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Valentine acknowledges his heart is with LSU and says UM "must show me something" on official visit

U.S. Army All-American defensive tackle Travonte Valentine got an early morning visit at Hialeah Champagnat from Hurricanes coach Al Golden and a couple of assistants on Tuesday.

Golden was there for two reasons: he wanted to make sure the 6-5, 325-pound Valentine was going to give the Canes an official visit this coming weekend and a shot to earn his signature on National Signing Day.

Mission accomplished.

Valentine, tabbed the 65th best 2014 prospect (regardless of position) according to 247Sports' composite rankings, said he assured Golden that he and his mother would visit Coral Gables officially this coming weekend. And he also said UM still has a shot to win him over, even though it's pretty clear LSU has his heart "as of right now."

"I don't know [what Miami has to do to change my heart]," said Valentine, who was wearing an LSU backback during a half hour interview at school with The Miami Herald Tuesday. "They just have to show me something."

That something is kind of difficult to put a finger on right now. Valentine, who de-committed from Miami late last month when the Golden to Penn State rumors were running rampant, knows he can come in and play early at Miami given the current state of the defensive line.

He also knows what Coral Gables is all about. Valentine said he's been down to UM so many times already he can't remember exactly how many unofficial visits he's made. So why does he feel the need to go there again this coming weekend?

"Just to have a good time with the players and the commits," he said.

Apparently Valentine hasn't done enough of that already. Valentine said while he's bonded with the coaches at UM, he hasn't felt the same "bonding experience" with Canes players and recruits. He said the reason his trip to LSU was special was because he did feel that bonding experience with a few former South Floridians who now call Baton Rouge home.

Valentine called that "a really big" factor.

"Team bonding," Valentine said when asked what he's ultimately looking for before making a final decision. "I want to bond with the team. I want everything to be good, a family situation when I get there.

"Like what I had this past weekend with [LSU freshman cornerback] Rashard Robinson [a Pompano Ely grad], [LSU freshman defensive tackle] Quan Bain [a University School grad] and [Hallandale senior safety and LSU 2014 commitment] John Battle. I have chemistry with them boys."

Valentine said he's already discussed rooming with Battle at LSU.

"Even though I can’t say I have that at Miami, I can have that [chemistry eventually] with guys like Chad Thomas, Anthony Moten, Mike Smith and Braxton Berrios," Valentine said. "We just have to build it."

When it comes to relationships, Valentine said he's been building a strong one with LSU assistant Corey Raymond since November. How is his chemistry with Canes assistant coach Hurley Brown? "It's pretty good," Valentine said. "Coach Hurley has known my stepdad since high school."

Valentine said Golden's recruiting pitch Tuesday was pretty clear cut. He brought up the history Miami has had with defensive linemen, and that he wants to have the opportunity to coach another great one. Valentine said Golden ended his pitch by saying: 'Let me coach you.'

How did those words make Valentine feel?

"Those were pretty big, decent words," Valentine said. "I felt like that’s something I have to think about."

Valentine promises he will and will do so before making his announcement on Signing Day. Champagnat coach Mike Tunsil said the school is planning to have its ceremonies around 10:30 a.m.

"I can never fault Miami for the way they've recruited Travonte," Tunsil said. "They did a great job recruiting him. I could never complain about that. They’ve been on him hard. They had the defensive coordinator, the d-line coach, the head coach over here. Overall, I think they could recruit our school better. But as far as Travonte, they’ve done great."


> For those of you sweating over Chad Thomas' recruiting visits to Florida State last weekend and his upcoming visit to Alabama -- go ahead and stop.

The five-star All-American defensive end made it pretty clear Tuesday he isn't planning on breaking Canes hearts on Signing Day.

"There’s no suspense," Thomas said. "I’ve been throwing up The U since the first game of the season. I’m not really trying to build any suspense, get anybody wound up, rowdy. Miami coaches knew I was going to take trips. They've just told me to have fun –- not just too much fun."

Thomas, an aspiring musician when he isn't killing quarterbacks on the football field, has been looking at UM's Frost Music School since well before the Hurricanes ever offered him a football scholarship. As a student at New World School of the Arts in Miami, he's been playing the piano, tuba and a number of other instruments for years and dreaming of attending Miami's music school.

While he said seeing FSU's music school -- and having a long talk with former Seminole Myron Rolle -- were nice experiences last weekend, Miami is still his school.

"It's two different music programs," Thomas said. "They look more into the production side at FSU. Miami has a great production side too. But I think the production side and band side at Miami are both great."

Has Alabama talked to Thomas about music? "No. Just football," he said with a grin.

Is he 100 percent Hurricane? "Yes sir," Thomas said. "Alabama knows that. They're just doing their job recruiting me."

> Booker T. offensive coordinator Tim Harris Jr. said he believes Thomas and defensive end Demetrius Jackson will both sign with UM next Wednesday.

Jackson, a three-star recruit according to 247Sports, visited Arkansas last weekend after telling a few recruiting websites he wasn't taking any more trips and was solid to UM.

"Arkansas was the first school that offered him," Harris Jr. said. "It’s a big school, SEC school. It’s only right to go on an official visit like that. I’ve seen people have bashed him on his Twitter for it. People don’t understand he just wants to take a visit. Kids work themselves to get this point. Us as coaches we help them along the way, but those kids, this is their moment. At the end of the day I think he’s going to stick with Miami as well."


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Exactly my intent^^. Too many weak and delusional fans whose posts fuel trolling, and whose infatuation with men (above the program) and not holding the administration responsible for the execution of their job duties has led to our mediocre times as fans this last decade.

What's funny is if Obama hasn't done anything then why was everybody screaming that the government needs to get down and do something when BP tried to flood the Western Hemisphere hemisphere in oil. Regulation is terrible for the free markets until there is a man made disaster. He can't read all he can do is fluff sacs.

All biatches "on the fence"....SEE YA...WE DONT NEED YA...






HTC first of all that so called law that if a person has any parts of African Blood as being black is complete bullsh9t! If that was the case then there would be a greater percentage of African Americans in our country. I personally know a person who's family used to be black a century ago and through mating with Caucasians over the years they are as white as any other. Oh and all those laws I know of them but they didn't do jack for me. Sorry to bust your bubble but that's just the reality that is called before my time. Oh and there is one big difference in how welfare was intended for and those who may have benefited from it a half century ago and the crackheads, and people who are making it a lifestyle right now. It's 2014, Malcom X not 1950 or 1966. The fact is since you want to bring up Golden's record, the overall record is what it is because of the programs he took over and what shape they were in when he got there. The thing an intelligent person looks at is how the programs trended and at both Temple and Miami they trended up. And really after the guy he followed at Temple and Shannon at Miami he had to start at the bottom because that's where the programs were when he got there. So use your brain or borrow one from someone and then you can see why the record is what it is and how great of a job the man is doing. In comparison to Obama, there really hasn't nothing gotten any better under him. Obama Care-Bust, Detroit-Busted twice, and just so you know if it wasn't for Bush starting the search for Bin Laden, Obama wouldn't have had the opportunity to send the order down to finish him. Get it dummy, it was already set in motion before Obama got in office much like Butch Davis had the UM program set into motion and even Coker couldn't screw that up. Interesting parallel don't ya think.

More excuses and more lies! Your twist snake game is exceptional--I commend U on it Limbaugh O'Reilly. Every way to imaginable to slight and discredit your Commander In Chief, but employ every excuse and crutch in the solar system to prop up a football coach.

Crack came to America in the late 1970's early 80's. Welfare reform used by and only available to whites was around for 300 plus years prior--since our Government's inception. Whether U like it or not, U are the face of it, not some crackhead. Interesting parallel between U and them tho!

HTC, it's funny that you talk about trolling and people accepting mediocre product on the field but it's obvious you are nothing more than a Gator troll who has nothing good to say. You want to blame the administration? Heck I am way cool with that. Start with them hiring Coker, Shannon and Haith. Coker couldn't screw up the 01 team but got the 02 team and then proceeded into a haze of mediocrity. Then what do they do, hire Shannon as his replacement who is worse. Haith in basketball, do we really want to go there with that loser? Now look at their replacements. First Larranaga, took a bunch of undisciplined atheletes and won an ACC Title last year and considering the team is completely new this year they are not doing that bad. Now Golden, look I know you and Tally have a hard on for Shannon but man he sucked. Golden takes a bunch of lazy underachievers and is hit with a huge NCAA scandal and not only wins but never has a losing season at Miami which Shannon had. Golden also trended upward where as Shannon trended up and then downward with an experienced team full of his recruits and his hand picked QB who throws about thirty something interceptions. Golden and his team of coaches get him and all of a sudden the guy, you know Jacory is a twenty something to five td to int ratio. Now that's pretty good coaching when you cut down about twenty something interceptions. Now I know U, Gallober, Tallyboy, and Calvina are going to Harp on the defense ironically as basically your only defense and plea, but that too is getting better. It improved this year and basically shut down and Florida offense that it's true will never be confused with the Houston Cougars of the Andre Ware years but it was at Full Strength with their QB and basically their whole team. A team which was in the Sugar Bowl the year before. The biggest problem with the defense the second half of the season, since you ask or one of you dumbsh9ts asked, was the injury to Duke. Now I know the first thing U are going to think is wait a minute Duke play's offense. Yes I know that and judging by your comments you really don't know that much about the game so I will spell it out for you. Duke's impact on this team is huge. And it is no coincidence that the offense other than Coley went south when he got hurt. When that happens, well then your defense is on the field a lot more. A defense that with all it's youth and inexperience needs to be helped with the running game that was well non existent and not as explosive without the Duke. I know this is way over your heads but Duke being injured actually hurt the defense.

Oooooooooofffffff cooooouuuuuuurrrrsssee I'm a Gator troll now that U got your arse handed to U and have NOTHING but the SAME excuses to spew.

Duke's injury
Butch Davis
Lilo & Stitch
Fruit Roll-ups
Richard Sherman
South Florida players don't have talent???
NCAA scandal
Big Foot
The Road Runner
Charles Ramsey
The Planet Earth

...everyone but the coaches.

HTC, hey dummy the United States hasn't been around for 300 years U idiot. I haven't lied about a thing. That my friend would be U. I gave no excuses for either I just gave the facts, not a snake twist or whatever voodoo bullsh3t you are talking about. I ain't the face of anything welfare related. I have never been on it nor has anyone from my family's past been on it. We always worked for everything we ever had. Now it may have been implemented by people of the past but they ain't the face of welfare. Those crackhead, women baby factories that are out there spitting one out right behind another not knowing who the baby daddy is are the face of that. You know the interesting thing is the face has no particular race because some of all make welfare a lifestyle. But it's the government who wants welfare to exist. It's like that senator or whatever he was from South Carolina said a couple of years ago, "if you feed stray dogs they will breed." And you know the man has a valid point. Stop feeding them and start giving any welfare or aid to somebody who has actually worked and contributed to society rather than take. Then those people could retire at age 60 and not have to work at Walmart on some register they can't operate just so they can pay their bills and for their medication. Now tell me that doesn't make sense.

Where in the universe does an idiot like you even think you could hand my arse to me. That's a joke right? You couldn't hang with me on a set of monkey bars. Face it chump change, you are out of your league when trying to debate me with facts. Practice on somebody in the farm system before stepping up to the big leagues.

I remember being that emotionally insecure when I was 17. Valentine just needs to follow his heart and go where he will be happy.

Was that before or after bush let sent osama's family home on Air Force One? Seemed like bush was really concerned with finding bin laden. We fought two wars on borrowed money while depleting the most money this country had has ever had since slavery and putting this country in what could have been an even bigger depression than the one in 1929.This country got to be in the position it's in because of free labor and you talk about welfare. Coaching got duke hurt and nothing else. Duke had just come off a concussion two weeks earlier and Crawford proved to be a valuable change of pace. Jimbo had sense enough to run three fresh tailbacks against an extremely porous efense and we tried to run duke solely into a fence all night. How do you explain green covering tailbacks in the flats? No one has ever answered that.

Big leagues?lmao your nothing more than a provincial ball juggling sac rider.

My God look at u broken hearted lil cane fans writing teenage I'm sorry, begging to take me back please love letters to ur 18 year old "Valentine" that kicked u to the curb saying u no longer have his HEART ! LSU does...

get a grip on something other than ur cane pole clUcks and move on already.

but if you add Scarborough then the class could become historic.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 28, 2014 at 10:28 PM

JESuS H CHRIST listen to u delUsional fools... The kid decides, like all the rest on the last weekend before signing day, to get out of 20 degrees n snow to visit and u complete dUmmasse's already have him making the class historic, splitting half the carries with lil dookie and converting every 3rd n 3 ... And after he says thanks, but no thanks, the weather was great n heads back to BAMA on Sunday, u idiotic fools will somehow convince ur deluded brains that he didn't so much turn u down but just decided on BAMA and u were a close second because he visited u last. UR WERE NOT even in his top-5-10, nor offered when he committed to BAMA back in SEPTEMBER !

But GOLDEN got a 5-star from the snow to visit on the last weekend before signing day proves we are on our way BACK !!!

First of all Tally this was none of your business. Second of all I never said Bush was without faults but how do you know it was just him? did that melon of yours ever think that when Clinton passed the NAFTA bill that the years following his administration was going to be time it would be for our country to be in a financial recession. You see a lot of businesses and people prospered during the 90's because we were basically selling our country to other countries. Well when you have a raise in profits and financial lifestyle there is a down swing to it. Your boy Obama even used that against Hillary during the primary. You see for every ying there is that yang. Now enough with the financial history lesson for you and on to the questions you fielded. Coaching did not get Duke hurt, his ankle was rolled under him by a lineman. No coach can coach a player for incidental contact accident. And Crawford is not a change of pace back, he is just a fill in because behind Duke all we had was a true freshmen that has talent. Crawford has played hard and come up big for us but he is what he is which is a converted corner that gives us depth. So you are trying to tell me that if you had Duke Johnson and you were the coach, you wouldn't have run him when you are within a score of your arch rival? If you wouldn't then you are either one of two things, either a liar or an idiot who doesn't have a clue as to what a coach would do. The reason I say that is because any coach would do that who has any sense. The only reason Fisher ran his three backs is because he has three top quality backs. With Miami at that time we had Duke then a big drop off to Crawford and then an untested true freshmen who although talented its true was not to the level of Wilder, Freeman, or the other guy. And running Duke into a fence as you say is a bad move? Just where would you have run him smart guy? I mean would you have run him out side all night or thrown the ball every down? Any body who knows football knows you have to run between the tackles against a FSU or a Miami? If you run sideline to sideline you are going to lose. Learn the game and act like you are capable of taking your bias against Golden out of the equation which would allow you to debate sensibly against someone of my caliber and then you can consider yourself legit. Until then you are nothing more than hariats Randy Shannon sac riden buddy.

pUUUUUUUUUUhhhhhlllleeeease TRAVONTE... You will get playing time immediately and be part of bringing the U back to the top.

Posted by: RedCane | January 28, 2014 at 09:49 PM

And that is exactly what u have been saying for a decade ad nauseam and will continue to repeat ad nauseam for years to come...

Having to to rely on and play multiple Freshman Immediately year after year ='s NEVER getting back to the top.

We're Young ... Inexperienced... Still Learning... Just part of the PROCESS... It's the new 21st. Century cane thang that is cane foolsball.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 29, 2014 at 02:12 AM

u were funnier as RON ZOOK... but just as stUpid, dUmb n delUsional.

Oh and Tally, Alabama, Florida State and about every successful defense used their defensive end in the flats as well, just so you know.

Yeah we are still the U little douche bag, and while we were down for a while we are surging back to the top each year. We aren't even at full strength a we whipped U little Gaytors, from the big bad SEC. We'll see you soon chump change.

Memo to Travonte Valentine- Either you want to red-shirt your freshman year at LSU or, come to UM with a chance to start.

If valentine is that good and has to redshirt at lsu it tells me that they have depth and talent and he would have to wait his turn. just like the Miami of old
also the saying is
you can come to Miami or lose to Miami
your chose son

.....A defense that with all it's youth and inexperience needs to be helped with it's running game that was well non existent am not as explosive without Duke. I know this is way over your heads but Duke being injured actually hurt the defense

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 28, 2014 at 11:57 PM


Alfraud disagrees with you!! The defense was NOT YOUNG AND INEXPERIENCED!!

Golden's response:

"I think the biggest thing was to not change, was just to take all the young kids, the 14 or 15 freshmen we played over there and just to quiet their minds down, settle them down a little bit. I felt different about the defense in the spring – there was a calmness, they were communicating more. And then of course getting [defensive tackle] Curtis Porter back and then giving everybody another year in the weight room.
"[Linebacker] Denzel Perryman grew up on the stage for us, played at 208 and then 212. He’s 243 now. [Linebacker] Jimmy Gaines is 240. [Linebacker] Alex Figueroa is 238. [Defensive end] Anthony Chickillo is another guy who played for us at 45 and 50. He is now 275. So those kids had to grow up and were forced to play before they were ready. Now, they’re settled in, they know the system and we’re excited about who we have coming back on defense."

Well, if the kid wants to go to LSU let him. Give him his 5 min of fame. He is a complete nobody 5 star there. Lsu is loaded with 5 star DT's every year. Playing time for Valentine at LSU 0 first year. At Miami it would depend on how hard he works. OH I'm sorry we're suppost to make Valentine the capt. of the defense before the kid gets here. Big time pre-madonna. Jimmy Johnson would not even bother talking to this kid anymore. Didn't bond with the players???? Well maybe they want to see something before they bow down and worship you son. Complete air head.

Wow! Wow ! & Wow!...the following are stunningly positive numbers.
"[Linebacker] Denzel Perryman grew up on the stage for us, played at 208 and then 212. He’s 243 now. [Linebacker] Jimmy Gaines is 240. [Linebacker] Alex Figueroa is 238. [Defensive end] Anthony Chickillo is another guy who played for us at 45 and 50. He is now 275. So those kids had to grow up and were forced to play before they were ready. Now, they’re settled in, they know the system and we’re excited about who we have coming back on defense
Posted by: Ron Zook | July 30, 2013 at 03:34 PM


Are u still WOWED???


The D will be in the mid 50's this year i'm predicting and that will result in a 10 win season. Can't wait to see them twice in Carolina this year.
Posted by: Cane For Life | July 30, 2013 at 04:40 PM
Look here. Just another delusional Cane fool and what not!!! hUh
And IF Miami is ranked in the Top 50 team defensive percentile. The Hurricanes will go UNDEFEATED!!! Especially with a HIGH OCTANE offense.
Nonetheless, I absolutely doubt the Canes will be RANKED above No. 65 in the team defense category!!! Simply because Marky Mark will be on the Hurricane sidelines. Eh. What say.
Posted by: D | July 30, 2013 at 04:49 PM


He was in the booth but U had it right playa!!

Memo to Travonte Valentine- Either you want to red-shirt your freshman year at LSU or, come to UM with a chance to start.

Posted by: Cane Supporter | January 29, 2014 at 05:39 AM

If valentine is that good and has to redshirt at lsu it tells me that they have depth and talent and he would have to wait his turn. just like the Miami of old
also the saying is
you can come to Miami or lose to Miami
your chose son

Posted by: rmcanes | January 29, 2014 at 05:48 AM


Memo to delUsional cane fan... This above mentality is exactly why u are in the state ur in, have been the last decade and will continue to be barely treading water outside the top-25 for years to come. U've unknowingly excepted mediocrity and haven't the foresight to recognize it. It's a longtime Dolphin fan disease that you've acquired and have no cure for other than to blindly head down the "hope and change and next year" road ur presently puttering down with Golden and his bud sitting in the Pilot n Co-Pilot seats.

"also the saying is ...you can come to Miami or lose to Miami"

That is a saying that was relevant for just 2 years the last 20 years back in 2000 and 2001 with just ONE Championship. The other 18 years... Not even close.

How u think the Canes football program, as they continue to bring in average OVERALL recruiting classes year after year with half the commits not even offered by top-25 teams, relying on True Freshman to be ur saviors year after year and believing that they will be ur saving grace this year or the next year and U WILL BE BACK is as stupid as singing that outdated Miami Dolphin fight song on Sundays and truly believing that the lyrics are actually true...


"THE U INVENTED SWAG... IT'S A CANE THANG... U WOULDN"T UNDERSTAND"... Heading into it's second decade and will continue.

But... there's always next year right ?

And if u really think Valentine will redshirt, ur really hopeless... The kid will be the 5th. or 6th. DT in a rotation playing 20-25 snaps, usually in blowout games and not asked to play 40-50 snaps, burning out getting his head bashed in and knees flamingoed... It's called Top-Program DEVELOPEMENT. And come Winter after his Junior season, he'll make a decision to move on to the NFL as a healthy, non overworked STUD. And LSU, like ALL Top-Programs will have brought in 6-8 just like him as Fresh n Sophs going through the same exact development program in 2014 and 2015... U know, exactly what U haven't done at ANY position Defensively in YEARS. Or really any position other than WR from the end of Coker, Shannon and continuing and will continue under Golden... Check out all those DT's-DE's-LB's that u have developed the last 6-8 years that have waltzed right into the League. You'd be lucky to find just 1 at each of those positions since 2006 and ZERO on the present roster. YES ZERO. Don't even try to tout any 2013 Fresh n 2012 Sophs and obviously, no 2011 Juniors that declared for the 2014 draft.

NO BUCKS ... NO BUCK ROGERS ... And u can't even get off the launching pad talent wise overall compared to the top-25 Programs in over 10 years... Not WAKE-UNC-DUKE-VIR-NCST-GaTech. which is where u are at right now and have been talent and competition wise since 2004.

Now, u go ahead into complete brain-lock, get emotional and pop off how Ur just one, maybe two recruiting classes away from being back and playing for the ACC Ship and Playoffs for the National Championship.

If "team bonding" is the reason for Valentine's choice, then he should choose Miami. One of the biggest selling points Miami has is the bond between former players at the school. You don't see many other players flashing their schools signal in the NFL. Former players come back to Miami to train. They come back and speak to the current players. Former Canes always speak highly of their time at the U, and view the U as their family.

With all due respect to LSU, you don't hear that kind of stuff from former players at that program. After his career is finished at LSU, nobody at LSU will think of him again.

If Valentine wants to be part of a family, he should play at Miami. Plus, he will play immediately and he actually fits well with the defensive scheme because he doesn't need any help to effectively rush the QB.

Well said Sunny Dee. I guess we'll see soon enough.

If Al Golden wants to make an impact on Travonte, Get on the phone and bring back some canes in the NFL and show him some love for the University

If you clowns think Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 was a truthful documentary then may God help you because you are beyond help from man kind. Notice when he showed the list of alleged family members that flew out of the country, that there was a whole column blurred out? Why hide that from your viewers? I always thought GW would go down as the worst POS of all time but Obama proved me wrong.

POTUS but auto correct changed it to POS.

If Golden listening to what Penn State had to say cost us Valentine then oh well then. What does he think Les Miles did just a couple of years ago with Michigan. Why it is the same thing. Imagine that a coach wins some games and all of a sudden other schools are interested in him. I know that may be too much of a juggernaut of a thought for some of your brains...

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 28, 2014 at 09:49 PM


Try to wrap ur noodle cane brain around this... Les Miles was coming off an SEC Championship and NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in 2007 when Michigan came calling. With an LSU team and program LOADED with talent that would play in another 2 SEC Champ games and National Champ game soon after. And he used Michigan as an Ace Card to up his salary to nearly 4.4 million a year and a Guaranteed escalating scale clause that he would ALWAYS be one of the top-3 paid College Coaches. The LSU AD SKIP BERTMAN, Administration, his players and RECRUITS ALL knew he was going NOWHERE.

"What does he think Les Miles did just a couple of years ago with Michigan. Why it is the same thing."

So, Les Miles in his THIRD year at LSU wins his SECOND SEC WEST TITLE and First NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is the same thing as Al Golden, after his THIRD year who's salary and contract is set in stone, "flirting" with Penn St. is the same thing as Les Miles using Michigan to DOUBLE his salary through 2019 huh Cane Fool ? What Oxygen Deprived Bizarro Candy Cane World do u reside in ?

Now is when u go into brain freeze mode and tell us all about how the NCAA is to blame for it all even though 80+ Schollies have been available to Golden for all three of his Miami seasons.

And NO TOP-PROGRAMS are interested in Al Golden unlike Les Miles, including his ALMA MATER and his Siamese sidekick package deal BFF.

Dude... just stop while ur waaaaaaayyyyyy behind.

nash peep me out:


Valentine said Golden ended his pitch by saying: 'Let me coach you.'

This penn disgrace moron is comical, who does he think he is, ed oregon, and here's more proof for those who've been saying it for the longest that the head moron has alot to do with coaching the efense. Like this moron kept complaining about when he first got here cause he didn't understand Miami confidence, so he said "some of these guys think they'e better than what they are". I said it back than, we can apply that same statement to him and his mac minions, and now here is more clear proof "let me coach you" ROFL, we'll see if that reels him in.

First off, it's going to be real hard for any older Cane d-linemen to honestly recruit d-linemen here when they not letting them play the way they use to play. How come, against the turn-overprone gaytors(now dzp52, shayon, rayshawn they forced they're turn-overs, t howard when and got that bad throw to but)all we heard was "we brought our techniques to the game, the 2nd half of the season did our techniques disappear!
Posted by: Calvin | January 28, 2014 at 10:55 PM

Rofl, you know i wasn't gone let that one slide, i got to it about 15mins before you did, at least post time wise lol.

Yeah mane I posted it right after you did.

All the dline coach or lsu has to do is turn on the game TAPES to show how Alfraud and his bestie will "coach him"..

That was way too funny!!!

"Let me coach you"

Yeah just ask Chic and his pops how that's turned out!!

If I'm TV's folks I'm like hayell to the naw. Get as far away from my son as possible. I don't need him regressing from his frosh year forward!!!

Look at the blog Pig posting nonstop from 1 AM until now. That Costco gig the Pig has sure doesn't challenge him like it used to.

Piggy? Ohhhh, Piggy. 4-8. Let that sink in along with the gatr Trash's top recruiting classes. 4-8.

Why would the U recruit outside of South Florida --- Oh maybe to actually find talented football players!!

Boy that Travonte Valentine sure is dumb for choosing LSU's recent and vast successful History playing in front of 90k 10 times a year on Major TV over Miami's recent stagnant and ancient history in front of 35k 3-4 times on major tv...

Typical Hialeah tonto idiota.

Valentine and every recruit must do what they feel is best for their future. If they have the talent to make it to the NFL the decision becomes all the more important as tens of millions of dollars come into play. A great college recruit should listen seriously to all offers and get good advice from family and their high school coaches. If they listed to "street agents" or others attempting to influence them they are making a huge mistake.

Al Golden is a very good football coach and it was shown by the fact his alma mater, Penn State, wanted to speak to him about their position. Golden owed them that visit but as he has stated numerous times before Miami is his destination job. An international city, a major media market, a transportation hub and great sub-tropical weather plus he's getting all the facilities improvements he wants.

As for those who cry about the Miami defense the talent has not been there to play an aggressive attack style defense. The NCAA fiasco killed our recruiting for almost 3 years with our opponents (including LSU telling kids we were going to get the death penalty). Golden still managed to get us to a 9-3 record the same as LSU's 9-3 record (but we beat Florida and they lost to Florida). At the bowl game we were without our best running back using a 3rd stringer to start, almost all of our receivers were injured less Stacy Coley and our QB was injured and not a good leader to begin with.

I believe we're in the same position now as Butch Davis was in 1999 and that next year we'll challenge for the national championship. You'll see a much more physical and aggressive team this year.

The facilities at Miami are now in the top 10% and they'll be even better later this year as a new artificial turf practice field with lighting is built, a training table system is initiated and new stainless steel in ground stainless steel sanitizing plunge pools are added. (There are 4 large new indoor pools in the new training center). Athletes have to remember that Miami does not offer many Olympic sports and basketball and baseball have their own training facilities as well that are also new.

I hope Valentine stays home, this is his home, he's wanted and needed by more than 5 players that LSU seems to offer. It's rumored that Les Miles keeps on applying for NFL jobs and that seems to get lost in the noise.



OK University Of Miami Hurricanes Fans, here's the deal ... U Won, made the plays, deserved to Win, are the better team and have been the better program over a 30 year period. The Florida Gators got hit right in their moufs. That may just be an opinion, but that's what the results on the playing field states. No excuses. We Gators n Canes have been going at it since the Summer of '08 on these blogs and it's been full insults ahead for over 1,800 straight days. It's been a constant back n forth of, U said, Gator said... Gator said, U said. U Suck, Gators Suck. Has it been interesting ? At times sure. Has it been ugly ? Mostly. Has it meant a damn thing on the field ? No. Now back in that Summer of '08 the Gators will say U came to their blog spouting pollution. And U will say that the Gators came to Ur blog doing the same thing. Ultimately and ending cycle of mostly senseless ridiculousness that just went round n round in a circle of insults and foolishness didn't mean a thing. So, having said that, It's over. I'm not asking for a truce, just saying it's over by virtue of the fact that our Football rivalry is no more. It's just in the past. Now U can say why U think it's over. And Ur entitled to that opinion. The Gators will have their reasons, and they are entitled to that opinion. Bottom line is this... Right now, Miami Football... Florida Football ... Florida State Football Programs are not "Back" Yet. But they are ALL rising. No debate that they are 3 of the Best Top to Bottom College Football Programs College Football has EVER seen and easily Top-5-10 over the last 20-30 years combined. Simply put, when the State of Florida BIG-3 are ALL doing well, College Football is far better as a result. It's a State of Florida thing that the other 49 States, as well as the World simply wouldn't understand, could never understand, will never get and certainly will never fathom.

Now I'm not here to call for some kind of truce. I think we all know, in totality, that's an impossibility. And really, I don't really think we need one. We as fans are passionate. Some more fanatical than others. But from this point forward I hope we can just be more civil to one another as Miamian-Hurricanian / Gainesvillian-Reptilian - Floridian Americans. I will. I also sincerely want to apologize for some of my disrespectful comments in the past Cane fans. But in my own defense, I must say that far more of my "nasty" and "hateful" posts were others impersonating me. And trying to explain that, during those times, was simply useless. As for the other Gators that post here, I ask you to drop n bury the axe. It's been too long, the winding road has run it's course. The Gator n Cane points and counter points are just moot now... Time to move on. The Canes have their destiny and the Gators have theirs. God willing, for the sake of College Football, they will meet again someday in the foreseeable future in the Post-Season. Which could only mean one thing... We Both Don't SUCK !

In closing, I think we Gators n Canes can certainly agree on one thing. There are ups n downs, trials n tribulations, ebbs n flows for every Program in College in all Sports as well as life... I do believe it's safe to say that The Miami Hurricane and Florida Gator Football Programs are both ascending no matter how we might personally feel about the past... Win or Lose, Victory or Defeat, Saturday September 7th from High Noon until the final gun was as compelling as College Football gets or ever gets (minus of course that Driskel left-handed pass with 8 seconds to go). Much respect to U and Urs ...

Good luck Cane Fans... Go get Ur Coastal and ACC Championship. When U do, the rest will fall into place...

Gators ... ditto ... Eastern ... SEC ... ???

See U down the line Mighty CANE FANS ... perhaps in Basketball or Baseball ... SALUTE.

No Mas from me.


A Miami born GATOR/CANE ... 9-11-13


C'est la vie Arty ... It's been real brother.

Posted by: Soldy is dead ... R.I.P. | September 11, 2013 at 10:01 PM

Tub o sht thinks people care about politics on a sports blog. The only thing more delusional than the racist Canes haters here (calvin and tubbo) is anyone who thinks the state of the union speech means anything.

This past October LSU played Florida at Baton Rouge and the attendance was only Tiger Stadium’s Death Valley nickname may never have been better-earned than Saturday for the LSU-Florida game. Attendance was announced at 92,980. But in actuality, there were only about 78,000 fans in the stands, according to Athletic Director Joe Alleva. Just about the same as Miami - Florida at Sun Life last year....

If Valentine wants to be part of a family, he should play at Miami. Plus, he will play immediately and he actually fits well with the defensive scheme because he doesn't need any help to effectively rush the QB.

Posted by: Sunny Dee | January 29, 2014 at 09:13 AM

Well said Sunny Dee. I guess we'll see soon enough.

Posted by: 1*2*3*4*5* | January 29, 2014 at 09:34 AM


Word is in the recruiting world, is that Golden has some really great family day cookouts after practices. Great for bonding getting ready for those Bowl Games in December.

Valentine wants a signing bonus....lsu can get away with paying players. He is lsu bound.

Means as much as Alfraud end of the year presser...

"Continuity not Change" remember...

LOL on this report of a high school player comments, and how Canes fans are reacting. Valentine would be a great addition to the DL, but he is not the total package...watch the films. Miami needs to close with JC Jackson, and start looking for key players in the 2015 class. I like the following players: Thomas, Kaaya, Moten, McDermott, Darlying, Hester, Gayot, Harris, McCray, Berrios, Linder, Young, Gray (must qualify), and Smith.

Again, Valentine would help, but he will not make the difference for us to lose sleep. The JC DTs and the kid from the NE will help too. I am just asking for a QB coach (Dorsey)....PLEASE!

"Ultimately and ending cycle of mostly senseless ridiculousness that just went round n round in a circle of insults and foolishness didn't mean a thing. So, having said that, It's over. I'm not asking for a truce, just saying it's over by virtue of the fact that our Football rivalry is no more."

bwwwahahahhha. Suck it, Pig. You're right it's over. Your Gatr Trash suuuuuuuuucks. In fact, you can only talk about the Canes 'cause the Gatr Trash has squat.

9-11 marines here, reporting for duty. Special Latrine Sargeant Soldy Pig at your service.

"Miamian-Hurricanian / Gainesvillian-Reptilian - Floridian Americans"

Spoken like a true graduate of the world's largest diploma mill and trailer park.

Floridian - America. That's a good one, Pig. You are as stooooooopid as Miss South Carolina - "US-Americans."

What's next? North American - Western Hemispherians? Earthly - Solar Systemites?

You are too stooooopid for words, Pig. Stop while you are way behind and crawl back to that rat trap trailer park you spent 7 years of undergrad in back in the 80's, you sick maggot.

The likely #1 Guy in the NFL draft is a former 3* recruit from UCF. Don't get hung up on the stars a recruit has. Plenty of examples of 5 star busts and 2-3 star dominant players. If stars were all the mattered, Texas would have won the NC virtually every year in the 2000s.

Man some of you posters are either just plain STUPID, or just plain ANTI-CANE, and have a very strange fixation with ANYTHING that goes on at Miami. Many of you talk about how bad the coaching staff is, and how they need to do this, and need to do that, or need to be fired, or whatever, and then when we have a chance to nail down some top flight recruits, it's like you try your BEST to dissuade them from coming to Miami. WHY??? I mean regardless wouldn't you WANT the BEST recruits to come to your school?

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