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U.S. Army All-American Travonte Valentine, coach want sit down with Golden

U.S. Army All-American defensive tackle Travonte Valentine dropped his commitment to the University of Miami last week when talk of coach Al Golden possibly heading to Penn State began to reach a fever pitch.

Tuesday, his high school coach Mike Tunsil said Valentine could end up rejoining Miami's class now that Golden has announced he's staying put. But the 6-3, 338-pound standout and his coach at Hialeah Champagnat want to have a sit down conversation with Golden to "make sure everyone is on the same page."

"Travonte just wants security," said Tunsil, who said he's handling all interviews for Valentine until he makes his final announcement on National Signing Day. "He's been saying UM for a long time. He loves UM. But for Coach Golden to go interview for another job was unsettling. 

"A lot of things can change when a coach leaves. Now that Golden is back he wants to find out why Golden [interviewed] and if he really is planning to be there for the long haul."

Tunsil said Valentine has communicated with Golden since he de-committed on Saturday after the U.S. Army All-American Game. But Tunsil said he hasn't spoken to Golden and will reach out to him this week if he doesn't hear from him soon.

"Travonte loves UM, the small class rooms like here at Champagnat," Tunsil said. "His mom is close to him here. It's all about sitting down with Golden and getting on the same page. He has a great relationship with their coaches, coach Hurlie Brown. He's not asking for any starting job to be promised or anything like that. He knows nothing is given. It has to be earned."

Valentine, ranked the eighth-best defensive tackle in the country by 247Sports, named LSU his leader after the U.S. Army Game. Tunsil said Valentine plans on visiting UM and LSU before he makes his final decision on Signing Day. He said Valentine could also end up visiting Alabama or Kentucky before then.

"He just doesn't want to go somewhere and then there is a coaching change," Tunsil said. "People have been badmouthing him on Facebook and Twitter since he de-committed. It really isn't fair to the kid. He just wants to see what's going on."

Tunsil said any rumors about Valentine having academic issues and not being able to qualify at UM aren't true.

"He's got the grades and the test score. It's always been a core class issue and he's been taking care of that with online classes and here," Tunsil said. "Travonte could qualify at any school in America except the Ivy Leagues probably."


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Well said cool cat. The only ones who lose are the kids.

Even when the facts are clearly laid before you--you still have an amazing talent for NEVER being right.

Valentine made it crystal clear that if Al departs the program he will not be a Cane, which led to his de-commitment when hearing the rumors of Al taking the Penn State job. Further, every recruit that has been interviewed also made their feelings known that if Al's not guiding the ship they will rethink their commitment. Yet, after all that, you conclude it's not about Al...simply amazing in the cluelessness!!


I loved reading about the likes of Berrios, who were of the DJ ilk - comin' any which way...it's about the U, not AG.

Meh, hope he comes here, won't pull any hair out if he doesn't.

Posted by: beedharphong | January 07, 2014 at 06:36 PM

Apparently the answer to fix the D is continuity. I guess if you want to give up 500 yds and 40 pts a game then I guess keeping everything the same is the answer.

Valentine likes Golden, that doesn't mean he's a good coach.

This is stupid.

Al Golden is in no position to tell this kid how long he will be at Miami; as we saw over the weekend anything can happen. This kid's whole situation just stinks and doesn't demonstrate a great deal of maturity on his part, and i'm very concerned about his head coach.

How can this kid, who is visiting LSU and possibly other schools, come down here for a sit-down to ask Al Golden to promise him anything? I'm sure Al will tell him the only thing promised is the opportunity to get a great education and compete on the football field. This is just like last season with the O-lineman from BTW. This kid saw what all the other recruits said about being committed to the []_[] and now he wants to be down again. If he loves the atmosphere, small class-size and wants to be near mom dukes, then why is he visiting schools hundres of miles away with 50k students?

If i'm Al Golden (who isn't going anywhere if he's not going to Penn St.), I tell Mr. Valentine: commit to this []_[] if you want a commitment from me. Right here, right now.

What's sad is the guys AG recruited COULD NOT beat out 'Lonzo Jr, Rodgers Jr, Gains IV, ect...
How's that for developing your own players!

Posted by: Nash | January 07, 2014 at 05:04 PM

Tough one, because, those kids you named are seniors, like Shayon Green, who rode with []_[] through allegations, sanctions, and the possible death penalty. AG said it many times, he's not gonna turn his back on the seniors who carried []_[]. He owed them and gave them a chance when it counted most. Something most people fail to recognize. If there were significantly better players like S. Coley, then it's not even an issue; but if they weren't head and shoulders better? You can't start over them. I applaud him giving these kids an opportunity. He'll gain respect in the locker-room for that. The kids that have been there will fight for him.

So this kid wants to know why coach Al went and interviewed anyway? but why did this kid go visit other schools? if he is so committed to the U then why bother ???

How do you know the LSU coach will be there? Is he chained?

Posted by: Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger In All of College Football |January 07, 2014 at 05:10 PM
True, I am from the north, but this does surprise me.It is more surprising colleges have this 1 credit min requirement.

Once Travonte sits down and Golden explains to the young man the whole picture then I believe Travonte will understand why the man would talk with the Penn State officials that SOUGHT HIM OUT AND FLEW DOWN TO FLORIDA TO SPEAK WITH GOLDEN ABOUT THE HC POSITION AT PENN STATE. It was not the other way around like some of these idiots make it out to be. Coach Golden has shown by his actions that he is indeed committed to Miami and it's program more so than any other coach we have had. I don't blame the young man and I for one applaud him for not expecting anything to be given to him like the players Shannon had recruited. The young man sounds like a straight up young man. The sad thing is you have morons talking junk about him just because he was doing what he feels is in his best interest. There is nothing wrong with that no more than there was anything wrong with what Coach Golden did by listening to what Penn State had to offer him. The problem is there are too many so called grown ups who have never matured mentally.

Mahoney-Pearson you sound like an intelligent Cane fan. I applaud you for showing intellect and be willing to speak the truth.

if you look at valentines situation objectively and lets assume his ultimate goal is to make the nfl, then its really a hard sell when its um vs lsu. LSU is consistently sending dlinemen to the league and even this year will have 2-3 guys make it. If it comes to track record, Golden only has wilkerson to use as referance. I hope he stays but if he doesnt I cant blame him either bc its a business decision. If you were his parent wouldnt you want him to go to a place that best prepares him to achieve his dream and objectively can you say golden/dno is better than miles/chavis. Until Golden and dno can prove that they can develop talent regardless of how many stars they are and stop with lack of talent excuses, it will be a tough sell getting elite dlineman. Golden can only sell a theoretical process that hasnt produced onfield results miles can sell on field results that directly translates to making the league.

This is a bunch of bs. Golden goes and goes and flirts with the pedophiles and fans are on here begging this kid to come to the U instead of trying to get this garbage out of here. Good coaches in the NCAA are popping bubbly no that al bundy is back. Got to give it to the young man to ask bundy is he for real. He obviously knows what he see's is some garbage. Would never tell him not to come bit he should definitely see if this is the right fit for him. More recruits should do the same and maybe just maybe the inept a@@ coaches will adjust to the players instead of making the players adjust to this weak a@@ aggressive prevent.

Every day will be Valentine's day. He will be wreaking havoc in orange and green. Can't wait for him to put on #75. The next Vince Wilfork!

Tally you need a cane adjustment. Coaches adjust to players.
Put down the pipe 'bro.

To call Al bundy is downright low.

Mahoney-P, champ you are both on the money.

Player wants to hear things, but it works both ways. If he flips promises to 3 schools why should the U hold his schollie.

Do a Berrios and show you really want it, and good things happen. Ask Duke one of the best players in College Ball after 2 years.

The 'U' will make it happen. Be part of One of the best Classes at the 'U'. Nothing more needs to be said.
Go 'Canes

Penn State may very we'll offer Golden the Job by the end of the week. I'm thankful for the job he has done so far. However, if we could get Butch I'm all for him leaving! Butch would immediately improve our recruiting class and defense! Butch would out recruit Les, Saban or Strong period.


Folks wanted to run Jimmy Johnson out of town early on, writing him off as a mid-level Big Eight coach who couldn't beat the likes of Nebraska and Oklahoma. When Dennis Erickson arrived, he was chastised for running a one-back offense, as Miami had proven success with two backs.

Still, nothing tops the turbulent ride Butch Davis took over six seasons at the helm of the Hurricanes.

From his career-opening loss in 1995 to his fourth-ranked squad getting upset at No. 15 Washington in 2000, Davis was consistently put through the ringer.

The worst came in September 1997 when Davis was publicly shamed on game day by the Miami fans at the Orange Bowl after a 1-2 start to his third season.

Fans ponied up money to fly a banner over the stadium which read, "From National Champs to National Chumps...Thanks, Butch!" They blamed the third-year coach working to fix the mess left by his predecessors, who turned a blind eye to improper conduct. (Sound familiar?)

Hope your right Zook! I lam rooting for Golden he just seems burned out lately. I'm excited for next season either way. We have a Duke and he is a program changer!

Oh Zook,
You seem to have focused in on me for your latest round of personal grudge matches....You can't take yes for an answer.

This will be the last for awhile that I address you. You are pulling me down.

You have a pretty bad habit of selectively pasting prior statements, leaving out context, then making straw man arguments that were never made.

You then use your emotional opinions and state them as facts - which are easily rebutable and often done by me and many others..You then finish with a conclusive statements about the poster's state of mind, lack thereof, and/or another iteration of personal attack.

No thanks, enough.

As to your actual argument:
Valentine leaving if AG goes - straw man 1 - I never said anything about that. I said he could stay or go either way. I acknowledged that he was the recruit for whom AG was the single factor. Show mw otherwise...you can't.

"Further, every recruit that has been interviewed also made their feelings known that if Al's not guiding the ship they will rethink their commitment." - Zook

Someone posted a few blogs back actual, direct quotes from more than several players talking about their commitments to the U, regardless of AG's situation, so your bald assertion that everyone of them were on the brink of bailing if AG left is just factually wrong.

That's it. Just wrong.

Now, this is where I should call you a name and tell you you're NEVER RIGHT...despite the fact that we have agreed on many things before; Duke being a damned good team, for instance....

As for me NEVER being right?
OK. If you say so.

"Even when the facts are clearly laid before you--you still have an amazing talent for NEVER being right." - Zook

I just knocked your argument down.

"Yet, after all that, you conclude it's not about Al...simply amazing in the cluelessness!!"- Zook

It's clueless to opine that I appreciate the types of recruits who were coming to the U, regardless of the AG situation? Really?

That I hoped Valentine came, but wouldn't be heartbroken if he didn't?

Berrios for one. Duke Johnson and Chickillo as others...that's cluelessness? That's a besmirchment of AG that you MUST defend??

I am clueless because AG is not the focal point of my being a Canes fan?

Ok, sir. You must be right.

Have a good night, Zook, you're wearing me out.

My apologies to the others for being roped into this.
I stop now.

You win Zook, you proved me wrong.

a la

Congratulations, S.E.C. on your WINlossWIN- B. Musberger

Zook is an ex um football player so he took to many shots to the head.

beed you are respected as you agree to disagree.

It is all opinion, not a right or wrong deal.

Wrong deal is some of the stuff written by Tallycane which is way over the line.

Your opinions are valid. Agree to disagree. We will not always see eye to eye but we never stop looking.
Go 'Canes

Valentine: "Coach Golden, is D co-ch going to be running the same scheme?"

AG: "Trust the process"

Valentine: "I do coach, I trust a true DC and I will be going to LSU"

CANESPACE is run by a moron like D corch...Now AG needs 7 years, yet RS needed to be fired after 4 (with better results on the field)...SMFH..

ummm, and just how did Shannon have better results on the field? His teams always quit when things got tough and plus he had the number 1 recruiting class one year and when that group got to be juniors his fourth year what was their record again? That would be 7 and 6. So just how is that better results on the field again?

All of those patsies we had on the schedule the record is the same.i have seen bundy and company get out coached way to many times. If we lost those games to better teams with better coaches I could live with that.golden hasn't won a meaningful games since he has been here. Constantly making excuses for his inept dc with this weak a@@ aggressive prevent is sickening. Malzon, sumlin and even Mizzo's coach went in to a tougher conference and have their young 2 an 3 star recruits playing good football. What's the problem with golden and company? Sanctions. Does sanctions make coach put a de with two surgically repaired knees in the flats with one of the fastest players in college football ? No. Go play that pen state brand of football at pedophile state not here.

Really...not worth my time reading your Posts...

Damn...told you all the kids read the stuff on here...if your a Fan and you bad mouth a kid trying to make a decision you are a Loser!

Your a Loser if you don't like what is going on and you passively support your Team...

Your a Loser if you don't realize your a disgruntled Blogger...just because you have no outlet for your frustration that you have to take it out in type and bash your Team...it's Coaches...and really screw up a kids thoughts on his Dream Team...

You have to realize these kids are Fans too...they just are not old enough to understand your misguided expression as a Fan.

Man you all just suck...and you all know who I am talking about...no need to post who you are!

Kids don't take what these Losers post here...They will cheer for you and support you as a Cane!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

I guess then U are saying that Duke was a patsy this year even though they almost beat one of those SEC teams led by a last year's Heisman Trophy winner who by the way came within 7 points of beating Alabama, or perhaps are you calling Florida who was ranked 12th at the time and at full strength when we played them I might add and who won 12 games last year in the oh so tough SEC was a patsy. Oh I forgot the National Champion FSU noles were on there too and although we didn't beat them we were within 7 at halftime until the Duke of Miami was lost. Those aren't excuses those are facts. Excuses for your information are propagated when there is a void of facts. There are facts listed, not excuses. Excuses are for a current LB coach at Arkansas who could only muster a 7 & 6 record in his fourth year with a recruiting class that was number 1 coming in and were suppose to mature as juniors at that time. Now the people who try to argue on his behalf have excuses. Know any posters like that?

Seem like the fan base has change . So it's okay to keep rebuilding year after year.Because the problem will always be the players not the coaches. Anybody can paint a picture of hopelessness. I guess the picture is called the NCAA mes. We cannot here Golden name without hearing about the NCAA Mes. While the hurricane brand is becoming meaningless due to bad coaching and pity parties for Golden. Look at future scheduling home and home games with Ark. St. What kind of AD would schedule a 5 time national champion in games like this. Is this the new way of securing winning seasons. If you schedule weak you become weak. This program under Golden and staff will soon be every bodies homecoming game.

Well lets see, Alabama schedules Western Carolina and Western Kentucky in 2012 and then Tennessee Chattanooga this year, A & M scheduled South Carolina State and Sam Houston State in 2012 and then Sam Houston State again this year along with Rice and UTEP, Auburn scheduled New Mexico State and what do you know just like Bama, they scheduled Western Carolina two years in a row, Arkansas State and oh yeah we do have to give them props for scheduling perennial celler dweller Washington State this year. And what about them Bayou Bengals from LSU and Les Miles, they scheduled in 2012 Towson State, Idaho, and North Texas and then this year they decided they would move up to playing UAB, Kent State, and Furman. What about the ole ball coach and them Gamecocks they pumped their chest against Wofford, UAB and ECU as their out of conference games and then lets see well at least they did decide to play only one cupcake in Coastal Carolina out of conference. Who would know that UCF would be a one loss team this year. Seems like it works pretty good for those teams and coaches. By all the analysts the SEC is the top dawgs or at least were and they don't look too weak. Now I do agree that if you are at full strength and a team like an Alabama has no business playing those teams but I do understand that you have to adjust to the way the game is played in order to give yourself the best position to win. Now that being said I am talking about scheduling of course for those who are not capable of understanding my point.
And the picture of hopelessness was the look on Shannon's face his four years here. The truth is the NCAA mess is a factor and has been for Golden and staff to deal with during recruiting. That is a fact and if you deep into your intellect and rational rather than your own pity parties you would realize that. The facts also are the players he inherited were not that good and had a terrible work ethic. They were mentally and physically weak and that has progressively changed. Now once the man is a couple of years past this whole NCAA mess, then he can truly be evaluated as a HC with intellect and rational, not bigotry, or personal agenda's.

al will meet with him because he needs him. his answer will be its was only a business inquiry much like you making an inquiry with LSU, but im fully committed to the university of miami, im going to be here for a long long time.....you ready to sign yet?

Cane Man, you hit the nail right on the head. Great assessment.

Miami does not and will beat teams will equal or better talent than they have. It was tough to watch Wake Forest spread the defense out with the 2 yard splits, the defensive alignment on the out side shoulder of the wake o line creating run lanes. Then gave the receivers 10 yard cushion. We should have lost that game. we have more talent than wake.

Petri no interviewed at Louisville. ..nice move for them.

I hope the Canes are still interviewing Butch, Petrino, Chudz or whomever, behind the scenes, as if PSU presents the right package to Golden, he more than likely leaves, WHICH WOULD BE GREAT! Golden tried to spin he was not a candidate, as the job hadn't yet been offered(only that he interviewed, which he didn't even admit to that in Joe Rose's QAM interview). However, once the PSU job is actually offered, hopefully he takes it and we are DONE WITH THE GOLDEN ERA!

It was tough to watch Wake Forest spread the defense out with the 2 yard splits, the defensive alignment on the out side shoulder of the wake o line creating run lanes. Then gave the receivers 10 yard cushion. We should have lost that game. we have more talent than wake.

Posted by: eric

I remember watching that trash too. All we needed to do was send two or three extra rushers right up the middle for an easy sack... But we have a clueless defensive coaching staff with no balls

I wouldnt give him the time of day, if he doesnt want to come to Miami go somewhere else, we dont beg players its a honor to play here. What a joke!

Jeff Ireland was removed before Donofrio.
Anyone that had that bet just won at three to one.

The morons who are golden supporters are so incredibly stupid even in the face of physics and logic.

ONE, it matters NOT who golden recruits. It is NOT the players who are the problem. The problem that the Canes have is golden and d'o and more precisely, their stupidity in clinging to their 3 down linemen, LBs five yards off the los, zone NO pass coverage.

TWO, 3 down def. linemen can NOT stop 5 offensive linemen plus a blocking back. The weight difference is that the offense weighs twice as much as the three defensive linemen. The Cane def. line gets NO help from the LBs who are five yards behind them. So, a run up the middle is a given five yards against the Cane def. linemen.

THREE, those 3 Cane def. linemen can not get any pressure on a QB ready to pass for the same reason. They can not fight through six blockers. Duhhhh.

FOUR, golden and d'o use a zone, no pass coverage secondary. That means other teams' receivers go down and find a gap in the zone, turn and catch the football for a ten yard game, time after time.

FIVE, it does NO good to say goldie or d'o uses a four down linemen defense and man to man for two downs and then call in their worthless three man front and zone NO pass coverage and no blitz in an open route to the QB. It is still a first down.

SIX, goldie and d'o use a bend and break, prevent the Cane win NO defense that keeps the Cane defense on the field and eventually it breaks even if it just results in a field goal for the other team.

You people are complete freakin morons who are, like golden and d'o stupid and arrogant. And none of you know a thing about football which is a chess game and a lesson in physics and not about how macho some player is.

SEVEN, and on top of all the other reasons why golden is an idiot, is another one. He does NOT get the Cane players in great physical cardiovascular condition. Linemen have big fat belly fat because they do not run enough miles to get in shape. That means they are worthless and can not move as the game progresses.

Let the news media ask tough questions along the lines of the ALL of the above factors. goldie will just give some BS answers, but at least he will learn that he is an idiot.

Ask him why he thinks 3 down def. linemen can stand up to six offensive linemen and a blocking back and a running back and hold the back from gaining less than 5 yards when the LBs are five yards behind the los.

Ask him how he thinks he can stop a pass play when the DBs are yards away from receivers in goldie's zone defense and no blitz giving other QBs all day to throw pinpoint passes.

Freakin morons.

So we are running a 3-4..

We have a huge need at DT, which sometimes we only play one at a time, yet only 2 three star LB's in this class of 28?

Why are we not recruiting more linebackers? Converting a guy who has 14.5 sacks playing at DE to LB aint gonna cut it.

Ahhh the excuses to come. Depth, sanctions, talent..

If u ain't in control you're outta control.. ya dig?

Watch a game every once in a while. We rarely are in a 3 man line.

It would be interesting if someone had the time to see if there was a difference in defense out of a 4 man vs 3 man front I get the feeling that there probly isn't

Susan should be ashamed for telling us Perrymans family is well off, as if it was an assumption that they were not.

I wasn't thinking it at the time, but her comment stood out like a sore thumb.

She's a wanna-be reporter, who dreadfully pursues sensationalized jargon for her own dejected benefit.

There I said it


Our personnel is one of a 3-4. Golden style is 3-4. McCord is Muhammed are natural DE's playing OLB.

Furthermore, Winter Park’s Harris, who had 16 sacks and four forced fumbles in 2013 at his natural DE position and whose high-school coach who has compared him with former NFL great Michael Strahan will play OLB.

Hey if your satisfied with recruiting only two 3 star linebackers, continue to be a condescending dueche. Heck, we should be satisfied with all personnel decisions. Untill then, get your head out cha arse and keep counting down lineman. It does ya good


Pro Set Offense,
4-3 defense.

Been shown before to FakeFan72, but worth noting for those that might have missed it before.

In fact, highlights of scoring plays against our defense have been linked, as well, showing four and sometimes five rushers, not the three that is claimed by this one trick pony.

I agree five I don't the problem is the alignment.

Auburn in a 4-3, FSU beats it.

Auburn rushes six, loses the game.

Funny how facts, links, and video evidence disproves this lie that Auburn went to a 3-4 Donofrio defense. 1. Donofrio uses a 4-3. 2. They rushed more than three, so that wasn't the reason they lost.

Travontae we need you clearly. When you do commit start working out in the weight room and work on your skills of getting the line quicker. We need you, Travis Rudolph, David Njoku, very badly. We need this incoming class to make an immediate impact. I want to see Miami at a ACC title next year or a NC. I do hope that Miami will no longer except any blowouts from their opponents. [_] it's all about the U!!!!!!

You see, the difference is that you have to look it up. The proof is in the personnel.

Moving a DE to DT, and adding your OLB's to rush on third downs is a 3-4.

"On the internet it says I'm an inside linebacker, but I'm really an outside linebacker," McCray said. "UM wants me to be a part of their 3-4 scheme, rushing in and as a drop back linebacker.

Golden and his long-time defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio are proponents of the 3-4 defense, which they've spent two-plus years easing Miami into.

Its really just common sense..


Gallo, this guy is leaving FSU early, I guess he is going on Jimbo's casualty list, right?

Oh, and he only gained 563 yards this year, so according to you he did NOTHING, since he didn't get to your magic 1000 yard plateau, right?

But then, you were a Navy Seal and a Boston College graduate like EVERYONE in your neighborhood, right?

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