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Is it over yet? CBSSports.com and ESPN.com reporting James Franklin to Penn State, but...

I still will completely believe it when it's a done deal.

However, CBSSports.com's Bruce Feldman and ESPN.com's Brett McMurphy, both excellent reporters, are reporting through sources (I know, but nobody will ever say anything on the record) that James Franklin will be the next coach at Penn State.

Feldman said "there are still many details to be sorted out on both sides within the next 48 hours.''

McMurphy said that "Franklin is expected to accept an offer Thursday to become coach at Penn State.''

The headline for CBSSports.com: "Franklin to become next head coach at Penn State.''

The headline for ESPN.com: "James Franklin to Penn State.''

Also: UM has reported that in addition to new enrollee WR Braxton Berrios, offensive lineman Kc McDermott of Palm Beach Central and linebacker Juwon Young of Albany, Ga., has reported to the Hurricanes. 




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Weird how the title just says "Source: James Franklin to Penn State" But the link implies he has already accepted the offer.

Yep, Gallo was wrong yet again.

Ahh, Gallo the maggot master will just say that his sources were right but there was a "last minute" change.

You know how wired-in this loser maggot must be from behind his keyboard will a rudimentary grasp of the English language.

nope I saw the tweet at 12:50....he is the new HC...it will be announce later today....

sorry al but nobody wants you not even your own alma mater....that cold, lol

updated 1-9-2014

Golden Casualties and Discipline Issues:

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
luther campbell - #1 UM fan
tim ice harris - feeder coach
northwestern - feeder school
booker T - feeder school
carol city - feeder school
miami central - feeder school
norland - feeder school
Terry Richardson - RB coach
Jedd Fisch - OC
Geroge Mcdonald - WR coach
Mario Christobal - HC
Eddie Johnson - LB
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard - RB
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Seantrel Henderson - RT
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey – DT
Demetrius Jackson – DE
Travonte Valentine – DT
Ereck Flowers – OL 2014 very possible
Duke Johnson – RB 2014 very possible
Tracy Howard – CB 2014 very possible
Denzel Perryman – LB 2014 gone
Nigel Bethel – DB 2014 very possible
Kevin Olsen – QB 2014 very possible
Rashawn Scott – WR

Hey Gallo....I'm sure their is a direct correlation to your "causality" list and us being 2 games better this year and a top ten recruiting haul coming in....keep up the good work!!!!!

Your list includes a guy that will be going to the NFL in Seantrel Henderson. The rest of your list is just as suspect, no matter how often you "update" it. BTW, making an item in your list be all caps is not really an update, fake Gallo.

Skanks for the list GALLO.. DUMMY!!!


The University of Miami is a funny addition to your list, but perhaps a more comedic addition would be "Al Golden" himself. His mediocre coaching thus far likely cost him the opportunity to "come home" and take his dream job. I know we are all speculating, but I have to believe that when Golden interviewed at Penn State they told him that they planned to interview Franklin too and that Golden was not the frontrunner. Franklin has proven to be the better coach so far.

Alright, from now moving forward I am still going to be critical of the coaching staff but I will try to be more positive about the state of the program. If this recruiting class sticks it could be really special. Now that the heat is on from the fans and media, Golden and his staff know that they must improve or they will all be out of jobs soon. I've said repeatedly that I believe Golden is capable enough to handle this job but needs to surround himself with a great staff to make up for his deficiencies. This team is not that far away and has not even come close to hitting its ceiling. Go Canes.

"Positioned with the second pick in this year's draft courtesy of the Washington Redskins, the Rams join Houston as the only teams certain to have a shot at one of Teddy Bridgewater or Jadeveon Clowney"......ESPN

Isn't that interesting that 2 of shannons boys will be reunited....funny how ray-ray walks on undrafted and gets $400K plus and rotation on 2 deep roster....

but...not good enough for al golden....with all the players he kicked off the team, you could add another team to the NCAA....

Jadeveon Clowney was coming to UM if Shannon didn't leave???
Ha ha ha. You are way beyond the word idiot.
Clowney was the top recruit in HS and NEVER considered UM you fool.

What's your motivation?

At least try to be truthful, don't make things up moron.

Dam another year of Division III coaches.... FACT

And St. Louis is 2 deep at safety??

Ha ha ha.

What a joke. The only thing that is 2-deep is your bunghole idiot.

Being that I am no longer a Golden supporter since the Wake gm. I hope he proves me and everyone else wrong. Because if he does that means Miami is good again. The problem is he hasn't won anything yet. No wins and the lack of player development is obvious. This is the last season he gets a pass.

are you an idiot....bridgewater and armstrong you jerk off, lol

f...cking kids, lol

Marios - in Gallo's defense he was referring to Ray Ray Armstrong (safety with the Rams) potentially being "reunited" with Bridgewater. I don't blame Golden for letting Ray Ray go, even if it was ultimately unfair to him. First of all, I don't think it was Golden's decision. Second, Miami had to look like it was taking all perceived improprieties seriously with the NCAA decision still pending. In any event, Ray Ray still got to live out his dream of playing in the NFL and is making the most of his opportunity.

are you the dumbest b..tch in miami? ray-ray is a linebacker at st louis....he is behind alex olgetree

calls starts next week right.....lucky for us

class starts, lol my side are killing me....

Gee, Gallo, how many NFL defensive players on an active roster aren't on the 2 deep?

no...NCAA cleared ray totally.....he was sacrificed for no reason.....but only an idiot gets rid of your best guys.....you are right...better for him....I like him at LB....he is really shinning....

see coaches matter.....somebody at the franchise saw him as a LB....then PAID him to boot...$400K is good for a walk on....

By the way, that's Jeff Fisher with the Rams. Great coach. The Titans were stupid to let him go and the Dolphins were stupid not to pay him enough and give him enough control to be their coach. Nobody plays harder (or dirtier) than a Jeff Fisher coached team.

forgot another shannon guy that is a starter on rams team.....brandon McGee....

wow shannon really sucked at developing players, lol

Who is Shannon?

Guys please stop talking about the incoming recruiting class like it's the Cavalry to the rescue. They are kids no impact next year. Many probably should be red shirted to grow. Second haven't you learned a top class means nothing unless you have great coaches which we don't.

Ray Ray.. not good enough for Golden? Nope. Ray Ray was too stupid for Golden. Like right after the yahoo article comes out, being one of the athletes accused he posts pictures of himself at the most expensive restaurant in Miami. Sure that turned out to be a non-issue but where was the common sense? That man was in an out of trouble and wouldn't comply to team rules. Sad really.

Gallo, I love how the floggers on here love you or hate you for your comments. I say some are well deserved and others or from right field. In all honesty, I don't give a s--t about who did what, when or where. My concern, and to all canes, is the well being of our program as a whole. AG stated the other day that he evaluated every position coach and he saw improvement. Where? The offense proved it couldn't block, catch, run, throw a pass, etc... The defense, are you kidding me, looks the same. Stats, ladies and gents,stats!! I like AG, but if loosing him means D'Fraud is gone, by AG!! I would love to have either Crist, Schiano, Davis, Org., hell even Chud. Either would pose a better threat than what we have now.

Not to mention Ray Ray never lived up to the hype at Miami.


Tre Mason leaving early, too? Hey Gallo, put him on the Auburn casualty list!

And Johnny Manzell going to take a pay cut and go to the NFL early? Put him on the Texas A&M casualty list!

They are all abandoning the ship, accorind to fake Gallo.

It is accepted, based on post to the blog, that there are details to work out before the PSU job is filled. Where is the acceptance that Al Golden and PSU could not work out the details of his accepted offer?

I am waiting to see if any benefits were gained by Al Golden. For his attempt to leave the job he stated was his dream job.

There is a great deal of validity to the the observations that Donna Shalala and the board of trustees are happy with the lesser state of the Miami football program.

If you wanted to have your list taken seriously son, take off the players that played four years and are now graduated. Also, coaches that Golden recruited and moved on to better jobs. (You are just giving Golden credit for recruiting them)


After what golden took over where the canes program is is where u should of expected it to be. The ncaa investigation and the fact that under shannon the talent level at miami had dropped to historic lows where even south florida could beat the canes at home, golden has done a good job. He needs a couple years to get the program where the idiots with unrealistic expectations of a national title in yr 3 think it should be. The fact is between the ncaa investigation and the overall lack of talent golden inherited this was a way longer rebuild then 3 yrs. Its almost as bad as when butch took over and it took him 6 yrs to get miami back to national title level. I thought shannon deserved 5 yrs because to me u need to have a coach who has players all his own recruits. That said when u lose to usf and alienate all the local high school coaches and regress like the program did under him, u had to fire him. losing to usf at home is never ok.

Here's looking down at U again... Cream rises to the Top !

GATORS-7 > u-10

u enjoy ur 13, half ur class, barely 3-stars.

QUALITY > qUantity


THIS is how you close ... Wait til Feb. Gators will get and u will looose.


Mainecane, remember Miami was on probation when Butch took over. Think Butch, after gaining back the scholarships it lost, transformed recruiting forever! I agree with a coach needs more than 3 years with a program. RS was no exception at all. You stated it best about his tenure. Look at Ty W. at ND and Zook at UF. Those are exceptions that got screwed out of enjoying the fruits of their recruiting.

"Incoming recruiting class" my Irish rear end. Anyone remember Kyle Wright? You can STILL get #3 jerseys on eBay for $10.

sorry....cant do auburn or Texas am casualty list since the UM list is a 24/7 responsibility, lol.

I'm going to take your computer away for being so stupid Jimmy.

Also, does anyone know if this blog also does UM basketball?

I have 2 Kyle Wright jerseys. I converted them to Stacey Coley jerseys.

Got to love nick saban, he's hiring lane kiffin as oc. How many former head coaches on his staff?

here we go....historic lows of players that shannon recruited and left for al golden:

QB Jacory Harris
QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements
WR Davon Johnson
WR Kendall Thompkins
TE Dyron Dye
TE Asante Cleveland
C Jared Wheeler
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
TE David Perry
TE Cory White
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
OT Ben Jones
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
OL Jermaine Barton
LB Kelvin Cain
RB Darion Hall
RB Storm Johnson
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
TE Andrew Tallman
TE Billy Sanders
FB CJ Holton
WR Aldarius Johnson
WR Travis Benjamin
DB Alonzo Highsmith
RB Lamar Miller
DL Micanor Regis
DL Marcus Robinson
LB Sean Spence
WR Tommy Streeter
DL Oliver Vernon
DB JoJo Nicolas

wow these guys really s..ked, lol

A lot of them did. The others haven't been on the team in years or were suspended through parts of their senior year. Dummy.

Make that 21-TWENTY-ONE 3-stars according to Scout.com !

21 out of 28 and U wonder why U have no talented depth.

qUantity over Quality is a trUe U thang.

wrong.....all were available to play for the 2011 season when golden took over...good try.

2011 roster included:

21 seniors
25 juniors
31 sophomores
29 freshman
total 106 kids.....we had kids coming out of our a...ses

Gallo plays himself as an adult. An old person at that. Can you imagine this maggot is someone's grandparent or parent? Those poor kids have no shot in life. Zero. That is their role model?

What does he do for discipline? Make lists?

BWWWHAHAAHHA. What a dipshyt you are, Gallo.

Hey kids, from now on there will be no more:

eye gouging
rough housing
horse play

Make sure you put away your

place mats

And don't forget to wash your



The blog punching bag: Gallo. Only he is too stupid to know.


Jimmy, that is not true. 13 were suspended at least one game of the 2011 season. If they were so "talented" then why did they lose six games in 2010 including Virginia and USF? The best win was over North Carolina. Terrible. Jimmy, I'm so ashamed...

Gallo, don't forget to add Dalvin Cook, Travis Rudolph, and Kermit Whitefield to the list of casualties also.

Gallo, you maggot, your boss wants you to

dispose of the coffee grounds
fill the coffee cup
replace the scent disk in the urinal
buy the paper
clean the toilet
get on your knees

nope I saw the tweet at 12:50....he is the new HC...it will be announce later today....

sorry al but nobody wants you not even your own alma mater....that cold, lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 09, 2014 at 01:28 PM


Gallo, the President of the Haters Society first claimed that Coach Golden was leaving the Canes to become the head coach at Penn State.

Now he claims Penn State never wanted Golden, despite their administration flying down to Miami to interview Golden as their first candidate.

In fairness to Gallo, it is important that we all remember that Gallo is a self-admitted penny stock hustler that will say anything to the elderly trying to screw them out of their pensions and life savings.

So, posting lie after lie, day after day on a football blog is simply him doing what he's always done. Once he cooks up a lie and repeats it a few times he sincerely believe it's the truth!!

Sunny Dee,

I am on board with your basic optimism and reasonable criticalness of the UM program going forward. That seems to be a fair position to take.

The new recruiting class will help. We need D lineman.

I would like to see Golden cut kids more slack and stop being such a rigid disciplinarian. The way he has mismanaged Rashawn Scott is pathetic. The way he has driven kids out of the program is unacceptable.

This isn't Catholic High school in New Jersey.

While one can argue about the precision of Jim's list, there are many casualities on there that could have helped UM and were dropped unnecessarily.

Golden ought to get tough with his DC, OC and other coaches for such a poor performing football team on defense and offense. And with himself for failing to provide needed leadership that enhanced performance in big games. And for not bringing out the talent on the squad.

So optimism seems to be the choice. And accountability. I hope we see a major turnaround this year in terms of competing in big games. 9 - 4 is a good season, but let's see a competitive team out there with the likes of Duke, UNC, FSU, Nebraska and Clemson or anyone on our schedule).

Golden et al ought to talk to Larranaga about how to maximize your team's potential. Great win at UNC.

Go Canes!


That's funny - especially the kids' list. I can't stop laughing -

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