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Gray last Canes commit to sign officially; Golden talks about UM's signing class


He's in and the Hurricanes are done with their 2014 signing class for now.


Carol City's Trayone Gray became the last player to officially sign with the Hurricanes on Wednesday. UM announced his signing just as Golden was addressing the media in his signing day press conference.


"Gray's a guy who can play wide receiver for us. Gray's a guy who could actually play running back too," Golden said of Gray, who started at quarterback for the Chiefs. "He's another guy who came to camp and I fell in love with him after 10 minutes."

> Golden said not having to recruit with an NCAA cloud over head since October certainly felt different.

"There were some homes I left in December and I felt like I left something, like your cell phone. And then I realized I didn't have to spend three-quarters of the time explaining or defending the NCAA thing," Golden said. "It felt good to talk about our academics, the campus itself, our football program, our tradition, all the things we want to talk about that have been eclipsed because whatever coach just left or came after you - `the NCAA, they're dead.' So it feels good.

"Was it a little too late for this group? Pretty much, 85, 90 percent of this class was done by the middle of October when this came out and we weren't able to address it personally until December when our season was over. We'll reap the benefits of that moving forward."

> Golden said of seven defensive linemen and four linebackers UM signed to upgrade their front seven: "They'll make an impact."

Tops on the list  is five-star defensive end Chad Thomas. "An elite player, explosive pass rusher, brings speed on the edge, but yet is physical enough to take on a blocker a tackle or a tight end," Golden said.

"At such a young age he's so mature and knows what he wants," Golden continued. "He's very disciplined, not a guy you have to worry about. He's very structured already. This guy, he's inquisitive, he wants to learn about music but he shares an equal passion for athletics, for football. He's a young man that had everyone in the country offer him but decided to come down to our camp to get better. And you don't always see that."


Golden said Demetrius Jackson and Trent Harris "can go along" with sophomore Quan Muhammad and junior Tyriq McCord as strong side linebackers or rush ends.

"I feel much better about our depth there now that at any point last year," Golden said.


> Golden side at defensive tackle "is where we've probably made the most gains."


He called St. Thomas Aquinas standout Anthony Moten, listed as a 6-4, 292-ppound four-star recruit, "a premier player in the country at defensive tackle."


"I saw AJ last week and he was a shade under 300 pounds, so he'll come in ready made," Golden said. "We got to get him in condition. He'll come in during the summer and get him ready to go."

Moten said Wednesday he'd start off in the three technique and Golden mention "we'll add him to a position where Jelani Hamilton and Olsen Pierre play."


> Golden called the other three defensive tackles UM signed "nose tackles."


"Calvin Hertelou is here now at 324 pounds," Golden said. "He's going to give us the type of strength that we need. We're excited about his impact he'll have in the spring. Michael Wyche is a highly coveted player, someone we think will do an incredible job for us. Michael has a great perspective on life and kind of give us the leadership, be a guy will make an impact on and off the field. Courtel Jenkins is a young man we're excited about."


> Golden said he's excited about "just the sheer size" of his linebackers. Golden said early enrollee Juwon Young is 240 pounds and Darrion Owens is 6-2, 6-3, 230 pound-range. 

> Northwestern's Michael Smith, listed as a defensive end and  at 6-2, 210 pounds, will start out at linebacker Golden said. "He's a guy we obviously thought the world of," he said.

> Golden called Ely's Terry McCray a very sought after player. "He's a guy who is 6-2, 6-3, 228 pounds," Golden said. "Again, a very big group of physical linebackers."

> Golden said New Jersey athlete David Njoku is a big athlete, ex-wide receiver. "We'll see where he goes with his body," Golden said. "He's about 218 pounds now, about 6-4. He has the ability to be a guy we can move around from X to H and put him in space."

How might tight end Chris Herndon be used?

"Herndon is an H. Njoku is an X that can play at H," Golden said. "But Herndon is definitely an H. He's very similar to Clive [Walford] except he's going to come in a little bigger than Clive, 235, 238. We're excited about him. We were very close to taking another tight end, but Clive bailed us out. Getting a Y tight end is important in next year's class."

> Golden said he's grateful to quarterback Brad Kaaya and his family "for showing loyalty" after many schools came in after him after he had committed to UM early in the process.

"He's a fine young man now," Golden said. "He's 6-4, has a big arm. Everybody I knew out at the Semper Fidelis game said he had a big week and is very bright. He's a young man that came and visited us 11 months ago when we were starting spring ball and you could tell just how bright he is."

> Golden said quarterback Malik Rosier of Mobile, Ala. is a recruit "we should get to know because he'll be playing baseball for the Canes and Jim Morris in addition to playing football."

Golden said Rosier has big hands, a strong arm and excellent mobility. Golden said Rosier can throw the ball in the pocket real well, but provides an extra element to escape the pocket and make plays.

"Both of those guys are winners," Golden said.

> Golden said getting All-American offensive linemen Kc McDermott and Trevor Darling on campus early was huge.

"They are who we thought they were," Golden said. "It doesn't matter what anybody says -- the services, the stars. It's 'Are they what you though they were?' Trevor Darling and Kc McDermott are that. They'll be two young men that will be able to help us right away."

Golden said he's seen gains from them in the weight room since they enrolled.

Golden said UM may continue to add another offensive lineman in the class "because I'm worried about the numbers." 

"We don't have much room," Golden said. "We're basically at our max right now, maybe have one spot, maybe two. But offensive line is a position I'll continue to look at just because our numbers are not great."

> After signing only one running back -- Miami Central's Joe Yearby -- could UM be looking to add help there?

"I don't think so," Golden said. "Joe is not 6-foot, but Joe runs hard. Duke Johnson now is 202 pounds, and we're trying to get him to 205, 206. Joe Yearby is following Duke's footsteps and he'll get stronger and we have Dallas Crawford and Gus Edwards. The depth there is better than the last couple of years and I'm excited about that. I don't think we'll go after a big back, I really would rather save that for next year and get two running backs. We really like a lot of the running backs in next year's class and will bring two in [in 2015]."

> Golden said UM will release a list of who will miss spring practice next week. But  count on Duke Johnson, Yearby or freshman receiver Braxton Berrios to be on the list.
















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I wish everybody would stop talking junk about my "CANES" if you dnt like us our coaches, players, mrs shalala, and our head coach then get out of "MIAMI" move 2 gainsville and root for those "GATORS"!!!


Addressed DT with two JUCO's and COURTELL JENKINS?????? You're kidding me right? Golden is a joke.

Posted by: Marble Mouf | February 08, 2014 at 11:51 AM

Uh, marble mouf? We got one of the best dt's from juco and sec teams were trying to get him also. An sec team would have gotten him if they didnt have the same transfer rule tha ACC has. He could have waited to go to the sec but chose to wait for the ACC . Plus we picked up Moten, another player the sec was after jard and heavy. Yes we adressed the dt position. We definitely need more ,but thats a good start.

Posted by: GeorThe ACC owns the gators;) | February 08, 2014 at 12:09 PM


OK Cane fan, let's go over this sllloooowwwwly so even U can understand. U addressed the DT position up to EXACTLY where it has been the last 4 Seasons. First off, the last 3 recruiting classes, 2011-2012-2013 Golden was only able to sign 5 total DT's. FIVE ! And NONE were or have been difference makers. This last 2013 Season, there were ONLY 6 TRUE DT's on the roster (not True Big 270-280lb Strong-side DE's like Chic has been ballooned up to because of desperate need at that u could move n pinch down in short yardage situations only). Pretty much 5 of those 6 DT's rotated in for the bulk of the minutes during the Season right? RIGHT now, check the roster as 3 of those 5 that did play have GRADUATED and are GONE (Shannon's final guys). So the DT #'s were down to just 3-THREE LIVE DT bodies, and one never or never will play, on the roster prior to last weeks Signing day... U following ?

U speak of the JUCO DT Michael Wyche that U believe that SEC teams offered. Well pal, they didn't offer. The kid went out to Cali for JUCO and was offered by USC (who recended their offer) for depth only. RIVALS.com has his only other offers as Wash. St. and Arky St. which are his only true offer besides U. SCOUT.com has the exact same offers plus Troy and Auburn as a preferred walkon that would qualify for Financial aid (who has need for someone to play 3rd. team DT in their unique 8-EIGHTMAN DT rotation is all). That's 1-ONE SEC offer and that's it due to the loss of DT's and scheme only for a fat body to play 8-10 plays a game. NOT Start for U and be an integral cog to ur A n B gap D-No scheme. ESPN.com has Arky St., Wash St., Troy, USC n U as his ONLY offers. Now someone, who's been smoking some seriously good chiba at 247Sports.com, has him FULL offered by Alabama n Florida and no other SEC School ! NOT A CHANCE ! Saban has no need and wouldn't even offer as a walkon. Florida NEVER offered, even though they still have 3-4 schollies to give, but did say, once he finished his next semester of JUCO they might talk about a preferred walkon. Why do U think this kid decommitted then when he found out there was no other options and came crawling back to U because Ur so desperate for even AVERAGE DT help ? So that's that story. U got an unranked 3-star DT that had nowhere else to go... Let's go on to the other 3 DT's (actually 2 true DT's) that U are so fired up about shall we ?

JUCO DT Calvin Heurtelou is next... Unranked 3-star offered by Auburn, due to graduation and early future NFL enrollees for their 8 man rotational scheme. NOT as a starter. Mizzou, due to 4 DT graduates, Tenn., who like U offered over 80 kids due to the need for everything are the ONLY SEC schools offering. But Texas St. really went after him hard... Again, all just for non-stating depth. Not come and play right away like he'll need to do for U.

Another 6-0 315 Weeble that Wobbles New Jersey DT Freshman Courtel Jenkins 3-star (and in Cane fan language, a New Jersey 4-star is like a Florida unranked or 2-star.) JUST ONE other offer from PITT period. Not even the sorry D-1 programs offered, except U of course. He'll have to come in and be thrown right into the 5 man rotation and play crunch minutes after fatigue and injuries mount and will get steamrolled. Instead of Red-Shirting, playing limited as a Red-Shirt Fresh and MAYBE develop as a Red-Shirt Soph BACKUP... Kid will be beat up and worthless by 2014 mid-season.

Finally St. Thomas Aquinas TRUE STRONG-SIDE DEFENSIVE END Anthony Moten. Every Top-Program that stockpiles D-Linemen that offered this good long-lean player saw him as a Strong-Side DE that would REDSHIRT, lose 15 of his 280 babyfat pounds, gain 15lbs back in pure muscle strength while not losing but gaining QUICKNESS, then playing sparingly until his Red-Shirt Soph year and then be a major force with GREAT DT and OLB help around him. U know, exactly what Top-SEC Speed SEC Defenses do... But U and Golden will be spouting off how he's GAINED WEIGHT (while losing quickness) and be forced to play the vast majority of his snaps out of position in between the Offensive Tackles inside shoulders right away as a TRUE underdeveloped FRESHMAN !!! He's going to get absolutely broken in half before he's ever ready to compete and ever help as a fully developed Upper-Classmen in Golden's BFF's Penn. St. scheme.


Soooooo, let's review, shall we ?

Yes we addressed the dt position. We definitely need more ,but that's a good start.

Posted by: GeorThe ACC owns the gators;) | February 08, 2014 at 12:09 PM

Ur happy U got 4 ? DT's in the 2014 Class. With them, U now still only have at max 7-8 DT's on the ENTIRE roster and 3-4 of them aren't ready or much less D-1 talented. U need more ? U've always and will continue to always need more. Everyone does. U NEED MORE THAT CAN PLAY !!! And haven't been there, aren't there and aren't coming. Good start ? Son, Ur not even in the race much less the starting blocks... So good luck to U with that...

psssssttttttt ... if u could have pulled LOCALS Kahari Clark, Travonte Valentine and just one more of the many top 4 n 5 Star NONE JUCO DT's that were available Nationwide in this class, U'd just might be well on ur way to saying "WE'RE BACK" !!! in 2 or 3 years once they DEVELOPE and are then backed up with even more DT talent the next 2-3 Recruiting Classes n Cycles. Not 1 or 2 DT hits and JUCO scrub band aides every 4-5 years that Golden is pacifying U "ALL IS WELL" Homers ....

Ohhhh, btw, who are those LB's that U signed that will be backing up the D-Line moving forward ? Thought so.

Ur D is Ur D ... Under Golden n Co. always will be...

Ohhhh, btw, who are those LB's that U signed that will be backing up the D-Line moving forward ? Thought so.

Ur D is Ur D ... Under Golden n Co. always will be...

Posted by: u are u ... D.T. P-[]_[]


Wow just when we all thought you were a sick, twisted, OBSESSED with another teams blog troll, you've gone and ONE-UPPED yourself. You are one weird puppy dude, LOL. Everything you posted just makes you look even dumber than you already are, mainly by the FACT that your team LOST to us, and I guess you got kicked off your OWN teams blog, so you thought you'd come over here, LOL. Very sad, very sad.

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