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UM lands two more 2015 football commitments

There's never an off-season when it comes to football.

The Hurricanes on Wednesday landed two more verbal commitments for their 2015 signing class: Miramar offensive tackle Leeward Brown and Bradenton Manatee defensive tackle Ryan Fines.

Brown (6-4, 338) was an All-Broward First Team selection this past season and is a three-star recruit according to Rivals.com. Although Brown starts at left tackle for the Patriots, he projects as a guard at the next level.

Fines (6-3, 300) is a three-star recruit with offers from Arizona and USF.

All commitments are non-binding until players sign a national letter of intent. Brown's former coach at Miramar, Damon Cogdell, is now an assistant at West Virginia.

Miami has five commitments in the class of 2015.


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Why are we loading up on three star recruits?

Stars mean nothing...remember Jacory Harris and company?

Because stars mean little. It is just a guess from "experts". Remember Kyle Wright and Brock Berlin?

u got two more once 2 star stiffs hUh ? ...

GATOR Hoops #1 riiieeettt ?


now tell me I'm lying ...

well well...moldy soldy has re-appeared

N []_[] MERO []_[]NO

2 star recruits just like Goldie likes them!!!that way he can keep his 500 yard club on track

Wow, I laugh at you clowns that actually care about STAR RATINGS. Your 5 star kids are legit can't miss players, but the biggest difference between 3 an 4 is marketing. An if you don't know what I mean then you obviously don't know what the so called STAR RATING means. But here's an idea. Denzel Perryman 3 star class 2011. Go ahead an Google it... To conclude this heart felt post I'd gladly take an solid 3 star from Florida over 4 stars from most states throughout the nation.. ok, lets here your rebuttal...

Welcome to the U boys

We beat gators with 3star recruits...........

Ed Reed...3 Star recruit...tell me stars mean something! Heart means more. All the UFelon trolls in here must hate life that we beat them with "the King of the 3 stars" at the helm.

They may be better than 3 star by the end of their senior year.

who's our starting QB next year ? and then week 8 ?

"One of the things I talk to our guys about is that with our rankings and being undefeated in the league we get everyone's best shot," Donovan said. "But I like to look at it the other way. Are we going to give our best shot?

- Billy D. -

Ed Reed was a 2 star recruit out of Louisiana (not a 3 star) but let's be honest guys... we can't beat our chests over "exceptions" and think every 2 or 3 star recruit is the next Ed Reed and point to Jacory Harris and company as 5 star failures. Use the bell curve and not the extremes.

The Law of Averages shows that MOST 4 and 5 star recruits END UP being better players than 2 and 3 star recruits. Also, a 3 star recruit from Florida isn't equivalent to a 4 or 5 star recruit from another state. Yes some of the best high school football in the nation is played in South Florida (305 in particular) but that's just ridiculous and is like saying that a 3 star basketball recruit from New York City is equal to a 4 or 5 star recruit in other states.

This is their jr rating and a lot changes 1 one year. I believe a certain DE in this years class wasn't a 4 star as a jr.

I'd also add that the so-called star system gets amended throughout the year and that I trust seeing these guys personally more than any rating system.

Va Tech, Boise State, TCU, Michigan State, Missouri, Stanford....the list goes on. Never saw a bunch of "5" stars on these teams, but they keep winning. The heart is the true measure of any person, doubly so for athletes!!

Great win by the Canes over a tough Notre Dame basketball team.

More on the 5-star topic:

Driskel was a 5 star (BWWWAHAAA0

Brantley was a 5 star (Double-bWWWHAHAHA)

Grier is a 5 star (BWWAAAAHAH and more BWWWHAHA to come).

Moldy Soldy has green mold between the layers of pig fat on his zit-ridden body.

Ain't that right, blog Pig?

The star system has some value, but it is too early at this point for any of these players to have been fully evaluated by recruiting services. Remember when Kaaya was recruited he was a nobody but ended up with 4 stars at the end of the recruiting process. I don't know much about these particular players, but I wouldn't put too much stock in their star rating now.

Most recent example...Johnny "Football" Manziel - 3 stars, Heisman winner. Blake Bortles -3 star bordeline 2 stars, projected top 3 qb in the draft.

Stop hating on Golden and his staff..the fact that the program is still competitive after everything they had to deal with concerning the NCAA is a victory in itself. Programs don't change overnight. If Golden and his staff like a guy, I'm with it.

If any of you people questioning these moves had looked at the class he just signed, Brad Kaaya, Ryan Mayes, Trayone Gray, and Chris Herndon didn't even have a star when they first offered them. They were all unranked according ESPN "specialists". Give them a few years before you grade their recruiting.

I never been sold on the star rating system, especially if I saw the player perform in person. Miami has an excellent recruiting class coming in this year. Smith, Harris, Thomas, Jackson, McCray, Young, Gayot, and Hester are big time ballers. Berrios and Yearby are game changers. McDormett will start and Darling will get plenty of snaps at guard.

I rather have a solid coaching staff with the ability to develop players. LSU, Texas, USC, Florida, Georgia, and FSU have been loading up on 4-5 star recruits over the past 10 years. Now, let's count the NCs! The Alabama is the only school who consistently produce. Now, consider the original coaching staff Saban put together too.

From top to bottom, who is on the Miami coaching staff that is being considered for a HC position...any where division I or II? I am not just talking about the current staff, look at Shannon's staff too. Now, compare Howard, Jimmy, and Butch staffs!

What I am trying to communicate here is call: Dollars and Sense! If you don't invest in quality...how can you expect quality. Send the money on a good coaching staff...people will come to the games. The U logo is a good marketing tool, but the product is not the same.

I still believe the 2008 class was great, but Nix and Whipper were not the best to develop and run an effective offensive scheme with that talent. Big time WRs were poorly used! Jacory and Mare were not ready; therefore, the U should have look in the JC ranks to find a QB to allow time to develop. I do not assess the former players as failures, because the administrator, AD, and HC did not effectively manage the product (players) and company (U football).

Let's move to 2014! Williams is very accurate with passing, but he most have a solid run game for play action. Williams should be learning how to make pre-snap adjustments during the off-season. Ask Kosar for support in preparing Williams. Portis could be use to help Duke, and other RBs learn how to pick up blitzs and properly disguise the screen pass.

I am not worried about the defense this year, because Golden and his DC will challenge the players to perform...not hold their hands anymore. Golden will prepare with a chip on his shoulder, because PSU overlooked him big time. Furthermore, the U coaching staff is on the clock...now, and they must produce...no excuses. Watch out cane fans!

U know it all,

Nice math, but selecting players doesn't have anything to do with averages. Only 20% of 5 star recruits become major assets on their team. Far more flame out, transfer or get injured.

If it were all about stars, Texas would have won 90% of the championships in the last 20 years.


Agree with your comments on asst coaching staff. Rather weak, I'm afraid.

Don't agree on not worrying about the D. Until we see something different, it is all talk.

Let see if the stick to their commitment... Pretty early

A 3* from Miami is a 5* in most other states.....lets keep it real....Turds.

All i care about is does the head-moron know what real talent is no matter who rated them or where they came from. howard schnellenberger knew talent, jimmy johnson came in and really knew talent, dennis erickson was ok at identifying some talent but overall team talent started dropping off under him, itch davis understood and knows how to identify talent better than 99%(may be higher) of the coaches out there and has the track record to prove it.

The penn disgrace morons have yet to prove they know what real Miami talent is. And after 3 years going into year 4, where are the signs of this team being competitive, their are none.

Florida Atlantic junior Ricky Santiago hit a two-run homer in the first inning, and from there the Owls continued to dominate in their 5-2 victory Wednesday night at Alex Rodriguez Park.

Three FAU pitchers held No. 16 Miami to six hits before closer Kevin Alexander entered in the ninth and gave up another two. But UM senior Dale Carey struck out on three pitches with the tying run at the plate to end the game.

The Canes, who meet the 23rd-ranked Florida Gators in the first game of a weekend series on Friday in Coral Gables, committed four errors in dropping to 2-2. They have committed 12 in four games this season.


The Brooms are coming this weekend to make it 22 or the last 25...

Richmond - All good, until you started going with the former players helping to coach. I would not ask Kosar for help changing my tire. He did great things at UM and in the NFL, but this dude it burned out! Just listen to him talk some time.

Kosar isn't burnt out.. he's always under the influence!

U know it all,

Nice math, but selecting players doesn't have anything to do with averages. Only 20% of 5 star recruits become major assets on their team. Far more flame out, transfer or get injured.

If it were all about stars, Texas would have won 90% of the championships in the last 20 years.

Posted by: GatorKillerCane | February 20, 2014 at 10:41 AM

Only 20% of 5 star players become major contributors on their teams but you don't give your "math" for how many 2 or 3 star players become major contributors on their teams. I stand by the Law of Averages that most 4 and 5 star recruits end up being better players than the 2 or 3 star recruits (not saying that some 5 stars don't live up to their hype but they're still better players than the average 2 or 3 star).

For all those saying stars dont matter taje a look at this http://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2014/2/18/5312840/college-football-recruiting-teams-championships #FearTheSpear

U know it all,

Combining a bunch of 5 start prima donnas doesn't work too well, either. You need to see the players (at ur camp if poss) and get to know them. Exhibit A?B?C are recent turd/usc/texas teams.

Tampa Cane,

I only suggest former players, because the administration will not put the funds in the program, which has contributed more to the University. I am not asking Kosar to play, but help the OC and QBs on how to read defensive schemes, call audiables, use the TE, etc. Wright, Mare, Jacory, and Morris did not look off their primary receivers nor could any of the previous QBs had the ability to change the play, while noticing 8 in the box or no safety help on secondary WR. Take the handcuffs off and let these players...play football.

For example, FSU ignored our TE and FB all night. FSU took away Duke with 8 in the box. FSU gave us the middle of the field, but we continue passing deep into coverage. On defense, FSU noticed that we brought in a pass rushing unit on 2 and 3...long. The screen plays and sprint draws were wide open.

OC and DC have too much control, which cause our players to react slow. Both sides of the ball looking to the sideline, as if they have never played the game before coming to the U. This is not Pop Warner! How can you develop leadership, when the players constantly looking to the coaches. Either the QB going to run the show with confidence or just put another RB in and run the Auburn offensive scheme. If the MLB, DT, and Safety cannot call plays and make adjustments...why practice and watch films? We don't need Ray Lewis speeches, ask him to work with the LBs on recognizing blocking keys (offensive lineman head is up, usually means pass).

Coach Golden, recruit and hire the HS coaches like Howard did, to be your position coaches.

Now slow down fellas, who cares about the star system?
That is not the relevant question here.
The relevant question is who cares about 2015 recruiting in the winter of 2014?
Only some cane cluck with nothing else going on in their crappy school cares.
Poor clucks who knows what will happen with these kids come NSD 2015.
Only a bunch of idiots will get so excited about this.
Bunch of premature ejaculators is what you are.

Great response!

Posted by: CutlerRidge Laz

Good question, does any one of you cluck experts know that?
Not in recent memory.
But that is still not the point.
It's almost March.
In every big time College campus in America right now everyone is talking hoops.
Not the cane clucks.
One, because they are not close to being big time.
And two, cause a cane cluck don't know hoops.
Don't know beisbol either.
Laz will be alone at that "tailgate" especially after dropping that game to FAU.
Suck in football for over a decade
Don't play basketball
No trip to Omaha since 2008

So, hey clucks
How about some 2015 recruiting?
Looking good so far right?

Sad and pathetic

The Golden Era will end, soon I hope. Some team has to want a smooth talking mediocre coach out there. Since the leadership at Miami has given a king's ransom of a without merit raise and extension to Al "Mr. Mediocre" Golden.

Chump, sentences could be your friend if you worked at it.

The cluck guy has returned! SCOREBOARD!


Bring butch back as an associate head coach/recruiter. He loves the u let him. He can help with the defense come up with a scheme. It looks like the d is lost a times. We got talent we need a little help with it. Butch would be the answer. Then more of the big time recruits would stay home.

Morris absoultely has worn out his welcome. That old fool is done

Canmiami please fire this old stale fool?

Can someone here tell me why why why he has gotten a pass?

How can we expect to go to Omaha if we cant even beat FAU at home?

I am disgusted with UM baseball. This is unacceptable!!,!!!,!


So, hey clucks
How about some 2015 recruiting?
Looking good so far right?

Sad and pathetic

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete

Unless you're in the top 25 pretty much NO college campus's are worried about basketball hicklee, and lets see we have 2 3-stars committed for 15, and you have 1, so I'd say compared to your sorry ass Gators we're looking pretty good. Drink another shot of whiskey and slap your wife or gf and watch tv hickeroni

Div ll sucks and the gators can't compete lol

Kyle Wright 5 star- if there was a 6 star he would have had it
Brock Berlin 5 star
Charlie JOnes 5 star
Tyrone Moss 5 star

GTFOH with your 5 star 4 syat this. The NFL has more former 1, 2, 3 stars than 5 stars guarantee it


Miami always got talent on the lines of scrimmage. Lack of that talent got the last two coaches fired. One 5 star cannot do it by himself. If the coach cannot make those other players better, the team will fail.

Let's hope that Al "Mr. Mediocre" Golden can get enough wins to get an offer from another university.

He has not gotten the talent better. And he has, in fact, lessen the skills of some of the highly rated players.

There are many that can coach better than him. While the millions spend on him and his staff could get a much better group.

Wow, the obsessed loser is SOOO desperate that he pretends to be CutlerRidgeLaz, and then RESPONDS to him.

Not only stealing IDs to put up straw man questions, but upset twhen nobody falls for his bait, he actually steps into the trap himself.

The Wile E. Coyote of blogging that is spastic Soldy under his many IDs come to rip our blog for reporting good news that his school hasn't gotten, that 2015 players, without the NCAA hassling us, are seeing that a 9-4 team is a better choice than a 4-8 team.

Now, go buy another ACME sockpuppet ID and tell us again how you are an FBI agent working on the murder of Canes players. Then, under another ID, say that you NEVER would do such a thing and that you apologize for all the terrible things you did on here and on EVERY OTHER Canes blog over the past six years.

Reruns are dull, but just like with loony tunes, you sure do seem eager to replay them over and over and over again. Must be sad for your sister that you don't remember when you already did something, because it means every time you are acting like it is the first time you abused her.

Get lost, sicko, your gatr blog needs your attention far more than we do, coward.

Posted by: Cola Cane

Shows how little, if any, basketball knowledge you poor clucks have. 64 teams are invited to the dance little fool. Plus there are one game playoffs in some cases to make the final spots. Plus there are many other teams "on the bubble" as we speak.
Then there is your old friend, the NIT.
So poor ignorant cluck, a heck of a lot more than 25 schools are into hoops right now. A lot more.
Only ignorant and irrelevant schools like yours are into 2015 football recruiting now.

Posted by: Five Titles

You call me Soldy. Wrong.
You call me Laz. Wrong again.
I call you paranoid. Right
I call you dumb. Right again.

"reporting good news"
Again, 2015 football recruiting in Feb 2014 is "good news". Only for those who have nothing.

"FBI agent, murder, apologies, past 6 years, terrible things on other blogs"
Crazy dude, WTF are you talking about?
You are the only idiot who keeps harping about "murder jokes" and "FBI agents".
Talk about loony tunes, you are one paranoid and delusional loser.
All that crap is in your head dummy. Watch out, they are coming to get you.

Again, 2015 football recruiting in Feb 2014 is "good news". Only for those who have nothing.

"FBI agent, murder, apologies, past 6 years, terrible things on other blogs"
Crazy dude, WTF are you talking about?
You are the only idiot who keeps harping about "murder jokes" and "FBI agents".
Talk about loony tunes, you are one paranoid and delusional loser.
All that crap is in your head dummy. Watch out, they are coming to get you.

Posted by: ACC sucks and the canes can't compete

You answered your OWN issue dude, 'For those who have nothing'. You posting your STUPIDITY on ANOTHER teams blog EVERYDAY shows that you have NOTHING. You're a freaking space cadet. Your LIFES mission when you awaken is to come on this blog, and also as you lie in bed waiting to fall asleep. You have a really strange sickness. I think it's called hick-ignorance. Face it dude, your Gators stink, we beat you, and we OWN you, and so does everyone else. Your wittle Tebow days are gone. No one cares about basketball dude, sorry. this is a football blog.

Actually, ACC sucks, it's 68 teams. You're a moron.

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