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Good news for Canes: Anthony Chickillo returning -- and Al Golden/Penn State mystery continues

We've had no shortage of news.

On Tuesday, I learned that Anthony Chickillo had been projected by the NFL Draft Advisory Board as a fourth to fifth rounder and was mulling his decision about whether to turn pro early.

On Wednesday night, Chickillo tweeted, "To end all the rumors, I will return for my final season at miami, let's make it a good one.''

So glad Anthony is returning. UM needs him, and he needs the extra year to improve even more before he goes into the NFL. Anthony is a loyal Cane, but I'm sure he has been frustrated the past couple of seasons with the defense and how he plays both tackle and end. He's a team guy, and does what's asked of him.

Anthony, listed at 6-4 and 277 pounds, had 44 tackles this season, 7.5 tackles for losses, 3.5 sacks and two pass breakups.



   I think we could know by tomorrow, maybe Friday, who the next Penn State coach is.

   A private jet landed in Destin, Fla., and took off again and was expected to arrive in State College (Penn State) at about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday (tonight). Some people I know thought Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin might be inside. Franklin reportedly has a home in that area. 

   However, here's the tweet that just came over Twitter:

NBC crew in State College says Pres Rod Erickson, AD Dave Joyner got off plane at airport, coming from Destin, FL, where James Franklin was.

No Franklin on the plane. But Penn State prez Rod Erickson was on it, and the AD. 

 I know Al was at UM this afternoon. Not sure how late he left.

   Also, a tweet from James Franklins' Twitter account tonight said: "Just got done my most important job, putting our girls 2 bed & making sure they know how much their dad loves them! Family first!" Hmmm.

   Earlier in the day, I asked UM athletic director Blake James if he could comment on the latest round of Golden speculation.

  "I stand by my statement I have made all along,'' James texted to me. "Al and I are in regular communication he is our football coach and I believe he will be our coach going forward. Thanks.''

  Stay tuned. Hope the mystery unravels soon. 










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What does it say about a program when its primary players (very talented) choose to return to the team when they are draft ready? FSU has numerous players ready for the NFL draft, but many will return to play their senior season. We have guys contemplating the draft who cannot start on most teams or are not coached up properly or would flee the program before they are ready (without a degree). Bethel (sp) from BTW de committed today to attend a lowly school like Texas Tech; what next? We also lost another standout local player to FSU in db Cole (Miramar); players we need to make this program grow and excel are getting out of town quicker than a river flowing out to the sea. The bleeding has to stop or we will be forever an 8-4 team; the playoffs start in 2014 and at this rate, we may get there by 2030 - if football is still being played.

Also wanted to add, what took us so long to offer Harris as a QB? According to Coley / AG, they needed to see more film on his ability to play QB - what a joke. This kid has been playing QB since grade school and has played it extremely well; to take three weeks before signing period to now offer him as a QB instead of an Athlete is simply negligent. Like Cook, Harris is in our backyard and to simply say now that you (AG / Coley) did not have sufficient film to evaluate him is poor judgment as well. We cannot get every top player from Miami Dade, but to lose those players that grew up as U fans simply because we failed to evaluate them properly is a shame. Harris, like Cook, should simply say thanks, but NO thank you. Kirkland, Thomas, Cook, Tyler, Lane, and numerous others should be Canes, but are not because of poor coaching on the field and poor judgment off the field.

All Golden had to do was come out and make a straightforward statement that he did NOT interview for the Penn State job and that he would not take the job if offered. But he has not done that. Which means that he HAS been in discussions regarding that job. So if he does NOT get that job and gets to stay here by default, why should us CANES fans be happy about that? I don't know about you guys, but if our coach is interviewing for other jobs, WHO NEEDS HIM HERE?

And trust me, Al Golden is very slick. Do you know why he won't fire his pal Mark Donoffrio, the lousy Defensive Coordinator who made 500 yard games against our Defense COMMONPLACE? He won't fire Donoffrio now because that's his Ace In The Hole for NEXT YEAR. WAKE UP, my CANES fan brothers! If the Defense is a disaster again THIS YEAR, Al will simply fire Donoffrio AFTER THIS SEASON. That will save HIS JOB for at least another year! One more lousy season and the calls to fire Al Golden will be very loud at the end of this year. He will be able to avoid that fate by throwing his pal Donoffrio to the wolves. If he fired Donoffrio NOW and they had another bad season in 2014, who would there be left to fire at the year's end? Only Al Golden HIMSELF. He ain't STUPID. He knows how to play the coaching game. Too bad he isn't better at actually COACHING teams to win football games. Let's face it: he is constantly getting out-coached and out-prepared. It's a shame cause he's a good recruiter and a great Public Relations guy; he's just not a very good football coach.

Bethel decommited for Texas Tech. Am sorry, but his decommitment is not important. Let call like it is. He 5'8,,,5'8,,,5'8,,,5'8. Who was he going to cover when we play florida state???? WHO?...Look at all of Florida DB commitments for 2014,,they are all 6'1 are taller, and weight in range 180-200 pounds...This is why he didnt switch it to Florida...look at FSU DB commits,,much taller than Bethel...so Bethel,,please head to West Texas, which is about 10 hours away from civilization within the Texas borders,,,and I bet, he will be unhappy on Day 1. Please GO BETHEL. And you will find out what the Texas kids already know,,,nothing but sand and bordom at Texas Tech. Dummy!!!

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