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VIDEO: Al Golden press conference on Monday

Here is the video of today's press conference via the Hurricanes team website.


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Oh well.
Thank you Manny for not being such a lapdog to Ag anymore, for now at least, I know you gotta eat.

Who cares why he stayed. He stayed. Don't use a different standard for him than any other coach. You will then have to rip Howard, Jimmy, Dennis and Butch for leaving.

And will the first person who would reject a doubling of their salary please stand up?

Gallo 2.0,
Not one of us would turn that down.

Not knocking our ambitious, but untalented coach for trying and failing to get the PSU spot.

I am sorry but he wasn't leaving miami. He didn't say anything before because he had a press conference scheduled for monday. Then it got so out of hand he lost a recruit so he put out a statement. No matter what rivals canes site said he was never leaving miami. Penn state would of taken him in a heartbeat. I bet they don't get franklin either. they may get munchack since he has no job right now but why would any coach want to go there for the next 3 yrs. penn state is an 8 yr rebuild job when u consider the sanctions for the next 2 yrs they have to go through.

Golden is a failure to the school and will not have much more time before fans and alumni deem his time of coaching here is over. Miami will be the laughing stock of the ACC next year, out coached in all areas and more excuses from staff. Other coachs are already laughing at Golden for his lame excuses for defense man Dofornio couldnt make it on another team, resign have a set for a change, nobody thinks your plan or Als will work.

Respectfully, totally disagree with you.

He tried, he failed. We have DNO.


Al Golden: “Well, one of the reasons I released a statement yesterday was because speculation had grown so much that I thought I would be able to get to my press conference or even this conversation with you on Monday but I opted to release a statement so that we could move forward here.’’


Com'on mane!!

What DuvalCane just posted is the reason no sane Cane fan should believe a word that comes out of his mouth!!
It was all good before the season and until we played competent teams the it was back to the +500 + 30'club!
Then saying he waited all weekend to put to rest "rumors" that started on Thursday is just....
P'ing out our heads but telling us it's raining!!
Posted by: Nash | January 06, 2014 at 02:47 PM

All I hear is blah, blah, blah next question; dodge,next question; blah, blah, blah

Posted by: mainecane | January 06, 2014 at 02:43 PM


Absolutely W-R-O-N-G, again.

FWIW... DT Valentine was going to DE-COMMIT whether your INEPT boy Goldie stayed or went back to Penn. St.

By the way mainecane, HOW FAR DO YOU HAVE YOUR long nose, UP Goldie's U Know What!

Goldie is Thee Carpetbagger PAR EXCELLANCE. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nevertheless, the Canes will win with both Goldie nd' Marky Mark leading the way.

Unfortunately for y'all Hurricane partisans. Those winning campaigns will be the 7-5 or 8-5 and 9-3 variety.

Oh, there will be an OCCASIONAL 10-2 season. But those RARE HAPPENINGS will come around Coral Gables once every FIVE or SIX seasons. hUh

Golden's record against relatively average A.C.C. competition the past three seasons.

Virginia 1-2

Beamer Ball 1-2

F.S.U. 0-3

Carolina Blue 1-2

Duke 2-1

Georgia Tech 3-0

These games are against Coastal division foes and naturally against in-state rival F.S.U.

Now, take away the Seminole and Bumble Bee games. Your boy's Marky Mark nd' Goldie have a LOSING RECORD against Coastal teams in three seasons. Go figures'.

And Miami, Florida was LUCKY to get a road win against MIGHTY duke last season. hUh

At this point, I would've taken cristobal or davis back and yes I remember davis I was in high school when he was coaching the canes, he was bone headed at times but not incompetent. How can golden even say he's looked at everything and he has seen improvement. Then he isnt a very good evaluator himself. I was a fan of his for sure up until this weekend, it's funny he addresses what he was doing thurs,fri but not saturday, or sunday til 4pm. His statement should've come out sat afternoon if he is "MOVING FULL SPEED AHEAD" and "FORWARD" I wish he would work on our schemes as much as having a catch phrase for every retort.

D, I agree, with the talent in south florida we should win 9 games on talent alone if recruiting properly. However with this group of coaches and probably now, golden will schedule weaker non conf oppononets I still dont see us winning more than 10 games at best.

golden will schedule weaker non conf oppononets I still dont see us winning more than 10 games at best.

Posted by: steve orl cane | January 06, 2014 at 03:26 PM

steve orl cane, don't be surprise that Golden begs A.D. Blake to CANCEL the Notre Dame series. Miami still has a game in small town South Bend and at SLS.

By the way, playing F.I.U. was Golden's idea, too. Go figures'.

2014 Hurricane non-conference

@ Nebraska

Florida A&M


Arkansas St.

I already SEE-r one lost among the latter quartet. hUh

FWIW... the A.C.C. will be stronger next season. Especially the Coastal division.

Then there's the game at Louisville. Thankfully Coach Carlie won't be around to make Goldie nd' Marky Mark look like the mediocre coaches they be.

Continuity on Defense is OK but how much can we expect our Defense to be improved this year ?


At least, 11-2 (or 12-2 or 11-3, eleven win should be the bottom line to keep current staff.

Records will tell all about him and his staff. Don't make any excuse. Do your job and get 11 wins at least. That's it.

Go Canes !!

This is a tragedy.

Someone needs to fly a plane somewhere, man. We need to get this guy out of here. Clip a Post-It to a drone, something...please.

Posted by: beedharphong | January 06, 2014 at 02:38 PM

It must be nice to know more about coaches and college football than the administration and player alumni than Penn State who all made it clear that Al Golden was their first choice to replace O'Brien.

Please be sure to also contact the Wisconsin, Tennessee and UCLA people to educate them as to how untalented Al Golden is as they also expressed and interest in hiring the man.

And finally, give Jimmy Johnson a call and also tell him he doesn't know anything, because he too with numerous other "football experts" have all raved about the job Al Golden has done and believe he is very talented.

Did anyone understand the last question that was asked Al?

Are you kidding me? Still sticking with DNO is unbelievable. The AD should not allow this to continue. How many yards per game will still be acceptable on defense? 750? 1000? As long as the number of penalties decline, or some other minor stat improves? I give up.

D, Charlie won't have to be there, they have a game plan already made. Just copy what they did in the bowl game, we won't practice or prepare for that, Lousyville only uses that in bowl games. I think they lose 2 of those 4 games, and not even close. 6-6, maybe even 5-7 next year. I can't even listen to this garbage coming out of him. How many times does he start a response with "again". Or even say the word.

Zook, JJ said that when he was hired. Ask him now, I guarantee the answer is different. NO-ONE should accept a defense that gives up over 500 yds a game. The problem is, people like you don't realize how BAD this team is. FAU pushed them around. FAU was all they could handle. If not for Duke Johnson, we lose more games. You may accept being a loser, your name says it all, but this guy STINKS

It's time to stop ripping D'Onofrio. This is Al Golden's defense, and it has been from day 1. This is the scheme he wants to play. Coach D just follows orders. If you're unhappy with the defense, go after Golden. His forte is defense, not offense. I think the scheme is too complicated. I blame Golden.

RBOUD, your exactly right. Golden is the coach, and is the one accountable for the status of the team. His unwillingness to change shows on the field. With different players every year, a great coach works with the talent each has. Puts them in the best position to succeed. I also believe this defense is too much thinking. Erickson tried to make the defense think too much in year 2, it showed. He went back to JJ's defense and went undefeated the 3rd season. Sad part, his unwillingness to change, will give the same results we have seen.

I am sorry, but I cannot comprehend the term "complicated" when it comes to basic football. How can a scheme on defense be complicated for players who have been playing football since age 10? It's still just an offensive formation, and the defensive back 7 need to account for eligible receivers prior to the snap of the ball. The offensive lineman usually give away the play due to the position of their heads and contact. For example, head up means passing. The LBs must decide on the RB, QB, and TE based on zone or man coverages. Yes, I can go on and on...and I don't do this for a living...just a prior player. What separates HS, College, and Professional is speed, power, football IQ, and coaching. The game is still the same, let's not make it rocket science.

I have supported Golden over the past several years, because of his ability to effectively communicate with the players, parents, and administration. I am only disappointed in Golden now, because he seems to believe the U is comparable to Temple football tradition. Yes, he may have been successful in changing the football culture at that basketball focus institution and fan base. Please don't insult the fans in South Florida about the game of football. I respect your decisions of moving forward with your existing staff and schemes...but don't throw players under the bus and stop using stats that does not reflect actual positive change in the team performance.

Yes, I will purchase my season tickets for 2014. I will not get involve in this site, because what I am observing and what being stated...seems like I attended a different game on Saturday. Why? How can a player qualify to attend a private university, and pass his classes, but cannot remember where to be in a zone defense? How can a TE and RB not be accounted for on a passing down? How can a team that cannot rush the QB failed to stop a draw or screen? Why is a DL playing against a slot receiver...rather using a nickle of dime package? How come a free safety is moving 35 yards off the ball prior to the snap backwards? By the way, I am not talking about talent...but basic coaching questions prior to the suppose talent coming soon.

Congratulations Florida State on a great game and a tremendous season!

Felt two ways on this one. Wanted FSU to lose of course. Wanted the ACC to beat the SEC.

A great foopball game...

I MEAN F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L game..

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