas Crawford, and Gus Edwards all returning. Plus if Yearby signs and gets healthy he can make an impact too. Linder is a big loss on the offensive line, but I think they have the depth there to make up for it. Seantrell is not a big loss in my opinion. I hope Walford returns for his senior season because he is poised for a breakout year. He has all the physical tools to be a first round pick. They just need to get him the ball (which I think Williams will do).

Of course, no matter how well the offense plays, it will be a season of struggle if the defense does not improve dramatically.

The Duke, Yearby, Gus da Bus, Powell, Crawford.
You win with running and defense. Running helps defense.
McCord. Muhammad. Kirby. Bush. Howard.
Don't you see.. we are lulling everyone to sleep with our mediocre play so we can sneak attack the ACC next year ninja style. Don't forget Ryan Williams aka The White Mamba, aka the Skinny Dorsey. He led all of Florida will pass completion percentage of 80+% on his way to the state championship game... 10-3 next year
Posted by: Golden for Prez | January 07, 2014 at 09:59 AM


Vault this for the dumbest post of the year!!

Do you really believe the BS u just posted??

Williams is a complete wild card....1 year gets you nothing....he wasn't groomed at UM...the whole QB situation is a disaster....

what are the odds that williams gets UM to the playoffs?..its next to nothing....forget it

6-6 at best 2014....

I think he was being sarcastic. No one could be that crazy.

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