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Hurricanes land commitment from Njoku; Valentine at home pondering decision coach says

Hurricanes assistant Brennan Carroll sent out the bat signal Friday to welcome Miami's latest football commitment: New Jersey three-star tight end prospect David Njoku.

The 6-4, 217-pound senior at Cedar Grove High visited UM last month and was a player UM had been trying to nail down. He was scheduled to visit Ohio State this weekend, but the backed off. He becomes the second tight end prospect to join the class. Georgia's Chris Herndon is the other.

Njoku also becomes the third prospect from New Jersey in the Class of 2014 to pick the Canes. UM coach Al Golden and many members of his staff obviously know the New Jersey area well.


Even though all signs are pointing toward LSU especially after he decided to pass on an official visit to UM this weekend, U.S. Army All-American defensive tackle Travonte Valentine hasn't ruled out the Hurricanes yet and planned to spend the next few days at home with his mother in Palm Bay trying to reach a final decision.

"Right now I would say it's probably 70-30 LSU," a Champagnat assistant coach close to Valentine said Friday morning.

Valentine told The Herald during a half hour interview on Tuesday he told UM coaches he would visit Coral Gables this weekend after Golden came to visit him at school. But after receiving a visit from LSU's coaches in his mom's home Wednesday night, the Champagnat assistant coach said Valentine and his mom decided visiting UM -- where he had been so many times unofficially -- wouldn't help the situation. He just needed to get away from it all, the coach said.

So what initially changed Valentine's mind about remaining committed to UM in the first place? Although Valentine reiterated to The Herald Tuesday the Al Golden to Penn State rumors last month played a factor, it appears scheme and the way LSU told Valentine he would be utilized has played a bigger role.

The Champagnat assistant said when Valentine returned from the U.S. Army All-American Game in San Antonio -- where he played in a 4-3 scheme -- he told coaches at Champagnat he might be better suited in LSU's 4-3 system instead of a 3-4/4-3 multiple defense at Miami. Valentine made reference to it Tuesday when asked if he liked one team's scheme over the other.

"Miami could change some things up, slim down the d-tackles a little bit," Valentine said. "Instead of playing like at 340, 350, I'd prefer to be 310, 315. LSU was telling me they could see me going down to 310, playing smaller, quicker, making tackles for loss."

The Champagnat assistant said he took Valentine down to UM to sit down and review film with Canes defensive line coach Jethro Franklin.

"He showed him all the film, how they use tackles in multiple ways, not just a nose guard," the Champagnat assistant said. "Golden, [Defensive coordinator Mark] D'Onofrio, Franklin, all of them were telling him he wouldn't have to come in and play heavy, they could make adjustments."

The assistant also said Valentine was a bit wary of how much pressure was going to be put on him at Miami, being someone expected to come in right away and deliver whereas he would have a little more time to ease his way in at LSU because of better depth.

Valentine said Tuesday he also felt closer to some of the former South Floridian players and Hallandale safety John Battle, at LSU 2014 commitment. Valentine also said he didn't feel the same connection to UM's recruits.

Asked Tuesday about Valentine and his wavering with UM, Booker T. Washington All-American defensive end Chad Thomas said he hadn't spoken with him and said he it didn't matter to him if Valentine chose UM.

"I ain’t no recruiter," Thomas said. "If he don’t want to go there, he don’t want to go there. That’s on him."

For what it's worth, Valentine said Tuesday his mother wasn't necessarily pushing him to stay close to home.

"She’s with me anywhere I go,"  Valentine said. "She’s with me through the long run. It’s not about a staying home situation."

Valentine is scheduled to make his college announcement during a small ceremony at Champagnat Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.


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Yeah Rick you are just so impressive with your lack of intelligence , lack of class , endless self promotion . I am not going to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man ( term used loosely ) . Go Canes

In the last 10 yrs how many QB have not been a failure at the UUUUUUUUUU.......... ALL OF THEM.... MAYBE ITS COACING


Nice soft hands and I like the way he runs the reverse. I'd like to see a higher leg turnover and better release.

The answer to that last question, all of the U QB have failed........ REAL BAD, BUT ITS NOT COACHING...LMAO

I do believe we've had just a few out of state 3 stars turn out pretty darn good. Would anyone on here care to debate that fact?????

"Miami could change some things up, slim down the d-tackles a little bit," Valentine said. "Instead of playing like at 340, 350, I'd prefer to be 310, 315. LSU was telling me they could see me going down to 310, playing smaller, quicker, making tackles for loss."

The sad part about this is, this man valentine wants to be here and just like we said before the season and it's still True now, and obviously the word has gotten out, these penn disgrace morons are to infatuated with weight and think weight gain is going to make someone a better football player. Making all these players gain all this weight is not taking care of the players. You shouldn't have 330lb college kids or all these 240lb linebackers who are juniors and sophmores, it's stupid.

Nobody wants to play defense for these imbeciles because scheme wise we won't. I'm with whoever laughed at the fact that it was said valentine sat down with coach jethro franklin to see how our defensive tackles are used, that is comical.

We going into year 4 and nobody wants to play d-tackle at UM, they're all either headed to Fsu or the gaytors.

How is it that we can get all these quality o-linemen to come in but no d-linemen. Cause those o-line recruits no coach kehoe is the man that's been here when things got done. jethro has no reliable track record but more importantly, none of the guys he's coaching now stand out.


Does anyone read d's and ricks posts? D has a typing impediment and rick is just plain delusional. Rick posted kaaya wasnt comi.g hours after he confirmed his commitment on a story about him confirming his commitment. What an idiot! Gator fans are just plain stupid.

All the talent down in Florida, and once again a Jersey recruit, Cuz Worton wouldn't give them the time of day

That's it keep bringing up the one guy Kaaya, he makes it all better......... HOPE HE GAINS ABOUT 150 POUNDS SO HE CAN PLAY DT

you really cant blame valentine, its like a team that runs the ball 90% of the time trying to get a top receiver to commit. if the defensive recruits dont think they are going to be used well, they shouldnt come.

Al Golden is just like Joe Pa, doing everything he can to protect his buddy, and I didn't say rape, Just like fans on twitter are saying, it is no longer about the U, ITS ALL ABOUT KEEPING HIS BEST FRIEND A PAYCHECK......FACT..... D IS TRENDING UP ROFLMFAO

you really cant blame valentine, its like a team that runs the ball 90% of the time trying to get a top receiver to commit. if the defensive recruits dont think they are going to be used well, they shouldnt come.
Posted by: canes man | January 31, 2014 at 07:36 PM


Heella example

Oh shut the hell up Ricky Lake with all your negative bullSh1t and antiCane propaganda. Qb is the most important position on anyteam and us keeping Kaaya is way more of a big deal than anybody else. Valentine could come here but the truth is he does not meet the requirements to get in to Miami, so he is used the Penn State thing as an excuse to decommit to shift the blame to someone else, when in reality he didn't have the needed credits. And what is the BS about showing him love and crap. He sounds like a straight up puss wad saying that crap. The fact is any retard can get into LSU and he is going to take the easy route rather than the one he really wants. That type of player we really don't need or want because it's all about him and not about the team. Moten is better anyway.

WR/TE Davis Njoko just committed to the U over Ohio State!!!

Posted by: Cane88 | January 31, 2014 at 03:06 PM

He visited Ohio St. and said he was offered and then said they pulled the offer. When Ohio St. never offered at all. Get ur facts straight.

Travonte, if your out there, "We need you!" Your family & the city you represent needs you. Why can't LSU find a player from LA. We need to keep our kids home. Be a part of the future, bring our team back to the top. Your family is here!

I just watched David Njoku HS films, and he is NOT a TE. He is a big WR with above average speed. He catches the ball extremely well with his hands, and seems to have good technique. Please allow him to gain weight natually, and don't make him a TE. He is listed at about 214 pounds; therefore, by fall he should weigh no more than 225 max. This kid should not play at 230 or more doing his entire college career!

Mario - it's morons like you that give any fan base a bad name. Let him choose and be done with it; and you start acting like a grown ass man instead of like some love struck groupie that's feeling butthurt and rejected. Be a man and not some creepy "adult" stalker of 17 year old kids

Posted by: S-T-F-U MARIO | January 31, 2014 at 04:19 PM
What he said..

Valentine, you said you want playing time. You will get it at Miami. Les Miles doesn't care about you. He is telling you not to visit Miami because he knows at the end that's where you want to play. The fact that you are still thinking about it is because deep down you know you want to be a Hurricane. LSU has nothing that Miami cannot offer you.

Anyone who believes that there is any improvement on defense simply knows nothing about football. I'm not the usual hyperbolic poster on here. But the secrets out
The boys at Miami can't coach defense.
They have no idea how to utilize south Florida personnel.
Anyone who defends golden or donofrio on the defense is just a slurper.
There has been zero improvement.
Even if you love golden, you have no leg to stand on with the defense.
Zero improvement
Last year 116th and we played 2 teams that were #2 in the country.
This year we swapped those teams with Savannah state and fau and we are 90th.
Just stop with the improvement
There has been none.
I wish it weren't true, but these guys have no idea what they're doing.

Thomas, Moten, Clark, and Valentine were the future at the U. How did we lose this foundation right in our backyard? I care less about the QB, RB, WR, DB, and LB. The above mentioned should have been priority one, by using former canes to keep them home. We continue to recruit well on the OL, and this is a good time to evaluate a few, and move them in the spring for depth on the DL. Wow, Clark going to UF and Valentine is heading to LSU!

So we have 3 DT's remaing on the roster from last year. Now it seems certain we lost 2 of the five from this class. And Moten is more of a 6-4/275 Strong-side DE that will be forced to gain weight, lose quickness and play inside undersized, as a FRESHMAN at DT. Then the JUCO kid who is average and the 3-star Freshman whose only other offer was from PITT. So that is basically 5 true DT's on the ENTIRE roster going into 2014. UNREAL ! Here we go again. LSU and other Top-Programs for example have 6 UNDERCLASSMEN DT's behind their 4-man 1st n 2nd. team DT rotation every year totaling 10 deep at DT. Injuries will come and we will be down at times to 3-4 DT's that will be available during next season. That is just unacceptable and the continuing reason as to why our Defense will always under perform. It just blows my mind how we are so weak in the interior D-Line. What do we have now, like 8 T.E.'s ?


The new recruit was never offered by Bama or Ohio St....

Had offers from Ohio State, BC, UConn, Temple and Rutgers.

Rick, no one cares "what you were counting on". You know who the coach is. He'll be here. You're an idiot.

The #1 reason Valentine doesn't want to play at Miami is because of the pathetic Defensive scheme employed by Goldy & Dontknowanything. He wants to attack the line of scrimmage. D'no scheme has the lineman just stand straight up. All Florida kids want to attack. He also said he wants to play lighter which we all know Goldy doesn't like. Goldy wants big slow space eating DT's.

Golden and staff...KING OF THE 3 STARS!!!

Calvin pulling his pud thinking about tubby, his "inside info" from the secret locker room peephole and men's weight.

I would like for Golden to go back and look at the film of all the Great Teams that played here before and see how lighter faster defensive players dominated. His philosophy of get as big as you can is killing us.


The #1 reason Valentine doesn't want to play at Miami is...

"The assistant also said Valentine was a bit wary of how much pressure was going to be put on him at Miami, being someone expected to come in right away and deliver whereas he would have a little more time to ease his way in at LSU because of better depth."

He isn't mentally ready for the challenge at Miami.

"I ain’t no recruiter," Thomas said. "If he don’t want to go there, he don’t want to go there. That’s on him."

Mentally ready for the challenge at Miami.

another yanker


Friday afternoon update: UM adds a TE, looking to fill other needs

They picked up one new commitment moments ago when tight end David Njoku announced he is commiting to UM. Njoku, a 6-4, three-star prospect who can also play receiver, was also considering Connecticut and Temple. Rutgers also offered him, but Ohio State reportedly pulled his offer.


Try again Posted by: BburgCane | January 31, 2014 at 08:53 PM

All Al did was pull in yet another postionally unranked kid from UCONN, Temple n Rutgers that NO Top-Program offered. He was supposed to visit OSU, but they told him not to bother. Not interested. No schollie for u. Never was.

But enjoy if u want. Half this class, like the last 3 are comprised of positionally unranked once no and 2 star scrubs that makes up over a THIRD of duh u's roster... ie- No Talented Depth.

Al will now pass out 3-4 schollies in a complete panic to some no star JUCO 6-0 320lb fat Weeble slobs to play DT and then spout off how they are great character kids with lots of potential that will evolve through the "process". And u canes will eat it up and axe for more.

u are dumb, no doubt.

Hey DUH, Ed Reed was a 2 star and so many more throughout the years.

U are a pillow biter, here you go: straight from espn, not Barry Jackson "supposedly"!

One to watch: David Njoku (Cedar Grove, N.J./Cedar Grove) recently received an offer from Ohio State. He had been in communication with the Buckeyes for quite some time, but finally received the offer.

Njoku can play tight end or wide receiver, depending on which school is recruiting him, and he is also considering Penn State. The three-star prospect will take a visit to Ohio State on Jan. 31 and will make a decision shortly after that.

There is other competition to land the 6-foot-4, 215-pound athlete, but there is a good chance he ends up in the Big Ten.

you really cant blame valentine, its like a team that runs the ball 90% of the time trying to get a top receiver to commit. if the defensive recruits dont think they are going to be used well, they shouldnt come.
Posted by: canes man | January 31, 2014 at 07:36 PM


Heella example

Posted by: Nash | January 31, 2014 at 07:45 PM

The funny thing about that is, the school right now if we want to talk conference talk that has the most 1st round picks at wide-receiver since 2010 is Georgia tech(in d.thomas & hill).

Nobody cares who we get on offense, until these penn disgrace morons get a defensive coordinator in here that knows how to implement a real defense, we will continue to see alot of d-linemen go elsewhere. This has been happening since these penn disgrace morons have been in place. They'll learn the hard way, of all the states in the world, the one state that knows football and particularly Miami, so you not fooling to many kids down here, nobody is falling for the investigation hurt us or when we get better players in here.

Cause all a recruit has to ask these morons is that what you told the recruits from last year and the year before that, like i said, if firing moron #1 gets rid of moron #2 that should be done by signing day if we don't get enuff -tackles. Also, nobody has ever mentioned clown 500 as having energy or passion or getting the player amped up nor has he been a reason players have come to play here.

That's why i like that eric winston interview when he was talking about their headcoach and he specifically said, he likes that bruce, "he knows how to talk to people from different backgrounds"

This is something i said from day 1, these penn disgrace clowns don't belong here.

More will de-commit before long. The news is out on how pathetic it feels on national TV getting hammered. Losing stinks, and Golden is getting used to it. Gonna be a long ride for the next few years.

Good call tallyCane on how we get flooded with new blogs all of a sudden once these mac morons get exposed. The local press has been bought off, this is why the head moron went for not only the extension but the raise to as well so he can start giving certain writers side money to make em look good at all cost.

Also, it's to late for these morons to all of a sudden say, we're going to a 4-3, ok fine, but who is going to believe these imbeciles are actually going to think it'll work.

Calvin---no one cares what you say today or from day one. Its the same nonsense.

Bored---no one "de-committing" before long. Wanna bet? Let's bet some IQ points---all ur 50 vs some of mine?

Posted by: Calvin | January 31, 2014 at 10:10 PM

Yea bro, Winston also mentioned how Golden tongue has say about his assistants unlike Coker. This clown has more leeway then any coach in Miami and continues to fail. 49-49 it's his record for a reason.

Now you got dudes in here saying TV couldn't handle the pressure of Miami. LMAO, it only took one look of the film and seeing how these dummies had Curtis Porter dropping in coverage and he was like he77 nah, I ain't with that shat!!!

It was only eight months ago when it was discussed how dumb these idiots are trying to pack pounds on these kids too fast. The no-nothing slurpers all thought that was the solution. Now look.

Hey DUH, Ed Reed was a 2 star and so many more throughout the years.

Posted by: BburgCane | January 31, 2014 at 09:13 PM

Again with Ed Reed. Maybe 3-4 out of 100 2 stars make it to the NFL. Where 75-80 4 n 5 stars out of 100 are NFL caliber players. Go ahead and stockpile a roster full of 2-stars and see how that works out for u. And if u were an NFL GM, why not trade ur 1st through 4th round picks for a slew of 5th. through 7th rounders right?

Keep making blind homer excuses for Golden's INEPTITUDE... He's counting on it as a major part of his "process".

The point being; you never know who will be what when they hit the field. Nobody can predict that and if you can, then well..... You should be doing something other than spouting nonsense on a rival fans site.

NFL spends millions to draft and the results are marginal. Dopes here know which 17 yr olds are going to make it. Why doesn't the NFL hire them for a buck over the min wage they are making now?

For the record I like Njoku, kid actually looks like he can play. He won't do jack $#!t for that little problem we have of giving up 4 bills in yardage on D against anyone with pulse, but I like the kid.

If you were a fan of Darius "the plug" Smith, you like Corey King types, Thurston Armbrister, Hunter Wells, you're gonna love the next 3 months of "recruiting". Just watch the rocks and rotted logs Golden looks under to fill out our roster. You're gonna be hearing a lot more from Mr. Sapp and others too, I guarantee you that.

For you Golden apologists I'm sure you'll love the new catchphrases and buzzwords he's been thinking up to keep you hanging from his misters. He knows things like "moving it forward", "gotta get it fixed","the cloud", "the process", and "buying in", are all getting a bit stale. On signing day he'll have some brand new ones for ya!

Thomas' quote was great, hey it really is all on Valentine.

Golden needs to recognize that his boy is a serious liability. Any defensive recruit has to think twice about wanting to play in this defense. No way we can sell Dino vs a team that puts out great defenses every year.

The scheme, takes on the personality of it's owner...ours is CARDBOARD!

I love the above comment.... CARDBOARD.... LMFAO, I still like D with skirts

If valentine doesn't want to be a cane then kick rocks but it doesn't really matter anyway because these dudes can't develop players and nor can they coach. Miami will hover around the top but never cross that threshold because these coaches just don't have it. Penn state has a better chance of being back before we do. It's hurts to be like that but I just don't see it. I would be the first to come and say I was wrong and I hope that comes true but I just don't see it.

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