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Golden sticking by D'Onofrio, coaching staff for better or worse

No matter how loud Hurricanes fans might scream for change (or tweet for that matter), Al Golden doesn't appear to be a head coach ready to cut loose longtime friend and defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio.

The answer to Miami's defensive woes, Golden said during his press conference Monday, isn't blowing things up. It's keeping it status quo and letting Miami's young defensive players grow up and mature.

"Although we're not where we want to be there are so many little things I look at as the head coach that say the answer right now is not change. The answer is continuity," Golden said.

"The answer is continued progress with our young people, continued development. I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't excited about the talent we have coming back on defense. I am. I'm excited. We have a lot of play makers coming back. No. 2, we're adding 14 to 16 more recruits to that. I'm excited about that."

All the excitement Golden might have about his defense isn't going to change the fact that in D'Onofrio's three seasons here, Miami's defense has hardly resembled the Hurricanes of old.

With rival Florida State set to play in the national championship game tonight against Auburn, Miami fans are wondering how long they'll have to wait to see the Hurricanes have a national championship caliber defense to call their own.

Although the Hurricanes produced 12 more turnovers (27 total, 23rd most nationally) and six more sacks than they did in 2012 (29 total, 59th nationally), and they also cut down on the amount of points they allowed (30.5 per game in 2012; 26.8 in 2013), offenses continued to have their way with UM as 500-yard games became the norm down the stretch.

Golden, both on WQAM's morning show and again this afternoon, kept pointing to incremental growth and how the team "made more explosive plays" as signs of progress.

"We scored five touchdowns on defense. We blocked four kicks for the first time. Those to me are all positive trends," Golden said. "The other thing was we went from 31 penalties a year ago on defense to I think 10 playing all those young guys a year ago.

"Again, it's my decision, and my decision was that starting over for these young people is not the answer," he continued. "Continuity, continued progress, continue with the same position coaches and techniques and scheme was the better answer for me. I made that decision after careful evaluation.

"That doesn't mean we're not going to tweak our personnel or our uses of personnel and how we devise things, the quality control you go through in deciding what's best. A team is reborn every year. What was good for this past team may not be what's best for this team coming back. Whether its a different quarterback, a different running game. On defense we may have more -- especially with the kids coming in -- we may have more defensive backs than we've had in awhile. We can play more nickel for instance. Those are all things that go into consideration when you're making that decision."

Golden, who himself is a big part of the defensive game-planning, is banking on the turnaround he had at Temple once the Owls began to recruit better. When Golden and D'Onofrio arrived in 2006, the Owls ranked last in defense among FBS schools. By the time they left in 2010, Temple ranked 47th against the run, 14th in passing efficiency defense, 16th in total defense and 16th in scoring defense.

Will the same happen here?

Golden appears to be banking on it.


> Golden said eight will arrive early and compete in spring ball: running backs Joseph Yearby and Brandon Powell, offensive linemen Trevor Darling and Kc McDermott, JUCO defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou, linebackers Trent Harris and Juwon Young and receiver Braxton Berrios.

Missing from Golden's list of others who said they would sign with Miami early: JUCO defensive tackle Michael Wyche, linebacker Darrion Owens and defensive back Ryan Mayes.

Associate AD Chris Freet said Wyche signed a national letter of intent, but is not yet on the early enrollee list.

Canesport.com's Matt Shodell reported Monday Wyche is currently appealing an ACC rule that requires entering student-athletes to attend the same junior college for three semesters before transferring to a member school. Wyche has reportedly only spent two semester at his current junior college in Los Angeles.

> Golden said the reason receiver Rashawn Scott, quarterback Kevin Olsen and cornerback Ray Lewis III were suspended for the bowl game weren't at the bowl game was because they were suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. All three players remain on the roster, Golden said.

"Rashawn, that's a different situation," Golden said referring to previous suspensions by Scott. "Going into his senior year, it gets to a point where they have to be accountable to their teammates, family, themselves. In terms of Ray and Kevin, we really like both those young men. It was a violation of team rules. Both of them have moved forward, are excited to come back and we're excited to work with them."

Asked if any other players might be leaving the team, Golden said: "I don't foresee anybody leaving."


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Correct. I stand by the Skinney Dorsey and ninja style tactic statement. And the 10-3 record. Although we could easily be 7-6, for obvious reasons. I just think we are due.

Furthermore, as stated on this see-saw battle ground turf war of a blog- I chose no sides. However, as a season ticket holder (family section, of course) I feel free to bash, or be overly optimistic about my Canes, sarcastic even.

Luckily we are still in January and Zook is still here on tis blog, so my dumbest comment shouldn't last very long.

Just Win Kid.


Agree with your points.

We are stuck with inferior game planning and on the field coaching. Our defense has been confused and does not play an attacking style.

The coaches are rigid and will not adjust. They think it is PSU under JoePa. These guys are 80's football in the northeast. The DC is way over his head, as is AG, on the field.

But the other viewpoint is that it is an evolution. These guys know what they are doing. With more talent, we will dominate. Just a matter of time. Temple revisited. On the rise.

Did you see those two teams last night? How hard they play? What the coaches get out of the players?

It is all about coaching. Look at Auburn essentially getting to the final game with the same roster. Yes Nick Franklin was a huge addition, but not a dominating player.

Look at USC. When Ed Orgeron took over with the same players, the team came to life. Coaching is the variable that counts, given decent talent.

We do not have that kind of coaching. We got good recruiting. For all the good things Golden does, he and D'Onofrio and Coley have not energized a team in the way that is needed.

More talent will help. It usually does. But the same strategies will deplete the team's confidence and will to win.

We are stuck with this situation. Many have made a Lane Kiffin analogy, and that fits. To keep D'Onofrio shows a disregard for what it takes to win big at UM.

I am loyal as a Canes fan, but this is discouraging. Maybe it will change next year and "the process" will transform UM upwards. We need a big jolt of some kind.

Morris was a good QB, he just regressed because Jedd Fisch left Miami. He just needs to be coached up. Morris' arm will land him somewhere in the league.

If it wasn't for Fisch Golden wouldn't even be able to get interviews. That offense saved Miami so many times those 2 years.


"he wasn't groomed at UM"

That's a good thing or a bad thing?

What's the definition of insanity? Getting bad results and yet continuing to do the same thing over and over.

Al said the same thing last year that the best thing he could do was keep the defense the same, and lo and behold he got the same bad results for the third year in a row. If three consecutive years of poor performance on defense is not enough to make some changes, then I don't know what is.

I guess Al must be insane because he thinks things will be different next year if he continues to do the same thing again.

My apology...

Fake Gallo, you predicted 6-6 for this year too, in addition to predicting losses to UF, Pitt, UNC, and UVA.

And of course your prediction that Miami would never sign anyone from Booker T Washington or Northwestern.

But getting everything wrong has never discouraged you before, so why should anyone be shocked at your "Williams is a complete wildcard" claim.

Five titles,

Good observations.

Louisville milled around on D while we called a play, got set, looked to the sideline, called the real play, got set and ran the play.

They easily adjusted and set up their defense on our second play call. Advantage Defense.

With the short huddle, which I loved, Auburn eliminated opportunities to adjust for FSU. They also tired out FSU. They called the play, quick to the line and ran the play. Advantage Offense.

UM used a strategy that diminished fire and strength of will. That normally comes from call the play, get set and run it. Not screwing around looking to the sideline like you are lost. UL outcoached us and our guys could not adjust because our coaches didn't get how to counter UL.

When a team has doubt from poor prep, like I believe UM did in big games, the last thing to do is use some stupid, hesitation-oriented play calling scheme.

Auburn did exactly the right thing on offense.

Attack, don't wait to be beaten. For supposedly aggressive players in college, Golden and D'Onofrio are puzzling on the defensive side of the ball with their sit back and get run over approach. And on the offensive side, screw around and then run a play after your guys are less focused.

Sports are a form of entertainment. Just don't spend your money to see the product Golden puts on the field. I can't see any high school coach recommending his kids play for Miami right now. Coaching is simply horrible! I don't know if it would be worse if the kids coached themselves...I wonder if Pete Garcia was the AD if Golden would still be at Miami or would he even had been hired.

Miami was using a hurry-up offense and quick huddle at the beginning of the season. Remember the first half of the UF game? It worked and I have no idea why they abandoned it. The only reason I can think of is that Golden wanted to slow down so his horrible defense could rest. However, it didn't work because once Miami abandoned it's hurry up offense they had more 3 and outs.

"Again, it's my decision, and my decision was that starting over for these young people is not the answer," he continued. "Continuity, continued progress, continue with the same position coaches and techniques and scheme was the better answer for me."

Too bad it's just one man's decision that affects so much and so many. Maybe some people paying his salary (directly and indirectly) should have some say so too.

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”
― Aristotle

Tub, do you really not know what a fact is? Assertions from someone else are still assertions.

What single fact do you have that Golden received a job offer from PSU? Didn't receive one? Rejected it? It was pulled?

Just 1 fact. Oh, a real fact.

Sunny Dee, dbc, five:
The hurry up was an integral part of the game.

The toll of the hurry up is that the D get's gassed and then the long passes start making them move to positional play much slower.

If a team has depth then they can maintain the "hurry up". If they don't it cannot be consistently used throughout the game. With one exception Oregon.

I agree with Saban this is the antidote to D's dancing around trying to confuse. It has to be part of a game plan.

Fla. State had a good game , but as said earlier they adjusted throughout the game, especially in the third and fourth quarters.

Hope our OC and DC made notes. Very good game.

Go 'Canes

Another thing that needs to change on offense for next year - let the QB audible instead of always having to look to the sideline to change the play. Looking to the sideline takes too long and also gives the defense the opportunity to look to the sideline to make their counter-adjustments. I don't mind if they do it occasionally, but let the QB call a few quick audibles to change the pace a little. Or have a couple of plays lined up out of the huddle so the offense can run back to back plays without giving the defense a break.

Our time of possession would've been even worse if we continued the hurry up. Its got to be an efficiently executed offense to sustain. The hurry-up died when Duke got hurt.

I believe Miami's loyal fans have a right to know what Golden's going to do to bolster that horrible defense. I don't mean platitudes. I mean tell us how you're going to shore up that sieve of a defense. We can have the greatest defensive players in the world but if there's not a good scheme in place to stop offensive players like we saw last night, we're just bound to remain floundering in permanent mediocrity. When I taught school, if parents ask me questions about their child I couldn't say, hey don't worry about it, you'll see every things going to be great. No, I was obligated to give them solid answers about what plans I had in place for there children. That's what we deserve.

Did you notice that both offenses rarely looked at the sidelines like UM does....I have never seen a team do that constantly like UM does.....

morris always turning his head to coaches....wtf was that all about all the time. Posted by: Jim Gallo
Extremely poor coaching has players looking to the sidelines.
If a defense uses four down linemen and LBs within 2-3 yards of the line of scrimmage, and DBs go to their receivers and stick with them, the entire defense NEVER needs to look at the sidelines.

If the QB is allowed to call his own plays including having a big back to plow into the hole that the QB calls, and the QB calls slant patterns based on comments from his receivers that he can beat the DB if the pass is to the middle or to the sidelines, the offense NEVER needs to look at the sidelines.

And they NEVER need to call a timeout because the play clock is winding down and everyone is confused.

Face it, Cane fans, golden and his staff do not know their butts from first base, their azzes from their elbows. No NCs until they are gone. Then, bring in a Jimmy or a Howard to recruit some skinny, super fast, bad boys from Overtown or N. Miami and little Havana and some big tight ends from some Catholic school, some farm kids from the Glades.

How quickly Cane fans forget. They blasted Butch Davis in 1997 and flew planes over the orange bowl demanding that he be fired. That incident and Miami's refusal to give Butch one contract clause he wanted, played a huge part in Butch bolting. What would have been, if he had stayed? Probably 2-3 more national championships.

Great story below. At the end it talks about Miami and why Butch left.


People still giving Gallo the floor?

A minority of Canes fans were wrong about blasting Butch Davis in 1997 because he was missing 30 scholarships. However, were they right about Shannon and Coker? Butch says he regrets leaving. He was stupid if he let the plane incident have any influence over his decision, but the main reason he left was the inability to get the contract provision he wanted and the lure of an NFL job. It would be nice to have him back.

MAYBE many of us are wrong about Golden, but for his loyal supporters it is all hope and prayer that he can turn things around at this point. So far, none of his supporters have identified more than one defensive player who has improved since his arrival at UM or more than one game where Golden has outcoached his opponent. Do his supporters agree that we should change nothing with the scheme of the defense next season?

Golden cites progress (9 wins, better overall defense) but these stats are inflated due to the soft schedule (replacing Kansas State and Notre Dame away games with Sav. St and FAU at home). His ACC record was the same (5-3) and his defense in ACC play was actually worse this season.

Five has made some good arguments in favor of Golden (he still thinks he should get rid of D'O), but so far most of the arguments are "you guys wanted to get rid of Butch too" or "9 wins" or "he was in an impossible situation." We all know the 9 wins is an illusion. None of the arguments focus on his actual coaching ability.

Dee, no arguments here matter, it is just sport yapping. Golden isn't going anywhere and is under contract for years.

Donna S has dramatically improved the quality of the UM student body and that is her top priority, not the football team. Golden will never embarrass her in the press or on a stage and he'll have enough talent to be mediocre. That's good enough for 2 1/4 million a year. Not bad work if you can get it.

If he really wanted to win, he'd obviously change defensive approaches.

Golden insinuated there will be tweaks. I bet they go to more 4-3 next season . I sure hope they fix the oline problem of slaping the leg of the center before the ball is snapped too. We have dno 1 more year wether we like ig or not unless someone fires him right after signing day. In the big picture, Golden has no say if UM wants dno gone. At least with yearby and duke we will be able to keep our defense off the field. That will be a plus in itself.

So, who do we lose this year that has Fake Gallo crowing with glee that we will be 6-6?
Let's take a look, shall we?

We must have to replace over half the offense, since that was the strength of the team, right?

Stephen Morris - Replaced by Ryan Williams.
Allen Hurns - Replaced by Stacy Coley.
Seantrel Henderson - Replaced by Ereck Flowers.
Brandon Linder - Replaced by Malcolm Bunche.

Nope, losing only four starters and having four very capable replacements is not going to mean three fewer wins.

Must be that the defense is losing half the team.

Shayon Green - Replaced by Ufomba Kamalu.
Curtis Porter - Replaced by Earl Moore.
James Gaines - Replaced by Raphael Kirby.

Nope, losing only three starters and having three very capable replacements is not going to mean three fewer wins.

Must be that the special teams is losing half the team.

Pat O'Donnell - Replaced by Ricky Carroll or Zach Costa.

Wait a second.... That means that Fake Gallo, who taunted about the punter position all offseason and through the season, is claiming that the PUNTER is going to cost us three more games?

4-8, not sure you are right about Golden's contract. Some HC contracts have rights to hire/fire asst coaches. No one seems to know what his covers.

Five, I hope some of our starters are bumped by new guys. I don't think Williams will be our qb, btw. He isn't very athletic and you only get 1 year out of him. If he's the clear #1, he'll get it. If close, they'll go a different way.

Posted by: Five Titles | January 07, 2014 at 09:21 AM

U are talking about two plays: Winston's scramble when the DEs one finger got caught in his mask and the dude let go instantly and the tackle on the sideline after the 4th quarter Rashard Greene catch. Two plays. Auburn didn't pull face masks and horse collar tackle the whole game like FSU held Auburn DEs, every play, especially #30 Ford who was murdering FSU's RT. Thats the difference in what we saw, nevertheless, FSU earned it with their adjustments.

Also the assertion that the SEC is a choking conference goes too far lol! Auburn was a double digits underdog and had FSU on the ropes the entire game, thats not choking. The SEC won the last 7 NCs--thats not choking.

I actually agreed with Zook's analysis on Duke being a great team this year.

SO, The Miami Herald, one of the few actual media sites that got the AG to PSU reporting right, saw fit to report this:

The Harrisburg Patriot-News reported Sunday that “Golden was never a slam dunk,” and that Penn State needed time to interview Vanderbilt coach James Franklin and just-fired Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak, a fellow Penn State grad.

The paper reported, through an unnamed source, that “Golden was never offered the position.”

SO, PSU didn't come in here, make us look like a third rate program and swipe our great coach. They gave him a shot. The evidence suggests, as I played with it, that PSU thought better of it, because there are better options. Enough already.

Though it's an unnamed source, the editors saw fit to print that he didn't even get the offer.

As we have all noted in his tenure, the paper and other UM friendly media have seen fit to gloss over any negative reporting to protect the Admin and program's face....so this is a pretty big tell.

I don't care enough to go looking through your posts - you got me - I offered - LOLOL - won't do that again. I do remember you talking about the demise of the program if they took our AG away..

What a fantastic bowl series this year. This was my favorite year of CFB since 2001.

Congrats to FSU and Auburn for getting there.
The coaching up of the teams before and during the game was just brilliant to watch.

Alabama and OSU going down twice each and the ACC doing well at the top was much needed.

I am really excited to see what our Qb situation gets to. I think RW will be our man, even though it makes little sense long term, with Olsen getting a bunch of reps and Kaaya getting a redshirt - all unless we really stink it up outta the gate and have to hope Kaaya is Jameis Christ 2.0. -

I think it was Five and Jax that went over this too already..

Hopefully Yearby can keep us on a solid running attack to complement DJ - cause DC and GE aren't the answer so far, though I really like GE.

Our Offense should be able to go more hurry up with a healthy RB combo and should be able to get to a better short and medium game. Losing Fisch did kill Morris' progress.

On defense? Probably not too much improvement with the youth movement; hope I am wrong.

I realize no arguments here matter (although some would beg to differ). I just find it fun to discuss the team with fellow Canes fans.

The Golden discussion came about because of the Penn State rumors. My opinion was and is that it would be a blessing if he left because there are numerous coaches available who are better gameday coaches and could take Miami further (Butch, Chud, Schiano, Petrino, etc...).

I know Miami will not fire Golden, nor do I think they should. It would be too costly for them to do so and it would not look good to prospective coaches if he were fired without having the chance to recruit his players without the NCAA cloud.

My biggest concern going forward is Golden's stubbornness to adhere to a coaching philosophy that does not appear to work with Miami-style players, and his loyalty to D'O at the expense of the program.

As a Miami alum, I love Shalala and, unlike others, do not believe she is the reason why Miami football has been mediocre for the past 10 seasons. I could be wrong, but I believe she wants to win but has trusted her athletic department to make hires that have not turned out to be too good. Golden is apparently making over $2 million a year, so I no longer think it is a case of the administration being too cheap to hire a great coach. At this point, all of the coaches I listed would kill to coach Miami for over 2 million a year for different reasons.


No way we have 10 wins next season, our whole division might beat us.

Spot on, Dee.

Not a crazy notion, Junkie.

Though I so like the analysis that Five did on the other side.

"To be a jackass maggot, say the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again."

- Jim "the Pig" Gallo

My very early prediction for next season is 8-4 regular season again.

WINS: FAMU, Cincy, Duke, UNC, Pitt, at GT (program is in shambles), at UVA, Ark. St.
LOSSES: at Nebraska, FSU, at VT, at Louisville

I could very easily see Miami losing the UNC game, but I give them the edge because it is at home and because UNC is losing Ebron.

Is it just me, or has the tone gotten a little harsher on AG across the 3 major local sites - jumped around the herald, sentinel, and pjj - nevermind goober Cote, lolol.

Yep, the honeymoon IS OVER.

Considering we have the turnover issue and the QB question - it's a bit ironic that AG has to start showing some progress that doesn't have built in, but valid excuses; just when there is a legitimate down year approaching. Teams in the ACC are getting better too...

I don't see us beating Duke or UNC.

.@GoldenAl on QB situation: “Ryan has done a great job, but you’re not annointed the QB job anywhere. Ryan is someone we’re excited about."

This comment makes me feel that Ryan Williams has not wowed the coaches and they may to anticipating or even expecting one of the incoming QBs namely Kaaya beating him out. This quote is preparing Us for that possibility.

QB Williams hasn't played in 3 straight games in 3 years. Picking up blitz packages, getting the right play in, timing, footwork etc.. all in live game action is a concern. Jedd Fisch's presence would have soothed this transition but he isn't here. The biggest concern is that he practices against our *2nd team* defense in practice, even if he was/is accustomed to our 1st team defense, does that provide good experience and reps for real game experience?

HTC - I have to disagree with you about the officiating last night. The officials must have decided to let them play before the game (like they did in the NFL Wild Card games this weekend), because there was a lot of holding and DB contact that did not draw flags the entire game. FSU was definitely holding and there was a non-call on a pass interference in the endzone that the officials did not call. I'm sure there are more examples too. However, they did not call a clear horsecoller at the end of the game and the facemask on Auburn. I also thought Auburn held on the touchdown run to put them ahead in the fourth quarter. Also, I know technically it may have been taunting, but I thought the officials should have just spoken with Freeman instead of throwing the flag after the TD that prevented FSU from attempting a 2-point conversion to tie the game.

I would rather officials let small stuff go and let the players decide the game rather than calling ticky-tack calls all game. Overall, I thought they did a good job. I also thought FSU was the better team overall. If they played 10 more times, I would expect FSU to win 8. They simply have more talent than Auburn. Auburn probably has the better coaching staff and caught FSU off-guard in the first two quarters. However, Fisher made adjustments and the talent was just too much at the end. Winston was also incredible and unflappable on that last drive. I can't believe he is a freshman.

Beed, you are usually a tougher sell than buying the unnamed source routine.

I have no idea whether Golden was offered a job or not.

He may have said he'd do it x million and they may have said no thanks.

He may have turned them down and the unnamed source appeared so it didn't look like they had been shot down.

Again, I have no idea. Sure would like to know the facts.

Duke returns heir whole team and most damaging and importantly their coach.

Their QB played surprisingly good down the stretch and the big game experience they were exposed to this season will only make them better. The lights aren't that bright for Duke anymore--they've had a taste of success and the stage now.

They will be a problem for UM going forward with our coaching staff.

UNC is a loss. Duke, I don't know.

My main concern is we win when we outscore people (thank you captain obvious, right). What I mean is, we don't shut teams down, we score on them and they score on us. A new QB, no fault of his own, means we will probably stall on offense. Those stalls are losses next season.

I'd say ball control offense lowers the scoring opportunities for both teams, but we give up quick scores. Teams can drive on us in 2 minutes, easily.
Also, Duke is homerun hitter, so he will kill some time of possession.


The tone is really harsh around Golden, but he brought it on himself by interviewing and not firing his boy.

It has less to do with the past record than it does with the perception that we reached the ceiling this year. This is as good as he can make things for this program.

Does anyone see us beating the FSU we saw yesterday? They could lower their level of play over the next 3 years and still beat the 2013 Canes. Goodbye ACC title hopes.

forgot to add that on top of all of that..the guy doesn't want to be here.


Exactly to my point! Consider the way twitter and Canesport handled it, versus UM admin and the Miamiherald...after all the dust had "settled" the MH came out looking pretty Golden, but still saw fit to report an unnamed source on the nature of it that wasn't flattering to AG...

I made wild speculations and wrote really bad screenplay scripts biased to my feelings and experience in business inclinations...

I think your last point about both sides saving face is closest to the truth...we just don't know. I sure would love to.

SO, as I write, the Nashville Post is reporting that "a bunch of Vanderbilt coordinators are now following multiple PSU recruits on twitter, fueling speculation that Franklin is going to get the job...."

LOLOL...the futures! we are here! The Instant Speculatron Outrage Machine is humming!

I referenced both of those plays in my initial post and agreed that there were calls made and not made for the most part on both sides. I also prefer a hands-off approach to officiating.

But the frequency of the holding on #30 Ford was alarming and I'm almost positive that it became part of those adjustments U speak of when it became evident early on that FSU's RT couldn't handle DE Ford at all. Trickett told that boy that they cannot sacrifice another player just to stop one player and still score points. After the RT started to hold Ford consistently--the whole game changed and FSU finally scored before the half. They continued the same tactic after the half and were ok with seeing whether the officials were gonna let it play out--and they did--so they kept holding.

It was clear to me that the holding of Auburn's DEs changed the entire make-up and conclusion of the game. It was an integral aspect of FSU being NC today.

I ask anyone to watch the replays of the game for the next week or so, and pay close attention to the Auburn D Ends and how many times they turned the edge, but mysteriously never made it to Winston because of the arm of a 320 pound man is wrapped around their necks every play.

ESPN laughs at our coaching..
Posted by: hswalden@gmail.com | January 07, 2014 at 08:42 AM

I totally agree and see this occur all the time. It pisses me off that they are singing the praises of our coach for his aesthetic ability, but laugh at him for his on-field coaching abilities. They hate "the U", but love Us having Golden as our coach, because we are beatable because of it. I hate Holtz smug ass i just want to jump thru the screen sometimes. He says Golden is great for UM and then snickers. Then they all predict Us to lose on the field in big games and were only wrong once vs 4-8 UF.

HTC - Point well taken.

Ceiling comments - absolutely! That is the crux of my excitement for getting to replace AG, had PSU offered him. - Sticking to my guns, lolol.

The officiating last night was such a mixed bag - I like that they "let the kids play," but the missed FMsk, horse collar and the phantom unsportsman like against Freeman were a bit much...

SO, HTC, I can't disagree that FSU was holding a ton, but I don't know if that is the dispositive factor...

I ask anyone to watch the replays of the game for the next week or so, and pay close attention to the Auburn D Ends and how many times they turned the edge, but mysteriously never made it to Winston because of the arm of a 320 pound man is wrapped around their necks every play.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed. And during the game I didnt have a problem with the non calls as it seemed like the refs were gonna stay out of it and let the players play.

Then for them to call that P.I. at the end of the game with 17 seconds left, and give the ball to FSU on the two with four fresh downs, they pretty much decided the game right there.

Only one pass interference all night, and thats when they decide to call it. Thats bad form.

I still like goldens comment about bridgewater, he was just to good. UMMMM, thats why our DEFENSE has to come up with a GAME PLAN to limit him. I give auburn credit, for making it uncomfortably most of the night for jameis. The only thing we did was get a safety and the rest of the night was his.....because he was to good.


WR 1 Allen Hurns - gone
LT 74 Ereck Flowers - will leave team
LG 70 Jon Feliciano
C 62 S. McDermott
RG 65 Brandon Linder - gone
RT 77 S. Henderson - gone
TE 46 Clive Walford
TE 82 A. Cleveland - gone
QB 17 Stephen Morris - gone
RB 25 D. Crawford
WR 3A Stacy Coley

DE 71 A. Chickillo
DT 96 Curtis Porter - gone
DT 91 Olsen Pierre
DE 51 Shayon Green - gone
OLB 34 T. Armbrister
MLB 59 Jimmy Gaines - gone
OLB 52 D. Perryman
CB 3 Tracy Howard - will leave team
S 2 Deon Bush
S 26 R. Jenkins
CB 37 Ladarius Gunter

2012 before morris took over he threw for 3345 yards and 21 TD's....this year before williams takes over he threw 369 yards and 3 TD's.....he is nowhere ready...

golden had ZERO confidence in williams....

2014: 6-6 at best

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