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Hurricanes offensive guard Jonathan Feliciano announces he's returning for his senior year

  Welcome back to University of Miami guard Jon Feliciano, another underclassmen who said Friday he is staying for his senior season, joining linebacker Denzel Perryman and defensive lineman Anthony Chickillo and tight end Clive Walford.

Here's the release from UM regarding Jon.

 Miami Hurricanes offensive guard Jon Feliciano will return to school for his senior season, the Davie native announced Friday.

 “I am coming back (to Miami) because I believe in what Coach Golden, the staff and our team are doing here,” Feliciano said. “I think the program is rising at an all-time pace. With all the NCAA stuff behind us, we can come into a season without anything hanging over our heads.”

 Feliciano started all 13 games along the offensive line, making 11 starts at left guard and two starts at right tackle. An honorable mention All-ACC selection by ACSMA, he helped anchor the offensive line that paved the way for Miami’s offense to average 425.8 yards of total offense and 33.8 points per game.

 As a sophomore in 2012, he started all 12 games at left guard en route to All-ACC honorable mention from ACSMA. He has started 26 straight games on Miami’s offensive line and 33 of 35 career games.

 “I have some flaws in my game and that’s the reason why I’m staying for my senior season at Miami,” Feliciano said. “The coaches do a great job in finding weak spots in your game and making them your strength.”




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You did not claim Bunche felt underutilized, you CLAIMED he was gone for not being Italian, even though Feliciano is not Italian. Big Difference.

You did not tell me to get a life, you accused me of blowing Golden. Big Difference.

I posted Barry Jackson's comments on Bunche leaving, you posted hate and conspiracy. Big Difference.

I am done with you, time for you to change IDs again. That is not passive aggressive, that is dismissal. Big Difference.

And here Cane fandom are stuck with an INEPT, fourth-rate defensive coordinator which should have been demoted or given the Pink slip after the 2012 season.

Posted by: Robert Gallagher | January 14, 2014 at 04:12 PM


Gallo, how is Griffin not having the grades to enter the school a Discipline issue? Other than that he did not have the discipline to study earlier in his high school career?

The things you blame on Golden are such a stretch. As someone else told you, Golden has made enough REAL mistakes that you do not need to have your fake list out there with your lies.

Well said, Johnny C. Only change I would make is adding proofs that changes in other programs have helped.

Alabama, changes helped instead of hurt the program.
Auburn, changes helped instead of hurt the program.

Yes, you sometimes get the Coker/Kiffin changes for the worse, but when a team is 90th in defense, there is good reason to believe a change will be for the better.

Donofrio has yet to show anything to be allowed to keep his job. And just like smart fans wanted Jeff Ireland gone long before the owner pulled the trigger, fans are seeing that Donofrio needs to go long before Golden can see it.

Can't see the forest with all those trees in his way, I guess.

keep it simple....if they are no longer here then they are a casualty......

Dude, U have waaaayyyyyy to much time on Ur hands...


Googled "Jerome Brown arrested" and it talked about a different Jerome Brown from 2013.

Googled "Melvin Bratton arrested" it talked about him accidentally having sunglasses on at a JC Penny.
``When the police arrived, they even wanted to know why they were called in. Melvin left, but he was never arrested.`` - Guess what, he was acquitted.

Googled "Miami Autogate arrest" No arrests, and it was ONE player (NOT 15, you liar) that had an NCAA issue in that, and it was quickly fixed.

Googled "Michael Irvin arrest" I am guessing you are talking about an arrest in 2005 as if THAT had anything to do with the 1986 team. No arrests in 1986.

Googled "George Mira arrest"- The "assault" was an argument with his girlfriend. It wasn't like he told her it was "time to die" like your gatr buddy did.

Googled "Alonzo Highsmith arrest" - gun possession. Lie. Prove it.

Googled "Brett Perryman arrest"- gun possesion Lie. Prove it.

Googled "Tolbert Bain arrest" - gun possesion Lie. Prove it.

Googled "Greg Mark arrest" - Acquitted.

Googled "Daniel Stubbs arrest" - Broke up a fight in a dorm, not arrested.

Googled "Miami stolen credit cards arrest" No charges were pressed, liar, so NO arrests were made, gatr. 8 thousand was paid back, as a small part of the 28 thousand that all students were caught with.

Posted by: Five Titles | January 14, 2014 at 01:21 PM

Gallo waves his finger in a circle and U chase Ur tail over n over n over again n over n over again n over n over again...

Haha re-reading prior posts verbatim. Feliciano is half Italian. He said his father was Italian I believe. Look up ancestry.com and see where the surname originates. Being overlooked for biased reasons is being underutilized. Semantics bro. Go do your nails

D, the only bet you should take is the under on the over/under of your unit, which is 3.

I'm not speaking on the students and alumni when I say culture, I'm saying that the administration's (those who work at high positions or the BOTs track record is one of negligence towards the football program).

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 14, 2014 at 11:11 AM

Wow...For emphasis i'll repost what I wrote earlier (before your post above).

On cue, and you prove my point (yet again),

"As for your opinion(s) above, you should leave the current administration's sincerity, support and level of respect for the program out of the picture and stay in YOUR lane. Follow your own advice and leave that interpretation to those who "know more about politics since [they] went to UM"."

"I think fundamentally you lack understanding of where i'm coming from when I post and, on cue, you chime into conversations with the same caricature of me and the university culture as being one of ignorant worship and devotion. In doing so you are twisted in your own right."

Phenomenal that your response continues to prove my point..

I don't know where or if you went to school, but I couldn't imagine making statements about administrative politics and campus culture having not attended that university. You realize you contradict yourself as you continue to chime in on the administration? Let this go. The more you explain the more you contradict. Just get back in "your lane".

Haha re-reading prior posts verbatim. Feliciano is half Italian. He said his father was Italian I believe. Look up ancestry.com and see where the surname originates. Being overlooked for biased reasons is being underutilized. Semantics bro. Go do your nails

Posted by: Golden for Prez | January 14, 2014 at 05:31 PM

Jon Feliciano is not Italian. You believe that he said that his father is Italian or you know that he said that his father is Italian? The names Orlando, Antonio, Marco, and Columbo (Christopher Columbus' real last name) are Italian in origin so what's your point? Most Portuguese and Spanish names have Italian origins or are a derivative from an Italian name. Thank the Roman Empire for that. Feliciano is a VERY common Puerto Rican family name. Trying to half arse pass off Feliciano as half Italian to fit into your anti Golden argument is ridiculous...

And U continue to fail to point out the supposed contradiction..."wow...oooh...aaaah"...reposts--doesn't prove anything.

The university precedent and clearly apparent culture of neglecting the football program can be witnessed from thousands of miles away if I know about it. U don't have to be on the UM campus to be able to read the consistently negative news out of the university over the years and associate it with those who have the most power and influence to prevent these occurrences.

How does that prove your point? U are saying a lot, but aren't proving anything at all. Let me help U: to disprove me, you'd have to separate the administration from all of the unsavory scandals and happenings that I've mentioned. U are yet to do so my friend--U are speaking in tongues.

Posting that 5 star recruits are the only way for this football program to return to glory is "ignorant worship and devotion". U are in essence, hoping for another Coker auto-pilot NC when the culture and climate of college football (especially this season and the bowl season) should've showed U that coaching is at an all-time importance to building and developing the talents of NC teams. Thats a pipe dream and unintelligent plan for success that U continually post. ZERO accountability or expectations for the coaching staff other than recruiting is idiotic and unrealistic, no matter what campus or dorm U walked on/in.

I hate to see any kid with a chance to start transferring.

Also note LB recruit Smith questioning the defensive philosophy and how players are used. Welcome aboard. Hope we see smarter defense this season.

Go Canes!

Hey, don't knock Italians. Some tough guys...

What are you lookin' at?!!

Check out Vinnie Sunseri, starting DB for Bama.

To the critics, Mange La Gotz!

wow Jon Feliciano grandfather is sicilian Gargiulo his mother is Puerto Rican and Sicilian his father is Puerto Rican

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