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UM's early enrollee list expands to nine; which ones will help Canes immediately?

The Miami Hurricanes welcomed three more early signees to their 2014 signing class on Wednesday bringing their total to nine.

The three new players signed, sealed and on campus for spring semester are Miami Northwestern cornerback Ryan Mayes, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Community College defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou and outside linebacker Darrion Owens of Orange Park's Oakleaf High.

They join the previous group of six already at UM: Miami Central All-American running back Joseph Yearby and offensive lineman Trevor Darling, Palm Beach Central All-American offensive tackle Kc McDermott, Winter Park All-American defensive end Trent Harris, All-American receiver Braxton Berrios of Raleigh, N.C. and outside linebacker Juwon Young of Albany, Ga.

Yearby and Berrios are injured and not expected to participate in spring football. Defensive tackle Michael Wyche, a JUCO standout at East Los Angeles College, signed with UM but hasn't received the necessary clearence from the ACC to start in the spring and is likely to enroll in May.

So who can likely help UM right away from this group? Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services gave me his opinion on the eight players he's seen play in person (he never saw Heurtelou play).

- On RB Joseph Yearby (5-9, 180): “I definitely think he’s going to be a kid that comes in and plays right away. He’ll be the second-best running back on the team behind Duke. He’ll give you the same things Duke does. He’s not going to get hit hard. I think he’s going to be very good at the next level, runs with good pad level. Even if he doesn’t play in the spring, he’ll be able to give them something this year.”

- On OT Kc McDermott (6-6, 301): “Kc is a kid is I really think is going to be fighting for one of the tackle spots from Day 1. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he starts every game in his career at Miami. He’s an NFL kid, an instant impact player. He’s definitely further ahead than Ereck Flowers was as a freshman and he played and started right away. Kc is very polished, smart and is going to be a quick learner. What he’s going to be is what everybody hoped and expected out of Seantrel Henderson.”

- OT Trevor Darling (6-5, 330): “He’s a kid who was a four-year starter on a national championship caliber team that won three state titles. He was blocking as a freshman for Devante Freeman (now at FSU) and then the last three for Yearby and [Dalvin] Cook. He’s a big strong, physical kid. I think he can play guard or tackle. I would like to see him redshirt this year. But I think in a pinch he could be used at right tackle or guard if needed. He has a lot of logged minutes playing at a high level. All those snaps can only help you out. There’s just a lot of football this kid has played. He’s probably one of those guys if you had to throw him in there he could at least hold his own. He has NFL-type potential. Once he’s in a college weight room you don’t know how much stronger he’s going to get.”

- DE Trent Harris (6-2, 231): “He’s a kid that comes in at a position Miami need badly. I think he’s very similar to Al-Quadin Muhammad, Tyriq McCord as freshmen, a guy who can come in on third down and help. The fact he’ll be able to come in early will help him. He can get his feet wet. I think if they need him he could come in on third and 12 and get a sack. He’s not an everyday player right now. But he’ll get the benefit of what probably will be a redshirt year. If not, he should be able to play on special teams right away and in another year or two could be a very special player."

- OLB Darrion Owens (6-3 1/2, 216): “The first time I saw him was at Ed White High School as a sophomore safety. He’s probably more of a linebacker now. He’s going to give Miami something it hasn’t had and that is the potential to be a 235-pound guy who can run, play strongside linebacker, drop back into coverage, cover a tight end and help this defense. He has a lot of upside, probably one of the more underrated guys in their class and more potential than most of the guys they have. He kind of reminds me of Rocky McIntosh, a guy who played multiple positions for Miami. Rocky had the frame. This isn't a 6-1, 190 pound linebacker you hope to add weight to. Owens may be closer to 6-3, 6-4, with a long body built for the ability to put on more weight. You have that same thing with AQM and McCord, an Alex Figueroa, who is going to be a 240-pound kid at Miami."

- WR Braxton Berrios (5-9, 181): “He’s one of those kids I’ve only seen in 7-on-7 settings and film. But I can tell you he sees the ball well, catches the ball very well, runs good routes and is very competitive. On 3rd and 8, when you need that one receiver to keep the chains moving, he’s that kid. He can take a hitch route and take it the distance, too. Look at the kid Ryan Switzer at North Carolina.  I think Berrios is like him, a kid who can be explosive on special teams and in the red zone.”

- OLB Juwon Young (6-2, 235): “Another guy they need as far as a need position at linebacker. They’ve done a good job of finding talented kids from Georgia in the past like Eddie Johnson. It’s just a matter of keeping them in school. Young really provides Miami with more depth than anything else – especially on special teams. Down the road, I think he’ll be a pretty good player, a potential starter by his second or third year. He’ll be in the rotation then.”

- CB Ryan Mayes (6-2, 180): “The one thing he does is he gives Miami a corner with more size. He’s probably similar to Ladarius Gunter. He doesn’t have great top-end speed, but enough to hang with most receivers. He’s going to handle bigger receivers and be physical with them. When you face guys like Kelvin Benjamin at FSU or one of those big Clemson guys you need somebody to matchup with them. He’s definitely a redshirt candidate and somebody who has to get healthy, though. I think that’s a big reason he struggled as senior. He got hurt in the spring and never really recovered. The potential was there when he was a junior at Krop High, though. He’s good in man coverage.”


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Manny - is there a limit on how many early enrollees a school can have?

Q: Manny - is there a limit on how many early enrollees a school can have? Posted by: Sunny Dee | January 29, 2014 at 04:51 PM

A: Our Barry Jackson might have written about this before. But I think you just have to be at no more than 85. In Miami's case they were at 76 at the end of last season. They've since added 9. Not sure how early graduation plays into it all.

Great update Manny - keep 'em coming!

Thanks, Manny. I also wonder how the scholarship reductions play into it as well. I concur with 407Cane - great update!

Does it matter that they enroll early, its not like the U staff is going to make them better.... We have great recruiters that can sale a kid a Duck in the desert, here is a prime example of what Nigel Bethel said, when he flew the coup, HE SAID THE U STAFF IS GETTING A REPUTATION OF DOING A LOT OF TALKING, BUT CAN NOT BACK IT UP ON THR FIELD, he said this on twitter>>> HERE IS THE PRIME EXAMPLE, CHECK OUT JAMES COLEY TWEETS ON TWITTER, RUNNING HIS MOUTH.... TALK TALK TALK.... CHECK THEM OUT

I agree Rick...AL Fold'em is a punk, deceiving SOB and D co-rch is his lover..

HePorks AL, you need help, local mental health can get you some meds to even out your delusional thinking! GET HELP before it's too late and the suicide hotline hangs up on you!
Tell me Stacey Coley didn't improve as the season progressed, same with Gus Edwards, Tracey Howard from last year to this, Artie Burns same thing, Allen Hurns to name a few. Tell them to their face they didn't improve! Herb Waters,Flowers really?

Even Duke showed improvement before he got hurt. Reality Bites lol!

Ignorance reigns!



Thanks Manny for the update. I want to be wrong about D'nofrio and his defense. He has a lot of returning talent coming back Manny. There can't be any more excuses from the defensive side of the ball.James Coley will improve I believe in year two, especially with Duke and Stacey and the other wideouts. I think the Defense will improve just from a talent standpoint. I really want to see the Defense execute period.Too much talent right now Manny on the defensive side of the ball if you go by the star systems.Most are upperclassmen also.

Also the D tackles will be improved. Manny new prediction.I think we win 11 games next year even with ON NO calling the plays on D.The talent will showcase it self.Golden can recruit.

Hey Anonymous.... The U had a cupcake schedule, can U tell me how good they did against the teams that dominated them.... Our D is almost last in every single category in the ACC.....THINK ABOUT THIS IDIOT, CHICKILLO WAS A GREAT PLAYER AS A FRESHMAN, WHERE OH WHERE HAS HE GONE..... Morris was Healthy for the Bowl game, DID IT LOOK LIKE HE IMPROVED ANY..... WAKE UP IDIOT....... THE U SCHEDULE THIS YR WAS ONE OF THE WEAKEST IN PROGRAMS HISTORY........ HOW MANY OF THE SR's are at the top of the list from NFL TEAMS..... LMAO....... HOW MANY

30 yr Cane fan, THE WORST STAFF IN THE HISTORY OF THE PROGRAM..... High School wouldn't even hire NO COACH D

Rick..Chickillo looked great because he played with Marcus Fortson, Vernon, Allen Bailey, etc..who took the pressure off them...Name me an NFL d lineman on the team right now?..the NCAA crap has made Miami lose out on top D-line help in Louis Nix, eddie Goldman, keith Bryant and others...Miami should have won at least 10 but Duke Johnson going down and lack of depth behind him ( Alex Collins RB to ARK) hurt them badly on offense and defense....The great Miami Defenses of the past had a strong running offense on the other side which keeps the defense off the field and fresh...miamis defense was on the field way too long and were exposed....Rick..who are you going to get to replace Golden? Not like Miami can get a big name coach cuz they got no money

Amen to your comment Jessie in VA!!!

True canes fans stop crying - rome wasn't built in a day -stop knock-in the U get behind the team win or lose stay true

the NCAA crap has made Miami lose out on top D-line help in Louis Nix

Posted by: Jessie in VA | January 30, 2014 at 08:15 AM

Louis Nix was recruited by Randy Shannon. Your statement is incorrect. It is not a surprise that now you see that the previous coaches players were better, than the current coaches. But the talent prior to Al Golden was lesser and the results were exactly the same.

Rick..who are you going to get to replace Golden? Not like Miami can get a big name coach cuz they got no money

Posted by: Jessie in VA | January 30, 2014 at 08:15 AM

This coach is not a superior coach, in any way. Al Golden leaving Miami will not be a loss. Nor will it be hard to replace him, at all. There are tons of lesser paid coaches that can do a great deal better than Al Golden.

Jessie .... ASK YOURSELF WHY DONT WE HAVE ANY DT, we have got good recruits on the offense side, oh wait but the NCAA hurt the D.... EXCUSE EXCUSE EXCUSE EXCUSE, why don't Valentine want to commit, BUT THE D IS TRENDING UP....ROFLMFAO
EXCUSE now on 1,144 and counting

I guess the Ncaa, made Nigel Bethel, Valentine, and more not come here this yr

Hey cane-up. Rome wasn't built overnight but the past miami teams built it to a national dominant team. They crushed teams year in year out. Why do you think past players are starting to make noise about the current coaching staff.

Rick you are an IDIOT,IDIOT,IDIOT. Go Canes

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