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Mystery recruit identified. LA Times: defensive lineman from LA County, Calif., signs with the Miami Hurricanes

Apparently, the Hurricanes weren't done on National Signing Day.

The LA Times reported that defensive lineman Joe Brown of Paramount, Calif., has signed with the Miami Hurricanes (Class of 2014). 

UM confirmed the news on Tuesday.

Brown told Rivals.com he will be converted to an offensive lineman.

I was told by UM insider that Brown was the young man seen walking with offensive line coach Art Kehoe and receivers coach Brennan Carroll to meet up with some players who at the time were in their informal offseason practice Friday night. The coaches were going to hand him off to the players, who were going to show him some campus facilities after they finished practicing.

On the Paramount High website, Brown is listed as a 6-5, 330-pounder who played nose guard, defensive end and defensive tackle. His team played in the San Gabriel Valley League and went 7-4 this past season. He had 82 tackles -- 61 of them solo, according to the school website.

Brown was a San Gabriel Valley two-time Defensive Player of the Year.

He also reportedly was offered a scholarship by University of Texas El Paso.

Brown had academic problems and "had to make up a lot of classes the past two years, going to summer school and adult school," according to The Times, which attributed that to Paramount athletic director Alex Acosta. Brown also reportedly improved his SAT score along with his grades.




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Nice to add another DL to the bunch. 61 solo tackles? Dont they play like 8 games in hs?

We could beat the Gatr Trash with a bunch of 1 stars. Hell, Ga. Southern did.

You cannot beat the Canes, Gatr maggots. Can't do it. Won't do it.

The Mighty Miami Hurricanes own that cesspool in Trailerville.

You cannot beat the Canes, Gatr maggots. Can't do it. Won't do it.

The Mighty Miami Hurricanes own that cesspool in Trailerville.

Posted by: Just a stupid GAinesvilian/Miamian/UFailurian
Dude why even waste your breath bringing up the Gators?

Looks like who ever jumped the gun by reporting a secondary ncaa violation needs to apologize. Wow, Art is just out doing his job and some dumbass thinks he is breaking some minor rule. Good get Art, you are and always have been a great Hurricane and great recruiter.

How the hell is this a good get? More like a waste of scholarship. If and that's a big if this staff could develop talent then maybe but this staff is best at making players regress more than improve and then blame the players. So it's a classic golden move get a sub par player no one else wanted then blame the player instead of himself and his lover dno.

Remember golden has the most excuses and the worst dc in all of cfb but the delusional golden fan boys will never ever understand

I was the biggest golden worshiper/fanboy/homer but now I see the light u guys need to as well.

This move has confirmed that Golden and DC are moving toward a full-time 3-4 based defensive scheme. Big nose guards and big DEs. The outside LBs will be tall and rangy. I have to admit, coach Golden believes in his 3-4 scheme, and he is getting the players to fit his game plan. No excuses, and I hope for the best. I can see Olsen, Chit, Thomas, and Moten as the big DEs. Tyriq, Harris, Smith, Young, and Fig as the rangy LBs/small DEs. Where is Muhammad going to play...just 3rd down for a 5-star recruit?

Zook ur an idiot.. So what would have been better for your biased hateful distorted a55? Recruiting an all world 5 star like marcus forston (thanks randy shannon) and doing absolutely zilch?

Eat your words if this guy ends up making a difference, loser

Muhammed can play the lb/de role. When in 3-4 or nickle. and lets be honest in college and in pros the nickle is used over 50 pct of time.

Good pickup! we need this very badly. If he can jam up the middle and force plays to go outside then we have a winner.

He'll drop back in coverage and learn to play zone like porter.

I was the biggest golden worshiper/fanboy/homer but now I see the light u guys need to as well.
Posted by: Ron Zook | February 25, 2014 at 09:45 AM

This is not the Ron Zook that used to post here as a Canes fan, this is the guy that stole his ID and signed up in Typepad before the one that was a real Canes fan could do so... This is just the sicko gatr impersonating a Canes fan, as he often does.

Please do not confuse this gatr coward with the guy that was posting here before him. Instead it is the guy that was obsessed with Zook, and used to post as this among his many IDs.

Posted by: Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger In All of College Football | January 14, 2014 at 10:16 PM

Coward hates Canes fans, and will do anything he can to sow dissension among them.

You see, the coward forgot that in the process of signing up for typepad, ALL of his old posts are easily accessible.


So we can see from this link that he was purposely taunting the Real Ron Zook and then left the ID when Zook left the board. Of course, he will deny that he even steals or changes IDs, but this is just more proof that the coward is an obsessed loser.

Please leave, gatr loser. We no longer play each other and your obsession is without cause.

Funniest part was when he complained about Ron Zook while still signed into his fake Zook ID.

Cola Cane called him out on it, but he just chickened out like always.

Ron Zook is even a bigger liar than gallo but you guys like five titles seem to not constantly call him out I wonder why? Is it bc you both worship big al?
Posted by: Ron Zook
You know the REAL Zook may be a bit over board sometimes with AG, but at least he never changes his stance, and doesn't CHANGE his screen name, or COPY others to suit an agenda. Really childish that you post with his name, I mean what's the deal, what are you afraid of?
Posted by: Cola Cane | January 14, 2014 at 02:27 PM

Prayers go out to Jo Jo Nicholas and his family.

WSVN-TV ✔ @wsvn
According to @MiamiBeachPD the driver in the MacArthur Cswy wreck is former UM safety JoJo Nicolas. Remains critical condition.

Other schools dropped their attention on Brown when he had academic issues. Miami stayed in touch, and were rewarded with a two time DPOY.

Here is an ESPN video of him from junior year. Schools lost touch with him due to academics, but he was definitely on their radar before that for his play on the field.


Here is the link.

Prayers go out to JO JO and Family. I just reviewed this new recruit's HS film, and he is a good fit for the Golden and DC scheme. He is big and reacts well for a down lineman. With the incoming DTs, the DEs and outside LBs will be free to make big plays. I forgot to mention Jackson along with the other DEs and outside LBs. The 3-4 is being setup as we speak, and Golden will prove me wrong. I just like the 4-3, because of the success we had with it at the U. By the way, welcome to the U...Joe Brown.

Highlights from senior year.


Hustles to the ball, gets downfield even when at nosetackle, makes alot of plays behind the line of scrimmage. You can bet he will get better with the UTough program and college level training.

Prayers out to Jo Jo Nicholas. We all hope you recover.

The coaches were going to hand him off to the players, who were going to show him some campus facilities after they finished practicing.

since the coaching staff was apparently passing off a player does it still count as a secondary violation

Good size. Only draw back is that he was only recruited by University of Texas El Paso. Kind of a F.I.U in Texas. Maybe his grades had something to do with the fact that there was such little interest in the kid. Go Canes.

This is a good get for you. I mean you need all the DT help you can get even if it means competing with the likes of UTEP for recruits.

So Five douche, I like this Ron Zook poster better than your old boy friend one. At least he is not stuck up in Alverage's rectum.
Are you going to now claim that I am this Ron Zook fellow?
Can you tell who is who?
Do you think they are coming to get you?
Hurry up and get your meds fool.

Prayers out to Jo Jo. The Cane Family is thinking of you bro.

So Five douche, I like this Ron Zook poster better than your old boy friend one. At least he is not stuck up in Alverage's rectum.
Are you going to now claim that I am this Ron Zook fellow?
Can you tell who is who?
Do you think they are coming to get you?
Hurry up and get your meds fool.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete

Again weirdo, the simple fact you post here EVERYDAY and your screen name, we ALL know who the fool is, lol. Do you actually have friends who you show your drivel to? I'm thinking NO, because they'd probably say 'dude, let it go with the obsession, the Canes aren't even your team', and the ACC is the current champ, so maybe change your screen name too'. Yeah I'm thinking that's what they'd say. Also that you need serious help as well.

Five titles is a delusional paranoid freak. Laughing at you but still sad you're so paranoid. Listen up I'm the real Ron Zook I have always been the real Ron Zook. Go back and look at posts during the season and you will see I always had the typepad Id. But it's embarrassing to see how much of a homer I used to be. Just bc I changed my views bc I finally woke up and see the truth does not make a fake. I'm the same guy who smacked down tubby, Calvina jsy d and all the other haters. But now I see they were right. Five titles acceptance is the first step with dealing with mental issues.

Now all you fans who keep saying we have no talent and that's why duke vt and Lousiville ran through us like big al does to dno every night are the same idiots who say good get and then in three years when we still suck because we have no talent will be the same ones who say this guy sucks. So wake up there's a reason why only El Paso offered. And grades my ass if a player is good regardless of grades teams offer.

escorted by Art Kehoe on campus; Palm Beach post reports Brown could be used on OL

Please leave. No matter which ID you choose, comments like "Now all you fans who keep saying we have no talent and that's why duke vt and Lousiville ran through us like big al does to dno every night" are obviously the fake Zook.

And of course you like his comments, coward, you wrote them.

You keep falling out of character when you start if off with "Five titles is a delusional paranoid freak."

Just saying, you can leave, you have already run this game into the ground.

You wish to be treated as a different person, then act different. But you are the same old obssessed mousy with a big fat mousy momma at home begging for scraps.

Coward. No matter the ID. No matter the lie. No matter the fact that you have no reason to be here, trolling when a Canes player gets injured as your typical behavior. Still a coward. Always a coward. That is you, name-changing murder joking coward.

Cola Cane, he would have to have friends (other than the ones in his head) in order toshow them his "accomplishments".

But we can see he has nothing to show for his years of sick hatred, other than seeing his own blog get destroyed in the process of his actions here.

Think about it, the UF basketball team is a top seed, but his blog is dead, dead, dead, because real gatr fans have no desire to deal with the kind of garbage he has introduced onto their blog.

"the ACC is the current champ, so maybe change your screen name too'"

cokecane lay off the white powder, it is dulling your congenitally dull brain.

FSU is the current BCS champ. Besides FSU the ACC is nothing in football. That is why ACC football appears in the dictionary when describing "top heavy".
It took FSU over a decade to get the ship, before that it was all SEC.
No other ACC has come or will come close to a football ship in the modern era. ACC sucks in football, everyone knows that. That is why my name is fitting and true. Like all that I post. I deal in facts and reality you fools deal in make believe and fantasy.

Five douche is for sure one paranoid sicko. And dumb too. Can't tell who is who and is haunted by things said long ago in different blogs. But to him it happened just yesterday. Like when he thought replays of a Michael Sam sack were different plays. What a fool!

My last four posts before you attacked (as you do every day) were about Jo Jo and Joe Brown. But you again chose to turn it into your hate crusade against the Canes and their fans.

Please leave. You offer nothing for here but your hate and delusions.

Yeah really, here your Gators are NUMERO UNO in the NATION, and this dork is on the Canes blog??? Definition of obsessed weirdo.

"name changing murder joking coward"
"sick hatred"

Again you need some medical help ASAP.
I haven't read anyone posting "murder jokes", anything "racist" or any such things.
That is why I say they must be in your head.
Go get your meds.

You haven't read them, even after I quoted them? You then complain when I dig up old posts.

Like I said, you have run this game into the ground, and today is not the day to be doing this.

Please leave.

5 titles, you are dead wrong on your allegation because that isn't me using "Ron Zook" and posting rational posts now. There's no way that is the delusional over the top homer that used to post on here. He would be on here telling us how this 2 star DT is going to be the Vince Wilfork and how Travonte Valentine is going to he a bum since he didn't stand with The U. I don't have a type pad account and i haven't posted on here in awhile since I downloaded the Miami Hurricanes Bleacher Report App on my cellphone. I usually just read the blog article updates and see if the same clowns are up to the same thing (Dom and Zook being separated from Reality, Calvin and Gallo bashing Golden and blaming him for everything like he's the 2nd coming of George W. Bush).

Everyday of life is a battle.. Even the days where I get no sleep at all... All I can do is pray for better days and be thankful for what I have
- JoJo Nicolas 2/22/2014.

One of our own, and we are praying for better days for him as well.

A great article about JoJo.


the ACC is the current champ, so maybe change your screen name too'"

cokecane lay off the white powder, it is dulling your congenitally dull brain


Wow what a comeback, 'cokecane lay off the white pwder', wow dude took some serious mind melding to come up with that one. Like I said you just keep showing your stupidity alllll by your wittle self. Sorry your team stinks man, but hey dem's da breaks.

Yep Jo Jo Nicolas hopefully recovers ASAP and he and his family be blessed with the greatest healer of all.God bless him and provide the faith and strength to all of his loved ones.

Hope the Brown kid works out, but to say he's a "good get" is way premature. Just a very average get at best considering we out offered UTEP to get him. Don't buy the academics thing at all. If any top teams wanted him, they would have got him under special admittance easily via hardship or the JUCO route. Then all the sudden he qualifies 3 weeks from signing day and gets in under Miami's strict rules in such a short period? To me that's the definition of a reach. And we, under Coach Golden are reaching far to often. Sure 4-5 kids on average per year are good to have as projects. But not 9-10 every single year. This is the University of Miami. Not the lesser Programs that were the only offers that too many of the present "potential" kids we have on the roster now got. Like I said, I hope it all works out, but it's not the ideal, script, model, blue print or to build the real depth that we have so desperately lacks for far too many years. It might be good to compete for Atlantic Coast Conference from time to time, but that's the Al Golden play book and he's running it to the T. And if after another year of the, "we're young but getting better, stronger and faster" rhetoric all next year, without an ACC Championship appearence, the clock will be ticking.

And if many of you Cane fans want to blast me, have at it. The Cane right now are a good to very good overall team right now with their currentstarters. We're last year and the year before too. But our overall depth just plain stinks compared to Cane standards. And Jimmy Johnson would say the exact same thing off the record. Just ask many of the former Canes that played and many of whom I've had personal conversations with recently. The most common topics were always player personal wise and how so many of the current Cane players, NOT ALL, but too many not only would start for former Canes teams, but wouldn't even see the field. We all want to get back to playing Top-5-10 consistant football again. My point is, we or Coach Golden and staff are settling way more than they should and for Non Cane Caliber players hoping they develop into All-Conference players which they haven't and probably never will. And it's shown at the ends of the last 3 seasons each year depth wise at the end of a Seasons grind.

But I'm waiting come shortly after two a days and when Al announces his starters and 2 depth chart, and it will come I assure you, "We've had a great Summer camp and we're ready to go for the Fall, "but" we will have 12 to 15 true and red-shirt Freshman and another 8-10 true Sophomores that were True Freshman last year in our 2-deep depth chart that will need to be major contributors this 2014 Season."

And it will come ad nauseam again until we have a ton of upper classmen Depthwise with underclassmen asked to just contribute, not ball out entire games.. But when we've, Golden and staff, have signed so many projects, well over 40 minimum the last 4 years, the youth and inexperiance never goes away and Championships rarely come.

Now all of you can get back to your Canes vs Turds hatefest.

Hope Jojo pulls through. I've been following his instagram for updates (apparently his gf or a close relative is posting on his account). Follow Manny's link from his twitter page to Jojo's instagram.

Fair enough "Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger in All Of College Football"

I apologize for suggesting it was you, it just seemed like whoever stole that ID was someone that disliked RZ enough to do that. I hope you are enjoying the bleacher report app.

I have also been following the instagram, that is where I got the JoJo quote from.


Anyways it doesn't matter who you think I am or who you claim I am. I have no idea who anyone on here is and that doesn't matter. The only thing I know is that I'm a fan of the u. I was lost and sucked into the golden tongue but the more I step back and look I see how garbage of a coach he is. He's let me down too many times to support him anymore. So just bc I now see the truth does not make me a fake so u can stop or of that's how you amuse yourself then go ahead.

Once again big al has the worst dc in all of cfb and anyone who supports him after he has destroyed this once proud program with the worst defense in school history in back to back years is not a real fan. Nothing absolutely nothing justifies that fact

Jonathan Feliciano @MongoFeliciano19 minutes ago
Jojo is still alive! Everyone pray for him and his family #cane4life #prayforjojo http://t.co/GeNz9m2YMm

Links don't lie.

You posted this:

Fake Ron Zook is back on his golden circle jerk mode again saying butch had it easier. Golden could never do anything as imaginative as sign a player to a track scholarship bc he had real sanctions. Butch actually coached up his talent. Imagine if golden had only 2-3 stars bc we all know his players excel despite golden not bc if him all golden does is bloat them up and throws them under the bus. Laughing at you pathetic little waste of air.


Posted by: Ron Zook | January 12, 2014 at 08:51 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2014/01/hurricanes-offensive-guard-jonathan-feliciano-announces-hes-returning-for-his-senior-year/comments/page/7/#comments#storylink=cpy

Attacking the original poster that went by Ron Zook. His ID linked to:

Your arrived after I suggested to him to get a typepad account. And after a couple weeks of your attacks, he left. So, please don't try that lie again. And please leave, you have run the Ron Zook persona into the ground.

You claim to be a fan of the U yet you have shown up here to attack Canes fans on a day when we are looking from prayers from #CanesFam, which you are not a part of, gatr.

Wow u really are thick headed. It's like talking to a brick wall. No wonder you can support golden after he keeps dno you're so out of touch with reality. Are you just upset I'm not a delusional homer anymore. Does it upset you that much that I was able to see the truth about golden and you still can't. So u accuse ppl of things they aren't. I can't even laugh bc it's more sad than funny.

You are a disgusting human being. Please stop.

And why am I lying go back and you'll see I always had a typepad account way before my impersonator but even he doesn't matter bc if ppl want to imitate me then they can go ahead it doesn't affect my life in anyway. Bc i admit i was over the line with my homerism of golden. i was blinded by his slogans and binder and just wanted to believe he could lead us back to glory but onviously he cant and all hea done is sustemically destroy the defense which has defined the u. So if I don't even care about the fakes out there why do you? Are you that obsessed with me?

Who did I attack? By saying that this new recruit is a waste of a scholarship and that fans need to realise that since golden can't develop players that's an attack?

Think what u want of me, call me disgusting at least I don't live in a delusional paranoid fantasy world

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