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Season of challenges continues for UM, Larranaga

After winning the school's first ACC title and making a run to the Sweet 16 last March, it's been a rough up and down season for coach Jim Larranaga and the Miami Hurricanes men's basketball team.

With six ACC games left on the regular season slate, the Hurricanes (12-13, 3-9 ACC) have yet to win an ACC game at home and now will be without one of their key rotation players at forward in junior James Kelly, who was suspended "indefinitely" for a violation of team rules according to UM. A source close to the team told The Miami Herald the suspension was expected to last three games.

Still, as tough as it has been to replace the entire starting lineup and have four key backcourt players sit out the season because of injury (freshman guards Deandre Burnett, Corn Elder) or transfer rules (Angel Rodriguez, Sheldon McClellan), the Hurricanes have only been run off the court once in ACC action, a 67-46 loss to Duke back on Jan. 22. 

Larranaga, a man who has coached man-to-man press defense for the bulk of his career, switched to a zone this year and slowed the game down (UM ranks last in Division I basketball in offensive possessions) so his team could remain in games despite the lack of offensive firepower. It's pretty much worked as UM has been in many games late including against No. 1-ranked and unbeaten Syracuse twice.

"These first three years – next year included – it’s the most variety of challenges that I’ve ever had," Larranaga said Monday during his weekly press conference with reporters. "It comes in so many different fashions. The first year it was with injuries to Reggie Johnson, to Julian Gamble, the NCAA investigation, the suspensions of Reggie and Durand [Scott] during the season. We had all of that going on. The next year we had almost everything in place all season long except a thumb injury to Reggie. While that was going on we also had to deal with recruiting during the investigation. That created a whole series of challenges for this staff.

"Now this year, with a whole new starting lineup, new guys trying to learn their position, very, very, very challenging. Now, next year chances are we’ll have a whole new starting lineup again because we’re ending the season with starting five seniors. Having to make so many changes offensively and defensively, it's been difficult."

Playing at such a slow tempo (UM is averaging 60.1 possessions a game, 351st out of 351 teams according to statsheet.com) isn't the way Larranaga or his players wanted to play. 

"Once we got into games it became very, very clear we could not be an up-tempo team," Larranaga said. "We had lost one of our guards so our perimeter game was really hurt by the loss of Deandre Burnett. We had originally five guys that could rotate in and out -- three starters and two subs. Now, it’s a whole lot different. As the season has progressed I’ve had to move Erik Swoope back there. His natural position is more of a four man, an undersized four, just so we have an additional body we can play at the three."

Players like freshman wing Davon Reed, who has had to play point guard at times because of injuries, would be having a much more explosive season if UM had someone to penetrate and dish him the ball, Larranaga said. But the Canes simply don't have the personnel to play otherwise, and the players believe in the slow-paced system Larranaga has in place because they've been in so many close games.

"We don’t want to get into a run and shoot contest with the teams in our league right now," Larranaga said. "We don’t have the firepower to do that.”

Is there a temptation to cut players loose and let them play in the fast-paced offense they prefer?

"I remember doing that with one of our teams at George Mason," Larranaga said. "They were very much a half court team. They said coach we want to press and run. I said fine, we’ll do that the next game. We lost to Northeastern by 25. Then we had to play them in the tournament the very next game and we beat them playing smart.

"Every kid thinks he’s the best fast break player in America and he’s best when he’s in the open court. But what you don’t understand as a player is you might be pretty good at that, but look at the opponent and tell me 'Is our team better than their team in that?' It’s not about one individual. It’s, ‘Are we going to be able to keep up with the pace an up tempo game creates.’

"Now last year I wanted the game to be as many possessions as possible, for it to be as fast possible. We played Duke and Carolina – two of the fastest teams in the league – and we scored 90. The reason is we had a lot of offensive talent... I don’t care how much space we give Tonye [Jekiri] and [Rafael Raphael Akpejiori], they’re not scorers. And our guards have limited experience."

> Larranaga said players like Jekiri, who had a season-high 15 points at FSU but went scoreless at Virginia Tech, can't really spend time during the season trying to create new ways to score because it will throw their games off.

"You really get better during the offseason," Larranaga said. "You have to work so hard between April and September and then that package of new skills you’ve developed – that growth can continue through the season.

"During the year, when you’re trying to improve its really the things you’re already good at. Because if you start messing with the things you’re not really good at to improve them, guys will start doing them in games. And they’re not very good at it.

"Shane Larkin was one of those guys. As a freshman he didn’t have those high arching layups where he could score over big guys. In the off-season we worked on it and he became a terrific high speed layup maker who could score over big guys. But you don’t start working on those during the season. You just aren’t there yet, haven’t had enough quantity. Tonye needs to spend a lot of time on his scoring ability."

> Even though he's at UM on football scholarship, don't underestimate the loss of freshman guard Corn Elder to the basketball team.

"Huge loss because Corn Elder was someone who could play man-to-man defense and guard the dribbler very, very well and handle the ball," Larranaga said. "Then we could have two natural point guards – Manu and Corn Elder sharing the point guard position and leave everybody else at their natural spots."

> New NBA commissioner Adam Silver looks like he's going to make a strong push to raise the age minimum for players to enter the NBA to 20. Larranaga is definitely a fan of that. He also would like to see the number of scholarships in men's basketball (reduced from 15 to 13 back in 1994) return to 15.

"It’s one of the things that has been a problem in men’s college basketball when scholarships were cut from 15 to 13 and in addition to that when the NBA started taking players at a much younger age," Larranaga said. "Teams from the ACC have far more adjusting to do year after year after year than mid majors do. That’s why you see so many mid-majors doing well in the NCAA tournament. Their continuity is much better. 

"The one thing about the NBA is they’re taking kids so early. You look at the No. 1 pick, Anthony Bennett, he’s in the D-League. The number of first round draft choices going to the D-League. From an ACC, high-major standpoint, the rules are now drastically impacting the level of performance. So many players going early so you’re replacing them with rookies – whether it’s a junior college kid or transfer, he’s still a first year player in your program. I’d like to see that corrected."

> Why does Larranaga think the Canes are struggling so much at home?

"Our lack of success at home can really be attributed to our lack of consistency throughout the year," he said. "We just don’t play the same way on a regular basis -– the individual player. A lot of that is guys playing out of position. We don’t have a clear 1-2-3-4-5 man. Garrius [Adams] has been playing the point the last three games exclusively. If you were to tell me before the season what’s his best position I would tell you the three [small forward]. He’s our third best ball handler. Our big guys are limited in their scoring ability. Tonye and Raf don’t score a lot at the five. So that’s puts pressure on the other guys to deliver and that allows the opponent to focus on the guys who shoot. And we’ve played very good teams here at home. Syracuse, Duke, N.C. State. We’d like to play a whole lot better Wednesday night.”


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Coach L mentioned the challenges of recruiting during the NCAA investigation. Be interesting to see how the Golden haters deny his claim that the investigation hurt, but believe it for basketball.

Penthouse to the Sheeethouse U ...

Gatr Trash hoops: the winners of the Sun Belt Conference equivalent.

SEC hoops is HAAHHRRIIBBBLLEEE. Come tourney time, when the maggots get blown out, again, on national TV, the blog Pig will disappear for awhile. then spout on about baseball and women't field hockey before starting up about Driskel.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


OK University Of Miami Hurricanes Fans, here's the deal ... U Won, made the plays, deserved to Win, are the better team and have been the better program over a 30 year period. The Florida Gators got hit right in their moufs. That may just be an opinion, but that's what the results on the playing field states. No excuses. We Gators n Canes have been going at it since the Summer of '08 on these blogs and it's been full insults ahead for over 1,800 straight days. It's been a constant back n forth of, U said, Gator said... Gator said, U said. U Suck, Gators Suck. Has it been interesting ? At times sure. Has it been ugly ? Mostly. Has it meant a damn thing on the field ? No. Now back in that Summer of '08 the Gators will say U came to their blog spouting pollution. And U will say that the Gators came to Ur blog doing the same thing. Ultimately and ending cycle of mostly senseless ridiculousness that just went round n round in a circle of insults and foolishness didn't mean a thing. So, having said that, It's over. I'm not asking for a truce, just saying it's over by virtue of the fact that our Football rivalry is no more. It's just in the past. Now U can say why U think it's over. And Ur entitled to that opinion. The Gators will have their reasons, and they are entitled to that opinion. Bottom line is this... Right now, Miami Football... Florida Football ... Florida State Football Programs are not "Back" Yet. But they are ALL rising. No debate that they are 3 of the Best Top to Bottom College Football Programs College Football has EVER seen and easily Top-5-10 over the last 20-30 years combined. Simply put, when the State of Florida BIG-3 are ALL doing well, College Football is far better as a result. It's a State of Florida thing that the other 49 States, as well as the World simply wouldn't understand, could never understand, will never get and certainly will never fathom.

Now I'm not here to call for some kind of truce. I think we all know, in totality, that's an impossibility. And really, I don't really think we need one. We as fans are passionate. Some more fanatical than others. But from this point forward I hope we can just be more civil to one another as Miamian-Hurricanian / Gainesvillian-Reptilian - Floridian Americans. I will. I also sincerely want to apologize for some of my disrespectful comments in the past Cane fans. But in my own defense, I must say that far more of my "nasty" and "hateful" posts were others impersonating me. And trying to explain that, during those times, was simply useless. As for the other Gators that post here, I ask you to drop n bury the axe. It's been too long, the winding road has run it's course. The Gator n Cane points and counter points are just moot now... Time to move on. The Canes have their destiny and the Gators have theirs. God willing, for the sake of College Football, they will meet again someday in the foreseeable future in the Post-Season. Which could only mean one thing... We Both Don't SUCK !

In closing, I think we Gators n Canes can certainly agree on one thing. There are ups n downs, trials n tribulations, ebbs n flows for every Program in College in all Sports as well as life... I do believe it's safe to say that The Miami Hurricane and Florida Gator Football Programs are both ascending no matter how we might personally feel about the past... Win or Lose, Victory or Defeat, Saturday September 7th from High Noon until the final gun was as compelling as College Football gets or ever gets (minus of course that Driskel left-handed pass with 8 seconds to go). Much respect to U and Urs ...

Good luck Cane Fans... Go get Ur Coastal and ACC Championship. When U do, the rest will fall into place...

Gators ... ditto ... Eastern ... SEC ... ???

See U down the line Mighty CANE FANS ... perhaps in Basketball or Baseball ... SALUTE.

No Mas from me.


A Miami born GATOR/CANE ... 9-11-13


C'est la vie Arty ... It's been real brother.
Posted by: Soldy is dead ... R.I.P. | September 11, 2013 at 10:01 PM


I don't think anyone was overlooking the NCAA investigation when it came to the football team. I recalled many fans were not happy that the coaching staff did not adjust, based on the talent on the existing football team. Coach L changed his whole defensive philisophy to ensure that the basketball team could be more competitive.

The NCAA impacted recruiting...not pre-game or game day performances, based on my knowledge and experience playing football. The offensive and defensive schemes did not change over the course of a game and year...from my observation. The QB should have been looking over to the sidelines to change...when he saw 8 defensive players in the box. The QB call an audiable, and the center call the change in blocking scheme...not rocket science. As for defense, we were consistently in a cover two scheme as our based formation. The corners were 7-10 yards off the ball, and the safeties were 20 yards off the ball...hard to provide run support from that format. Also, it's very difficult to take away the passes in the flat and crossing in front of the LBs too...without a pass rush.

Back to the offense, we did not use the TE and RB effectively in the passing game. This flaw in the offensive scheme is another reason for low 3rd down conversions. Finally, the deep ball is only effective as the running game produces 4-5 yards per play.

Nevertheless, I am not a coach...but a fan. I support this coaching staff, and I expect them to earn their salaries too. Every team has weaknesses, but from what I saw last year...we were the only one exposed throughout the game. By the way, the NCAA did not impact Ohio State University in the last two years.

Finally, the only coach I have seen made a difference in the past 6 years was our former OC.

Correction, the QB, especially a Senior player should NOT need to rely on the sidelines to change a play. By the QB making quick adjustments, the defense does not have time to make their change.

RHC, many on here denied Golden's assertion about the NCAA investigation hurt recruiting. I made no other comment about his coaching or people's reaction to him----just the investigation.

Corners don't line up 7 to 10 yards off the line in a cover 2... they press at the line and then get back in their zone. Coach No D doesn't play a true cover 2 or any true defense for that matter.. He needs to go.

GatorKillerCane, I understood your previous comments, but I wanted to share the difference in both coaches. Both were impacted by the NCAA surrounding top flight recruits. However Coach L is not forcing his current players to play in his desired basketball scheme/system. Coach L recognized his challenges, but his team is competing every game. Just giving his team a chance to win, by limiting turnovers with few possessions.

Coach what you have...not what you don't have!

The NCAA investigation hurt coaching. Coach NoD aka Dunno aka Onofrio was forced to use stupid schemes and was prevented form making any adjustments at halftime by those evil NCAA investigators. Further more he was not allowed to develop any talent and was forced to coach with blinders on.
No coach was allowed to study or watch any game film, they were forced to only watch Sponge Bob cartoons and I Love Lucy reruns.
Just wait until next year when all these restrictions are lifted.
The Great Golden will unleash the fury of DoNofrio, we will finally have a D.
Just wait and see.

RHC, I don't disagree with your view. I was simply pointing out that many on here said that Golden was wrong regarding the impact of the investigation on recruiting----I guess they believe that recruiting was somehow unaffected. Some of the especially dumb ones probably think the publicity helped recruiting.

Jimmy Geritol Larranga is a washed up old man. Anybody that thinks this guy is turning UM hoops around is nuts. Sure it's fun to give him silly nicknames like "The Pimp." But at the end of the day, he 100% inherited a final year winner. They're gone now and the team is right back in the crapper.

Coach L recognized his challenges, but his team is competing every game. Just giving his team a chance to win, by limiting turnovers with few possessions.

Coach what you have...not what you don't have!

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane | February 18, 2014 at 04:06 PM


I thought that's what D'Onofrio was doing? lol.

[]_[] don't have a pass rush with 4 down linemen. If the defense was any more aggressive we would have been slaughtered. As is, we competed in almost every game. All they needed to do was make tackles and contain.

You all want to run the track meet but can't tie your shoes.

I know Larranaga can both coach and recruit. Golden? Not so sure he can do either really well.

Posted by: Soldy: The Blog Pig | February 18, 2014 at 02:08 PM

pUre shakespeareanesque

Jimmy Geritol Larranga is a washed up old man. Anybody that thinks this guy is turning UM hoops around is nuts. Sure it's fun to give him silly nicknames like "The Pimp." But at the end of the day, he 100% inherited a final year winner. They're gone now and the team is right back in the crapper.
Posted by: OGV | February 18, 2014 at 06:39 PM
Right up there with the dumbest posts of all time.

OGV, I'm sure Larranaga could kick your ass. In case no one has ever given you this advise before-----when you obviously know little about a topic keep quiet/don't post. That way it isn't so obvious you are a dope.

For whatever it is worth, that was not the REAL OGV posting here. OGV is a Canes fan that battered the gatr ID thief senseless on Caneswatch before the folks there banned him and other Canes fans at the slightest complaint from the murder joking sicko.

OGV Says:
March 15th, 2010 at 11:37 pm
Remedial math time trolls, line up. Still you little scaly losers, 5 > 3. Time to find somebody you can talk smack to and still have a point about feeling superior to rather than bore your betters with your incessant cries for attention like you continually do now.
- See more at: http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/caneswatch/2010/03/15/report-seantrel-henderson-to-usc/#sthash.TtCebvHS.dpuf

So basically, it is just that same sicko trying to get revenge on an ID long after it has no longer attacked him.

So much for that obsessed guy's promise of peace and honor and gainesvillian comraderie.

So, IMAWriter and GatorKillerCane, you can rip the words, but realize that the ID is not that of the REAL OGV.

IMAWriter, can I suggest you create a typepad account, as well, to keep the lardgatr from doing the same to you?

Choice is yours of course, just saying that I would hate to see the psychopath attack you next....

"I also sincerely want to apologize for some of my disrespectful comments in the past Cane fans."

Yeah, an apology does not hold any value when it is obvious that you choose to continue along the same path.

A killer getting up before the jury to apologize does not deserve the right to get another knife in their hand.

Apology was accepted, but then you went and reneged on it, so now that apology is as worthless and your stock portfolio.

Heh, like you owned any stocks. Your "investment" was in that Timmy Tebow Broncos jersey. How did that turn out for you, coward?


The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce almost needed to select a backup recipient for this year’s Sand in My Shoes Award, as University of Miami President Donna E. Shalala hesitated to accept.

“My first reaction was to turn it down,” Shalala said. “First, I haven’t finished yet. And second, I think those awards are for people who have made extraordinary contributions to the community, and I never thought of myself in that vein.”

The chamber will present Shalala, 73, with the honor at a gala Tuesday night at the downtown Miami Hilton.

“When we approached her, she shied away from wanting the award,” said Alberto Dosal, chairman of the chamber and CEO of Miami’s Dosal Capital. “She wants all the focus to be on the university and her students. The only reason she accepted is because it is the most important civic award in South Florida.”

Since joining the University in 2001 as president and political science professor, Shalala has expanded the university’s national profile far beyond sports. Its annual budget has grown to $2.7 billion this year, and its endowment to nearly $780 million. Research programs have become a top priority, with research-related expenses hitting $356 million in fiscal year 2013.

In the first decade of Shalala’s presidency, the university moved up 29 spots in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual college ranking list. It tied with Yeshiva University in New York at No. 47 in the publisher’s most recent undergraduate rankings.

Shalala also has been a powerful fundraiser, overseeing the university’s Momentum campaign that brought in $1.4 billion in private money for the school’s endowment, facilities, and its academic and research programs. She now is leading the charge to raise $1.6 billion by 2016. A $12.5 million gift announced this month puts the campaign over $1.26 billion.

“It’s ahead of schedule, substantially,” Shalala said of UM’s Momentum2 drive, acknowledging that it will likely reach its goal before 2016.

“I don’t know what we’ll do [at that point]. We’ll all go on vacation, probably,” she laughed. “We put one foot in front of the other.”

Since 1981, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce has annually given the Sand in My Shoes honor to “outstanding community leaders who have made significant contributions to the South Florida region.” Recent past winners include Miami Dade College President Eduardo Padrón (2012) and entertainment power couple Gloria and Emilio Estefan (2013).

“Sand in My Shoes is considered the premier, highest honor in the community,” Dosal said. “When you experience it firsthand, like I did with Eduardo Padrón and the Estefans, and you see how honored and how touched they are, you really understand the value of it. The winners are the very best of the best.”

Shalala’s name rose to the top of a list of about 20 nominees that the chamber’s executive committee began vetting last spring, Dosal said. Besides Shalala’s fundraising prowess, the committee also admired the way she has built UM’s size and reputation, he added.

With about 13,700 full- and part-time faculty and staff, the university is one of the largest private employers in Miami-Dade County, providing a major boost to the local economy, Dosal said.

“Raising money and providing jobs are two huge contributions that Donna has brought to the table,” he said. “But she also has given University of Miami — and, by extent, South Florida as a whole — a global reputation and prestige that’s difficult to calculate. UM used to be considered SunTanU, and now it’s consistently ranked one of the top 50 universities and a top research center.

“We have Donna Shalala to thank for much of that.”

For Shalala, the award adds to a long list of accolades, including several dozen honorary academic degrees as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Nelson Mandela Award for Health and Human Rights, and a 2011 induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Before joining the University of Miami, Shalala served as secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton. She previously was president of Hunter College, part of the City University of New York, and chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sand in My Shoes, she said, stands out as a particularly special honor.

“This one is from my own community, from the people I live and work with,” Shalala said.

Shalala is only the fifth woman to receive a Sand in My Shoes Award out of 33 honorees; three of those were co-recipients with their spouses.

The fact that she won this year’s award, Shalala said, is “an affirmation that women have played a very important role in this community.”

Dosal said gender didn’t factor in to the selection process. He’s just happy he picked the best person for the honor — and that she said yes.

“She likes to remind me,” Dosal said, “that it wasn’t easy to persuade her to accept this award. She just doesn’t feel worthy of it.

“I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’” he continued. “No one else in this town deserves it more.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/02/18/3943988/ums-donna-shalala-is-latest-sand.html#storylink=cpy

Coach L had all Seniors last season starting. As a result of all the success he had, UM had an above average recruiting class, and really good transfers. Due to injuries and transfer rules, unfortunately this is the result.

If it wasn't for coach L's adaptability, we would be far worse. All people see is the W/L column without fully understanding the bigger picture.

As always RHC is on the money. How can any one defend Dino when he did not try new things, and did not adjust at halftime etc.. If our D weren't so Vanilla and he conjured up some creativeness, no one could blame him for trying. It just seems like he didn't. When I first heard coach Dino speak a few years back, I knew we were in trouble. He seems of average intelligence, and does not command respect. Then I thought, man, what if Goldens best friend screws up, there must be a serious conflict of interest. Look at it now..

P.S Where the $hit is the Linebacker and Runningback depth? Mike Smith was compared to Strahan, yea so lets move him to SAM. We have as many QB's on schollies as we do true LB's.

Next Man []_[]p aka Mahoney-Pearson,

I respect your comments, but no one is stating the U should be in a track meet. If we have a struggling defense and expect the offense to win games...then play calling must match the theory...in keeping the ball on offense longer. Have you heard of a ball-control offense (i.e. Duke, Auburn, Wake and Bosie state). The objective is to get 4 or more yards on 1st down...not going deep. For example, using screens with RB, crossing routes with WRs and TEs, and sending the RB in motion to move the safety/LB (let the QB know pre-snap of coverage).

By the way, lacking a pass rush, the DC must become aggressive...rather sitting in a zone. Defense 101 - stop the run and keep pressure on the QB. As a former QB, the biggest challenge is to make decisions under constance pressure....ask Denver QB (Manning) about Seahawks' pressure. Games are won by great defenses...not QBs! Find the best coverage players (WRs & DBs) first...then discover who are your best tacklers (safeties). The best lineman with a motor are DTs. LBs are former RBs who enjoys hitting and playing down hill. Finally, DEs are under sized HS DT with speed.

Let's not make this game harder than it really is...allow the players to play with passion, energy, and speed. Power is speed!

Hey guys get a type pad account to protect your selves from that thing in my head, you know that which haunts me, that thing I see everywhere I go, it's so scary I need type pad, murder jokes, racist comments, sickos running amok, it's a scary thing you know.

Aww, poor coward in his doublewide mommy, I mean doublewide trailer, was stung by getting caught stealing another Canes fan ID, and so he goes on another personal attack from yet ANOTHER ID.

An apology from this obsessed guy is like an apology from Bin Laden, it is worthless. I mean, he attacks an ID from three years ago, on a totally different blog, just because he is still bitter about that line of "Uncle Lukes" that patted him on the head while wearing Hurricanes jackets as they passed him on the doorstep on the trailer, some of them even gave him a smirk when they said he might get a Cane little brother of sister after the visit was over.

4-8, coward, your hatred spewing from every acne filled pore will not change that, coward.

All of America will be cheering for Miami Hurricane Lauryn Williams, asshe attempts to get a gold in the Winter games to match the Gold she won in the Summer games.

Well, all of America, except for one, a blog terrorist in the cowardly Bin Laden fashion, who hates Americans if they went to Miami.

Go Lauryn, make America proud!

Most annoying thing on this board :
1- a troll posting crap all the time
2- a so called Cane fan with "gator" as part of his name
3- those you engage in arguments with such trolls
4- those who post blatantly stupid things that are not true or just irrelevant

What passes for education in the state's largest trailerpark:

Samuelson, a University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine professor, used a camera pen to surreptitiously film two students on four separate occasions last year, according to a police report. The device contained “upskirt” and “downshirt” videos, as well as footage of “females working in Samuelson’s laboratory and/or meeting with him in his office,” police reported. When investigators confronted Samuelson about his videos, the educator claimed that he was “attempting to gather proof” that one of the victims “was not wearing undergarments” in class, which he thought was “inappropriate.”

Duuuuhhh, but we have the #1 Women's Field Hockey team. Duuhhhhh, and the #8 recruiting class.

Stupid lives in Trailerville.

Posted by: Soldy: The Blog Pig

Your post falls into category #4

You know the most annoying thing here is some douche who brings up posts from 5 years ago and thinks everyone is the same guy trying to get him.
The most paranoid cluck of all.

You must be talking about this Soldy character, who goes back and finds Cane fan posts from five years ago to attack all Canes fans today for the opinion of one from five years ago, calling us clucks in the process. Kinda, like YOU just did. Soldy DOES have a habit of trying to claim that all Canes fans are the same person, it is a pretty sad situation considering he cannot stick with ONE ID yet he loves to project HIS problem on that of the many Canes fans that post on here proving him wrong.

Nah, just a coincidence that you use the same terminology as an outed obsessed name-changing psychopath.

Now, I didn't bring up a post from five years ago, I quoted a post that was only about an hour or so old, but dates originally from only five months ago, when the sicko promised he was RIP on here and where he apologized for exactly the same behavior he continues to exhibit today.

As for anybody trying to "get" Soldy, he has had multiple opportunities to meet up, but the coward disappears.

The post about the professor at trailerville is a valid post for here, if the gatr posters are allowed to post stuff about their team on here, that opens the door for negative posts about their school as well. No reason for them to be allowed to attack and lie on here without retaliation by the posting of a few valid facts here and there about the school they are constantly touting on here.

Posted by: Five Titles | February 19, 2014 at 04:56 PM






This Soldy character is stalking me... and so is Soldy...

Posted by: RichmondHeightsCane | February 19, 2014 at 09:32 AM

The use of track meet was a metaphor. Meaning, you all want to play the highest level defense [run a track meet], but can't tackle or contain [tie your shoes]. We have no team speed on defense, that's why we zoned it without being overly aggressive on the rush. Very vanilla.

As far as play-calling on offense.. Ball Control!? Sure! But it's easier said than done. We had no back, after Duke went down, that could get 4 yards per carry. That's what made our defense look so bad. We need to get better 3rd down play on both sides of the ball..


DT commit for the next class. Raw but strong w/ good fundamentals. I like this get. Hopefully he stays. Doesn't seem like the type to turn diva later down the lline.



Good boy, you responded right away as I knew you would.
Be careful they are still out there trying to get you.

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