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Gray last Canes commit to sign officially; Golden talks about UM's signing class


He's in and the Hurricanes are done with their 2014 signing class for now.


Carol City's Trayone Gray became the last player to officially sign with the Hurricanes on Wednesday. UM announced his signing just as Golden was addressing the media in his signing day press conference.


"Gray's a guy who can play wide receiver for us. Gray's a guy who could actually play running back too," Golden said of Gray, who started at quarterback for the Chiefs. "He's another guy who came to camp and I fell in love with him after 10 minutes."

> Golden said not having to recruit with an NCAA cloud over head since October certainly felt different.

"There were some homes I left in December and I felt like I left something, like your cell phone. And then I realized I didn't have to spend three-quarters of the time explaining or defending the NCAA thing," Golden said. "It felt good to talk about our academics, the campus itself, our football program, our tradition, all the things we want to talk about that have been eclipsed because whatever coach just left or came after you - `the NCAA, they're dead.' So it feels good.

"Was it a little too late for this group? Pretty much, 85, 90 percent of this class was done by the middle of October when this came out and we weren't able to address it personally until December when our season was over. We'll reap the benefits of that moving forward."

> Golden said of seven defensive linemen and four linebackers UM signed to upgrade their front seven: "They'll make an impact."

Tops on the list  is five-star defensive end Chad Thomas. "An elite player, explosive pass rusher, brings speed on the edge, but yet is physical enough to take on a blocker a tackle or a tight end," Golden said.

"At such a young age he's so mature and knows what he wants," Golden continued. "He's very disciplined, not a guy you have to worry about. He's very structured already. This guy, he's inquisitive, he wants to learn about music but he shares an equal passion for athletics, for football. He's a young man that had everyone in the country offer him but decided to come down to our camp to get better. And you don't always see that."


Golden said Demetrius Jackson and Trent Harris "can go along" with sophomore Quan Muhammad and junior Tyriq McCord as strong side linebackers or rush ends.

"I feel much better about our depth there now that at any point last year," Golden said.


> Golden side at defensive tackle "is where we've probably made the most gains."


He called St. Thomas Aquinas standout Anthony Moten, listed as a 6-4, 292-ppound four-star recruit, "a premier player in the country at defensive tackle."


"I saw AJ last week and he was a shade under 300 pounds, so he'll come in ready made," Golden said. "We got to get him in condition. He'll come in during the summer and get him ready to go."

Moten said Wednesday he'd start off in the three technique and Golden mention "we'll add him to a position where Jelani Hamilton and Olsen Pierre play."


> Golden called the other three defensive tackles UM signed "nose tackles."


"Calvin Hertelou is here now at 324 pounds," Golden said. "He's going to give us the type of strength that we need. We're excited about his impact he'll have in the spring. Michael Wyche is a highly coveted player, someone we think will do an incredible job for us. Michael has a great perspective on life and kind of give us the leadership, be a guy will make an impact on and off the field. Courtel Jenkins is a young man we're excited about."


> Golden said he's excited about "just the sheer size" of his linebackers. Golden said early enrollee Juwon Young is 240 pounds and Darrion Owens is 6-2, 6-3, 230 pound-range. 

> Northwestern's Michael Smith, listed as a defensive end and  at 6-2, 210 pounds, will start out at linebacker Golden said. "He's a guy we obviously thought the world of," he said.

> Golden called Ely's Terry McCray a very sought after player. "He's a guy who is 6-2, 6-3, 228 pounds," Golden said. "Again, a very big group of physical linebackers."

> Golden said New Jersey athlete David Njoku is a big athlete, ex-wide receiver. "We'll see where he goes with his body," Golden said. "He's about 218 pounds now, about 6-4. He has the ability to be a guy we can move around from X to H and put him in space."

How might tight end Chris Herndon be used?

"Herndon is an H. Njoku is an X that can play at H," Golden said. "But Herndon is definitely an H. He's very similar to Clive [Walford] except he's going to come in a little bigger than Clive, 235, 238. We're excited about him. We were very close to taking another tight end, but Clive bailed us out. Getting a Y tight end is important in next year's class."

> Golden said he's grateful to quarterback Brad Kaaya and his family "for showing loyalty" after many schools came in after him after he had committed to UM early in the process.

"He's a fine young man now," Golden said. "He's 6-4, has a big arm. Everybody I knew out at the Semper Fidelis game said he had a big week and is very bright. He's a young man that came and visited us 11 months ago when we were starting spring ball and you could tell just how bright he is."

> Golden said quarterback Malik Rosier of Mobile, Ala. is a recruit "we should get to know because he'll be playing baseball for the Canes and Jim Morris in addition to playing football."

Golden said Rosier has big hands, a strong arm and excellent mobility. Golden said Rosier can throw the ball in the pocket real well, but provides an extra element to escape the pocket and make plays.

"Both of those guys are winners," Golden said.

> Golden said getting All-American offensive linemen Kc McDermott and Trevor Darling on campus early was huge.

"They are who we thought they were," Golden said. "It doesn't matter what anybody says -- the services, the stars. It's 'Are they what you though they were?' Trevor Darling and Kc McDermott are that. They'll be two young men that will be able to help us right away."

Golden said he's seen gains from them in the weight room since they enrolled.

Golden said UM may continue to add another offensive lineman in the class "because I'm worried about the numbers." 

"We don't have much room," Golden said. "We're basically at our max right now, maybe have one spot, maybe two. But offensive line is a position I'll continue to look at just because our numbers are not great."

> After signing only one running back -- Miami Central's Joe Yearby -- could UM be looking to add help there?

"I don't think so," Golden said. "Joe is not 6-foot, but Joe runs hard. Duke Johnson now is 202 pounds, and we're trying to get him to 205, 206. Joe Yearby is following Duke's footsteps and he'll get stronger and we have Dallas Crawford and Gus Edwards. The depth there is better than the last couple of years and I'm excited about that. I don't think we'll go after a big back, I really would rather save that for next year and get two running backs. We really like a lot of the running backs in next year's class and will bring two in [in 2015]."

> Golden said UM will release a list of who will miss spring practice next week. But  count on Duke Johnson, Yearby or freshman receiver Braxton Berrios to be on the list.
















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Based on today's signings, my updated "recruiting leakage" list follows. Of the 4 and 5-star recruits that UM offered who also attended a high school south of Lake Okeechobee, these are the kids that signed elsewhere:

2011 - 13 (thanks Clint Hurtt)
Nick O'Leary (West Palm Beach) - FSU - 4 star
Marcus Roberson (Fort Lauderdale) - UF - 4 star
Sammy Watkins (Fort Myers) - Clemson - 4 star
Jacoby Brissett (West Palm Beach) - UF - 4 star
Aaron Lynch (Cape Coral) - Notre Dame - 4 star
Gerod Holliman (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star
Teddy Bridgewater (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star
Kelvin Benjamin (Belle Glade) - FSU - 4 star
Jabari Gorman (Miami) - UF - 4 star
Curt Maggitt (West Palm Beach) - Tennessee - 4 star
Elkino Watson (Miami) - USF - 4 star
Rashad Greene (Fort Lauderdale) - FSU - 4 star
Eli Rogers (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star

2012 - 10 (thanks Auburn)
Mario Pender (Cape Coral) - FSU - 4 star
Jessamen Dunker (Boynton Beach) - UF - 4 star
Amari Cooper (Miami) - Alabama - 4 star
Keith Brown (Miami) - Louisville - 4 star
Avery Young (Palm Beach Gardens) - Auburn - 4 star
Amos Leggett (Miami) - Marshall - 4 star
Donaldven Manning (Miami) - Virginia Tech - 4 star
Patrick Miller (West Palm Beach) - Auburn - 4 star
Ricardo Louis (Miami Beach) - Auburn - 4 star
Avery Johnson (Pompano Beach) - LSU - 4 star

2013 - 9 (thanks Randy Shannon)
Matthew Thomas (Miami) - FSU - 5 star
Kelvin Taylor (Belle Glade) - UF - 4 star
Mike Heuerman (Naples) - Notre Dame - 4 star
Denver Kirkland (Miami) - Arkansas - 4 star
Alex Collins (Plantation) - Arkansas - 4 star
Jayron Kearse (Fort Myers) - Clemson - 4 star
Will Likely (Belle Glade) - Maryland - 4 star
Jaynard Bostwick (Port St. Lucie) - UF - 4 star
Rashard Robinson (Pompano Beach) - LSU - 4 star

2014 - 13 (I guess UF being so bad is a recruiting +)
Travis Rudolph (West Palm Beach) - FSU - 5 star
Dalvin Cook (Miami) - FSU - 5 star
Sony Michel (Plantation) - Georgia - 5 star
Ermon Lane (Homestead) - FSU - 5 star
Travonte Valentine (Hialeah) - LSU - 4 star
Treon Harris (Miami) - UF - 4 star
Brandon Powell (Deerfield Beach) - UF - 4 star
Chris Lammons (Plantation) - So. Carolina - 4 star
Johnnie Dixon (West Palm Beach) - Ohio State - 4 star
J.C. Jackson (Immokalee) - UF - 4 star
Khairi Clark (Hollywood) - UF - 4 star
Nigel Bethel II (Miami) - Texas Tech - 4 star
Corey Holmes (Ft. Lauderdale) - Notre Dame - 4 star

Golden did about as well this year as he did in 2013 but significantly worse than 2012, which was his best recruiting year. More specifically, he landed 6 "local" blue chips or 32% of total local blue chips up for grabs this year. This compares to 2013 (4 or 31%), 2012 (6 or 38%) and 2011 (1 or 7%).

I still think Golden should have done better this year given that he has had at least a couple of years running camps and developing relationships with local high school coaches. I still believe he is spending too much time recruiting away from So. Florida. If Golden has to sign a 3-star recruit, why not sign one down here rather than NJ? The local prep coaches will appreciate it and it will help land a future local blue chip player!

Kinetic Cane,do you understand what the guy was recruiting against ? Jesus Christ ,you people don't understand ,the landscape of college football has changed dramatically since the U dominated in the 80s and 90s,there's no cloud to recruit against,so now let's judge the guy going forward ok,smh.....wow

so stupid to waste time compiling these lists of athletes who selected another school besides Miami...how many times have you heard that Miami cant get them all...look at texas, do texas get them all, no! LSU get their fair share of LA prospects only because they are the only division 1 school in the state.

great job by coach Golden and Staff on bringing in this great recruiting class of young men. And to the newest Cane recruits, congratulations and welcome to the U.

Golden is running out of time and excuses. Clock's ticking...

Not to bad Al. We all knew Al can recruit. Problem is the Defensive Scheme. Still, good job coach. Lets just hope the D.C. can get his act together.

That list doesn't mean anything, until this year. The NCAA took those players away from us. Golden lost Valentine when he was flirting with PState. Powell stab's in the back,announcing Gaytors during the so called "Dead Period" in recruiting. However, I do agree Golden is running out of excuses. According to ESPN Recruiting Standings. This how the Coastal did; #10 UM, #31 VT, and at #32 NC "No More Excuses"

We're not really talking about the real problem. Even if we got every recruit on our target list, this coaching staff won't be able to coach them up. They will regress, just like most of the highly-touted recruits under Goldie and D'No. Talent is not the problem. We are more talented than any team in the ACC outside of State and Clemson. Our coaching staff sucks. That's what will continue to hold us back.

Kinetic Cane you have a point but the cloud of the NCAA is now gone so give him another year..Butch davis needed time and remember that Miami will never dominate South Florida like the 80's because a lot of guys who would be backups and some starters are playing at USF, UCF and FIU..remember those football programs did not exist 30 years ago

This guy is already making excuses. "The class was already done", so we waste 4 years of scholarships on this bunch? Golden is the worst excuse for a coach UM has had since before my time as a fan. That's the early 60's. He knows what most know, he can't do the job.

Thank you To Coach Golden, his staff and these young men who chose to come to The U.

Don't read what these people are writing. No school ever gets every recruit they want. These young kids are easily swayed and there are other great schools out there. Just look at today's signings how so many kids changed their minds nationally. It happens every year. I love that these kids who committed to The U today really want to be here, that is really the important thing.

Well we finished #10 on espn and had 11 espn 300 players.
#11 on Scout.com where Manny mentions 1 Five star, but Yearby, Chad Jackson, and KC MCdermott are five stars on scout.com.
#12 on rivals. and our 2juco DT's are JUCO 100 list

Considering most of the year the sanctions looming still, a nice job..................LOTS OF DEPTH AND TALENT

Lighten up guys. I think Golden is doing pretty well if you look at facilities and coaches' salaries. The coaches probably make about half of those from teams higher on the recruiting rankings. When the poorest states in the nation can spend 5-7 million on a head coach (as their public elementary schools crumble), it's hard to compete. We are doing just as well as comparable schools: USC, ND, Stanford.

So where are the people that said Brad Kaaya and others would sign with other programs!!! Stay off this blog!!!

Anyone have an idea as to which OL Golden could target?

Congratulations coach Golden on the top 10 recruiting class you and the staff have assembled. Now the hard part developing and coaching them up. I know Swasey will make them bigger, stronger, faster and hopefully they will stay in the playbook. Great day for the Canes and it's great to bo a Miami Hurricane!!

You could have the All American players at every position and with the moron d'o and goldie's worthless 3 down linemen, LBs five yards off the line of scrimmage, no effective blitz, zone NO pass coverage, and goldie will still give up 500 yards and 40 points a game using his prevent-the-Cane-win against good teams.

You could have all Americans on offense and with goldie's and his OC calling flat go no where passes and hail mary interceptions and incompletions, and the offense will be three and out over and over.

goldie just does not know football nor conditioning nor football psychology. And his idiot staff does not know how to coach or to keep the same offense or defense in the game instead of changing it all every play. Morons.

Congrats Coach Golden and staff on a good class. Please, put some focus on speed...not always size. Allow these kids to gain weight natually, which will not impact their quickness and speed. Who can make football plays?

Maria, that was touching. I appreciate your positivity.

U see how smart RichmondHeightsCane is, He has it figured out, Golden has made Chickillo to big and he is slow as hell, Watch Golden make Thomas put on weight, remember Cane fans we always dogged Big Ten for big and slow..... THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS BEING BUILT.... NO MORE CANES FLYING TO THE BALL, THOSE DAYS ARE DONE WITH GOLDEN..... U WAS BUILT ON SPEED, AND HE IS DOING EVERYTHING BIG TEN STYLE.... BIG AND SLOW

Hey Rick,
Who has the best defense in the country?
Answer MSU - Big 10
Another elite defense? Ohio Sate - Big 10

You are an IDIOT!

The nerve of Golden. So I guess he had nothing to work with the last 3 years?? This guy will continue to create excuses because he cannot recruit the top talent with that d-coordinator. As a 40 year Canes fan, I for one, am glad FSU is winning thus applying maximum pressure to the BS Golden calls "Full Speed Ahead". Start walking, you've done enough talking. Fans want NCAA Championships and we will settle for nothing less!!


Don't know any of the in coming recruits so I won't try to judge or rank this class. I'll leave that to the so call experts etc. Will form my opinion, when I see them under the "U", until then how can anyone say who will be good or bad. I just hope the coaches has corrected the mistakes of the pass and is ready to coach these players up. It seems players wearing the "U" haven't progressed as they should, maybe it's the players or just maybe it's the coaches. That winning drive against Carolina was a thing of beauty but the way they played against Louisville was inexcusable. That was then this is now lets wait and see what 2014 "U" will look like. Welcome to the "U"

Neil, if facilities make better players, then how did we get 5 rings. (6 really). And if Golden got 10 million a year, he would have done better with the lack of talent he claims to have had? Golden is a bad coach, who walked into a gold mine, and has run of the place for a while. He has a lot to prove.

Crowing about the Big Ten? FSU had the best defense in the country, dummy! The most important stat for a defense is points scored, believe it or not, that's how games are decided. FSU was number one in the country in that category, hence they are better than Michigan State. If you knew anything about football, you'd now that. But it sounds like you're a Yankee, so you probably don't know what good football is. If you're a 'damn yankee', please go back up north where you belong. "Southern man don't need you 'round anyhow,"

I see Rick has changed the topic he is bitchin and lying about now since the whole AG is gonna lose all our recruits thing fell through . What a 5* moron . Go Canes

Posted by: EB | February 05, 2014 at 09:09 PM

Michigan State annually adds players from the South to their defense. They have enough sense to gain speed on their defense over those plodding and slow Midwestern teams.

The opposite of what Al Golden has brought to the worldwide leader in football speed, South Florida especially, as well as the entire state of Florida.

Al Golden apologist, again, I am calling your lies out.

There is not any attempt to condemn Al Golden for not getting every South Florida recruit.

There are some now that see what others, like myself, have said from Al Golden's hire date. He did not ever win against a top twenty team at the end of the year, ever.

But he has had more talent, at Miami, then every ACC team, but two, since he has been here.

I said Kaaya, I think U might want to let that one go.....1 mistake, I am doing some home work, Golden earlier today said we are at 82 Scholarship limit, then he said he might pick up a couple late ones, Before I run my mouth, I always check beforehand unlike some of U. As of right now I think Golden failed 5 short of a full 82, at 0ne time we was up to 29 commits, and he said wanted to add 2 more, we fell back to 26, and that's it, remember last year he didn't use 9, which is really a + 6 this year, cuz of 3 taken away... I think this is 2 years in a row of not meeting the full Scholarships, if that true, U WILL HERE ME RANT, CUZ U CANT GO AND COMPLAIN OF NO DEPTH, IF U DONT FILL ALL 82.... I AM CHECKING I THINK HE IS TRYING TO HID IT. BUT SCOOP BRADY WILL FIND OUT...

It's a pretty good class, he seems to have landed plenty of talent.

All our commits are signed....thats what counts. There are still committed players out there yhat havent sent in their loi yet. We can still add a few.

^^^^^^ committed to othor teams.

@ Rick. That was NOT a mistake!!! You claimed you had sources and were DEAD WRONG!!! It ain't rocket science. Golden needs to win period. We won 9 games last year so he needs to repeat that or do better or he can find work elsewhere. No worries cuz Butch, Cristobal, Chudzinski, Schiano, and Orgeron are all available and would all be an upgrade in my opinion so sit back and relax. Just wait and see.

I never said I had sources, LMAO, it was from what I was reading..... BIG DIFFERENCE

From what I have found and I am still trying to make sure its right, the Canes once again did not fill a full class, last year they had 9 left over, and didn't tell NCAA about holding 9 back, they asked NCAA to reconsider taking the 9, NCAA said no, Miami's fault not ncaa,So Miami loses 3 per year for the next 3, But if I am right and still checking, they are falling 6 short on this class, ONCE AGAIN GOLDEN CANT FILL A FULL TEAM, THIS IS HUGE, ALL THE SMOKE GONE, AND THIS STAFF FAILS AGAIN.. It is a shock to me how the Media don't pick up on this, The NCAA TAKING 3 PER YEAR, DOESNT MATTER, GOLDEN CANT FILL IT ANYHOW, AND YET GOLDEN WILL TELL U, HE NEED'S DEPTH..... WELL HELO FILL THE SCHOLARSHIPS.... ROFLMFAO

Um, we're gonna be okay rick.

Do you remember waaaay back to 2011 and 2012 when we signed players after the LOI signing day?

I sure do.

Can he coach em?

We shall see. Hopes are there, but not too high.

2015 will be the year.

As long as we are competitive against good teams and beat those we should, I can take a fall off in W-L in 2014.

Some of you need to check your emotions in here.

Both ends of the spectrum.

Weighing the actual pros and cons without the need to bolster a previously held notion is what makes the game and our program worth following through the ups and downs.

AG gets this year to field all his kids; without sanctions; put up a fight against UL, Nebraska, FSU - not get blown out by good VT and Duke teams - yes, they're good - as well as a good UNC; beat GT, UVA, WF, Pitt, and a possibly good Cinci like we should - and not get stunned by a decent Ark St. team.

We get a new Offensive field general!

We have two outstanding running backs and capable backups!

A great WR and TE corps!

A good/great OLine!

and some players to help on Def. at all positions - DT, DE, LB!

Can the coaches prepare, game plan and adjust any better than they've shown so far?

Gawd, I hope so..

Canes Basketball SUCKS !

I agree canes baketball s-ks

kineticane- Stupid list bro. Yousound like Gallo now

First of all. I know it for a fact. FACT> Sammy Watkins was never ever ever ever going to be a cane- so that aint a leak. EVER.

Aaron Lynch was never ever ever going to sign with Miami. Period. so throw that list away. Its garbage.

sone here say Schiano, Butch are"available". Anyone is avialable. You just have to throw enough money at them. Translation: Not gonna happen. period. GTFOH with that junk people.

This was a very good recruiting year., Had we gotten Lane or TV, it would have been great. Lets see what happens now.

For every Travonte Valentine, Dalvin Cook or Travis Rudolph whom Miami supposedly whiffed on, as much—if not more—credit should be put on the big-time kids who actually chose the U.

Players like Chad Thomas, Mike Smith, Joseph Yearby, Trevor Darling, Demetrius Jackson and Anthony Moten were some of Dade County's best. All had offers from major players—Florida State, Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, LSU and the list goes on. Yet in the end, they believed in Golden's process and chose to call the University of Miami home. We all remember the gret 2008 class #1 in the country and look where that got us.

"First of all. I know it for a fact. FACT> Sammy Watkins was never ever ever ever going to be a cane- so that aint a leak. EVER.

Aaron Lynch was never ever ever going to sign with Miami. Period. so throw that list away. Its garbage."

Then why offer them a scholarship???

Too much discussion on this blog is emotion and speculation. The conversation needs to be grounded in facts. The list is factual, my commentary based on those facts followed. Plain and simple. Golden is running out of time and excuses. Tick, tock...

Posted by: 33176cane | February 06, 2014 at 07:04 AM

The class in 2008 was the ranking experts fantasy. Not enough offensive or defensive linemen in the class to be number one. But the class still had more success, with less talent, than the more talented Al Golden coached teams.

All the lack of Al Golen's success, as compared to the extremely lesser paid previous staff, still gets preseason excuses.

AG gets this year to field all his kids; without sanctions; put up a fight against UL, Nebraska, FSU - not get blown out by good VT and Duke teams - yes, they're good - as well as a good UNC; beat GT, UVA, WF, Pitt, and a possibly good Cinci like we should - and not get stunned by a decent Ark St. team.

Posted by: beedharphong | February 06, 2014 at 02:03 AM

With the additional excuse makers, stating points that not one Al Golden truth teller is calling into question. Stating as if the Al Golden truth tellers expect every South Florida player to come to Miami.

Posted by: g8rseetmya55 | February 06, 2014 at 05:57 AM

Never has a Miami team gotten the vast majority of South Florida talent. So stop the lies as an attempt to make Al Golden failure seem as a success.

Al is a fine recruiter. Unfortunately his Pre-Game preparation and In-Game coaching skills as well as those of his Defensive Co-ordinator, Mark Donoffrio, leave much to be desired. And Al is very slick: by not firing Donoffrio this year, Al has bought HIMSELF at least another year or two, even if the team continues to UNDER-PERFORM. See, if the team's defense sucks AGAIN this year (and I see no reason to believe that they WON'T)Al Golden can then fire Donoffrio NEXT YEAR, thus buying HIMSELF at least another year or two despite calls for HIM to be fired.

Another lousy year where teams routinely run up 500 yard games on Donoffrio's "Ole Defense" (a special defensive scheme where Miami defenders wave at ball carriers who run past them and shout "Ole!" like bullfighters) and fans will be calling for Golden to be fired. He will be able to avoid that by throwing his pal under the bus, blaming HIM for the team's poor defensive performance. If Golden really cared about THE TEAM, rather than HIS JOB, he would have fired Donoffrio this year. There is nothing going on to make any rational CANES fan say "we will be much improved defensively this year". The same guy will be doing the same pre-game prep, running the same practices (where obviously TACKLING DRILLS are non-existent) and making the same disastrous in-game adjustments (you know, the "adjustments" that let the other team KEEP DOING WHATEVER THEY DID THAT WAS KILLING US IN THE GAME SO FAR). Whatever new players we get are going to be unlikely to have that dramatic an impact, unless there's another Ray Lewis or Dan Morgan coming in.

So yeah, nice recruiting class. Let's see if they can coach them UP this time instead of coaching them DOWN.

Ermon and Dalvin punk the Gatr Trash.

Cody Riggs transfers. Is that 13 transfers in the last 12 months. Ummmm.

Something stinketh in the trailerpark white-trash swamp that is the UFraud.

SUcks to be u, Gatr Trash.

What do these players have in common?

Rex Grossman
John Brantley
Jeff Driskel
Wil Grier

I'll let the maggot-minded Pig ponder that.


Alex you can go that route and say since the same guy is running the D, then why is there reason for it to get better, but I'm going the other route.

I'm hoping that with this influx of talent and depth with improve our D stats. I'm also hoping that Dno knows (he HAS to) that all the yards put up against us just WON'T cut it, and he HAS to make some type of adjustments, in philosophy, schemes, or whatever, to make the D better.

He HAS to know AG is going out on a limb for him, and surely he wants to improve on last yrs performance. I mean if your friend basically put his rep on the line for you, wouldn't you want to be worthy of that?

That's what I'm HOPING for. If for whatever reason this doesn't happen, than yes, Dno has to go, or even be demoted.

Congrats to all of these young men who will now have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, while earning an all-expense paid education from a premier university. These young men did everything it took to get themselves where they are. Now it's going to take a lot more to find that next level.

Congratulations to Coach Golden. I think the defensive recruiting was amazing, especially in light of the poor results we have seen over the past two years.

Rick, Miami has the option of spreading 9 total losses over three years. If Golden chooses to skip on 6 this year, then he only has 3 more to worry about. If additional talent is added over the next month or so, then great.

I promise you there are 3 more talented high school kids in the country who would have loved to play at Miami. I don't pretend to know the the staff's recruiting plan, but I'm sure this was no mistake or failure. Obviously, the team would have been willing to use 3 more on Valentine, Gibbons, and JC Jackson. But, they may not be willing to use 3 for lesser talented players at this time.

Rick, what happened to your "insider source guarantee" of bad news with Kaaya and the rest of our recruits? Looks like you were wrong. Time to change IDs again....

BTW, typing a lie in all caps does not make it read any more true, just makes it read as more delusional, confused, and angry.

And the claim that we whiffed on the last three? Looks like all three including Gray signed on the dotted line as promised, and that their credibility is ALOT better than yours.

I didn't know Kaaya's mom was Felicia from Friday. Smokey, can I b I row your car...lol

"I said Kaaya, I think U might want to let that one go.....1 mistake, I am doing some home work,"

Okay, you showed up here for the first time, and your FIRST claim was that we had lost Kaaya. Then you claimed we were going to lose most of the rest of the 26 recruits, too.

"Just heard from a very reliable UM Football inside source that Brad Kaaya has informed Coach Golden that he intends to decommit from Miami and will decide to play QB between hometown UCLA and USC. Kaaya has been a solid Canes commit since August, his first offer, and was basically an unknown National prospect until his vast rise during his Senior Season which opened up many eyes. especially the Bruins and Trojans who are both putting on the full press to gain his LOI."

Yeah, sure you made just 1 mistake. Your mistake was being a namechanging obsessed gatr troll with anger issues that just cannot accept 21-16....

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