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U.S. Army All-American Travonte Valentine, coach want sit down with Golden

U.S. Army All-American defensive tackle Travonte Valentine dropped his commitment to the University of Miami last week when talk of coach Al Golden possibly heading to Penn State began to reach a fever pitch.

Tuesday, his high school coach Mike Tunsil said Valentine could end up rejoining Miami's class now that Golden has announced he's staying put. But the 6-3, 338-pound standout and his coach at Hialeah Champagnat want to have a sit down conversation with Golden to "make sure everyone is on the same page."

"Travonte just wants security," said Tunsil, who said he's handling all interviews for Valentine until he makes his final announcement on National Signing Day. "He's been saying UM for a long time. He loves UM. But for Coach Golden to go interview for another job was unsettling. 

"A lot of things can change when a coach leaves. Now that Golden is back he wants to find out why Golden [interviewed] and if he really is planning to be there for the long haul."

Tunsil said Valentine has communicated with Golden since he de-committed on Saturday after the U.S. Army All-American Game. But Tunsil said he hasn't spoken to Golden and will reach out to him this week if he doesn't hear from him soon.

"Travonte loves UM, the small class rooms like here at Champagnat," Tunsil said. "His mom is close to him here. It's all about sitting down with Golden and getting on the same page. He has a great relationship with their coaches, coach Hurlie Brown. He's not asking for any starting job to be promised or anything like that. He knows nothing is given. It has to be earned."

Valentine, ranked the eighth-best defensive tackle in the country by 247Sports, named LSU his leader after the U.S. Army Game. Tunsil said Valentine plans on visiting UM and LSU before he makes his final decision on Signing Day. He said Valentine could also end up visiting Alabama or Kentucky before then.

"He just doesn't want to go somewhere and then there is a coaching change," Tunsil said. "People have been badmouthing him on Facebook and Twitter since he de-committed. It really isn't fair to the kid. He just wants to see what's going on."

Tunsil said any rumors about Valentine having academic issues and not being able to qualify at UM aren't true.

"He's got the grades and the test score. It's always been a core class issue and he's been taking care of that with online classes and here," Tunsil said. "Travonte could qualify at any school in America except the Ivy Leagues probably."


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Five and jsy, I posted last week that I RARELY see us in a 3-4, in fact I always make the comment during our games that 'damn we have 4 guys on the line and still can't get pressure'. So I don't know where 72 gets his 3-4 deal from, lol? Glad Valentine wants to be a Cane, we need guys like him, and him Moten and Chick if he stays and Thomas, they can do some damage.

And just to show FSU had the same issues...


FSU rushes four and then sends two more, still gives up a TD.


FSU rushes four, gets burned for a 50 yard TD.


FSU rushes seven, gets burned outside for a TD.

PLEASE stop claiming that all bad plays happen to a 3-4, and that none happen to a 4-3.


Really, Golden runs a 3-4?

2009 Temple team depth chart. 4-3.

As for the claim that they might ease into a 3-4 in the future, that is not what has been hammered on here, the claim has been that we are CURRENTLY running a 3-4, which is false.

Please show where this 3-4 claim that FakeFan72 repeatedly makes is true. A quote from either, saying that they are currently running a 3-4, should be sufficient.


3-4 personnel kid. Continue to count players with their hand in the dirt, if it makes U feel better.

ONE, it matters NOT who golden recruits.
-- Funny, when Butch built the 2001 team, it mattered who he recruited.

TWO, 3 down def. linemen can NOT stop 5 offensive linemen plus a blocking back.
-- Straw man. Nobody has ever claimed they could, and that has nothing to do with Miami's 4-3 defense anyway.

THREE, those 3 Cane def. linemen can not get any pressure on a QB ready to pass for the same reason.
-- Straw man for the same reason. Nobody has ever claimed they could, and that has nothing to do with Miami's 4-3 defense anyway.

FOUR, golden and d'o use a zone, no pass coverage secondary.
-- So do most teams, including in the NFL. I guess all of THEM are wrong too.

FIVE, it does NO good to say goldie or d'o uses a four down linemen defense and man to man for two downs and then call in their worthless three man front and zone NO pass coverage and no blitz in an open route to the QB. It is still a first down.
-- When this sentence makes sense, then we can debate it.

SIX, goldie and d'o use a bend and break, prevent the Cane win NO defense that keeps the Cane defense on the field and eventually it breaks even if it just results in a field goal for the other team.
-- FSU used a bend and don't break defense, allowing so many runs up the middle that their linemen were totally gassed. But in the end, they held them to a FG, which allowed for a TD the other way to take the lead.

SEVEN, and on top of all the other reasons why golden is an idiot, is another one. He does NOT get the Cane players in great physical cardiovascular condition. Linemen have big fat belly fat because they do not run enough miles to get in shape. That means they are worthless and can not move as the game progresses.
-- They train in the UTough system, getting ready for the NFL combines which measure physical cardiovascular condition. And offensive linemen are not supposed to have "big fat belly fat"?
Larry Allen says "Hi".
And so do the New England Patriots offensive line.

Freakin morons.
Posted by: Cane72 | January 08, 2014 at 08:28 AM
Freakin mirror...

During most of the game, Auburn played a four man def. front with attacking linebackers and were several TDs ahead of FSU.

Late in the third quarter, Auburn switched to goldie's and d'os moron 3 down def. linemen, dropped the LBs into zone NO coverage, prevent the win, and FSU winston picked them apart and won the game.

You morons are so freakin stupid, UM should lose its academic credentials.

Posted by: Five Titles | January 08, 2014 at 09:47 AM
Five, in all fairness Al did say we are a 3-4 defense in a press conference belike ore we played GT, and then ran the 4-3 90% of the time during the game. It seems to me Al wants to be able to run both 4-3 and 3-4, man & zone, 1 gap and 2 gap D and ideally with similar personnel groupings. This is part of the problem we have on D that guys with lesser talent are not able to recover if they make a mistake.
When we have bigger, stronger and faster players, mistakes will not be amplified and guys will recover fast enough to blow up plays lRocky McIntosh used to do. We need all the talent we can get, and Valentine will be a great addition.

Oops. My phone is butchering my typing. *before we played GT
and "like Rocky"

A four defensive linemen front is when four def. linemen weighing 270+ are lined up with two def. linemen over the two offensive guards and two def. linemen are lined up in a track stance over the outside shoulder of the TE or tackle.

A three man def. line front is when three def. linemen have a hand on the ground, and a corner back is standing on one end on the def. line. The problem with that lineup is that a cornerback usually weighs about fifty to a hundred pounds less than an offensive lineman and can not stop a run either inside or an end run. He is there for looks or to threaten a blitz.

The three man def. line with LBs five yards off the los is a guaranteed five yard gain either inside or outside the tackles.

And goldie and d'os zone NO pass coverage is an invitation to throw for a constant first down. goldie and d'o are jokes as coaches. They put the Cane players out of position to be effective. That is why teams like UNC and WF and VA look like equals and why goldie got beat by FSU, VT, Duke and Louisville.

You cane fans and goldie fans and goldie are such morons.

Posted by: Canefan72 | January 08, 2014 at 10:37 AM

CaneDouche72, your logic, writing and grammar are those of child. The U should have it's academic credentials revoked.

You don't think you are a one-trick pony, do you?

goldie and d'o are one trick ponies, giving up
massive amounts of yardage and wearing out the Cane
defensive players on the field all day with their crap NO defensive setups.

change coaches or change their crap setups and I will change my brilliant observations douche bag.

valentine is wasting his time meeting with golden.....golden will just reassure him he is staying but he isn't......

he is here now because he had no choice.....penn state wasn't going to go to a quick hire....golden could not force their hand Sunday with a signed contract....

"Golden may have given PSU a deadline that was unreasonable to meet. Penn State has protocol to follow and is no longer Freeh to do what it wants. There must be search committees, interviews, due diligence, providing legitimate opportunities for in-house and diversity candidates, dealings with higher-ups".....Mike Portman Jan 5, 2014 Penn Sate Football

If the Munchack interview wasn't going to take place Sunday...Golden would have been the new PSU head coach.....

golden wont talk about it now because it shows he is a scum bag....but everyone already knows what he tried to do.....

Valentine would be a huge get for the program. Golden needs to get this right because this is one of the kids he can probably come in and start.

It's a frustrating to watch us play defense. We allow teams to be in 3rd and short situations too often.

I don't get it, Howard, Finnie, Perryman, Chick, and Bush were all guys we wanted here. I'm not convinced these guys can't play, I think there's talent. Certainly enough to beat Duke and Virginia Tech.

And the picture of hopelessness was the look on Shannon's face his four years here. The truth is the NCAA mess is a factor and has been for Golden and staff to deal with during recruiting. That is a fact and if you deep into your intellect and rational rather than your own pity parties you would realize that. The facts also are the players he inherited were not that good and had a terrible work ethic. They were mentally and physically weak and that has progressively changed. Now once the man is a couple of years past this whole NCAA mess, then he can truly be evaluated as a HC with intellect and rational, not bigotry, or personal agenda's.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 08, 2014 at 12:09 AM

1) I've seen that same look on Golden's face for 3 years, most glaringly in the last game he coached against UL. With this fact in mind, is this truly just about U having to see Shannon's face at all?

2) Disparage Shannon (voluntarily and out of nowhere) and then bring up the NCAA in the next sentence--now we are getting to motivation of these posts. I could've swore Shannon was Nevin's staunch nemesis and tried to stop Shapiro and thus the findings in the investigation from the beginning.

3) It hasn't been a factor on the offensive side in recruiting or overall with recruiting if U were to check the rankings of our classes during this period. UM sells itself and experiences negative recruiting to combat that fact every year. We still did a wonderful job recruiting, but the biggest deterrent was the defensive and overall coaching on the staff. No one wants to be in an unbalanced relationship where they are providing much more in every facet than their mate. The big time recruits didn't sign because the coaching staff is small time in skills department--makes perfect sense. T. Howard said himself and Golden admitted , that he signed at the convincing of Duke and Lewis--to play with his brothers.

4) "Pity parties" LOL!! This is a total and complete projection. No one posts more pity parties than U, or maybe mainecane. Posts come with a Excuse-laden guarantee or your money back.

5) The facts are that the players he inherited were good if U look at their talent ranking and if U believe his own words when he said the team had more talent than he thought and it wouldn't take as long as he thought to get it back to NC contention. He basically said that adding himself, his culture and coaches to the players we had at the time, was sufficient to W's without a shadow of a doubt. Whether they had "a terrible work ethic" is subjective, not fact. It was of course, what was insinuated in the media to disparage and negatively reflect on Shannon's own work ethic and U obviously ate it up--for reason we all know, but why would U keep Swasey if this were the case--take your own advice and use that intellect. The face of their poor work ethic was Swasey correct? Then why keep that face if poor work ethic was such a damaging aspect of the team's culture?

6) "the players were physically and mentally weak". Another subjective analysis made and gobbled up by those with an agenda, although I agree with it myself--the difference is that I used my own eye to conclude this not Manny and Susan's paycheck. The funny thing is that the players are that way right now as well. Did see them get blown up in the last game vs UL on both sides of the ball? Did U see VT and Duke's lines destroy Us? Did U see the play where there were at least 5 missed tackles vs Duke lol! All after three years of U-Tough. Did U see the players quit against KSU, Notre Dame, Duke, VT, FSU, and finally *in our last game* against UL (the most recent game we've played)? The only year Golden hasn't witnessed the team quit on him is the year he had *the most* Shannon players on his team and that was his 1st season. Now thats a fact and how ironic with the theme your attempting to convey with this twisted post.

7. As I just proved, U should take your own advice and use intellect and not the bigotry and personal agendas that truly motivate your posts. Thats called projecting sir.

Fake fans or gators/seminoles in disguise:
Cool cat
Harriet Tubman
several others


Not true canes. Never were. Never will be. They are jealous, racist petty little haters

true cane fans wouldnever say the things they say about our beloved U.

FSU has won 3. UF 3. Yet they will never be Miami. Ever. This is the U. You can have all the brothers from carol city or pahokee on the fsu roster, as many dreads and as much speed as kermit Whitfield, but they will never be canes.

Travonte- Youre a cane, bro. we need you. bring back the tradition of great miami d linemen.

Mahoney, why did U say "Golden loss some credibility" the other day for again?

Posted by: The SEC is overrated and top heavy | January 08, 2014 at 12:12 PM

Prove what U claim.

I have been a Cane fan since the early 1970s when Howard brought Shula's playbook from the Dolphins. Before that I was a Dolphins fan. Before Shula came to Miami, I was a Baltimore Colts fan because I recognize good football.

Since Coker left, the Cane football program has been stagnant to be polite. It has not changed for the better in the last three years.

About 80,000 Cane fans who know what good football is will not shell out good money to watch goldie's crap football and his bend and break, passive, no stopping of any run, no stopping of any passes, no long drives for TDs by the offense, no cardiovascular conditioning of linemen.

Maybe shalalalalaal should have thought about these simple things when she hired mediocre goldie from temple and asked him why he lost so many games there.

Finnie huh?

Freeh.. classic

Arguing with 72 is pointless. I'm convinced he doesn't own a tv. If catches a game its on the radio. He hears "miami lines up in a 3-4", and has no idea that 1-2 lbs are on los 99.9% of the time. Somehow he has access to a computer but doesn't have the sense to understand how ignorant his statements are. Its a person who thinks a 3-4 has 3 dl and a CORNERBACK on the the end of the los!?! He used to harp on how we needed to run a 4-3 with 2 FREE SAFETIES as if it where possible or made any sense.

"I have been a Cane fan since the early 1970s when Howard brought Shula's playbook from the Dolphins"


"In 1979, Schnellenberger was tapped to take over the University of Miami, which was a program in turmoil."


Let me guess, the Howard Schnellenberger website is wrong, and you are right, just like your repeated lies about the 3-4 in the face of multiple documented proofs that we play a 4-3.

There is now precedent for hiring your old coach back - Petrino re-hired at Louisville. The reason? He is a proven winner. If Golden leaves (which he still might) Butch has to be the top target.

Most likely coming from the peeps over at Cancerspace.

"He just doesn't want to go somewhere and then there is a coaching change," Tunsil said. "People have been badmouthing him on Facebook and Twitter since he de-committed. It really isn't fair to the kid. He just wants to see what's going on."

...we did run 3-4 all year with the exception of 1-2 plays here and there. There was a game about 3/4 through the year where we ran nearly all 4-3 in the 2nd half of a game. Vt maybe?

There is now precedent for hiring your old coach back - Petrino re-hired at Louisville. The reason? He is a proven winner. If Golden leaves (which he still might) Butch has to be the top target.
Posted by: Sunny Dee
golden leaving and butch being rehired would be the best knews on the Canes since 2000.

Looks like Goldie needs to explain the business that is college football to this kid.

People still clowning about coaching loyalty?! Now that's f-u-n-n-y.

You're not even loyal to your own dang team.

Golden is still a candidate, apparently he told Cane fans one thing and PSU another..

Mahoney, why did U say "Golden loss some credibility" the other day for again?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 08, 2014 at 12:16 PM

Check my typepad for starters

It's his decision live your young man God bless you where ever you decide get that education and the world opportunity will come ...... Go Canes.....

Golden is the one who brings up loyalty with his whole stand with the U. He should've handled with weekend differently. If you're going to leave, then leave, don't come back.

Golden just demonstrated he has a shaky commitment to this school. What is he expecting our reaction to be? Why should boosters donate money? Why should people buy season tickets? Why should recruits come here? Why do you think Valentine wants to talk to him?

Golden needed to realize, people are already upset with that defense. Now he goes an pulls this!

I think Golden can calm everyone down by doing the following:

1. Fire Dino
2. Top 5 recruiting class
3. Win the ACC next season

If he doesn't do 1 and somehow manages to do 2 and 3 then it's fine.

I think that's his bed for the 2 weeks and he's going to have to deal with it.

I'm renewing my tickets because I'll always pull for my school. But I am not at all happy about watching that defense next year.

I know others who are already looking at the flight plan over Sun Life.

Mahoney, why did U say "Golden loss some credibility" the other day for again?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | January 08, 2014 at 12:16 PM

Check my typepad for starters

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson | January 08, 2014 at 01:52 PM

Huh? Is your keypad/keyboard broke?

I'm just asking U to explain what U meant. Its a serious question.

T.V., we're glad to have you. You will make a difference on Defense. dont listen to all the ney sayers.

That Canefan72 should rename himself to Myersfan72, he just sound like the "illustrious" Mr Myers who was casted out by their peers at the Big Ten for his underhanded recruiting tactics. Anyway Trevonta is doing was is right for him, he will be a Cane at the end of the day to the dissapointment of some(Canesfan72). Good defense is build one block at the time, and need time to click. As a Canes fan I got spoiled to great defenses on and off, but I understand the process. Some of the fans try block the years of re-building we went thru in the 70'and late 80'-90'. Lots of game losses and by a lots of points, I know because I was there. The fans who jump in the van wagon on the 1999 team did not endure those years. I like the process now, make me remember at the process Coach Davis went throu before we won the 2000 BCS at the Rose Bowl. This generation demands immediate results when the process need to be done correctly to be right.

It's all about the F-O-O-L-S " GOLD-en " and Thee Carpetbagger's have PLAYED y'all Goldie nd' Marky Mark sycophants and apologists. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh, NBC Philly reports that Goldie is STILL a leading contender for the Penn. St. head coaching position. Go figures'.

In other words, it's called COVERING their own ( Penn St.'s ) BACKSIDE and what not.

So The bottom line is this. ?? I-F ?? Vanderbilt head coach Franklin turns down the Nittny Lion offer. Then Penn. St. will most likely offer the position, AGAIN, to Thee Carpetbagger Extraordinaire. dUh

Posted by: UCANES | January 08, 2014 at 02:35 PM

Your one of those FOOLS who's been BLINDED by the hazy, fuzzy Golden light!! Nothing more, nothing less. dUh

@@@@@@D hey idiot if u know so much maybe remember a Coach named Butch Davis he rebuild the team and it took him 5-6 years to win a BCS, after 3 years his record was, get this 5-6. So do ur homework before discuss something u do know crap about.

That coach Butch Davis is/was/and always will be a better coach than Al Golden. Their respective skill levels aren't comparable.

That coach endured real sanctions and the loss of over 30 scholarships during that period, not just an *investigation*. No comparison on what Butch went thru and what Golden did.

It looks like Petrino is going to Louisville and Randy may be going there to be Defensive Coordinator. Lamar Thomas is heading there to coach the receivers. Oh, I forgot, they also have many of the great South Florida players that UM wish they had. The aforementioned should be UM's coaching staff. What's wrong with this picture?

Although Randy may have been a a bit inexperienced as a Head Coach, he is still a great Defensive Coordinator and recruiter.

Donna, Blake and UM Board of Trustees, there is an evident paradigm shift going on here. Time to step up to the plate, and prevent the carpeting from being taken out from under us. Maybe for a start, we export Al Golden to replace Petrino at Western Kentucky. That is all of a head coaching job of which he is worthy.

Hopefully, Penn State will still take him. I just hope you guys aren't trying to convince him to stay in Coral Gables with more money. That money can be better used with a better championship proven coach.

If Not Butch; Certainly Petrino,

Wow, Shannon and Lamar Thomas, that's good for those guys. I was wondering why Shannon hadn't looked for D-coord jobs.

Golden not leaving. Butch not arriving. End the circle jerk.

Stand with us & bleed orange & green

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