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Sapp takes aim at D'Onofrio, Golden, Canes defense

Everybody seems to have an opinion when it comes to Miami's defensive woes.

Wednesday, former Hurricane and Hall of Fame defensive lineman Warren Sapp made a guest appearance on WQAM's afternoon show with Adam Kuperstein and Channing Crowder and took his turn ripping Miami's defense.

“Don’t talk to me about Al Golden and whatever that D Coordinator’s name is,” Sapp said.

“Don’t ever hire someone that you can’t fire. That’s the golden rule. The D Coordinator is killing my school. That looks like no Miami defense in the history of our school.”

Former Canes cornerback Phillip Buchanan then chimed in too on Twitter.

Golden has defended D'Onofrio at every turn with Miami's defense and the last time he spoke with reporters in his end of the season wrap-up he did so again.

Here's a link to the Sapp audio on WQAM.


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Cane4ever..your right Coley and even Kehoe with a huge o-line should have done more

I totally agree with Sapp; you cannot hire someone you will not fire. It's been three years of BAD D all around and to give up 500 yards to Duke, it's sad. We have the players; not the scheme or coaches in place to win on that side of the ball. Fire the D Coord and move on; maybe he could be added to the Temple staff and someday get the HC job at Temple. When our former greats start speaking down on our Coach, it's time to take it into consideration. As much as RS' former teammates loved him as a player and coach, he was criticized by former players and ultimately got the boot. AG get off the pot and fire this D Coord today. Many of our best recruits are starting to notice this issue and have made comments about what AG is talking about without any actions to back it up. Talk doesn't win games - players and coaching do.

I would rather hear what Ray Lewis has to say about the program. Sapp is taking shots at everyone and when you say you bleed Orange and Green, you constructively criticize, not rip your college squad. Sapp is a legend on the field, but in terms of his comments lay back Warren. Support through effective communica...not ripping in public!!

I was at the Bowl game. Watched Big Al all night. Detached, mostly un-involved. I think he was thinking about his upcoming date with Penn State. What a debacle. Lost what little faith I had left.

I agree with Cane89...Manny take it easy. Rule one of journalism...never sh*t where you eat!!!

Sapp is right on target with current DC and Goldens tatics to save his job, however the real problem is Blake and Donna are letting happen wasting another year, its ashame cause there are many qualitified people who can do better than current defense coach. Manny needs to put the point on the problem as a reporter, Canes defense staff stinks and Golden is over his head, except in BS department. Many more 500 yard games in coming year against quality teams not the patsies.

maybe instead of posting news from another media outlet you should actually give us the score of the late UM basketball game. your paper is a joke

Can i buy seasons tickets to only watch the offense?

That's what um is basically telling anyone planning on attending games.


I bet Golden had his house all packed up and ready to go.

Golden can never talk that stand with U crap again.

Sapp was a great player but he is a mouth, just listen to the crap he's spouting out wrt Strahan. But him coming out about Golden and D'Onofrio no doubt hurts recruiting and he's doing a dis-service to the U. He should have a frank private conversation with the powers that be if he really feels that way about the coaching staff.

Now, all of a sudden you want to listen to what Warren Sapp has to say. Why am I not surprised. We all agree that D'Onofrio is horrible, but what a way to kill YOUR team's recruiting just before NSD.

We put up with Sapp's antics here in Tampa for too long. The guy is hated here, despite being a Hall of Famer.

Great job Warren, still supporting the U, I see. Go fail another drug test.

Championships begin with talent and end with coaching. We do not have the playmakers across the roster we need - especially not on defense - namely the front seven. I think the positiion-by-position breakdown The Herald published right before the Seminoles game was the tell-all: they have better talent across the board and it clearly showed.

Also, we don't have a good 2-deep roster. No depth and you fizzle down the back stretch of the season due to injury and fatigue.

And we need a punishing, ground-and-pound offense that can control the clock and keep the defense off the field. As Cane4ever stated, a quick strike passing attack is fun to watch but it does not behoove a young, weak defense. I'd like to see us play more smash-mouth football. We need good 3-RB system that can wear down opposing defenses.

Now D'Onofrio and his crew are not without blame. BUT - if you think he alone and his schemes are the issue, then you don't know football.

We do not have the playmakers across the roster we need - especially not on defense - namely the front seven.

Posted by: NJCane | January 30, 2014 at 11:27 AM

The reason the previous coach was fired was due to him not getting the talent to win. Now with Al Golden he is not questioned for not winning more. While possessing much more talent. That fact is avoided constantly. But it is still a fact of Al Golden's failure on the football field.

Every single day provides these turncoat Gator Tebow esque man over program lovers another stage and opportunity to expose themselves.

The day before yesterday it was "Valentine can be the next Sapp" and today its Sapp sucks and can't be trusted. All to save the face of Golden and his Holy Binder.

Can AG take UM to the Mountain top. Doubtful. Gets a pass thanks to Shapiro. 9-10 win seasons will only carry him so far. In the end, he is going to have to walk the talk, and right now he is walking on hot coals. So for now, cross your fingers.

If it was anyone other than Sapp (what a fitting last name) I would tend to agree. Hey Wsrren have you old Canes teammates forgiven you for "selling them out" by missing your last game @ The U for failing your drug test...

Too funny cane clowns. Bunch of Golden Slurpers are now mad at Sapp for speaking his mind. News flash idiots Valentine has heard this before and that is why he is going to LSU, the fact that Onofrio and Golden suck is a fact not a secret.
Some other idiot is mad at Manny for writing about this, as is if you don't talk about it, it will go away. You guys are truly desperate, delusional and just plain dumb.
Then the next idiot says that instead of reporting what Sapp said, Manny should just give you the score of the basketball game. So that everyone else can read what Sapp said but the local cane clowns should remain ignorant and un informed. This just keeps getting better. FYI the basketball team lost again.
You clowns are just too funny and pathetic.

Looks like Mr."My School" just killed the last chance we had in signing Valentine. Mr. Sapp, you're killing my school for being 'galactically stupid' saying that on the radio right before signing day. I think us canes fans need to revoke your cane card!

Stop with the foolish comments. D'Nofrio is fish guts in the hot South Florida summertime sun bad! His presence demonstrates this administration's and Boosters lack of seriousness about doing the things to make this institution a championship contender again. FYI, Coley is an amateur OC too! Before you put you compose another stupid response. He had "NEVER" coordinated an offense on game day! Too many unqualified coordinators gets you what we're getting! A really raggedy looking team, especially when we play quality opponents and average competition.

DT Valentine will not be visiting the U this weekend, he just said he is LSU bound.... GREAT JOB ANOTHER DT GONE.....

I think Golden actually believed that UM alum and fans would just sit back and smile while we get our a##es kicked by every good team we play, just because he stuck around through "the clould". By the way, how many times have you heard Golden mention "the cloud" since we got our sanctions? It's like this clown was trying to keep the investigation going he mentioned it so much. Golden knew when the NCAA investigation was over there would be no place to hide. Time to win(not just against scrubs) Alshermond or kick rocks.

The same morons on here that are trying to run off Al Golden are the same morons who tried to run off Butch Davis in the late 90's. I was there at UM at that time and heard the same complaints about Butch. Even the year we won the Sugar Bowl (2000), they were screaming for his head after the UW loss.

Tampa Cane tell me what an offensive coordinator does while the head coach calls the plays, hopefully he's learning some kind of stratgey from the guy calling the plays. Obvious he's not not because FSU knew exactly what he was doing before he did it and he did not adjust. So many cry that the defense will not make adjustments, same thing. You want people to believe that this guy didn't call any plays at FSU, then your one of the stupid persons I'm referring to. There is not one offensive coordinator in the business that had access to a potent deep threat and dazzling running back that wouldn't have a defense on its heels. Honestly it was really simple for Coley, get SM17 out of the shotgun, everyone knows he's not running with the ball. With a bum ankle made it worse and teams T'd off on us, sending the house. Play action from under the center was Miami's key this year and he ran from it to through deep, in fact everything was deep, outs, in's, hitches and digs. Walford just infront of LB's was all day, then hit'em behind the LB's. His paly calling was just as weak as D'o's. Coley has been in the business long enough to break down film and use his plays against a defense, no PASS for him either. No fighter can win without both offense and defense. I've played this game for manny years on both sides of the ball. I can tell you an unproductive offensive makes for a weary defensive week in week out. When we were 7-0 the defense was hitting on all cylinders, especially the UF game and that one suck a lot of juice from our personal thanks to a defensive stand for a lacking offense, that game should have been well out of hand. First lost offense can't produce, schedule picking up, defense wore out, injuries taking a toll and lack of defensive depth is really showing. But like I said I don't like the defense we played no more than the next cane fan, but u can't soley lay the blame there. Hell special teams even cost us a game or two.


Right or wrong, I don't know but 1 thing I DO know. For Sapp to say this and do this right before signing day shows a lack of respect for Miami and to the Cane football team..

Great player but he does not care about the U like Edge james...a true Hurricane

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