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Good news for Canes: Anthony Chickillo returning -- and Al Golden/Penn State mystery continues

We've had no shortage of news.

On Tuesday, I learned that Anthony Chickillo had been projected by the NFL Draft Advisory Board as a fourth to fifth rounder and was mulling his decision about whether to turn pro early.

On Wednesday night, Chickillo tweeted, "To end all the rumors, I will return for my final season at miami, let's make it a good one.''

So glad Anthony is returning. UM needs him, and he needs the extra year to improve even more before he goes into the NFL. Anthony is a loyal Cane, but I'm sure he has been frustrated the past couple of seasons with the defense and how he plays both tackle and end. He's a team guy, and does what's asked of him.

Anthony, listed at 6-4 and 277 pounds, had 44 tackles this season, 7.5 tackles for losses, 3.5 sacks and two pass breakups.



   I think we could know by tomorrow, maybe Friday, who the next Penn State coach is.

   A private jet landed in Destin, Fla., and took off again and was expected to arrive in State College (Penn State) at about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday (tonight). Some people I know thought Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin might be inside. Franklin reportedly has a home in that area. 

   However, here's the tweet that just came over Twitter:

NBC crew in State College says Pres Rod Erickson, AD Dave Joyner got off plane at airport, coming from Destin, FL, where James Franklin was.

No Franklin on the plane. But Penn State prez Rod Erickson was on it, and the AD. 

 I know Al was at UM this afternoon. Not sure how late he left.

   Also, a tweet from James Franklins' Twitter account tonight said: "Just got done my most important job, putting our girls 2 bed & making sure they know how much their dad loves them! Family first!" Hmmm.

   Earlier in the day, I asked UM athletic director Blake James if he could comment on the latest round of Golden speculation.

  "I stand by my statement I have made all along,'' James texted to me. "Al and I are in regular communication he is our football coach and I believe he will be our coach going forward. Thanks.''

  Stay tuned. Hope the mystery unravels soon. 










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"I stand by my statement I have made all along,'' James texted to me. "Al and I are in regular communication he is our football coach and I believe he will be our coach going forward. Thanks.''

Short and sweet. Good decision Chick. Lose 10 lbs and let's rock.

Stay the course. Like the Ibis don't run
From the storm.
And listen to your wife

Jeremy Fowler
College Football Insider
Coaching Changes Daily:

NBC Philadelphia says Al Golden is still in play, which could explain the holdup on a hire. Golden always made the most sense, the PSU loyalist who has flourished on his own in the college game. But with Golden publicly re-committing to Miami, can he go back on that? This is college football, so yes. But still seems unlikely.

The most uninspiring statement that I have ever heard from a player who is returning for his Senior season. You can tell that Chick is frustrated with the defense. Listen to the end of his statement ".......lets make it a good one". He sounds very unenthused. Usually when a guy comes back his statement is more inspiring, along the lines of "love playing for (insert team here). I/we have unfinished business to accomplish next season" or "I think we can really compete for a championship next year and I want to be a key part of getting us their", yadda, yadda, yadda.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Chick is not a winner or a tough nosed player, I'm just saying he seems like he really wanted to go, but due to the analysis of his stock he is coming back. Honestly, makes you wonder if he was predicted to be a 4th or 5th rounder and he had to contemplate coming back, he must really be getting frustrated playing in D'Nofrio's scheme.

BTW, I am not letting Chick get away Scott free with the frustration, he has a hand in it also, but I do believe that he has not been coached up properly and/or is not put in the right position to make more plays.

Still waiting on the good news the article stated. Good news would be chick leaving. Major bust. The other good news would be the Dennys manager miami has for a coach leaving ,
that myfriends would be good news.

Good decision for Chick to come back for senior season. He needs a good year to improve his draft stock. Now we need Perryman to also come back. Can our idiot DC please run something other than a drop zone defense every down? If he runs some man bump and run or some man with cover two over the top, then maybe we will stop giving up 500 yards a game. And blitz multiple guys every once in a while!

Just because PSU says he is in play doesn't mean anything. He isn't going anywhere. I don't believe the PSU source when the guy they are chasing has said he isn't in play. Trust the Tie on this one.

There just throwin rumors out there to mess Miami's class up and get more decommitts. Butch or Schiano are waiting in the wings, so any UM Decommitts would get an NFL coach who knows how to win, so we are in a win win situation. Butch lobbied for the job last week if Goldie leaves, so Travonte, COMMITT TO THE SCHOOL, not a coach, UM costs 40k per year or more, LSU costs pennies compared to that. A degree from a top 40 school, harvard of the south , is much better..................U is on the way back

Goldie is full of crap. The only reason he isn't making any coaching changes is because his name is still in the hat for the PSU job. Why would you hire new assistants when you might be leaving town for another job. I would much rather him keep his mouth shut and not comment on anything. The more he talks the deeper the hole gets. It's a business. Canes fans shouldn't take it personal. With the right direction The U could be one of the best jobs in college football. 2 tears in a bucket.

How foolish you idiots sound falling for these rumors. Valentine needs to grow a pair and commit or else get lost so Golden doesn't waisting any more time on him. Get real you people.

Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin reportedly has been offered the coaching job at Penn State, likely ending the possibility that he will interview with the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins had planned to meet with Franklin, formerly the offensive coordinator at the University of Maryland, this week, perhaps as soon as Thursday. But that meeting apparently won’t happen.

The Scranton Times-Tribune reported that Franklin was offered the Penn State job and is expected to accept or reject it Thursday. He would replace Bill O’Brien, who left the school to become the head coach of the Houston Texans.

I know that they are 2 different sports and are schematically run in 2 different ways, but when I hear CAG talk about not being able to compete due to a lack of talent, I look at what Coach L. is doing with the Men's Basketball team this year. The 'Canes team with only 1 returning starter (Rian Brown), almost beat a very good Syracuse team on Saturday on the road AND they again went on the road an beat UNC in Chapel Hill. Is UNC having there typical year? No, but it is still UNC and they are to college basketball, what we are to college football. Coach L.'s teams have beaten them 4 games in a row.

Coach L.'s team was not as talented as Duke, UNC or some of the other ACC teams last year, but he coached up his guys and they won the ACC outright AND then went on to win the ACC tournament.

Again, 2 different sports, but when is the last time that our football team has beaten a team that we were not supposed to beat or even came close to beating a team that we were not supposed to beat? Coach L. is the one who should be screaming about having no talent on his squad, but he is not. You know what he is doing? He is coaching up the talent that he has and having his team beating teams that are more talented than his or at least being in the game into the last minutes of the 4th quarter. Maybe the wily Coach L. can teach CAG a thing or two about getting the most out of your players and adjusting your style to the talent that you have?

Coach Larranaga is a blessing bestowed upon UM, along with coach Meier.
Great victory today.
BTW, news jus it's franklin, if he wants it. I'm here in Nashville.

Also, Petrino (or "LATRINO") as I refer to him is back at UL. I was celebrating Strong's departure, now it's even worse. Bobby is a scumbag, but he can coach.

thank christ a no nothing DE is returning because he would not have been drafted until the 6th.

@ the end of the day tomorrow, who de fuckis our DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR ?

? still Golden's BFF boy ... well be D.C.

man, just wait til 2016 Miami Homeys

I remember Goldie saying he had to evaluate the whole team along with the coaches after the UL loss. Well I think he needs to evaluate his evaluation. He isn't a south Florida guy and he needs to go if he doesn't get rid of No'D.

ESPN is reporting that Franklin has been offered PSU position. Let's hope he turns it down so Goldy and D'no can take it and a real D coord can help our guys develop and continue the pipeline to the NFL.

We are tired of the Golden PSU stuff, if he goes he goes no big problem a lot better coachs out there to hire.

Love how all of you are spin doctors as to believe stupid rumors on the Internet. Not a single poster here, on Cancerspace or anywhere else has insider knowledge. Not even Canesport. You try to force yourself upon this U family but the only members are the actual players.

Sorry haters, you lose again.


Yea, Golden couldn't wait 3 days. lmbo!

Oh he had to rush PSU just in case so he could save his UM's recruiting class. Lol

Ready. Set. Spin.

So Golden wanted to force PSU's hand, but PSU wanted more time for interviews. So for Golden's "dream job" he couldn't wait 3 days?!

So it does seem Golden took the interview out of respect for his alma mater and turned it down or did PSU turn him down? I bet the insider wannabes know. Lol

It's this simple boys and girls. You're going to believe exactly what you want. You can find anything on the Internet to back you up. Whether the information is true or not, you will believe whatever you want. So why continue to debate it? Trying to talk me out of supporting a team I've been around since the age of 9? Trying to get me to bash my own team? That is not going to happen. I support this team win or lose. I won't even leave the stadium on a 48-0 blow out in the last game at the OB. I won't even leave a blow out to UL. It's called being a loyal fan and supporting what you get. You have no control over what goes on in there. I've even read some peeps sent our AD a tweet. Like really? You need to feel that important? Try focusing on your life more and less on 18-20 year olds. What a shame.

You either stand with the []_[] or you're against it. Regardless of the coach. smdh

Re: Donofrio, I think his base scheme can be OK but a few well-placed wrinkles and change-ups will go a long way. If an offense can "rely" on what a defense is going to do, it certainly favors the offense. The UM 'D' needs to create doubt and confusion more than they do.

I know. I know. I'm an Al Golden apologist. No, I'm actually a []_[] supporter not basher.

Petrino is going to Louisville and Randy may be going there to be Defensive Coordinator. Lamar Thomas is heading there to coach the receivers. Oh, I forgot, they also have many of the great South Florida players that UM wish they had. The aforementioned should be UM's coaching staff. What's wrong with this picture?

Although Randy may have been a a bit inexperienced as a Head Coach, he is still a great Defensive Coordinator and recruiter.

Donna, Blake and UM Board of Trustees, there is an evident paradigm shift going on here. Time to step up to the plate, and prevent the carpeting from being taken out from under us. Maybe for a start, we export Al Golden to replace Petrino at Western Kentucky. That is all of a head coaching job of which he is worthy.

Hopefully, Penn State will still take him. I just hope you guys aren't trying to convince him to stay in Coral Gables with more money. That money can be better used with a better championship proven coach.

chick hasn't been the same since his freshmen year....wonder why? got too big maybe

U guys are to negative 100% kf the time to be fans. Noone beleives your dribble. Gallos list of paid bloggers.
Gallo himself
Canefan 72
all the other aliases.

Wrong scheme for a guy like Chick. Hopefully he can show enough to improve his Draft stock. I think Perryman should go to the NFL now, he's had as good a season as any defensive player. I'm hoping my giants pick him up.

There's some website that allows these fools to track private planes, that's how they know about Destin.

I see a lot of planes in our future.

"..I'm sure he has been frustrated the past couple of seasons with the defense and how he plays both tackle and end. He's a team guy, and does what's asked of him."

"Stay tuned. Hope the mystery unravels soon."

Susan is this your day job, or are you working multiple? A 4 year old could be a better beat writer than U. Holy Cow.

Is the first quote innuendo? Or do you know for a fact he is frustrated with playing DE and DT and gaining weight? Or is that an assumption? You know information that a key UM defensive player is unhappy, you know damn well you should report on it. Every body is so politicaly correct in this world, people are afraid to do their damn jobs. I can't even mention a religion on this blog without the moderator on my ass.

Wheres the mystery Susan? Unraveling before our eyes I suppose. Pathetic journalism.

I honestly hopes that Al Golden leaves. IF he departs then let's go after Butch Davis and Greg Schiano. Butch can be the head coach Schiano can be the defensive coordinator. That will be very sweet. If Golden leaves Miami for Penn.St all the recruits that's talking about decommiting then they can go! I respect the players that's staying with the U regardless if Golden stays or leaves. The 100% commits wants to be a part of a legacy. Valentine is slow he needs a lot of mechanics he has to work on. I'll give credit he's definitely needed. We also need help in the secondary, LB, Defensive line. The entire damn defense let's say that much.

The offense I'm worried about. Honestly can James Coley coach these young men into top caliber players?
We will see Ryan Williams you better work your ass off this Spring you have some hungry QB's ready to come and take you spot. Honestly I truly don't think that Kevin Olsen is our answer. I think it's going to be Brad Kayyaa. In the off spring they need to send Gus Edwards to Edgerrin James or Clinton Portis. Allow him to be coached up by a professional. Hell send him to Don Soldinger. He will know what to do with Gus. I want to see some improvement this coming season. I'm tired of the FSU fans bragging about their team. We need to kick some ass this year. We need to make the playoffs as well.

I think he made himself available and was willing to wait until this evening before he withdrew his name from consideration. This little episode tarnishes his credibility.
He should have put this out Friday.
Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 05, 2014 at 05:58 PM
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 08, 2014 at 08:43 PM

My original post was written Sunday night and I think it's clear but here goes..

AG takes every opportunity to speak passionately about the []_[] being a destination job, and he glowingly speaks of the unique make-up of Miami as an international city when he's recuiting athletes to the []_[]; one gets the impression there is no place he would rather be. Including Penn State.

Then to have this flirtation, however benign, and despite any personal obligation he felt to listen, it just tarnishes his credibility. He can't speak with a certain force anymore. Especially since he waited until Sunday night before he made that statement.

It would have served him better to make that statement Friday the way the Baylor coach did about the Texas job. We have never had a sitting coach leave for another college job because they thought they had a better opportunity to win. This is new territory for the []_[] fan-base and institution.

It's like when you get caught looking at another woman (or man), you can't be strong when you tell your woman (or man) they are the only one you want. They lose a little confidence in you.

Essentially, the honeymoon is over now.

It doesn't matter though. He will get better players and the defense will get better by default. We play FSU every year and will win. Good players will continue to come because this is the []_[], there are no sanctions, and he can sell.

I've been a Canes fan sense the day I was born & I'll be one till the end ! that outa the way all I got to say is while Golden is a good recruiter and a good man he's a big ten man plain and simple . this is south Fla. ya'll he doesn't know what to do with the kids down here . Bring back Butch or and up and coming young SEC coach who knows how to use are kinda kids . but if he stays he needs to watch some Noles tape as much as i hate saying this , THAT'S THE WAY TO USE FLA KIDS !

PSU doesn't want golden.....to me that says it all.

james franklin with only 3 years of HC experience is 24-15 with 3 bowl apperances and 2 wins


al golden with 8 years of HC experience is 49-49 with 1 bowl appearance and no wins.....

why would PSU want golden over franklin...its not logical

Good post Cane4Life.

Larranaga is an incredible coach and the Canes are fortunate to have him. His team always plays hard and he has upset many teams during his time at Miami with more talent. He could have all the excuses in the world this year, losing his top 6 players from last year's team and not being able to get his transfers on the court because of stupid NCAA rules. However, he has made none. By the way, didn't the basketball program face a "cloud" of NCAA violations too? I never heard him complain about that...

His decision to switch to the zone speaks volumes about Coach L. The commentators last night noted that Coach L has NEVER played zone in his entire coaching career. However, with three big guards he decided to switch to get the most out of his players. It has paid off big time. They nearly beat Syracuse and took it to UNC last night. I know UNC is down but they are always tough, especially at home, and they did beat Michigan State earlier in the year.

Regardless of how the season plays out, I feel confident that Coach L will always have his team ready and will get the most out of his players. I can't say the same about Golden.

You guys are blind. While I can't stand D'Onofrio's coaching. It's also not that we just sit back on every down. We blitz a lot and from everywhere. The problem is it's SO OBVIOUS every time. There is no deception. It does no good to attack when the offense sees it coming.

There is nothing worse than calling a blitz, the offense sees it, and reacts by dumping a 5-yard screen pass and turning it into a 50+ yard TD. We need more deception. We need more mixed coverages, and definitely more stemming from zone to man/man to zone. High school QBs can beat man or zone when they see it coming.

Oh and a tackling drill every now and then would be nice COACH BARROW! I'd hate to see our defensive stats on yards AFTER contact.

And last but not least to the kids wanting to know what the coach is going do ! NEVER EVER GO TO A COLLAGE BECAUSE OF THE COACH ! It's a business ya'll they come and go ! what you can get outa of the school for your future is what you need to be keepin an EYE on . so your EYE should be ON THE U !

Why would penn state want goldie, a mediocre coach at temple and miami with a mediocre record and a horrific NO defense????? goldie will stay. No big name college football program would want him. He will hang around Miami and give us another two mediocre years.

Chickillo is a great player. I suggest he and the other linemen bulk up with a huge weight lifting and agility drills program this summer, perhaps get into a wrestling or judo program to get more balance. Bob Griese said the defensive players he hated to see coming after him were wrestlers because he could not get away from them. (A wrestler focuses on keeping his balance in relationship to the solar plexus of his opponent, IE, no missed tackles.)

Chickillo has a right to be irritated with a crappy defense coach like d'o and goldie who know nothing about defense and make Miami players look like chumps instead of champs. goldie and d'o have to go, but UM will keep them til 2016 when they realize the past is the best they will get in the way of records, lousy defense, and getting beat by FSU, VT, etc.

Same with the OC who has bought into the crap passing offense of flat passes and hail mary passes instead of first down passing on slants so the Miami QB can lead the receiver instead of throwing a long bomb up for grabs. Same old small back offense that got Duke hurt instead of using him as a wide receiver.

All you bashers should stop!! Shannon only recruited NW and BTW players. Remember Jayron Hosley, the player who Shannon said was too small to be a good DB? Yeah right, only led the country in INT'S at VT. Shannon and Coker let ALOt of talent leave the area without any offers. Golden is building a fence around Miami that's why this PSU mess is still going on. They ALL want to see Miami struggle because EVERYBODY hates Miami, EVERYBODY!!!

Destin is like 600 miles from here. How does any of what you are saying make sense?

No one hates miami anymore. Miami used to be hated because they beat everyone who arrogantly thought they should just show up and win like notre damn.

Now, everybody loves miami with goldie and d'o as coaches because everybody is able to beat miami or play them equally.

goldie and d'o make every other QB the Canes play against look like a heisman trophy candidate with goldie's crap setup of 3 lineman NO run defense, zone NO pass defense, LBs five yards off the line of scrimmage.

Glad Chickillo is returning. I would like to see every player finish their eligibility. Old school dreamin'.

Great job in hoops last night by the Canes! Larranaga is a great coach and deserves our full support. No whining from this guy.

Maybe Golden can take lessons from him on how to maximize your talent on the court/field.

Franklin looks like the next PSU coach, though I was ready for a change at UM....We shall see.

Interesting to look at how long it took for Jimbo Fisher to create a champ at FSU. Golden is actually making similar moves. The question will be on field coaching and whether players passionately believe in the HC and the other coaches...and a great QB doesn't hurt either.

Franklin was staying in Destin, where he his parents live. That's what I heard on radio.

The oc has been a disappointment, but he deserves another year. If things don't get correct he should be out too.

Is there ANYONE in the ENTIRE Cane nation ANYWHERE in this universe outside of Golden and D'no himself that feel strongly that this defense will be strong enough that UM can compete with top 25 teams next year? ...or the following year? ...or EVER under D'no?

IMO Cane72 and puna68 are BOTH right. Everybody still hates the Canes but they LOVE playing them... they see us on the schedule and they think to themselves... that is a game we are going to win. I grew up a Canes fan because they were all about winning and dominating under Schnell, Johnson, Erickson and even Davis and Coker. They weren't about excuses. Did you ever hear Davis or Coker making excuses? Davis was hit with worse sanctions than Golden yet I can't for the life of me recall the guy EVER making an excuse that he just didn't have the talent. I don't know why anyone would be worried if Golden left... but I'm pretty convinced why he didn't get the dream job that he so badly covets...

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson

I agree with most of what you wrote, but I don't think the players he brings in will be enough.

What is it that Charlie Weiss said years ago about ND having a schematic advantage? Miami has a schematic disadvantage on defense. We could have talented kids that are dropping back into zone coverage and surrendering 5-7 yards.

I'm actually scared that what a couple of you say about 9 wins being the cap is true. These seasons are enough to keep Golden here, but not enough to get to the playoffs.

This is not going to be a popular idea.
But what if the players just did something like when Ericson came to the Canes and the players told him don't touch this defense?

Should the Cane defensive players just tell the news media: We are fed up with getting run over in golen's and d'os prevent the win NO defense. So, we are going to use a four down linemen defense, two over the offensive guards and two over the outside shoulder of the TE or tackle. We are going to move our linebackers within two yards of the LOS. We are going to play man to man under and two free safeties deep. We are going to blitz on every play from somewhere along the defensive line.

What will golden do, take away their scholarships, throw them off the team, play the freshman?

goldie and d'o should just be glad this is not the Vietnam war with lousy officers wasting our soldiers' lives and the soldiers got fed up and fragged the crap officers when they went into the latrine.


U having flashbacks man?

Miami needs WRS. Rivals.com show at least 6 WRs in Florida Top 100 still uncommitted. Why cant we get at least 2 of them? Espcially consiering Nebraska, LSU, and West Virginia is going after them!!!

I know. I know. I'm an Al Golden apologist. No, I'm actually a []_[] supporter not basher.
Posted by: 360Cane | January 09, 2014 at 07:57 AM

Who are U supporting?? Golden holds zero expectation or responsibility for actually coaching up our players or for game day performance to U, but just sell the program to dominant high school players. Which means that we shouldn't expect to win until we have the best players in the nation--which we can't bank on when we don't have the best coaches to complement their talents. Its a cart before the horse philosophy and thats cool to have, but to come on a national forum questioning others allegiance based off of them not agreeing with it is asinine to say the least. Keep that "support" for one man's employment over the "U", to yourself. Stop embarrassing yourself every morning.

The people U support...don't support the "U". The school has done more to hate on the "U" and stagnate the football program than anyone ever has. Learn where the gun lines are.

They ALL want to see Miami struggle because EVERYBODY hates Miami, EVERYBODY!!!
Posted by: puna68 | January 09, 2014 at 10:02 AM

Including Miami's administration and BOTs. No entity has harmed the football program more than the school itself.

Everybody wants to be "the U"...except "the U".

Learn where the gun lines are.

The pundits and "experts" that dudes quote and whose opinions dudes take as fact, all say and have expressed an affinity for Al Golden, but they all historically hate UM's football program, how can they love the coach, but have angst for the program and only wish it the worst?

Seeing that they only hated Us because of our success on the field, wouldn't they hate a coach who could and was returning Us to that? They never pick him to win big games (and they're usually right), so what is this love truly about?

They see a disconnect between Al Golden and UM's culture/style of play that lends to domination on the football field...

Why don't some of y'all?

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