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Kaaya ends speculation, tweets he is signing with UM

For weeks Hurricanes fans have been walking around with a bit of a knot in their stomachs, worried class of 2014 quarterback Brad Kaaya, committed to Miami since May, might end up opting to stay home somewhere out on the West Coast.

The 6-foot-4, 215-pound Semper Fi All-American, rated the seventh-best consensus pro-style quarterback in the country, ended those fears Thursday afternoon when he tweeted he planned to sign with Miami next Wednesday.

Kaaya had visited Boise State recently and was also being pursued by UCLA.

Boise State landed a commitment from Alex Ogle, a three-star quarterback from Jensen Beach, Fla., late Wednesday night.

The Hurricanes have two quarterbacks lined up in their 2014 signing class. Malik Rosier, a 3-star dual-threat quarterback from Mobile, Ala. is the other.

The Canes are also hosting Miami Booker T. Washington quarterback Treon Harris, a four-star recruit committed to FSU, this coming weekend. It's unlikely the Hurricanes will sway Harris to stay home.

> Two 2015 All-Broward First Team selections and highly-touted recruits Shawn Burgess-Becker and Calvin Ridley, who both attend Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, will make their college choices Sunday at 1 p.m. following a 7-on-7 practice. Miami is high on the list for both, who are listed as four-star receivers by 247Sports.com.

FYI, the Hurricanes have already offered 116 recruits in the 2015 class according to 247Sports.com including 52 in state, 21 from Dade and Broward Counties.

> Rapper Luther Campbell, who has long had ties to the University of Miami and many of the top innercity players in South Florida, was hired this week to be the defensive coordinator at Miami Norland. Campbell has coached at Miami Northwestern and Miami Central in the past. Although he's been critical of coach Al Golden in the past, he said he supports the program.

"I'm ready to go," said Campbell, who was with Northwestern until the middle of last season. "We got some young kids who were beat up last year, but they never laid down. [Norland coach Daryle] Heidelburg is one of the best offensive coordinators, head coaches and I'm excited. They got some kids. All the defensive backs, they got the best defensive back field in the county. I'm happy."

> Fort Lauderdale Dillard coach Lorenzo Davis said Randy Ramsey, an All-Broward first team defensive prospect the Hurricanes have made a late push for, has yet to decide if he's going to visit UM this weekend or not. Ramsey, a three-star recruit, recently committed to Arkansas.


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Welcome to the 'U' Brad.

Thanks for your support and commitment with other players too.

You will be part of the family.

Go 'Canes

I guess the naysayer trolls with the "inside" info were wrong once again. Welcome to the U, Mr. Kaaya.

He's still on Gallo's casualties list with Jeffrey Brown and guys who didn't qualify like Derrick Griffin. I wonder if Lesean McCoy was ever on Larry Coker's casualties list for not qualifying and having to go to Milford Prep Academy before going to Pittsburgh?

Wait, the idiots on this blog are wrong again! Amazing!

Damn inside sources... never can count on them for accurate information. That is usually why they stay un-named and in the shadows. Spew your hate nay-sayers, we can take it. Good kid with heart and character. Showed that by coming out early and clearing this up so other recruits don't have doubts about his allegiance and also not keeping the BS coaches on a hook. Welcome to the [[__}} Brad.

After a very ugly end to the season coach Golden and the "U" are very fortunate to have the class they currently hold. Think about it. Only three 9 win seasons over the last ten years. An NCAA scandal that shook the "U" to its core. Not much to work with.

This is a very nice class but until the "U" wins the Coastal Division and ends their season on a positive winning note, the recruiting trail will be a tough road to follow. Go Canes.

Brad can you play dline, linebacker or db???

Be honest this staff has taken this team as far as talent can take you because their coaching is as bad as Jack Daniels chased with cod liver oil. Next year will be a calamity, i can see it coming. Every team in the conference that didn't beat us could have and every team is improving and we're stuck in neutral. I love the Canes, but I ain't Stevie Wonder. We are gonna flip the results of last year. you politically correct, passive, liberals will learn you can't fight a war with Ghandi as your commander and the French foreign legion as your coordinators. 5-7 next year.

Posted by: Tampa Cane | January 30, 2014 at 03:04 PM

Tough talk for someone scared before the season begins. Our defense was not very deep this season and with a healthy Duke Johnson we are 11 win team. What does that tell you? Our QB didn't use TE or RB out of the backfield last season. We were weak on 3rd and short because our backs are south of 200lbs or true freshers that play with a high pad level. Our line underachieved on offens and was non-existant on defense...

And we still were looking at 11 wins with a healthy Duke!

What do you think will happen this season with a year under Coley's system and new blood? 5-7? Are you serious? []_[] got something to prove and you com out with 5-7?

"this staff has taken this team as far as talent can take [us].."

right. So with the influx of talent we get and health on our side this season we are 11-1. better talent this season and next. You contradict yourself.

c'mon bro, you can't claim this []_[] and think like that.

Sapp is having diarrhea of the mouth again.
The guy just doesn't know when to shut up.

Warren you are the best, and still one of my great U heros!!!


Al Golden's got his targeted quarterback. Just like he got many other targeted players, previously.

The excuses for his lack of success on the football field are not valid. He should be held to the standard of success his team produces. Not given a pass for the actual lack of success that he has produced.

Too funny cane clowns. Bunch of Golden Slurpers are now mad at Sapp for speaking his mind. News flash idiots Valentine has heard this before and that is why he is going to LSU, the fact that Onofrio and Golden suck is a fact not a secret.
Some other idiot is mad at Manny for writing about this, as is if you don't talk about it, it will go away. You guys are truly desperate, delusional and just plain dumb.
Then the next idiot says that instead of reporting what Sapp said, Manny should just give you the score of the basketball game. So that everyone else can read what Sapp said but the local cane clowns should remain ignorant and un informed. This just keeps getting better. FYI the basketball team lost again.
You clowns are just too funny and pathetic.

Valentine has confirmed he will NOT visit the U this weekend, ANOTHER DT GONE.....WONDER WHY

ACC Sucks,

Tell us again about Kaaya going to UCLA.

Can you even admit you were dead f-ing wrong about that before you move back into your other tired rants?

It's not a huge secret Valentine isn't coming here.

I believe it was Rick with the insider sources on Kaaya too...

Tell us more, Rick!

To the punk that just posed the comment above.
That All Your Really Worth.

To beedharphong,
My post was for acc sucks and can't compete.

2015 class is about to be nuts. Two of the best in Ridley and Burgess Becker are expected to commit to Miami. They are the first dominos, once they fall we get Tim Irvin, Jacquan and a lot others. First full year we can recruit without the NCAA

Tampa Cane also known as Champ Cane...

and the Beat goes on leaving you two behind..

Don't worry no jumping on the train after it has left the station..

Both of you will be forgotten instantly when the 'Canes take the next step.
Whether you both like it or not.

Come on 'bros welcome the guy to the 'Canes, don't postulate nonsense.You are both complainers and whiners.

Go 'Canes

Welcome to The U Brad. You WIILL BE OUR STARTING QB next year. Work hard and you will do it. Thank you for keeping your commitment.

An as far as Valentine, $$$$$$ talks.....the SEC has loads of money. Just look at the Gators????

Dont yall mean, acc sucks and the gators cant compete?

Gatorfans are funny with their sources....i bet they had ufelons beating div ll georgia southeast.lmao!

Mr. Warren Sapp for Governor of Florida!

Because he bloody well SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER and what not. dUh

"Wednesday, Miami added three more early signees to its fold including junior college defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou, Miami Northwestern corner Ryan Mayes and Orange Park Oakleaf linebacker Darrion Owens.

The trio brings Miami’s haul of early signees to nine players after six recruits began classes earlier this month.

Heurtelou, a three-star prospect out of Scottsdale Community College, could make an immediate impact on Miami’s defensive line, a unit coach Al Golden said was an area of need throughout the season. The 6-foot-3, 304-pound tackle is a three-star prospect is ranked among the top 10 at his position by 247 Sports.

Mayes, who is 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, adds depth to Miami’s defensive backfield and has the length and quickness to succeed at the college level and is rated among the top 70 corners in the nation by 247 Sports."


This kid puts his face in the fan. I like him.

D, at least he cares about his team. Cant say that about emmitt smith, can U?

Its funny how UMs D has over twice as many wins as ufelons D.

OMG OMG OMG OMG read this, http://t.co/tPSvEdMKu0


Few want to limit Sapp's speech. The usual group of haters just attaches to this as an issue. He was a Cane great. He wasn't the 2nd Coming, so don't escalate him either.

TV, like everyone else, can go to school wherever he wants. I've been assuming he goes to LSU as he has talked them up. Now that dumb dumb duh duh D says it is a done deal, he probably is going anywhere

Just heard from a very reliable UM Football inside source that Brad Kaaya has informed Coach Golden that he intends to decommit from Miami and will decide to play QB between hometown UCLA and USC. Kaaya has been a solid Canes commit since August, his first offer, and was basically an unknown National prospect until his vast rise during his Senior Season which opened up many eyes. especially the Bruins and Trojans who are both putting on the full press to gain his LOI.

Two things, before any of you here bash this kid, myself and my source, first know Kaaya, a very loyal, sensitive and great kid, is heartbroken about how this whole process has unfolded and feels terrible for Coach Golden and all the Cane fans that supported him as an unknown. But he feels he owes it to Golden to not let him know of hos decision right before or on Signing day giving Golden and the Canes staff enough time to actively recruit another QB. Which is what Golden is doing now. Cue Trean Harris, late but better than never. As for bashing me, thats fine, the truth stings sometimes, but the story of Kaaya and how he basically blossomed out of nowhere is a great one. And he's an L.A. kid to the core. There's just no way, with all that pressure to be the hometown L.A. hero to stay home, UCLA and USC wouldn't rise to the top once those schools made their big push. Which they both have. Also, don't look for this to become official for maybe a week, per Golden's wishes, until Golden can hopefully secure Harris and perhaps the miniscule hope that Golden can convince Kaaya that the Miami QB job is ALL his once he steps on Campus (which we know he really can't do) and keeps Kaaya from flipping officially.

Not here to bash. This news is less than 24 hours old and most of the recruiting insiders are just getting it. Hence 247Sports projections on where Kaaya will sign.


Sorry for the news. Hope Golden can get Harris and even more so, that Ryan Williams can play QB at a high level for the Canes in 2014.

Posted by: Johnny C. | January 28, 2014 at 08:58 PM



anywhere but LSU.

D must be running typepad too

Johnny C is obviously an idiot troublemaker, MP, but he has many ahead of him in that ranking.

Umm where is Gallober, Calvina, Tubby, and the rest of the jerkoffs that said over and over how Kaaya was going to UCLA or somewhere else? What is Gallober and the rest say, "I told you all, I told you all" Well now little jimmy Gallober, Calvina, Tubby and the rest, Kaaya just told you all. He is the U all the way, which is the kinda guys we want here. Welcome to the U, Brad Kaaya, the coaching staff and all the Hurricane fans are glad to have you as part of the family.

I think I will take Brad Kaaya's word over some moron named Johnny C any day.

This is good news for The U. I'm glad he plays on the offensive side of the ball because he may actually get coached up a little on that side.

Did johnny c just post old info on a new story that made his old info irrelevant even though kaaye said himself today UM is the place for him? Gators are just dumb!

Love James Coley's energy!!!!

Dude will get better and kids will want to play for him.

hope this QB can throw from laying on his back because with goldie's fat, out of shape, offensive linemen and moron OC calling hail mary passes, that is where any UM QB is going to be throwing from.

Three and out for our offense while d'o and goldie's NO defensive schemes keep our D on the field all day in their bend and break, prevent (the Cane win, zone, 3 down linemen, pretend) defense.

This is a Cane board 1872.....driskell throws from on his back......

Please read A MUST http://t.co/gt753i69FE

All the gator douche bags posting their hate because Miami owns Uf!

At least the canes offensive lineman don't block each other like the gators and didn't allow near as many sacks.

Just reviewed the film on the kid Owens, and he will be a baller. Hester, Gayot, McCray, Young, and Owen will help on special teams, to include get valuable playing time. If we lose Valentine and Welch...move a couple bigs from the OL. This is an opportunity for someone to step up, and the coaches must find at least 2.

Look at this, it will blow your mind Valentine not visiting or Worton. and Wyche just enrolled is out and NOW THIS http://t.co/gt753i69FE

Welcome to the U Brad. Time to erase all the bad memories of jacorry Morris

Georgia Southern just scored again

Kaaya is a huge get.

on Valentine, this is what happens when we keep idiot coordinators.

anyone else annoyed with that obscure ACC rule of 3 consec. semesters? we are losing Wyche.

Way to go Brad Kaaya. Welcome to the u

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