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Hurricanes offensive guard Jonathan Feliciano announces he's returning for his senior year

  Welcome back to University of Miami guard Jon Feliciano, another underclassmen who said Friday he is staying for his senior season, joining linebacker Denzel Perryman and defensive lineman Anthony Chickillo and tight end Clive Walford.

Here's the release from UM regarding Jon.

 Miami Hurricanes offensive guard Jon Feliciano will return to school for his senior season, the Davie native announced Friday.

 “I am coming back (to Miami) because I believe in what Coach Golden, the staff and our team are doing here,” Feliciano said. “I think the program is rising at an all-time pace. With all the NCAA stuff behind us, we can come into a season without anything hanging over our heads.”

 Feliciano started all 13 games along the offensive line, making 11 starts at left guard and two starts at right tackle. An honorable mention All-ACC selection by ACSMA, he helped anchor the offensive line that paved the way for Miami’s offense to average 425.8 yards of total offense and 33.8 points per game.

 As a sophomore in 2012, he started all 12 games at left guard en route to All-ACC honorable mention from ACSMA. He has started 26 straight games on Miami’s offensive line and 33 of 35 career games.

 “I have some flaws in my game and that’s the reason why I’m staying for my senior season at Miami,” Feliciano said. “The coaches do a great job in finding weak spots in your game and making them your strength.”




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As for 2014, the HC reported, he will not change staff nor schemes. WOW, and we pay him how much?
Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane | January 12, 2014 at 08:10 PM

AG said he is not going to change staff because continuity is more important. But, he never said he is not going to change schemes. In fact, he said the team is different every year and so changes have to be made accordingly.

We're not talking about situations, we're talking about coaching ability and results.

U gotta get your sequence of events together as well, its wasn't about comparing the two UNTIL it became popular to use Shannon's tenure as a crutch/excuse for Golden's inability to get results on the field. Comparing them is a reaction and response to Shannon being sacrificed to save Golden's face.

Great posts mainecane, Calgallharriet leave this blog and DOM!!

When one factually looks at what has happened over the last 3 years it clearly shows that Al Golden has done a spectacular job.

When you have players like Perryman and Feliciano turning down millions of dollars to stay with Al Golden and publicly saying that Al Golden and his staff have made them better players, has the Canes football program on track to win championships and they want to be a part of that it says more than a million haters could ever say.

Clearly, there is a faction that loves it when the Canes don't win and will say or do anything to tear the program down, but you find losers like this in every facet of life as they are failures and only derive pleasure by hoping others fail.

It is very simple...either you stand with the "U" or you don't. And anyone that claims they are standing by the "U" by constantly ridiculing, whining and complaining about the administration, coaches and players are full of crap.

Fake punk Ron Zook, you're a sick delusional and seriously pathetic waste of air. You steal MY id and then go start blaming others? You must really be a sad pathetic person but it's not suprising since you went on a out how you played at um. Seriously laughing at you out of pity.

And to all the haters and liars out there Big Al Golden is the best thing to happen. Can you not see the improvement we made going from 116 to top 90 that's almost 30 spots and if this was the Nfl we would get going from last to top 5 with that kind of improvement but you haters are just filled with lies. You don't understand how damaging the ncaa mess was bc they forced big al to not prepare his team, not make adjustments, keep the worst dc In cfb, create a power lifting team and totally change the culture of the u which helped define what it is today. Big al had to deal with that but with his superior wisdom and coaching ability he has built us up to be dead last in acc 2 yrs and counting. That takes superior coaching and sticking to his motto of being the same everyday. You haters will just never ever understand.


How can Golden say he rather not change, because of several isolated exposive plays on offense and defense? The exposive plays were due to the players' talent, not the scheme. The 2 TD Morris threw against FSU were excellent throws. The INTs made by our defense in that game were due to bad throws by the QB. Coley and Duke made the OC look good some games, but I never saw the offensive in a flow. The defensive players never looked comfortable playing in a scheme that has been install 3 years ago.
Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane | January 12, 2014 at 08:10 PM
I almost fell out of the chair laughing reading this. Did I understand this correctly? -- If a play is executed it is all due to the players' talent. If a play is not executed correctly, it is all the coaches fault --. So, unless plays are executed 100% of the time correctly and we win 48-0, the coaches are always going to be bad :)

Also our D scheme in 2011 was different than what they ran in 2013. Goes to show you the coaches do change schemes to fit the personnel. Of course, our O was different in 2013 due Fisch leaving.

I can accept that some kids didnt come here because of the ncaa. Now working under the assumption that we would've gotten more talent than duke, would that mean that golden recruited equal talent to duke? Where would Tracey howard, dzp, den bush, trim fall on their depth chart?

I think that to a man we were more talented than Duke. If that's true, then they cut through us like we didn't exist on defense. That tells me that we have a coaching issue.


I have been at the games over the past 4 years. Both coaches have not produced...period. The offensive line could not get 1 or 2 yards when the game is on the line. The defense could not get off the field! The problem is still coaching. Figuroa looked lost out their in space, because he was a pass rusher in HS. Flowers was exposed by Louisville, Florida, and FSU defensive ends. DZP was missing a lot of tackles too, because he was too winded and overweight.

By the way, let's just change the roster with Duke, Wake, VT, and NC and see what this coaching staff will do. Now, let's give our roster to the above institution coaching staff...and let's see the results. Shannon, Coker, and Golden are not game day coaches. The game day films don't lie.

In some sense, AG's position was more difficult because he was dealing with an unknown for three years, whereas Davis knew the punishments well in advance.

Posted by: Football | January 12, 2014 at 08:13 PM


You've made the best point of all, Butch, his coaches, the current players and recruits all knew what they were facing. This stopped schools like Florida from the negative recruiting and lying to recruits.

Conversely, Al Golden faced almost 3 years of negative media reporting and recruiting with the inference that Miami would be docked even more bowl games and possibly receive the death penalty.

There wasn't one Canes TV telecast that didn't feature the Shapiro scandal where in gory detail the announcers would slowly go over the accusations numerous times during each telecast while shaking their heads and making it clear that the Miami football program was in dire trouble as recruits and their parents from around the country looked on.

Golden faced impossible odds and still somehow not only saved the program, but posted a 9 & 4 season and has one of the country's top recruiting classes on their way to Coral Gables.

I'm not trying to bring the program down. The head coach would've dropped if he had been able to work things out with Penn st. You can't come out and defend a dude who clearly doesn't want to be here with talk about what he's building.

What exactly is this guy building if he's ready to drop it and walk over a weekend. Or when he employs his bff in a role he clearly isn't qualified for. This staff is a joke right now and he thinks it's all good.

Al Golden brings us down. We can't even scrap with a team that is trash talking us during warm ups. That's not the team i grew up cheering for.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 12, 2014 at 08:21 PM

Let me tell you this. For me RS will always be a 'Cane and I will support him whereever he is.

But, the NCAA mess is not crutch (let me be clear, I am not blaming RS for this at all - this is a problem that cropped up and surprised most I am sure and happened right under the nose of Paul Dee our AD who meted out punishment to USC). It was real issue that affected the results on the field due to suspensions and negative recruiting. I don't think people should underestimate the impact of this.

More importantly though, I consider comparing to past coaches' record is not going to help us in the future. But given the situation, if anyone wants to compare AG to a past coach, Butch Davis is a better comparison. Since none of this is productive, I want to focus on the future. For now AG is our coach and I believe he is turning the program around. The players are developing under this coaching staff (DZP, Felic, Walford and other players' statement proves this), so the talent coming in will sure be developed and I hope to see the results on the field.

Well we agree Football,

Based on your comments, this coaching staff has changed schemes since arrival. What are the results? It's the coaching staff teaching the schemes. LOL. I am done with this site until September 2014.

I think that to a man we were more talented than Duke. If that's true, then they cut through us like we didn't exist on defense. That tells me that we have a coaching issue.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 12, 2014 at 08:30 PM


Then based on your logic Duke has equal talent or maybe even better to Texas A&M!! So, taking the next logical step, it means you believe Miami had equal too or better talent that Texas A&M...sorry my friend--I don't think so!!

If you watched the Duke game you saw our defensive line being uprooted and being blown backwards off the ball. How the hell does coaching stop a stronger and more athletic team from beating up on their kids? A new scheme??? LOL!!

all al goldens win at UM were against scrub teams just like his wins at Temple......

he's 49-49 loser...plain and simple and not 1 trophy to him name...those are the facts.

128 Recruits During NCAA Threat:

RB Alex Collins
OL Denver Kirkland
DT Terrell Brooks
LB Matthew Thomas
DT Jaynard Bostwick
DT Keith Bryant
OT Ereck Flowers
WR Rashawn Scott
DE Olsen Pierre
DT Corey King
LB Eddie Johnson
LB Gionni Paul
LB Denzel Perryman
DB Ladarius Gunter
S Deon Bush
P Dalton Botts
QB Ryan Williams
WR Robert Lockhart
WR Herb Waters
OG Daniel Isidora
OT Hunter Wells
DT Dequan Ivery
DT Earl Moore
DT Darius Smith
DE Ricardo Williams
DE Jelani Hamilton
DE Tyriq McCord
LB Thurston Armbrister
LB Raphael Kirby
CB Antonio Crawford
CB Thomas Finnie
CB Tracy Howard
S Rayshawn Jenkins
K Matt Goudis
QB Gray Crow
QB Preston Dewey
RB Dallas Crawford
RB Danny Dillard
WR Jontavious Carter
WR D'Mauri Jones
OL Taylor Gadbois
DT Jacoby Briscoe
DE Jalen Grimble
DE Dwayne Hoilett
DE Jake O'Donnell
DE Gabriel Terry
LB Jawand Blue
CB Nate Dortch
CB Larry Hope
QB David Thompson
WR Malcolm Lewis
QB Kevin Olsen
RB James Labady
RB Brandon Yosha
RB Augustus Edwards
RB Cornelius Elder
Ol Hunter Knighton
OL Sunny Odogwa
Ol Alex Gall
TE Standish Dobard
TE Beau Sandland
TE Ryheem Lockley
TE Sean Harvey
LB Antonio Kinard
DB Vernon Davis
ATH Angelo Jean-Louis
RB Randy Johnson
WR D’Mauri Jones
LB Josh Witt
ATH Kevin Grooms
WR Chad Barnes
WR Alex Irastorza
WR Garrett Kidd
WR Joey McNeill
WR Stacy Coley
DT Al-Quandin Muhammad
DT Ufomba Kamalu
LB Akil Craig
LB Nantambu Fentress
LB Alex Figueroa
LB Jeremine Grace
LB Devante Bond
CB Jordan Tolson
CB Jamal Carter
CB Artie Burns
CB Ray Lewis
K Ricky Perez
K Zach Costa
TE Ronald Regula
P Ricky Carroll
LB Walter Tucker
WR Braxton Berrios
WR Tyre Brady
OR Trevor Darling
DB Marques Gayot
OL Reilly Gibbons
ATH Trayone Gray
DE Trent Harris
TE Christopher Herndon
DB Kiy Hester
DT Calvin Heurtelou
DE Demetrius Jackson
DT Courtel Jenkins
QG Brad Kaaya
WR Darrell Langham
OL Nick Linder
DB Ryan Mayes
LB Terry McCray
OL KC McDermott
DT Anthony Molton
DB Darrion Owens
QB Malik Rostier
DE Mike Smith
DE Chad Thomas
DT Michael Wyche
RB Joseph Yearby
LB Juwon Young
CB Dennis Turner
CN Nigel Bethel
TE Ryheem Lockley
DE Ricardo Williams
DT Delvon Simmons
QB David Thompson
WR Travis Rudolph
DL Dyron Dye
QB Alin Edouard
RB Brandon Powell
DT Calvin Heurtelou

he cant coach and here is the proof.....

We can't even scrap with a team that is trash talking us during warm ups. That's not the team i grew up cheering for.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 12, 2014 at 08:41 PM


Your memory is failing you as those early Butch Davis teams were manhandled and abused by most everyone they played due to the sanctions he faced, although not nearly as severe as what Al Golden has had to deal with.

I think that to a man we were more talented than Duke. If that's true, then they cut through us like we didn't exist on defense. That tells me that we have a coaching issue.
Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 12, 2014 at 08:30 PM
Like you, I am extremely disappointed that we lost to VT and Duke. The Duke team this year is playing at a much higher level. Unfortunately, we have a big hole on the DL that has been very difficult to compensate. I mentioned this before, but I think some of our guys were playing hurt after FSU, so this made it even worse. But, I do see bright spots here and there due to coaching effort. Is it all rosy peachy? No. The head coach did try to tell everyone after being 7-0 that we are far away from where we want to go. It looks like no one took him seriously. This still doesn't excuse the pathetic defensive performance vs VT, Duke and UL, but I believe this coaching staff is smart enough to fix this with the talent coming in. They deserve a chance to do it their own way.

Fake Ron Zook is back on his golden circle jerk mode again saying butch had it easier. Golden could never do anything as imaginative as sign a player to a track scholarship bc he had real sanctions. Butch actually coached up his talent. Imagine if golden had only 2-3 stars bc we all know his players excel despite golden not bc if him all golden does is bloat them up and throws them under the bus. Laughing at you pathetic little waste of air.



I like this kid, a lot. 2 stars but he's got a great physique and catches the ball naturally. Great project irrespective of if the other kid comes. Red-shirt, practice with the track team and run in that sand pit..

This is the type of diamond in the rough that you coach up. You can't get all the ballyhooed 4-5 star players, but show me how many of those 4-5 star DBs and LBs can cover this kid.

I don't know what these green peas are smoking but there is no scenario where UM makes it to the playoffs next year....

please tell me how UM makes it to 1 of the 4 teams that play in the 2 semi-finals if they cant win the ACC?

UM is not beating FSU in 2014.....please advise

I am the girl who stole Ron Zook's screen name. I am such a coward I don't even have the balls to post under one screen name, which simply mean I'm a Gator. My worthless comments on this blog mirror my life. I am always jealous of anyone that is willing to work hard and do good things, hence my hatred for Al Golden. Making matters all the worse I root for a team that lost to Georgia Southern, won a total of 4 games, that's right 4 games!!! And our head coach will soon be fired as we will be lucky to win 4 games next year.


I am the cowardly girl who stole Ron Zook's screen name and I go to bed tonight cupping my Will Muschamp pillow praying one day he will bless me with his splooge.

He is so good at coaching that he never gets outcoached.

He is so amazing that he drops players into deep zones every play even though no one else with any respectable defensive prowess runs what he runs.

He is so above the haters.
He is in my heart and one day
He will run down my throat...
Just like every offense runs through his defense.

He is bigger than any program
He is the only thing that matters. .

All praise my beloved Muschamp
King of the drip zone
Lord of the 4 wins and a loss to Georgia Southern.

Forever will his meat penetrate my burning soul
It burns for him.

My precious
My everything
The wonderful Will Muschamp .

They say he runs a 4.6 40 but that could be fudged. Either way get him on Utough and down to a 4.5. Tough cover.

It's me again...the cowardly girl who stole Ron Zook's screen name.

I need to come clean with all of you...I have been stalking Zook for 2 years and know I can't keep up with him intellectually, so I am left with being a Gator who plays with himself nigh and day while dreaming of the Zooksters private parts.

I go by the screen names HarrietTubmanCane and jsy amongst many others.

I wuv you Zookie...please don't ignore me any longer.

I am the girl who stole Zook's screen name--One day my lover Mushy-Champ will win more than 4 games.

And on that day I will be there, my poon aching to receive his 2 incher.

He is so hardworking.
His body of work shows that.
He has beaten so many teams that are ranked.
He has shown a willingness to adjust to what the inferior coaches throw at him (Georgia Southern)
He has the most genius mind for offense and defense that anyone in the world.
The hater coaches could never invent a offense that earns 400 yards a week.
They only dream of it.

He has been held back by arrests
But no longer is that the case.
He is only arrested by my love.

Tonight I sip my tapioca pudding hoping one day it will be his essence pouring through my soul...
Much like every offense pours through his defense.

My sweet baby Mushy-Champ.

My dreamy pudgy manmeat.

Give me that .400 record and those 4 wins and loss to Georgia Southern and terrible offense.
I want it.
I want it all.
My sweet Texas know nothing baby.

My hero.
My Mushy-Champ.

From the girl who cowardly stole Zook's screen name...

Oh and I'm a Florida fan.
Just another Florida fan with no brain...
And a hard on for all the boys...yummy!

Zook don't blame your 2nd night of a total Golden break down on me. I have nothing to do with it, so leave my name out of it.

From the girl who stole Zook's screen name...

Willy Mushy-Champ loves my small gator salami.
I love his sweet nectar.
It is powerful yet average and mediocre.

And it is sweaty and predictable.
He is my baby boy
He is my Sven golli.

My pookie bear.
My deep zone drop

My earth sky and 2 yards a play

My baby love,

Willy baby.
Take my small juju bit as a token of your mediocrity.

I love him.
You haters can't understand that,
It's a gay thing or gator thing or both...

From the girl who stole Zook's screen name...you know...HarrietTubmanCane

From the girl who stole the Zook'sters screen name...

Mushy-Champ loves me.
Almost like I love him.
His sweet sausage is peppered with averageness

I love it spread on my buns

It was real issue that affected the results on the field due to suspensions and negative recruiting. I don't think people should underestimate the impact of this.

More importantly though, I consider comparing to past coaches' record is not going to help us in the future. But given the situation, if anyone wants to compare AG to a past coach, Butch Davis is a better comparison. Since none of this is productive, I want to focus on the future. For now AG is our coach and I believe he is turning the program around. The players are developing under this coaching staff (DZP, Felic, Walford and other players' statement proves this), so the talent coming in will sure be developed and I hope to see the results on the field.
Posted by: Football | January 12, 2014 at 08:41 PM

U can't prove the magnitude of negative recruiting or how much it has supposedly impacted Golden's ability to coach on game day. Don't just ask Us to not underestimate it, provide some proof so that we can't underestimate it. I don't believe it has to the point U are insinuating. Its being used as just another excuse to retain employment.

Again, Butch Davis dealt with real *tangible* sanctions, there's an agenda behind the attempt to use his tenure as a parallel for Golden having more time to steal money from our program. No comparison between the two on any level--every angle U have is exposed, please stop insulting your own intelligence.

U name 3 players out of how many that he has been exposed to?? DZP and Feliciano have actually regressed. Walford and Gunter are the only two I see who have gotten noticeably better.

My baby Mushy-Champ doesn't know how to coach a decent defense,
But man can he suk a meat.
Just ask every coach in the sec.

From the gator girl who stole the Zook'sters screen name.

They say he runs a 4.6 40 but that could be fudged. Either way get him on Utough and down to a 4.5. Tough cover.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 12, 2014 at 09:11 PM


Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 12, 2014 at 08:57 PM

This is what's funny to me. They love the 2 stars now then they'll be screaming two years from now that Al doesn't have enough (talent) 4 or 5 stars on the roster. LOL. You dudes are hilarious.

Bottom line is Butch took over in 95, with Sanctions already in place, and it took him till 1999 to go 9-4 and then the 2000 team was loaded and went 12-1......6th year, as the 1st 2-3 years with the high sanctions cost all the top players who WENT TO FSU and hence FSU played in the 1st 3 champ games 98-2000, 1/2 those kids might have gone to the U. Now, from 2011-13, Miami lost out on top kids who again went to FSU, and now all of a sudden FSU is loaded with talent.

By Al's 5th year, he should have the talent(2015 season, 2 more top 10 classes) to compete with any team and we will be 3-4 deep by then..........

Facts are Facts. When your playing a lot of young people and HAVE NO D LINE WHATSOEVER, U CANT WIN........ Things take time........

CANT COMPARE UF EITHER, that's just bad coaching. Urban left talent there, and muschump has had 3 top classes, and UF went 4-8.

Driskell was a 5 star qb people, so what does that tell U about rankings???? DONT GO BY RANKINGS ALL THET TIME............There is only so many 3-4-5 stars U can give out...........JIMBO TOOK OVER IN WHAT 2009 0r 2010??? last year was his 1st BCS game ........

LAY OFF BIG AL...............And watch him close out this month


our offensive line was much bigger than louisville's, why didn't we blow them off of the ball - coaching.

who does Duke have that's more talent than Stacey Coley? Is the duke questions more talented than Stephen morris? Would Crawford start on that team? Dzp?

We didn't play a&m.


I think you got it right. You're not happy, but you think the current staff will turn it around. I can accept that.

Honestly Zook besides the fact I think it's really funny you actually believe the stuff you say and claim to be, you're not worth the effort to "steal" your screen name. Sorry man you aren't that important to me. Honestly for all I know it's probably you talking to yourself bc isn't it odd it only happens to you?

Fake Ron Zook you really a twisted dude. It's actually really scary that ppl like you are out there free. That's why things like the shooting at vt and ct happen. Not only are you projecting your actions on me and then saying someone stole your id now your creating a nom type pad id and talking back and forth talking to yourself. Seriously you need help bro I'm being real. For real man your crazy

yea... I don't get caught up in star search. Either you're a playmaker or you're not. Either you can catch or you can't.

I was watching Kayaa film and this kid jumped out at me. Big target, rangy, nice hands, and makes tough catches look easy. Plus he schooled Adoree Jackson. I was hoping he was the one we were offering from Kayaa's team and was happy to see he is. I like what I saw from this kid on Kayaa's highlight reel, much less his own. I hope we get him if not both. He looks QB friendly; like someone that can get open and make first downs. We need chain movers.

Anyone can recommend a player with a 5 star rating (because the work is done for you), but like Butch said, go see the kid play with your own eyes and make your own evaluation. You know, find the next Ed Reed.

ok first off talent wise , i think chris bello of bleacher has covered this many times. Talking about shannon 4 stars that never panned out. Want proof golden can develop. look at how much tracy howard has improved, look at denzel perryman a 2 star lb who is a star and can work his way into a 1st or 2nd round pick if continues to improve, Developed muhammed wilkerson a 2 star dt at temple who is ripping up nfl, They got shayon green a 2 star de to become a major factor on d, They turned, guys like olsen pierre and 2 star lb jimmy gaines into productive football players. yes these guys aren't studs But they weren't rated studs either. id say golden has gotten more out of the talent he has recruited the coker and shannon ever got.

Tracy Howard has not improved, just check late in the Duke game, VT, FSU, Pitt and especially the UL game where he got manhandled almost exclusively. Please watch his UL performance, his back was so dirty U couldn't see his number. He is horrible in run support, he routinely avoids contact and is oftentimes stiff armed to the ground.

DZP was a unanimous 4 star recruit by all publications, not a 2 star. He has obviously regressed since his freshman year, and gotten slower and less conditioned with more time in U-Tough. Shayon Green was not the factor he was last season, this season, so thats a regression. Gaines is productive, because what serviceable MLB wouldn't be--when he is position right in the middle of the action where U are forced to make some tackles by logistics alone. The up the middle defense was a sieve again this season, where Pierre and Gaines are stationed, so "productive" is used loosely in their regard.

The dudes would be much better players with better coaches, look at UCF's D-line of no names coached up and maximized. Many D-lines in the nation who are lower ranked than our own but light years more productive. Countless examples of this fact.

Its not about the players u should focus on the talent level of the coaches, thats the component that is lacking truthfully.

Employment doesn't entail prowess. Just because he is a coach, doesn't mean he is a good one. SEE: Coker and Shannon. U have examples to pull from.

why are we even debating Al's non dilemma ?

he was handed a good team in 2010... now they'll be average in 2015

but rebuilding as part of the process.

It's hard to criticize the kid and the scheme. A lot of these guys are just way out of position. Dzp is great against runs in the middle but he's having trouble moving sideline to sideline.

It seems like they should be getting more out of these guys.

The old canes days, they waited 3-4 years to play only 2. Testaverde was in the 82 class with Kosar, and didn't start till 1985 season. WALSh was 84 class I think and started 87. Erickson was 86 classs started in 89, Gino Torretta was 88 class started in 1991


Posted by: Dom | January 12, 2014 at 07:26 PM

1982, 1985, 1984, 1987, 1986 and 1989 remembers the Dommasse.

U ready to join the second decade of the 21st. Century ?


My comment about "deserving" comes from frustration at the long history of coaches leaving UM.

I get that we have what we have for 2014. Like you, I hope it goes well for us.

But the latest AG PSU dance turned me off. It is a familiar happening at UM. I hate it!

As I said, I hope we find a coach who sees UM as his "dream job," because I am tired of these guys coming and going.

And yah, we do DESERVE something better. Since other schools have it, why not us?

2.1 million a year is hardly a subsistence wage, and there must be someone out there who wants to coach the U and stick around, and who loves the amazingness of the city.

So chirp I shall. Whether you find it meaningless or not ain't my problem. For some of us, it's therapeutic, man.

I think we should pay more to a good experienced coach. You get what you pay for in certain things and this is one of them. Cut another team, find the money.

Harriet Tubman. Perryman just got a 3rd Round NFL grade after his JR yr. Pretty good to me. Hes gotten alot better. WITH NO DLINE> He would dominate if we get some studs.

Caniac. HE WAS HANDED A BAD TEAM, with no 2011 class that he had to piece together so throw out the 2011 class, and then all those lamar miller and ol vernon etc left early and we had no depth from Randy at the time.

THEN ADD IN ""Death Penalty"" threats since 2011 and he has gotten 2 top 20 clases, 1 top 10 in last 2 years.

This will be his 2nd top 10 class and 3rd top 20 classin a row. but all THAT MEANS is these kids that he brought in other than perryman and chick from the 2011 class and a few more, are Sophomores, TRUE Soph, going into their Junior years.

MAN,Randy left the program in HORRIBLE shape and allowed the Spapiro mess to happen under his watch basically. IT TAKES TIME. EVEN DUMBO WITH BOWDEN was recruiting for 2-3 years before being head coach, and then 4 years now as Head coach. so dumbo took 5-6 years to make his 1st BCS bowl last year/

TALENT IS COMING. WE HAVE 11 ESPN 300 PLAYERS STILL WITH BETHEL, POWELL and VALENTINE DECOMMITTING........ELEVEN of 26 are on the espn 300, and 2 more are on Rivals Juco 100.. So 13 of the 26 are the BEST OF THE BEST, and alot of great TALENT COMING.


http://t.co/9xYsybRO8d PLZZZZZZ READ A MUST

harriet tubman cane you are the stoopidest blogger here.

Golden was handeda good team?

Yeah UM had two great quarterbacks that dominated. Sure. Two interception-lob machines that amounted to nothing. Sure they threw for a lot of yards but whenit came right down to it- scoring, top, and winning big games--- ZILCH

Talent evaluation is not easy. Especially when you're not looking at Dalvin Cook or Duke Johnson who are obvious studs. Some kids bloom later and may not dominate in HS. For me it starts with physical ability (physique), athleticism/body control, and natural ability to play the game. So when you get them in your program you have an anticipation of how will they develop. Can they be a solid all-around player.

For instance, it was obvious to me watching Jimmy Grahm he was gonna be a football talent at some position. I thought he would have made a great defensive end as well. Same thing with Swoope, who plays on the team now. 6'4" great athlete with a great build. He could be a stud TE.

Instead of sitting up here crying about 1or 2 4star athletes, as if they are guaranteed to make your program, you could work on the infrastructure/coaching, and finding great talents to play with the studs you already have, and physically dominate in your system.

Star search don't guarantee championships.

The problem with star searching is because that's the only way to disprove the majority of golden worshipers like fake Ron Zook who are constantly saying we lack talent. In reality it's never been a talent issue yea the talent could be better but even the talent we get has grossly underperformed, not been developed, and developed wrong with massive weight gain. This staff only looks at weight room numbers to validate u tough bc the results on the field do not support u tough.

Say what u want about Shannon and even though his team failed u tough and supposedly quit in games, they still were never this bad and unprepared on defense. Defense is what defined the u and it was the defense that took away the opponents will bc it felt like the opposition was just running into a wall. I GUARANTEE SPENCE WOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED MEANINGFUL MINUTES UNDER GOLDEN BC HE WAS TOO SMALL

That's why this staff must get the big star guys who will be good regardless of coaching bc the only thing this staff has shown is the consistent ability to not develop talent and coach up players through perpetration and scheme.


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