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Hurricanes land commitment from Njoku; Valentine at home pondering decision coach says

Hurricanes assistant Brennan Carroll sent out the bat signal Friday to welcome Miami's latest football commitment: New Jersey three-star tight end prospect David Njoku.

The 6-4, 217-pound senior at Cedar Grove High visited UM last month and was a player UM had been trying to nail down. He was scheduled to visit Ohio State this weekend, but the backed off. He becomes the second tight end prospect to join the class. Georgia's Chris Herndon is the other.

Njoku also becomes the third prospect from New Jersey in the Class of 2014 to pick the Canes. UM coach Al Golden and many members of his staff obviously know the New Jersey area well.


Even though all signs are pointing toward LSU especially after he decided to pass on an official visit to UM this weekend, U.S. Army All-American defensive tackle Travonte Valentine hasn't ruled out the Hurricanes yet and planned to spend the next few days at home with his mother in Palm Bay trying to reach a final decision.

"Right now I would say it's probably 70-30 LSU," a Champagnat assistant coach close to Valentine said Friday morning.

Valentine told The Herald during a half hour interview on Tuesday he told UM coaches he would visit Coral Gables this weekend after Golden came to visit him at school. But after receiving a visit from LSU's coaches in his mom's home Wednesday night, the Champagnat assistant coach said Valentine and his mom decided visiting UM -- where he had been so many times unofficially -- wouldn't help the situation. He just needed to get away from it all, the coach said.

So what initially changed Valentine's mind about remaining committed to UM in the first place? Although Valentine reiterated to The Herald Tuesday the Al Golden to Penn State rumors last month played a factor, it appears scheme and the way LSU told Valentine he would be utilized has played a bigger role.

The Champagnat assistant said when Valentine returned from the U.S. Army All-American Game in San Antonio -- where he played in a 4-3 scheme -- he told coaches at Champagnat he might be better suited in LSU's 4-3 system instead of a 3-4/4-3 multiple defense at Miami. Valentine made reference to it Tuesday when asked if he liked one team's scheme over the other.

"Miami could change some things up, slim down the d-tackles a little bit," Valentine said. "Instead of playing like at 340, 350, I'd prefer to be 310, 315. LSU was telling me they could see me going down to 310, playing smaller, quicker, making tackles for loss."

The Champagnat assistant said he took Valentine down to UM to sit down and review film with Canes defensive line coach Jethro Franklin.

"He showed him all the film, how they use tackles in multiple ways, not just a nose guard," the Champagnat assistant said. "Golden, [Defensive coordinator Mark] D'Onofrio, Franklin, all of them were telling him he wouldn't have to come in and play heavy, they could make adjustments."

The assistant also said Valentine was a bit wary of how much pressure was going to be put on him at Miami, being someone expected to come in right away and deliver whereas he would have a little more time to ease his way in at LSU because of better depth.

Valentine said Tuesday he also felt closer to some of the former South Floridian players and Hallandale safety John Battle, at LSU 2014 commitment. Valentine also said he didn't feel the same connection to UM's recruits.

Asked Tuesday about Valentine and his wavering with UM, Booker T. Washington All-American defensive end Chad Thomas said he hadn't spoken with him and said he it didn't matter to him if Valentine chose UM.

"I ain’t no recruiter," Thomas said. "If he don’t want to go there, he don’t want to go there. That’s on him."

For what it's worth, Valentine said Tuesday his mother wasn't necessarily pushing him to stay close to home.

"She’s with me anywhere I go,"  Valentine said. "She’s with me through the long run. It’s not about a staying home situation."

Valentine is scheduled to make his college announcement during a small ceremony at Champagnat Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.


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Manny is up on everything Miami! Every piece of information is getting posted.

Close strong Al! Go Canes!!!!!

What a wuss. He has immediate playing time at the "U" and instead he wants to tell the coaches how the defense should be run. Why doesn't Golden just pull his offer from the table, we don't need a guy who is scared of playing time.
Hoping this guy becomes LSU's problem, not ours.

At least he finally admitted he can't handle the pressure of being at the "U".

I second what Chad Thomas said:
"If he don’t want to go there, he don’t want to go there. That’s on him."

He'll choose LSU and we'll never hear from him again after he is dismissed from the team in a year.

UM does play the 2 gap defense, which limits the D tackles aggressiveness on most downs. The 1 gap allows the defender to line up in the gap and be responsible for only that gap. It allows the tackle to charge forward more freely than the 2 gap allows. There really is something to the scheme possible affecting the decision of some recruits. It's not like they're telling the coaches what D to run. They may balk when they have the defense explained to them.

I hate to say it, because I was hoping he would be a Hurricane, but it sounds like he's making the best move for himself if he goes to LSU. I thought Anthony Chickillo looked great in the HS all-star game I saw him in -- fast, explosive and stood out among the other HS studs that year. Miami took him and instead of making him bigger, faster, stronger...they made him bigger, fatter, slower. You definitely can make a career out of that in the NFL, but the money for DL is mostly made by those that can rush the passer and not hold up the OL to help out your LBs.

Still love the group we have coming in and hope we can have a successful season despite a tough schedule.

Mario - it's morons like you that give any fan base a bad name. Let him choose and be done with it; and you start acting like a grown ass man instead of like some love struck groupie that's feeling butthurt and rejected. Be a man and not some creepy "adult" stalker of 17 year old kids

Typical golden gets the 3 star nobody wanted and loses a 4 star that is the teams biggest need. Where is this great recruiter people talk about.


Mac .500 doing Mac 500 things!!

New Jersey is sending athletes down to the U,,,heck if the South Florida kids dont wont to go there, somebody child does.

Thanks for the love.
You need decide whether you are here trying to improve "the fan base" or prefer to insult people behind your keyboard with fake handles.

all i gotta say valentine whats vince wolfork weight when he played at the u!he can't tell me he doesn't know the recruits coming in and hasn't been playing against them his high school career .the line of players coming in there would be depth to and would be a heck of a defense in a year or two with him included.i think he just trying to make up excuses to change his mind again .he would definitely get a better education at the u also with smaller classes.

"Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!"
Leonardo da Vinci


In other words, y'all have been BLINDED by the murky, dim, FADING Golden light! Nothing more, nothing less. dUh

I know we lose 2 DT yesterday, and we get a 3 star receiver today and the Canes all act happy, LMAO Wyche sill could have enrolled at the U in may, but he basically stuck up his middle finger at Golden, them idiots had been telling the kid, don't worry we will get you in go ahead and sign..... 6 days before NSD and boom goes another... GREAT JOB OF RECRUITING A+ A+ A+ A+ ROFLMFAO

Thomas sounds like Duke, Tracy, and Deon in that either U are a Cane or U are not. Those four are the kind of guys we need here. Valentine sounds like he wants somebody to baby him, another Forston.


You need to decide whether a grown man insulting 17 year old high school kids behind a keyboard and fake handle is the right thing to do, or indicative of a sick pathetic Internet stalker of young boys

Al Golden has shown he loses recruits late at a greater rate than the other two championship Florida programs. While Al Golden has loss games at a greater rate than those same programs. The proof of Al Golden's skills as a recruiter are showing lesser than his state rivals. Along with his ability to win games is lesser to those teams.

If you see the last 5 drafts, the majority of 1st round DLs from the SEC have been busts, specially the ones from LSU and UF.

To this day there are better DLs and DEs in the NFL from UM and the ACC than these schools - by far.

The ACC beat the SEC head to head this past year including the NC game. If it wasn't for Johnny Football it would have been a sweep.
And with the new football schools joining the ACC this year the myth about SEC football being superior won't last much longer.

Valentine sounds like he wants somebody to baby him, another Forston.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 31, 2014 at 04:36 PM

WRONG again, O! Wretched FOOL!

TV didn't want to end up like DE Chickillo and LB Perryman by his junior season. That's all.

In other words, both Chick and Denzel be BALLING as true freshmen, but after Goldie nd' Marky Mark COERCED them into accepting the PROCESS, they became AVERAGE as juniors. Go bloody figures'.

Young Cane fans have no clue how bad this Football program is in the SHITZZZZZZZZZ.... lose 2 DT and gain 1 3 star recruit and they say YEAH YEAH YEAH BOOM...ROFLMFAO

"Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!"
Leonardo da Vinci


In other words, y'all ( Golden and D'Onofrio loyalists and what not. ) have been BLINDED by the murky, dim, FADING Golden light! Nothing more, nothing less. dUh

Tough decision for Valentine, LMAO.... go to LSU and make tackles or come to Miami and wear a skirt Hhhhhmmmmmmm

Kudos to the Hurricane volley ball squad!

Are U on crack U bloody wanker? Chick had his best year this past fall. And Perryman has balled every year he has been here. The whole team is being improved, so before U go off running your mouth learn the game doofus. Oh yeah I thought U said Kaaya wasn't coming or Thomas and sure looks like those boys are real Canes, something your queer arse will never be.

Ohiocane it seems as though the almighty coach from your area at Ohio State wanted the 3* we got today so why did you say that nobody wanted? Just looking for a reason to be negative I guess . And Rick you don't know what you are talking about either , Wyche could have come here if he wanted to wait until May to do so but he did not want to wait , That's not on Golden . ChampCane The other 2 schools in Fl have things going for them that AG does not, UF is in the SEC which is popular nowadays as well they have had recent success , FSU has had success recently as well and never had any NCAA problems hanging over them and negative recruiting that both schools used to lure some of those kids away . I am not at all happy with the way our defense performed but I am happy with the way AG has recruited thru all the turmoil. I have said it before and I believe it if our offense was able to generate just two more first downs per game you could probably shave at least 75 to 100 yards per game off the defense and 4 to 5 minutes time of possession and that make a big difference when you multiply that times 12 Games . As far as the bowl game against UL no excuse for that nonsense they need to remedy that for sure . But I believe we will be more efficient without SM and with Duke and Dorsett . Go Canes

But I believe we will be more efficient without SM and with Duke and Dorsett . Go Canes

Posted by: Ga Cane | January 31, 2014 at 05:10 PM


Just ANOTHER fool-minded Goldie nd' Marky Mark partisan!

Now, this CRACKER cane and his MINIONS are CHITTING on Stevie and what not. Go figures'.

Yeah, yeah I understand by now, that RANDY'S putrid leftover's were JUNK food player's. hUh So what!!

FWIW... former Cane QB Stevie SAVED Golden and his INEPT defensive coordinator during the 2012 and 2011 campaigns.

Heck, those comeback Hurricane victories, led by Stevie, prevented TWO LOSING seasons for y'all's Goldie nd' Marky Mark!!

Its not on Golden signing a kid,DT that he can never get cuz nobody wants to play in that shitttty scheme, so he has the kid sign and tells the kid we will get you in trust me...... AND BOOM, BUT NOT HIS FAULT TRYING TO GET THE KID SIGNED, KNOWING HE WAS NOT QUALIFIED..... U ARE A GOLDEN LOVER

My bad. I should have bloviated that Stevie and THE DUKE saved Thee Carpetbagger's from having LOSING SEASONS in 2011 and 2012. dUh

"Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!"
Leonardo da Vinci

CRACKER cane and g.k.c. and colaFOOL and championship iz all dat matta' and their ILK came to mind when I borrowed this old school saying. hUh

Disappointing. I still don't understand why this coaching staff continues to waste time and resources recruiting out of state. 3-star from New Jersey. Who cares??? Not going to make the program better, only mire UM in mediocrity for another 4 yrs. Will be interesting to see what the final leakage count is for 4 and 5-star So. Florida recruits. Golden needs to bring some star football alumni with him and camp out in the coaching offices at each So. Florida high school. I'm getting tired of Brendan Carroll pretending that UM can lure top flight talent from out of state. At this point, I almost wish Carroll would move on to another job. Stop with the distractions and get focused Golden!

"He showed him all the film, how they use tackles in multiple ways, not just a nose guard," the Champagnat assistant said."


Yeah, I bet that wasn't the only film He showed...Curtis Porter with a side of scatback...anybody?


Seriously, you can't make this $h!t up!...How do you defend this!


The only reason Thomas is a solid commit is cuz of the Music program.....FACT

You crazy as hell if you don't think LSU isn't telling Valentine something he, you and everybody else knows!! D'Nofrio has no idea what he's doing, he won't develop under him, the Defense has no respect even by teams like wake Forest, he'll probably be thrown into the fire right away and receive harsh criticism from fans when he does't have instant success. Hate to say it but they wouldn't be lying!

D and "Rick",

Puhleez. Somebody call you both a whaaambulance already.

SM has proven that he was a streaky player - capable of brilliant moments, but a mediocre leader consistently. That's not bashing, that's truth.

Duke carried the entire load until he got hurt, which isn't shocking. There will be improvement with Yearby and Gus. Stats and history in all cfb programs dictate that.

If you honestly believe NOTHING is gonna change, for better or worse, in multiple facets of the entire program over the next two years, you don't know squat about cfb.

Past is prologue with AG, but to foreclose on this year and incessantly whine, predict NOTHING but gloom, is infantile at best.

Save your crying for Wednesday, at least.

TV, go on. We'll be alright. Do Well with Les Miles' squad.

Good analysis, Ga Cane.

I could care less, if it's music or what the kid is coming here to the U.

The assistant also said Valentine was a bit wary of how much pressure was going to be put on him at Miami, being someone expected to come in right away and deliver whereas he would have a little more time to ease his way in at LSU because of better depth.

That's what it really is... Everything else aside.

To analyze Rick's judgement and predictions you need look no further than his Brad Kayaa isn't coming here. Just a simple minded trouble maker.

Smarter than thesaurus using Duh D, but who isn't?

D-umbass came to mind when I read your post

Beed, Ga Cane, good assessment. Morris was a 1 trick pony---long ball. Couldn't read the D, couldn't throw short and absolutely no idea how to look away and/or set up a screen.

A qb with less arm, but more savvy---dorsey/walsh/etc will make a huge difference. I think it will be Kayaa, at least by mid season.


It's not about TV telling coaches how to run schemes, bottom line is, the "U" D has sucked for 3 years. Whether it's a 4/3 or 3/4, it hasn't worked. If we do not have the players to run a particular scheme, run the scheme that is best suited for those players on the team and want to play for the "U". The U isn't PSU or UVA. Personally, run the 4/3 and put the best four DL on the field. The DL controls the game, not the OLBs. Putting pressure on the QB with four down linemen will solve our issues; we can do this today with the players from last year. The problem is and always will be with this D Coord and the fact that we constantly rotate DL in and out. Just let the top DL play the entire game and tap out when needed. It's silly to rotate players in and out every two or three downs; get real. TV is right, if the scheme doesn't fit his skill sets, why force him into it. It's like trying to put a square peg into a round hole; it doesn't work.

I actually agree with the point about using the best available personnel, but the rest of the point about not rotating is off.

I think Mahoney hit it on the head - TV doesn't want the instant pressure to be Jameis Christ on our Defense. fair enough. Soak up the easy limelight til Wednesday, TV, then get to work.

We have a great opportunity at QB with any of the three available. I mean, seriously, remember Dorsey. A good/great OLine, a stable of rbs, wrs, and TEs, and an OC who has the obligation/opportunity to put HIS stamp on the program now.

For those reasons, I am cautiously optimistic. Whoever ends the season in 2014 as QB is going to be our future and it's gonna be a helluva ride finding out who it is.

Unless the offense puts up 30 points a game it's a 5-6 loss season.

Besides, of the games lost this year, 30 would NOT have been enough!!

Though I would like Valentine to sign w/Miami, I don't blame the kid one bit for gettin as far away for dumbnofrio and jethro as possible. How long before he'd be asked to cover crossing routes??

Rick you moron This is not the NFL AG cant sign the kid he can only offer him a scholly which he did , if the wanted it he could still have it but he does not want to wait . As much as Morris giveth he also taketh away did you not watch the games ? Go Canes

Brad Kaaya did come out yesterday and said that he was coming to the U, Ok so what I was counting on the kid being smart, Golden had 3 yrs with Morris, and we all saw how much worse he got, U young fans are right down pathetic.... 3 straight yrs of blaming the NCAA, so we got good talent on the Offense, but the D side suffered cuz of the NCAA, WHEN GOLDEN TOOK OVER THE D WAS RANKED 22nd, FOR 3 STRAIGHT YEARS THE D HAS NOT IMPROVED ONE BIT, U SAT THERE AND TRUST YOUR COACH, THAT THE D IS TRENDING UP, U KNOW THAT STAT, THAT GOLDEN CHERRY PICKED, ONLY REASON WE HAD MORE SACKS THIS YR, WAS WE PLAYED >>>>>>>>> SAVANNAH ST, ONCE WE GOT IN TO CONFERENCE PLAY THE SACKS STOPPED, WE ARE ALMOST LAST IN EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY OF THE ACC IN D...... U wanna know how good I am, LET ME SHOW U, Golden and Shalala went to the NCAA hearing and did not tell them that they held 9 Scholarships back, so when the NCAA gave us our punishment Miami asked them to take the 9 they had held back, NCAA SAID NO, it was the U fault for not having it documented and they did not bring it up in the hearing, so we lose 3 per yr for the next 3 yr's... SO WE DID NOT USE 9 SCHOLARSHIPS LAST YR, IF GOLDEN WOULD HAVE USED THE 9, THAT WOULD HAVE HELPED THE DEPTH, IF HE WOULD HAVE TOLD THE NCAA ABOUT THE 9, WE COULD BE AT 85 SCHOLARSHIPS THIS YR..... GUESS WHAT HE DIDNT ACCOMPLISH NOTHING, THINK ABOUT THAT, WE COULD BE AT 85 THIS YR, OR HAD MORE DEPTH ON TEAM...... HE GOT NEITHER ROFLMAO...... THE CLOUD IS AL GOLDEN U IDIOTS

Hey D, please tell us what a CRACKER Cane is?

Al Golden running around saying we need depth, IT WAS HIS FAULT, HE HELD BACK 9 SCHOLARSHIPS, AND THEN DIDNT TELL NCAA...... ROFLMFAO...... AL FOLDEN

Rick is Sick and full of $hit , How can anyone truly believe that the NCAA thing could not affect your team ? Do you have selective hearing Rick ? Just for the fun of it apply my earlier scenario of just two more first downs per game add the yards we would have saved and the time of possession and then see where we are in the ACC . Not great but much better . I want my team to win I don't care who the coach is so this AG apologists crap you guys keep spewing is stupid . But I know negativity breeds negativity and we don't need it . Go Canes


Uh, thanks? "Rick"...So, let me get this straight...Ag only used the NCAA as an excuse, we had the talent all along...but you end it by ranting about how AG didn't do enough to mitigate the recruiting penalties by preemptively withholding scholarships at the beginning of the year, in anticipation of the ruling that came down near the end of the year....and the procedural mess of disclosing the 9 were botched by DS and AG..so....we would be better with those 9 schollies available? But it wouldn't have mattered because AG and DNO suck? and no matter what, dark days for the canes, and Kaaya is going to decommit and thomas too....

Maybe you should go 'root" for vanderbilt or rutgers, they need some more kicking while they're down,; we're not doing all that bad in recruiting.

Season's a lonnnnnng way off.

Wyche had signed you dumbazz, freaking retard...

"Ok so what I was counting on the kid being smart"


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