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Forward James Kelly suspended indefinitely for violation of team rules

Jim Larrañaga's basketball team -- already short on talent and bodies this season because of injuries and transfer rules -- will be down another scholarship player.

"At this time James Kelly has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules," Larrañaga announced Tuesday. "James is a fine young man but we need him to have a clear focus on what is expected of a student-athlete at the University of Miami."

A source close to the team told The Miami Herald Tuesday that Kelly (6-7, 246) will be out for three games, meaning he won't return until March 1st at the earlier when the Hurricanes play at N.C. State.

UM (12-13, 3-9 ACC) will play its next two games at home -- Wednesday night versus Notre Dame (14-12, 5-8) and Saturday at noon against Boston College (6-19, 2-10) -- before hitting the road to close out the month of February at Virginia (21-5, 12-1 ACC) on Feb. 26.

Kelly, who hasn't started since Jan. 8 at North Carolina, had nine points and five rebounds in 21 minutes off the bench in UM's loss at Virginia Tech Saturday. He ranks fifth on the team in scoring (7.0 ppg) and rebounding (4.0) and is one of nine scholarship players who see the majority of playing time in UM's rotation.

> UM also announced walk-on guard Steve Sorenson has left the team to focus on academics.


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That's to bad, because if James Kelly would play these next 3 games, he'd could of had the potential to average over 30pts and 12 boards each game as we would have won all 3 of them virtually guaranteeing us a first round road NIT game as we would have gone on a Larranaga roll right into New York to win the NIT Championship catapulting us to a Top-25 ranking next year bringing the program right back to where we were last year and will then stay as a Top-10-15 College soon to power ACC powerhouse.

if we can just get to .500% and then win the ACC Tournament will be make the March Madness Dance and could surprise a lot of teams. Then make the sweet 16 then anything could happen. Look a Villinova, Butler, George Mason and others that made a run. It's basketball and anything could happen. Jim Larranaga's done it before and could do it again. Go Canes ! Have Faith !

Q&A with the Psychopath namechanging coward. Notice that he is more honest once the meds kick in.

Q: You have come on here to rip the Canes baseball team for a 2-1 record. I guess the gatrs must have a MUCH better record than that, right?

A: Actually, they also have a 2-1 record.

Q: You have come on here to rip the Canes football team for a 9-4 record. I guess the gatrs must have a MUCH better record than that, right?

A: Actually, they have a 4-8 record.

Q: You have come on here to rip the Canes fans for expecting a better season next year, as they have improved each year. I guess the gatrs fans are being much more pessimistic, right?

A: Actually, they also have hopes to do better than 4-8 next year.

Q: So, in effect, you have no logical reason to be here, other than to proclaim that you are some FBI agent working a drug angle in the murders of Taylor and Pata, which has already been proven to be false?

A: Well, I am a complete loser. But I have it better than most folks that talk to themselves. The rest of the folks in my schizo group sessions are homeless, so they look at my mom's doublewide (her trailer, not her rear, which is also a doublewide) and think I am their king. I just hope they don't IP ban me or I will have to talk momsie into moving again so I can hit a new library.

Q: What is your next move?

A: Well, once the wheels are back on, I guess we will head to Okeechobee, where the taco bell has free wifi.

Q: I meant on this blog, what is your next move?

A: Oh, I will just copy what Canes fans type, tell them they are wrong, post some articles about the gatrs that have NOTHING to do with this blog, since we are afraid to face the Canes every year, and then claim an undefeated season for the gatrs football team next year, same as I do EVERY spring.

SEC Basketball = Sun Belt Conference football.

The SEC will have just two teams in the tournament for the first time since 1979. Coincidence the Gatr Trash has a "good" record? Naahhhhhh. Playing garbage teams. Have lost to the only good teams they played.

Over-rated. Over-hyped.

The national laughingstock is the UFraud.

Does James Kelly go on Golden's Casualties List?

Will the BUC be sold out Saturday noon for Boston College?
Remember last year all the fun when we sold out for Duke? I mean when the Duke fans sold out the BUC.
Why can't Boston College do the same? What is wrong with those Bostonians? Don't they know the rules, that they are the ones who need to bring in their fans.
Will we make it to the NIT?
Maybe next year.

Do they work on shooting drills or free throws in practice? The team is solid in every area but making an open shot. Larranaga, if you hear him talk, seems a bit aloof on their failures. Press doesn't challenge him enough. I guess the best Miami season in history will buy you some slack.

Garrius Adams is aweful. He is 0-10 in 3's and 0-20 in FTs in end of game situations when it matters. Time to play Devon Reed and Jekeri more. The Seniors had their chance. Too late for this year.

Canes chickensh$ t to play the Gators in basketball!

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