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Is it over yet? CBSSports.com and ESPN.com reporting James Franklin to Penn State, but...

I still will completely believe it when it's a done deal.

However, CBSSports.com's Bruce Feldman and ESPN.com's Brett McMurphy, both excellent reporters, are reporting through sources (I know, but nobody will ever say anything on the record) that James Franklin will be the next coach at Penn State.

Feldman said "there are still many details to be sorted out on both sides within the next 48 hours.''

McMurphy said that "Franklin is expected to accept an offer Thursday to become coach at Penn State.''

The headline for CBSSports.com: "Franklin to become next head coach at Penn State.''

The headline for ESPN.com: "James Franklin to Penn State.''

Also: UM has reported that in addition to new enrollee WR Braxton Berrios, offensive lineman Kc McDermott of Palm Beach Central and linebacker Juwon Young of Albany, Ga., has reported to the Hurricanes. 




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Gallo, you get texts from Duke?

Five Titles:

Those measurables given by you of the DBs on the roster means nothing if they cannot cover and are consistently missing tackles. That's one problem with AG's philosophy with coaching - bigger and/or taller doesn't mean better. Think about it. If a player is 5' 9" and can cover and tackle, why would you start a guy just because he is 5'11 or 6' 2" but cannot play worth a damn? It sounds illogical and STUPID. Sounds like AG to me. AG is over his head and trying to turn the "U" into a UVA or Penn State is ridiculous. Recruit talent and build your team around those talents; believe it or not, Bethel has higher talent than anyone on your list above, including Howard. We need Bethel just like we need Harris, Cook, Cole, Lane, Jackson, Dixon and a few others; we have missed out because we have a coach in AG who is uncommitted and fails to take action and be held accountable for this failed effort. 8-4 isn't good enough for us at the "U"; and setting up a program to win 8 or 9 games a year, isn't the standard.

Let's break down Captain Mental Midget's post:

"I am 100% negatively bias" Ummm, don't you mean prejudiced? Bias is a positive and negatively indicates the opposite so you are just neutral?

"I have seen many failures in my lifetime." Yes, but most often when you look in the mirror.

"if haven't do it yet...you aint.." You dominate the English language and grammar like no one I have ever read. Yeats and Shakespeare have been served.

Gallo, maybe if you killed yourself for the cause of coaching change at Miami, it would get attention. Let's try.

last year it was:

alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT

this year its:

Demetrius Jackson – DE
Travonte Valentine – DT
Nigel Bethel – DB
Brad Kaaya – QB
Brandon Powell - RB

2 more to go to equal last years total.....still have time

the good news is those jr college transfers just love UM.....hey what about the Nigerians that you idiot bloggers raved about last year?


"if haven't do it yet...you aint.."

The blog idiot's gold standard.

Gallo the maggot strikes again.

any minute bloggers will get into the "blame the kids" routine where they were never any good....lol

Galloinda was never any good.

"if haven't do it yet...you aint.."

C'mon, Gallo. You are a Pig. A maggot.

I'll end with a Gallo fav: "lol, green pea."

JSY, what ISU team has early 2000s Canes-like strength And speed?

You know what? I agree with GalloBot on his last post; the portion that acknowledges the change of the game and business.. I am impatient at this point with this staff and would love nothing more than to have the Franklin to PSU drama blow up, have them come calling back to AG and BOOM! we're off to the races, but losing a recruiting class...I'd rather take our chances on that, rather than muddle through more of the AG process - it's all his process - no more hating on DNO...I have zero confidence in AG at this point, but am open to being proven wrong - ONLY because I have NO. OTHER. CHOICE....and I love my Canes enough to stay interested, regardless of my d'ruthers.


Oh, GKC - check this particular thred about the SEC if it were a bank robber crew - fricking hilarious and spot on!

Disclaimer: the final version is written by a Gator - so, no it's not me, I am not a secret Gator or Gator Lover...Actually I am - my wife's family are Gator fans - it's fun talking smack - anyways, enjoy:


"Five Titles:
Those measurables given by you of the DBs on the roster means nothing if they cannot cover and are consistently missing tackles."

The measurables combined with his comment that he could start at Texas Tech were combined for a reason.

They show that Bethel was under the impression he would be unable to do better than the players that you say are unable to cover and are consistently missing tackles.

He measured himself against Artie and Howard and Gunter and found himself coming up short. He felt he would not be able to compete with them. His words, his actions, not mine.

He can still take on the challenge here in Miami, or he can be the big man on campus in Lubbackwater. Which college degree and NFL pedigree is better?

Lsu tigers while not exact they resemble our old self closer than any recent um team

Five Titles:

My point is that Bethel will start here as well; it doesn't matter about measurables - talent is talent. Bethel is not running from competition, he is running from AG and D'No's lack of D coaching skills and prowess. What schemes did D'No demonstrate to Bethel that would cause this young man to say I am all in? NOTHING! If what we have done on defense for the past three years is all Bethel has to gauage his decision on, I don't blame him for moving on. What we have now stinks and AG knows that but is afraid to pull the trigger and fire his BFF. As for the degree, we have more to offer these young men than most colleges and universities, but that wasn't the point either. My point was and is that Bethel's moving on to a program like TT is problematic and currently represents the systemic concerns we have with our "U" football program. We cannot afford to lose top flight recruits because of poor judgment and unaccountability from the head coach. The list of players leaving Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties to play for out of state schools like UL, TT, or even Clemson, is alarming. To lose talent to FSU and UF is one thing, but TT, UL, and Clemson - PLEASE. We have a problem at the "U" and AG isn't solving it. So what if he stuck it out through the NCAA mess, he got paid did he not? Any coach getting paid would have stuck it out, especially when the possible payoff (winning Nat'l titles) is within reach. For me, AG doesn't get a free pass simply because he stuck it out; that's what people do when there are no other options.

Wow what a closer, with no more ncaa sanctions al will tear up the recruiting trail. Uh not so much decomit no 3 this week brandon powell.

I hope the rest of this class sticks and the Canes can flip a few their way too, but if this class falls apart Golden will have nobody to blame but himself. There is no NCAA cloud anymore. The bowl game embarrassment, the defensive scheme, his lack of development of players, and his flirtation with Penn State appears to causing a lot of verbal commitments to reconsider. Right now, it is still a good class, but it had (and perhaps still has) the opportunity to be a great one.

Got it, JSY. I thought you wrote ISU and that you had lost your mind

To 5 titles, on the Zook being a player, " I wasn't parking on Chico's lawn, because I was busy playing on the field in the bowl". Dec. 29, 6:31pm
Later, and it's not worth looking up, he said he had a picture on the wall of his office with hihanges for the program. m running on the field with the team.
Personally, I like some of your posts, I know I'm negative maybe too much, but I am a spoiled fan who sat through ALOT of the 58 games in the streak. It was easy to be spoiled then, and the early 2000's, but this staff, mostly Golden's stubbornness to make c

The language used by Zook could mean he was a cheerleader (not a player).

... or a streaker...

sorry, not sure what happened there, but it should finish Golden being too stubborn to make the changes needed for the program.

Back-up Ibis?

Since I live out of the area, can someone enlighten me as to why all these recruits are flipping at the last minute? We lost Bethel and Powell now. What is going on? The Herald does not seem to report on any of this. Is AL losing these kids confidence or are the recruits just messing with the U. I am afraid the defections have not stopped and will continue. Please if anyone has any knowledge, please let me know. Thanks.

Yes zook made the claim that he was a player in a pathetic attempt to lend himself credibility in a back and forth with me......lmfao! And the joke continues......

Anyways the best time to assess this class will be on signing day, yesterday Espn downgraded the class from 3rd to 6th, which in all honestly is still good, but the bleeding has to stop

No problem Cane89 and cfl.

Thanks for the information...

And thanks for the reddit link beed!

Scared to think what an ACC crew would look like.

FSU: got away with rape, but holds the keys to the getaway car.

Miami, BC, and VT: joined the crew together after dominating a smaller crew, with the promise that they would get a good share of the loot, have been doing the grunt work since then...

Clemson: Thinks they might be able to take the keys from FSU when they fall asleep.

UVA, GT, Wake: Little brothers hoping to earn their bones someday....

Great posts by Cane 89, ohiocane, Sunny Dee, CFL.

I am not a happy cane fan these days, but am trying to find some positivty in there...

It's just hard to come by when alot of the evidence stacks up that we are poised for a stumble or fall for the program, for the next few years at least.

I AM NOT GUARANTEEING DISASTER, but would be really surprised of things get better before they get worse.

Signing day is still a long way off, but we're dropping for good reasons, hate to admit it.

The late season stats, the bowl blowout, the PSU drama, and now the staff "progress seen" continuity and what has become cheap, politician talk from AG isn't reaassuring.

Yeah, I was in school during the 58 games run, so I feeeeel that.

I have to laugh at each setback, otherwise it's depressing.

I get both sides of the arguments over supporting our team and players, versus deriding the ineptitude and calling for change.

These are strange days, Canes Bros.

Posting was hilarious, Right? Like your start on the ACC crew.

Forgot to mention that, yeah, kids see an opportunity to get early playing time for a storied program, but as others, even the AG lovers have admitted, that history is fading in the rearview mirror faster and faster...

Here's my problem beed, with the both sides of the argument point. The points have been made. A decision has been made for 2014 as to who our coaches are. Just like in a corporate decision, you make ur arguments and after a decision is made you get behind it or get going.

At this point the only possible purpose of the negativity is to create damage.

Gallo, in the depths of his depression, said "I love the KAK. It is all I have left."

By calling out the Mac staffs garbage-ness, we are supporting the player.

They deserve better than what they are getting.

At this point the only possible purpose of the negativity is to create damage.
Posted by: GatorKillerCane | January 10, 2014 at 01:17 PM


"Continuity not change" does WAY more damage than what any fan or non fan can say on a blog!!

Not only is it throwing the current players under the bus, you as a fan should feel insulted by AG saying improvement were made when the facts say he's LYING!!

Mac staff>>>>>>the program!!

The players do deserve better, especially those on defense.

This is far from a corporate forum, so why would corporate philosophies or rules be the expectation here?

If U have issue with the discourse and other blog are refreshing, then leave--its really simple and the constant bytching is pointless.

Apparently the self trolling blog pig still loves duh kak in his Mouf.

Nash, the decision has been made for 2014. Ur only bringing negative now.

What some call negativity, some call telling the truth.

Which has a more negative impact on the University of Miami football program? What you or I say on a blog or "continuity not change"?

Or telling anyone who would listen that the players are smart enough or good enough for our scheme?

Posted by: Nash | January 10, 2014 at 01:36 PM

I don't think anyone on this blog can pretend to know and speak the "truth".

It has been repeatedly been brought up that the D we run is straight from the head coach and I am sure everyone including the coaching staff is not happy with the results. The head coach thinks he can make it much better by getting more talented players than those are already here.

If one does not agree with the assessment, there is no need to keep repeating one's views ad nauseum and ad infinitum as it only leaves a bad taste on everyone's mouth who reads this blog. We are not going to get a new coach now and we might as well be patient and give time to the coach to get his players and do his thing. If he fails, we will get a new coach then. But, as a true U fan, we wish that these coaches bring on success fast and the D improves significantly.

I'm happy to hear Perryman is returning. Some nice comments from him too about the coaching staff. He seems like he has a good head on his shoulders.

GKC - we all know the decision has been made for 2014. I love my Canes and I enjoy this forum because of the divergent opinions and the debate. I know others feel the same. If recruits are reading this, so be it. I would hope they aren't making life-changing decisions based on a bunch of anonymous Canes fans espousing their opinions on the state of the program.


I have gotten plenty of flack here before for being seemingly noncommittal, for seeing the merits in both sides of the tribes' arguments.

"At this point the only possible purpose of the negativity is to create damage."

"Get behind the decision, or get going"

Whether we commentors have any effect is a whole other argument, but assuming we do:

Certainly not my intent to create damage, but if that's the effect, then I can only say:

Here's how I get behind the decision:
Those recruits who are optimists and love the program, a la Chick [G3],DJ and Berrios, COME ON WITH IT!
I will delight if they rally around AG, understand and execute his schemes to near perfection, and deliver us wins.

But I will also be among the first to add to the case-file EVERYTIME the evidence of his failures present themselves and he declines to adjust.

There are just too many examples of other good programs and coaches getting the absolute most out of their players in order to get the best results.

So, I fall on the side of getting going, I guess; thinking long term for the program; that the sooner AG proves or fails as to his merit,the better. I see his failure as most likely, ergo, I want him exposed as soon as possible.

I can and will admit being wronger than wrong if I am.

Yes, we have to wait and see, and I do support any players who have played, and are going to play for us.

As a fellow Canes Bro, I. Have . No. Other Choice.

Dzp to stay. Cites growth as player and person. Loves direction team is headed in. Closed by saying "Gallo can fo guck himself"


Good luck Nigel. You'll disappear in the obscurity of the big 12, with a rising Texas, Oklahoma, and A&M, BAylor and OSU- You will be a ghost there. You still have time to change your mind. Stay home is my opinion. Where Texas Tech at? Ever been there inthe summer? Seriously. I mean seriously Nigel. That aint Miami. I could see if you went to gainesville,, tuscaloosa or tally but Texas Tech? come on man!


Only thing I can imagine is the kid either got promised a start from day one, or he isnt being pursued anymore by UM.

Good then,

DZP is closer to the whole situation; even if he is purely staying for selfish long term reasons - so much the better.

Prove us doubters wrong. I don't hate AG, I seriously doubt him.

Aren't coaches supposed to challenge players all the times they aren't performing? I hear that all the time and AGREE.

Let's assume AG has staffers taking the pulse of the fans, as a tiny component of his overall duties.

Feedback may be important or not at all. I side with it being worth consideration, but not crucial.

SO, the SAME goes for fans challenging their coaches. There's nothing wrong with fans challenging coaches to perform when they "aren't."

It's our sacred duty - lolol, k? Thought I'd throw that out there, since we're being self-important blog commentors.

After every big win or championship, I hear AD's, coaches and players thanking their fans for crucial support.

Tough love is oftentimes support.

The difference between "tough love" and hating/trolling is sometimes hard to discern.

Wow, I guess I have daddy issues. huh.

Ok, good talk, good talk.....thanks for the therapy, guys - trololol!

Perryman, great call to stay and get the "U" degree - to finish something that one has started is worth the wait. Don't forget to take out the ins policy for about $10M.

Beed, I didn't argue the merits of keeping Golden. I simply question what the purpose is to keep beating the negative drum now.

Adults know 2014 is set. Do the negatives think they are laying pipe for some future decision? That, of course, is silly as 2014 results will trump Jan 2014 yapping.

Am tryin, man. Imma little slow sometimes...

Its really funny hearing dudes makes cases for one view or line of thinking being posted on this blog above all others, since this is one of a very few mediums that even project or accept any critical view of Golden. Golden doesn't receive critique or challenge on campus, with his bosses or the student body. Dudes acting like all these other Canes site don't exist like Canespace and Allcanes that put out pro-coaching staff blogs almost everyday. The Herald doesn't challenge Golden, neither does the Sun-Sentinel. Canesport spins every issue in a positive light, just go there now and read how Golden's late offers (a realistic and acceptable complaint) are "better late than never" or how we shouldn't "hold grudge vs Golden". This occurs everyday, the local and national media are unanimously pro-Golden. So why all the moaning when your opinion is without question the popular sentiment. There are countless places to go, in order to read what U believe, just pick one, but to come where there's a small voice of dissension and bytch, is ludicrous. Its brat-like behavior. The decision to stick around despite all of the frustration, makes me believe that y'all kinda believe what some are saying.

For this forum to be filled with such "morons' and "idiots", the accusers sure do spend a lot of time in there presence???

Bethel decommited for Texas Tech. Am sorry, but his decommitment is not important. Let call like it is. He 5'8,,,5'8,,,5'8,,,5'8. Who was he going to cover when we play florida state???? WHO?...Look at all of Florida DB commitments for 2014,,they are all 6'1 are taller, and weight in range 180-200 pounds...This is why he didnt switch it to Florida...look at FSU DB commits,,much taller than Bethel...so Bethel,,please head to West Texas, which is about 10 hours away from civilization within the Texas borders,,,and I bet, he will be unhappy on Day 1. Please GO BETHEL. And you will find out what the Texas kids already know,,,nothing but sand and bordom at Texas Tech. Dummy!!!

Cane 89, Beed and Sunny Dee - glad you all have exposed this coaching administration for what it is: Mediocre at best, riddled with excuses. Cane 89 thank you for pointing out that Golden was handsomly paid $2.1 million per year TO DO HIS JOB, during the NCAA sanctions. All last week when everyone, including the media, were sticking up for Golden, due to the NCAA, players not maturing, players not grasping the system, process, patience, "we're not yet where we want to be", I was pulling my hair out of the Toxic Kool Ade everyone was drinking (as pushed by Golden and the UM administration). WQAM's Donno and Guzio actually said when I called them that they would be happy with 7 and 8 win seasons until 2020, if they knew Golden would stick around until then. WHAT!? This is the kind of mediocrity/socialism already starting to set in. 7 and 8 wins is a failure at UM. Let me repeat....7 AND 8 WINS IS A FAILURE AT UM! Always has been and always will. We have the players. We've always had the players and will always have the players. The key is, what are we doing with the players? With the right coaches holding their own on game day and coaching up the players, we win 10 or more games a year. Since Howard got things rolling in 83, that is how it has always been, that is how it is now, and that is how it will always be. Guzio and Donno, never settle for 7 and 8 win seasons, because once you do, five and two win seasons are not far off in the future. Finally, as a fan base, we cannot give coaches five years to implement their systems. They need to show ample results after three years. If we give four coaches five years to implement their systems, and they fail the way Coker, Shannon, and now Golden have failed, then we're staring at 20 years of lethargy. The next man attitude needs to be just as adherent with coaching and coaching staffs, the same way it is with players. Also a failed Head Coach like Randy shouldn't mean he has to be fired and let go, since he is a great Defensive Coordinator. In Golden's case year three should have shown marked improvement on defense, and participating in the ACC Championship game. People like Meyer, Saban and Petrino got their teams to a BCS Bowl game in year three and more than their first stops coaching. I will give Golden a pass on that one, since we would have faced FSU in the ACC Championship, but we should have at least gotten to the game and shown improvement on defense. We didn't so he now he needs to be on the hot seat.

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