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Perryman's return big boost for Canes defense

Al Golden and Mark D'Onofrio got some much needed good news Friday.

Leading tackler Denzel Perryman is coming back for his senior season.

A family member of Perryman's told me a big reason he wanted to stay at UM was to get his degree. "It's important to his family and Cassie [his girlfriend]," the person said.

“I decided to stay because it is the best decision for me and my family,” Perryman said in a statement released by UM. “Ever since Coach Golden got here, I feel like this program is moving forward and will continue to rise under his direction.

“This coaching staff is dedicated to player development and getting us better. I’ve grown as a player and person each year thanks to them."

Perryman started all 13 games at outside linebacker for the Hurricanes in 2013, leading the team with 108 total tackles and 69 solo stops. He posted six games with 10+ tackles en route to first-team All-ACC honors from ACSMA and the league’s 14 head coaches. He also garnered All-America honorable mention from SI.com.

“Before this season, we hadn’t had a 9-win season in a long time,” Perryman said. “For those of us in my class who had never been to a bowl game because of the sanctions, it was a great feeling and I want to be a part of the next step forward.”

To take the next step forward Perryman is going to need a lot of younger players around him to develop. Miami is losing second-leading tackler and starting middle linebacker Jimmy Gaines to graduation and has received inconsistent play from the rest of its linebackers.

Junior Thurston Armbrister (6 starts, 33 tackles, 2 sacks), sophomore Raphael Kirby (13 games, 10 tackles, 1 sack), sophomore Tyriq McCord (13 games, 13 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 INTs), freshman Alex Figueroa (2 starts, 17 tackles, 1 sack), freshman Jermaine Grace (11 games, 8 tackles) sophomore JaWand Blue (2 games, 1 tackle) are who is returning alongside Perryman in terms of experience at linebacker. 

UM also brought in incoming freshman Juwon Young (Albany, Ga.) at linebacker on Thursday.


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Whatta fraud ROTF!!

Easy, he's at Hinds community.

Where's the proof in print that over 100 schools weighed in on him?

Come on fact man...U can do it!

Here's some facts, Mr. Facts

Golden vs Shannon

AG has 1 more win in 3 years
AG earns more than a million more
AG lost to Duke, RS never did
AG has never beaten FSU, RS did
AG has never beaten a good (10+ win) team, RS has (twice)
AG has the worse defense in the ACC, RS had top 3 consistently
AG played the easiest schedule in Miami history in 2013 (Miami finished with 9-4 record)
RS played the most difficult schedule in 2009 (Miami finished with 9-4 record)

What was the point of another mediocre hire?

Here's the only relevant fact.

Golden is the current UM coach.

Shannon isn't.

Move on.


Regarding LBs, I liked Eddie Johnson and how hard he played. Not sure what the issues were. Sorry they could not be worked out. And with Scott as well. He could have a great senior year.

And I like Figueroa and was sorry to see him hurt. A big oooh and ahhh hitter.

Agree with Beed, we have what we have for 2014. So let's give a balanced commentary on the coaches and the UM program. There are some good things and some that do not excite many fans, including this one.

Feels better to be balanced and hopeful, though, given the issues fairly discussed here, it ain't always easy.

But, Go Canes-Golden-UM and, yes, DNO in 2014!

To solve this Golden vs Shannon thing. Shannon which I liked about as mcuh as Golden, and that's so so. Shannon had free reign and opporunity to go at the players he wanted, Golden did not, but does now. So to compare wins loses and who did what was not on a level field, but it's now starting to level out. Would be very even after year two of no NCCAA and negative recruiting cloud. Then we can compare numbers. To due so during a damning time is not legit and almost bias. Shannon, however not given what golden is no getting is an understandable argument, but most important Shannon could recruit without the B.S. and his offensive coodinators sucked to hell and back, Nix and Whipple. Those were championship set backs for Shannon alone. But no one mentions them when mentioning Shannon, howver Golden and D'o go hand and hand. Fly the plane straight is all I'm saying.

FSU Defense was ok but nothing like this year. They lost games they should have won like us. What I'm saying is that Jimbo Fisher been at FSU for more than ten years and has been head coach I think for 4 or 5 and it takes time to align the moon with the stars. We have went through 3 coach in just about ten years and a big mess of an investigation. No matters who's in as coach nothings gonna change overnight. Fire golden and crew it just gonna push progress back just that much further.


49-49 lifetime
0-9 vs ranked teams
0-2 in bowl games
NEVER beat a team with winning record in MAC..
Worst defense in ACC (Yes people, behind Duke, WF, BC, Syracuse, Pitt and UVA)

You will be surprised how many people ignore these FACTS!!

Play, when you get tired of butting your head against the wall, just recognize the team is set for 2014, and ur head will feel better.

Any body have news of D.T travonte Valentine go to play at the U.

Our defense will be the same as last year with current coachs, just poor coaching on defense now we are running off new recurits, program is in a nose dive with Golden not knowing what side is up, all other programs have made changes for poor progress and performance yet we keep the SOS around to draw a check, dofornio hasnt earned a dime cant coach cant recurit cant lead, whats his purpose get coffee for Golden??????


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