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Golden sticking by D'Onofrio, coaching staff for better or worse

No matter how loud Hurricanes fans might scream for change (or tweet for that matter), Al Golden doesn't appear to be a head coach ready to cut loose longtime friend and defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio.

The answer to Miami's defensive woes, Golden said during his press conference Monday, isn't blowing things up. It's keeping it status quo and letting Miami's young defensive players grow up and mature.

"Although we're not where we want to be there are so many little things I look at as the head coach that say the answer right now is not change. The answer is continuity," Golden said.

"The answer is continued progress with our young people, continued development. I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't excited about the talent we have coming back on defense. I am. I'm excited. We have a lot of play makers coming back. No. 2, we're adding 14 to 16 more recruits to that. I'm excited about that."

All the excitement Golden might have about his defense isn't going to change the fact that in D'Onofrio's three seasons here, Miami's defense has hardly resembled the Hurricanes of old.

With rival Florida State set to play in the national championship game tonight against Auburn, Miami fans are wondering how long they'll have to wait to see the Hurricanes have a national championship caliber defense to call their own.

Although the Hurricanes produced 12 more turnovers (27 total, 23rd most nationally) and six more sacks than they did in 2012 (29 total, 59th nationally), and they also cut down on the amount of points they allowed (30.5 per game in 2012; 26.8 in 2013), offenses continued to have their way with UM as 500-yard games became the norm down the stretch.

Golden, both on WQAM's morning show and again this afternoon, kept pointing to incremental growth and how the team "made more explosive plays" as signs of progress.

"We scored five touchdowns on defense. We blocked four kicks for the first time. Those to me are all positive trends," Golden said. "The other thing was we went from 31 penalties a year ago on defense to I think 10 playing all those young guys a year ago.

"Again, it's my decision, and my decision was that starting over for these young people is not the answer," he continued. "Continuity, continued progress, continue with the same position coaches and techniques and scheme was the better answer for me. I made that decision after careful evaluation.

"That doesn't mean we're not going to tweak our personnel or our uses of personnel and how we devise things, the quality control you go through in deciding what's best. A team is reborn every year. What was good for this past team may not be what's best for this team coming back. Whether its a different quarterback, a different running game. On defense we may have more -- especially with the kids coming in -- we may have more defensive backs than we've had in awhile. We can play more nickel for instance. Those are all things that go into consideration when you're making that decision."

Golden, who himself is a big part of the defensive game-planning, is banking on the turnaround he had at Temple once the Owls began to recruit better. When Golden and D'Onofrio arrived in 2006, the Owls ranked last in defense among FBS schools. By the time they left in 2010, Temple ranked 47th against the run, 14th in passing efficiency defense, 16th in total defense and 16th in scoring defense.

Will the same happen here?

Golden appears to be banking on it.


> Golden said eight will arrive early and compete in spring ball: running backs Joseph Yearby and Brandon Powell, offensive linemen Trevor Darling and Kc McDermott, JUCO defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou, linebackers Trent Harris and Juwon Young and receiver Braxton Berrios.

Missing from Golden's list of others who said they would sign with Miami early: JUCO defensive tackle Michael Wyche, linebacker Darrion Owens and defensive back Ryan Mayes.

Associate AD Chris Freet said Wyche signed a national letter of intent, but is not yet on the early enrollee list.

Canesport.com's Matt Shodell reported Monday Wyche is currently appealing an ACC rule that requires entering student-athletes to attend the same junior college for three semesters before transferring to a member school. Wyche has reportedly only spent two semester at his current junior college in Los Angeles.

> Golden said the reason receiver Rashawn Scott, quarterback Kevin Olsen and cornerback Ray Lewis III were suspended for the bowl game weren't at the bowl game was because they were suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. All three players remain on the roster, Golden said.

"Rashawn, that's a different situation," Golden said referring to previous suspensions by Scott. "Going into his senior year, it gets to a point where they have to be accountable to their teammates, family, themselves. In terms of Ray and Kevin, we really like both those young men. It was a violation of team rules. Both of them have moved forward, are excited to come back and we're excited to work with them."

Asked if any other players might be leaving the team, Golden said: "I don't foresee anybody leaving."


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the penn disgrace morons will never be able to coach at the level of football we saw in these bowls games, we gotta get past duke first.

Posted by: Calvin | January 07, 2014 at 12:34 AM

Seriously LMFAO, again.

Kudo's to CALVIN, JSY, H.T.B. and an array of LOYAL, STAUNCH Hurricane fan-dom, which SEE clearly the DISMANTLING of a once STORIED Miami, Florida Hurricane football program. hUh

By the way Calvin, U unintentionally forgot to list MIGHTY Virginia.

Because Thee Carpetbagger's have a LOSING RECORD ( 1-2 ) against that STALWART major college football program AKA the Cavalier's-sp. LOL

Heck, even a Maryland team which won only TWO GAMES( TOWSON ST. and U Know Who. ). in 2011, are one up in the victory column against both Goldie nd' Marky Mark ).

Matter of fact, that A.C.C. game with the Turtle was an absolute PREVIEW of what was going to take place regarding Hurricane football. dUh

Here's a brief synopsis of galloinda's predictive ability:

Fake Gallo, you predicted 6-6 for this year too, in addition to predicting losses to UF, Pitt, UNC, and UVA.

And of course your prediction that Miami would never sign anyone from Booker T Washington or Northwestern.

But getting everything wrong has never discouraged you before, so why should anyone be shocked at your "Williams is a complete wildcard" claim.

Posted by: Five Titles | January 07, 2014 at 10:42 AM

Btw, Cleveland never started. When Flowers and Howard stay, will Gallo leave?

Its funny how whimsical the majority is. Gallo, the original skeptic, was among a handful of objective observers. Ostracized, the once marginalized Gallo now has his minions. The program has hit a few bumps, oh how quickly people turn.

I have been an advocate of criticism, signifying the importance of high expectations. Now that the tide has turned, the once Golden supporters, who are now detractors, will once again be supporters, IF Golden wins.

Cleveland started against UL, its all about the formation and personnel grouping the coaches choose to begin with.

Golden for Prez, to be honest with U, no one's posts are more unpredictable, and in consistent than yours have been. Do U consider yourself to be one of those people U speak of?

its easy to be a genius...all you have to do is look at the data....it was all there right from the beginning......

up dated lists...lol


WR 1 Allen Hurns - gone
LT 74 Ereck Flowers - will leave team
LG 70 Jon Feliciano
C 62 S. McDermott
RG 65 Brandon Linder - gone
RT 77 S. Henderson - gone
TE 46 Clive Walford
TE 82 A. Cleveland - gone
QB 17 Stephen Morris - gone
RB 25 D. Crawford
WR 3A Stacy Coley

DE 71 A. Chickillo - very possible
DT 96 Curtis Porter - gone
DT 91 Olsen Pierre
DE 51 Shayon Green - gone
OLB 34 T. Armbrister
MLB 59 Jimmy Gaines - gone
OLB 52 D. Perryman - gone
CB 3 Tracy Howard - will leave team
S 2 Deon Bush
S 26 R. Jenkins
CB 37 Ladarius Gunter

2012 before morris took over he threw for 3345 yards and 21 TD's....this year before williams takes over he threw 369 yards and 3 TD's.....he is nowhere ready...

golden had ZERO confidence in williams....

2014: 6-6 at best

Sir Tubby, I like to bring make light of certain conversations, that some seem to hinder so much emphasis on. The Golden One I refer to, and my name might confuse you, for that I am sorry. I do enjoy the analytical posts here, and yours too.

Make no mistake about it. I want to win. However, unless the Golden One makes drastic coaching changes (style, personnel) I will continue to be a critic, while rooting for my team.

You have to notice the sentiment change on this blog. That is why I point out peoples' sheep like tendencies. However, outside of this blog, Golden sympathy is still strong. Which is a more realistic view of how Canes fans feel. All I'm sayin is people never cease to amaze me in their malleable mind frames.

I agree.

jsy I am not saying we dont need to change up the defense some but I am saying that the stats are a little misleading because if our offense did their job the stats would look much better , but I do know what you are saying . Go Canes

Then I am one of those you speak of; those malleable minds. I am a flip flopper and not ashamed of it.

I can and will take information in, as it comes available, and challenge my own beliefs with evidence to form informed stances.

AG's performance is mediocre in light of the numbers and eyeball test at the end of this season. Without rehashing the ups and downs, I think AG as a coach has hit the ceiling.

I certainly haven't changed my stance based on being part of the prevailing sentiment of Canes fans..It's not too fun p*&^ing in the wind, but it's equally bad to ignore and pretend.

If AG starts winning and doing so in a way that negates the criticism to this point, you bet your sweet A$% I will be happy, admit my mistakes, and root em on!

So, call me all the names you need to salve the butthurt.

I take some of each member's points and have a ton of fun discussing our Canes.

Coley and D'Onofrio are position coaches at best.The 2 coord should be denoted, you never see game time adjustments . when teams find something working in the 1st quarter,it will be there in the 4th quarter we never make adjustments .The coaches watch the free fall kmowing they are EXPOSED.

Gallo, what planet did you come from? What a jerk, you're as stupid as that district attorney up in Tallahassee who let the sex offender off. I wonder what Winston will do this off season to get his name in the papers. Fisher and the legal system up there can't protect him forever. He is a good football player, but not so good of a kid, or teammate.
Go Canes, let's bring in another good recruiting class and have an even better 2014 season.

I hope the Canes are still interviewing Butch, Petrino, Chudz or whomever, behind the scenes, as if PSU presents the right package to Golden, he more than likely leaves, WHICH WOULD BE GREAT! Golden tried to spin he was not a candidate, as the job hadn't yet been offered(only that he interviewed, which he didn't even admit to that in Joe Rose's QAM interview). However, once the PSU job is actually offered, hopefully he takes it and we are DONE WITH THE GOLDEN ERA!

My thing is this it's nothing wrong with sticking with a friend. It's great that he's showing loyalty to a long term friend. At the same time he needs to be in his friend ear making sure that he doesn't makes an ass out of him. This year shouldn't be an excuse on why we can't compete for a NC or an ACC title. Golden needs to go after Travis Rudolph tell the young man that he will have a shot at playing WR instead of cornerback. Why in the hell would you convert a WR into a CB? Doesn't make sense Golden. That's why you go out and recruit players that specialize in there position. We need a big Receiver that's 6'5 or 6'6 make him a redzone target and we need to get Clive Walford the ball more this year. Who ever our QB will be this year he will have plenty of Targets to hit if we remain healthy throughout the season. We need and have to do better this year no if ands buts about it.

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