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All-American DE Chad Thomas signs with the Hurricanes despite late visits to Alabama, FSU

It's official: Chad Thomas is a Miami Hurricane.

The five-star recruit and Under Armour All-American kept his word and signed with UM on Wednesday morning during a ceremony at Booker T. Washington High School in Overtown.

"For the next four years I plan to be at... the University of Miami," Thomas said as he pulled out his Hurricanes jacket and put it on.

Thomas had taken a pair of late visits to Florida State and Alabama and had UM fans nervous. But moments ago Thomas inked with the Hurricanes alongside teammate and fellow defensive end Demetrius Jackson.

Thomas is UM's top recruit on defense. 

"He's just now starting to really scratch the surface of where he can be talent wise," said Corey Long, Editor-In-Chief of FUEL Recruiting. "If he does what I believe he can he's a first round pick down the line. He's really a heck of an athlete. Long arms, a winner, who understands what to do down there in the trenches.

"You could look at Joe Yearby, Shane McDermott and Brad Kaaya and Chad as the best recruits in UM's class.

"Chad is going to be a part of their two deep right away. He has to be. He might be more of a pass down guy initially, but he'll be an every down player soon enough. He's up there with Al-Quadin Muhammad in terms of pure talent. They definitely have good quality players at the end spots now.

"I see a little John Abraham in Chad because of the way he runs after the passer. He's definitely a 4-3 defensive end, kind of like Michael Johnson from Georgia Tech who is now with the Bengals.”

Jackson, a first-year football player, was pushed hard by Arkansas and received a late offer from Texas. But in the end he decided to stick with the Hurricanes, too.

“First time I saw him was against Central. He's this basketball guy, swatting passes down like an NBA center," Long said. "He knows some basic go-to-stuff in terms of moves. What I like most about him is that as a defensive end, he uses his arms to disrupt the play even if he's not close enough for a sack. He's a really tough kid, smart kid. He's always looking to disrupt.

"I think he needs to redshirt because he doesn't have the experience. I don't think you can put the young man on the field as a true freshman with only one year of high school football. I'm not sure where his future is down the line either. He might be a linebacker. He's long enough. He's a very much unfinished prospect but the initial reports are really good.”

Chad Thomas, DE, Miami Booker T. Washington
> Measurables: 6-5, 240, 4.85 in the 40-yard dash, 310-pound bench press
> Twitter handle: @F5_Chad
> Commitment date: July 20, 2013
> Recruiting ranking: A five-star recruit ranked 26th regardless of position in 247Sports composite rankings, 5th in the state of Florida and third among weakside defensive ends nationally.
> Career highlights: Under Armour All-American tallied 72 tackles, 15 for loss and eight sacks his senior season in helping lead his high school to a mythical national championship and back-to-back state titles. Chose UM after taking late official visits to Alabama and Florida State.
LINK TO HUDL HIGHLIGHTS: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/1506372/highlights/32658377

Demetrius Jackson, DE, Miami Booker T. Washington
> Measurables: 6-4, 225, 4.7 seconds in the 40-yard dash, 34-inch vertical leap
> Twitter handle: @F5_Jackson
> Commitment date: Dec. 9, 2013
> Recruiting ranking: Ranked 425th regardless of position in 247Sports Composite rankings, 59th in the state and 22nd among weakside defensive ends.
> Career highlights: Despite a late push from Texas and lots of tugging from Arkansas, Jackson, a first-year football player, kept his pledge to UM. As a senior he earned All-Dade First Team honors, racking up 73 tackles, 14 tackles for loss and seven sacks playing opposite of Chad Thomas.
LINK TO HUDL HIGHLIGHTS: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/2611977/highlights/53579378


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HMMMM? Thomas and Jackson officially going to UM... Whats say Bubba Douche Bag Gallo, Calvin, Rick ETC....

Welcome home fellas!!!

Now we need Valentine

Now I can rest easy. We keep Chad, Kaaya and Yearby plus no last minute decommits. Last minute additions are nice, but you can't count on that. Travonte would be great but i think this class is solid right now with or without him.

Despite a few that got away, this is a very strong recruiting class. A lot of these players can play immediately and they addressed their most pressing needs. Valentine would be the icing on the cake but I am happy overall with this class. It doesn't matter whether you start strong or end strong. The only thing that matters in recruiting is the players that are signed.

Rick is a (d)- rhymes with Rick.

Welcome to Cane family officially Mr. Thomas.

Remember when the piggy got on here with his lie that we were going to fall out of the Top 20 in the rankings? Oh, it must get tiresome being such a failure at predictions daily.

Good thing he laid all hi welfare check on the Broncos. Of course, the coward will just change IDs and claim he was not "that guy" again....

Bye Bye "Rick Piggy", "Gallo Piggy", time for "Tom Piggy", and "Mike Piggy" to show up with the same drivel but with a new ID.

Nobody falls for it, coward, so you might as well just stick with one ID, chicken.

Poor Treon Harris, instead of joining his classmates Thomas and Jackson and backing up Kaaya, he chose to be a tackling dummy for the gatrs for the next four years.

Driskell is laughing at him as we speak...

Now that signing day is ending Rick will crawl back into his hole (or mama's basement) and won't be heard from until the next signing day rolls around. I wonder how much UF was paying him to post negative things about Miami as signing day approached? I'm sure not much, but likely a lot more than whatever he was currently making. Such a sad life and sad existence.

Where is QUIJOTE wondering why people aren't covering FIU and "why isn't FIU getting more INK?"...you know "Panthers on the Rise" and "UM invented swagger, FIU perfected it" (that is too funny)

TOTAL A*S CLOWN, that's all I have to say about QUIJOTE.


Congrats to Thomas and Jackson. The start of something special. As for the ass monkeys who like to come here and screw with Canes fans: go back to your pathetic SEC and kiss my left nut.

I thought FIU folded their football program????

Great class.

Nevermind TV. We didn't want his drama.

Oh, how all the just you wait for recruitpocalypse just didn't and don't have a damned thing to say.

Nary a post from piggy, 'rick', or gallo....

Kaaya was gone.
Thomas was gone
Mc Dermott was gone
Linder was gone
jackson was gone...

where's a gallo list when we need one?

Great Class.

Welcome to the 'U'.

When things get going we will put our stamp of Hurricane Football on our games. This makes us able to form depth with talent, and develop our rotation with players that seed the pipeline.
Very happy with our Class.

Congrats to our 9 Coaches who work "the eye of the Hurricane". Job well done... Great work.
Very proud of our 'Canes.
Go 'Canes

I don't know if Bradenton's 6'2", 235 lb., five-star running back Bo Scarborough is still up for grabs, but I'd really like to see the 'Canes get a big, fast, bruising back like that. These little speedsters are good, but when I see some D lineman or linebacker knock them down like they're puppets, I see the need for a talented big fella who can return the punishment.

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