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Is it over yet? CBSSports.com and ESPN.com reporting James Franklin to Penn State, but...

I still will completely believe it when it's a done deal.

However, CBSSports.com's Bruce Feldman and ESPN.com's Brett McMurphy, both excellent reporters, are reporting through sources (I know, but nobody will ever say anything on the record) that James Franklin will be the next coach at Penn State.

Feldman said "there are still many details to be sorted out on both sides within the next 48 hours.''

McMurphy said that "Franklin is expected to accept an offer Thursday to become coach at Penn State.''

The headline for CBSSports.com: "Franklin to become next head coach at Penn State.''

The headline for ESPN.com: "James Franklin to Penn State.''

Also: UM has reported that in addition to new enrollee WR Braxton Berrios, offensive lineman Kc McDermott of Palm Beach Central and linebacker Juwon Young of Albany, Ga., has reported to the Hurricanes. 




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The results of that bowl game is showing up on the recruiting trail. Many are thinking twice. Even the HS kids are taking notice how bad this team is. Some will come for playing time, but those who want to compete, will go elsewhere. Golden can't hide the results they see on the field.

DB Nigel Bethel (local kid) has flipped his commitment from UM to Texas Tech! Wow, interesting choice.

Ho bout that larranaga - Um basketball is something to get behind!

UM FB 2022!

LOL it's aloon gtime til feb. will be interesting next couple of weeks.

Good points made on both sides.

Have to admit the AG bowl game, job mess, and staff stasis aren't helping at all, it seems.

We lose Kaaya - oof.

I think the coaches were working on getting Jackson to flip from UF and Bethel wasn't feeling the love. He is always on twitter and likes the attention and apparently got his feelings hurt. I hope he changes his mind. The kid is a legit track star but he is small and needs to bulk up. I think he wants to stay in Miami near his family,but apparently he is afraid of competing and TT gave I him the bs that he would play right of way. A lot of speed,but I don't know if he has that football toughness.

Just yesterday at this time CB Bethel and RB Powell were both great 4-star players that a key part of Miami's Top-3 class...

This morning, after they both decommitted, they're undersized 165lb. and 170lb. over-rated average players that are afraid to compete in a class that has now plunged out of the Top-10 and still freefalling weeks ahead of signing day with more decomits to follow.

But look on the bright side, U still have Goldie and his BFF for another 7 years to coach up all those 21 outta 27 3-stars according to Scout.com.



Golden Casualties and Discipline Issues:

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
luther campbell - #1 UM fan
tim ice harris - feeder coach
northwestern - feeder school
booker T - feeder school
carol city - feeder school
miami central - feeder school
norland - feeder school
Terry Richardson - RB coach
Jedd Fisch - OC
Geroge Mcdonald - WR coach
Mario Christobal - HC
Eddie Johnson - LB
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT
David Thompson – QB
Jalen Grimble – DT
Jontavious Carter - WR
Danny Dillard - RB
Dyron Dye – DL
Alin Edouard – QB
Seantrel Henderson - RT
Raphael Kirby – LB
Dalvon Stuckey – DT
Demetrius Jackson – DE
Travonte Valentine – DT
Ereck Flowers – OL 2014 very possible
Duke Johnson – RB 2014 very possible
Tracy Howard – CB 2014 very possible
Denzel Perryman – LB
Nigel Bethel – DB
Kevin Olsen – QB 2014 very possible
Rashawn Scott – WR
Brad Kaaya – QB (huge loss)

it just has gotten worse since golden got here....he cant just sweep all this under...."no out of sigh - out of mind BS"

Did Kaaya decom as well?

Gallo, kinda wimping out. You said flowers and howard were leaving. Now you are down to possible. Look forward to your update next year that says staying.

They say blind squirrels find nuts sometimes. Your predictions aren't that good.

Ur a joke.

Oh, and duke is leaving. Sure, he's going to sit out a year and then play a year somewhere, instead of 1 more year at UM and off to the nfl. Only a moron like Gallo would do that.

Brandon Powell....


Beed, nice read, I especially like the shot at the Joe-bots, the same folks that are STILL trying to claim the school had nothing to do with the Sandusky events, other than providing the opportunity, means, methods, and coverup once confronted, just so their saint Joe could break the wins record. The fact that the coverup was FINALLY blown up right after he got the win, and after they knew he was dying of cancer, knowing he would never stand trial as an accessory, is all just a grand coincidence to those folks.

If it was alone, it would be a strong stance by CBS Sports. Instead, it is just one of two polar opposite opinions on their pages.


CBS Sports is just throwing all opinions out there, hoping they can later on say they were right. But at least they are different people with different opinions. It could be worse, they could have one guy spouting and respouting all the possible negative opinions, ignoring when they were wrong just the day before in the process.

Disappointing news about Bethel and Powell, but it does make me wonder who was contacting them when this is supposed to be a dead period.

Of course, when other teams ignore NCAA rules to raid Miami, the NCAA does nothing about it. Negative recruiting includes illegal recruiting, I guess.

Oh look, we still have 26 commits, compared to 21 for the guy that is screaming about his team on here.

26-21, rings a kerwin bell, don't it?

December 29, 2013
Bowl loss doesn't affect Kaaya's status
Matt Shodell

Strange, no word on Kaaya flipping, just confirmation that Kaaya saw how much better this team would be with a QB like him on the team.

What do you expect from recruits when the coach isn't even committed.


A Dead Period is one of the most confused periods. In a nutshell, coaches are not allowed to meet with you on or off campus during this time. So here is what is allowed during a Dead Period…

Visits to a college, but you may not meet with a coach

The biggest negative recruiting tactic teams play on the Mac staff is the game film.

They say hey look how the dline get in their stance like a from the start to slow dance with the olineman!

Look at the db's run like a relay runner at the snap of the ball.

Look at the linebackers covering open grass in their zone.

Listen to the coachs throw the players under the bus to protect their garbage scheme.

Watch AG blame the offense for the 'efenses shortcomings.

Listen to AG dance around the question of him flirting with another school. The tell commits if your looking we're looking.

Powell tweeted after he flipped his commitment: "Gotta feed the fam. Been struggling for too long." Anyone have any idea what this means????!!! Someone should forward this information to the NCAA and conduct an inquiry.

Here was Bethel's "reason" for going to Lubbock Texas:

"@Safid_Deen Nigel Bethell II (@_NigelBethel) said leaving the city of Miami for Texas Tech was about "becoming a man"

I won't get into a back and forth with him about running off to the middle of nowhere just to avoid competition, I will just let a guy that was in the same position, but was smart enough to finish his schooling early, give HIS answer to Bethel.

"@HNYNUT_BERRIOS: This ain't a boy's game, that's why I made a Man's decision. And being a Man I will always stand with my word. I'm a Cane."

Berrios stands by his word, and stands with the U. Bethel took a 400 dollar handshake in return for a four year exile in the middle of nowhere. Why do I say the middle of nowhere?

(expurgated from Wikipedia) The Metro Tower is the tallest building in Lubbock at 274 feet. The 20-story skyscraper (LOL, skyscraper?) was originally known as the Great Plains Life Building. It suffered heavy damage in the 1970 Lubbock tornado, and sat vacant and derelict for several years amid talk of possible demolition.

Berrios = Man.
Bethel = Trying to become a man. I guess he will find dates on FarmersOnly.com....

Too many idiots here for me to hang with this juvenile crowd. Too old to suffer these fools! Bye

Feeding the family? Maybe he is going to go to the UF agricultural school to learn how to grow greens.

More likely, they gave him some other green stuff that Miami was not allowed to give him, with dead presidents on them. NCAA will never look into that school for their NCAA infractions until the total gets to 100 documented cases.

Good point about the film.

Losing recruits shouldn't be a surprise. Look at what's happened in the past few weeks.

We got embarrassed by Louisville. That was a disgrace. Let that be the last time a team invites us to fight and we don't. I'd rather have Merriweather helmet smash replays on espn.com every 5 minutes than get chumped like that. Then Teddy B through up the u and we don't shatter his knee?

Mr Stand with U interviews for the Penn St job which they either offered to him or didn't, who knows.

Golden backs what could be the worst coordinator in the country to stay at the u because, continuity is good. Continuity of what, giving up 40+ points?

Fsu holds a 4 commercial on how talented and we'll coached they are by winning the national championship.

Sunny dee....its ok to pay players in the sec. NCAA turns a blind eye. Its ok though,next year when we get rid of donofrio , things will start to turn for the better.


I've been to Lubbock and it's one depressing place. They must've done some job selling that to a kid.

4-8, try to learn which teams are in which conference.

if shalalalalalalaal or the AD hired idiot goldie and d'o, and
if shallalalalaal and the AD NEVER played defense in football or had anything to do with it.
How in the world can shalalala or the AD be qualified to ask goldie or any coach: "how many def. linemen with their hands in the dirt before the play starts are you going to have?"
"Are you going to run a man to man pass coverage, or an idiot zone NO pass coverage?"
How many blitzes on open routes to the QB are you going to have per game?"
How many flat passes and hail mary passes are you going to have per game?"

I would not want goldie or d'o to be coaching a little tykes league much less Miami the way their performance has answered those questions.

4-8, I hurts to read your comment that "next year when we get rid of donofrio".

He should be gone now. Ireland underperformed, and got shown the door. Sherman underperformed, and got shown the door. Turner underperformed, and got shown the door.

Has Golden ever fired anyone? I believe he has not. You have to be a bit mean to be a head football coach, and I think that meanness is missing from Golden. He had the chance, now is the time to do it, and other schools with their 400 dollar handshakes and Nash's game film are going to keep pecking away at our guys and his best chance at preventing that is showing a commitment to the school instead of to his friend.

Shula sided with his friend Taseff, and it tarnished his Dolphins legacy.
JJ sided with his friend Wannstadt, and it tarnished his Dolphins legacy.
Paterno sided with his friend Sandusky, and it ruined his NCAA legacy.

Golden, by siding with Donofrio in the face of the negative impact on the team, the school, and the fans, is tarnishing his Canes legacy.

I've been to Lubbock and it's one depressing place. They must've done some job selling that to a kid.
Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Look at it on Google Earth. It looks like a tornado hit it, and if another one came through it would improve it. At least Tallahassee is the state capital and Gainesville uses trees to block the trailer parks from being seen on the highway. Lubbock doesn't even sound pleasant to SAY, let alone live in.

Guys EVERY team across the nation loses commits every week, hell Bama just lost 2. Some bloggers on here try to MAGNIFY this because it's Miami, and that could not be more stupid. These kids are just that kids, and are caught up in the moment one minute and not so much the next. We'll lose some, and end up with guys we didn't think we'd get. Until signing day, these verbals don't hold much water. I agree about Bethel though, I mean TT?? That's a strange pick, lol.

It says that he committed but has not visited, just went to Utah and WVU.

I have this image of the early scene in Glory Road when the bus is going through the desert to take the new recruits to the school.

Poor Nigel.


Powell - meh. We'll be alright.

Valentine - was never really a cane. Drama Queen too boot. REALLY could have used him.

Bethel - that sucked. move the safeties over! - at least we have some continuity in the process there. Our corners look pretty good this year with Gunter and Howard, Burns...

Thinkin Kaaya is staying for now - Went looking hard to see of the UCLA rumors had any Interwebs Speculatron 3000 steam - not really. His own twitter feed and the comments of his apparently close friends say otherwise.

Seems that guy was honest about the AG situation being of concern after that ALL Star game, but since then, it's been more posting about the U, up through yesterday.

He really does have an opportunity to be something special at UM and he seems to have that get outta the big fish, small pond mentality about Cali - though Cali's a big pond - just a bad metaphor.

I think he smells a chance to be redshirted, but have it burnt pretty early in the season if either RW or Olsen bust. He knows he's the future here, looking at his comments about various pro players, he's a student of the game and the business too. Actually impressed by him.

Can't blame our genius coaching staff from from offer that FSU kid a qb spot, just in case...

ColaCane, you are right. But of course there is no Alabama casualty list, so Gallo reads these pages daily, and if bad news is written, whether true or false, he adds it to his list. And even after proven wrong, he refuses to remove them from his list. So it shows his negative bias to be not only flawed, but also incapable of handling outside review.

Ron Zook since you're a former um player why not write about your time their and all the positives of being a um player to get a message out to the recruits who read this blog. That should help out your hero golden so win win for everyone

"He really does have an opportunity to be something special at UM and he seems to have that get outta the big fish, small pond mentality about Cali - though Cali's a big pond - just a bad metaphor."

Beed, it's a big pond, but like many others have said about California, it is shallow.

jsy, why do you keep saying Zook was a former player? Did he make that claim, the way Gallo claimed he was a Navy Seal and that his whole neighborhood went to BC?

I would love to see the quote where he made that claim. It must have been during the weekend flurry of coach to PSU rumors, I just can't find it.

jsy I see what you're saying dog, but AG is all we got right now, and as hard as it is right now to do, we ALL need to back Golden. I am the boat that he needs to 86 Dno, or at least have a one on one with him and say 'bro I'm sticking my neck out for you AGAIN, and you're killin me, so you need to change some things'. We just gotta hope AG can corral this class of recruits, and who knows he (might) have a surprise up his sleeve and get back up in the rankings. Who knows?

Chris Level
RedRaiderSports.com Publisher

Miami (Fla.) Booker T. Washington cornerback Nigel Bethel II switched his commitment from Miami to Texas Tech on Thursday.

Bethel II committed to Texas Tech on Thursday.
"I chose Texas Tech because it's a great opportunity for me to start early and play early," he said. "It's a great league. They throw the ball a lot.

"Coach (Kevin) Curtis never gave up and he believed in me even though I was committed to Miami. We messaged and Facebooked with each other, we have a real relationship."

Bethel visited the South Plains in September for the Red Raiders' win over Texas State.

"I don't know anyone there, but when I went on the visit it just felt like a family. Coach (Kliff) Kingsbury is a cool guy, very young. They will get better and the sky is the limit for that program."

The 5-foot-9 181-pound prospect also visited Utah and West Virginia during the season. Rivals.com ranks him as the No. 24 cornerback in the 2014 class and No. 48 overall prospect in the state of Florida.

Texas Tech track and field coach Wes Kittley also played a role in Bethel's recruitment, as the Sunshine State standout plans to run track for the Red Raiders.

"I run the 100, 200 and 400 but my main event is the 200," Bethel said. "My best time (in the 200) as a junior was 21.10. I run a 4.47 40."

Bethel chose Texas Tech over offers from Cincinnati, Florida State, Kentucky, Miami, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Washington State, West Virginia and others.

There ya go Five! Fixed that for me. LOLOL.

And remember it's GalloBot - as an AI concern troll, leaving the bad lines of code in the lists are a purposeful move. Serves dual function - gets prior bad posts ignored/scrolled over and when addressed, foments comment posts and clicks for the page. Genius!

I am being too kind, but hey, have learned a lot about humor and fan civility from the reddit/r/cfb threads - been helping me with my emotional over-investment in our football program for the long haul.

Humorous Perspective from fans who have it worse than us - yes, that's a real thing - is a nice supplemt to this fine community.

You could see it coming that Bethel was outie5000 when he set the 'efensive scheme ablaze and talked/educated the Mac staff on what they should be doing on 'efense!

Cant have a youngster coaching up the coaches.

AG gotta protect his BFF.

Then the coaches tell him they'll change when they get better players. That's a smack in the face to Dzp, Chick, Th3, Bush, Jenkins and all the other guys THEY brought in.

The recruits and parents aren't stupid....they saw golden bolt to PSU if his Sunday deadline was met. Dnofrio tried to leave last years.....goldens top OC left, what do you think is gonna happen?

this is why golden needs to be let go.....he isn't committed AT ALL...the HC position has to be open to attract the hot coaching talent.....you wont get it any other way. The whole team laughs at dnofrio....and rashawn jenkins flips him off at practice so they say.

DUKE:....."He's been very frustrated with the coaches during his tenure here and he's had people in his ear trying to keep him level headed and focused on the bigger prize. He's often had to take up for himself and less talented teammates. A text came in recently from Duke saying "I hate these F*(^*ing coaches" to a mentor. There's a lot going on behind the scenes"

Tracy Howard:...."got into a major spat with Coach D'Onofrio last year and it kinda got viral. I learned about it and posted it hear. I now that Tracy does things like wave his hand at D'Onofrio when the coach tells him things"

the coaches have lost this team and the recruits don't want any part of it.....only a big name game....UM needs a Charlie Strong type of move....the emotions both inside the cane camp and the fan base need to be rejuvenated and the only way that can REALLY happen is to fire golden.....make it REAL public...

heck....treat it like a perp walk with golden in handcuffs......

"I chose Texas Tech because it's a great opportunity for me to start early and play early,"

The 5-foot-9 181-pound prospect I guess looked at
5-11, 184, So. Tracy Howard,
5-11, 187, So. Antonio Crawford,
6-2, 196, Jr. Ladarius Gunter,
6-0, 190, Fr. Artie Burns,
5-10, 173, Fr. Corn Elder

And realized he might not get on the field for three years.

Five it was a couple blogs ago when Ron Zook in his typical degrading fashion told another blogger that he knows nothing bc he never played in the "bowl" it was quite humorous and then goes on to say that he can't give any details about his playing time at the u bc he doesn't want to give away info about himself. Basically it's funny bc the guy who call everyone a liar tells the biggest lie of all. He's really no different that gallo wouldn't be surprised if he

Good recommendation beed on reddit. I wandered there the other day. Refreshing.

Jim Gallo "was arrested for pedophilia. He was caught with child pornography while wearing a clown suit."

I put it in quotation marks. It must be true.

Five Titles, the commitment to a team is more of a process than what Al Golden says about his coaching philosophy. The benefit of talent is that you have options. Your statement in the comparison of those young men's decision are really out of bounds. You are actually doing a worst thing than the kid did.

RedCane, what competition are you speaking of; we don't have great DBs. Bethel could start for us as a 1st year player. We need better DBs and losing Bethel is a blow, no matter how small he is. Get a grip, not every player stating away from our program is staying away because of competition - it's coaching PERIOD.

you are absolutely right...I am 100% negatively bias....I am trying to do my part to get this staff REMOVED.....no secret here...

I have seen many failures in my lifetime and they never have come back stories....at this point in goldens/dnofrio careers, if haven't do it yet...you aint..

not in this age of NCA football....and college AD's recognize this and thats why you see all these changes....and every year you see teams make full circle turnaround weather its a 2011 KSU or 2013 auburn team.....success stories all of the NCAA....

the question is...why is UM letting this happen to itself....there seems to be nothing left to this brand when opposition teams heckle and make the "U" sign to out COACHES on the sidelines....

Now that chick and dzp are back I wonder how much more they'll be bloated after this year. I always felt the best thing for golden to do is get back the sc coach from lsu. That was the guy who was here under butch. It can't be a coincidence that lsus rise and ums fall corresponds to that guy moving to lsu. Physically the lsu teams closely resemble the early 2000s hurricanes from the stand point of speed and strength

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