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Hurricanes offensive guard Jonathan Feliciano announces he's returning for his senior year

  Welcome back to University of Miami guard Jon Feliciano, another underclassmen who said Friday he is staying for his senior season, joining linebacker Denzel Perryman and defensive lineman Anthony Chickillo and tight end Clive Walford.

Here's the release from UM regarding Jon.

 Miami Hurricanes offensive guard Jon Feliciano will return to school for his senior season, the Davie native announced Friday.

 “I am coming back (to Miami) because I believe in what Coach Golden, the staff and our team are doing here,” Feliciano said. “I think the program is rising at an all-time pace. With all the NCAA stuff behind us, we can come into a season without anything hanging over our heads.”

 Feliciano started all 13 games along the offensive line, making 11 starts at left guard and two starts at right tackle. An honorable mention All-ACC selection by ACSMA, he helped anchor the offensive line that paved the way for Miami’s offense to average 425.8 yards of total offense and 33.8 points per game.

 As a sophomore in 2012, he started all 12 games at left guard en route to All-ACC honorable mention from ACSMA. He has started 26 straight games on Miami’s offensive line and 33 of 35 career games.

 “I have some flaws in my game and that’s the reason why I’m staying for my senior season at Miami,” Feliciano said. “The coaches do a great job in finding weak spots in your game and making them your strength.”




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I'm intrigued, not about anything you post, but how many screen names you employ.

There is no question that Al Golden was Penn State's first choice and they would have gladly paid him $4.5 million per year, but for reasons only known to him he removed his name from consideration.

Look...you and your numerous aliases had yet another bad day when learning the reasons Feliciano and Perryman gave for their return to the "U":

"I am coming back (to Miami) because I believe in what Coach Golden, the staff and our team are doing here,” Feliciano said. “I think the program is rising at an all-time pace. With all the NCAA stuff behind us, we can come into a season without anything hanging over our heads.”

Feliciano said. “The coaches do a great job in finding weak spots in your game and making them your strength.”

“I decided to stay because it is the best decision for me and my family,” Perryman said in a statement released by UM. “Ever since Coach Golden got here, I feel like this program is moving forward and will continue to rise under his direction.

“This coaching staff is dedicated to player development and getting us better. I’ve grown as a player and person each year thanks to them."

PS: How many jobs has Muschamp been offered this off season...I didn't think so!!

take off that stupid tie

it's a start G

Smart choice, Jon.

Hope you have a great year
for the Canes in 2014!

no gas

Ron Zook,

Appreciate you posting Feliciano and Perryman comments. They sound reasonable and seem to have bought in. So maybe talent and time are key difference makers for UM.

Coaches must bring out best in players and use schemes that suit the style of our talent. I want to see competitive games, no matter the opponent,in 2014.

Vandy has matched Penn. States 4.5 million a year offer and added a 6th. year to the contract to James Franklin.

27 million. then to the Pros after 2 more years.


You and I are on the same page.

Stating the obvious...2014 hangs on an improved defense...we shall see!

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- Presented with an opportunity to return as a defensive coordinator at a major program, Kevin Steele has opted to stay at Alabama, a source confirmed to AL.com.

The decision comes less than a day after ESPN.com reported Steele was headed to Louisville to join new coach Bobby Petrino's staff. ESPN.com has since retracted its initial report, which had Steele joining former UAB coach Garrick McGee on Petrino's staff.

Zookie your the only one on ANY cane forum that believes Alfraud turned that job down!!


Al bundy is garbage.

The talent is coming in for sure. The problem has been the whole NCAA thing. I don't care how anybody wants to spin it, that has been the biggest issue with Golden and company rebuilding the team into a program again. Now there are a vast majority of screen names used on here by one or two morons with their Shannon or scared little SEC team agenda, who are scared to death and know for a fact that Hurricane AL is building momentum and quality depth. I mean just look at things logically for instance. If U want to compare Shannon and Golden all one has to do is look at what each had to endure. Golden, followed two inept Head Coaches plus an NCAA investigation in which the so called experts claimed we could get anywhere from something like we had in penalties from the mid nineties to the death penalty. If you think that didn't have anything to do with their ability to recruit, well then U are either kidding yourself into believing that lie or U are way too stupid to have any of your comments taken seriously. Throw all that in, plus the fact that the NCAA just overstepped their own boundries and gave Penn State such harsh penalties for something that did not even have anything to do with NCAA rules and anyone with any logical brain capable of real thinking could see how that would affect recruits and their decision of where to play. Every top recruit wants to be on TV and be able to have an opportunity to play in bowl games without worrying about possible bowl bans.
Well now lets look at Shannon and what he had to work with. First he has to follow Coker who incidentally while he is not good at recruiting or evaluating talent, he is a better HC than Shannon was. Then he got the number one recruiting class and during their junior year they went 7 and 6, after a 9 and 4 team. He never had any NCAA mess to deal with, and was able to recruit free from NCAA inquiry that would have hindered recruiting. The players never developed, as their freshman year was incidentally their best year under him. And during his last year he had 4 total recruits when he got fired committed to the next years class. He never had to deal with injuries to key players like Golden has had with Duke Johnson this year who without a doubt is our best offensive player.
Not to mention this was the guy who had run off all QB competition so his boy Jacory would have no competition at all and had Spencer Whipple as Harris's backup that year.

So if you look at things logically we are progressing with the process at a very high rate with all things considered. And for all of you clamouring for a change in scheme, one thing about schemes is any scheme will work as long as you have the horses to execute it. I well remember when Butch came in and changed us back to running the I formation and our backs would run straight ahead for a yard and that's it. Then through recruiting he started getting better backs and linemen in here much like Golden has and is doing and those one yard runs started becoming twenty, forty and sixty yard runs. But this didn't happen over night like many on here think it does or should. Just like the defensive scheme is progressing and getting better as we continue to get better players on the team through recruiting. It will take time I know, but I have seen the process before and know we are heading in the right direction whereas before Golden we were floundering around in mediocrity with no direction under Shannon. Yes it could be said that we are mediocre by our standards of the eighties and the 01 team, but we are ahead of schedule compared to Butch Davis's rebuilding process and Butch came in knowing his NCAA infraction's fate. Al Golden was not afforded that accomadation as the NCAA drug their feet on this for 3 whole years before ruling. So in a sense this is basically like year one recruiting wise for Golden and just look at the recruiting class he is bringing in. No one can argue how impressive it is.

People are beginning to see through all of the pomp and pageantry of Alfraud Golden. He's been exposed too many times on the national stage.

Posted by: Nash | January 10, 2014 at 09:01 PM

Oh yea? How's that now?

BrianTheBeastLondon ‏@MiamiRadioBeast
Just got off the phone with a very tied in recruiting guru. says other schools are showing Miami recruits fan reaction to Golden etc as neg

So, there you have it. If you consider yourself a fan of the U, please lay off coaches and recruits.

Fsu 41-14 national tv
Vtech 42-24 national tv
Duke 48-30 national tv
L'ville 36-9 national tv

500+ yards 30+ points in 5 of the last 6 games of the season

Politicking and passed over for his dream job.

Highschool players calling out his garbage defensive scheme.

Signiture win vs 4-8 Florida team.

They should just show them the game film.

Film don't lie!!

This is how our corners are coached to play 95% of the time!!


Posted by: Nash | January 10, 2014 at 11:24 PM
This is a very poor example. If the corner has been on the LOS, KB would have pushed off and it would have been an easy TD.

It seems completely ludicrous that a 4-8 Florida can even attmept to show film to recruits. Doesn't make sense.

i don't understand all the so called cane fans getting down on golden after year 3 when he had to deal with ncaa investigation and whispers of death penalty when recruting. The guy deserves the chance to keep building on what he started. miami has gotten better every year. AT temple coach d and golden took there team from a 0 win season before he took over to 904 his final year. They went from 110th ranked d to top 40 his last year. They can do that at miami once they have the depth and talent they need. They don't have it yet. Allthose with unrealitic expectations need to get realistic. This was always a 5=6 yr rebuild With ncaa and lack of talent inherited. The truth is i have every faith that when he gets enough talent in here to run his d miami will once again have a championship level d.

Fsu 41-14 national tv
Vtech 42-24 national tv
Duke 48-30 national tv
L'ville 36-9 national tv

500+ yards 30+ points in 5 of the last 6 games of the season

Politicking and passed over for his dream job.

Highschool players calling out his garbage defensive scheme.

Signiture win vs 4-8 Florida team.

Posted by: Nash | January 10, 2014 at 11:18 PM

You don't know football my man. If Duke Johnson, our best player, is healthy, we win half those games and the stats don't look like that because we control the ball better. Also our D-line gets no push and they don't get off blocks either.

Stop regurgitating those tired stats and come with something original. I don't have to watch the video about the corners to know we don't get pressure with 4 down linemen, and that know-it-all high-schooler and kick dust in Texas. He don't make []_[]. Give me 28 Braxton Berrios and let's rock.

Who's worried about the turds? I ain't!!

My concern is what's going on at green tree and it ain't pretty!

Plus that's just one of many plays that could be shown to prospects on how incompetent our coaches are!

Hell just show'em how evasive Alfraud was at his end of the year presser. Show'em his he blames the offense for how terrible his defense is.

Show'em the tire tracks on the players back from where the dco throws them under the bus.

It's all in print, it ain't hard to find!

Good post championships,

I think there are some true fans here that appreciate the truth in your post. There are also a few trolling commentards who use multiple alaises to post agent provocateur propaganda. Besides ignoring those without Typepad accounts, I submit that the true fans among the commenters here can sign off with "Go Canes!" as the trolls are not likely to ever do that.

For any fans who are concerned about the coaches or the direction of the UM program, don't worry, we truly are on the cusp of returning to the elite level of college football.

I have followed UM for 30 years and this year reminds me of 85 or 98. In those seasons, "fans" were calling out JJ and Butch.

Have patience, Coach Golden and his staff are on the verge of returning UM to greatness. We are lucky to have them and I hope they stay for the next 20 years.

Keep the faith, enjoy the rebuilding process and Go Canes!

We need mentally tougher kids that come to []_[] with a purpose. That come without fear knowing the legacy and what we are trying to accomplish. The bandwagon-riders that want to go north can go. The self-absorbed hat divas that want to play now; go north and west. The kids that want to come here with some physical ability can come and let Swasey do what he does. Schemes are over-rated. Just get ballers. You all sound like female dogs with that same garbage.

Duke Johnson our best player played in games we barely squeezed by against lesser comp. last u checked he don't play D.

So who coaches and teaches the dline to get off blocks. Who coaches them to try and control their man and play 2gaps? And lawd forbid if they slip a block and make a tackle in the backfield (Luther vs BC last year) and get accused of freelancing.

Speaking if stats alfraud tried to use them in his end of the year presser and you and a few ate it up. But when you look deeper what he said was very misleading!

500+ yds and 30+ points don't lie!!

Nash aint a Cane fan anyway. He's just some jerkoff who thinks he knows something about football but in reality he just knows how to distinguish a football from basketball when he goes to Wal Mart. If he did know anything about football he would know that Golden beat a Florida team which was at full strength at the time and was basically the same team from the year before that only lost twice. He only tries to discredit anything that Golden's team has done because of his blind insatiable love for a loser head coach in Randy Shannon, who can only get a job after three years as a LB coach.

Those player you told to go north did, to Louisville!!

And it show 2 Saturdays ago. L'ville played what used to be called hurricane football!

This big 10 Al Groh mess we got going on now is that female dog stuff you were talking about!

LongTimeCane, thank you for your words. It is refreshing to speak with someone who has a high football IQ and knowledge of what it takes to build a top program. All these cyber know it all wanna be's can harp on is a stat or how the coaches will not change their schemes to appease these pea brain lazy boy recliner wanna be coaches. The fact is that any coach who is a great coach does not listen to any outside influence from people who are not of a credible nature. They have a vision and proven track record of building a program and are highly motivated and intelligent enough to put the blinders on and ignore these cancerous agents. I applaud Coach Golden and his steadfast approach by staying the course and sticking with his guns very much in the same mold of a Jimmy Johnson.

Full strength at the time???

They had 3 oline starters out and their best wr.

And their qb passed for more yards than he ever had before.

Shannon was a bad hc just like the guy who followed him.

But his 3 rings as a player, position coach, and dco trumps Alfraud

Alfraud had a weekend fling with his 1st love last weekend and came running back saying he was sorry and you fools took him back!!

No self esteem what so ever..


Some better CF head coaches figuring out that $ alone isn't the answer, esp after you're making 3million bucks.

Although Gallo has announced about 100 times that Franklin has accepted the PSU job, he hasn't. He's been talking to his AD, and I bet they throw enough money at him to get him to at least 3.5, if not 4 million (makes 3 currently).

He may well chose to stay, where he will be loved for staying, get a big raise and get to live in Nashville, which has a very cool, developing in town scene.

Will know soon.

Only a fool would not think that the man would listen to what his alma mater had to say. Anyone on the planet would listen when it's your home area and there is more money being offered unless you are a fool. But Al, much like myself can see the forest for the trees. Only people of high intellect can do that and that is the kind of man the U needs to run its program. Glad we got him instead of somebody else.

Welcome back Feliciano. Great year to get ready for a shot at the next level.

Zookie your the only one on ANY cane forum that believes Alfraud turned that job down!!


Posted by: Nash | January 10, 2014 at 10:46 PM


From Sports Buzz...comments from Rivals.com...Nash, are you ever right?

“Everything that has been reported re: Golden and Penn State was accurate,” Ferman wrote on his web site. “These things happen in coaching searches all the time….The head coach just went to the brink with Penn State. We covered it every step of the way and annihilated every media outlet.”

Ferman said by phone: “We have an obligation to the people who subscribe to our web site to report all stories as aggressively as possible…. We had four confirmations that he had an agreement in principle.”

Hey Zook, Nash is doing his best Gallo imitation. They are both always talking out of their arse's

Thanks 'Championships is all that matters'...enjoyed reading your posts above.

Go Canes!!


Yea, now they blame Duke's absence on giving up 500 yards and 30+ points 5 of the last 6 games. These dudes/women are funny. You know in their little world only a gator fan would know them stats. LOL

That's why they stayed away from the post breaking down the defensive stats of all conference games over the last two years.

Al flirting for the PSU job and waiting to clear that up is nothing new for these clowns.

It's the battered women syndrome they suffer from.

"Al says he loves me even though he put this knot on my forehead and bloodied my nose, he didn't mean to do it. He said his fist slipped and hit me"

U guys got to stop comparing randys 1st 3 yrs to aL. #1. Randy HAD NO LOOOOOOMING SANCTIONS. #2, He landed the #1 class in 08, so he had a ton of talent on the team in yr 2(rs), and by 2011 the roster was horrible.

U all know goldie had 3 weeks to piece together the 2011 class, so throw that out. We got chick and perryman and a few and thats it . 2012/2013 classes were ranked top 20 AND WE HAD SANCTIONS.

Now even with Decommitts we are still top 10 AND I GUARANTEE HE LANDS 3=4 studs down the stretch

We are 2 years out, 2015 season when Duke and Tracy are Seniors, is when the roster will be on or at FSU level as long as Olsen/Kaaya/Rosier pan out.

gawd ur so cane garrisson

come on boys

I would assume the answer will be: what happened to Butch Davis, or the NCAA genocidal massacre. Or it could be that the South Florida recruiting region doesn't have horsies anymore. Or my favorite, Shannon did it.

Something to that effect.

it's 3 am on Key Biscayne somewhere .

Quit blaming the coaching staff Powell has done this before and chances are he didn't want to compete with Yearby ,Johnson and Crawford(if he learns to run north- south). And academics is a big problem getting into The U,much easier to go to UF or FSU as long as you don't rape someone your okay to play. These kids aren't going to come out and say the school work is too hard for them. Glad to see Perryman and Feliciano coming back and if Chickillo can shed a few pounds he could have a good year.One last note congrats to all the seniors that graduated especially Henderson who I thought would never make it.


49-49 lifetime
0-9 vs ranked teams
0-2 in bowl games
NEVER beat a team with winning record in MAC..
Worst defense in ACC (Yes people, behind Duke, WF, BC, Syracuse, Pitt and UVA)

You will be surprised how many people ignore these FACTS!!

There has to be a lot of kids we want who can't qualify on academically. I don't understand why they can't put those kids in a program that gets them up to speed or what is up with these high schools.

What if the []_[] is simply becoming what Harvard and Yale became? You know they use to run CFB, won championships. So I ask, if the []_[] never makes it back, who's your new CFB team?

I don't think Donna is leaving anytime soon. So why let what's going on in Coral Gables upset you so much? You can't control it so its much easier to accept it. Just find your next team to cheer for.




Oh and don't look now but SC has:

Penn State
James Franklin
Named Today

Ok, so we can finally squash all that stupid spin fest with this one. Whew!

Harvard and Yale ran college football in the 1900. We aren't going to run anything with high academic standards for athletes. That's the first problem to address if we ever want to be the u again. We're just an also ran right now.






Penn St dodged the bullet of having Golden and Dino run their defense.

That's why I'd love to see fans of Yale and Harvard comments being removed from 'ships 13 years out from their last one.

Lol. I'm still giving them the benefit of the doubt. This is Goldie's first year IMHO. However, he doesn't get the usual 5. He gets 2. If 2015 doesn't have us ending the season in top 10, it's time to start the search again. :-(

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