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Hurricanes offensive guard Jonathan Feliciano announces he's returning for his senior year

  Welcome back to University of Miami guard Jon Feliciano, another underclassmen who said Friday he is staying for his senior season, joining linebacker Denzel Perryman and defensive lineman Anthony Chickillo and tight end Clive Walford.

Here's the release from UM regarding Jon.

 Miami Hurricanes offensive guard Jon Feliciano will return to school for his senior season, the Davie native announced Friday.

 “I am coming back (to Miami) because I believe in what Coach Golden, the staff and our team are doing here,” Feliciano said. “I think the program is rising at an all-time pace. With all the NCAA stuff behind us, we can come into a season without anything hanging over our heads.”

 Feliciano started all 13 games along the offensive line, making 11 starts at left guard and two starts at right tackle. An honorable mention All-ACC selection by ACSMA, he helped anchor the offensive line that paved the way for Miami’s offense to average 425.8 yards of total offense and 33.8 points per game.

 As a sophomore in 2012, he started all 12 games at left guard en route to All-ACC honorable mention from ACSMA. He has started 26 straight games on Miami’s offensive line and 33 of 35 career games.

 “I have some flaws in my game and that’s the reason why I’m staying for my senior season at Miami,” Feliciano said. “The coaches do a great job in finding weak spots in your game and making them your strength.”




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Bunche has played some guard and there's an opening at RT with the departure of Henderson.

the "lists" just get longer and longer.....golden cant employ his "conceptual" selling tactic.....the list counters "out-of sight, out-of-mind" press print....

what you see are patterns....plus the number counts whether it is the casualty list, the number of players that shannon left for golden or the number of recruits that wanted to come to UM.....all are the counter arguments to his public statements...that's how you keep it REAL.....

data is far greater than opinion....

1986 team the majority of players in the 2 deep roster had arrest records....all I care about is winning and filling the trophy case.....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 14, 2014 at 11:21 AM

1. The 1986 team did NOT have a majority with arrest records. You are again lying and I bet you cannot prove this claim either, just like your neighborhood full of BC grads and your Navy Seal experience.

2. The 1986 team did NOT fill the trophy case, they did that in 1988 when the 1987 team won the Orange Bowl against Oklahoma. But you were cheering on the gatrs back then, as you do to this very day, fake Gallo....

data is far greater than opinion....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 14, 2014 at 11:32 AM

So your claim that Kaaya is going to Texas Tech is "data"?

Funny, the rest of the world would call that opinion, and a harebrained opinion at that....

GKC, I was trying to make the point to the "schemers" that AG is not opposed to running different schemes when personnel allow for it. Again, the 3-4 is great when Ahmad brooks is your key. It also helps when Schaub and Heath miller are giving your d a break.

data is far greater than opinion....

Posted by: Jim Gallo
Let us know when u start providing data, and not a ridiculous list.

Gallo's "data" list of departees includes people who never left. If that's data, we'll take a blind guess.

My GUESS is that Bunche got the post season review and didn't like what he heard regarding PT next year. With feliciano returning and new arrivals/young guys developing, he probably saw the handwriting on the wall.

Btw, his name was off the official roster list before the story came out, so obviously this was not a surprise. Clearly a discussion took place, as he was allowed to transfer.

From inside the u....

Miami linebacker commit Mike Smith will take some visits in January, but he maintains he is firm in his pledge to the Hurricanes.

One thing I want to get done this weekend is talking to the coaches about the defensive scheme,” Smith said. “The type of stuff that they tried to run really didn’t fit the type of guys they had. We haven’t got into it yet but it will be nice to find out about how they’re using me and stuff like that.”

the "lists" just get longer and longer.
- Fake Gallo.

Actually, the list got SHORTER, not longer, since you had to remove starters Chickillo, Perryman, Feliciano, and Walford. You then add a career backup to your list as if it is a casualty.

1 - 4 is still -3, a smaller number. The only thing that is getting bigger is the sheer number of times you have been wrong on your "lists".

1986 team:

jerome brown - handgun possession
melvin bratton - shoplifing
autogate - 15 players involved
micheal irvin - coral gables police assault
geroge mira - assault
alonzo highsmith - gun possession
brett perryman - gun possesion
tolbert bain - gun possesion
randy shannon - Currier of Luther hit money
greg mark - petty theft
daniel stubbs - resisting arrent coral gables police
34 players - chared with stolen credit cards for long distant calls

please green pea.....you were not even born then....

So now you are claiming that Shannon had an arrest record for interactions with Luther Campbell?
Not true.
But then I bet the rest of your list is not true, either.

Googled "Jerome Brown arrested" and it talked about a different Jerome Brown from 2013.

Googled "Melvin Bratton arrested" it talked about him accidentally having sunglasses on at a JC Penny.
``When the police arrived, they even wanted to know why they were called in. Melvin left, but he was never arrested.`` - Guess what, he was acquitted.

Googled "Miami Autogate arrest" No arrests, and it was ONE player (NOT 15, you liar) that had an NCAA issue in that, and it was quickly fixed.

Googled "Michael Irvin arrest" I am guessing you are talking about an arrest in 2005 as if THAT had anything to do with the 1986 team. No arrests in 1986.

Googled "George Mira arrest"- The "assault" was an argument with his girlfriend. It wasn't like he told her it was "time to die" like your gatr buddy did.

Googled "Alonzo Highsmith arrest" - gun possession. Lie. Prove it.

Googled "Brett Perryman arrest"- gun possesion Lie. Prove it.

Googled "Tolbert Bain arrest" - gun possesion Lie. Prove it.

Googled "Greg Mark arrest" - Acquitted.

Googled "Daniel Stubbs arrest" - Broke up a fight in a dorm, not arrested.

Googled "Miami stolen credit cards arrest" No charges were pressed, liar, so NO arrests were made, gatr. 8 thousand was paid back, as a small part of the 28 thousand that all students were caught with.

The data shows that Gallo loves the KAK. It is also not open to debate.

Gallo. KAK lover. Watch him perform at Club Manhole.

So, again, the claim "1986 team the majority of players in the 2 deep roster had arrest records...." is a sick lie from a sick troll with a sick obsession and a sick amount of spare time on his hands.

Gallo is a Pig, no need to sink to his level. He is a known liar, and a known OCD troll. No need to claim any more than that.

Nash, thanks for the information in a sea of lies.

I hope that the coaches listen to him. Not sure they will, but the fact that young Mr. Smith is using his position as a recruit to help the team is great news.

You like criminals on your team, Gallo? That explains why you like that Aaron Hernandez team.

sorry all true.....

In other words, a half hour later, you cannot find any evidence to prove your sick claim.

You failed again. Your lies have been disproven, and your obsession with hating on the Canes from the 1980s through to today just because they humiliated your team is getting old. Time for another ID change, fake Gallo.

Ron Zook is even a bigger liar than gallo but you guys like five titles seem to not constantly call him out I wonder why? Is it bc you both worship big al?

Ron Zook is even a bigger liar than gallo but you guys like five titles seem to not constantly call him out I wonder why? Is it bc you both worship big al?

Posted by: Ron Zook

You know the REAL Zook may be a bit over board sometimes with AG, but at least he never changes his stance, and doesn't CHANGE his screen name, or COPY others to suit an agenda. Really childish that you post with his name, I mean what's the deal, what are you afraid of?

Pruitt has left FSU to become UGA's new defensive coordinator. Could be a good chance to flip some FSU commits.

I've said it multiple times. The Golden One has an affinity toward Italian players/coaches. He is an identifiable half Italian and Bunche payed the price. Ask Feliciano whats for dinner? Meatballs..

The strongest player on the team, Bunche was also called "the best offensive lineman coming our of the spring" by offensive line coach Art Kehoe last year.

D'Nofrio. Chikillo. Feliciano.

Bunche was/is better than Feliciano.


That's the reason

4 star WR/TE Derrick Griffin failed to qualify again. He's headed to Junior College. Huge loss for both the UM football and basketball teams!

The guy that stole Zook's ID is demanding that we call out Zook for lies, but he never calls out Gallo for HIS lies.

Funny how that cloak of respectability is tough to use while stealing an ID.

And I have called out Zook and others on here. Gallo's lies though were the most recent comments, so they get the most recent responses.

Hey Ron Zook, stealing another person's ID is stupid. Happy now?

9 a.m. Tuesday update: Guard/tackle Malcolm Bunche, who had a decent chance to win a starting job next season, has decided to transfer. Bunche has been given permission to contact other schools, according to UM.

It's a peculiar decision because Bunche will be a senior next season, and because Al Golden recently named him as a potential starter in 2014. UM did not offer a reason for Bunche's departure, and Bunche was not immediately available for comment.

Bunche started only one game in 2013 (the opener, at left guard) but played in all but one. He figured to earn substantial playing time next season, because two starters on the line --- Brandon Linder and Seantrel Henderson --- are moving on to the NFL. Jared Wheeler also is graduating.

But Jon Feliciano, who started the final six games at left guard, is returning. So is left tackle Ereck Flowers, who has become a very good player, and center Shane McDermott. UM has high hopes for 6-8 freshman tackle Sunny Odogwu as well as guard Danny Isidora. And Hunter Wells, Hunter Knighton, Alex Gall and Taylor Gadbois also return.

What's more, UM's recruiting class has three highly-regarded four-star tackles: KC McDermott (Shane's brother), Trevor Darling and Reilly Gibbons. Guard/center Nick Linder, Brandon's brother, is also orally committed.
Strange, not one mention of the Italian connection in Barry's article. Barry MUST be a part of the conspiracy then.

Mark richt was smart he went out and signed Pruitt from fsu as their dc. Why can't we do that?

Did anyone ever guess that Zook and Gallo were the same person. Two people with different minds in the same head. I am his (their) shrink.
I cannot give their three other screen names, it goes against patient/doctor privacy.

And how come Bunche could not beat out Flowers? Was HE and Italian, too? How about Linder, McDermott, Odogwu, and Isadora? They must all be Italians....

Kudo's, again, to HARRIETTUBMANCANE and JSY and DAU and other like-minded, LOYAL, OPEN-MINDED Hurricane fan-dom! Because they be KEEPING IT REAL and what not.

Oh, I see that colacane CONTINUE'S to be the F-O-O-L of the Orange nd' Green sort! Nothing more, nothing less. hUh

FWIW... I lay EVEN MONEY that OT Bunche was COERCED to leave the program.

Because Goldie still has a HARD ON for all those Shannon players and what not. And Malcolm was one of the FEW REMAINING Shannon players. hUh

Nevertheless, GOOD LUCK to one Malcolm Bunche!!

Bunche transferred? No problem. The Great Wall of Coral Gables will go on without him. The most excellent performance of our Great Wall will continue mostly due to the fact that The Great Golden is our leader. The players are just like bricks in the wall, interchangeable.
We don't need no education...
We don't need no thought control...
Sorry I digress.......
So we have The Great Wall
We have The Great Golden
what else do we need?
A competent DC you say?
Georgia got FSU's DC
Louisville got Georgia's DC
We got ......
we got the same guy that set records 2 years ago
If he is good enough for The Golden One he should be enough for you
Results on the field you say?
"The most important thing is NOT to make a change"
Gotta love that quote.

Y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark ZEALOTS have to give Thee Carpetbagger's credit and what not.

Simply because they are clever, subtle LIARS!! Or is that DISINGENUOUS Carpetbagger's. dUh

For instance, during Goldie's final press conference. He mentioned that NO CURRENT Hurricane player was leaving the program and ALL the current Miami scholarship player's would RETURN for the 2014 season. hUh

Yet, the shocking news that an EXPERIENCED upper-classmen Cane is departing the program and what not. Go figures'.

Thus, that now makes THIRTY-SEVEN ( 37 ) Cane players which Goldie nd' Marky Mark have RUN OFF and or PRESSURED to leave the program. And that's within three seasons which is a major college football RECORD and what not! Ouch.

FWIW... former, LOYAL Hurricane Bunche WON'T BE THE LAST player to leave the program!! Bloody well GUARANTEE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, y'all Hurricane partisans.

How can ANY loyal Cane fan-dom have CONFIDENCE in a head coach, which RECORD against B.C.S. teams is... drum rolls please...


Again, Goldie nd' Marky Mark have a LOSING RECORD of 1-23 against college football programs with a WINNING RECORD. Ouch!

Five Titles, You are such a prissy little bit*ch. I mean that in the most obvious condescending way possible.

I think there is still Golden's juice flowing from your chin. There is no conspiracy. There is a pattern. Bunche is/was better than Feliciano. Chickallo and D'Nofrio are beloved by Golden. Is there a coincidence? Yes. I may be wrong, but I thought at least it was worth noting. Thought inducing, even.

Its still better than your 10% football related 90% gossip BS you pull from your Golden loving arse. Like a wee little girl.

Oh there I go assuming you could induce thought. You give Miami fans a bad name, now make me a sandwich

You claim I love Golden. Yet YOU are the one with his name in your ID. Ironic.

You seem to be a bit too sensitive, when pointing out how your Italian conspiracy has holes in it leads to such a weak personal attack. You were not claiming it was a thought-inducing possibility, you claimed it was THE reason. When you are the judge and jury, you can't get annoyed when it is overturned on appeal.

My 10% football related rate (I believe it is much higher than that), according to you, is STILL 10% better than your personal attacks and homophobic references at other posters you disagree with.

Looking ahead to the non-conference portion of the Cane 2014 schedule. Miami, in a worst case situation, could possibly lose two of those four games.

Of course, in a best case scenario the Hurricanes could possibly win three of those four games.

@ Nebraska




FWIW... I see Golden's squad losing one of those four non-conference games. Simply because D'Onofrio is back in Coral Gables.

Oh, au contraire to what the Golden and D'Onofrio sycophants and apologist have to opine. Miami's A.C.C. schedule will be STRONGER in 2014!

That's the reason
Posted by: Golden for Prez | January 14, 2014 at 02:36 PM
That does not provoke thought, it reads like a case closed conclusion type of comment not open for discussion.

And based on how you react to anyone that dares to disagree with your wild theory (not a fact, despite your desire to have it accepted without debate), it is obvious that you were not attempting to initiate discussion, provoke anything other than hostility, and definitely were not ready for any opposing viewpoints.

Probably should not toss out stuff like that on a public forum, if you are not ready to accept an opposing view.

Mark richt was smart he went out and signed Pruitt from fsu as their dc. Why can't we do that?

Posted by: Tallycane | January 14, 2014 at 02:57 PM


Because it's not in the best interest of Golden and the A.D. and the university President and naturally, he Board of Trustee's to envision Miami being a legitimate Top 10 football program, again.

In other words, both Golden and D'Onofrio are quite content with winning records of 8-4 or 9-3. And naturally, a 10-2 campaign will come around once every four or five seasons.

Thanks, Robert.

BTW, can I suggest you adjust your typepad ID. It will reduce the chance for others to take your ID.

I see them winning the three home games, and maybe catching Nebraska off guard, but most likely 3-1, especially since they are planning the same defensive scheme. This is not the three yards and a cloud of dust Nebraska anymore.

Mark richt was smart he went out and signed Pruitt from fsu as their dc. Why can't we do that?

Posted by: Tallycane | January 14, 2014 at 02:57 PM

What's amazing is Georgia has had legitimate a Top 40 or Top 30 defense under it's departed defensive coordinator. Yet, Richt isn't satisfied with the Bulldog defensive trend lately. Go figures'.

And here Cane fandom are stuck with an INEPT, fourth-rate defensive coordinator which should have been demoted or given the Pink slip after the 2012 season.

Huge loss for both the UM football and basketball teams!

Posted by: Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger In All of College Football | January 14, 2014 at 02:46 PM

I'd opine that it's more of a loss for the Hurricane football program.

Because, Coach L knows how to COACH UP under-the-radar H.S. talent. Whereas Golden and D'Onofrio severely lack the ability to COACH UP all that South Florida prep talent ( Defensive personnel. ) on the roster.

Case in point. Both Chick and Perryman have regressed since their freshmen seasons.

Matter of fact, all of the current past incoming high school talent on the defensive side of the L.O.S. hasn't improved under Golden and D'Onofrio, i.e., current Golden recruits whom will be Seniors, Juniors or Sophomores in 2014.

But then again, the current defensive scheme has a lot to do with the lack of improvement by the Hurricane defensive players.

When did being Hispanic become Italian? Jon Feliciano is Italian now? Smh...

The 90% rubbish that you spewed as a rebuttal is all you do.

Have you offered logical reasons as to why he, Bunche, left? My reasoning is, he felt underutilized. He realized he had more talent than certain starters.

Now, follow along..

So Golden does not have favorites? Randy Shannon didn't have a dog house? You didn't disagree with me for discussion proposes. You flat out personified a inferiority complex by exerting a need to respond.

See, unlike your passive aggressive nature, I'd rather tell you to get a life upfront

Now pretend you have a life.

Golden Casualties and Discipline Issues:

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
Terry Richardson - RB Coach
Jedd Fisch - OC
Geroge Mcdonald - WR Coach
Mario Christobal - HC
Eddie Johnson - LB
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard – RB
Travis Rudolf - WR
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey – DT
Demetrius Jackson – DE
Travonte Valentine – DT
Nigel Bethel – DB
Brad Kaaya – QB (Texas Tech)
Brandon Powell – RB
Ereck Flowers – OL 2014 very possible
Tracy Howard – CB 2014 very possible
Rashawn Scott – WR 2014 very possible
Malcolm Bunche – OL
WR – Derrick Griffin

soon the list will take up the whole page

Top programs lose Red-Shirt Sophs and Juniors because they were prepped and developed to leave early for the NFL. They are then replaced by True and Red-Shirt Sophs, Juniors and a "few" Red-Shirt Freshman with Top Talent that have at a least year of College experience under their belts.

We lose very few if any Juniors or Red-Shirt Sophs to the NFL because they are neither talented enough nor developed. We then lose multiple players that actually played to transfers year after year mostly because they are through buying what this Coaching Staff is selling after a few years. Then Cane fans talk about how TRUE FRESHMAN will come in to fill the void! TRUE FRESHMAN never come in to play right away at Top-Programs. But we rely on two handfulls every year when they're not even close or ready to play. Hence the result is inexperienced young depth that is below average. "WE ARE YOUNG". Then we Red-Shirt nearly half of our 10-12 kids in Classes yearly that are nothing more than unranked and 2-star PROJECT kids and when they play later, we see the results. ='s NO DEPTH.

Sure there are 10 kids in the 2014 Class(how many more will decommit and there are NO TOP KIDS that are about to commit to The U) that are very nice, but when you combine and eventually play them with PROJECTS we've seen what we get for three years going on 4 years now.

And to those that say... Give it time. It's the same sorry Penn. St./Temple cycle and formula that Top-Ranked teams never use.

And last year, if we finished strong, ranked and a sure fire pre-season ranked team next year, then ok, give it another year or two. But, talent and COACHING wise, we are NO DIFFERENT than where we were in 2010. Just wait until 2015 and you shall see. The stats are stunning and prove it from 2010 to 2013. Especially DEFENSIVELY !

I deal in facts and recent past history. Now those of you that say ohhhhhh the NCAA hurt us and give it more time, tell me why you hope and imagine things will change as opposed to what we have actually seen and then listen to Golden say, "We're going to keep doing what we're doing because it's not fair to the kids." We've had plenty of Schollies to field a team and kick the crap out of many of the ACC garbage teams we've lost to in 2011-2012-2013... Next year ? Same story.

"We're going to keep doing what we're doing because it's not fair to the kids that have been here to change now."

WTF does that even mean ?

And I'm sure, those of you that are still starry-eyed over Golden and his constant pitchlines and what you saw the last 6 weeks of 2013 will "explain" why... But I and many Longtime Cane fans aren't buying.

Not anymore

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