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New UM Hurricanes football uniforms to be unveiled this spring. Tell me what you would like to see.

The Hurricanes made it official Friday by announcing what we learned last November was coming for this season, but didn't know when we could get a glimpse.

New football uniforms.

What I've learned today is that the jerseys to be sold for retail will be available in at least three colors:  green, orange and the new "anthracite," -- which is the same gray the Canes wore against Virginia Tech this past season.

The jersey number that will grace your retail UM jerseys for 2014: 8. That's running back Duke Johnson, of course. His No. 8 also was used for jerseys last season, too.

The unis have been designed by Nike and will be unveiled by UM sometime this spring.

“The timing is right and we want a uniform that speaks to our tradition, yet recognizes current trends,” Hurricanes head coach Al Golden said in a UM release. “Nike is working on innovative designs with the latest performance technology and we are excited to unveil them this spring.”

 From UM: "The uniforms that Miami wore during the 2013 season were initially unveiled in 2006. During that time, UM has worn three special edition uniforms: two variations (2009 and 2010), as well as #TheSmoke uniforms and helmets unveiled during the Virginia Tech game this season. Miami also wore its smoke helmets for the 2013 bowl game in Orlando."

 "Historically, UM has been a trend setter in college football for uniform designs,” Miami AD Blake James said. “There is no better design team than the group of experts at Nike, and we’re excited about bringing new uniforms to our team and especially our fan base that has been asking for a refreshed look. We have one of the most recognizable brands in college athletics, and we look forward to strengthening that position in the years to come.”

 UM said the new fan jerseys will be available at retail stores, includingShopMiamiHurricanes.com, in time for the start of the 2014 season.


Here's the last blog I did on new unis when Miami wore "the smoke'' version against Virginia Tech -- and lost -- on Nov. 9.   

Homecoming helmet and jersey surprise tonight for Miami Hurricanes vs. Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes have unveiled a special helmet and jersey tonight for the Virginia Tech game at Homecoming.

The uniforms have been dubbed "The Smoke.''

The jersey is gray. The helmet is white, with a wide gray base, with a large orange-and-green U.

The last time I recall UM breaking out complete new unis -- a la Nike Pro Combat -- was guess when?

Nov. 20, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium against the Virginia Tech Hokies.

The Canes, then ranked 24th, came into that game 7-3 overall and 5-2 in the ACC.

The unis: orange jerseys with green sleeves, orange pants with wide green stripes and green helmets with a prominent U on either side.  

Virginia Tech came into the game ranked 14th, with an 8-2 overall and 6-2 ACC record.

The Hokies won the game 31-17 and clinched the Coastal Division of the ACC.

I really liked those unis. I think I might have been the only one.

By the way, Miami will be getting a new uniform design for the 2014 season. It has not been revealed what they'll look like. 


What would you guys like to see in terms of a new uniform? A lot of you seem to like the traditional. Traditional sounds good to me, though I usually like the trendy ones, too. The new looks are fun.
Spring football begins at 9 a.m. Saturday at Greentree Field and you're all invited, per the Hurricanes. See you there!


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I would love to see the Smoke uniforms be our normal uniforms. They looked great!

Call me old fashioned, but the old 47 throwback Irvin jerseys done by Nike were always my favorite. I was never a fan of the current "style".

I hate the style that they wore in the blowout in Orlando. I sure hope they do not go to that one.

Would like to keep orange the dominant color wouldn't mind if they mixed in the smoke and black as well

I'm the old fashion kind of guy I do not like these new uniforms and I hate any change to the helmet it is about the U and the new one they wore twice last year including the bowl game was horrible! I hated those new helmets so I pray they do not mess up the helmet the way they did last year!

Nike tramples tradition for trends.

Get back to the green jersey and green pants with black shoes and socks

Not a fan of the "new" jerseys and color. Make your fashion statements on South Beach, not on the football field. Yuck.

Anything Green-orange-white-black. Leave the rest of the colors to Maryland!

I always loved the green uniforms that they wore back in the early 2000s, but I would not mind if they did the smoke uniform with green instead of orange.They looked too much like Va Tech last year with the smoke uniforms and orange stripe.


Orange, early 90's design with shoulder numbers, not on the sleeves. Have the old triple stripe on the undershirts. Similar to this: http://gamedayr.com/sports/college-ncaa/miami-hurricane-nike-pro-combat-uniform-concept/. But don't mess with the helmet!

I would only be changing uniforms once we've earned our place back as a top 5 program.

love the green jerseys and bring back the swagg ! black socks and black cleats ..

Hate the color. Green, white and orange combos only.

Wow, the obsessed gatr is now stalking Canes fans that call into radio shows?

That is not the same Laz by the way, you do know there is more than one person named Lazaro in the world....

Please Stop.
Please Leave.
Please Grow Up.

Cutler ridge Laz... U sure your not from key west?

As far as style I like Ray Lewis abs exposed jerseys. I feel that's what Miami football is all about. Oh, and make sure they are used specifically during winter weather games.

Don't touch the helmet
Lose the smoked jerseys and smoked helmet.
Lose the stupid all white storm trooper setup.

Go back to the early 2000's style.
Black gloves
Black socks
Black cleats

Keep it simple stupid.

Sorry haven't been around in a long time. Got tired of the B.S. that I find in here from keyboard bully wannabes. Don't like it, I'm still in section 122 row 23 seat 9. Come over and we can talk it out after.


Barry Switzer in an interview regarding Johnny Manziel: "id never hire a white QB "

Yeah right d..k wad. Thats why you went 0-3 against the U, with your black QBs.

I wouldnt mind seeing a faded orange or green on the helmet jus not the grey I dont know why they tried to implement that color anyway

Yawn! There was nothing wrong with the jerseys. Can we get more focus on the win-lose record, please?

Every time miami gets cute with new unis they choke a big salami. We need to get back to basics:

Roll up the orange shirts, exposed abs, aka the 90s, and go into games ready to kill someone.

Fk the PC generation we live in. I grew up with the 80s, 90s canes. They were fearless, win or lose.

Unis dont make the swag. Swag makes swag. Winning breeds winning. And breeds the attitude

How about building a damm on campus stadium!!!!

To: Calgallharriet leave this blog

First off, I love your post its perfect. I myself group in the 80's and 90's in miami in those new uniforms that I loved.

Secondly, for that type of swagger to come back to The U, Golden will have to let the dogs loose and you know he likes to keep everyone on a short leash. personally I long for the days of celebration penalties, and unnecessary roughness. this is football it is in tennis it's meant to be played aggressively.

It's actually funny, during the bowl game I did see a team that resembled the University Miami. The only difference is that they were wearing red and white instead of orange and green. I was at the ballgame and I know what I saw. Golden kept everyone on a short leash making them believe that they're walking on eggshells and shouldn't do anything to call attention to themselves. But Louisville was running around challenging Miami before the game even started the coaches were nowhere near anyone to stop them. if miami hurricanes cannot be allowed to express themselves naturally I stayed under tire license they were kids then what do you have? Not a Miami Team. I've been defending Golden all this time but his clock is running out. I'm giving him the same amount of time that Butch Davis had. That's it. If he does not start letting miami football players play miami football then we're never going to see what we're a "Miami team" again. When his time is up, I'm full on board to have to Butcher Davis come back.

As always

GO CANES!!!!!!!!

Dam auto correct.

We need to get some black uni's. I think those will look nice

It is not about the uniforms. JJ never fixated on this. Heck, D. Erickson was never worried about. U puts players on the field who can play. That's what UM football is about.

Uniforms? Really? Seriously? JJ is probably down there in the Keys laughing at how low UM football has gotten. The next thing U know, U'll be giving the DC a raise.....

Will this slow down our players like Under Armour did in Sochi?

I gotta agree with the sentiment that the UNI's don't mean a damned thing until we play like we deserve new UNI's..Then we'll talk.

With you Canetilidie, AG is sitting atop thin ice on a warming throne...Growing pains in 2014 is expected, but 2015 better see a team that looks like UL and UCF did this last season.

Just show me something on the field. Lose the 3-4 scheme and stop playing zone for 95% of the game. We have DBs that were raised on man coverage. A decent DC (notice I didn't say good) would run a scheme that plays to strengths of his players. Not force them into something that they're not comfortable with. All you prove with that is that you can recruit players that are the opposite of what schemes you run. You're an idiot, "Here's your sign". No more "hybrid" players please for the love of GOD. Get players for specific positions and that's it. I never want to see another DE drop back into coverage again in my life. That was as embarrassing to me as watching two gaytard block one another "in a game".


GO U!!!

As for the Uni's. I really dont care but I just don't want to even resemble like we're following others. I liked the old school 80s stripes and I liked the mid 90s and into 2000 Unis.

All I want to never see again is that ridiculous smoked jersey. There's no smoke color at all ever in any Uni in the history of The U. DO NOT EVER TOUCH THE HELMET AGAIN. That faded smoke color in the back has to go. Also, there's no F'in snow in Miami so there's no need EVER for all white storm trooper Unis.

Bring back the old school BLACK SOCKS, SHOES, GLOVES. Old block numbers, not this fancy crap.


I believe Miami should always keep the white socks, shoes and helmet with the orange and green stripes. If they go with the grey uniforms, they need grey pants too with orange, green, and white stripes. I do not want to go too far from those white helmets with white mask. I like the grey face mask but they need to change out the white face mask with white uniforms. Whoever said something about wearing black socks and black shoes is old school back when they did not have face masks, etc. It also makes the team look slow and ugly. It goes with, you look good, you play good, and you bring your swagger. Can you imagine Florida State and Florida wearing those ugly black socks and shoes? No-way! Need no go there because unless the whole uniform is black then it is okay with trimming of other colors but not Miami, it is South Florida where it is hot and humid. These kids will pass out in that kind of heat in Miami. When they wear white, let it all be white with the green and orange trimmings. If they make these changes, these guys’ attitudes have to change from what I've seen.

A good coach can take an average team and make them great by coaching them-up. No more excuses after this season both on defense and offense. The defense was lost all year even when they won. Golden, if you do not win this year, you and your family will have a first class ticket to ‘Happy-Valley and we guarantee that...you bet! You can take that defense coordinator and coach pee-wee league because he has no clue what he is doing on that side of the ball. We are starting to be the laughing stock of college football, thanks to a stubborn Al Golden who is afraid of firing his no-good defense coordinator buddy and best man. Warren Sapp has already addressed this Al Golden very clearly…no more need to be said.

Jimmy Johnson, if you still love the U, where are U, when we need U? You have made enough money, now come on back to coach and bring the swagger back to Miami! These guys from New Jersey have no idea what Cane football is all about. QB's, make sure you know what you are doing and learn how to run and throw the football instead of sitting back there in the pocket getting killed if your linemen is not blocking for you. Make the adjustments at half time coaches as if you know how to coach. Make those guys mean and get them in the weight room so they can stop getting their heads beat-in week-in and week-out…COM'ON MAN!!

The new AD is not going to make any waves if this team do what they did last year because he only have a title with no power to change anything. He will just smile and say the cookie cutter words to the media. He has no balls to say what he mean and mean what he says. No Guts! No, Glory! Are there any hard nose mean guys who terrorized teams like Mohammed Ali did in the boxing ring during a fight? Stop being soft and weak football players mentally and physically. I've seen little guys on Louisville, beat those big linemen head in and not only are the canes linemen big, but very slow and soft. I know, mommies boy, right? FSU beat the snot out of the Canes, so do what it takes to payback those embarrassments from last year games and prove everyone wrong men or boys.

Oh well, if we're heading towards another season of mediocrity, at least we'll look good doing it.

Nice job by all. Enjoyed the comments.

UM BASEBALL - CANES traveled up to Tally today and BEAT THE #2 FSU, 3-1.
Dominant pitching performance by UM's Chris Diaz.

UM handed FSU their first loss of the season.

UM ranked #15...that will change as the season wears on, you will see...UM's pitching staff is one of the best in the country - THAT IS HOW you win CWS Championships!

MIAMI - 4 CWS Championhips

FSU and UFelony, COMINBED - 0 - NADA - ZILCH!


I would like to see a look similar to that of the great 80's teams with the shiny orange pants, white jersey and white shoes along with the home jersey being the orange top, white pants with green and orange stripe down the side with the white shoes. Leave the damn helmet and shoes white. The smoke jersey was really a sweet look, and would be a cool change up look for both home and away games with some smoke pants. The green is just plain an ugly, slow look when coupled with those hideous black shoes. Black shoes are for the Notre Dame's, Michigan's, Alabama's and Penn States of the world who are BORING.

I hated "the smoke" uniforms. Gray is depressing. Bright colors or white give life. It's Miami not rain depressed Seattle! Traditional orange with white pants rocks!

Miami needs to get off the ball and play Miami football, not Golden and DC crap, Blake needs to get a set, the fans are waiting for results this year, not excuses. If I was Donna and Board they should be ready to make tough moves this year with or without Golden BS, If Dofornio was a man the best thing for school is to leave or resign at Miami, maybe he could work out at a small college team, Golden needs to be sat down and told what is going to go down, Blake needs to address or somebody with balls.

Why do they keep changing uniforms when the uniform from the 80's was the best. Oh, I know, Nike wants to create a market so they can make more money. Oh well, so much for tradition, money talks, tradition walks.

Do not touch the white on white helmet its the best in college football. Home uniforms orange jerseys white pants with the occasional green jersey thrown in. Road uniforms white jerseys with green or orange pants. If its a night road gm all white.For one or two gms I would like to see a matte black helmet with orange and green U logo while wearing green jerseys and matte black pants with black cleats highlighted by orange and green. Please Do Not use any of that anthracite uniform its horrible.

Uniforms?Did U say uniforms?What?Are you kidding me?I ll tell U about uniforms.sigh.Too funny.


Good summary on the uniforms. No Gray Please...


THE "SMOKE" is girlie girlie girlie I cannot fathom why any player would want it. It shows a lack of knowledge and respect for the programs. I guarantee you Schnely , Jimmie Dennis and Butch and Randy would not allow it. It's kitschy blinginess is something you see in the cutout aisles in K mart for 7 years old girls. There is nothing football about these. Calling them "smoke" doesn't obviate (rule out stupid) their basic tackiness. I'd like the reporters to find out who is the responsible party and hold them accountable for destroying what little tradition we have.

Unfortunately college football is a billion dollar business, UM is a Nike school and Nike basically dictates the uniforms. If you have the money to tell Nike to take a hike, then you, the school, can dictate what the uniforms look like, ie: notre dame, Michigan, penn state, and most SEC schools. Do any of you remember the Ibis logo that Nike came out with in the late 90's, it looked like bird crap on a car. window, it didn't last long but they sold a ton of it on shirts, it was even on the 2001 baseball national championship rings. So, just remember, what Nike wants, Nike gets, plain and simple. If you want to complain about the new uniforms, the donate about 10 million a year and you can dictate what the uniforms look like. Just be glad the school colors are still Orange, Green and White, the colors that fsu and the gators hate the most.

I forgot to say this has nothing to do with the UNIs just the helmet and it's Barbie inspired design that any 7 year old girl would find fashionable. If any male poster who likes this design should immediately seek medical help and get a testosterone patch or an estrogen blocking drug.

Just make sure the U is larger on the helmet.

3-1 Canes over Noles

Can I play?

Chris Rix

Someone said the black socks and cleats looked "slow".

Really?? Looked slow???

Did Devin Hester, Andre Johnson, John Vilma, Sean Taylor, Roscoe Parrish, Frank Gore, etc look slow??? Didn't think so. No fancy socks, shoes, or gloves. Just the same kind you could buy at any sporting goods store.

Just win and quit messing with what works. Please.


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