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Canes at Combine: punter O'Donnell blazing fast (& strong); OT Henderson also fast. OG Linder: strong.

Caught some of the NFL Combine on the NFL Network earlier today.

UM punter Pat O'Donnell, at 6-4 1/8 and 220 pounds, looked like the physical specimen he had been all last season with UM. He ran like it, too.

O'Donnell ran a 4.64 official 40-yard dash. At first they posted a 4.53 time, but that was unofficial. His time, last I checked at 1:51 p.m., was eighth overall for the day (fastest I checked was tight end A.C. Leonard of Tennessee State in 4.43) and top among kickers/punters. According to NFL.com, O'Donnell's 40 time tied the fastest by a kicker or punter since at least 2006; USC's David Buehler ran a 4.62 in 2009.

O'Donnell also benched 23 reps of 225 pounds. "That's right, that is a special-teamer,'' said an NFL Network analyst. Another comment regarding the bench press: "Crazy! That's an offensive line bench.''

In his one season in Coral Gables, O’Donnell set the school single-season record with a 47.1 yards-per-punt average. A first-team All-ACC choice and second-team All-America selection by USA TODAY, O’Donnell booted 23 punts of 50+ yards and downed 19 inside the opponent’s 20-yard line.

6-7, 331-pound Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson's fastest official time today was 5.04 with a 1.71 10-yard split (the splits are key bursts for OL at beginning of plays). NFL folks keep talking about his "inconsistency'' and lack of physical strength for his size. He did not participate in the bench press at the combine.

6-5 5/8, 311-pound offensive guard Brandon Linder's fastest time today was officially 5.35. He benched an impressive 30 reps of 225 pounds. NFL Network: "If you could take Linder's toughness and tenacity and the way he plays the game and [put it] in Seantrel Henderson's body, then you'd have a first round pick.'' Linder had a 1.82 10-yard split when I saw him on TV, but that was unofficial.

Linder started all 13 games along the offensive line in 2013 and concluded his career with 37 consecutive starters. He was a second-team All-ACC selection and was named the team’s Offensive MVP at the end of the season. Henderson, a third-team All-ACC selection, played in 12 games along the offensive line, making eight starts at right tackle.

Quarterback Stephen Morris and wide receiver Allen Hurns will work out Feb. 23. Live coverage begins each day at 9 a.m. ET. Miami's official football Twitter account (@MiamiHurricanes) will also provide live results for all five Hurricanes.



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richmondheights, smo17's inability to throw passes over the middle has/had nothing to do with james coley. That's been one of his biggest problems since he's been at UM. One of the main reasons they never put smo17 under center is because he has a hard time picking up linebackers when coming out from under center and most of his picks while here have been to linebackers.

Which is why when jedd was here he just basically threw the majority of the plays over the middle out for smo17. coley got here and it took him a minute to realize that smo17 wasn't as good as he thought he was and than he realized it's how smo17 see's the game, plus he's not that tall but he plays short, which hinders his ability to scan the field.

Morris' inability to see the field has nothing to do with his height. He doesn't know where the defense is going to be. Not sure he knows where more than 1 of his guys are going to be.

Variety of Florida Gators teams chase rankings, titles

GAINESVILLE — The Florida men's basketball team may be getting all the attention this week for being ranked No. 1, but Billy Donovan's squad isn't the only one to hold that distinction in Gainesville — and far from the only success story for the Gators this spring.

The undefeated softball team is also ranked No. 1 in the espn.com/USA Softball and NFCA/USA Today national polls.

Among the Gators' 14 sports currently in season, eight are ranked in the top 5: men's basketball and softball (both No. 1); gymnastics (No. 3); lacrosse (No. 5), men's swimming and diving (No. 4); women's swimming and diving (No. 5); women's tennis (No. 5) and men's track and field (No. 2).

The men's swimming and diving team won the SEC swimming and diving championships last weekend, its second consecutive title.

Gators track and field coach Mike Holloway isn't surprised by the success of the school's other programs because "that's what's expected." But the demand to be the best, he said, goes far beyond just the regular season. That's what he's reminding his squads as they prepare for the SEC Championships this weekend in College Station, Texas.

"I think that anybody that works at the University of Florida — look at what's going on here now — whether it be basketball or softball, gymnastics — I think that's what we do," Holloway said. "We prepare for these situations, and when you're hired you're not hired to be just good in the regular season, but you're hired to be good in championship season. That's our mantra and that's what we strive for every year. This team knows our job is to be ready for what we call the championship season."

Softball coach Tim Walton said that before the season he guessed his team would be 15-1 at this juncture. The Gators (16-0) will play five games this weekend at the Diamond 9 Citrus Classic in Orlando, including a top-10 game against Oregon. Like Donovan, Walton doesn't want his team focused on the ranking.

"We don't look at our number in front of us, we've got to look at finding a way of how we're going to get better everyday," Walton said. "Not even using coach cliché, but I think that's the mind-set of our team — not to really worry about where we're at right now, but to understand where we're going and how we're going to get there."


While u will be praying for a below .500% Basketball NIT invite, Beisbol .500% record and dreaming of yet another Spring Football Championship...

UF = QUANTITY of QUALITY !!! u = q[]_[]antity of s[]_[]ck...



Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | September 03, 2013 at 01:01 PM

But then, he will claim that wasn't him, and I just imagined quoting his current lie.

Posted by: Five Titles | February 24, 2014 at 03:32 PM

Never posted under those IDs you mention, you are one obsessed paranoid loser.
Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete | February 24, 2014 at 03:39 PM

Took seven minutes for curse mousy to deny it was him, even though his denial is using the same ID I quoted. Poor coward can't even admit it was him when using the SAME ID, let alone when he jumps to one of his other obsessed mousy IDs, right, purple drank, marble mouf,and Haitian hit man?

You say disgusting things on here, then whine when someone dares criticize you for those disgusting comments. You are not only a coward with no reason to be here, you are a coward with no concept of how your racism, profanity, insults, and lies are the only reason people now do the same on the gatr blog.

Please, just stop. You have accomplished your goal, you can do no more, so it is time for you to leave us alone.

Who cares about UFraud hoops. Have not played anyone.

Posted by: Moldy Soldy is a grim ol' Pig | February 24, 2014 at 04:26 PM

Who cares about UFraud hoops. Have not played anyone.

Posted by: Moldy Soldy is a grim ol' Pig | February 24, 2014 at 04:26 PM


#1 GATORS #3 Ranked RPI Schedule in the COUNTRY... Kansas, Wisky, U-Conn, Memphis, Fresno and Richmond OC Schedule and ALL Tourney Teams.

u ? try scrolling waaaaaayyyyyy down to #125 RPI when u play the likes of Florida Tech, St. Francis, Georgia and Texas Southern, FAU, UCF, LaSalle, Loyola, Norfolk State and College of Charleston as ur early OC Schedule... That's 10 of ur 14 wins this year against scrubs u fool... NIT huh ? With ur SOS, the NIT, if u get lucky enough to get an invite at all, will ship u to play at Washington or Minnesota... And u dUmb clUcks will be spouting off how ur in a Basketball Tourney dispite such a putrid schedule and record.


u were saying something about Schedule Strength again ?

Now the mighty gaturd fans hiding under the skirts of their female softball players, swimmers, etc. Sad. A big L from Georgia Southern can do that to mind, though.

I have to laugh at mousy posting accolades for every other sport that the fine UF has accomplished...as if any of it matters.

Block of the year...

Tell us more about your shooty hoops game and women's softball and diving, is it?

Oh, and we just beat you in baseball - so tell me more about errors and stats that don't matter in the W/L column...

Keep it up, Gator; but you're not doing your school any favors.

### Though nothing has been announced, the Los Angeles Times reported UM has a late addition to its 2014 recruiting class: two-star California-based defensive tackle Joe Brown. According to the Times, Brown's coach in Paramount, Cal., learned last week that he had earned a high enough SAT score to be eligible. UTEP made an offer last Wednesday, and UM contacted him that afternoon, and invited him for a visit.


yet another non-difference maker fat body with no talent that NOBODY except u and UTEP wanted at the DT position... But maybe if u sign 10 2 star DT's that'll really seem like having 4- 5 stars according to cane cluck logic. Maybe Alverage Al can try putting WANTED Sogns all around Campus again...

Crappy Quality but a Quantity of it...

I like Joe Brown. Here comes the judge! Welcome Joe!

I bet he won't block another UM DT in a div 2 loss...

There are only 3 college sports that matter in the US:


UM 9
UF 5

That means that UM > UF +FSU+UCF+USF+FIU+FAU

Get over it and according to the 2014 USNWR, the colege ranks first in floridq and #47 in the US

Buh bye gators and noles you all aint sheet.still!

U cluck, teblow is on line 2 looking for u to give u a hand job, he said he cant reach u because of your obsession of beating us ONCE with him in the last 30 yrs with your varsity blues copying speech wanna be baseball throwing quarterback

Seantrel "Cottonball" Henderson. Goes to Combine and does not lift?? No Bench Press?? Then Why Go?? Seriously?? New nickname "Cottonball" meaning soft. This guy has wanted to be a baby since he got to UM. I am disappointed because this guy wasted his opportunity. Someone should kick off in his u-know-what.

Calvin, if your assessment is valid, then that is a major problem with coaching. I had a problem seeing coming from the center too, but my coach put me in the shotgun. If a QB cannot throw over the middle; regardless of height, then the defensive LBs and safeties will have a field day. It is hard for me to believe that a D-1 starting QB cannot throw over the middle to a TE or WR on a slant.

Calvin, OC can also move the pocket. If you are right about Morris, what does that say about his backups.

GatorKillerCane, I concur with your assessment, because Morris stayed with his primary receiver too long. This is the main reason that I will continue to point out...we need a full-time QB coach. No way a pro-style QB at a major D-1 college cannot recognized pre-snap coverages. We are not talking about the NFL, but college defensive schemes.

"Poor coward can't even admit it was him when using the SAME ID, let alone when he jumps to one of his other obsessed mousy IDs, right, purple drank, marble mouf,and Haitian hit man? "

There you go again with 3 new IDs you attribute to me.
Never posted under any of these new 3 as well as all the others you claim.
You have a problem letting go of perceived slights and such.
You seem the type to hold a grudge and keep rancor and hate in your daily life.
Again, go see the shrink.
Go get some meds.

A top athletic institution will excel in more than the 3 major sports.
A sorry institution will not even field teams in the secondary sports.
A pathetic institution will be stuck in mediocrity for over a decade in 2 and close to it in the other of the 3 major sports.
There you have Dah U, sorry and pathetic.


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