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Horrible day at the office -- horrible day for the Miami Hurricanes; Prayers for JoJo & Hunter

This wasn't a good day for anyone involved with the Miami Hurricanes -- and for anyone with a heart.

First, the news about former UM safety JoJo Nicolas getting into a horrific car accident on the MacArthur Causeway.

Then, the news about current UM offensive lineman Hunter Knighton being sent to the hospital after a workout at UM. Last I heard he was not conscious, but that was several hours ago. 

UM sent out a release that certainly seems hopeful for Hunter. I don't have any more details on Hunter, other than what I wrote in the story. Most of us don't know him because he didn't play this season after shoulder surgery. He will be a redshirt freshman. 

Athletics Department Statement on Redshirt Freshman Hunter Knighton:

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Hunter Knighton and his family at this time, though we are encouraged by the prognosis.  We look forward to his return to normal activities as soon as his health permits.

 "Out of respect for the privacy of those involved, UM will have no further comment at this time."

 As for JoJo, police had said, in so many words, that it didn't look promising


I always liked JoJo when he played safety at UM. He was quiet and understated, but very thoughtful and polite and a nice person. We all felt horrible when his baby son, who was born four months prematurely, passed away as an infant. He was very gracious in talking to us about it, and how his heart ached.

If anyone out there believes in the power of prayer, it wouldn't hurt to start doing it now. 



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sending thoughts and prayers to both of these young men...

That's horrible. ..my prayers go out to both guys.

"Lord, you are the God who saves me;
day and night i cry out to you.
May my prayer come before you;
turn your ear to my cry"

Get well, cane family

just want to pass along confirmed info that there is some really good news regarding Jo Jo's present situation. It seems he had the reaction, right before impact, to pull his Drivers upper seat back to prone right at/during impact to avoid full driver occupant trauma.

Well, that is good news. Not sure if I would have the quickness to do that.

He is still in our thoughts and prayers.

"Worst Blogger", thanks for clearing up the instagram issue. I saw that they were getting hit up by folks from TMZ and Channel 10, so it makes sense that they would stop that from happening.


I am very happy to hear that Hunter is getting better. With his redshirt done, this is a great opportunity for him in this coming year, and I would be sad to see any health issues harm his career.

We all need to reflect, how many occurrences around us affect our Football family!!!!!.

Fans, and anyone who love our program should be respectful of these two guys and pray for their recovery.

We are all in it together, and share the pain.

Be Well....All 'Canes.
Go 'Canes

UGoCane, I think a situation like this helps show who the true Canes fans are.

No matter how we disagree about who the starters should be, who the coaches should be, who our administrators and president should be, and even which moves in our past were right or wrong.

Canes fans here wish nothing but the best for JoJo and Hunter.


Do well JoJo.
Do well Hunter.

Rest in Pease JoJo,you will forever be a member of the Hurricane Family. God Bless!

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