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U.S. Army All-American Travonte Valentine, coach want sit down with Golden

U.S. Army All-American defensive tackle Travonte Valentine dropped his commitment to the University of Miami last week when talk of coach Al Golden possibly heading to Penn State began to reach a fever pitch.

Tuesday, his high school coach Mike Tunsil said Valentine could end up rejoining Miami's class now that Golden has announced he's staying put. But the 6-3, 338-pound standout and his coach at Hialeah Champagnat want to have a sit down conversation with Golden to "make sure everyone is on the same page."

"Travonte just wants security," said Tunsil, who said he's handling all interviews for Valentine until he makes his final announcement on National Signing Day. "He's been saying UM for a long time. He loves UM. But for Coach Golden to go interview for another job was unsettling. 

"A lot of things can change when a coach leaves. Now that Golden is back he wants to find out why Golden [interviewed] and if he really is planning to be there for the long haul."

Tunsil said Valentine has communicated with Golden since he de-committed on Saturday after the U.S. Army All-American Game. But Tunsil said he hasn't spoken to Golden and will reach out to him this week if he doesn't hear from him soon.

"Travonte loves UM, the small class rooms like here at Champagnat," Tunsil said. "His mom is close to him here. It's all about sitting down with Golden and getting on the same page. He has a great relationship with their coaches, coach Hurlie Brown. He's not asking for any starting job to be promised or anything like that. He knows nothing is given. It has to be earned."

Valentine, ranked the eighth-best defensive tackle in the country by 247Sports, named LSU his leader after the U.S. Army Game. Tunsil said Valentine plans on visiting UM and LSU before he makes his final decision on Signing Day. He said Valentine could also end up visiting Alabama or Kentucky before then.

"He just doesn't want to go somewhere and then there is a coaching change," Tunsil said. "People have been badmouthing him on Facebook and Twitter since he de-committed. It really isn't fair to the kid. He just wants to see what's going on."

Tunsil said any rumors about Valentine having academic issues and not being able to qualify at UM aren't true.

"He's got the grades and the test score. It's always been a core class issue and he's been taking care of that with online classes and here," Tunsil said. "Travonte could qualify at any school in America except the Ivy Leagues probably."


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Well, that is good news. Folks on here like fake Gallo had written him off, but it appears he is one of those players that actually likes Al Golden and will stick around if Al does.

Well this sounds encouraging and we certainly need DT help.

hopefully Golden obliges his request but for Golden to answer to him why he interviewed, I don't see it.

I don't blame this kid for wanting to know what the hell is going on. Way to go coach.


Great idea. Hope it clears the air.

We'd love to have you as part of the U Family!

Best wishes to you....

Run Travonte, Run.

As a defensive tackle under d'o and goldie, you will be double teamed on every play for the next four years under the d'o/goldie 3 down def. linemen versus 6 offensive blockers, 5 offensive linemen and one blocking back, bend and break, prevent (the Canes from winning) NO defense.

You will be knocked backwards for five yards on every play and then, goldie will tell the world:

10 you were out of position, and
2) you are freelancing, and
3) you need to hit the weight room, and
4) you are too young, and
5) wait til next year because we are not where we want to be, yet.

Get as far away from goldie's KNOW NOTHING defense as possible.

What "Cane fan" attempts to convince a top recruit to leave the school?


I'm stoked that he's taking that 2nd foreign language credit online so he can qualify at Miami. The newspaper in New Orleans (http://www.nola.com/recruiting/index.ssf/2013/10/florida_defensive_tackletravon.html#incart_river) mentions that he can't qualify at Miami without it but that LSU only requires 1 foreign language credit.

Of course, there was no way for any Miami coach to speak with Valentine while the Penn State rumors were flying, since we were in a dead period for recruiting until last Saturday, and in a quiet period after that, with the NCAA having Miami reduce their contacts especially by phone during that time.

Travonte - Miami wants you and need you!!! Stay home brother, the U is a great choice and we think you can become the Next Great DT out of Miami. The time is right...

canefan72 you must be a troll or LSU fan. with fans like you who needs enemies.

It's great to see that the kid is still interested in UM. What I don't believe is that it has anything to do with Golden seeking new job. I think he wants to know exactly how this scheme is going to fit him or not.

Wow Canefan72... Way to be completely translucent. You can change your name now.

He won't be double teamed because there will be other linemen that can get to the QB. The reason Chick has been neutralized is because he's had no one like Valentine around him.

In addition, no direct contact by any coach can occur until after January 15th, thanks to new rules implemented this fall.


So, I hope that is made clear to Valentine, and is not getting twisted by some negative recruiter into some claim that Golden is ignoring his request to meet.

Don't blame him. Way to go AL.


If your high school coach and mentor (Tunsil)have not informed you as of this date, the coach professionals are not obligated to their existing contract...just the players. Talk with former college and professional players to address your concerns about education and future in professional sports. I high recommend that you choose the best learning institution for your establish educational goals. As for football, just look for the best fit for Valentine.

During your supervised session with Golden, ask the following questions: Have the defensive staff reviewed your films and noticed how dominate you are in the 4-3 scheme? Will you and Anthony Moten play DT at the same time? Will the defensive staff allow you to play to disengage like LSU and FSU DTs? Based on coach Golden's responses, coach Tunsil advice, and future goals...make your decision and move on. Yes, I am a canes fan and season ticket holder.

I hope he comes because we need DTs, but everyday he's in the paper for coming or going.
Way too much ink for a guy HS kid who plays 1-A competition.
Also the HS coach positioning himself so relevant in this personal decision is not good, doesn't seem that the kid has proper parental support and may be getting pulled in different directions by people who have personal agendas.

So, Valentine is prepared to be a Cane just as long as Al Golden remains the head football coach of the Miami Hurricanes...another losing day for the haters!!

this is the same staff that made Temples D 14th in the nation . Temple famous for basketball and Bill Cosby. . Relax folks you know you have issues when AJ Highsmith is starting. The problem is Depth. Shannons garbage is out now we can move forward

like is said earlier when your defense is littered with special teamers you got problems

I never knew the 72 in Canefan72 was her IQ.

Live and learn.

One needs two foreign language credits to graduate high school in most places. I think it would be the same in So. Fl. Any one know for sure?

He has the same questions I have, how long is golden going to stick with Miami? That's all TV wants to know. Great question


It is best to be straight up about things, and making decisions.
I respect and applaud you taking a second look at the decision where you might want to attend school. This is important in life, both for you and your family.

That being said there is NO need for a sit down with CG because you are signing up with the Coach who "Recommends and sponsors you in" Coach Hurlie Brown who is a great guy and a good Coach.

You are not signing up with Al Golden the Coach, you are signing up with the Miami Hurricanes. The School, The tradition, the Team.

This is the most important factor to consider, notwithstanding the chance that you will be giving your friends and family a chance to see you play.
You are talented and the 'U' needs you.

Give Duke's Mom a call, and you can feel the Love that she has given, and is getting from this team. Everyone is Family.

Be a 'Cane and be proud of it.
Take that from a REAL CANE FAN.
Go 'Canes

What's sad is the guys AG recruited COULD NOT beat out 'Lonzo Jr, Rodgers Jr, Gains IV, ect...

How's that for developing your own players!

Then with 3 weeks to prepare for a bowl game vs Miami North they still looked like they were LOST! So much for the extra bowl practices the "meant everything". The extra bowl practices that other teams got for 2 years and then you finally got them but it ended up +500 yards and 30+ points!

The answer isn't change tho!!



We need all the DTs we can get. For the past number of number of years, we have been missing out on impact DL. (Corey Liuget and others). Marcus Forston left early instead of finishing college.

No coach is going to tell you that they are looking elsewhere when they are recruiting. They all say they are in it for the long haul. I wonder how Charlie Strong's recruits feel about him leaving? Miami should target Michael Johnson, the safety from Valentine's high school who is currently committed to Louisville. If they can flip him that may convince Valentine to go to Miami as well. I'm sure LSU is thinking the same thing, as they have apparently already given him an offer.

One needs two foreign language credits to graduate high school in most places. I think it would be the same in So. Fl. Any one know for sure?

Posted by: Football | January 07, 2014 at 4:59 PM

You're obviously from up north! The public education system in the South is all about high school sports and meeting the Federal minimal standards.

We need him in thsi class. Coach should go to see him immediately. I see Al want to rebuild Canes like SEC, Bama or Aubrun. Let us give him two more years.

Full Speed Ahead !

settle down nash . Remember it takes a regime a good 3 years to be good. so how long will it take Al's regime taking over two bad regimes. plus three years of impacted recruiting due to the ncaa fiasco . Face it schools used that to their advantage. . remember we won a championship in 1991 then in 2001 . IT TAKES TIME. A dual threat QB is one aspect Miami needs to assist in the Defense and keep the oposing defenses on the field.

From that NOLA article:

Valentine transferred from Palm Bay High School in Melbourne to Champagnat to attend summer school and finish his senior year. Champagnat is also the school that LSU cornerback Rashard Robinson attended post-graduation to get the proper credits he needed to qualify. Robinson, who has played significant minutes for the Tigers as a freshman this season, is actively recruiting Valentine. 

Valentine's issues are not grade related, contrary to reports. He holds a 3.0 GPA and is expected to get a qualifying score when he takes the ACT. Valentine, however, needs to make up extra classes, similar to Robinson. 

Valentine has a unique academic situation that could shape his recruitment. While he is in line to get all of his core credits by the end of next summer, he will graduate with only one foreign language class credit. Why is this important? While a lot of schools require a minimum of two foreign language courses to qualify, LSU does not, according to sources. 

James Smith previously worked as a talent evaluator for Elite Scouting and Max Emfinger and has served on the selection committees of various high school All-American games. 

Guess which other schools other than LSU don't require a 2nd foreign language credit to qualify.. Kentucky, Florida and Alabama. If Valentine doesn't get that 2nd foreign language credit than he most likely SEC bound. A recruit gets 5 official visits, I would bet that LSU, Alabama, Florida, and Kentucky are his other 4 official visits. If anybody has a Rivals subscription, please check and let us know where his other official visits are scheduled.

Well, at least some obscure TWO-STAR true freshmen made the FWAA All-American team. huh

Because that major college football powerhouse, NEW MEXICO, had a LINEBACKER on that prestigious FWAA freshmen All-American squad.

LB Dakota Cox, New Mexico DRAPER, UTAH

Again, the kid Cox was a TWO-STAR prep player from some OBSCURE small town, Draper Freakin' Utah. Go figures.

Oh, that Lobo squad had a losing record this season.

The bottom line is I absolutely doubt that the Hurricane's have any DEFENSIVE personal making next season's FWAA freshen team in 2014. And that includes DT Valentine. That's if he decides to come back with his RE-commitment. hUh

And the simple reason W-H-Y no Hurricane will make the defensive squad, is because it's all about the coaching and schemes and ploys. If U Know What I Mean. D'Onofrio anyone.

What's bloody insane, is how CANESPACE/eoth and Miami Herald Cane loyalists bellow how the Hurricane's DON'T have no talent on defense.

Yet, a galore of TWO-STAR or THREE-STAR ex-prep player's have made the FWAA All-Americane freshmen team in 2012 and 2013. Go figures'.

And Miami has had a HANDFUL of 4-Star/5-Star freshmen defensive players on the squad this season and last season.

Oh, the Pittsburgh Panther's had a former THREE-STAR prep WR make this seasons All-American freshmen. hUh

But not, the Cane's don't have no " TALENT " on the team.

Anyone other than me think that CaneFool72 and Jim "the maggot" Gallo are virgins? SO much pent-up anger.

Get it together, you two slobs.

just sayin you could have NFL players in goldie's NO defense, no stop of the run inside, no stop of the end run, no pressure on the passer, no stopping the pass for ten yards into goldie's zone, NO defense.

With golden at Miami, all his recruits are coming to the next savannah state.

Miami is going to be the door mat at all the real colleges' homecoming as a guaranteed win.

No quality player is going to come to miami with golden and d'o here the same way that anyone who KNOWS football is not going to pay to go to a cane game.

Get real, you morons.
Or wait, maybe your expectations are as mediocre as goldie's knowledge about football.

Posted by: marlinsdestroyedtheOB | January 07, 2014 at 05:22 PM

What a FOOL believes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now I understand why y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark sycophants and apologists bellow, that Thee Carpetbagger's NEED FIVE/SIX seasons of time to bring back Miami. GTFOH with that TRIPE!!

Travonte -

Hope you decide to come to the U and it's understandable that you want security. Best of luck to you in whatever you choose. Try not to let the "alarmist" on this page scare you. Every school has them although many here do "take it to the next level." Thanks for giving your commitment to the U further consideration.

Anyone actively encouraging recruits to go elsewhere cannot have the word Cane in their name, unless accompanied with the word not and the phrase "I'm an idiot".

Got it, low IQ 72

If Valentine or any of his family read this, don't let that young man show up in Coral Gables without strict assurances in scheme change. In fact make him draw on a damn chalkboard if you have to. This scheme will make good talent disappear, I want Valentine in Miami but I don't want the kid to stunt his growth as a football player. Don't let people tell you it's coach D Valentine, it's his boys scheme.

If Valentine or any of his family read this, don't let that young man show up in Coral Gables without strict assurances in scheme change. In fact make him draw on a damn chalkboard if you have to. This scheme will make good talent disappear, I want Valentine in Miami but I don't want the kid to stunt his growth as a football player. Don't let people tell you it's coach D Valentine, it's his boys scheme.

Posted by: Nino | January 07, 2014 at 05:49 PM


Voila... And an ASTUTE loyal Cane partisan SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER! Nothing more, nothing less.

Again, the program has never had problems attracting or luring talent. But there is a difference between talent and skill and that's where coaching comes in.

recruits know they'll be on TV and play against al]t least two Top 10 teams. That's all U need if U want to go to the next level.

This is about regime change like U've never seen it before. I don't know what kind of writing 'Goldy has seen on the wall, but maybe he's reading my posts.

It's time to go. 'Goldy and the DC. Just leave. DunnoToday, DunnoWednesday, JustDunno, NeverEverGoingToKnow.

I see Al want to rebuild Canes like SEC, Bama or Aubrun. Let us give him two more years.

Full Speed Ahead !

Posted by: 2001PerfectStorn | January 07, 2014 at 05:13 PM

Unfortunately for y'all Goldie loyalists. Thee Carpetbagger ISN'T head coaching material AKIN to both Malzahn-sp and Nicholas. hUh

Chit, Goldie is out of his coaching ELEMENT when it comes down to facing the majority of A.C.C. head coaches. dUh

ENTER Golden's record against mighty Virginia... 1-2, for one example.

LOL... I vividly recall CANESPACE/eoth fan-dom talking how Miami would BE BACK IN 2014 and what not.

Now, these same FOOLS are saying that their beloved Goldie DESERVES at least FIVE or SIX full seasons to make Cane football matters right again. dUh

Get a life D. Tampax may help you out too.

i always expected al to get valentine back. Everything i read said he decommited due to rumors of al golden leaving. I personally think golden will tell him what he needs to hear and travonte will be a cane. I don't understand idiots that hound kids about college choices onilne like twitter and facebook . Come on what kind of idiot does that. Its a kid making a decision for there future and no matter if they choose the u which i want or another school thats no reason to hound some 18 yr old kid.

To CaneFan 72 (aka Mike the Tiger):


This kid [attention wh%&e] smells like Bryce Brown and Storm Johnson...

Yikes and we still need him and probably should eat a bite of dignity to get him.

I loved reading about the likes of Berrios, who were of the DJ ilk - comin' any which way...it's about the U, not AG.

Meh, hope he comes here, won't pull any hair out if he doesn't.

So, if he doesn't come here, it's not AG's fault, it's the negative bloggers, right?

If he does come, it's all because of AG...which is probably true. AG is a hell of a recruiter.

Golden no different from recruits they commit to a school then take visits and entertain other schools offers. Why can't a coach flirt like the kids do. If you didn't like what you believe Golden did with PSU, why would you repeat the same step and flirt with LSU. Stand behind your commintment and more important stand behind the U no matters whos the coach. If you love the school love 100%. A coach doesn't make the player, the players make the coach. It's a reason that people are praising Golden, minus his DC. Whether people like it or not he has improved this team against all odds, against the talk of death. He didn't do it alone, 7 wins last year, 9 this year, maybe 11 this year or better. Must crawl before we walk. Not a D'O fan, but they did produce alot more than last year, lack of quality depth subing tired starters killed us in the back half of the season. Especially at D line and L backer. Auburn rotated FSU like the old Miami. Tim Jernigan took a breather and Tre Mason beat the snot out of FSU even a monster run. Look inside and outside the box, not just wins and loses

Dumb D and fake nino join Cane72 in b latantly rooting against the canes by encouraging recruits to go away.

True colors shown after all the fake fanship.

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