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Hurricanes offensive guard Jonathan Feliciano announces he's returning for his senior year

  Welcome back to University of Miami guard Jon Feliciano, another underclassmen who said Friday he is staying for his senior season, joining linebacker Denzel Perryman and defensive lineman Anthony Chickillo and tight end Clive Walford.

Here's the release from UM regarding Jon.

 Miami Hurricanes offensive guard Jon Feliciano will return to school for his senior season, the Davie native announced Friday.

 “I am coming back (to Miami) because I believe in what Coach Golden, the staff and our team are doing here,” Feliciano said. “I think the program is rising at an all-time pace. With all the NCAA stuff behind us, we can come into a season without anything hanging over our heads.”

 Feliciano started all 13 games along the offensive line, making 11 starts at left guard and two starts at right tackle. An honorable mention All-ACC selection by ACSMA, he helped anchor the offensive line that paved the way for Miami’s offense to average 425.8 yards of total offense and 33.8 points per game.

 As a sophomore in 2012, he started all 12 games at left guard en route to All-ACC honorable mention from ACSMA. He has started 26 straight games on Miami’s offensive line and 33 of 35 career games.

 “I have some flaws in my game and that’s the reason why I’m staying for my senior season at Miami,” Feliciano said. “The coaches do a great job in finding weak spots in your game and making them your strength.”




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We don't need Powell here, especially if he can flip so easily. Guys Edwards and Year by are going to be a nice duo next year.

Duke was over utilized last season. I don't see why because Crawford looked good whenever he got carries.

It helps with these guys coming back, but next season will not be one for hope of anything like canes fans want. These players are coming back to help themselves at the next level. Can't blame them for that. Golden's recruiting class is thinking twice after the bowl game. Can't blame them for that.

Golden to coach Canes in 2014

Any foo still not got it?
Any foo think they are changing that?
If, yes to both, go get over in the circle jerk.

golden must be in depression....out and extra 2 million a year and snubbed by his own school, lol.....

then have media PRINT and say on TV that PSU wanted "new thinking & direction" regarding al golden....there it is....plus PSU wanted a HC with a PROVEN record....

UM is stuck with al golden and mark dnofrio....say bye to 2014

it unbelievable how we applaud a cane returning next year....I thought that was a given.....I don't ever remember the papers or fans making a big deal that a player is coming back.....

BTW....lets go back to the natural "U" on the helmets and orange pants and white jerseys (1985 home).....this all white stuff is weak....

The team should regress in 2014, there's going to be a lot youth on the filed. New QUALITY will have growing pains. I'm think Kaay a might win this job. 2015 should be a better year.

Gallo, now an expert on design as well.

All schools report on the return of their NFL eligible players. Why does Gallo think everything here is unique? I guess the basement restricted view does that.

Wearing all white at home, esp on very hot days is an advantage.

Junkie, I think the QB job is wide open. I find Williams to not be very athletic and you only would get 1 year from him.

I'm surprised the haters haven't concluded Golden will pick a guy who hasn't started a game before (or even played in 1)in order to have a built in excuse.

UF fans calling Powell's flip a victory? The guy would have been 4th at best in the UM RB depth chart. Victories come on the field 21-16

Glad to see Walford coming back. He could have a big year if UM uses an intermediate passing game.

Yah, Jim, applauding a guy coming back is kind of sad.

Hate to see these guys leave early. Look at what happened to the ones who left last year. No big stars to date, and some guys out of the picture entirely.

We are probably witnessing a realistic appraisal by the players of their chances in the NL, as well as some welcome loyalty to the UM.

I do mean " NFL " All bow heads please.

Haven't heard anything from UM coaches Media or other wise. Sure hope they are working hard behind the scenes, cause from a fans perspective, it looks like they are hiding. Doesn't give much confidence to recruits the way that they are approaching the media after AG's statement.

It would have been nice to get Powell but missing on sony and dalvin are worse bc there is no guarantee duke will be close to 100% this coming season. ESP if it was a tib fib fracture those can take months up to a year to be fully healthy and that's assuming there are zero pre/intra/post op complications. I speak from experience bc I'm a anesthesiologist at a major trauma center and I see this type of fracture alot and when I spoke to the ortho pods that's what they told me. Yearby should be fine bc a fib fracture is nothing

There's high likelihood we start the season with only yearby, Crawford and Gus

Jsy, since you don't know the nature of the Duke break, why would you say there's a high livelihood he won't be there? Just a gloomy guy?

Lane decommitts from UF one step closer to getting him. Evrerybody thinks he is going to follow Cook to FSU like a little puppy . The kid needs to listen to his family and weigh their advise and be his own man and not follow these little high school sweethearts from school to school. You will always make new friends and grow as a person when you get to College. Don't let this little BRoMance make up your mind.

Can someone explain why the bar is not national championships anymore.

Posted by: YankeeCane | January 10, 2014 at 09:17 PM

I would assume the answer will be: what happened to Butch Davis, or the NCAA genocidal massacre. Or it could be that the South Florida recruiting region doesn't have horsies anymore. Or my favorite, Shannon did it.

Something to that effect.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 10, 2014 at 09:23 PM

And right on cue:

The talent is coming in for sure. The problem has been the whole NCAA thing. I don't care how anybody wants to spin it, that has been the biggest issue with Golden and company rebuilding the team into a program again. Now there are a vast majority of screen names used on here by one or two morons with their Shannon or scared little SEC team agenda, who are scared to death and know for a fact that Hurricane AL is building momentum and quality depth. I mean just look at things logically for instance. If U want to compare Shannon and Golden all one has to do is look at what each had to endure. Golden, followed two inept Head Coaches plus an NCAA investigation in which the so called experts claimed we could get anywhere from something like we had in penalties from the mid nineties to the death penalty. If you think that didn't have anything to do with their ability to recruit, well then U are either kidding yourself into believing that lie or U are way too stupid to have any of your comments taken seriously. Throw all that in, plus the fact that the NCAA just overstepped their own boundries and gave Penn State such harsh penalties for something that did not even have anything to do with NCAA rules and anyone with any logical brain capable of real thinking could see how that would affect recruits and their decision of where to play. Every top recruit wants to be on TV and be able to have an opportunity to play in bowl games without worrying about possible bowl bans.
Well now lets look at Shannon and what he had to work with. First he has to follow Coker who incidentally while he is not good at recruiting or evaluating talent, he is a better HC than Shannon was. Then he got the number one recruiting class and during their junior year they went 7 and 6, after a 9 and 4 team. He never had any NCAA mess to deal with, and was able to recruit free from NCAA inquiry that would have hindered recruiting. The players never developed, as their freshman year was incidentally their best year under him. And during his last year he had 4 total recruits when he got fired committed to the next years class. He never had to deal with injuries to key players like Golden has had with Duke Johnson this year who without a doubt is our best offensive player.
Not to mention this was the guy who had run off all QB competition so his boy Jacory would have no competition at all and had Spencer Whipple as Harris's backup that year.

So if you look at things logically we are progressing with the process at a very high rate with all things considered. And for all of you clamouring for a change in scheme, one thing about schemes is any scheme will work as long as you have the horses to execute it. I well remember when Butch came in and changed us back to running the I formation and our backs would run straight ahead for a yard and that's it. Then through recruiting he started getting better backs and linemen in here much like Golden has and is doing and those one yard runs started becoming twenty, forty and sixty yard runs. But this didn't happen over night like many on here think it does or should. Just like the defensive scheme is progressing and getting better as we continue to get better players on the team through recruiting. It will take time I know, but I have seen the process before and know we are heading in the right direction whereas before Golden we were floundering around in mediocrity with no direction under Shannon. Yes it could be said that we are mediocre by our standards of the eighties and the 01 team, but we are ahead of schedule compared to Butch Davis's rebuilding process and Butch came in knowing his NCAA infraction's fate. Al Golden was not afforded that accomadation as the NCAA drug their feet on this for 3 whole years before ruling. So in a sense this is basically like year one recruiting wise for Golden and just look at the recruiting class he is bringing in. No one can argue how impressive it is.
Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 10, 2014 at 10:50 PM


based on the mechsnism of his injury and it being a complex fx most likely it's a tib fib fracture with multiple screws pins and rods. and it's not being gloomy but realistic and just preparing for the worse bc it's a completely dif team without a healthy #8. That's why I really hope he pulls a signing day stunner and brings in a big time back to compliment yearby bc every year golden has pulled a surprise pick up bc since we're stuck with dno and goldens defense the best thing is to completely keep the defense off the field by just running

Never any facts in these posts, just belief and hope.

Dudes can't even make one post of Golden's on-field coaching abilities or accomplishments.

Here's some facts, Mr. Facts

Golden vs Shannon

AG has 1 more win in 3 years
AG earns more than a million more
AG lost to Duke, RS never did
AG has never beaten FSU, RS did
AG has never beaten a good (10+ win) team, RS has (twice)
AG has the worse defense in the ACC, RS had top 3 consistently
AG played the easiest schedule in Miami history in 2013 (Miami finished with 9-4 record)
RS played the most difficult schedule in 2009 (Miami finished with 9-4 record)

What was the point of another mediocre hire?


49-49 lifetime
0-9 vs ranked teams
0-2 in bowl games
NEVER beat a team with winning record in MAC..
Worst defense in ACC (Yes people, behind Duke, WF, BC, Syracuse, Pitt and UVA)

You will be surprised how many people ignore these FACTS!!

Posted by: Playthefreshmen | January 11, 2014 at 08:52 AM

We have the worst defense in the acc!?

Seriously, if Dino is a true friend, he will resign.

We won't be able to compete for any championships with these guys leading the program.

85 degrees, pastel blue sky w fluffy white clouds in South Florida. My family is with me. PSU announces coach. Life is good.@smillerdegnan

No, Susan, having a failure as a coach, in Al Golden, is not good for the Miami Hurricanes' football program.

Do not forget that everything that happened with the steps in James Franklin's hire, happened with Al Golden. Only Al Golden had his offer rescinded. It was the same steps including Vanderbilt's AD thinking Franklin was not taking the offer. Remember that same comment by Miami's AD, Hurricanes' fans?

Al golden's career record is complely misleading. First off he was 1-10 his first year at temple with 50 scholorship players he finally got to 85 scholorship players his last year there and went 8-4 and 9-4 at temple a school that hadn't had a winning season in so long its pitiful, then at miami he took over a program coming off a loss to usf at home for pete's sake. Then ncaa mess hit getting his top players suspended and after 2 yrs of 500 ball he went 9-3 this year. Im sorry but u can harp on golden's record all u want but its misleading and anyone who does is an idiot. Golden wasn't ever leaving canes. He wasn't snubbed he turned them down. Im tired of all the idiots who want golden or coach d gone. They are building something at miami and very soon will be back at top of acc and in national title scene. if golden left who does miami get? The truth is golden is the right man to turn miami around. And given him a full 5 yrs and as long as team shows improvement from one yr to next as they have every year he deserves to get to a point where ever cane player is one of his recruits.

Here's a real fact:

Golden will be Miami's hc next year. All the continued yapping aids the competition.

I'm sure Tubby "IF you don't like my posts, you're not a Canes fan" will disagree.

mainecane, you, sir, are making false and incorrect statements. The team has declined under Al Golden's leadership. HTC's January 11, 2014 at 12:48 PM is more valid than your post. As well as too numerous to name post of Al Golden's failure as a coach. Including this recent example:


49-49 lifetime
0-9 vs ranked teams
0-2 in bowl games
NEVER beat a team with winning record in MAC..
Worst defense in ACC (Yes people, behind Duke, WF, BC, Syracuse, Pitt and UVA)

You will be surprised how many people ignore these FACTS!!

Posted by: Playthefreshmen | January 11, 2014 at 08:52 AM


Reverend Maine has been summoned to give his one sermon!

This NCAA stuff is being repurposed into everyone favorite Bible parables.

He got Us threw the NCAA storm and split the Red Sea. now we can see...Hallelujah!!!

He saved Us and got Us out of the Nittany Lions den...Amen!

He is the alpha and the omega...there is none before or after him! Good Lordy LAWD!! lol!

duke needed a guy like danny dillard but he decommtted....that was nice size back......

brad kaaya is gone....he was really the only savior at the QB position....big guy that played well at the Semper Fi game....steps up in the pocket STRONG...

he is better than Olsen any day....williams who knows?

Hey Gallo, is kaaya announcing his decommit right after howard and flowers leave, as you've predicted on (surprisingly) numerous occasions?

Just add it to your endless list of nonsense predictions.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | January 11, 2014 at 01:23 PM

You've been condensed to one post:

"Hey guys, Golden is the coach for 2014"

I had loftier expectations for a brain of even your size mountaincane, i'm disappointed. U have nothing to post anymore but insults, and at the same time have the nerve to be mad that anyone who can come up with a thought further than that ^^! The nerve to be so limited and yet so arrogant at the dame damn time!

Kaaya said was still coming...what happened?

He is, Junkie. Gallo just full of sht. Again.

You've never had a thought Tub o.

And, laughably, I don't care about your expectations or any other aspect of your Cane negative being.

Thats Golden negative being, AGAIN he aint the Miami Hurricanes!

Goldens excuse for bad defense was his players suck. So this recruiting class he's going hard on defensive side of the ball. When the defense sucks again 2014 under Dunno's tutelage he's going to say that they were inexperienced. Which he's already used his first season here. Always with the built in excuses why we can't succeed.

kaaya is thinking about going to ucla especially since the qb their might be a 1st round draft pick. The bottom line, recruits are starting to look at this coaching staff as a joke. We had all those top recruits at the Fsu & Louisville games and got pulvarized and showed no fight, the team people are use to seeing, some of the commits that had a chance to see the 30 for 30 are starting to realize what they're seeing in reality is not matching that era, so they're all getting out of there now.

Going to be real interesting from here on in, all that's left now is for the current team turn on the coaching staff and than it's over.

jsy is right about the duke injury, that man might want to look at redshirting, the same thing they should've did with deon bush, rashawn scott and earl moore!

No one thinks Golden is the Miami Hurricanes. He's the coach and will be in 2014 no matter what the negatives think.

He is only Hurricane by his choice of tie. And he even tried to change that last week, but got rebuffed. He doesn't reflect Cane in his excuse making, style of play he coaches, or culture of mediocrity that he epitomizes and had projected onto our players (check the quotes) and some fans (check your posts)--just check the facts above--where are yours to the contrary--didn't think so, just insults of course.

Always take ur medical advise from a guy who writes, "they should have did..."

And after all the posts, yep,

Golden to coach Canes in 2014

I wonder if this team will turn on him. They don't project the body language of a team that is happy or confident. They all look numb out there.

Got 8 months to wait to see Junkie

BrianTheBeastLondon ‏@MiamiRadioBeast
Just got off the phone with a very tied in recruiting guru. says other schools are showing Miami recruits fan reaction to Golden etc as neg

So, there you have it. If you consider yourself a fan of the U, please lay off coaches and recruits.

Posted by: Football | January 10, 2014 at 11:15 PM

I posted this yesterday and it is worth reposting again. I for one am surprised that AG's record as a overall HC is 49-49 after coaching at Temple. That is a major achievement. Right now he is our coach and if you are really fan of The U, given the above, you need to watch what you say on the blogs.

For you real Canes fans...read the telling words of the players and know we are blessed to have them and Al Golden.

Ignore the Gators and Bashers who come on this blog daily failingly trying to tear the Canes down.

All of the returning players have made it very clear that the major reason they decided to stay for their final year was Coach Al Golden and his staff, along with recognizing that the program is on an upward trajectory on its way to championship football.

Both Perryman and Feliciano could have become millionaires overnight by opting for the NFL, but decided to stay because of Al Golden's great work against the backdrop of the most rabid NCAA investigation since SMU. Their actions speak louder than anyone’s words as they are putting their futures on the line and more than anyone else know what is truly transpiring within the program.


“I am coming back (to Miami) because I believe in what Coach Golden, the staff and our team are doing here,” Feliciano said. “I think the program is rising at an all-time pace. With all the NCAA stuff behind us, we can come into a season without anything hanging over our heads.”

Feliciano said. “The coaches do a great job in finding weak spots in your game and making them your strength.”

“I decided to stay because it is the best decision for me and my family,” Perryman said in a statement released by UM. “Ever since Coach Golden got here, I feel like this program is moving forward and will continue to rise under his direction.

“This coaching staff is dedicated to player development and getting us better. I’ve grown as a player and person each year thanks to them."

“Before this season, we hadn’t had a 9-win season in a long time,” Perryman said. “For those of us in my class who had never been to a bowl game because of the sanctions, it was a great

I for one am surprised that AG's record as a overall HC is 49-49 after coaching at Temple. That is a major achievement.

Posted by: Football | January 11, 2014 at 02:23 PM

This was proven as a lie, when he was hired.


With numerous post after, proving more of his ineffective coaching. Stating a lie as fact, does not make it the truth. WMD's included, football and the like. This is the worst extent of the example, but it fits your kind like a glove.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 11, 2014 at 02:17 PM

I disagree. I think the team went into a shell after the FSU loss and that affected their performance agaist VT. Somehow VT gets lucky with rain a couple of times (this year and also in 2009 if not for the rain, our boys would have performed better in Blacksburg). Duke was the better team this year (they put up 48points/ 660 yards against TAMU and they lost - TAMU put up 600+ yards on Alabama's D but barely squeaked by Duke).

The only game I thought they looked unprepared was for the bowl game, but, in my opinion the team spent too much time in off the field activities before the game. To my untrained eye, we are looking closer to 2004 now than ever in terms of strength and conditioning. We now need speed and a better front 7 on D. With the guys coming in, we should be much better.

Posted by: ChampCane | January 11, 2014 at 02:35 PM

You are missing my point. I don't care what Jason Whitlock says. If his record is 49-49 I am surprised because the factors (bigger MAC budget, bigger city etc.) were the same for a Temple coach prior to them hiring AG and they couldn't win a game. So, even with all the caveats, AG is a much much better coach than JW gives him credit for.

If you also read the posts on the thread you posted, you will notice that JW lied about Temple budget. They didn't spend most money in MAC either, so he was wrong. I question JW's credibility and so no one can take his opinion at face value. I think he had an axe to grind at that time.

All due respect, but if other teams are using what we say on blogs as negative recruiting, then I invite you to head over to any other team blog, anywhere, and find a program that doesn't have a vocal fanbase unhappy with its staff.

Moreover, if that's the best or even middle of the pack weapon a recruiter has to use against us, then fine, I'll take those odds too.

If there are recruits out there who are heavily influenced enough to flip a team, even if only in part, because of what we say as fans on a blog comments section, then We don't want them anyways.

I have said my pieces about AG. I want the best of the rest to come our way, but I have to chuckle at the idea that we'd better watch what we say - for fear of running off recruits at this point of the signing period.

I would hope recruits have better research and knowledge than these blogs, about the life changing decisions that are about to make.

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