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Valentine acknowledges his heart is with LSU and says UM "must show me something" on official visit

U.S. Army All-American defensive tackle Travonte Valentine got an early morning visit at Hialeah Champagnat from Hurricanes coach Al Golden and a couple of assistants on Tuesday.

Golden was there for two reasons: he wanted to make sure the 6-5, 325-pound Valentine was going to give the Canes an official visit this coming weekend and a shot to earn his signature on National Signing Day.

Mission accomplished.

Valentine, tabbed the 65th best 2014 prospect (regardless of position) according to 247Sports' composite rankings, said he assured Golden that he and his mother would visit Coral Gables officially this coming weekend. And he also said UM still has a shot to win him over, even though it's pretty clear LSU has his heart "as of right now."

"I don't know [what Miami has to do to change my heart]," said Valentine, who was wearing an LSU backback during a half hour interview at school with The Miami Herald Tuesday. "They just have to show me something."

That something is kind of difficult to put a finger on right now. Valentine, who de-committed from Miami late last month when the Golden to Penn State rumors were running rampant, knows he can come in and play early at Miami given the current state of the defensive line.

He also knows what Coral Gables is all about. Valentine said he's been down to UM so many times already he can't remember exactly how many unofficial visits he's made. So why does he feel the need to go there again this coming weekend?

"Just to have a good time with the players and the commits," he said.

Apparently Valentine hasn't done enough of that already. Valentine said while he's bonded with the coaches at UM, he hasn't felt the same "bonding experience" with Canes players and recruits. He said the reason his trip to LSU was special was because he did feel that bonding experience with a few former South Floridians who now call Baton Rouge home.

Valentine called that "a really big" factor.

"Team bonding," Valentine said when asked what he's ultimately looking for before making a final decision. "I want to bond with the team. I want everything to be good, a family situation when I get there.

"Like what I had this past weekend with [LSU freshman cornerback] Rashard Robinson [a Pompano Ely grad], [LSU freshman defensive tackle] Quan Bain [a University School grad] and [Hallandale senior safety and LSU 2014 commitment] John Battle. I have chemistry with them boys."

Valentine said he's already discussed rooming with Battle at LSU.

"Even though I can’t say I have that at Miami, I can have that [chemistry eventually] with guys like Chad Thomas, Anthony Moten, Mike Smith and Braxton Berrios," Valentine said. "We just have to build it."

When it comes to relationships, Valentine said he's been building a strong one with LSU assistant Corey Raymond since November. How is his chemistry with Canes assistant coach Hurley Brown? "It's pretty good," Valentine said. "Coach Hurley has known my stepdad since high school."

Valentine said Golden's recruiting pitch Tuesday was pretty clear cut. He brought up the history Miami has had with defensive linemen, and that he wants to have the opportunity to coach another great one. Valentine said Golden ended his pitch by saying: 'Let me coach you.'

How did those words make Valentine feel?

"Those were pretty big, decent words," Valentine said. "I felt like that’s something I have to think about."

Valentine promises he will and will do so before making his announcement on Signing Day. Champagnat coach Mike Tunsil said the school is planning to have its ceremonies around 10:30 a.m.

"I can never fault Miami for the way they've recruited Travonte," Tunsil said. "They did a great job recruiting him. I could never complain about that. They’ve been on him hard. They had the defensive coordinator, the d-line coach, the head coach over here. Overall, I think they could recruit our school better. But as far as Travonte, they’ve done great."


> For those of you sweating over Chad Thomas' recruiting visits to Florida State last weekend and his upcoming visit to Alabama -- go ahead and stop.

The five-star All-American defensive end made it pretty clear Tuesday he isn't planning on breaking Canes hearts on Signing Day.

"There’s no suspense," Thomas said. "I’ve been throwing up The U since the first game of the season. I’m not really trying to build any suspense, get anybody wound up, rowdy. Miami coaches knew I was going to take trips. They've just told me to have fun –- not just too much fun."

Thomas, an aspiring musician when he isn't killing quarterbacks on the football field, has been looking at UM's Frost Music School since well before the Hurricanes ever offered him a football scholarship. As a student at New World School of the Arts in Miami, he's been playing the piano, tuba and a number of other instruments for years and dreaming of attending Miami's music school.

While he said seeing FSU's music school -- and having a long talk with former Seminole Myron Rolle -- were nice experiences last weekend, Miami is still his school.

"It's two different music programs," Thomas said. "They look more into the production side at FSU. Miami has a great production side too. But I think the production side and band side at Miami are both great."

Has Alabama talked to Thomas about music? "No. Just football," he said with a grin.

Is he 100 percent Hurricane? "Yes sir," Thomas said. "Alabama knows that. They're just doing their job recruiting me."

> Booker T. offensive coordinator Tim Harris Jr. said he believes Thomas and defensive end Demetrius Jackson will both sign with UM next Wednesday.

Jackson, a three-star recruit according to 247Sports, visited Arkansas last weekend after telling a few recruiting websites he wasn't taking any more trips and was solid to UM.

"Arkansas was the first school that offered him," Harris Jr. said. "It’s a big school, SEC school. It’s only right to go on an official visit like that. I’ve seen people have bashed him on his Twitter for it. People don’t understand he just wants to take a visit. Kids work themselves to get this point. Us as coaches we help them along the way, but those kids, this is their moment. At the end of the day I think he’s going to stick with Miami as well."


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Concur totally! To really assess the U problems over the past 2 years have to be the play of the QB and defense. UCF improved due to the QB, and their defense was not soft.

Then what matters?

U spend alot of time (always here with no life) posting what U don't agree with, but never what U do believe in.

If the stars don't matter (talent) and the coaches are never held accountable in your posts, then what will bring UM back to football prominence?

We all no what doesn't matter to U, but what does?

At the bowl game we were without our best running back using a 3rd stringer to start, almost all of our receivers were injured less Stacy Coley and our QB was injured and not a good leader to begin with.

I believe we're in the same position now as Butch Davis was in 1999 and that next year we'll challenge for the national championship. You'll see a much more physical and aggressive team this year.

The facilities at Miami are now in the top 10% and they'll be even better later this year as a new artificial turf practice field with lighting is built, a training table system is initiated and new stainless steel in ground stainless steel sanitizing plunge pools are added. (There are 4 large new indoor pools in the new training center). Athletes have to remember that Miami does not offer many Olympic sports and basketball and baseball have their own training facilities as well that are also new.

I hope Valentine stays home, this is his home, he's wanted and needed by more than 5 players that LSU seems to offer. It's rumored that Les Miles keeps on applying for NFL jobs and that seems to get lost in the noise.

Posted by: CaneFan | January 29, 2014 at 10:47 AM


right back to excUse u

stUnning ... just stUnning !!!

"I believe we're in the same position now as Butch Davis was in 1999 and that next year we'll challenge for the national championship."

please some non-delusional cane fan talk to this poor poor misguided soul.

"The facilities at Miami are now in the top 10%"

Son, u need to get out of ur Miami snow globe from time to time or at the very least, do some reserch. Miami's "facilities" aren't even in the top-75 of D-1 Programs. They aren't even CLOSE with their Weight room, practice fields, meeting rooms, EXTENSIVE locker-room, film rooms, offices, on site medical facilities, training table, players lounges, dorms and... ON CAMPUS STADIUM ! NOT ENOUGH ROOM ! NEVER WAS.

Top 10% ? There are at least 25 FCS, D-2 and JUCO's with better facilities than Miami... and a DOZEN Texas High Schools... Please don't ever repeat that outside ur lil cane bubble if u ever want to be taken seriously about talking College Football... Oh and that 2014 National Championship Game u have the canes playing in... u might wanna keep that to urself as well.

JEEEEEEESuS H CHRIST ... call an intervention fellow cane clUcks.

"and new stainless steel in ground stainless steel sanitizing plunge pools are added."

woot woot dey com wit da beeeyothes n boathoes in tu live cru beekeenees tu ?

Al Golden is a very good football coach

Posted by: CaneFan | January 29, 2014 at 10:47 AM

I'll leave that to u cane fans...

Excuses are all that matters
Golden is all that matters
and now...
"trending" is all that matters.

I have never seen where the Government has done jack squat for me other than take my tax dollars and give it to some crack head who wants to make welfare a lifestyle.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | January 28, 2014 at 10:44

Y'all DIRTY WHYTE BOY'S are something else ( Especially you and that gatorkiller cane!! )! Seriously bUbba, you and your ILK need a Cranial ENEMA and what not. hUh Because your mentality is full of CHIT!!!

Oh, Y-O-U-R federal tax dollars go to INTERSTATE/STATE highway repairs, and Y-O-U-R federal tax dollars go to state LAW ENFORCEMENT/EMERGENCY MEDICAL services in the form of FEDERAL GRANTS, which said state DOESN'T pay back. dUH

And I absolutely KNOW you don't mind that your Fed' dollars go to all branches of the PAX AMERICANA WEHR MACHT military! Do you, bUbba.

Nonetheless, I do admire your BLUNT form of subtle RACISM and what not!

UFraud, where foosball players become convicted murderers.

UFraud, we transfer like you read about.


Posted by: CaneFan | January 29, 2014 at 10:47 AM

who will the Dolphins be playing next year in SUPER BOWL XLIX in Phoenix ?

who's soldy ?

"and new stainless steel in ground stainless steel sanitizing plunge pools are added."

woot woot dey com wit da beeeyothes n boathoes in tu live cru beekeenees tu ?

Posted by: u are u ... to the 10th power

What's sad, or even funny about your posts, is I don't think you realize how IDIOTIC they are. What part of you doesn't understand is that Miami is a PRIVATE school numbskull, NOT public like your loser Gators, we have about 12k students, NOT 50k like your loser Gators, and so ( I'm not a scientist here) logically speaking we do NOT have the $$$ your loser Gators have, so again (not a scientist here) we don't have the facilities your loser Gators have. What Miami does have despite all that is a BEAUTIFUL campus in the middle of Coral Gables which also is beautiful, and a HIGHER academic rating than your loser Gators, and last but not least MORE titles than you, MORE NFL'ers shall I continue? So keep spewing your ridiculous posts, but remember this lil ole private school beat you, and is BETTER than you.

Who will be the next murder contestant in "The Crime is Right" starring any football player from UFraud.

Or is it the stench of TRailerville that drives these morons batty?

If only a loser Pig like you, soldy, could answer that question, you could quit your graveyard gig at Costco.

he sure does know his football and write well though...

Cola, don't dignify the morons post with logic. He knows exactly the differences. He is only here to insult. It's his gig. He is a Pig. The Soldy 9-11 Floridian-American Pig.

Treat him accordingly.

Impotent Rage.

Attention seeking.


Now, Valentine:
Anyone remember the B Brown drama? Wow. The media hype over this kid is excruciating. So over it now.

I really don't care if we get il Diva now.
Reminds me of Seantreal Henderson.

I here you Beed, I'm more pumped about Thomas. He's a beast and would be immediate help.

Once again Calvin goes to the head of the MORON class! It's Ed Orgeron, not Oregon. Oregon is a state. If you would have finished 5th grade before you dropped out you might know that. As far as Valentine goes, yes we need more DL's . Let him go to LSU and be done with it. Some kids aren't like the Alonzo Highsmith's & Melvin Bratton's & Michael Irvin's of the football world and want to build something. The only thing I agree with Randy Shannon about was pulling the offer to Bryce Brown when he backed out. I'd pull the offer to Valentine! Also Calvin it's Penn State not Penn. You really are a true moron. You must
be off today with it raining!

Posted by: Cola Cane | January 29, 2014 at 11:39 AM

well (I am a football scientist here) u need to have a little talk with ur HIGHER academic Posted by: CaneFan | January 29, 2014 at 10:47 AM "The facilities at Miami are now in the top 10%" and get him straightened out... and then come next December, when ur playing in the blue turf nut bowl instead of the national championship, try talking him off the ledge.

also u math major with a cane degree... 12k to 50k students and dUh u's tuition is 8 to 10 X's UF's, with less than an eighth of the athletic departments budget than UF and then Donna also has that HUGE billion dollar endowment right ? She must be keeping that hidden away tucked between her legs huh? no $ or just cheap and more excuses ?

do a little reserch on other private schools athletic programs, facilities and budget and then don't get back to me... enough of the excuses already.

Impotent Rage.

Attention seeking.


considering the things Golden has gone threw he HAS done a good job recruiting...Sure he lost some big recruits but lets be realistic FSU has a Heisman trophy winner at QB coming back and Alabama has been National champs how many times...the U needs NFL quality defensive lineman..The U was great when they were deep at DL

Donna never saw a check she didn't want to cash. From the Nevin Shapiro Student Lounge to the Alex Rodriguez Baseball Park any ole cheating scumbag with cash on hand is welcome to become part of Dah U family.
Definitely does not use all that dirty money for the athletic department though. Poor facilities, poorly paid coaches and no stadium. At least she is trying to bring back the saviour of cane football, the one and only successful cane booster, Uncle Luke was caught with pledge Kaaya's mom trying to lure the recruit to stay committed. What Nevin couldn't do with his dirty cash Luke did do back in the day. Is he back at it?

Just heard from Ocala Cane that Kaaya is decommitting and going with UCLA any day now. SHEET!

goldie could recruit all the players in the NFL pro bowl.

And the defense would still stink because of d'o and goldie's moron 3 down def. linemen, NO run defense and LBs 5 yards off the los and no effective blitzes, and zone NO pass coverage schemes.

I would not call them defenses because all they defend against is Miami having any chance of winning the important games.

History bonding of course you going to feel the love they trying to get u to lsu then when you get there u get on line and become a number just like at the grocery store grab a number and wait your turn let see if they will have the same type of love for you after NSD. so question for u what kind of love are really looking for cadalliac love brand new house love or true team love cause we all know how LSU get down for real so save the billshit for someone keep it 100

do a little reserch on other private schools athletic programs, facilities and budget and then don't get back to me... enough of the excuses already.

Posted by: u are u ...
It's not an excuse dude, it's fact. Miami doesn't have the money UF does, or the alumni base. UF also gets money from the state and Miami does NOT, so as Yoda would say 'research do you should'. Not to mention Miami can't have an on campus stadium as it's not feasible as the cost would be astronomical.

Let the punk go to LSU, he wont start and be lucky to play the following year, he isnt tough enough for LSU football, lets move on, he is trouble already.

Les Miles to Valentine: We wanted to Miami to start the 2014 season.

Valentine to Miles: And??

Miles to Vlentine: They were chicken. They rather play FAMU.

Valentine to Miles: i want to play for LSU then.

Translation, LSU got the thugs and the good weed. Players told him 2.0 all you gotta carry in basket weaving.
Miami has good kids.
Defense will never be a nasty one that us old school Canes remember. Shalala wont allow it

We have lost a running back and defensive lineman and defensive end, and will drop to around 20th in the nation due to big Al, thank goodness he cant use this as a excuse, cause he never had them to begin with in my oponion, Defense will stink with or without them. Valentine is just a insecure fat baby anyway will give LSU problems from the start.

Boi talking like hes all that. That is the problem with some of these high school clowns. Notthatthey travel and visit all they want that is their right but to be playing like that with Miami- You decommitted, Valentine, so be a man, and just say that you aint coming to Miami. Period, we will both move on- MOVE ON>

You lose out player, LSU this LSU that. The mad hatter is bolting LSU within 2 years. thats guaranteed.

And by the way- Calvin asked who Al Goden thinks he is- Ed Orgeron?

No he isnt ed Orgeron-Ed Orgeron was a dismal failure at Miss State (or Ole Miss one of those two). he lucked out when Kiffin left USC bc he had a team full of studs. Yet- that very same team that he coached one year earlier, was trampled by georgia Tech.

Al Goldenis here to stay

PROVE to me that Kaaya is not coming to the U. Prove it. "Sources" dont count. Name your sources, spineless jelly fish. Name your sources. Youre nojournalist so you canactually name your sources.

Why didnt we learn anything from the other schools Valentine decommited from, they dont chase him he is a problem child so why is Golden pushing so hard, should go after other personnel.

I would rather have a clean program and win lose or draw with honor then be thugged out and win 'ships. Good example for my kid.
Posted by: CutlerRidge Laz | January 29, 2014 at 01:15 PM


Jerome Brown, Shane Curry, Al Blade, Chris Campbell, BP are turning over in their graves at this statement.

And folks don't believe the current um prez never said "were recruiting a different kind of athlete now".

Todays hot topic on Canespacecadets.com...

Black socks, black cleats, black pants with orange and green strips on the sides, black jerseys wit orange numbers trimmed in green wit orange and green stripes on the sleeves, and black helmets with orange and green "U". Call em da "TheyHateUs" series!

Posted by: Willie Will in Missouri | January 29, 2014 at 12:50 AM


As much as I love the traditional helmets, I love picturing this jersey combo

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | January 29, 2014 at 09:18 AM

Wouldn't those be BADASS! Ohio? I could see em now

Posted by: Willie Will in Missouri | January 29, 2014 at 10:28 AM


they're freaking talking about the importance of uniform colors, combinations, helmets and black socks n shoes and how they will somehow magically transform dUh u back into the u look good u must play good glory days from ancient times... unreal.

NEWSFLASH CLuCKS... it ain't the unis or black socks n shoes... It's the complete lack of talented players n depth that goes in them... Oh, that and Goldy n his BFF also having not a clue, other than what they saw on old game film, the true Cane culture of the 80's n early 90's new 2014 "process" developement.

Canes began to go down hill when they changed their traditional uniforms to thug looking, halloweenie uniforms.

You can not win anything by superficial changes in uniforms and forgetting basics and forgetting conditioning and forgetting sound defenses and offenses.

errrr, what was the excuse for the Gatr Trash?

28-21 over the last four years. Yep, sure have a lot of talented players, Soldy Pig.

The loss to Ga Souther, at home in that craphole stadium, counts as 4 losses so the Gatr Trash is actually 24-25.

BWWWWHAHA, dumb maggot. Floridan- American.


Ok, no bashing, but why do Miami have to show Valentine anything. I just dont get it, how can your family love Miami, you grew up a Miami fan, and visited the campus so many time per him, he cant remember the exact number of times,,,the campus is within driving distance, and both schools need DLs, and you can go PRO from just about anywhere,,so why fall in love with LSU just because you think it feel like home and they took you to Texas De Brazil! I just dont get these younger athletes,,the typical student just want an education but these guys,,it has to feel like home,,,thats an "old saying" that needs to be updated.

Posted by: Cola Cane | January 29, 2014 at 01:04 PM

fine... then try the multitude of Coke dealers that live in Miami that never went there but love to throw up the u without wanting their names on something and don't want to stand on the sidelines in a cane uni dancing in the fake smoke fire extinguishers. they got plenty of cash and don't want to be seen. downtown was built by those cowboys.

But when a dolt like "CaneFan" starts spouting off how miami's football facilities are now among the top 10% in all of college footbal because of some new stainless steele ice baths and training table cafe, a truth beatdown must ensue... and u break it to him that the only way the canes go to the playoffs for the national title run in 2014 is if they buy tickets.


sure, as soon as you include the multitude of meth dealers, ignorant 'necks, gomers, cooters and trailer-dwellers that dominate this whitetrash state yet do the effeminate "Gatr Chomp" but never went to skeewwwl at the UFraud despite it's incredibly low admission standards.

You know. Just sayin'.

No one wants to be on welfare, its actually meant to be temporary. Long periods of entitlements are actually counter productive, as humans need incentives to flourish.

We all know who should REALLY be president..

and my posts are absolutely undeniably HILARIOuS... based solely on the fact that miami hurricane football is the subject matter.... ha ha ha

Lets see Golden has missed on Dalvin Cook, Sony Michel, Brandon Powell, Ermon Lane and a slew of other So. FL recruits. Look at FSU's roster and tell me that Golden is doing his job recruiting Miami and the surrounding areas. He's let a lot of recruits slip through his fingers.

There are 50 four and five star recruits in south Florida. Even the second coming of Howard Schnellenberger would have 20-25 top recruits (best case scenario!) slip through his fingers.

Wonder what the Pig was thinking the moment Quad blasted Driskel from behind, and the limp-wrists let the football float through the air for the final fumble.

Ahhhh, 21-16, Pig. Or, as they like to say, scoreboard.


and my posts are absolutely undeniably HILARIOuS... based solely on the fact that miami hurricane football is the subject matter.... ha ha ha

Posted by: u are u
Wow, do you hug and kiss and pat yourself on the back too??? That's a lonely road you're on dude

Minus Sony Michel. He's done. Goose is cooked. Bum knee and hes burnt out by getting pummelled playing varsity since he was in 8th grade.

Valentine's Day is not only illiterate from his post, he is clearly an LSU fan attempting to poison the wells for Miami. Mr. Valentine, that is precisely what you will be getting if you choose LSU - dumb fans and no education. You will make a GREAT CANE, and go down as one of our best! U need to be a Miami Hurricane!

ooooooooooohhhhhhfffffffffffffff, Warren Sapp just torn Golden n D'no and whatever kind of Defense they're trying to play 4 new ones on WQAM...

"U don't go interview to where ur home is... U just go HOME and get out!"

It's really sad that Gators fans are on here talking trash. The Gators are coming of a FOUR win season (4-8) that included a loss to Miami when they were at full strength. They also lost to Ga. Southern in perhaps the most embarrassing loss in school history. Yes, the Canes have been down for some time now, but even at their worst over the last 10 years they have never had a season as bad as UF's 2013 season. In fact, the last time the Canes had four wins or less was in 1977. The Gators were unlucky last year with injuries and they can regroup, but their program is not in better shape than Miami's right now. You would think a 4-8 season would humble Gators fans a little...

Kid's gone. When he saw what a cakewalk his academics will be at LSU, that was it. Why struggle with grades at UM when you just want to get to the NFL?
What's Al gonna' show him? The changes to the defense to utilize a beast like him? Doubt it.

"THAT D-Coordinator is KILLING MY SCHOOL!"

"If I was dumb, lazy, and wanted to be unprepared for life and surrounded by whitetrash racists, I'd go to an SEC school."


Warren Sapp

It's amazing to think any "good" player would think of coming to UM. Miami is pathetic against good teams. Except for playing time, which is not guaranteed if you end up in Golden's doghouse, you get nothing to play at the next level. Maybe if self applied, you have the opportunity for an education, which will be needed after 4 years of pop warner coaching. The "U" is dead, has been since LSU destroyed them in the peach bowl. A total embarrassment, like we see every year now against any team that has a real coach. Recruits can't save this program, only Golden leaving will give it hope. Contract or not, FIRE GOLDEN

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