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Canes at Combine: punter O'Donnell blazing fast (& strong); OT Henderson also fast. OG Linder: strong.

Caught some of the NFL Combine on the NFL Network earlier today.

UM punter Pat O'Donnell, at 6-4 1/8 and 220 pounds, looked like the physical specimen he had been all last season with UM. He ran like it, too.

O'Donnell ran a 4.64 official 40-yard dash. At first they posted a 4.53 time, but that was unofficial. His time, last I checked at 1:51 p.m., was eighth overall for the day (fastest I checked was tight end A.C. Leonard of Tennessee State in 4.43) and top among kickers/punters. According to NFL.com, O'Donnell's 40 time tied the fastest by a kicker or punter since at least 2006; USC's David Buehler ran a 4.62 in 2009.

O'Donnell also benched 23 reps of 225 pounds. "That's right, that is a special-teamer,'' said an NFL Network analyst. Another comment regarding the bench press: "Crazy! That's an offensive line bench.''

In his one season in Coral Gables, O’Donnell set the school single-season record with a 47.1 yards-per-punt average. A first-team All-ACC choice and second-team All-America selection by USA TODAY, O’Donnell booted 23 punts of 50+ yards and downed 19 inside the opponent’s 20-yard line.

6-7, 331-pound Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson's fastest official time today was 5.04 with a 1.71 10-yard split (the splits are key bursts for OL at beginning of plays). NFL folks keep talking about his "inconsistency'' and lack of physical strength for his size. He did not participate in the bench press at the combine.

6-5 5/8, 311-pound offensive guard Brandon Linder's fastest time today was officially 5.35. He benched an impressive 30 reps of 225 pounds. NFL Network: "If you could take Linder's toughness and tenacity and the way he plays the game and [put it] in Seantrel Henderson's body, then you'd have a first round pick.'' Linder had a 1.82 10-yard split when I saw him on TV, but that was unofficial.

Linder started all 13 games along the offensive line in 2013 and concluded his career with 37 consecutive starters. He was a second-team All-ACC selection and was named the team’s Offensive MVP at the end of the season. Henderson, a third-team All-ACC selection, played in 12 games along the offensive line, making eight starts at right tackle.

Quarterback Stephen Morris and wide receiver Allen Hurns will work out Feb. 23. Live coverage begins each day at 9 a.m. ET. Miami's official football Twitter account (@MiamiHurricanes) will also provide live results for all five Hurricanes.



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And of course, our baseball team is ranked higher than yours. Our football team, too.

So NOW you are suddenly a basketball fan, when last year at this same time, you were claiming that basketball didn't matter, coward.

yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn ...
17 ERRORS in 7 games huh ?
Posted by: u are u ... BOOT u | February 24, 2014 at 09:37 AM

Two WINS in 3 games, huh?
You are you, obsessed loser coward.

yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn ...

17 ERRORS in 7 games huh ?

Posted by: u are u ... BOOT u

And STILL beat your sorry azzez, lol. Even gave you a couple so you could avoid the sweep, because you sure as hell weren't going to win without it, lol. I see you decided to give basketball a rest and try talking baseball now, lol. Yeah we see what you're all about and you're still riding the little yellow school bus, it's ok wittle trooper, one day you can ride the big bus with everyone else, lol.

Anybody else catch any of the combine yesterday?

What I saw I think is very good news. Didn't see the QBs work out per se, but saw them throwing to the wideouts. Morris was by far the crappiest intermediate passer there. Well, ok, maybe not worse than Logan Thomas.

I was fearful we didn't have a short/intermediate passing game. We just had didn't have a qb who could throw. Morris' guys keep getting a do over from a qb who could get the ball to them. You'll see a very different Canes offense next year. 3rd down conversions and possession will zoom, with some loss in big strike passes.

Gatr Can't Beat the Canes.


'Bouts sums it up, Gatr Trash. Poor Moldy Soldy. How mad is that maggot that the Canes pounded him?

Uh oh, I feel another 9/11, lip-quivering, limp-wristed mea culpa sob-story coming on.

OK University Of Miami Hurricanes Fans, here's the deal ... U Won, made the plays, deserved to Win, are the better team and have been the better program over a 30 year period. The Florida Gators got hit right in their moufs. That may just be an opinion, but that's what the results on the playing field states. No excuses. We Gators n Canes have been going at it since the Summer of '08 on these blogs and it's been full insults ahead for over 1,800 straight days. It's been a constant back n forth of, U said, Gator said... Gator said, U said. U Suck, Gators Suck. Has it been interesting ? At times sure. Has it been ugly ? Mostly. AM I A DOUCHEBAG WITH NO LIFE? ABSOLUTELY. Has it meant a damn thing on the field ? No. Now back in that Summer of '08 the Gators will say U came to their blog spouting pollution. And U will say that the Gators came to Ur blog doing the same thing. Ultimately and ending cycle of mostly senseless ridiculousness that just went round n round in a circle of insults and foolishness didn't mean a thing. So, having said that, It's over. I'm not asking for a truce, just saying it's over by virtue of the fact that our Baseball rivalry is no more. It's just in the past. Now U can say why U think it's over. And Ur entitled to that opinion. The Gators will have their reasons, and they are entitled to that opinion. Bottom line is this... Right now, Miami Baseball is superior... Florida's Programs suck. But they are ALL rising. No debate that the Canes are one of the Best Top to Bottom College Baseball Programs College Baseball has EVER seen and easily Top-5-10 over the last 20-30 years combined. Simply put, when the State of Florida BIG-3 are ALL doing well, College Baseball is far better as a result. It's a State of Florida thing that the other 49 States, as well as the World simply wouldn't understand, could never understand, will never get and certainly will never fathom.

Now I'm not here to call for some kind of truce. I think we all know, in totality, that's an impossibility. And really, I don't really think we need one. We as fans are passionate. Some more fanatical than others. But from this point forward I hope we can just be more civil to one another as Miamian-Hurricanian / Gainesvillian-Reptilian - Floridian Americans. I will. I also sincerely want to apologize for some of my disrespectful comments in the past Cane fans. But in my own defense, I must say that far more of my "nasty" and "hateful" posts were others impersonating me. And trying to explain that, during those times, was simply useless. As for the other Gators that post here, I ask you to drop n bury the axe. It's been too long, the winding road has run it's course. The Gator n Cane points and counter points are just moot now... Time to move on. The Canes have their destiny and the Gators have theirs. God willing, for the sake of College Baseball, they will meet again someday in the foreseeable future in the Post-Season. Which could only mean one thing... We Both Don't SUCK !

In closing, I think we Gators n Canes can certainly agree on one thing. There are ups n downs, trials n tribulations, ebbs n flows for every Program in College in all Sports as well as life... I do believe it's safe to say that The Miami Hurricane Baseball Program is ascending no matter how we might personally feel about the past... Win or Lose, Victory or Defeat, Friday and Saturday Feb. 22 and 23 from High Noon until the final out was as compelling as College Baseball gets or ever gets. Much respect to U and Urs ...

Good luck Cane Fans... Go get Ur Coastal and ACC Championship. When U do, the rest will fall into place...

Gators ... ditto ... Eastern ... SEC ... ???

See U down the line Mighty CANE FANS ... perhaps in Basketball or Football... SALUTE. This Pig is tired.

No Mas from me.


A Miami born GATOR/CANE ... 2-23-14


C'est la vie Arty ... It's been real brother.
Posted by: Soldy is dead ... R.I.P. | February 23, 2014 at 10:01 PM

You are right, the murder joking coward IS overdue for another fake apology, trying to claim that he didn't say the things he was QUOTED as saying.

Still, as we have seen, he will just jump over to basketball until the gatrs lose there, again, and then he will be all about the NFL draft even though no gatr performed well in the combines, and when THAT turns out badly, he will be back to predicting another undefeated season for his football team.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean another undefeated season, since they have never HAD one, but I mean just another undefeated season prediction. He is OCD on that front. After going 11-2, he predicted an undefeated season that ended in week 2. He will be ati it again since they dropped Miami and Georgia Southern.

Meanwhile, gatr clause is dead, dead dead, thanks to his disgusting behavior on here and there. the few gatr fans that didn't jump off the bandwagon when Tebow left are now gone because they are sick of his behavior. Yep, even the gatr fans find him to be a disgusting blog pig and a weak example of a human being. He is a coward through and through, and his own "fanmates" know it.

“A lot of times, the individuals that commit the violations report it themselves, and sometimes we’ll recognize something and we’ll address it,” James said. “In this situation, we’ll get all the facts, and if it ends up being a violation, we’ll report it.
“You’re going to have a number of secondary violations every year. If you don’t you’re not monitoring your program. We’re human and we make mistakes. There are a lot of rules within the manual. I think if you’re not having violations, you’re probably not doing a very good job of monitoring. Obviously, you want to have as small a number of violations as possible, but they are going to happen and they do happen.
“In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have any, but that’s not reality. Reality is, you’re going to have a number of secondary violations. Honestly, I’d be more concerned about schools that don’t report any, because that means that you’re not monitoring.”

(cough cough) SEC (cough cough)...

So, let's see. A coach watching a few players run around throwing the football in shorts on a Feb. night gets the NCAA panties in a bunch.

But 42 felony arrests since 2005 in Trailerville is just business as usual. Choking a bouncer and waving guns is not a secondary violation. It is no violation. Threatening to kill your girlfriend is what passes education in the dump of UFraud.


Let that sink in, Gatr Trash Moldy Soldy.

Georgia sou......hahahaha georgia sout..........hahaha georg........

I'm sorry, I still can't get over it . Geo.........hahaha

Two UFraud players blocking each other and holding those blocks during a game should be an NCAA Secondary Infraction.

Did that buck-toothed varmint Foley report that?

The trash that is UFailure:


So, to summarize:
Gatrs afraid to face the Canes in fooball.
Gatrs looking to quit playing us in baseball.
Gatr coward is CLAIMING that they MIGHT play us in basketball.

Desperate coward is again showing he is a worthless human being.

February 19th, in response to an article by Manny with the title:

"UM lands two more 2015 football commitments"
The murder joking coward proceeds to whine about the article, with his usual disgusting references, and using the term "clucks" which only the murder joking name changing coward does, claiming:

Now slow down fellas, who cares about the star system?
That is not the relevant question here.
The relevant question is who cares about 2015 recruiting in the winter of 2014?
Only some cane cluck with nothing else going on in their crappy school cares.
Poor clucks who knows what will happen with these kids come NSD 2015.
Only a bunch of idiots will get so excited about this.
wah wah wah etc etc etc....
Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | February 20, 2014 at 02:01 PM

Now, would this be irony, or hypocrisy? I looked over at gatr clause to see if the coward has taken our advece and moved over there where he belongs (he has not, he is obsessed with the Canes and posts here more than he posts on his own blog) and encountered the current article. It is like Jesse just purposely PUNKED their sicko coward by posting this article only three days later.

Gators add pair to 2015 class
GAINESVILLE -- Florida, hosting its annual Junior Day extravaganza, picked up a pair of verbal commitments for its 2015 class over the weekend.
Three-star wide receiver Deondre Farrier (Lake Nona) and three-star offensive lineman Tyler Jordan (Bishop Kenny) both pledged their commitments to the Gators, according to multiple recruiting reports.
Posted by Jesse Simonton at 03:42 PM in Florida Gators, Southeastern Conference, UF Football Recruiting | Permalink

So, I guess the relevant question would be:

The relevant question is who cares about 2015 recruiting in the winter of 2014?
Only some insane obsessed gatr with nothing else going on in their crappy school cares.
Poor gatr who knows what will happen with these kids come NSD 2015.
Only a bunch of hypocrites will get so offended by this.
Gonna remove his last disgusting comment, but I figure he looks in the mirror every time he makes THAT accusation.
Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | February 20, 2014 at 02:01 PM

ACC dominates the gatrs and the gatrs are AFRAID to compete, you hypocrite racist coward.

So, Canes get two three stars in February, you proclaim it is a terrible thing to even worry about that, yet when the gatrs get two three satr players just four days later, I bet the gatr coward will claim it is the start of a dominating recruiting class, amirite?

Five Titles douche boy I see you have been off your meds for the weekend. A bunch of angry posts with the same paranoid claims about a "murder joking racist name changing troll" B.S. that resides in your head.
Then you have the gall to dig out my post from Feb 20 and lump me in with your imaginary nemesis.
Just for fun I also checked out the gator clause post you mention.
The point you miss little cluck is that the cane story about 2015 recruiting was followed by a bunch of excited comments by your fellow clucks lauding how great Goldenfraude is and how loaded your class is and such assorted stupidity. That prompted the post you quote above that is 100% factual and true.
In contrast the gator clause post did not generate that stupid reaction form Gator fans. In fact it was ignored by Gator fans since it is irrelevant to talk 2015 recruiting so early.
The only ones or one who responded to that story was the resident cane troll with his tell tale moronic style.
I suggest you chill out, take your meds and go see the shrink.

So, I don't get it, gatr Trash moron. Are you offended by some internet slight or are by the fact that some fans are excited about 2015 recruiting and the Canes' coach?

Either way, you are a loser. Policing this blog, cross-checking other posts on other blogs. Safe to say, your diploma is showing its value. Worthless.

Don't look now, Gatr Trash moron. The Canes keep beating the UFraud every chance they get.


Gatr Trash Can't Beat the Canes.

Can't do it. Your disgusting fan base is pure in-bred garbage.

Met a douche called Five
And I put her back in her place
he was Feelin' guilty, feelin' scared
saw the same guy everywhere
Stop! Hold on, stay in control
Douche, I want you here in reality
But you’re really not as cool as you like to be
'Cause there's a troll, under your bed
And there's a murder joking sicko in your head
And there's a true blue inside of you
That keeps stoppin' you, touchin' ya
Watchin' ya,punkin' ya
Paranoia, the destroyer
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Well you fell asleep, then woke feelin' kinda queer
your mama looked at you and said, "Ooh, you look so weird"
She said, "Man, there's really something wrong with you
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Then you blow yourself out
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You blowing it all with paranoia
You're so insecure, you self-destroyer


Worthless. Diploma. Mill.

Come to Trailerville. 7 years of wasted undergrad for a dead-end job in some hickville in this white-trash state.

hmmmm. What a life.

Gatr maggot, better check the Ga. Southern blog. I hear they said some nasty things about gatr trash.

They also said some supportive things about their coach and cross-referenced a post on the LSU blog.

Get on that, loser. You have a lot of policing to do if you are going to make your 5 PM shift at Dunkin' Donuts.

BWWWAHAAHHA. Gatr Trash are such loooooooosers.

Claims that somebody posting on here over the weekend must be off their meds. After they spent the weekend staring at this very blog and posting the lies they got quoted with.

Hey coward, check my post times. I wasn't here over the weekend, but you were. Perhaps you are the one off their meds.

You claim that the person caught posting racist stuff is imaginary, when I QUOTED his racist comments. I guess quotes are not enough to convince you that such a person exists, even when the person quoted is you. I guess you are saying YOU don't exist? Since your only mark on the world is your daily invasion of another team's blog, it is as if you don't exist, coward.

So daily obsessed with me he writes a lame poem in my honor. So disgusting that he has to use profanity and insults in place of meaningful discussion. But so very cowardly that he refuses all offers to resolve this in person.

You don't like Canes fans commenting on an article? You can leave.
You don't like Canes fans saying positive things about our team? You can leave.
You don't like Canes fans quoting you? You can leave.
You don't like Canes fans proving you to be a liar? You can leave.
You don't like Canes fans proving you to be a hypocrite? You can leave.
You don't like Canes fans proving you to be a coward? You can leave.
You don't like Canes fans proving you to be a racist? You can leave.
You don't like Canes fans proving you to be a sick human being? You can leave.

You don't like me? Do something about it, coward.

Coward gatr troll, that is all you will ever be....

The Gatr Trash can troll. Moldy Soldy is their leader.

But they can't beat the Caaaaaaaaaanes.

So is it really true that Foley offered a chance for a home and home with the Canes in football? Nah, Coward foley is like coward sicko, they only try something if they think it will be easy. ANY chance of losing, and they disappear.

Pig and Foley, sitting in a tree...
We all know how that ends up, with a baby pig that has some UGLY bucked teeth.

I rather talk about the future of the existing canes...not former. Why? Because I usually get very upset with the lack of coaching preparation and game day schemes from the 2013 season. We were two deep at every position for the first time in 5 years. I am sorry, but the weakest link rest with the employed staffers who know more about football than a season ticket holder or U fan.

If Morris could not make the 10-15 yard passing over the middle...what does that say about his OC and back ups? I know Morris could make those throws, but was not in the passing scheme. The only short passes were the WR quick screen and TE delayed out to the flat (3 yards). As I recalled, most of the passing routes were deep post, deep flag, and deep out. The previous OC called plays to setup another play! Jacory as a senior and Morris as a Junior had their most productive years.

Now, we can understand the low percentage on 3rd down. I am not here to throw coach Coley under the bus, but his lack of experience...impacted the offense too. Coley is a good student of the game, and I truly believe he will be much better in 2014.

Back to this article, Linder and Henderson had impressive results at this NFL job interview. Both former players displayed their strengths. I told my son when Henderson was a freshman, a good coach would put him at DT or OG. I recalled telling my son that Ray Ray Armstrong should be put at weak outside LB. I would put Bush at weakside LB today, especially on 2nd and 3rd passing downs. When I saw Highsmith in a spring practice at Safety, he was clearly out of position...and noticeable uncomfortable. KC Rodgers could not adjust to the ball in the air, which caused a TD. But, the coaching staff (DB coach) never informed or questioned the DC/HC decision to play major snaps. The freshman FB with his speed did not have one carry last year...WOW. Either use him or put him back in his natural position, which is strong side LB.

What I am trying to say, watch how the NFL coach play Henderson in the future. He will be a nasty OG, who can pull and get to the next level with blocking. By the way, Ray Ray is playing LB in the NFL. Basically, coaches need to know their players...and play the best 22. I am not around these players everyday, but being around football, true fans know who are out of position...and who is being out coach too.

In contrast the gator clause post did not generate that stupid reaction form Gator fans. In fact it was ignored by Gator fans since it is irrelevant to talk 2015 recruiting so early.
The only ones or one who responded to that story was the resident cane troll with his tell tale moronic style.
I suggest you chill out, take your meds and go see the shrink.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete


Dude YOU need to chill. You're not even a Cane fan, and come on here with your CONSTANT BS. So what if SOME of our fans get excited about next yrs recruits? What concern is it of yours what happens to OUR team? All teams are getting recruits for next yr, why is OURS even a worry for you? You and (u r what u r) BOTH need to grow up and let your OBSESSION with Miami go. I mean do even know how stupid you look?

Who writes a poem to a person they are daily attacking? A really sad individual. He is obsessed with me, but doesn't take the hint. He ran off the Canes fans from caneswatch, and from the Sentinel, but he will not succeed here.

Best part of the Micheal Sam coming out story? They continually show him getting sack after sack after sack on the gatrs. Driskell is getting pounded daily on ESPN, shown more often than gatr blocking gatr!

Ahhh, but we are only 4 months from the daily and repetitive garbage spewing from the gatr maggots about how this year is the year Driskel will prove it.

We've heard it all before. Rewind the tape on Brantley. Same ol' sad Gatr Trash story.

Can't beat the Canes, Gatr Pigs. Can't do it. Maybe that is why you are on here all the time. Doing the "fighting" your cowardly players can't.

RHC, disagree on Henderson. His problem is that he isn't nasty. He's also lazy and with his early accolades felt entitled and developed awful work habits.

Driskell reminds me of the Nole Chris Rix ( a 5 time loser to the Canes). Any time you play Driskell you have a chance to win because he has a synapse firing problem. You can't possibly make a decision to throw more slowly than he does.

Never been on caneswatch or The sentinel.
Get your "trolls" straight dummy. Or are they really in your head.
Never said anything racist or joked about murders.
You are too stupid to tell who is who.
I did post that diddy, it's not a poem it's a good song that reminds me of your paranoia.
That is not Driskel getting sacked by Sam, he was injured and out for the season by the time we played Mizzou.
You have a problem telling who is who.
Paranoia and delusion run amok, get your meds soon.


somebody is upset. Angry really. Hey, maggot, it isn't my fault you went to the state's largest diploma mill and your state university is a massive under-achiever.

Try beating the Canes sometime, maggot.


"That is not Driskel getting sacked by Sam..."

BWWWHAHAHA. It may as well have been. What difference does it make, you dumb maggot? Driskel would have let Mizzou put another 3 TDs on the board with his in-bred banjo-playing brain.

Tyler Murphy and Cody Riggs said, "damn, enough with this raging dumpster fire. We out."

Difference is being accurate instead of just posting crap, make belief, and stupidity like you do.

Riiiiiiieeeegggghht, because you and your fellow maggots are the bastion of truth and knowledge. Pfffftttttt.

Try being accurate with your spelling for starters. I don't "belief" you have "believe" in your abilities, dumb maggot.

What a tool. Dude, just quit now. How many more times can you convince us what a dumb loser you are? Honestly.

Canes beat your azzz. Run along and play with the other losers in the SEC LEast.

Henderson is the latest example in a long list of former canes who did nothing while in college, who underachieved and played well below their talent level, and who failed to develop. But once they make it to the NFL a real coaching staff turns them into the productive and top players they were all along.
Sam Shields and Olivier Vernon jump out as the two most recent examples.


I concur with entitlement of today's players, and that was the reason to put him where he can help the team. Warren Sapp came in as a TE, but was put on the DL. Henderson was allowed to be lazy, and this was the reason Coker, Shannon and Golden failed as leaders. Golden still have a chance to change, but how can he hold a player accountiable...when he will not correct his position coach and coordinators. Coker had Ed Reed, Andre Johnson, Frank Gore, Portis, Dorsey, Shockey, and Winslow...who were the team leaders. Who are the leaders for 2014?

Wait, you change IDs daily, and then complain that we can't tell which sick obsessed racist murder joking coward is which? And then after posting lies that have REPEATEDLY been proven wrong, you claim you don't post "make belief"? Suuure..

Guess what, coward, since we don't have access to IP addresses, nobody on here can tell when you are posting as "ACC sucks" and when you are posting as "Ha ha I killed Pata" or "Next time have my drugs Taylor" (among your many sick disguises).

And guess what, it doesn't matter. You are on here, attacking Canes fans daily, because why? Because we were HAPPY that we got two verbal commitments for 2015? And you are on here insulting Canes players, coaches, fans, and writers on here and every other Canes site that has not banned you yet. You reap what you sow, coward.

As for that not being Driskell getting sacked, WHO CARES! It is hilarious that a gatr QB got sacked so many times that I think Sam moved up two rounds in the draft.

You can man up and use just one ID. But you won't.

You can leave since your team NEVER plays us again IN ANY MAJOR SPORT for about 360 days. But you won't.

Or... you can continue to get the well deserved abuse that you are getting from Canes fans on here only in RETALIATION for your sick behavior.

My prediction is that since you are a sick individual with masochistic tendencies, a fat mother that can't get out of her trailer, and a fear of going outside when anyone in a Canes hat is driving by your I-95 trailer park in their Mercedes, you will be back for more daily abuse, coming back with "Thank you sir may I have another", because you cannot avoid reading my every single line, coward. For once in your life, prove me wrong and go away, coward.

Since the coward claimed that our PUNTER was our top player at the combine, let's see how they scored out:

Henderson 5.62, 5.04 40 was 7th best among linemen.
Morris 5.28, 4.63 in the 40 was #2 among QBs, better than big runners like Manzell.
Linder 5.26, with a 5.35 40 time.
Hurns 5.1, with a 4.55 40 time, best of the Canes.
And in last of 5, but STILL impressive overall:
ODonnell, 4.95 (4.62 40 was #1 among special teamers, and he was also #1 in vertical leap and bench press.

Basically, these five did well for tehemselves in the combine. But the gatrs? I would call them the seven drawves of the combine, but there were eight disappointing performances from these former 5 star players that left behind a 4-8 team in steep decline.

At least none of them are under arrest..... yet.

This was an "accurate" post from the obsessed murder joking coward. Note the dat is just 8 days before his supposed "apology", and four days before the Canes beat down dat gatr loser.
blah blah blah, acc is terrible and the sec is unbeatable, etc. No need to rehash all those lies.

"This week it will be mediocre UM who gets pounded by Florida."
Accurate? Nope.
"Make Belief"? Yep.
Stupidity? Oh yep.

"More evidence that the ACC sucks"
Accurate? Nope.
"Make Belief"? Yep.
Stupidity? Oh yep.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | September 03, 2013 at 01:01 PM

But then, he will claim that wasn't him, and I just imagined quoting his current lie.

Before the season:

"Our punter is on the Ray Guy list, punters are awesome!"

After Odonnell outplayed their loser punter:

"The Canes are bragging about how their punter did in the combine, punters don't matter!"

Hypocrite, coward, and poster of "make belief", that is soldy no matter which ID he chooses to use.

Never posted under those IDs you mention, you are one obsessed paranoid loser.
What you are seeing is a replay of the same sack yet you think it is a new play every time, now THAT is funny indeed.
And you call others stupid, wow.
Look tonite ESPN may show the replay again but for you it will be a new play.
"It is hilarious that a gatr QB got sacked so many times that I think Sam moved up two rounds in the draft." Yep he may move all the way to the #1 spot by your understanding.
What a douche.
Henderson, Morris and all the former canes you list will be lucky to go before the 3rd round.
Yet the Gators you bad mouth at least one of them will go in the first. At the minimum, probably more.
But you know better.
Paranoid loser.

So where will the Canes first game in the NIT on the road be ?

Sam sacked the gatr QB THREE TIMES in that game, coward.

You continue to deny that you posted under other IDs, yet somehow you are still here, answering questions in one ID that doesn't match your original ID. So you think his three sack performance did not move him up in the draft boards, since it helped give him the lead in sacks in the SEC and got him SEC DPOY honors? You truly are living in a world of "make belief".

So, you are predicting a gatr in the first round of the draft.

When you are wrong, YET AGAIN, you will just change IDs and claim you never said that.

If I don't quote you, you will claim I am imagining it.
If I quote you, you will claim I am misquoting you like you did earlier today.

So, Micheal Sam did not improve his draft stock with three sacks against the gatrs and a gatr will go in the first round.

You truly are only here to stir up trouble, because you OBVIOUSLY have so much hatred and bitterness and envy that you cannot go a single day without an insult, a lie, and a "make belief" prediction of gatr dominance and Canes doom.

You will never leave, that much is obvious. So we might as well have fun with the mousie trapped in our home. Yep, you have shrank in stature from piggy to mousy.

Squeak squeak for us, mousy, we know you cannot help it....

LOL at curse mousy!

Who cares about UFraud hoops. Have not played anyone.

But let's focus on what is most important. Head-to-head, you can't beat the Canes.

Can't do it, Gatr Pig. Just can't.

Canes own the slovenly disgusting trailerparkers of Trailerville.

You suuuuuuuuucckkkkkkk, Gatr Trash.

Moldy Soldy is a Pig.

You are seriously sick man, get some help.
You keep confusing every one and keep on finding old posts from different sites to try and prove your obsession.
Get to your shrink ASAP.
You can bank that at least one former Gator will be taken in the first round of the draft this year, probably Marcus Roberson.
You can bank that no cane will be taken in the first or second rounds. Again. Your pathetic streak will live on one more year.

Did someone hear a mousy squeak?

Took the bait, just as expected.

Nobody here is confused by my quoting you. They are confused as to why you are STILL HERE, mousy.

squeak squeak, coward.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | February 24, 2014 at 04:40 PM

Maggot? Oh, maggot? The single most important thing is who wins. And, in recent memory, it has been the Canes.

Gatr Trash cannot beat the Canes. So, go pop off about Roberson or your women's field hockey team's ranking.

We know you know you fear the Mighty Miami Hurricanes.

Can't beat them. Just can't.

That is your sad legacy, trailer donkey.

That should be trailer mousy.

A donkey at least does a job. This trailer mousy squeaks and runs at the first sign of daylight.

And a donkey is not cowardly, the way this namechanging coward is.

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