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Hurricanes Denzel Perryman and Anthony Chickillo are mulling NFL -- both received projected status

I just spoke to Denzel Perryman's father and he told me Denzel, who is still in Rhode Island with his girlfriend (and her parents) and their baby daughter, received a third-round draft grade from the NFL Advisory Board.

Denzel, a rising senior, is contemplating his decision.

Also, rising senior Anthony Chickillo, who has played defensive end and defensive tackle this season, has received a fourth-fifth round projection from the NFL Advisory Board, according to someone familiar with his situation.

Anthony also is contemplating his decision.

Denzel, listed as 6-0 and 240 pounds, started all 13 games at outside linebacker this season, leading the Hurricanes with 108 tackles, including five for losses and 1 1/2 sacks. He had one forced fumble.

Anthony, listed as 6-4 and 277 pounds, started all 13 games and finished the season with 46 tackles and 7.5 for losses. He had 3.5 sacks and seven quarterback hurries.

Denzel's dad would rather he stay in school and get his degree and play his final season, but he said he wants it to be totally Denzel's decision and that he will respect anything he chooses.  It's not a matter of Denzel's daughter not being provided for, because both of Denzel's parents have good jobs. I don't know his girlfriend's family. But I think everything points to a good, stable situation.

Both players will talk it over with their families, regardless.

Underclassmen must make their intentions known to the NFL by the Jan. 15 deadline.

If Perryman or Chickillo declare for the draft early, they would be the first underclassmen to do so since five did it after the 2011 season. Those were OL Brandon Washington, DL Marcus Forston, WR Tommy Streeter, DE Olivier Vernon and RB Lamar Miller.

Miller and Vernon both play for the Miami Dolphins. Streeter is now on the practice squad for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Washington played in one game for the St. Louis Rams this season. Marcus Forston is not on an NFL roster.




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Golden is in his 8th year as a HC with a record of 49-49 and a bowl record of 0-2

Fisher is in his 4th year as a HC with a record of 45-10 and a bowl record of 4-0

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 07, 2014 at 02:32 PM

Even though Al has coached longer, the reason why I don't think you can compare the 2 is because Jimbo was already on Free Shoes staff, so it isn't like he had to build relationships as where Al had some cats go to other schools while having to build relationship w/in the state...

Watch Joey Bosa's development at OSU, compared to Chickillo's at UM

I don't see any of the two going anywhere before the 5th rd. These two HS studs have not developed into NFL type players because this staff is incapable of doing so. Two perfect examples of how Goldy & D'no destroy players instead of developing them.

Thats none of anyone's business including the reporters. They shouldn't have asked, inquired about, or even printed (if the info was voluntarily given) the stuff about what his parents do for a living. Thats highly intrusive and irrelevant to a man who may want to provide for his family...himself. DZP aint banking on the efforts of others, he brought that kid into the world and she is his responsibility.

He doesn't have the right to count his parent's money and so the reporter DEFINITELY doesn't.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 07, 2014 at 02:40 PM

I couldn't agree more that his daughter is 100% his responsibility and not his parents. No high school kid, college kid, or any other young adult should ever think that it's their parents responsibility to raise their grand kids.

Too many young people are pawning off their kids on their parents so they can still do kid things like going out drinking with friends, or going to the clubs every weekend when they should be owning up and accepting their responsibility because that's exactly what your child is... YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. It's not your parents responsibility since they raised their kid(s). It's not the government's responsibility to feed YOUR kids because they didn't make you bring a child into this world. If you're grown up enough to have unprotected sex then you're grown up enough to be a father.

That being said, if Denzel and his girlfriend can afford it, finishing his degree and increasing his Draft stock is probably the best thing he can do for his young family but that decision has to be and should be completely up to HIM.

Poor ole Tubby getting her panties in a bunch. Are you saying I don't have the intellectual capability to improve on the spot-on overview that 'Worst Fans Ever' offered concerning you? You may be right! As it is impossible to improve upon perfection.



Tubman do your arms and/or brain hurt reaching so hard to make these dumb connections and half-cocked conspiracies? Al Golden isn't some evil genius. He's a football coach and I'm nearly 99% sure he doesn't have the time or energy to create this shadowy image you constantly paint. Next time you have one of these amazing thoughts, write it down on a piece of paper, crumple up that paper, and shove it directly up your rectum. Your ideas are more useful there.

Posted by: Worst Fans Ever | January 05, 2014 at 07:03 PM

Why is the word 'rising' frequently used by Susan in these posts and articles? It seems meaningless.

This year with healthy DUKE Johnson I expect at least 10 Wins, the sccedule is tougher than last year though.

Go Canes !

Posted by: Worst Fans Ever | January 05, 2014 at 07:03 PM

Posted by: Ron Zook | January 07, 2014 at 04:53 PM

When it comes to why we are here (to talk UM sports) I own U and him every single day. Improve upon that fact.

Miami Mike, so Golden would do a "better" job if he got paid more? I don't make 2 million and the best is expected of me.

These guys are clueless to even ask for grades. Stay in School and get your degrees. A big NFL future is not on the horizon for either. They're not in the class of Canes of lore who have gone on to big things in the NFL.

Re: UNC and Duke games.

Was aware of Duke's OC, had overlooked UNC's OC. Good points. Put em Both up for grabs.

I think our Qb situation, even if it is RW isn't too bad.

The loss of Linder sucks, SH-bust- Flowers returning...it's just depth and injuries as the season goes on that concerns me there.

Skill positions, no problemo.

DLine - bigger question mark than ever.

Lbs - assume we lose DZP, about the same as this year, no better, maybe a little worse, unless a Frosh just blows up a la DZP or Spence..

Dbs - bye Aj, I think we're looking pretty good there, actually.

Any word on Punter? That's a Huuuge loss for us.

Al has tried to help chick by adding almost forty pounds but he still cannot set the edge or get to the qb perryman is a tackling machine but so was spence, but Denzel has 25 pounds on Sean, remember the league minimum is almost 350k try and land that job out of school it is a double edge sword look at how many first round guys do not make their second contract, hundreds tough call


The truth of the matter is both of these young men would be well advised to come back for another year. Neither are NFL ready yet.

I hope the Canes are still interviewing Butch, Petrino, Chudz or whomever, behind the scenes, as if PSU presents the right package to Golden, he more than likely leaves, WHICH WOULD BE GREAT! Golden tried to spin he was not a candidate, as the job hadn't yet been offered(only that he interviewed, which he didn't even admit to that in Joe Rose's QAM interview). However, once the PSU job is actually offered, hopefully he takes it and we are DONE WITH THE GOLDEN ERA!

Both players should take the chance to go pro, next year the program will be at a low point on defense due to coachs, DC still their and Golden still filling media with BS, go out on a positive more money.

Miami has two games non conference they should win, however the rest of schedule is made for several 500 yard games, but dont worry we can fix it or we wont bring any young players in to play smash mouth football like it should be. Dofornio and Golden will say we are improving at 6-6, make up south florida Golden has fooled all of you, he cant coach at this level with the support he has on his Temmple defense team. ACC will eat us alive next year look at schedule.

Al Golden went on the Joe Rose Show today on WQAM in Miami, and after giving a completely implausible version of events of what transpired the last few days with Penn State, shifted to a discussion of the play on the field.

He immediately went into a full throated defense of his defense, citing progress and laundry listing statistics. There is a problem with the approach that Golden took, however. This improvement does not take into account the difference in quality of opponents from 1 year to the next. Golden listed out specific, cherry picked statistics where the defense marginally improved, but this ignores the fact that the 2012 Miami Hurricanes played 2 top teams out of conference (Notre Dame and Kansas State), while the 2013 Miami Hurricanes played one of the softest schedules in program history.

For a fair and complete analysis, it is important to compare like to like. In his interview, Golden also brought up the 2011 team, pointing out how good it was by once again cherry picking metrics. But what about a complete analysis of Golden’s defense and the one that preceded his arrival under head coach Randy Shannon, comparing games in the conference so you are comparing apples to apples? Oh, we have you covered.

The statistics are from games against conference opponents only in each year. So it removes the good from the defense against Savannah State, etc… but it also removes the beatdowns from Notre Dame and Kansas State last year.

Essentially, this is about as fair a look, removing statistical noise and talent discrepancies, that you can take at a defense’s performance. And the results?

Conference Rankings

Total yards per game allowed

Dead last by 50 yards this year.
Next to last in 2012.
8th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Total yards per play allowed

13th this year.
11th (of 12) last year.
10th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Number of plays

Dead last this year.
Dead last last year.
5th in 2011.
4th in 2010.

Scoring defense in conference play

12th this year.
9th last year.
4th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Analysis: So the one year they slow down the game, the scoring defense looks good. But in reality, the Canes were still getting gashed at a ridiculous level. Since Al Golden arrived on campus, and right when he arrived on campus, the overall quality of the defense plummeted. Moving from one of the top in the ACC to the bottom.

Sacks in conference play

Tied for last this year.
11th last year.
8th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Analysis: Golden said they improved on sacks this year. This is only because they ran up numbers against the dregs like Savannah State. Once in conference play, they were tied for worst in the ACC.

Tackles for loss in conference play

Last this year.
11th last year.
7th in 2011.
1st in 2010.

Analysis: Basically, Miami doesn’t make plays behind the line of scrimmage against vaunted ACC O-Lines and Offenses. In 2010, the year prior to Golden’s arrival, they were the best in the conference at this.

Opponent 3rd down conversion % in conference

Last this year.
10th last year.
8th in 2011.
2nd in 2010.

Opponent 3rd down conversions in conference

13th this year.
8th last year.
4th in 2011.
4th in 2010.

Opponent 4th down conversion % in conference

Last (83% ALLOWED!).
5th last year.
5th in 2011.
1st in 2010.

Opponent 4th down conversions in conference

Tied for last this year.
Tied for 4th last year.
T-6 in 2011.
1st in 2010

Analysis: The team doesn’t get off the field on 3rd down. They don’t get off the field on 4th down. Again, in 2011 when they slowed down the game, the number of conversions went down, but they still converted them at a ridiculous rate.

Opponent redzone touchdown conversion % in conference

4th this year.
8th last year.
1st in 2011.
2nd in 2010.

Opponent redzone touchdown conversions

9th this year.
12th last year.
1st in 2011.
2nd in 2010.

Analysis: The good thing about the defense is that when the opponent gets to the redzone, they actually do a good job of keeping the opponent from scoring touchdowns. The bad news is that they let them in there more times than anyone in the conference, so they get scored on one way or another.

Opponent plays of greater than 10 yards in conference

last this year.
last last year.
10th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Opponent plays of greater than 20 yards in conference

11th this year.
9th last year.
1st in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Analysis: This is pretty remarkable. Not only is the defense not making plays behind the line of scrimmage, but other teams are converting big plays.

Turnovers forced conference play

tied for 6th this year.
tied for 2nd last year.
10th in 2011.
2nd in 2010.

Analysis: The Canes did a good job of forcing turnovers the last 2 years. Interestingly enough, even in this positive metric, it actually trended down this year.


The defensive “progress” and “upward trend” in performance Al Golden referenced in his Joe Rose Show interview are COMPLETELY attributable to the out of conference opponents being weaker. The defense has yet to improve in three years, and there is no statistical justification for continuing under the same defensive staff and/or scheme.

That, Canes Fans, is the defense that your head coach just said was improving and trending in the right direction.

Denzel and Chikillo will get drafted way lower thanthese projections.DP is undersized. He needs another year to up his value. He did well this year but the UM defense was still a sieve. pass coverage on short passing routes ( a linebackers responsibility) was our major weakness. Tom Brady, Drew Brees or manning would eat that up like a steak and potatoes. Chikillo needs another yr to figure himself out. Either be an inside guy or a D End. Big difference. He was NONEXISTENT in big games and in our losses.

DC's look ga-reat! when they are coaching first rounders, huh?

"Also, rising senior Anthony Chickillo, who has played defensive end and defensive tackle this season, has received a fourth-fifth round projection from the NFL Advisory Board, according to someone familiar with his situation."

Chickillo is not ready for pro ball. His motor has and is not tuned for the
competition for the NFL He needs to change his attitude and approach to both practice and game time-potential yes but something is missing. Perryman is to small at 6' and @ 240 lbs (really closer to 250) is not capable of running down pro RB due to lack of lateral movement and speed. I would hope that both of these players listen to their families and realize that their projected draft is probably both in 6-7 range and both would be fortunate to be on the practice squads. ? can another year as a UM player change any of this-big, big ? and no easy answer.

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