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Jackson, Wyche officially signed by Hurricanes; Gray remains

The Hurricanes sports information department announced a little while ago that Booker T. Washington defensive end Demetrius Jackson and JUCO defensive tackle Michael Wyche have officially signed with the Hurricanes.

That now makes it 25 of UM's 26 commitments officially signed, sealed and delivered. 

Carol City athlete Trayone Gray remains the only recruit the Hurricanes have yet to officially announce as a signee. Gray signed his National Letter of Intent with UM this morning.


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Now that this is over it's on to the most imp part which is player development and making schemes to best fit the players strengths and weaknesses. We all know that this staff is horrible at that.
Honestly it doesn't matter who we get bc they won't be developed and the "real" fans will just use the same excuse in 3 yrs that we have no talent after we give up 500 after 500. It's a vivacious cycle of excuses that is embraced now but it's a u thing you would never understand


Meditating to Buddha, that Goldie n'd Marky Mark can DEVELOP all those incoming 3-Star prep signees. hUh But I have to absolutely come clean and bellow that I have my DOUBTS!

I have to agree that player development and scheme prep and adjustments are the areas that concern me as well. The last couple of coaching staffs have done a sub par job in those areas.

Posted by: Ron Zook | February 05, 2014 at 02:36 PM

This dude is obviously an IMPOSTER, because that ron DORK wouldn't be such a CONTRARIAN regarding his BELOVED Goldie nd' Marky Mark.

Remember when that ron DORK sais the Canes would finish with a " 11-1 " record in 2013 and that Golden and D'Onofrio would have their team playing in the A.C.C. championship game last December. hUh

Hey Zook I'm just curious.

Are you actual a Miami fan or a troll. Seens like you just wait for a new article to be written so you can pounce.You seem to only post negative things which is your privilege for sure. But if your so unhappy why stay a fan? Life is way to short to be so unhappy with one thing. Hey I get many of your points but at the sane time there are good things as well. Lets see how this year plays out. Golden is not going to allow himself to get fired and ruin his shot at other jobs just to keep his buddy here. If our defense doesn't improve in a big way very quickly Golden on hiis own or by pressure will fire his buddy.

If our defense doesn't improve in a big way very quickly Golden on hiis own or by pressure will fire his buddy.

Posted by: MiamiMike | February 05, 2014 at 03:07 PM


First of all, that dude ISN'T ron DORK and what not. The bubba is an IMPOSTER! Nothing more, nothing less.

Second. Golden will NEVER CUT-LOOSE Miami's INEPT defensive coordinator. SEE the conclusion of the 2012 season. Which happen to be the Hurricane's absolute WORST TEAM DEFENSE since circa 1980. hUh

Coach golden realizes what lack of depth and talent miami has had on the d line in recent years. He knew his defense was gonna struggle. Other then chick the other guys on that linme were either young, earl moore, tyriq mccord and muhammed, or had talent limitations. They have reeled in some front 7 help this year. Wyche and hertulou shoudl play immediatly and give us some size inside, moten adds to young talent and throw in all the pass rushers miami added in this class. I realize this defense isn't where u expect miami to be, That said the ncaa mess wasn't an excuse it was a real issue when recruiting. It was an issue also on the feild, As the self imposed sanctions cost them not only 2 bowl games but also scholorships and the extra 2 weeks of practice bowl teams get every year. Miami in improving not as fast as some of u want but they are getting better. Golden deserves the right after sticking out this ncaa crap to build his team. They should be improved even if record doesn't show that next year and in 2015 be ready to win acc titles.

At least I got Chicken.

How are you going to win titles?? The Noles are at least 3 TD's better than us now. They recruit better players. Their OC (Jimbo) and their DC are miles better than ours. They have an easier Admissions policy and so on..We won't beat them at their place for years to come, probably won't beat them at our place and if we ever face them for the ACC Championship on a neutral field, the only way we beat them is their bus crashes on the way to the game.. Win titles?? Get real....

Don't lose site of one huge reality for the Canes. While having a pulse is all that's needed to get into the big publics like FSU or UF you have to have the brains to do the academics ang graduate from the U! Makes recruiting all that much harder

With a name like Ron Zook, he is obviously an obsessed gatr with dead blog issues that is coming over here to try to crow about their recruiting when they can't crow about their performance on the field, other than to EAT crow about their predictions of a gatr blowout of Miami.

BTW, Mr Whiff of Hypocrite, I glanced at your dead blog to see how many posts you had over there, and your entire GROUP has had six posts for the day. We average six per hour. First one of course was YOU, trolling your own board with Canes info, because we are in your head so much your one tooth is orange and green.

But the best part, your own reporter calling out the team for going 3 for 7. That is FOUR whiffs to our three, coward.

WR Isaiah McKenzie (American Heritage) **** (8:15 a.m.) COMMITTED TO GEORGIA
OT Damian Prince (Bishop McNamara, Md.) ***** (10:20 a.m., ESPNU) COMMITTED TO MARYLAND
OT Derrick Kelly (East Gadsden) *** (1 p.m.) COMMITTED TO FSU
ATH Adoree' Jackson (Junipero Serra, Ca.) ***** (2:10 p.m., ESPNU) COMMITTED TO USC
Derrick Kelly, from NEW JERSEY? wow, hypocrite, looks like the gatrs were TRYING to get some Jersey players, just WHIFFED at it. LOL at the obsessed hypocrite coward hiding in his trailer, afraid of his own shadow and unable to accept 4-8, 21-16, and a loss to Georgia Southern.

The Noles are loaded, but once Winston leaves after next year they could have some problems if they don't get a QB who immediately steps in. They could have used two QBs in this class. Harris would have been perfect for them but he flipped to UF. Also, people were probably saying the same thing regarding Alabama and Auburn last year, but look how Auburn turned around. I've said repeatedly that I am not sold on Golden, but I wouldn't crown FSU as ACC champs for the next several years yet.

Miami last year was 3 tds worse then fsu. This year i think will be closer then that. In 2015 we should be in same ball park where we can hang with fsu. Beating fsu anc clemson might take more then 2 yrs but miami should be winning coastal by 15 and as such will have shot at title.

Um ain't winning isht as long as goldie loc has his BFF as the dco!!

Please remind the troll that Moosechump is on thin ice so he should worry about that rather than polluting our board with his 21-16 team junk.

With a 4-8 record he should be finding away to do something for the turds, rather than trolling our Class which satisfied what we needed.
His needs are much more severe.
Go 'Canes

Now that NSD is over... can Golden please fire Mark D'Onofrio! That alone might jump start our 2015 recruiting class!

First thing these kids are taught, get strong with weights, gain extra weight. Second, all defensive guys learn to back up three steps, then rush the passer. Never hit him holding the ball, and don't wrap up until they have at least 500 yards. Then play your hearts out, even though your behind 40 or more points. The new (PSU) canes style

Don't lose site of one huge reality for the Canes. While having a pulse is all that's needed to get into the big publics like FSU or UF you have to have the brains to do the academics ang graduate from the U! Makes recruiting all that much harder

Posted by: CanesFan23 | February 05, 2014 at 03:55 PM

Another take on that is that "smarts" can oftentimes offset a lack of talent. Stanford, Duke, and even Vanderbilt (beat UF!!!) haven proven that. With (hopefully) the talent level improved in this signing period, these next 2 years will be crucial in Golden's regime. Lets give him the 2 years he deserves.
If not, then it may be necessary

"haven" should have be HAVE proven that.

IMA, Golden will be here, but not really sure he deserves it. His lack of growth in 3 years has to make one wonder, but he has the contract, so we shall see

drama aside,
We pulled a great class. We probably won't see immediate results this year that we'd hope for, but we should see some improvement on defense, just by virtue of freshman additions and the juco guys; plus DNO has to try some new schemes, as his butt is on the line, no doubt.

That front seven can't be any worse, even running the exact same scheme. I know that's not saying much, but it's the most we can hope for at this point.

Our LBs should be pretty good, even with Freshman and DZP.

Our secondary is not too badly stacked with bush, burns,LGunter and T Howard.

We may have a shaky start at QB, but should be good on that by middle of season, whoever wins out.

Our TEs and WRs are looking really good.

Our Rbs loook good too.

Let's hope for the best and prepare for worst.

AG's seat is officially warmed. Great freakin job on recruiting, despite your mediocre record against teams with a pulse, blowout losses, and the embarrassing defensive numbers, AG.

Really, just show us you can actually develop players.

Ican take a 7-5 season, if we are competitive and lose a couple of close games to objectively good teams. It's the blowout losses and the eekers against the Wake Forest's, UVA's and Pitt's of the world that kill me.

Guys don't despair... we're only a Winston arrest away from ACC relevance

We just dont get the aggressive players on defense due to scheme and defensive coach, no major linebackers and really no super tackles to play nose tackle in a 4-3 defense like Miami has had in past. Golden is protecting his BFF at Miamis cost, but this season their is no excuses, put out or move out for Difornio who isnt a DC, at best he is a gopher for Golden. Get a real coach after this season, cause it will be ugly at best. We continue to let other schools take south Florida, thats Golden the closer for you.

Miami will never win Costal with current coach, Donna and Blake will have to fire DC for Golden, he will not, Difornio isnt a man and stand up to his failure as a coach, over his head, Golden needs to have his lines pulled in, he isnt thinking clearly about defense, we need a proven coach not a person trying to learn, screw Goldens loyalty, its horrible what the defense coach has done, and Donna and Admin will begin to fill the heat also, no more excuses, were to young we have injurys, missed assignments no depth, all problems at a lot of schools that are doing much better than Miami. Golden period is to much lack of experience, thinks about days of Joe Pa, they are history and dont work in Miami, go to Temple or Ivy League.

Miami must remove Difornio from the team, he is a cancer, recurits wont come due to him and scheme. He isnt coaching material ask ESPN STAFF AND ACC coachs, they know it iseasy time with Miami. We need to build on next class, around Nov this year DC should be let go to get better players next years class. DC will just hide behind Goldens coat tails, not really any kind of a man, stand up be accountable like other coachs, you are over your head, Golden is costing Miami a lot by keeping him aound, but Donna and Blake are allowing it, so maybe they should feel some heat for none action, plus Admin and board, what a joke.

Looks like the Canes got the student athletes they wanted. Now lets see if they can play. Should be an interesting 2014 season and I think they should be playing for the ACC Championship in December.

Terrific recruiting class but not as good as the two previous classes in rankings. Lady Donna, please dump D.O. Donna has done terrific job of moving U.M. into a top 40 school. Donna spoke at Alumni Party on Palm Beach Island last month. Terrific Lady that will have Miami in the top 20 schools in another 14 years. Read Warren Sapp's excellent rant on Miami's TERRABLE defense on ESPN. Go CANE'S, Miami Native. TIDE yacht aviation motorsports museum. tom davis / Kimberly Lorien Harrison

I just want to tell everybody I was sitting here writing and just was about to post, and my phone went off, I talked to Blake James for about 20 minutes, if U don't trust me call him and ask, ( RICK FROM OHIO), I have sent him articles and facts and a lot of bitching, it felt real nice when he said he called me because of the passion I have for DA U. We talked and he let me rant, and he did admit that day after the PSU mess during that conference call, where Al looked like he was fed up with the U and didn't look happy,Blake James admitted that Al didn't handle himself well that day. He understood why I went ranting. He reaffirmed me that Al is 110% with the U, and they had talked. So I am glad that I had the opportunity to talk to him. He said I showed passion and showed that I care about the U, and that's why he had called me back. He said Al finally had gotten the guys he wants on defense. So lets go from there. That's what I am going to do. Basically, what Blake was saying is let's go from here since he has gotten the guys he wants on D. I agree let's see what happens. Call log from my phone https://t.co/MDQBHI4wwi

dc at MSU SHOULD BE OUR HC Pat Narduzzi

Right scheme, know our history and great fit.= Pat Narduzzi Pat Narduzzi Pat Narduzzi Pat Narduzzi Pat Narduzzi Pat Narduzzi Pat Narduzzi Pat Narduzzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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