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Hurricanes Denzel Perryman and Anthony Chickillo are mulling NFL -- both received projected status

I just spoke to Denzel Perryman's father and he told me Denzel, who is still in Rhode Island with his girlfriend (and her parents) and their baby daughter, received a third-round draft grade from the NFL Advisory Board.

Denzel, a rising senior, is contemplating his decision.

Also, rising senior Anthony Chickillo, who has played defensive end and defensive tackle this season, has received a fourth-fifth round projection from the NFL Advisory Board, according to someone familiar with his situation.

Anthony also is contemplating his decision.

Denzel, listed as 6-0 and 240 pounds, started all 13 games at outside linebacker this season, leading the Hurricanes with 108 tackles, including five for losses and 1 1/2 sacks. He had one forced fumble.

Anthony, listed as 6-4 and 277 pounds, started all 13 games and finished the season with 46 tackles and 7.5 for losses. He had 3.5 sacks and seven quarterback hurries.

Denzel's dad would rather he stay in school and get his degree and play his final season, but he said he wants it to be totally Denzel's decision and that he will respect anything he chooses.  It's not a matter of Denzel's daughter not being provided for, because both of Denzel's parents have good jobs. I don't know his girlfriend's family. But I think everything points to a good, stable situation.

Both players will talk it over with their families, regardless.

Underclassmen must make their intentions known to the NFL by the Jan. 15 deadline.

If Perryman or Chickillo declare for the draft early, they would be the first underclassmen to do so since five did it after the 2011 season. Those were OL Brandon Washington, DL Marcus Forston, WR Tommy Streeter, DE Olivier Vernon and RB Lamar Miller.

Miller and Vernon both play for the Miami Dolphins. Streeter is now on the practice squad for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Washington played in one game for the St. Louis Rams this season. Marcus Forston is not on an NFL roster.




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Chickillo has been something of a disappointment, but I really hope Denzel stays. We need some leadership and experience on this defense. Besides, a good senior season and he could go much higher in the draft next year.

better come back, those draft grades are usually worse than what is initially projected..

i remember Brandon Harris was a first round projection...see what happened to him?

Harris is projected as a late first-round prospect. He based his decision largely on a review from the NFL Collegiate Advisory Committee. He has said he would likely leave school if told he was a first-round possibility............

Selected by the Houston Texans late in the second round, their third straight defensive selection after J.J. Watt and Brooks Reed, it's clear that the team is looking to bolster things on the defensive side of the ball. Harris is a terrific athlete who should get a shot to contribute from the get-go.

Perryman won't get picked until the 4 or 5 round. Chickillo would be a 6 or 7 rounder. Both should come back.

The problem with these projections is that they take place before the combine. I think Perryman will be a third round pick because he is athletic, explosive, and if he is put in the right scheme he will be very effective in the NFL. Remember that Oliver Vernan was a third round pick who never realized his full potential and now he is a starter.

I would be shocked if Chickillo was picked before the sixth round. If he is picked earlier, it will be because a coach or GM views him as a project - get his weight down and put him in a hybrid DE/outside LB position.

Chickillo definitely needs to return and get better. I think Perryman has a tough decision. His stock may not improve much more if the same defensive scheme continues next year.

Dear Denzel and Anthony,

I know the lure of easy money can be tempting, especially when people like Drew Rosenhaus are promising you the moon, but our experience is that it is better to get another year of college, and then compete with seniors for their draft slots and even more money, rather than come out early, not get picked where we were promised, and end up out of the big money, or worse, out of a job and without a degree and without any money.

In college, you win most of your games, are the toast of the school, and the college girls love you. In the NFL, you are lucky to even get noticed, your competition is much tougher, your team is likely to be below .500, the cheerleaders don't even talk to you, and your relatives call you every day for money.

Signed, your friends and cautionary tale examples,

Olivier Vernon - (Dolphins, for now)
Lamar Miller - (Dolphins, for now)
Brandon Washington - (Rams, for now)
Marcus Forston - ("free agent" according to wikipedia)
Tommy Streeter - (no even rates a wikipedia page, on the "where are they now" file.)

I hope they return but they're not getting much better w same coaches. Perryman didn't really progress from last year. Hate to say it but they may be better off leaving early

Here guys, this will help you decide....


Before being too critical on Chickillo consider how productive he may have been with strong interior linemen so he would not be doubled or could pin his ears back and rush.

Chickillo - round 6 or 7, Perryman - round 3 or 4. Chickillo needs another year. Perryman is probably ready.

Some of last night comments when the score was 21-3:

Jimbo is way over his head, Fisher being outcoached, Auburn making adjustments—the Noles aren’t!, a month to prepare and this how they play—disgraceful, Terrible game plan, Fisher is not a championship coach, There’s no way we will come back, This game is over, This team played a weak schedule and it shows, Fisher should be fired, Jameis is overhyped, Our defense is a joke, Jimbo is a fool, He screwed around with Texas and didn’t pay attention, Do you think Texas will take Fisher…PLEASE!, Our defensive coord is a joke, Jimbo will never beat a good SEC team, Gus Malzahn is a much better coach than Jimbo, Give Texas Jimbo-we’ll take Strong, etc.

Those are just a very few of the negative comments from a portion of the brilliant FSU fan base on their Rivals.com blog. Sound familiar? An undefeated team led by the Heisman Trophy winner and FSU’s Confederacy of Dunces were in high gear, much like our Confederacy of Dunces post their clueless nonsense.

Posted by: Five Titles | January 07, 2014 at 01:52 PM

Are U serious? College girls??? Dude has a baby that needs milk and clothes, F some girls.

That post was bushleague at best. Disparaging his former teammates careers (especially when two of them are starting and they all are getting paid/are employed--ever seen a practice squad check?? He can use 2 months income to to finish his degree) doesn't endear them to your post.

Good luck to both regardless of what they decide to do! It's their decision, so to be mad due to neither getting a first rd grade is childish & dumb! We have seen several guys from The U get monster contracts even after being drafted 3rd or lower i.e, Hester, Gore, Calais Campbell, Jimmy is about to get paid, Shields is going to get a contract better than his rookie deal, etc & multiple guys still getting a check from the NFL i.e. Chase Ford, D Sharpton, our LB that plays for TN, etc.. They all can't be stars & go in the 1st rd..

So now the media, acc coaches, and NFL have weighed in on um's defensive talent. Our best defender (dp) and most publicized (chick) receive middling grades, but it's about coaching, and it's about scheme. Gimme a break. I love their heart and effort, but any honest cane saw the level of athleticism on the field last night and knows deep down this current crop of talent ain't sniffing it. Patience and commitment.

bringing this over from the previous comments:

I don't see us beating Duke or UNC.
Posted by: beedharphong | January 07, 2014 at 01:24 PM
Both games are at home. Both games were close on the road. Advantage to the home team.
Duke lost their OC. Miami had the lead against them late in the third before Morris had his horrible fourth quarter.
UNC went 5-1 after we beat them, so I can see why they will not be a walk in the park, but it is far too soon to write off the Canes when they were able to survive the blackout, Morris throwing four INTs, and the loss of Duke Johnson.

UNC and Duke both had five seniors on their defense.

I can still see Miami winning both those games. But I know, it is just conjecture for both of us, so it is all in fun...

At the time, Jimbo was being out coached, that not even debatable, but what U should have drawn from (instead of always focusing on fan reactions that don't have any impact on game day coaching or results--two subjects that U routinely evade) is Jimbo made the proper adjustments which your Tebow cannot.

The point is what are the similarities between Jimbo and Golden? Jimbo got it done in his fourth year as FSU coach and there's no comparison between the two when it comes to records, results, stats, and gameday coaching ability.

The comparing of fan reaction is a baseless, subjective, useless, and highly irrelevant topic of discussion.

Golden is in his 8th year as a HC with a record of 49-49 and a bowl record of 0-2

Fisher is in his 4th year as a HC with a record of 45-10 and a bowl record of 4-0

From the article above:

"Denzel's dad would rather he stay in school and get his degree and play his final season, but he said he wants it to be totally Denzel's decision and that he will respect anything he chooses. It's not a matter of Denzel's daughter not being provided for, because both of Denzel's parents have good jobs. I don't know his girlfriend's family. But I think everything points to a good, stable situation."

HTC, that does not sound like his daughter is suffering for milk and diapers.

Sorry you consider it bushleague, by using that one part of my full scenario, but to me, being the BMOC and a star of your team, and gaining ground in the draft, being drafter much higher than the fourth or sixth rounds, so your contract is bigger, is a better move than jumping early for smaller bucks, being a small cog in a big wheel, when careers are less than five years in some cases and might be even less if they end up in the Forston or Streeter scenarios.

Duke does not have 5 seniors on defense.

Here's my response to the troll Tubby:



Tubman do your arms and/or brain hurt reaching so hard to make these dumb connections and half-cocked conspiracies? Al Golden isn't some evil genius. He's a football coach and I'm nearly 99% sure he doesn't have the time or energy to create this shadowy image you constantly paint. Next time you have one of these amazing thoughts, write it down on a piece of paper, crumple up that paper, and shove it directly up your rectum. Your ideas are more useful there.

Posted by: Worst Fans Ever | January 05, 2014 at 07:03 PM

Thats none of anyone's business including the reporters. They shouldn't have asked, inquired about, or even printed (if the info was voluntarily given) the stuff about what his parents do for a living. Thats highly intrusive and irrelevant to a man who may want to provide for his family...himself. DZP aint banking on the efforts of others, he brought that kid into the world and she is his responsibility.

He doesn't have the right to count his parent's money and so the reporter DEFINITELY doesn't.

Harriet tubmanCane

Jimbo Fisher came to his school without sanctions. He and his staff get paid far more money than Miami pays its coaches. FSU has the facilities that Miami lacks in terms of selling thier school. FSU has and had more depth than Miami over past couple of years. FSU wasn't waiting to find out if they would be allowed to play in bowl games. FSU wasn't giving itself sanctions to help keep the NCAA from coming down with all its force. Lets not compare just yet the coaching since Miami has had far greater issues than fsu.

Posted by: Ron Zook | January 07, 2014 at 02:39 PM

Of course it is. U don't have the intellectual ability to refute what I post, so insults & deflection are the usual strategies deployed.

I see little kids do it all the time.


I don't follow duke that closely, so this list might be wrong, but it was what I used to count it up.
They show five that were not only seniors, but redshirt seniors.
DE 92 Foxx, Justin RS SR
DT 82 Sarmiento, Sydney RS SR
DE 84 Anunike, Kenny RS SR
CB 6 Cockrell, Ross RS SR
CB 24 Patterson, Garett RS SR

He didn't pry and say what they do, just that the parents have "good jobs".

And if his parents have offered support, why can he NOT count on that support. That is what parents do for their children, AND for their grandchildren.

BTW, I was not disparaging their careers, I was disparaging their choice to leave early and disparaging their agent for whispering sweet lies into their ears.

That was part of why the University chose to reduce agent contact even more than the NCAA mandates.


Both Chickillo and Denzel should say ADIOS to Thee Carpetbagger's.

Because both Cane's have PLATEAUED as defensive players. No thanks to a highly SUSPECT defensive scheme, and what not, and the added weight gain.

Matter of fact, Anthony and Perryman have REGRESSED since their freshmen seasons and staying put in Coral Gables one more season will probably not benefit them one iota.

FWIW... I saw both Chickillo and Denzel making either 1st/2nd team All-Conference their junior seasons. That's how much potential I saw in both them their true freshmen seasons.

Oh, Denzel was in Thee Carpetbagger's DOG HOUSE his entire sophomore season! Go figures'.

Again, Anthony and Perryman have NOTHING TO GAIN by returning to the program and Goldie nd' Marky Mark's defense will probably DROP their N.F.L. stock. hUh

Posted by: MiamiMike | January 07, 2014 at 02:41 PM

U consider all of those things to be "issues" and they are by definition of course. But mind goes to the root of why the are, it doesn't just stop and say they're issues as if they came out of nowhere and we just have to deal.

Everything U mentioned has roots in the mismanagement or lack of oversight by UM's own hired employees, administrators, BOTs, ADs, whomever.

The self-inflicted aspect of those "issues" pushes them out of the context of "issues" and into the realm of "excuses" for me.

I refuse to be patient with an administration's historical negligence of our football program.

Do U state schools get more $ than private...yes. Was that the case when we won our 5 NCs and played for several more or did it prevent Us from winning 34 straight games and 5 NCs?

Who harassed JJ, despite his winning, who low-balled Butch contractually, who hired the mediocre Coker, Shannon and now Golden, who partied with Shapiro and accepted money from him despite him being known to have owned a sports agency at the time, who saw the destruction of the OB etc?

To me, there is a big difference in the decision for someone like Teddy, who will get first round and perhaps even first pick money, compared to someone that MIGHT get picked in the fourth round and below. And then after getting drafted, might get cut and not see much more than their signing bonus.

He didn't pry and say what they do, just that the parents have "good jobs".

And if his parents have offered support, why can he NOT count on that support. That is what parents do for their children, AND for their grandchildren.

Posted by: Five Titles | January 07, 2014 at 02:47 PM

Thats cool but, its not something that U should be privy to, or using to make a case for him staying to play for your favorite football team. Thats going too far, its his decision and his parents ability or willingness to help shouldn't be used to make a case for his return outside of a conversation between he and his parents.

Why are there no black emojis? That should be remedied.

Their Canesport page depth chart posts only one senior DE Annuike. It was last updated in April, that may be the difference. I apologize if I was wrong.

ESPN's Preseason Top 25- 2014

7. UCLA Bruins

" UCLA's administration finally decided it wanted to get serious about supporting its football program- EMPHASIS ADDED, and coach Jim Mora already has provided some nice returns, winning 19 games in his first two seasons with the Bruins- EMPHASIS ADDED. Quarterback Brett Hundley announced he is returning for his junior season, and the Bruins might be poised to play in their first Rose Bowl since 1998 -- or even a spot in the four-team playoff. UCLA might bring back eight starters on offense; junior tackle Xavier Su'a-Filo announced he's entering the NFL draft. UCLA still expects to bring back four starting offensive linemen, which is always a good recipe for success. Seven starters might be back on defense, but the Bruins will have to replace All-American linebacker Anthony Barr and linebacker Jordan Zumwalt. The Bruins will play Texas in Arlington on Sept. 13 and get Oregon, Stanford and USC at home during Pac-12 play. " ESPN.com

Well it DIDN'T take Coach Mora and his Bruin staff FIVE OR SIX season to turn around the U.C.L.A. program and what not. hUh

Chit, already in Coach Mora's THIRD-SEASON, his squad is a preseason TOP 25 program candidate. dUh

Yet, y'all CANESPACE/eoth and M-H Cane opinion meister's collectively bellow... give Thee Carpetbagger's FIVE or SIX seasons to bring the Hurricanes back and what not. GTFOH

Because I-F Miami doesn't win at least NINE or TEN regular season games in 2011. Then the Orange nd' Green ROOSTER will have come home to roost. hUh

Lamar Miller projected first round pick.
Drafted in the fourth round.

Tommy Streeter projected second round pick.
Drafted in the sixth round

Brandon Washington projected second round pick.
Drafted in the sixth round

Olivier Vernon projected third round pick.
Drafted in the third round

Marcus Forston projected fourth round pick.

Consistently, the projections are more oftern a "best case scenario". So that means it would be a miracle for either to be drafter higher than that. And with rookie contracts being four years long, it would take that long for an underpaid player to get his bigger check.


"The median deal in the fifth round should be worth $2,348,800 over four years with a $188,880 signing bonus. In the sixth round, the median should be a four-year, $2,263,968 deal with a $103,968 signing bonus. The median should be a four-year, $2,209,628 contract with a $49,628 signing bonus for the seventh round."\

Compare that with the 5 million dollar deals that second rounders get, and the up to 20 million dollar deals that first rounders get, and it sure looks like draft position makes a big difference. If they want to improve their paycheck, they need to consider strongly that a senior year will help them in their stats, their physical skills, their signature plays, and their maturity overall, all of which will help them and their agent get them a better initial deal with the NFL.

D, thanks for that article, even without the link. It showed that UNC's OC was also hired off of his team. So both Duke and UNC will have new OCs next year, that is a factor in favor of the Canes for their games next year.

FWIW... Bruin's head coach Mora took over a football program which went 4-8 and 6-8 the PREVIOUS FOUR SEASONS! Go bloody figure's.

And in stark contrast, Goldie nd' Marky Mark INHERIT a SOLID TOP 25 team defense ( No. 22 ) and proceed to DISMANTLE said Cane defense in 2011!!

Of course, that list is not only premature, but obviously flawed, in that it has a 4-8 team at number 25 just based on name value. But hey, nobody ever claimed that ESPN wasn't attached at the hip to the SEC.

BTW, HTC, The choking reference was due to them losing an 18 point lead. That was the worst choke in BCS history.

Perryman / Chick:

I wish you the best in your decisions. I recommend, however, get your degrees from the "U" before leaving for the NFL. I raised five children and so far, three of five rec'd their college degrees from excellent universities and as a parent, I could not be more proud of them for accomplishing what they started. As a "U" under graduate, the "U" of Miami degree and its influence has been worth its weight in gold; from getting into a selective law school, being selected for the JAG Program (retired now), and ultimately being employed where I travel around the world as an expert contracts lawyer for DoD, getting your "U" degree will serve you well. My advice (if asked), take out a policy ($10M), finish up with college, and then take your shot at the NFL. Don't stay for AG, but stay because it will be worth it in the "long" run. Too many young people only consider short term goals, be an exception and think long term and this decision will be an easy one to make. Best wishes.

Robinson, Porter, Denzel, Linder, Henderson, Hurns, Morris, and Chic will make NFL rosters. Robinson and Porter were effectively engaging and dominating at the point of contact...just need to learn how to disengage (i.e., Allen Bailey learn with the KC Chiefs). Denzel will become a good LB (i.e., Jon Beason). Henderson and Linder have the size and experience. Hurns will be an excellent third down or slot receiver at the next level. Morris will make the practice squad to learn how to throw and read coverages in the NFL. For example, HS and College, the QB throw to an open receiver...but at the highest level...the ball creates an open receiver (throw to a spot based on pre-snap read).

I am just surprise that Golden and DC have not used extra ships to find two nasty inside JC Lbs.

How high U are picked and how well U perform are both important factors.

If u perform, you'll start immediately in the NFL--they don't play around. Thats why late round Hurricane draft picks usually hit the field early. Look at Sam Shields and many others.

Ultimately your skill and ability will dictate your worth at the next level.

Also, like D said, they have both peaked--thats not debatable. What can they learn or add to their abilities by staying in this scheme and the strength &conditioning program that ha slowed both of them down considerably?

Aside from that great degree that is priceless (they can use their connections in enrollment and their pay checks to finish their degrees in the offseason), why come back to D'No?

FWIW... Carolina Blue is a preseason tout in THREE college football internet sites. Go figures'.

Yet, the Hurricanes are mysteriously IN COGNITO regarding Thee preseason college football polls. Yeah, yeah the college pigskin media-nexus HACKS have deep-seated hate toward the Canes and what not. So what.

up dated lists...lol


WR 1 Allen Hurns - gone
LT 74 Ereck Flowers - will leave team
LG 70 Jon Feliciano
C 62 S. McDermott
RG 65 Brandon Linder - gone
RT 77 S. Henderson - gone
TE 46 Clive Walford
TE 82 A. Cleveland - gone
QB 17 Stephen Morris - gone
RB 25 D. Crawford
WR 3A Stacy Coley

DE 71 A. Chickillo - very possible
DT 96 Curtis Porter - gone
DT 91 Olsen Pierre
DE 51 Shayon Green - gone
OLB 34 T. Armbrister
MLB 59 Jimmy Gaines - gone
OLB 52 D. Perryman - gone
CB 3 Tracy Howard - will leave team
S 2 Deon Bush
S 26 R. Jenkins
CB 37 Ladarius Gunter

2012 before morris took over he threw for 3345 yards and 21 TD's....this year before williams takes over he threw 369 yards and 3 TD's.....he is nowhere ready...

golden had ZERO confidence in williams....

2014: 6-6 at best

Take the money!

Hope both of these guys stay at UM and finish what they started.

A strong senior year will be financially advantageous for both.

Stay with the U!

Denzel should say: "lets keep things in their proper place, I'm going pro, I got can handles my daughter's needs but can y'all (his parents) pay for summer school? I mean I did pay the last 3 years didn't I?"

2014: 6-6 at best

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 07, 2014 at 03:30 PM

Au contraire jimbo!

Because I have to rain down some positive vibes, and what not, on the Hurricane PLAYERS. hUh

So it's possibly... 7-5 in a worst case scenario. Or, a 8-4 regular season record in 2014. dUh

FWIW... my projections are based on D'Onofrio and what not. Nothing more, nothing less.

Comparison of the U and UCLA not relevant since Miami was under a major NCAA investigation with whispers of the death penalty floating around. What "Goldie nd' Marky Mark INHERITED" was a train wreck with no fan base and a team playing in a half empty stadium.

If he can continue to recruit talent and win games maybe and just maybe SFL fans will support this team by buying a ticket rather than watching the games on TV and blogging about how this coaching staff and perhaps the next one should be run out of town because they can't measure up to the fair weather fan expectations of adding to the 5 NC's!!

Give this guys some time. Only a year ago this program was a total mess and those who can't see that are in total denial blinded by the success in the 80's/90's or are totally delusional. Now buy a ticket and get out and support this team!

So, your 6-6 projection is based on four phantom leavings that only YOU seem to know about, a starter that was not a starter in Cleveland (how big of a loss is that again?), and a lie about our quarterbacks.

Williams has only thrown for 369 yards and 3 TDs?
His bio CLEARLY states he has thrown for 2581 yards and 17 TDs with a 60% completion percentage and a 155 QB rating. That was on 202 for 342 passing.


Before Morris took over in 2012 (as you phrase it) Morris had ONLY 1523 yards and 7 TDs, 108 for 190 for 57% and a 124 QB rating thanks to his 11 interceptions.


We know you never tire of being wrong on here, but at LEAST provide a link next time.

didn't all the goldie supporters blame chickillo for being a lousy def. lineman?

What in the world is the NFL thinking?
don't they know goldie does not think any cane player is where they need to be yet?

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