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Hurricanes land commitment from Njoku; Valentine at home pondering decision coach says

Hurricanes assistant Brennan Carroll sent out the bat signal Friday to welcome Miami's latest football commitment: New Jersey three-star tight end prospect David Njoku.

The 6-4, 217-pound senior at Cedar Grove High visited UM last month and was a player UM had been trying to nail down. He was scheduled to visit Ohio State this weekend, but the backed off. He becomes the second tight end prospect to join the class. Georgia's Chris Herndon is the other.

Njoku also becomes the third prospect from New Jersey in the Class of 2014 to pick the Canes. UM coach Al Golden and many members of his staff obviously know the New Jersey area well.


Even though all signs are pointing toward LSU especially after he decided to pass on an official visit to UM this weekend, U.S. Army All-American defensive tackle Travonte Valentine hasn't ruled out the Hurricanes yet and planned to spend the next few days at home with his mother in Palm Bay trying to reach a final decision.

"Right now I would say it's probably 70-30 LSU," a Champagnat assistant coach close to Valentine said Friday morning.

Valentine told The Herald during a half hour interview on Tuesday he told UM coaches he would visit Coral Gables this weekend after Golden came to visit him at school. But after receiving a visit from LSU's coaches in his mom's home Wednesday night, the Champagnat assistant coach said Valentine and his mom decided visiting UM -- where he had been so many times unofficially -- wouldn't help the situation. He just needed to get away from it all, the coach said.

So what initially changed Valentine's mind about remaining committed to UM in the first place? Although Valentine reiterated to The Herald Tuesday the Al Golden to Penn State rumors last month played a factor, it appears scheme and the way LSU told Valentine he would be utilized has played a bigger role.

The Champagnat assistant said when Valentine returned from the U.S. Army All-American Game in San Antonio -- where he played in a 4-3 scheme -- he told coaches at Champagnat he might be better suited in LSU's 4-3 system instead of a 3-4/4-3 multiple defense at Miami. Valentine made reference to it Tuesday when asked if he liked one team's scheme over the other.

"Miami could change some things up, slim down the d-tackles a little bit," Valentine said. "Instead of playing like at 340, 350, I'd prefer to be 310, 315. LSU was telling me they could see me going down to 310, playing smaller, quicker, making tackles for loss."

The Champagnat assistant said he took Valentine down to UM to sit down and review film with Canes defensive line coach Jethro Franklin.

"He showed him all the film, how they use tackles in multiple ways, not just a nose guard," the Champagnat assistant said. "Golden, [Defensive coordinator Mark] D'Onofrio, Franklin, all of them were telling him he wouldn't have to come in and play heavy, they could make adjustments."

The assistant also said Valentine was a bit wary of how much pressure was going to be put on him at Miami, being someone expected to come in right away and deliver whereas he would have a little more time to ease his way in at LSU because of better depth.

Valentine said Tuesday he also felt closer to some of the former South Floridian players and Hallandale safety John Battle, at LSU 2014 commitment. Valentine also said he didn't feel the same connection to UM's recruits.

Asked Tuesday about Valentine and his wavering with UM, Booker T. Washington All-American defensive end Chad Thomas said he hadn't spoken with him and said he it didn't matter to him if Valentine chose UM.

"I ain’t no recruiter," Thomas said. "If he don’t want to go there, he don’t want to go there. That’s on him."

For what it's worth, Valentine said Tuesday his mother wasn't necessarily pushing him to stay close to home.

"She’s with me anywhere I go,"  Valentine said. "She’s with me through the long run. It’s not about a staying home situation."

Valentine is scheduled to make his college announcement during a small ceremony at Champagnat Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.


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So who de-commits today and what 2-star does Golden replace him with?

Things that make cane fans go hhhmmmmmmmm, here we go again...

Ga cane ...what? 2 more first downs by sm17 would lead to 100 yards less hung on no'd? So you have no confidence in no'd to stop any offense . You're accepting 2 more drives of 50 yards each by that idiot DC we have? No 3 and out with our d ?
When do the excuses stop? When is al off scholarship?

hey manny please tell me your source is not Drummond/genron....... you reporters need to superstate yourselves from this dirty leach. did you ask him how much lsu paid him for Valentine? our hire lsu plans to finance a champagnet football game trip to Louisiana? that school is a fraud and will be exposed! if Drummond is your source that's what I call kredibility with a capitol k

So who de-commits today and what 2-star does Golden replace him with?

Things that make cane fans go hhhmmmmmmmm, here we go again...

Posted by: u are u
The kid isn't solid with us anyway da, so if he wants LSU so be it, but regardless we have an 8th ranked class and plenty of talent coming in. You're a very very weirdly obsessed with Miami person dude. I mean really, as soon as you wake up in the morning you troll our blogs. I guess with no job, no girlfriend, no wife, no life we're all you got, lol. What a lost little child.

I've never heard of a player worried he might play too soon. He wants to ease his way in? I I was all on board with Valentine, but he seems really soft.

Rick, you should get your facts straight stupid. The NCAA punished Miami by reducing scholarships by 9. That mean they'll have 3 less schollies for the next 3 years. Quit posting stupid............MORON.

YankeeCane, Why look at the film, if you don't have player you can play like 20 year old film no matter the scheme. Russell Maryland and Warren Sapp are walking through those doors now. Remember scheme is irrelevant if you don't have the players.

It never Hurts to pick up 3 or even 2 star recruits as long as the Scholies are available. You never know when you will find that diamond in the rough. UM has had plenty of those including Mr Sapp.
However, we need to close the deal on those 4 and 5 star recruits that we had a very legitimate chance on getting.
Valentine being one of them. I liked this kid but with his grades not up to par and what he has been commenting, it sounds like he is bringing more drama than game.
He needs to butch up some to be a Cane.
Leslie is whispering sweet nothing's and BS at him. Telling him that he is going to room with his new BFF and they are going to run the defense to accommodate him etc. Once he signs that LOI, all the promises and BS go out the window.

The travonte valentine recruitmen has basically come down to the obvious 2 things we've been saying for over 3 years now, the penn disgrace morons infatuation with weight gain and scheme being the cure all for being able to play defense.

sunny dee, i see where you said you've never heard a player say "he's worried about playing to early" but you've got to give em credit for saying that and in this efensive scheme the mac staff and his minions have brought here, you'd have to be crazy not to be worried about playing as a True freshman, this scheme can get a True freshman hurt. They're asking our d-tackles to control 2 gaps which is beyond ridiculous for even seniors.

Also, 2 gap d-tackles have a hard time playing alot of plays. It's a waste of time type of defensive scheme. The bottom line is, these penn disgrace morons haven't adjusted to the talent they have the ultimate access to. Guys want to come here but if our offense doesn't become efficient and we're playing the same old tired efensive scheme giving up 500 yards a game, until we get some real UM coaches in here,, we'll just be another run of the mill type of program getting left behind more and more one season at a time.

There has only been 1 cloud hanging over this program and that's that 500 yards a game, 103rd average ranking of this sissy efensive scheme.

The one good thing these recruits that want to come here can look forward to, this will be clown 500's last year of doing that, so whoever is brought in after either morons #1 & #2 are gone, they definitely will be way more aggressive and it's not going to take to much time for us to start playing defense again after next year.

If i'm travonte like tracy howard, i wouldn't want to play for these nerd either, but it's your school and eventually it'll either get ran right or ran out the door.

It does not appear that Valentine will choose UM. It is unfortunate when some kids are rejecting us because of defensive scheme and coaching. Maybe he'll flip, but doubt it.

On the other hand, Kaaya coming is great news. Sounds like a smart kid with lots of upside.

Hate to see Sapp's comments, but can't say that I disagree with him and Buchannon.

Hoping that new blood will make a difference on the defense this year. A chance for a lot of kids to step in and play right away.

Sunny Dee, your comments are the best here. An All-American DT questioned his ability to play as a freshman, and worried about how fans will react. I agree with VT that he needs to lose weight, because this past year he was less powerful and slow reaction from his junior year. I respect VT's decision, and let's all move on. I am tired of all the Golden and DC bashing, because we need to just let it play out. I will not be surprise the team plays better, because the staff must realize they have been exposed...not developing or preparing the team to compete over the past two years. I will not put everything on the staff, because the players missed: assignments, blocks, passes, passes, and tackles. Overall, I like this class, and hoping we flip JC Jackson and the Georgia DT.

Morris got worse in his last year , Rick, That was a bi-t-ch a55 comment.

There are so many b=t-ch a55ese on this blog it aint even funny

Valentine is wussing out. Besides. He may neot even qualify academically for the U- LSU is like a jc academically. Bunch of re-trds and rejects over there.

UM has more ships than LSU. UM has a bigger football tradition. LSu has been good last 8 yrs thats it. LAst NC before 2004 was in 1951. Then all the BAyou toothless inbreds started coming out of the woods with their yellow and purple hats.

Thanks to Randy Shannons defense in the PEach Bowl, we got smacked in the mouth, and thanks to Dan Werner and Kyle Wrights pathetic offense we didnt do a thing. That was the start of LSu's latest run and the whole garage talk about SEC SEC.

Youre getting lost in LSU Travonte- Its a fun place to play, but come over here and youll get more TV time and youll live in a better city, better education, and better chances to be drafted- UM has more players in the NFL than LSU. True Dat.

Travonte won't sign with us, but best of luck to him. He's already decommitted from us twice which means even if he somehow decides to sign with us at the last minute, i think he'd leave the program within a year. Reality is, he will not be ready to make an instant impact next year. He'll need another 2 years at a minimum and Canes fans want to see DL improvement now. Wish we had done a better job scourin JUCO land.

Bingo, RHC. You know the Calvion/tubby group isn't going to let anything play out. Going to regurgitate their same point over and over again as if it is going to make any difference.

Hey Al Golden, there's a new defensive lineman available up here in Jacksonville. There is not South Florida talent up here, but it's a great deal better than New Jersey talent.


I like what we have so far in the '14 class. Sure, you want to land all of the top talent, but that just won't happen. It's the best class Golden has brought in so far. The '12 class should step into their own next year with the '13 guys being good fill-ins and a handful of '14 guys getting spot duty.

Talent and depth are finally building, and we've had very little of that the past 3 years. Now if you see the activity around the '15 class, our future looks very bright. Early signs point to '15 being a better crop than '14. So if this coaching staff can continue to bring in this kind of talent, then the onus is on them to develop these kids into playmakers.

NJCane. I know you jersey dudes stick together but pleeeease. Your delusional. Golden hasn't proven to me that he can recruit. Maybe he will. Just as likely he won't.

Alot of the recruiting success falls mostly on the shoulders of kehoe being the position coach for all those o-linemen coming in and james coley being here, with Fsu winning the title and recruits that would normally go to Miami not liking the brand of football these morons have brought to UM that's the biggest cloud and the only cloud that's been hanging over this program. Everybody and anybody with common sense know how we are coming out of Miami, we free spirits and tough minded and gone let you know bout it and the guys at UM are not being allowed to play that way.

But the guys who leave Miami and go to other program are allowed to do it like that, we got to many double agents at UM now, they want to try and bottle up that True Miami Hurricane emotion and it's costing this program now and it'll continue to cost them. i root for the players that come out of Miami over a b.s. regime/administration at UM jacking up the program, the mandate has been clear since this troll took over, she said and it was consistently on promotional videos for UM "we're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami".

When i heard that, i instantly knew what time it was.

Calvin's world view makes things so simple:

Kehoe/Coley good
Golden/Shalala/ dNo bad

Simple enough to fit in his pea brain

Last time I believe an excuse a recruit gives. I believed in TV. That he would just blow off the U staff like that is shameful. Can you see Les' s lips move when he speaks.

Travonte, please ignore the Gator trolls who post here. UM will offer you a MUCH better experience than LSU, both educationally and familial. Stay close to family. The first couple of years of college will be different than what you experienced ion high school. Having family close will make the transition much easier. Also, why not be a part of the resurgence of UM football?

Last time I believe an excuse a recruit gives. I believed in TV. That he would just blow off the U staff like that is shameful. Can you see Les' s lips move when he speaks.

Posted by: Doc | February 01, 2014 at 11:44 AM

What you should be asking is, why is he blowing off this staff, because even now, recruits don't even respect the defensive side of the ball. This is nothing knew tho, it's been happening on the defensive side of the ball since these morons got here and just think about how many d-linemen have de-committed since as my boy nash will tell you, how many have de-committed since the "mac staff" has been here.

There is no defensive depth because that's the side of the ball that these morons kicked alot of players off of in the name of trying to buy more time for selfish reasons.

Just think how many d-linemen have been here since these clowns came in and have not been productive at a high level at all or have transferred out. So for you or for anyone else to try and put the onus on travonte who obviously wanted to be here otherwise he wouldn't be going back and forth with this. But when you see what it's boiling down to with him is his decision having to do anything with an investigation or sanctions or some factitious cloud hanging over the program, the only real sanctions were us being forced to keep clown 500 and the head moron trying to micro manage defensive players, they have no clue about defense.

cherry picking stats and saying stupid crap in regards to a defense "we're trending upward" this is not the stock market!

Calvin's world view makes things so simple:

Kehoe/Coley good
Golden/Shalala/ dNo bad

Simple enough to fit in his pea brain
Posted by: GatorKillerCane | February 01, 2014 at 11:06 AM

I normally don't respond to this moron nor read his post but if you think those you just named are the world, i'm sure people will be able to figure out who the "pea brain" is!

Calvina, you're a fool.

Oh, and you read EVERY post.

Call me a Golden Slurper because I want to go ahead and move forward and see how it all plays out; hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

I don't believe in AG and his staff at all - after this last year and the moves made regarding PSUgate...

I wanted and expressed my desire for AG to go to PSU...

But lord,
Sunny Dee and GKC are right about the talking points of the Negs. They literally are the same comment over and over.

I really try to read every comment to be fair and see what's offered, but it's getting to the point where I gloss over when I see the same descriptive identifiers and same complaints ad nauseum.

I get the need to vent and express fan frustration.

There are still interesting points to be made, other than DNO sucks. Emphatically overstating the obvious at this point is ...

I do think that we didn't do enough to emphasize DTs and LBs in this class and 2012. It is our achilles' heel.

But for all the groaning, we have pulled in a very good class that will probably pay real dividends in 2015.

IS there a list of who is on campus this weekend? Cane we get one Manny?

If U idiot Cane Fans, on here slurpin n tonguing my nuts, think that I actually read this garbage or much less care what U have to say, Ur dumber than I am.

It's All Geaux Tigers !!!

Njoku was a second team, All-State player.
Cedar Grove is a group I school, which is the smallest of the 5 divisions in NJ.
I can't hold it against the kid, talent can come from anywhere, but I'm a little skeptical. I hope i'm proved wrong.

MrValentine is gone get over it, he is a big baby anyway, he let Fla down he let Louisville down, he let Miami down, and he will be a big disappointment to LSU, doesnt have the good skills a tackle needs against the run, just a mass in the hole, backs will fly around him.

Jmike is pure stupid, he actually is beneath stupid....

Al Golden is building our team just like the slow Big Ten, It is no longer about the U, its all about Golden keeping his NO COACH D a paycheck, if Al Golden was fired right now, he would be in the same boat as Randy is in, WILL NEVER BE A HEAD COACH AGAIN..... FACT

Rick calling someone stupid? WOW!

Hey Rick, is this same quality as your fact that Brad Kayaa won't be a Cane. Thought so. You're a fool.

Lets hope all the teams we play next yr will have at least 5 losses, CUZ WE KNOW AL CAN NOT BEAT ANYONE GOOD, LOOK AT THE FACTS.... 1005 FACT

@wyche11: I have decided that I am going to do the rest of these classes to satisfy the ACC rule and go to the University of Miami.

Wyche is back onboard.

Re: Wyche - if true is not surprising...he was just nutthurt bc his waiver appeal was denied and he didn't have many, if any better options.

That's good news.

Just wyche11 twitter acct. Is true.

Rick: tell us more about Kaaya and Wyche.
just tell us how bad we are forever and ever, amen.

FYI to the bashers, of the 2014 PLAYER COMMITS

27 12
12 ESPN 300 committs out of 26 now(Not 27, wyche left). Besides bascially 1/2 our team are ESPN 300 players coming in, 6 are already enrolled. 6 of 9 early enrolles are on the espn 300.

Look for a strong close.

Wyche just recommitted, http://t.co/wjCsHWC3Tl

Yes DT Wyche has recommitted, Still same staff, so nothing really changed.... FACT

1. Even the 2001 Canes had like 58% state of FL kids and 40% out of state.
2. Hester is a top 5 player in Jersey, Jenkins is the #2 or #3 player In Jersey, and The WR Committ is ranked in the final jersey state rankings, and ohio state wanted him.......... MOVE ON WITH THE OUT OF STATE STUFF

WE have a ton of so fla kids in this class, and 9 are already enrolled, 6 are espn 300 players.

Man, We have a top 10 class going into the final week, like 7-8 spots open now, and U guys are idiots.

Welcome back Mikey! U won't regret your decision and I easily SEE-r U being a DT starter come Labor Day night. hUh

If U idiot Cane Fans, on here slurpin n tonguing my nuts, think that I actually read this garbage or much less care what U have to say, Ur dumber than I am.

It's All Geaux Tigers !!!

Posted by: TRAVONTE | February 01, 2014 at 01:40 PM


LOL.... and yes TV the VAST MAJORITY of Cane good ol' boy's tend to be bloody FOOLS and what not! hUh Especially those BLIND fools at that Canespace. dUh

Actually, we've never had a very good Florida qb, since the resurgence in the early 80s. Kelly, Kosar, Vinnie, Walsh and Dorsey all from the dreaded "out of state". I'll take any of them and you can have jacory Morris, etc.

No one more foolish than "bet the farm" on A&M over Alabama, duh duh D. Many ex-farmers now.

Riley Gibbons has decommitted, THAT WAS A HUGE PUNCH TO THE FACE

One idiot up above running his mouth, AND RILEY GIBBONS DECOMMITTED.....BOOM

6 recruits gone in 3 weeks.... AL IS CLOSING.... LMFAO

Gibbons - meh. Stanford's a good school.

Do well Gibbons.

Moving on.

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