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Golden tells ESPN Signing Day has been a really good day for the Canes

Hurricanes coach Al Golden will address the local media at 4 p.m. today on the Hurricanes recruiting class. But he gave ESPN, on campus at 13 of the nation's premier schools, an interview moments after Chad Thomas and Demetrius Jackson announced their pledges to the Hurricanes.

How does this Signing Day compare to last year?

"A lot better," Golden said. "We’re excited. We had a chance to get through the NCAA investigation. We have a lot of kids that fill a lot of needs for us, particularly in the front seven, which we really think we did a great job there. Not to mention we just ended up getting Chad [Thomas] and Demetrius [Jackson] from Booker T., two really good pass rushers."

Was Golden concerned he might lose Thomas to Alabama?

"Absolutely concerned," he said. "Concerned until all the faxes are in. I had a chance to talk to [his mother] Steph this morning. I was excited about that. Chad has been good. Obviously he’s valuable to us because he’s a pass rusher.

"So now we not only bring in some interior guys in [Michael] Wyche, [Calvin] Heurtelou, [Cortel] Jenkins and [Anthony] Moten, but we get the pass rushers we needed to get desperately in [Trent] Harris, Demetrius Jackson, Chad Thomas, Mike Smith, guys like that."

The Hurricanes netted two quarterbacks -- Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier -- and Golden believes both can make an impact.

"Both of those young men came to our camp," Golden said. "We had a chance to see them live and how they operate, how they conduct the huddle and really their football intelligence. Brad, at first is a 6-5 guy. Excellent pocket passer, really can step up, did a tremendous job in the Semper Fidelis [All-American] game. Malik has a big strong arm, another bright young man, a leader. Malik is a little more versatile, can pull the ball down and run. Those two guys are really guys we think can make an impact at playing time for us."

UM's class is ranked eighth nationally by ESPN. Does Golden think UM will improve or possibly slip?

"I think will stay around the same," Golden said. "I think we signed 26 guys, maybe 27 when its all said and done. But it’s really the quality of it. If you look at the offensive line with [Trevor] Darling, Kc McDermott and [Nick] Linder, we’re really excited about those young people.

"Joe Yearby, a great tailback from Miami Central. He fit a great need. We needed long receivers this year and we did that. [Darrell] Langham is 6-4 ½, Tyre Brady is taller than me at 6-3, [David] Njoku. Then we went into Georgia to get an H tight end, somebody that can move and get vertical in Chris Herndon. So, it’s a good group and a group we’re excited about it.

"And we topped it off on defense with the two safeties we ended up getting in Kiy Hester and Marques Gayot. It’s a really good day for the Miami Hurricanes. We’re really excited to move forward now without anything hanging over our heads."


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get valentine

Remember how the sicko claimed the guys from New Jersey were just coming down for a free vacation?

LMAO at this pathetic namechanging loser being wrong over and over again...

Kaaya was going to USC, right? LOL!

So Valentine chose the easy route instead of competing here. Oh well, Heurtelou and Moten were too much for him, I guess. Meanwhile, LSU had not signed any DTs, so he gets a better chance to start there.

Good luck to him, but likely he ends up regretting his decision...

Damn lost valentine...oh well if he does not want to be here and his heart is not at Miami than good luck to him..wonder if Warren Sapp had any influence?..Last DT drafted was 2007..then you wonder why Miami cant stop the run?!

Need dogs at DT

Valentine is a loss, but Miami did very well at the DT position and on the defensive line in general. Moten, Heurtelou, and Wyche can all play immediately. Apparently Valentine was worried about playing too soon and that factored into his decision not to attend UM. If he did not want to see the field in 2014 he likely would not have made an immediate impact. At DE, Chad Thomas is a stud and can play right away. Harris can contribute immediately and probably Jackson as well. Very good job by Golden addressing Miami's most pressing needs.

No surprise flips so far. I thought we would either get Valentine or get a late addition from Golden that nobody saw coming. Looks like neither will be the case. This incoming class still looks good but not great by any means. Still losing too many local studs at important positions. Coaches need to get to winning in order to bring those guys into the fold. The ones we lost went to winners and programs on the rise. Even the Gator recruits were probably looking at the 2012 results more than this year and saw the potential. Still, when all is said and done, the kids we got want to be Canes and that is all that matters. Good luck to all the student athletes at their new schools and congratulations for your progress and hard work that has led you to this important opportunity in your lives. Go Canes !!

The gains that CG are talking about are for a Class that will come in and cover our NEEDS at positions at this time.
No crying about TV because he was out of here from weeks ago.
Good Class, and a group that can gel and make their mark in the re-build.
Good day overall.
Go 'Canes

Golden not getting a local kid like Valentine really blows. In my opinion he would have added 2 wins to the "U" next year. Can't get them all but Golden is losing too many local studs. Valentine would have made a BIG difference. Go Canes.

Great class.

Nevermind TV. We didn't want his drama.

Oh, how all the just you wait for recruitpocalypse just didn't and don't have a damned thing to say.

Nary a post from piggy, 'rick', or gallo....

Kaaya was gone.
Thomas was gone
Mc Dermott was gone
Linder was gone
jackson was gone...

where's a gallo list when we need one?

Great job getting em. Now develop them.

VAlentine would not have added 2 wins to Miami next yr. That is a reach. O line players in college are MEN. Not the boys TV has played against. He'll be in for a rude awakening in the SEC. And when Les Miles bolts in 1-2 yrs all the gossip you read about coach Golden will be useless!

Valentine "would have added 2 wins to the U next year" 2 wins!!! LMAO come on dude...really?!?

Guys, no need to rip him for his opinion, he is right.

Win number 1: A contest to see who had the most players named Travonte.
Win number 2: A contest to see who had the most players named Valentine.

But I don't think we would have won two more football games because of some freshman backup....

JTA, excellent post, and a good-hearted one. Yes, best of luck to ALL these young men, Canes and non-Canes. Some will not take their education seriously, and will pay the price. Those that accept that responsibility will survive, grow and be better for it, whether or not they rise to the NFL.

By now, most of these kids know that UM offers a superior education, but requires the requisite willingness to work at it. You KNOW more than a few of these kids wanted the travel the easier road. It's the price UM now pays. That said, as was mentioned, WIN MORE GAMES and the "ones that got away" will sign on with UM.
Go Canes!

A mediocre class, given that we have lost so many local recruits to UF, FSU, and outside of the state. No matter how we measure up today, too many kids leave our area; rather Valentine wanted to leave because of waiting to play is irrelevant. He could have red shirted at the “U” in that case; he left because he doesn’t feel comfortable with what AJ and D’No are offering. Bottom line, this year is it for AG; if he cannot produce by getting to ACC championship (winning it) and finishing within the top 10 (at least), he should be fired. RS did not get the opportunities or funds that this staff has rec’d – no more excuses.

Ag had The U in the ACC finals last year but we self imposed. Shannon never did that. He got most of the top kids in Miami Dade. Look it up. He can't get everyone.
2015's class already has over 120+ offers out. st full year with no cloud over the program. He needs to improve overall, but has done more with less than Shannon ever did.

Miami has reinforcements and has to develop the talent...who knows maybe the light comes on for a Jelani Hamiliton.. or Corey King and Earl Moore surprise..do you see where I am going?..we need a DT to become a STUD!!!..I repeat not a DT drafted in the NFL since 2007...thats 7 years..we need a monster or two to clog the middle and stop the run

wE DONT HAVE ONE, PLUS NO NEW RB or Middle linebacker, which was needed badly, we are way to small to compete, Duke has bigger defense people than us., its going to be a rough year, here we go were to young and dont no the plays, its a mirror of last year with Als excuses, except our schedule is much more difficult, 500 yards games coming after patsy play.

Golden doesnt get locals cause his schemes are wrong, and doesnt understand south florida athletes period. DC still doesnt know he is in Miami, thinks he is in Goldens kitchen getting a hand out.

Shannon also didn't have to navigate the crap his lack of oversight created. We're lucky Golden didn't bolt, two years ago, who then? This is a great class when you apply the circumstances.

Based on today's signings, my updated "recruiting leakage" list follows. Of the 4 and 5-star recruits that UM offered who also attended a high school south of Lake Okeechobee, these are the kids that signed elsewhere:

2011 - 13 (thanks Clint Hurtt)
Nick O'Leary (West Palm Beach) - FSU - 4 star
Marcus Roberson (Fort Lauderdale) - UF - 4 star
Sammy Watkins (Fort Myers) - Clemson - 4 star
Jacoby Brissett (West Palm Beach) - UF - 4 star
Aaron Lynch (Cape Coral) - Notre Dame - 4 star
Gerod Holliman (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star
Teddy Bridgewater (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star
Kelvin Benjamin (Belle Glade) - FSU - 4 star
Jabari Gorman (Miami) - UF - 4 star
Curt Maggitt (West Palm Beach) - Tennessee - 4 star
Elkino Watson (Miami) - USF - 4 star
Rashad Greene (Fort Lauderdale) - FSU - 4 star
Eli Rogers (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star

2012 - 10 (thanks Auburn)
Mario Pender (Cape Coral) - FSU - 4 star
Jessamen Dunker (Boynton Beach) - UF - 4 star
Amari Cooper (Miami) - Alabama - 4 star
Keith Brown (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star
Avery Young (Palm Beach Gardens) - Auburn - 4 star
Amos Leggett (Miami) - Marshall - 4 star
Donaldven Manning (Miami) - Virginia Tech - 4 star
Patrick Miller (West Palm Beach) - Auburn - 4 star
Ricardo Louis (Miami Beach) - Auburn - 4 star
Avery Johnson (Pompano Beach) - LSU - 4 star

2013 - 9 (thanks Randy Shannon)
Matthew Thomas (Miami) - FSU - 5 star
Kelvin Taylor (Belle Glade) - UF - 4 star
Mike Heuerman (Naples) - Notre Dame - 4 star
Denver Kirkland (Miami) - Arkansas - 4 star
Alex Collins (Plantation) - Arkansas - 4 star
Jayron Kearse (Fort Myers) - Clemson - 4 star
Will Likely (Belle Glade) - Maryland - 4 star
Jaynard Bostwick (Port St. Lucie) - UF - 4 star
Rashard Robinson (Pompano Beach) - LSU - 4 star

2014 - 13 (I guess UF being so bad is a recruiting +)
Travis Rudolph (West Palm Beach) - FSU - 5 star
Dalvin Cook (Miami) - FSU - 5 star
Sony Michel (Plantation) - Georgia - 5 star
Ermon Lane (Homestead) - FSU - 5 star
Travonte Valentine (Hialeah) - LSU - 4 star
Treon Harris (Miami) - UF - 4 star
Brandon Powell (Deerfield Beach) - UF - 4 star
Chris Lammons (Plantation) - So. Carolina - 4 star
Johnnie Dixon (West Palm Beach) - Ohio State - 4 star
J.C. Jackson (Immokalee) - UF - 4 star
Khairi Clark (Hollywood) - UF - 4 star
Nigel Bethel II (Miami) - Texas Tech - 4 star
Corey Holmes (Ft. Lauderdale) - Notre Dame - 4 star

Golden did about as well this year as he did in 2013 but significantly worse than 2012, which was his best recruiting year. More specifically, he landed 6 "local" blue chips or 32% of total local blue chips up for grabs this year. This compares to 2013 (4 or 31%), 2012 (6 or 38%) and 2011 (1 or 7%).

I still think Golden should have done better this year given that he has had at least a couple of years running camps and developing relationships with local high school coaches. I still believe he is spending too much time recruiting away from So. Florida. If Golden has to sign a 3-star recruit, why not sign one down here rather than NJ? The local prep coaches will appreciate it and it will help land a future local blue chip player!

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