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Good news for Canes: Anthony Chickillo returning -- and Al Golden/Penn State mystery continues

We've had no shortage of news.

On Tuesday, I learned that Anthony Chickillo had been projected by the NFL Draft Advisory Board as a fourth to fifth rounder and was mulling his decision about whether to turn pro early.

On Wednesday night, Chickillo tweeted, "To end all the rumors, I will return for my final season at miami, let's make it a good one.''

So glad Anthony is returning. UM needs him, and he needs the extra year to improve even more before he goes into the NFL. Anthony is a loyal Cane, but I'm sure he has been frustrated the past couple of seasons with the defense and how he plays both tackle and end. He's a team guy, and does what's asked of him.

Anthony, listed at 6-4 and 277 pounds, had 44 tackles this season, 7.5 tackles for losses, 3.5 sacks and two pass breakups.



   I think we could know by tomorrow, maybe Friday, who the next Penn State coach is.

   A private jet landed in Destin, Fla., and took off again and was expected to arrive in State College (Penn State) at about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday (tonight). Some people I know thought Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin might be inside. Franklin reportedly has a home in that area. 

   However, here's the tweet that just came over Twitter:

NBC crew in State College says Pres Rod Erickson, AD Dave Joyner got off plane at airport, coming from Destin, FL, where James Franklin was.

No Franklin on the plane. But Penn State prez Rod Erickson was on it, and the AD. 

 I know Al was at UM this afternoon. Not sure how late he left.

   Also, a tweet from James Franklins' Twitter account tonight said: "Just got done my most important job, putting our girls 2 bed & making sure they know how much their dad loves them! Family first!" Hmmm.

   Earlier in the day, I asked UM athletic director Blake James if he could comment on the latest round of Golden speculation.

  "I stand by my statement I have made all along,'' James texted to me. "Al and I are in regular communication he is our football coach and I believe he will be our coach going forward. Thanks.''

  Stay tuned. Hope the mystery unravels soon. 










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U having flashbacks man?
Posted by: Golden for Prez
Yeah, in my drunken, drugged stupor,

I Can't GET NO Satissssfaction on Saturday Afternoons.

It doesn't matter though. He will get better players and the defense will get better by default. We play FSU every year and will win. Good players will continue to come because this is the []_[], there are no sanctions, and he can sell.
Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 09, 2014 at 09:11 AM

Thanks for the response, but LOL!

U just basically said that U hold no expectation for Golden satisfying any other job duty aside from selling himself to the top recruits. U didn't mention his ability to coach, teach, develop, motivate, scheme, adjust etc. U are expecting another auto-pilot NC team like Coker's who don't need any of those skills just mentioned.
Golden isn't expected to bring anything to the relationship between himself and these top recruits U speak of. With a strategy and game plan for recruitment like this, we just have to hope that the top recruits don't have anyone in the lives who have any semblance of brain activity. According to your post, we are banking on selling an unbalanced relationship.

Yeah, they hate Miami!!! Three years for an investigation to come to an end? Three years of losing recruits because of it? Golden says he isn't considering any other positions, but yet rumors still persist so close to signing day? Lou Marblemouth Holtz and Mark May telling a coach to go elsewhere? If Miami is so bad, why are we still on everyones lips?

HTC - Time for you to find another team to support.

That's the simplest solution.


Miami hates Miami.

...thats more damaging than anything any outside source could ever do to Us.

Feldman reporting that James Franklin to accept Penn State job today.

Oh well, it was fun to dream. For better or worse we are stuck with Golden. Honeymoon is over and results better come quickly or he will lose alumni, fan, and booster support faster than ever after he tried to land the Penn State job.

HTC - Time for you to find another team to support.
That's the simplest solution.
Posted by: AtlantaCane | January 09, 2014 at 11:53 AM

Never. I'll just continue to expose the sabotagers and turncoats--making drones like U, skin crawl all the while. If U don't like my posts, then it means that U are an Al Golden fan and not a UM football fan...period.

Sunny Dee,
Same Page, hombre. Saaaame page.

I live here in Destin; less than two miles from the private airport...Funny to think the drama went down in my backyard.

Following #PSU Twitter last night was ridiculous.

Unfortunately, it appears our analysis on the PSU search was pretty much spot on...dangit!

I was relieved that CS went ot UL...but now that BPetrino and Chizik are lining up...hooo buddy.

UL is going to be nasty. Good job, UL.

It's funny to see columnists from ESPN and CNNSI blasting Louisville's decision to hire the "morally bankrupt" Petrino. As if ESPN and CNNSI care at all about academics or the values taught to the student athlete. Last I checked ESPN was making billions of these kids, and I don't believe I have ever seen any highlights of players performing in the classroom. I have seen many ESPN pundits praising and criticizing on field performance. Petrino is a proven winner and the hire is all about choosing the person who has the best chance of winning. College football is a billion dollar industry and winning sells tickets, raises money, and increases TV ratings. ESPN should be applauding the Petrino hire because it benefits them too. Hypocrisy at the highest level...

Annnd, he is a heckuva coach.

Never. I'll just continue to expose the sabotagers and turncoats--making drones like U, skin crawl all the while. If U don't like my posts, then it means that U are an Al Golden fan and not a UM football fan...period.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane
The difference is you NEVER give the kids any props or even wish them well before games, all you EVER do is complain about the coaching staff which we ALL already know has major issues, but WE at least try to pump the PLAYERS up, and that seems to be NON-EXISTENT with your obvious rantings. So it begs the question are you even a Cane fan?

Funny, Fidel..

The Rodman exhibition game (and surrounding events) is so surreal to me that it is hard to believe it is actually happening. Anyone see that picture of depressed looking Vin Baker, Eric Floyd, and others on the bench during the game? How about Rodman singing "Happy Birthday" to Kim Jong Un!?!

I think with cbs and espn reporting that james franklin will be next coach all you cane haters saying golden is leaving can shut your traps. Golden didn't give a direct no because it was penn state and he owes them alot. he did play there 4 yrs and started coaching career there. I truly belive al was never gonna leave miami. His wife reportedly loves coral gables , and penn state interview was out of respect for his alma matter and this whole thing got blown out of proportion.

Listening to satellite radio this morning, and they were talking about AD's. They said maybe 10 have the power to make big decisions on things like coach's. Like Petrino going back to Lousyville. The presidents are the ones who make the decisions. It's no coincidence that Shalala came and the program tanked. As long as she is calling the shots, we will be right where we are. Golden is the perfect fit for a program that no longer cares about winning. He is just like Blake, yes maam,

And if Golden leaves, no proven winning coach will be on the list,,right Blake,,yes maam.

Posted by: Sunny Dee | January 09, 2014 at 12:23 PM


PSU is going with franklin....

I thought al golden was the greatest coach in the NCAA?...what happened? Why didn't PSU offer him the position?

The difference is you NEVER give the kids any props or even wish them well before games, all you EVER do is complain about the coaching staff which we ALL already know has major issues, but WE at least try to pump the PLAYERS up, and that seems to be NON-EXISTENT with your obvious rantings. So it begs the question are you even a Cane fan?
Posted by: ColaCane | January 09, 2014 at 12:29 PM

The shoe obviously fits and its weird because I never even had U in mind lol! No one disparages the players more than their own coaches with their indirect complaints about their lack of talent being the sole reason why the team struggles. Nothing personifies this more than Golden saying that nothing need to change two off-seasons in a row, but also only pointing to recruiting as the remedy for all of our struggles.

Our respective definitions of support are different. I picked Us to beat UL before the game and on the blog, I went to @Pitt game this season, and I never blame them for every issue as most do. Jsy has already exposed the thought process that the pro-Golden crowd has about "supporting the players", it makes no sense. Your argument lays all accountability on the players. The players aren't hear reading but if they were they'd be pumped to know that some fans truly support them and are aware that they are in an unbalanced relationship with their coaching staff who is on an undeserved pedestal to save the face of an incompetent coach.

OJ, I'm sorry that those gloves I posted, happened to fit your hands.

no Maine:....golden though he was getting the position but PSU wasn't done with their process....golden and his agent engaged in 3 days of back and forth with psu....

but the big Miami Monday press conference was quickly approaching so he gave PSU a deadline....they said no thinks.....

an indictment of how bad golden is....NOBODY WANTS HIM


Golden owes Penn State nothing, and who cares if his wife loves Coral Gables. Does she pay the bills? Maybe she wears the pants in the household.

Shalalalala has her priorities in academics, not sports. However, it benefits the whole University if UM wins.

I just heard that Saban said Golden is staying.

I wonder if all these reports about Coach Golden leaving for PSU have been instigated by some of the U's rivals in order to sway away our recruits

After another excellent hoops performance, I wonder if larranaga should lose his big books with tactics, practices, goals, etc that he keeps from his first day of coaching/

or, maybe Golden's book isn't big enough.

Let's analyze, shall we:

no Maine:....golden though he was getting the position
==> How exactly can this keyboard maggot know what someone else is thinking?

but PSU wasn't done with their process

==> How exactly does this keyboard maggot know what PSU's AD and administration was doing or not doing?

....golden and his agent engaged in 3 days of back and forth with psu....

==> How exactly does this keyboard maggot know what went on when reporters who are actually paid to uncover this do not know?

but the big Miami Monday press conference was quickly approaching so he gave PSU a deadline

==> How does the keyboard maggot know what PSU did or did not do? And has the keyboard maggot ever seen a press conference canceled? Maybe since it's tough to get news under the rock.

....they said no thinks.....

==> How does the keyboard maggot know this?

an indictment of how bad golden is....NOBODY WANTS HIM

==> The keyboard maggot is projecting. Nobody wants this Gallo Pig. Instead of womanly comfort, he comes here to be with you all and round out the loser trio of CaneFart72 and HarryTubbyCaneAllahKoranDouchebag.

the great mystery is over.....franklin is new PSU head coach......

One really can't argue about anything Larranaga. We are very fortunate to have him.

Actually, Yankeecane, espn is reporting that the Scrantan paper is reporting that Franklin was offered the job. They heard it from a kid in a basement.

idiot....franklin is the new PSU coach....

No Harriet my argument is that you and others blast the coaches constantly and not that they don't deserve it TRUST me, but I never, ever see you guys make a positive post pumping up the players, or wishing them luck before a game, like 'DZ you guys play your azzez off tonight, you can do it' or whatever. I mean we all know the coaching shortcomings but GD the kids are STILL out there on the field giving their all, aren't they worth you guys giving the criticisms a freaking rest for at LEAST on game day?

Who's our starting qb gonna be next year?

If U don't like my posts, then it means that U are an Al Golden fan and not a UM football fan...period.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane

If we could just be as successful as Tubby's ego is large, we'd be NCs every year.

1 for one am a Canes fan and hate Tubby's negative posts, usually blaming "the man" for whatever ails her that day.

Williams with Kaay as backup

Gee, Galloinda, since he hasn't accepted a job, no he isn't.

Posted by: ColaCane | January 09, 2014 at 01:22 PM

Lol! Cola? What are talking about? There are currently no games to pump the players up about and plus U were adamant all season that the time for being analytical (in your own opinion) was the off-season---well isn't this the off-season? But you're still here attempting to control people's posts. Everyone isn't ColaCane, U have to accept that one day. There's more than one idea and thought in the world and your opinions how, what, why, where, and when someone can post are not the official rules of the blog. U are the only person who posts the way U describe. so there's no coincidence that the *ideal posts* in your opinion---are your own.

U aren't asking these things for the kids so please stop with that--these requests are for yourself. U want to read, what U believe in only. U should try Canespace bro, they only allow what U like to read. I don't believe the players come here to read and if they do--they definitely don't on game day. U are hilarious lol!

My posts don't hurt a real Canes fan's feelings. They may not agree with them, but they don't hurt them like a punch either. If U have this feeling in your tummy--U are probably Golden only fan or just exist to argue and insult like mountaincane due to displaced aggression.

Stupid premise since most Canes fans here have been fans for many coaches back. Maybe just a feeling you have in your tummy.

Yup, but never force fed the nauseating propaganda, evangelistic, hype machine behind Golden. Never experienced Raising Cane commercials, Holy Binders, and Fear the Tie campaigns to sell them a man over the program ala what PSU did with Paterno and U know how that turned out.

Also what said isn't a fact, its your opinion of the demographic here. So your premise is stupid, U can't spend all weekend crying about facts and then assume something like that. Practice what U preach once and awhile. Lord knows U always preaching, hovering above the blog and pouncing as if this isn't a place for deductive and subjective discourse. Wanna be blog cop. U tried that with SOUP and got Mutombo'd lol!

Your 'real Cane fans', is pretty ridiculous. So you're the guy/gal who determines who the 'real Cane fans' are? I don't even need to comment, we'll just let your own postings do that for you.

Most here talk about their fan longevity. You really are dumber than I thought, and that was a low bar.

I see Tubby is still here with the hard hitting analysis and stone cold truths! The sebaceous blog cyst emptying your daily pus only to refill and return the next day.

Those who want the program to fail to satisfy their personal beliefs on a particular coach or scheme should get their head checked. 9-4 is 9-4 no matter how you slice it. I'm sure before the season many of you would have been quite satisfied if someone told you we'd end with that record given your constant end of the world outlook.

Bye for now trolls, enjoy the human centipede of negativity you love to create.

Hovering over the blog, lol. It's called work as I can't spend the ENTIRE day/night on here like you can. Rest assured though EVERYTIME I do pop on, there's Tubby and her/his same exact daily beetchings, and no originality. Tell us all something we don't know Mr. Teacher.

Look how they all emerge ROTF!!

No names mentioned at all. But the mention of Tebow GOlDen is all it takes.

Cola, please read the sequence of posts, I wasn't even talking to U...again. What U do for a living? BTW, U didn't refute anything I said about U in those ^^^pots either lol!

Worst Cane Fan, we didn't create the circumstances UM sports are in--we just respond to it. Keep lashing out at your own demographic while those who make these decisions and keep U bragging about 9-4 when we played Savannah St. and FAU, are hearing none of it. They gonna hear it here, as long as I'm around . Let me help U with that rock, bottom feeder. So long until the next excuse!

Damn, we need the season to start so that we don't kill each other.

The real cane fans are the ones watching the Cane football games on TV so they can turn them off when they see d'o and goldie's 3 down linemen defense, or sit and wonder whether the Canes will lose or will Morris pull a win out in the last minute.

The crazy moron fanatics for golden are the ones who show up in the stadiums and watch him lose games for the Hurricanes and don't know a pass from a piss.

Thanx Chick...


I see you as reasonable and studied in your critique of Golden et al. I agree with many of your points.

I also see you as a UM supporter who wants to win, and someone with heart for the Canes.

We do have 3 years of Golden at UM. Some good things and some significant concerns as to our team's performance. The latter greatly bother me, but I hope these player management and performance issues improve.

I know you do to, so keep the faith. Or not, depending on what is happening between the lines this year.

Go Canes!

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